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Register of the Harold Stanley Jacoby Collection
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Box 1: A-M


-Child Welfare


-Christianity: Remember the Sabbath Day? The Nature and Causes of the Changes in Sunday Observance Since 1800 . Harold S. Jacoby (1945)


-Columbia Cauldron/Co-Opportunity




-East Indians: East Indians in the United States: The First Half Century . Unpublished manuscript, Harold S. Jacoby (1996)






-Mental Health


Box 2: N-Z




-Race Relations


-Pamphlets by Minnesota Government. Interracial Commission (1947)


-Social Work






Box 1: Human Relations & Sabbath Day Material


-Institute Human Relations, 1946


-Institute Expenses, 1946


-Church Activities


-Correspondence Re: Observance of the Sabbath (1932-1934)


-Correspondence Re: “Remember the Sabbath Day”


Box 2: Integration Study


-California/Nevada Annual Conference


-Church Integration Study


- Church Integration Study: 1955-56 Progress Reports


- Church Integration Study: 1055-56 Tables


-Questionnaires: Inter-Group Relations Survey


Box 3: Stockton Affairs


-Stockton’s Transient Population & Its Treatment, 1940s


-2nd Institute on Human Relations, Stockton (1946)


-Gambling & Prostitution in Stockton


-Stockton Off-Street Parking Survey (1953)


-Stockton Skid Row Housing, 1975


-SCCU Beginnings, n.d. [1946?]


-Mayor’s Urban Blight Committee (1955)


-Directory of Social Agencies in San Joaquin County (1939)


-Directory of Social Agencies in San Joaquin County (May 1943)


-Stockton Gambling Ordinance (1957)


-Flood Clean-up Work (Stockton, 1956)


-Flood Clean-up Work (Stockton, 1956)


-South Stockton Neighborhood Study (1957-58)


-Community Teamwork


-Stockton Census and Demography c.1970


-Stockton Symposium 1977


Box 4: Intercultural Relations Workshop, 1947-48


-Correspondence, 1947


-Workshop Correspondence, 1947


-Report on Workshop, 1947


-Workshop, June 1947


- Workshop Bibliography, 1947


-Church Contacts, 1948


-2nd Workshop Bulletin & Correspondence, June 22-July 23, 1948, COP


- Intercultural Institute Personnel 1948


-Workshop, 1948


-Correspondence to Church Temple Leaders


-Audio/Visual Sources




Box 1: Race Relations


-CA Federation for Civic Unity (’47-‘49)


-Printed Materials on Race Relations


-Printed Materials—Prejudice


-Printed Materials Manuals


-Conferences, 1948-50


-Legislation & Civil Rights


-San Diego


-California Federation for Civic Unity


-Council for Civil Unity


-Race Relations—LA County Committee on Human Relations (1947-48)


-Council for Civic Unity, San Francisco


-Urban League, 1956


-Overseas Relief [Save the Children] 1946


-Race Relations—Miscellaneous Pamphlets & Tracts [esp. on blacks] 1940s


Box 2: Industrial Relations


-Upton Sinclair’s EPIC Program (1934)


-Opposition to Sinclair’s EPIC Program & Governorship (1934)


-Community Organization


-Urban Center Trip/City Data, 1938


-Industrial Relations Field Trip, 1948


-Industrial Relations Field Trip, 1950


-Industrial Relations Field Trip, 1952


Box 3: Asilomar & YMCA


-1946: Institute on Human Relations, Stockton, CA


-YMCA Asilomar Conferences Correspondence, 1936-38 (two folders)


-YMCA Asilomar Minutes, agendas, statistics, 1936-38


-YMCA Asilomar Conferences Newsletters, Publicity, Etc., 1936-38


-YMCA/YWCA Editorials, Manuals, Correspondence


-Hazen Conference, 1939


-Correspondence, 1939


- Correspondence, 1940


- Correspondence, 1949


- Correspondence, 1952




Box 1: Student Projects (A-J)


-Aheam, Marianne. "Survey of the Elementary School Area: The Bungalow School" 1/15/47


-Bahnsen, John. "Lockeford Youth in Motion" 1/7/52


- Boone, Robert. "A Comparative Analysis of Vacation Patterns" 1/5/51


-Bros, Perry and Yadgar, John. "A Social Survey of the Lafayette Grammar School" (1947)


-Carson, Billy & Montgomery, John. "Phillippino [sic] Problems" (1940's?)


-Coffman, Maps of Stockton Postal Routes.


