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Guide to the Sound Recording Catalog Collection, 1900-1990s.
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Box 1

A. Alati (Italy)


Listino Mensile N. 5 1st Margio 1930 (IX) 1st


Listino Mensile N. 12 1st Dicembre 1930 (IX)


Listino Mensile N. 3 1st Marzo 1931 (IX)


All Disc Music


Moving Sale Catalog, 1985


Compact Discs and Accessories Catalog, [1985?]


Compact Discs and Accessories Catalog, [1985?]


Allegro (RCA)


12" Long Playing Catalog n.d.


Johann Sebastian Bach: The Clavieruebung n.d.


American Gramaphone


Catalog, 1988-89


Various Catalogs, n.d. (12)


The Amercian Gramaphone Story, n.d.


American Recording Society


Announcements (8)




Piano Rolls, 1922


Piano Rolls, 1925




The Complete Catalog, 1954


Classical Numerical Catalog, 1955


March/June Catalog, 1956


World of Classical Music, 1965


2 The Angel Library of Fine Recording, 1967


Angel/EMI/Virgin Classics Catalog, 1994


Catalog of Great Recordings of the Century


Angel Records for Christmas n.d.


May Releases n.d.


Angel Christmas Pamphlet n.d.


A'Anthologie Sonore


Catalog, 1950


Archiv Production see Deutsche Grammophon


Asch Recording Studies, see Disc Company of America


Asch Recording Studies, see also Folkways




The French Connection, 1999




Classical Recordings, n.d.


Audio Archives


Catalog, 1952


Authentic Recordings


Catalog, n.d.




The french Collection, n.d.




Recorded Tapes Vol. 5, n.d.


Sidney Bechet


Discography, 1961




Catalog, Collector's Series, 1958


Bielefelder Katalog


Katalog der Schallplatten klassischer Musik, 1963


Katalog der Schallplatten klassischer Musik, 1967




Complete Catalog of BIS Compact Discs, 1992


Bluebird Records see Victor


BMG Classics (see also BMG Hong Kong)


Compact Disc, Complete Catalog, 1992/93


BMG Hong Kong


93 Catalogue


93 Catalogue, Volume 2


Catalogue, n.d.


Boosey and Hawkes


Recorded Music, n.d.


Boston Music Co.


Reference Record List for Young Collectors, n.d.


3 Brunswick Records


Catalog, 1921


The New Hall of Fame Catalog, May 1923


Catalog, 1923


Catalog, 1924


Catalog, 1925


Catalog, 1927


Catalog, Jan. 1928


Catalog, Jan. 1929


Catalog, Jan. 1930


Catalog, Dec. 1930


Supplementary Catalog, 1931


Complete Catalog of Popular Records, November 1934


78 RPM Records Supplementary Catalog, April 1950-December 1952


Complete Catalog 1938


Complete Catalog 1939


Records by Famous American Stars, 1950


Famous American Stars, March 1954


Ray Miller and his Orchestra Flyer, n.d.


New Hall of Fame Symphony Series (Robert Schumann), n.d.


4 Budget Record Company


Order Form and Catalog, n.d.


Vincent Burke


Discollector Newsletter and Catalog, December 1950


Les Cahiers Du Disque (see also HMW, Columbia, Pathe)


Catalogs, No. 2-7, June 1949-October 1950


Catalog, No. 8, Oct. 1951


Catalog, No. 9 Dec. 1951


California Labor School, Inc.


National Negro History Week letter, n.d.


Canyon Records


Natay, Navajo Singer pamphlet, n.d.


Capitol Records


Catalog, 1946


Catalog, 1947


Catalog, 1949


Album Catalog, 1957


Serve Yourself with this Complete Record Catalog, 1954


Music Views-New Releases from Capitol, 1955


Educational Catalog- Music from 'Round the World, 1967


Classical Music Catalog, n.d.


Catalog (Spain), n.d.


Catalog, n.d.


Tennessee Ernie Ford flyer, n.d.


High Fidelity Listening Guide, n.d.


5 Catalogue


Catalogue of Imported English Records, June 1949


Cat's Compact Discs


Catalog, n.d.


G. G. Cayugan


Record List, 1973


BS Records (see also Columbia)


Opera on CBS Masterworks, n.d.


CBS LP Numerical Inventory, Catalog, August 1982




Catalogo Generale, 1949


Cetra Records (see also Pathe)


Catalogo Generale Dischi, 1948


Record Catalog, Vocal Artists, 1949


Novita Dischi, January -December 1950


Catalogo Dischi, 1952


Dischi Long Playing and 45 Opere, n.d.


