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Guide to the Robert L. Sinsheimer Papers, 1952-1976
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Box 1: Correspondence, A-H

Box-folder 1.1

A -- including:


Phil Abelson [4 items]


Andrew Allen [5 items]


Sally L. Allen [3 items]


Yale Altman [4 items]


V. Elving Anderson [3 items]


American Humanist Association [1 item]


Joseph Aub [1 item]


Thomas August [4 items]

Box-folder 1.2

B-Bl -- including:


David Baltimore [3 items]


Paul Berg [8 items]


Charles H. Blake [5 items]

Box-folder 1.3

Bm-Bz -- including:


Paul Boyer [1 item]


Harold Brown [3 items]


Max Burger [4 items]

Box-folder 1.4

Ca-Ch -- including:


G. L. Cantoni [3 items]


Victor M. Carter [6 items]


Erwin Chargaff [4 items]


Barton Childs [5 items]

Box-folder 1.5

Ci-Cz -- including:


Merril Clift [7 items]


Stanley Cohen [3 items]

Box-folder 1.6

D -- including:


Bernard Davis [10 items]


David Denhardt [13 items]


L. Douglas DeNike [1 item]


Lee DuBridge [3 items]


Enoch J. Durbin [4 items]

Box-folder 1.7

E -- including:


Sit John Eccles [2 items]


Larre Egbert [5 items]


Raymond Erikson [1 item]


Romilio Espejo [1 item]

Box-folder 1.8

F -- including:


Fred Fox [5 items]


Heinz Fraenkel-Conrat [10 items]


Hugh Fudenberg [5 items]

Box-folder 1.9

G -- including:


Michael Gazzaniga [7 items]


Donald Glaser [2 items]


Richard Goldstein [3 items]


June Goodfield [2 items]

Box-folder 1.10

Ha-He -- including:


Philip Handler [4 items]


Phil Hannawalt [5 items]


Frank R. Harrison, III [4 items]

Box-folder 1.11

Hi-Hz -- including:


Walter F. Hitschfeld [6 items]


Thomas Hohn [7 items]


Jan Holderness [6 items]


Box 2: Correspondence, I-R

Box-folder 2.1

I -- including:


Panayiotis Ioannou [3 items]

Box-folder 2.2

J misc.

Box-folder 2.3

K-Ki -- including:


Gobind Khorana [1 item]


Chalred V. Kidd [4 items]


Robert C. King [9 items]

Box-folder 2.4

Kj-Kz -- including:


W. R. Klemm [4 items]


Aaron Klug [5 items]


Michael Konrad [3 items]


Daniel Koshland [8 items]

Box-folder 2.5

L -- including:


Robert Langridge [6 items]


Roger Lewin [1 item]


John Lucchesi [7 items]


Salvador Luria [3 items]

Box-folder 2.6

Ma-Mi -- including


William O. McClure [3 items]


Friank J. Malina [5 items]


Karl Maramorosch [8 items]

Box-folder 2.7

Mo-Mz - including


Hans Mohring [3 items]


Joan Morgan [13 items]


Bruce Murray [7 items]

Box-folder 2.8

N misc.

Box-folder 2.9

Neyman, Jerzey [24 items]

Box-folder 2.10

O misc.

Box-folder 2.11

P -- including:


Donald Parsons [3 items]

Box-folder 2.12

Poggenpoh, Andrew l [23 items]

Box-folder 2.13

R-Reich -- including


Warren T. Reich [10 items]

Box-folder 2.14

Reilly-Rz -- including:


Charles C. Renshaw [3 items]


R. M. von Rots [6 items]


Box 3: Correspondence, S-Z

Box-folder 3.1

Sa-Se -- including:


Paul Saltman [8 items]


Lewis Sarett [3 items]


Robert Serber [3 items]

Box-folder 3.2

Sh-So -- including:


Louis Siminovitch [5 items]


Maxine Singer [1 item]

Box-folder 3.3

St -- including:


Gunther S. Stent [4 items]


Jeremy Stone [3 items]


Stephen Strickland [8 items]


Robert H. Strotz [4 items]

Box-folder 3.4

Su-Sz -- including:


Noboru Seuoka [1 item]