-Collier, Laurence. "The Reorganization of the San Joaquin County"


-Cone. A Study of the Extent to Which the Larger Industries in Stockton make use of the CA State Employment Service" 1/15/47


-Draper, Richard. "Labor in Stockton" (1936)


- Ferrari, B. "The Neighborhoods of Stockton" (1946)


-Fogle, Francis. "New Zealand Relief” 5/29/31


-Hermann, Dorothy. "Trends in the Employment of Minorities in Stockton" (1952)


-Huffman, Barbara. "Organized Labor in Stockton, 1900-1902"


-Hull, Barbara. "Stockton: 1914 An Analysis of a Labor Problem" (1946)


-Irish, Arthur S. "Personnel Practices in the City of Stockton" (1940)


-Irish, Art. "Unwholesome Commercial Recreation Survey in the City of Stockton" (1939)


-Jones, David. "Development of a Suburban [Stockton] District" (1947)


Box 2: Student Projects (K-Z)


- Keller, Ben & Marlette, Don and Klien, Bud. Patterns, Problems and Trends of Racial Intermarriage” (1949)


- Kerr, Milliam J. "A Community Center for South Stockton (1947)


-Kipp, Marjorie (Case Work)


-Knoll, Marjorie. "A Community Celebration & How it Participates & Enters into Community Life" (1948)


-Krumpe, Richard. "A Study in Racial Integration in California-Nevada Methodism" (1956)


-Marquis, Norman. "Organized Graft in the City of Stockton" (1940's?)


-Monagan, Robert T. "The Lodi Recreation Commission" 1947


-Neider, William. "The [Stockton] Municipal Golf Course" (1940's?)


-O'Brian, Lynne. "This Unemployment Business" (1947)


-Stone, Betty Rae. "Survey of the Stockton Community Recreation Center" (1939)


-Swenney, Clella Mae. "Recreation or Leisure Time Activities of 7th and 8th Graders in the Linden Area" (1948)


-Thomas, Mee. "Boy Scouts of America in Relation to the Physically Handicapped" (1935)


-Tudor, Joseph F. "A Critical Analysis of WPA Recreation in Stockton" (1940)


-Turner, Robert F. "Social Group Work & the YMCA" (1950)


-Walfrom, Fred. "Observations & Opinions of the Planning Commission of the City of Stockton" (1947)


-Wheeler, Eugene D. "The Hughson Youth Center" (1948)


- Wilson, Everette E. “Legal Aspects of Intermarriage” (1943)


-Wilson, Vance. “Stereotypes of Negroes, Japanese, Filipinos.” (1950)


-Woelfel, Helena. "The Weber School and Lottie Grunsky School: Compared" (1947)


-Yee, Skipper K. "Reaction of Elderly Chinese to American Culture" (1950's?)


-Student Studies of Stockton: Skid Row, Alcoholism (1955)


-"A Survey of Absences in the Stockton Public Elementary Schools..." (1948)


-"The Labor Movement in Stockton"


-Class Project: South Stockton


-"The End Zone" Study


Box 3: Transcripts, Studies, & Miscellany


-Student Transcripts (I-O)


-Student Transcript (P-Z)


- Student Projects Correspondence 1946


-Christine E. Clason (1961)


-Student Assembly Behavior Study (1948)


Box 4: Correspondence and Related Printed Matter 1932-53


Box 5: Coursework Plans


-Unemployment Relief


-Unemployment Relief Organizations


-Fair Employment Practices


-Emergency Relief Forms


-Social Case Work (two folders)


-Group Organization


-Child Welfare (two folders)


-Poverty and Dependency


-Family Maladjustments and Dependency


Box 6: Coursework Plans


-Social Services


-Group Social Work


-Church and Social Work


-Course Materials for Social Work


-Social Work Printed Matter


-Mental Hygiene


-Mentally Deficient


-Mental Disease


-Personality: Character Difficulties and Dependencies




-Sexually Transmitted Diseases




Box 7: Coursework Plans


-Poverty and Dependency: Outside Exams and Booklists


-Poverty and Dependency: Exams


-Principles of Economics: Notes and Printed Matter


-Principles of Economics: Exams and Notes


-Transportation Economics


-Consumer Economics: Printed Matter






-Human Ecology


-Urban Sociology


Box 8: Department Business


-Job Applicants, 1957


-Milton M. Mason, 1956-61


-Raymond Bellamy,1955-56


-Social Work Position, 1946-47


-Pacific Sociological Society, 1953


-Pacific Sociological Society, 1950-56 (two folders)


-Pi Gamma Mu (Sociology Honors Fraternity), 1948-50


-U.S. Government Publications Lists, 1947


-Social Agency Directory


-Social Worker Child Placement Practices


-California Conference Social Welfare: Correspondence 1948-52


-Physical Accommodations of Department, 1946-47


-Pre-WWII Course Data


-Social Work, 1939-56


-Social Work Extension Course


-California Youth Administration


-Book Review Sociology Text


-Misc. Financial Records