Italian Opera Catalogue, n.d.


The Best in Italian Music, n.d.


Highlights of the Cetra Soria Catalogue, n.d.


The Best in Italian Music on Long Playing Records, n.d.


For Your Christmas Gifts, n.d.


CGD, see Celson


hamber Music


Chamber Music by Contemporary Composers, n.d.


Circle Sound Inc.


Xmas Gift Selections for the Jazz Lover, 1950


Classic Editions


Catalog of Long Playing Records, 1952


Classical Record Club


Catalog 1948


Catalog, n.d.


6 Classic Recordings


Compact Disc Catalog, Update, Winter 1986


The Best Of , 1986


Catalog, Spring 1987


Catalog, Fall/Christmas, 1987


Compact Disc Catalog, n.d.


Collector's Corner


Catalog of New Special Issues, 1949


Collectors Record Shop


Catalog, n.d.


Columbia (see Electrola, Regal Zonophone)


Columbia (France) see also Pathe, for Columbia (England) see also Gramophone Co.)


Double Disc Records, 1910


Double Disc Records, 1911


Supplement, [June, 1911?]


Supplement, [July, 1911?]


Double Disc Records, 1914


Bohemian Records, June 1915


Supplement, January, 1916


Supplement, April 1916


Supplement, May 1916


Supplement, June 1916


7 Supplement, July 1916


Supplement, August 1916


Supplement, September 1916


Supplement, October 1916


Supplement, November 1916


Supplement, December 1916


Roumanian Records, December 1916


Catalog, 1916


Double Disc Records, 1916


Greek Records, 1917


French Records, 1917


Supplement, March 1917


Lithuanian Records, June 1917


Italian Records, July 1917


Supplement, November 1917


Scandinavian Records, December 1917


Catalog, 1917


Bulgarian Records, May 1918


Mexican Records, June 1918


Polish Records, June 1918


Slovenian-Krainer Records, June 1918


Hebrew and Jewish Records, 1918


Catalog, 1918


8 atalog, 1918


Supplement, September 1919


Catalog, 1919


Catalog, August 1920


Supplement, August 1920


French Records, 1920


French Records, 1921


Catalog, 1921


Catalog, 1922


Catalog, 1922


Supplement, May 1922


9 Catalog, 1923


Catalog, 1924


Catalog, 1925


Catalog, 1926


Catalog, 1927


Supplement, November 1927


10 New Process Records, 1927-1928


Catalog, 1928


Catalog, 1929


Fine Art Series of Musical Masterworks, 1929


Continental and International Numerical List, 1929-1930


Supplementary Catalog, 1930


Supplementary Catalog, 1931


Flyer, Royal Blue Records, 1933


Royal Blue Catalog, 1934


Masterworks and Celebrity Records, May 1935-August 1937


Catalogue General de Disques (France), 1938


11 Complete Catalog, 1939


Complete Catalog, February 1940


Catalog, October 1940 (see also Special Collections ML C6 1940)


Complete Record Catalog (England), 1941


Catalog, 1942 (see also Special Collections ML 156 C6 1942)


Catalog Generale (Italy), 1942


12 Columbia and Okeh Popular Record Pamphlets, May 1940-July 1942


Catalog, 1942


Catalog, 1943 (see also Special Collections ML 156 C6 1943)


Catalog, 1944


Catalog, 1945


Catalog (England), 1945-1946


Catalog, 1946 (see also Special Collections ML 156 C6 1946


Catalog, 1946


13 Columbia and Odeon Catalogo General de Discos (Argentina), 1946


Catalog, 1947


Columbia Masterworks Pamphlet, 1947


Numerical Catalog, 1947


14 Catalog (Canada), 1947-1948


Catalog (England), 1947-1948


Catalog, 1948


Catalogo Dischi (Italy), 1948


Catalog (Canada), 1948


Catalog (England), 1948-1949


Catalog, 1948-1949


Catalog, 1949


15 Catalog (Canada), 1949-1950


Catalog (England, Overseas Edition), 1949-1950


Catalog (Italy), 1950


Catalog General (France), 1950


Supplemental Catalog, 1950


Supplement 78RPM, 1950-1951


Catalog (England), 1950-1951


Catalogo Dischi (Italy), 1951


LP 33 1/3 Recordings, 1951


Numerical Catalog (England, Overseas Edition), 1951-1952


Catalog, 1951-1952


16 atalogo Dischi (Italy), 1952


Supplement, 1952


Complete Catalog, 1952-1953


Artist Listing, 1963


Catalog, n.d.