Box-folder 3.5

T -- including:


Edward Teller [2 items]


N. Truffaut [1 item]

Box-folder 3.6

U-V -- including:


Union of Concerned Scientists [1 item]

Box-folder 3.7

Wa-We -- including:


Robert R. Wagner [5 items]


James D. Watson [1 item]


Charles Weissmann [12 items]

Box-folder 3.8

Wf-Wl -- including:


Harvey Wheeler [7 items]

Box-folder 3.9

Wo-Wz -- including:


Frederic Worden [5 items]


Susan Wright [6 items]

Box-folder 3.10

Z -- including:


K. G. Zimmer [1 item]


Norton Zinder [4 items]

Box-folder 3.11

Unidentified [12 items]


Box 4: A. H. Sturtevant Material

Box-folder 4.1

Sturtevant's File on "Goals of the Division" c.1961

Box-folder 4.2-6

Correspondence about Sturtevant, 1960-71. (i.e., Sturtevant's 70th birthday party, status in department, National Medal of Science, etc.)


Box 4: Sinsheimer Notes

Box-folder 4.7

Notes on X-Ray photochemistry of DNA [manuscript notes with 8 reprints]

Box-folder 4.8

Notes on UV photochemistry of DNA [manuscript].

Box-folder 4.9

UV bacteria notes [manuscripts with 7 reprints]

Box-folder 4.10

TMV procedures [manuscripts, typescript, and one reprint]

Box-folder 4.11

Miscellaneous notes [manuscripts]

Box-folder 4.12

Miscellaneous career: talk proposal, partial list of publications, etc.

Box-folder 4.13

Newspaper clippings, newsletters, pamphlets


Box 5: Phage Information Service Publications

Box-folder 5.1-12



Box 5: Courses and Talks

Box-folder 5.13

Lab manual, 549 L, "Temperate Bacterial Viruses"

Box-folder 5.14

"Gowen's Course" 1954-5?

Box-folder 5.15-16

Radiation biology I, notes

Box-folder 5.17

AIBS talk

Box-folder 5.18

Photochemistry talk 1957?

Box-folder 5.19

UCLA UV talks

Box-folder 5.20

Trustee meeting 1975; Kennedy Committee 1976


Box 6-7: Meetings and Organizations

Box-folder 6.1

Biophysics conference 1959

Box-folder 6.2

Genetic intervention 1966

Box-folder 6.3-7

NIH Health Planning Team 1-5 1969

Box-folder 6.8

NAS 1969

Box-folder 6.9-12

NAS 1970

Box-folder 7.1-3

NAS 1971


Box 8: Reprints, A-S

Box-folder 8.1

Adler, Howard I.


"Giant Cells of E. Coli."1968

Box-folder 8.2

Alper, Tikvah


"The Exceptionally Small Size of the Scrapie Agent." 1966

Box-folder 8.3

Bajszár, G.


"Isolation of Oligonucleotide Fragments Containing the 5'- Ends of Nuclear pre-mRNA of Ehrlich Carcinoma Cells." 1974

Box-folder 8.4

Bernstein, I. A.


"Biosynthesis of Ribose in Escherichia Coli Grown on C14-Labeled Glucose." 1956

Box-folder 8.5

Delbrück, M.


"Mutual Exclusion between an Infecting Phage and a Carried Phage." 1951 [2 copies]

Box-folder 8.6

Dunn, D. B.


"The Extraction of Infectious High Molecular Weight RNA from Turnip Yellow Mosaic Virus with Ethanol." 1966

Box-folder 8.7

Edelman, Gerald M.


"-Microglobulin - A Free Immunoglobulin Domain." 1972

Box-folder 8.8

Graham, A. F.


"The Utilization of Desoxyribonucleotide Phosphorus by Escherichia Coli."1956

Box-folder 8.9

Hershey, Alfred


"A Wall Effect in Zone Centrifugation of DNA." 1961 [mimeograph]

Box-folder 8.10

Hupperet, Joseph


"Infection des sphéroplastes bactériens par l'acid ribonucléique phagique." 1962

Box-folder 8.11

Kanazir, D.


"Accumulation de Désoxyguanosine chez E. Coli B après Irradiation Ultraviolette." 1954

Box-folder 8.12

Knolle, P.