Celebrity Records, n.d.


Supplementary Misc., n.d.


Catalog, n.d.


The Greatest Comprehensive Jazz Catalog in the World, n.d.


Choice Selections and Programs, n.d.


Discos Dobles Catalog, n.d.


Italian Folk Songs, n.d.


Servian Records, n.d.


17 Compact Disc Centre


Catalog, Spring 1985


Catalog, n.d.


Catalog, n.d.


Catalog, n.d.


Catalog, n.d.


Compact Disc Classics


Catalog, Spring 1988


Compact Disc Group


Catalog, June 1983


Compagnia General del Disco, see Celson


Compass Record Co.


New Russian Records-Imported Originals, 1947


Concert Hall Society


Letter, 1953


Catalog, 1955


Jazz Catalog, Winter 1955-1956


Catalog, 1956


Leaflet For the Discriminating Lover of Fine Music, n.d. (2)


Limited Recordings, n.d. (2)


Limited Recordings 3rd Series, n.d.


Limited Recordings 5th Series, n.d.


Limited Edition Recordings 8th Series, n.d.


Binaural Catalog, n.d.


Concord Record


Catalog, 1997-1998


Consolidated Talking Machine Co.


Catalog, n.d.


Contemporary Records


Letter and Leaflet, n.d.


Continental Records


International Album sets and Selections, 1944




Flyer, n.d.




Historical Records, May 1948


Crystal Clear Compact Discs


Catalog 1986


Crystal Records


Catalog, 1987


Complete Catalog, 1988


Complete Catalog, 1989


Complete Catalog, 1999


Dauber and Pine


A Sampling of Disc Records Now Available, n.d.


18 Decca (see also Gramophone Co.)


Complete Popular Record Catalog, 1936-1937


All-Star Record Pamphlets, April 1939-September 1940


Complete Popular Record Catalog, 1940


Peter and the Wolf Brochure, 1940


Popular Record Catalog, 1941


Complete Popular Record Catalog, 1942


Popular Record Catalog, 1943


Decca/Brunswick Popular Record Catalog, 1944


Back Room Piano-Frank Froeba and his Boys, 1946


Numerical Catalog, 1948


19 Catalog, 1948


Catalog (England), 1949


Catalogue General (France) 1949


Catalogue (England), March, 1949


Catalog Supplement, 1949


Dischi Decca (Italy), 1950


Catalog, 1951


Main Catalogue of 78 RPM Records (England), 1951


A List of the Latest, 1952


Complete Catalog, 1953


Catalog of Long and Medium Play Records, January 1954


Single Records Catalog, October 1954


Classical Recordings, 1955


20 frr Living Music, n.d.


Warren Demotte


The LP/Stereo Record Guide and Tape Review, 1962


Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft (Germany)


Katalog, 1951-1952


Katalog, 1954


Long Play Records, 1954


Opera Concerto, 1956


Catalog, 1963


Catalog, 1964-1965


Archive Production, 1964-1965


Archive Production, Music Based on the Original Version, 1965-1966


Deutsche Grammophon/Archive Production, Numerical Catalog, 1966-1967


Records, Musicassettes, Tapes, Catalog, 1970 (see Special Collections ML 156 D48 1970)


Complete Catalog, 1985


Archiv Produktion, n.d.


Music in the European Tradition, n.d.


Walkman Classics, n.d.


Digital Disc Enterprises


Catalog, [1986?]


Disc Company of America (see also Folkways)


Catalog, Fall 1946, The Folk Ways of the World


The Folk Ways of the World, 1947


Disc Records


Price List, 1947


21 Dischi Durium (Italy)


Supplement, November 1950


Dischi Fonit (Italy)


Pamphlets, January, February-March, April-May 1950


Riassunto Generale, 1950


Catalog, December 1955


Dischi Novita (Italy)


Dischi Vis (Italy)


General Catalog, October 1950


Discos Azteca (Mexico)


List, 1949


Disco Ideal (Mexico)


Catalogo Alfabetico, n.d.


Discos Taxco (Mexico)


Presenta Artistas de Fama Disco de Calidad


Discus Records


Catalog, Spring 1954


Discount Record Club


Letter and Gift selections Catalog, 1952


Disques Lumen (France)


Catalog, 1952


Dot Records


Complete Catalog, n.d.


Catalog of Albums, n.d.




Catalog, n.d.


Economy Record Company


Special Offer-Bach's Clavieruebung-Letter, n.d.


Edison Records


American Selections, 1909


Disc Records-1913


Diamond Disc Records, 1914


Diamond Disc Records (Numerical Trade List), January 1914


Diamond Disc Records, November, 1915 (see Special Collections ML 156 E26 Nov. 1915)


Diamond Disc Records, 1916


Re-Creations-Mr. Edison's New Art, 1918


Diamond Disc Re-Creations-Mr.Edison's New Art, February. 1918


Re-Creations for the New Edison-"The Phonograph with Soul", July 1922


22 Re-Creations, 1922


Catalog, 1924 (see also Special Collections ML 156 R37 1924)


Catalog, [1926?]


Catalog, 1928


Flyer/Pamphlet, 1957


Educational Audio Visual, Inc.


Various Leaflets, n.d.


Educational Services


Listing of Educational Recordings, 1949


Elaine Music Shop


Record Highlights from the Catalogs of the World, November 1948


Pro Musica Antiqua, 1949


Electrola (see also


Catalog (Germany), 1950


Elite Records (see also Pathe)


Catalog, 1944


EMI, see Angel


EMI Italy


Catalogo Genreale Dischi, 1969 (see Special Collections ML156 E453 1969)


Catalogo Generale Dischi, 1971 (see Special Collections ML 156 E453 1971)


Catalogo Musica Classica, 1972 (see Special Collections ML 156 E458 1972)


Empire Record Corp.


Card, 1949


Enrichment Records


Announcement, 1952


Epic Records


A Complete Catalog, n.d.


Long Playing Catalog, n.d.


23 Essentials


Catalog, [1985 or 6]


Catalog, [1985 or 6]


Esta (see Gramofonove Zavody)


Estoteric Records


Numerical Catalog, 1956


List, n.d.


Fanfare Records


Catalog, n.d.




Catalog, 1994


Newly Available on Compact Disc, April 1994


Newly Available Compact Disc Selections, January-October 1995


Newly Available Compact Disc Selections, July and November 1996


Newly Available Compact Disc Selections, April and September 1997


Newly Available Compact Disc Selections, 1997


Newly Available Compact Disc Selections, January 1998


Catalogs, 1996, 1997, 1998


Federal Records


Catalog of R & B and Spiritual Records, n.d.


Field Records


Tribal, Folk and Café Music of West Africa, 1950


Carl Fischer


Checklist of Shopworn Record Albums, n.d.


Guide to Record Pleasure, n.d.


The Folk Dancer


Catalog of Folk Dance Records and Books, 1948


Letter, August 1948


Folklore Records


Hear Sicily Sing, n.d.


Folkways Records (see also Disc Company of America)


Recorded Folk Music in Education, 1953


Catalogs, Fall and Winter, 1955


Letter from Sam Goody, 1955


The Recording as a Teaching Tool, 1955


Ethnic Catalogs, n.d.


Catalog, n.d.


For the Record


Complete Compact Disc Sourcebook, Summer 1985


Fotosonor (France)


Catalog, November 1931


Four Continent Book Corp.


New Russian Records, List 17, May, 1952


Imported Records, Feb, 1954


New Russian Records Recent Arrivals, n.d.


24 Gaia Records


Catalog, 1988


Walter C. Garwick


Poets Read Their Own Poems, n.d.


Gate 5 Ensemble


Announcement, n.d.


Gateway To Music


Guide to New Records, September 1952


Musical Adventures in Armchair Comfort, n.d.


General Records


Catalog, October 1942


Gennett Records


Catalog, 1926


German News Co.


Imported Records, 1977-1978


Ginn and Company


Records for Our Singing World, 1951


Goldsmith Music Shop


The French Catalog n.d.


Gramavision (see Gaia Records)


Gramofonove Zavody (Czechoslovakia)


Celkovy Katalog Gramofonovych Desek, n.d.


The Gramophone


Classical Records to March 1962


The Gramophone Co. (see also Les Cahiers du Disque)


Cover, 1929


Catalog, 1931


Catalog, 1932


Verzeichnis der deutschen Muikplatten (Germany), 1932


25 Catalog, 1933


Catalog, 1934


Catalog, 1935


Catalog of Records, 1935 (see Special Collections ML 156 G76 H6 1935)