"Mehrfachinfektion mit RNS-Phagen." 1966

Box-folder 8.13

Latarjet, Raymond


"Comparison des 'suicides' d'une bactérie marquée par les phosphores radioactifs 32 et 33." 1965 [typescript]


"Inactivation, by UV-, X-, and -Radiations, of the Infecting and Transforming Capacities of Polyoma Virus." 1967

Box-folder 8.14

Lewin, S.


"Reactions of Nucleic Acids and Their Components, Part III." 1964


"Action of Guanidine Hydrochloride on Salmon-Sperm DNA." 1964


"Some Aspects of Variations and Errors in Nucleic Acid Investigations." 1964 [2 copies]


"Reaction of Salmon Sperm Deoxyribonucleic Acid with Formaldehyde." 1966


"Stereochemical Restrictions in the construction of the Model of the B-Form of the Double-Helix of Deoxyribonucleic Acid." 1967


"Some Aspects of Hydration and Stability of the Native State of DNA." 1967

Box-folder 8.15

Leive, Loretta


"Actinomycin Sensitivity in Escherichia Coli."1965


"A Nonspecific Increase in Permeability in Escherichia Coli Produced by EDTA." 1965

Box-folder 8.16

Maaløe, O.


"Radioactive Sulfur Tracer Studies on the Reproduction of T4 Bacteriophage." 1953

Box-folder 8.17

Mantsavinos, Roger


"Studies on the Synthesis of Deoxyribonucleic Acid by Mammalian Enzymes." 1964

Box-folder 8.18

Masamune, Yukito


"Conditional Heterogeneity in the Deoxyribonucleic Acid of Bacteriophage T2." 1965

Box-folder 8.19

McLaren, A. Douglas


"Inactivation of Infectious Nucleic Acid from Tobacco Mosaic Virus by Ultraviolet Light (2537 A)." 1957

Box-folder 8.20

Mannigmann, H. D


"Electromicroscopy of the Anti-Bacterial Agent Produced by Escherichia coli 15." 1965

Box-folder 8.21

Moore, A. M.


"Ultraviolet Irradiation of Pyrimidine Derivatives." 1955

Box-folder 8.22

Mundy, K. W.


"A Model of the Coat Protein Cistron of Tobacco Mosaic Virus and Its Biochemical Investigation." 1965

Box-folder 8.23

Norman, Amos


"Electric Birefringence Studies on Two Strains of Tobacco Mosaic Virus." 1957

Box-folder 8.24

Onodera, Konoshin


"The Nucleic Acid of Nuclear-polyhedrosis Virus of the Silkworm." 1965

Box-folder 8.25

Pichl, H.


"Untersuchungen zur Beeinflussung der UV-Inaktivierung von Bakteriophagen sowie zur Deutung der auftretenden Inaktivierungskurven." 1960

Box-folder 8.26

Poulson, D. F.


"A Virus Associated with SR-Spirochetes of Drosophila nebulosa." 1970

Box-folder 8.27

Richter, Gerhard


"Die Tagesperiodik der Photosynthese bei Acetabularia und ihre Abhängigkeit von Kernaktivität, RNS- und Protein-Synthese." 1963

Box-folder 8.28

Riklis, Emanuel


"Studies on Mechanism of Repair of Ultraviolet-Irradiated Viral and Bacterial DNA in Vivo and in Vitro." 1965

Box-folder 8.29

Rogers, Stanfield


"Studies of the Mechanism of Action of the Shope Rabbit Papilloma Virus." 1963


"Shope Papilloma Virus: A Passenger in Man and Its Significance to the Potential Control of the Host Genome." 1966

Box-folder 8.30

Roller, Ann


"Replication and Transfer of the DNA of Phage T4." 1964

Box-folder 8.31

Sasaki, Takashi


"A Role of the Cell Wall as a "Primary Reservoir" of Vitamin B 12 in a B 12 -Requiring Lactobacillus." 1963


"Some Aspects of the Responses of Lactobacillus Delbrueckii to Vitamin B 12. " 1963


"The Mechanism of Uptake of Vitamin B 12 in a B 12 -Requiring Lactobacillus." (in 3 parts) 1963-44

Box-folder 8.32

Sauerbier, Walter


"Host Cell Reactivation of X 174 at Intracellular UV Irradiation." 1964

Box-folder 8.33

Schuster, Heinz


"Bestimmung der biologisch wirksamen Einheit in der Ribosenucleinsäure des Tabakmosaikvirus auf chemischem Wege." 1958

Box-folder 8.34

Scott, David William


"Serological Cross Reactions among the RNA-Containing Coliphages." 1965 [reprint and typescript]

Box-folder 8.35

Sinsheimer, Robert L.