La Voce del Padrone Catalogo Dischi, 1937


Catalog, 1937-1938


Catalogue des Disques Gramophone (France), 1938


Verzeichnis der deutschen Muikplatten (Germany), 1939


Catalog, 1939-1940


26 Recorded Music, 1940


Catalog, 1940


Recorded Music, 1941-1942


Catalog, 1944-1945


Numerical List, 1946-1947


Catalog, 1946-1947


Catalog, 1947-1948


Schatekastlein des Plattenfreundes Tresor du Discophile (Switzerland), 1948


La Voce del Padrone Catalogo Dischi (Italy), 1948


27 Catalog, 1948-1949


Recorded Music Catalog, 1948-1949


Catalog (Germany, Overseas Edition), 1949


Catalog, 1949-1950


Numerical List, 1949-1950


Catalog, 1949-1950


Numerical List of Records (update stickers), August 1949-January 1950


Catalog, 1950-51


28 La Voce del Padrone Catalogo Dischi (France), 1950


Catalog (Italy), 1950


Catalog, (Ireland) 1950-1951


Catalog (Overseas Edition), 1950-1951


Catalog (Italy), 1951


Catalog, (Ireland) 1951-1952


29 International Catalog (Overseas Edition), 1952


Catalogo Dischi (Italy), 1952


Supplementary List (Ireland), 1952


Catalog 78rpm, 1952-1953


Catalog 78rpm (Overseas Edition), 1952-1953


Catalog, 1952-1953


Catalog Supplements, January 1953-October 1953


International Records, 1953


International Series


Belgian Records, n.d.


Dutch Records, n.d.


Finnish Records, n.d.


Hebrew Jewish Records, n.d.


Italian Records, n.d.


Icelandic Records, n.d.


Maltese Records, n.d.


Norwegian Records, n.d.


Portuguese Records, n.d.


Swiss Records, n.d.


West African Records, n.d.


Beniamino Gigli flyer, n.d.


30 Gramophone Record Collectors


Sounds Collectible, 1985


The Gramophone Shop


Encyclopedia of the World's Best Music, 1930


World's Best Recorded Music, 1931


Encyclopedia of the World's Best Music, 1931 (2)


L'Anthologie Sonore-Reprint from 1943


Catalog, Half Price Sale, 1949


Discontinued 78 RPM Album Sets, n.d.


First Shipments from Czechosolvakia, n.d.


Order Form, n.d., (5)


Great Artists of the Past, n.d.


HMV Historical Records, n.d., (2)


Imported Folk Dance Records, n.d.


Imported Recording by John McCormack, n.d.


L'Anthlogie Sonore, n.d.


Miscellaneous Albums, n.d.


Sylvia Marlowe, n.d.


Lumen Records, French Importations, n.d.


31 The Gramophone Shop


Record Supplement, January-December 1938


Record Supplement, January-December 1939


Record Supplement, January-December 1940


32 Record Supplement, January-December 1941


Record Supplement, January-December 1943


Record Supplement, January-December 1944


33 Record Supplement, January-December 1945


Record Supplement, January-December 1946


Record Supplement, January-December 1947


Record Supplement, January-December 1948


Record Supplement, January-December 1949


34 Record Supplement, January-December 1950


Record Supplement, January-December 1951


Record Supplement, January-December 1952


Record Supplement, January-December 1953


35 The Greystone Corp.


Catalog of Outstanding Records for Education and Entertainment, n.d.


Children's Record Guild, n.d. (2)


GRP Records


Catalog, 1987


Ray Haasch Radio and Record Shop


German Recordings in Stock, Volumes I, II, IV, V, n.d.


Hampshire Press Inc.


45 RPM Record Catalog, November 1950


Harmonia Mundi


Catalog, 1992/93


Catalog, 1994/1995


Harmony Standard United Records (see Consolidated Talking Machine Co.)


Catalog, n.d.


Haydn Society


Letter, n.d.


A Catalog of Long Playing Microgroove Records, n.d.


L'Anthologie Sonore, n.d.


Henry Holt and Co.


Holt Spoken Language Course, n.d.


His Master's Voice (see Gramophone Co.)


36 Homocord Musikschallplatten


Catalog, 1929-1930


Hollywood Premium


Record Guide, 1944


Record Guide, 1955


Record Guide, 1960




Catalog of Classical Records, n.d.




Compact Disc Catalog, 1987/88


Zoltan Kodaly Catalog, n.d.


Imperial Records


Catalog of Folk, Square and Round Dance, n.d.


International Music Council


World Collection of Recorded Music, n.d.


International Records


Lists, n.d. (3)


Record Bulletin, n.d.


Sacred Record Division List, n.d.


Single Records on 78RPM, n.d.




Selections and Membership News, June-November


Kapp Records


Album Catalog, n.d.


Kin Audio Lab


LP Catalog, May 1962


King Records (see Federal Records)


Kyrie Recordings


The Ritual of Canonization and Solemn Papal Mass, n.d.


L and M


Record Supplement, September 1966


Record Supplements #161-166, n.d.


La Voce del Padrone (see Gramophone Co. and EMI Italy)


La Voix de Son Maitre (see Gramophone Co. and Pathe)


Lambert and Mycroft


Final Shipment, n.d.


Liberty Music Shops


Imported Records, 1947


37 New Catalog of Imported Records, 1947


New Catalog of Imported Records, 1948


Supplement to Catalog of Imported Records, 1948


New Catalog of Imported Records, 1949


Operas and Operatic Excerpts Catalog, n.d.


Order Form, n.d.


For Christmas Catalog, n.d.


Library of Congress


Archive of American Folk Song Catalog, February 5, 1953


Catalogs, n.d.


Linguaphone Institute


English Speech, n.d.


To Speak Another Language, n.d.


London International


Complete Catalog and Order Form, 1955


New Releases, March 1956


Complete Catalog, March, September 1951


Supplement, 1951


Catalog-Numerical and Famous Artists, August 1952


Long Playing Catalog, 1952-1953


Dealer Stock Order Form, 1954


Catalog, December 1954


Complete Catalog, 1954 and Supplement, 1955


Leaflets-First, February, Third, Fifth Supplements, 1955


News Ad, 1955


ADRM- Hear the Truth, 1986 (2)


Fall Festival, n.d.


Catalog, n.d.


Catalog, n.d.


Weekend Classics, n.d.


38 German Record, 78 and 45 RPM, n.d.


Los Angeles Public Library


List of Non-Musical Recordings, n.d.


The Louisville Orchestra


Announcement and Subscription Plan


Magic Tone Records


Haydn Scotch Songs, n.d.




Record Supplement #100, Fall 1947 (2)


Major Records


Catalog, 1947


Marconi Bros.


Golden Age Vocals and Operatics, n.d.


Sylvia Matthews Productions


List, n.d.


The Memory Shop


Catalog, July 1947


Catalog, 1947


Mercury Classics


Newsletter #1, 1951


Leaflet, 1953


Catalog, 1954


Fabulous Recorded Music, Treasures of Europe, n.d.


Living Presence, Numerical Listing, n.d.


List, n.d.


Long Plating Records, n.d.


Music for Every Mood, n.d.


Popular and Classical, n.d.


39 M.G.M (see also Pathe)


Dischi Novita M.G.M. Supplement to N. 14 (Italy), October 1950


Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab


Questionaire, n.d.




Dance Music From Cuba and South America


Music form Spain, 1955


Music Brokers


Catalog, 1985


Music Memories


Monthly Catalog, 1963


Music Library Recordings


Catalog, n.d.


33 1/3 RPM and 78 RPM Catalogs, n.d. (2 each)


Music Rolls for All Standard 88 Note Players.


Catalog, 1914


Music Masterpiece Society


A Concert Program, 1955


Musicraft Records


Booklet and Leaflet, n.d.


Music Treasures of the World


Announcements and Letters, n.d.


National Catholic Records


Religious Records, n.d.


National Phonograph Co.


Music for Every Home, Flyer, n.d.


New Records


Rare and Valuable Works on Long Playing Records, 1950


New Releases Club


Card and Announcement, 1952


New York Festival of Record Collectors


Letter, 1954 (4)




Catalog, n.d.


Northeastern Records


Beyond the Classics, Winter, 1987


Odeon Electrical Recordings (see also Gramophone Co. and Columbia)


Imported Records, 1927


Imported Records, November 1927


Imported Records, January 1928


Repertoire General (France), 1930


Gesamtnachtrag (Germany), 1932


Repertoire General, 1947-1948


Dischi Odeon, Catalog General (Italy), 1949


Schalplatten Verzeichnis, (Germany) 1950


Schalplatten Verzeichnis, 1950


40 Repertoire General des Disques (France), 1952


Dischi Odeon, Catalogo General, 1952


Off the Air Records Service


Card, 1951


L'Oiseau-Lyre (see also Decca, London)


Editions de L'Oiseau-Lyre Complete List and Supplements, n.d.


Okeh Electric Records (see also Columbia)


Catalog, 1929


Supplement, Nov 1929


Omega Electronics


Catalogs, n.d.


One Spot Classic


Catalog, 1955


Catalog, 1962


Othello Recording Corp.