"The Photochemistry of Uridylic Acid." 1954


"The Photochemistry of Cytidylic Acid." 1957


"First Steps Toward a Genetic Chemistry." 1957


"Replication of Bacteriophages Ms2, VIII." c.1967-68? [typescript]


"For Boston Globe." c.1976 [typescript]

Box-folder 8.36

Smarda, Jan


"Microscopic Picture of Reversion of Glycine Spheroplasts into Rods in Escherichia coli."1965

Box-folder 8.37

Spiegelman, S.


"The Selective Synthesis of Iunformational RNA in Bacteria." 1961


"Conservation of a Viral RNA Genome During Replication and Translation," c.1962-63 [typescript]


"Distinct Cistrons for the Two Ribosomal RNA Components," c.1962-63 [typescript]

Box-folder 8.38

Spirin, A. S.


"K Voprosy o Prirode i Sposobakh Kolichestvennoi Otsenki "Giperkhromicheskogo Effekta" Nukleinovykh Kislot." 1959


"Deistvie Temperatury na Sostoianie Makromolekul Virusnoi Ribonukleinovoi Kisloty B Rastvore." 1959


"On Macromolecular Structure of Native High-Polymer Ribonucleic Acid in Solution." 1960


"Ribonukleinovye Kisloty (Sostav, Stroenie i Biologicheskaia Rol')." 1963

Box-folder 8.39

Stahl, Franklin W.


"The Effects of the Decay of Incorporated Radioactive Phosphorus on the Genome of Bacteriophage T4." 1956 "Radiobiology of Bacteriophage, "n.d. [typescript]

Box-folder 8.40

Stent, Gunther


"Mortality due to Radioactive Phosphorus as an Index to Bacteriophage Development." 1953

Box-folder 8.41

Streisinger, George


"Mutation and Recombination at the Host Range Genetic Region of Phage T2." 1956


"The Genetic control of Ultraviolet Sensitivity Levels in Bacteriophages T2 and T4." 1956


"The Genetic control of Host Range and Serological Specificity in Bacteriophages T2 and T4." 1956


"Phenotypic Mixing of Host Range and Serological Specificities in Bacteriophages T2 and T4." 1956


"Linkage of Genetic Markers in Phages T2 and T4." 1960 [2 copies]

Box-folder 8.42

Subak-Sharpe, J. H.


"Rifampicin Inhibits the Growth of Some Mammalian Viruses." 1969 [typescript]


"Studies on sRNA Coded by Herpes Virus." n.d. [typescript]

Box-folder 8.43

Szybalski, Waclaw


"Heterokaryotic Compatibility, Metabolic Cooperation, and Genetic Recombination in Streptomyces." 1959


"Molecular Mechanism of Thymine-Less Death." 1962


"Effects of 'Visible' Light on 5-Bromouracil-labelled DNA." 1962


"The Cs2SO4 Equilibrium Density Gradient and Its Application for the Study of T-even Phage DNA."" 1964


"'Complexing RNA' c-RNA Isolated from Bacilli." 1964 [abstract]


"Physiochemical Properties of Complexes between Deoxyribonucleic Acid and Antibiotics Which Affect Ribonucleic Acid Synthesis." 1966


"Fractionation of the Complementary Strings of Coliphage? DNA." 1967


Box 9: Reprints, T-Z

Box-folder 9.1

Ts'o, Paul O. P.