Paul Robeson in a New Album of Recordings with Orchestra and Chorus


OZ Warehouse Outlet


Compact Disc Catalog, 1985.


Pacific Jazz Records


Catalog, 1954


Pan American Records


Latest Releases, n.d.


Parlophone (see also Gramophone Co.)


Complete Catalog, 1929-1930


41 Catalog, 1930-1931


Complete Catalog, 1934-1935


Catalog, 1949-1950


Catalog, 1950-1951


Catalog, 1951-1952


Catalog, 1953-1954


Pathe (France) (see also Les Cahiers du Disque)


New Records, Feb 1921


La Vie Phonographique, August, October, and November 1931


Disquesa Saphir, 1931


Catalog, 1938


Repertoire General, 1938


Catalogue General, 1950


42 Catalogue General, 1951


Catalog, 1953


Catalog, Juin-Juillet, 1953


Catalogue General, 1953


Catalogue General des Grandes Marques, 1953


Pathe Vox see Pathe


Pavilion Records Ltd.


Catalog, March-July 1985


Paxton Records


Catalog, n.d.


Records of Distinction, n.d.


Period Records


Period Music Guild Recordings, 1953-1954 series


Catalog, n.d.




International Catalog, 1958


General Catalog, 1988-1989


General Catalog, n.d.


Phonotapes, Inc.


The Literature and Language of Learning, n.d.


Plimouth Plantation


Music of the Pilgrims, 1953




Paris Catalog, 1949


Supplement, January 1950


Catalog, 1951-1952


Catalog, 1956




Newsletter (Germany), n.d.


Principally Jazz Productions


Letter, n.d.


Progressive Record Distributors


Letter, n.d.


Promenade Music Centre


Record Supplement, February 1948


English and European Recordings, n.d.


Qualiton Imports Ltd.


Numerical listing of LP Records, 1984


43 Danacord Record Catalog, February 1985


Catalog, April 1985


Christmas Sale Catalog, 1985


Spring Sale Catalog, 1986


Special Sale Catalog, 1987


Special Sale Catalog, 1987


Catalog, 1988


Catalog, n.d.


Edition Claves Records, n.d.


Mail Order Price List, n.d.


Catalog, n.d.


Catalog, n.d.


Sound Ideas!, n.d.


Radiodisque Phonograph Records


Supplement, 1942


Catalog, 1943


Supplement #4,5 (2) 1944-1945


Radiontjansts Skivor (Sweden)


Katalog, 1951-1952


Rare Records


Leaflet, 1952


RCA, see Allegro, Royale


RCA Victor (see also Victor and BMG)


Journey into the Past, 1952




Classical Recordaid, 1946


Popular Records, 1950


Classical Records, 1962


Popular Records, 1963


Popular Records, 1963


Record Haven Stores


Special Discount Catalog, 1954


The Record Loft


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Alphabetical Listing by Composer, 1953




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Russel Press


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Russky Kustar


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Al Smith's House of Jazz


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Compact Disc, Mini Disc, Video Catalog, 1993-1994


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Spa Records


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Catalog, 1955


Standard Records


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Stinson Records


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Stradivari Records


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Supraphon Records (see also Gramofonove Zavody)


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Talking Machine Records


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Catalog II, no 1, May 1973


Catalog II, no 2, Dec 1973


Catalog III, no 1, December 1974




Catalog of Compact Discs, 1986-1987


Catalog, n.d.




Catalog, 1942


Die Ernte, Telefunken Platten, 1950


Die Ernte, 1950


Catalog, 1951


Catalog, 1951


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The Long Player


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Long Playing Records and Hi-Fi Tapes, 1954


Thrill Jockey


Catalog, Summer 1998




Catalog, 1952-1953


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Tunnis Publishers


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Tyler's Gramophone Shop


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Ultraphon(e) (see also Gramofonove Zavody) (France)


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Unicorn Records


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A Complete Catalog of Varsity and Royale Records, n.d.


The Universal Talking Machine Co.