"Structure and Properties of Microsomal Nucleoprotein Particles from Pea Seedlings." 1958


"Structure of Microsomal Nucleoprotein Particles form Pea Seedlings." 1958


"On the Similarity of Amino Acid Composition of Microsomal Nucleoprotein Particles." 1958


"Synthesis of Ribonucleic Acid in Plants, I." 1959 idem. "II." 1959


"The Ribosomes - Ribonucleoprotein Particles." 1962


"Secondary Structures of Nucleic Acids in Organic Solvents, II." 1962 idem. "III." 1962


"Interaction of Nucleosides and Related Compounds with Nucleic Acids as Indicated by the Change of Helix-Coil Transition Temperature." 1962 [2 copies]

Box-folder 9.2

"Properties of Helical Polycytidylic Acid." 1963


"Interaction of Nucleic Acids, I." 1963


"Interaction and Association of Bases and Nucleosides in Aqueous Solutions I." 1963


"Secondary Structures of Nucleic Acids in Organic Solvents, IV." 1963


"Interaction and Association of Bases and Nucleosides in Aqueous Solutions, II." 1964


"Interaction of Nucleic Acids, II." 1964


"Interaction and Association of Bases and Nucleosides in Aqueous Solutions, III." 1964


"An Experimental Assignment of the Proton Magnetic Resonance Spectrum of Purine." 1964


"Interaction and Association of Bases and Nucleosides in Aqueous Solutions, IV." 1965


"Studies of the Conformation and Interaction in Dinucleoside Mono- and Diphosphates by Proton Magnetic Resonance." 1969.

Box-folder 9.3

Vanyushin, B.


"Distribution of N 6-Methyladenine in DNA of T2 Phage and its Host Escherichia coli B." 1971.

Box-folder 9.4

Vinograd, Jerome


"Microsomal Nucleoprotein Particles from Pea Seedlings." 1956


"Gross Structure of Hemoglobin H." 1959


"The Net Hydration of T-4 Bacteriophage Deoxyribonucleic Acid and the Effect of Hydration on Buoyant Behavior..." 1961


"The Effect of Angular Velocity on the Sedimentation Behavior of Deoxyribonucleic Acid and Tobacco Mosaic Virus in the Ultracentrifuge." 1961


"Sedimentation Equilibrium in a Density Gradient." 1961


"A Three-Component Theory of Sedimentation in a Density Gradient." 1961


"The Determination of Density Distributions and Density Gradients in Binary solutions at Equilibrium in the Ultracentrifuge." 1961


"The Net Hydration of Deoxyribonucleic Acid." 1961 [2 copies]

Box-folder 9.5

"The Buoyant Behavior of Viral and Bacterial DNA in Alkaline CsCl." 1962


"Equilibrium Sedimentation of Macromolecules and Viruses in a Density Gradient." 1962


"The Buoyant Behavior of Bovine Serum Mercaptalbumin in Salt Solutions at Equilibrium in the Ultracentrifuge." 1962


"Band-Centrifugation of Macromolecules and Viruses in Self Generating Density Gradients." 1963


"The Twisted Circular Form of Polyoma Viral DNA." 1965


"Cytoplasmic DNA in the Unfertilized Sea Urchin Egg." 1968


"The Buoyant Behavior of RNA and DNA in Cesium Sulfate Solutions containing Dimethylsulfoxide." 1971


"A Novel Closed Circular Mitochondrial DNA with the Properties of a Replicating Intermediate." 1971

Box-folder 9.6

"The Effect of Temperature on the Buoyant Density of Bacterial and Viral DNA's in CsCl Solutions in the 'Ultracentrifuge." c.1962 [typescript]


"Band-Centrifugation of Macromolecules and Viruses in Self-Generating Density Gradients." c.1962 [typescript]


"The Evaluation of Standard Sedimentation Coefficients of NaRNA and NaDNA from Sedimentation Velocity Data in Concentrated NaCl and CsCl Solutions." c.1963 [typescript]

Box-folder 9.7

"The Twisted Circular Form of Polyoma Viral DNA." c.1965 [typescript]


"A Dye-Buoyant Method for the Detection and Isolation of Closed Circular Duplex DNA." c.1966 [typescript]


"Catenated Circular DNA Molecules in HeLa Cell Mitochondria." c. 1967 [typescript]

Box-folder 9.8

"Complex Mitochondrial DNA in Leukemic and Normal Human Myeloid Cells." c.1968 [typescript]


"Complex Mitochondrial DNA." c.1968 [typescript]

Box-folder 9.9

"Replication of Mitochondiral DNA." 1971 [typescript]


"Superhelix Density Heterogeneity of Intracellular SV40 DNA." c. 1971 [typescript, 2 copies]

Box-folder 9.10

de Waard, A.


"On the Specificity of Bacteriophage-Induced Hydroxy-methylcytosine HMC Glucosyltransferases." c.1964 [typescript]

Box-folder 9.11

Wang, S. Y.


"Cytosine-Thymine Addition Product from DNA Irradiated with Ultraviolet Light." 1967

Box-folder 9.12

Watanabe, Itaru


"Formation of Non-Phage-Antigenic Protein in E. coli Infected with T2 Phage." 1957


"Protein and Ribonucleic Acid Synthesis Induced by Bacteriophage Infection." 1958


"Effect of Cloramphenicol on Ribonucleic Acid Metabolism in E. coli Infected with T2 Phage." 1958

Box-folder 9.13

Wayland, Harold


"Biological Engineering and the Three-Fold Way." 1968.

Box-folder 9.14

Weidel, W.


"Abspaltung chemischer Komponenten der Coli -Mambran durch daran adsorbierte Phagan." 1951

Box-folder 9.15

Weigle, J. J.


"Variations des BactériophagesConditionnées par les Bactéries Hôtes." 1953


"Host Controlled Variation in Bacterial Viruses." 1953


"A Study of Hybrids Between Two Strains of Escherichia Coli." 1955


"Multiplicity Reactivation of Bacteriophage Inactivated by Ionizing Radiations." 1956


"Properties of Bacteriophages T2 and T4 with Unusual Inheritance." 1956 [2 copies]


"Transduction by Coliphage of the Galactose Marker." 1957 "Étude au Mayen Rayons Ultraviolets de l'Interaction entre Bactériophage Tempéré et Bactérie Hote." 1958


"Exchange of DNA in the Recombination of Bacteriophage ." 1961 [2 copies]


"A Mutation Affecting the DNA of Bacteriophage Lambda and its Lysogenizing Properties." 1961


"Densities of Transducing Lambda Bacteriophages." 1961


"Assembly of Phage Lambda in vitro." 1966 [2 copies, 1 reprint nd 1 typescript]

Box-folder 9.16

Weissmann, C.


"A New Approach to the Determination of the Nucleotide Sequence of Viral RNA." c.1968 [typescript]

Box-folder 9.17

Winkler, Ulrich.


"Host-Cell Reactivation of Lethal Damage Induced by Ultraviolet Light and X-rays in Serratia marcescens HY and Its Phage Kappa." 1964.

Box-folder 9.18

Wittmann, H. G.


"Proteinuntersuchungen an Mutanten des Tabakmosaik-virus als Beitrag zum Problem des genetischen Codes." 1962.

Box-folder 9.19

Yamamoto, Nobuto.


"Inactivation of T-group Bacteriophages by Ascorbic Acid..." 1958.

Box-folder 9.20

Zamenhof, Stephen


"Polyribophosphate, the Type-Specific Substance of Hemophilus Influenzae, Type b." 1953


"Studies on the Chemistry of the Transforming Activity." 1953


"Inactivation and Unstabilization of the Transforming Principle by Mutagenic Agents." 1956


"Studies on the Chemically Reactive Groups of Deoxyribonucleic Acid." 1957


"Heat as an Agent Producing High Frequency of Mutations and Unstable Genes in Escherichia coli."1958


"Studies on Thymine-5-Bromouracil "Exchange" in Deoxyribonucleic Acids of Escherichia coli."1959


"Effects of Heating Dry Bacteria and Spores on Their Phenotype and Genotype." 1960


"Transfer, by Transformation, of Information Determining Mutation Rates in Bacillus Subtilis." 1962


"Mechanism of Synthesis of Deoxyribonucleic Acid in Vivo." 1967

Box-folder 9.21

Zimmer, Karl


"Elektron-Spin-Resonanzen in bestrahlten Bakteriophagen und deren Bestandteilen." 1963


"Some Chemical and Biological Effects of Elastic Nuclear Collisions." c.1965