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University of Oklahoma


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Urania Records


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Haydn-Urania Record Library, 1955


Catalog, Fall-Winter 1956




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Bibletone Records


International and Sacred RCA Recordings


Susie Record Series


Varsity (see also United States Record Corp)


47 Victor/RCA Victor (see also BMG)


New Records, April and July 1905


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Catalog International, 1906


New Victor Records, June 1907


New Victor Records, June 1907


New Victor Records July 1907


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Double Faced Records, Supplemental List, May 1909


New Victor Records, 1910


New Record Supplement, March and May, 1911


New Records, March 1911


New Records, December 1911


Catalog, 1912


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New Records, January and February 1912


Catalog, June and July 1912


Supplement, 1913


Catalog, 1913


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48 New Records September 1913


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New Record Supplement, February-November 1914


Supplement, November 1914


New Record Supplement, January-March 1915


Catalog, May 1915


Catalog, November 1915


A New Correlation, 1915


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Catalog, May 1916


49 Catalog, November 1916


New Record Supplement, January-October 1917


Catalog, November 1917


New Records, February 1917


New Records, April 1917


New Records, July 1917


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New Record Supplement, January-October 1918


ow To Get the Most Out of Your Victrola, 1918


50 Catalog, May 1918


New Record Supplement, January-December 1919


Catalog, 1919


Catalog, 1920 (see also Special Collections ML 156 V4 1920)


Catalog, 1920


New Records, January 1920


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Music Manual for Rural Schools, 1921


Catalog, 1921


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52 atalog, 1922


Red Seal Records, 1923


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Red Seal Records, 1924


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Catalog, Supplement, January 1926


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Catalog, 1928


Catalog, 1929


54 atalog, 1930


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Catalog (Spain), 1930


Catalog, 1930


Educational Catalog, 1930


Catalog, 1931


Ready Reference Classification, 1931


55 upplement Pamphlet, January-October 1932


Supplement, November 1933


Supplement May 1934


Catalog, 1934


Supplement, 1935


Ready Reference Classification of Victor Records, 1935


Catalog, 1936


Book of Opera, 1936


56 Catalog, 1938


Catalog, 1939 (see also Special Collections ML 156 V4 1939)


Bluebird Popular Records, January 1939


Bluebird Popular Records, February-December 1939


Catalog, 1939-1940


Bluebird Popular Records, January-October 1940


Complete Catalog, 1940-1941


Complete Catalog, 1941 (see Special Collections ML 156 V4 1941)


57 Victor and Bluebird Supplements, July-December 1941


International Records, 1941


International Records, 1941


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Numerical Catalog of Victor and Bluebird Records, 1941-42 (part 2)


Numerical Catalog of Victor and Bluebird Records, 1941-42 (part 3)


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59 The Music America Loves Best Catalog, 1943


The Music America Loves Best Catalog, 1943


Record Review-Verboten!, March 1944


Catalog, 1945


Catalog, 1946


Catalog, 1946


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Record Review, January-November 1947


Numerical Catalog of Victor and Bluebird Records, 1947 (part 1)


Numerical Catalog of Victor and Bluebird Records, 1947 (part 2)


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Catalog, 1947


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Supplementary List, 1949


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The Music America Loves Best, 1950


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RCA Victor Catalog, 1951


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Red Seal Records, 1951


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Catalog, 1951-52


Catalog, 1951-52


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RCA Victor Request Catalog, 1952


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Grand Opera with a Victrola, n.d.


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How to Get the Most Out of Your Victrola, n.d.


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Vienna Records


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Virgin Records, see Angel


Vocalion Records


Catalog, 1924


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Catalog, 1925


67 Discos Mexicanos, 1929


Catalog, 1929


New Vocalion Records, 1929


Old Time Tunes, November 1929


Popular Records, 1939


Latest Hits-Hottest Bands, 1939


Flyer, 1940


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Catalog, n.d.


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Book of Dreams and Omens, n.d.




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Catalog, Spring 1952 and Supplements


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45 RPM, 1953


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Christmas Gift, 1954


Catalog, March and August 1954 and Supplement


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Catalog, 1955


Numerical List, 1956


WEA-Warner/Elektra/Atlantic Corp.


Catalog, 1983


Webcor Music Library


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Welsh Recorded Music Society


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Catalog of the Second Issue of Records, January 1950


Catalog of the Third Issue of Records, September 1951 (2)




Music of Our Century, 1992-93




Supplement, May/June 1952


Complete Catalog, 1955 (2)


Numerical Listing, 1955


Numerical Listing, 1956


Catalog, 1955-56


Windham Hill


Recording for Children, 1987


Catalog, Spring and Winter, 1987


Catalog, Spring and Summer, 1987


Holiday Catalog, 1988


Catalog and Occasional, Spring 1989


Catalog and Occasional, Summer 1989


Occasional, Vol. II, No. 1 & 2


Occasional, Vol. III, No. 1


Occasional, Vol. IV, No. 1


World Pacific Records


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World Records


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Zonophone (see Regal-Zonophone, Universal Talking Machine Co.)