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Rothenberg (Jerome) Papers
MSS 0010  
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Box 184, Folder 3

Certificates of Appreciation - Presented to Jerome and Diane Rothenberg for their participation and support of the Tribal History and New Technology Conference held at the Institute of the Americas, UCSD 1999

Box 184, Folder 4

Honorary Doctor of Letters - State University of New York at Oneonta 1997

Box 184, Folder 5

Notebook - Contains handwritten notations for telephone messages, addresses, shopping lists and other miscellaneous notations ca. 1998-2001

Box 184, Folder 6

Notes and business cards - Includes Allen Ginsberg's printed business card

Box 184, Folder 7

Papers and book collection - Correspondence including an appraisal, handwritten lists of books, and correspondence with Mandeville Special Collections Library (UCSD) personnel 1977 - 1987

Box 184, Folder 8

PEN Oakland Josephine Miles Award - Correspondence from judge Jack Foley who chose the book Poems for the Millennium: The University of California's Book of Modern and Postmodern Poetry 1996

Box 184, Folder 9

Portrait - Photocopy of drawing annotated, "The UCSD Visual Arts Department, Jerome Rothenberg, Chair - Office Hours: by appointment only" ca. 1989

Box 191, Folder 8

Seneca Nation Project with letter to Sadie from Diane Rothenberg undated

Box 200, Folder 9

60th birthday event 1991

Box 191, Folder 1

70th birthday celebration 2001 December 21

General note

Includes photographs from the event.
Box 191, Folder 2

75th birthday party/50 years of friendship: Jerome Rothenberg and David Antin 2006 December 9

Box 191, Folder 3

Biographical information undated

Box 191, Folder 4

Biography of Jerome Rothenberg by Hilene Flanzbaum undated

Box 191, Folder 5

Library Local Author Lifetime Achievement Award 2006-2007

Box 191, Folder 6

PEN Literary Award for Translation 2002

Box 191, Folder 7

Photographs of Rothenberg undated

Box 199, Folder 7

Drawing by Morgan Hooper "Jerry Rothenberg's Spiritually Significant Cats" undated

Box 199, Folder 8

Drawing by Diane Rothenberg, subject Jerry Rothenberg 2000



Scope and Content of Series

Series 22) CORRESPONDENCE: Letters and cards sent to Rothenberg (1978-2007) including correspondence from Chicano poet and activist Alurista, Michael Brownstein, Howard and Jane Norman, Carol Bergé, Joyce Cutler-Shaw, Jack Foley, Allan Kaprow, Jackson Mac Low, Douglas Messerli, and Diane Wakoski. The correspondence is arranged alphabetically within two subseries, reflecting its origins in two separate accessions.

First 2007 Accession

Box 184, Folder 10

Achter, Paula - Includes correspondence regarding her film, The Cure of Enki 1993

Box 184, Folder 11

Alurista - Correspondence and a curriculum vitae from the Chicano poet and activist. Alurista is the pen name of Alberto Baltazar Urista Heredia 1996

Box 184, Folder 12

Brownstein, Michael - Includes correspondence, curriculum vitae, and typescript of a poem entitled, "The Near Future" 1994

Box 184, Folder 13

Cohen, Becky 2006 - 2007

Box 184, Folder 14-15

C-D - Miscellaneous

Box 184, Folder 16

F - Miscellaneous

Box 184, Folder 17-20

J-M - Miscellaneous

Box 184, Folder 21

Norman, Howard and Jane 1992 - 2006

Box 184, Folder 22

O - Miscellaneous

Box 184, Folder 23



Second 2007 Accession

Box 191, Folder 9

Ajens, Andrés 2005

General note

Includes photographs of Rothenberg with David Antin.
Box 191, Folder 10

Anvil Press Poetry Ltd. 1997-2002

Box 191, Folder 11

A - Miscellaneous 1997-2006

Box 191, Folder 12

Beier, Ulli 1998-2000

Box 191, Folder 13

Bergé, Carol 2005

Box 191, Folder 14

Blaine, Julien 2001-2002

Box 191, Folder 15

Brito, Manuel 2005-2006

Box 191, Folder 16

B - Miscellaneous 1997-2006

Box 191, Folder 17

Cohen, Becky 1999-2002


Includes photograph of Ito Hiromi, David Antin and Jerome Rothenberg by Becky Cohen for Rothenberg's "Paradise of Poets."
Box 191, Folder 18

Collom, Jack 2000-2001

Box 191, Folder 19

Conz, Francesco 1998-2002

Box 191, Folder 20

Cutler-Shaw, Joyce 2001, 2006

General note

Includes "Lost and Found in the Garden of Wild Birds and Grasses" poster.
Box 191, Folder 21

C - Miscellaneous 1998-2007

Box 191, Folder 22

D - E Miscellaneous 1996-2005

Box 192, Folder 1

Foley, Jack 2002

Box 192, Folder 2

F - Miscellaneous 1998-2006

Box 192, Folder 3

G - I Miscellaneous 1996-2006

Box 200, Folder 1

Johnson, Ray 1968

Box 200, Folder 2-3

Joris, Pierre 1994-1996

Box 192, Folder 4

J - Miscellaneous 1996-2005

Box 192, Folder 5

Kaprow, Allan 2005-2006

Box 192, Folder 6

Keys, Kerry Shawn 2000

General note

Includes drafts of poetry.
Box 192, Folder 7

K - Miscellaneous 2005-2006

Box 192, Folder 8

L - Miscellaneous 1994-2006

Box 192, Folder 9

Mac Low, Jackson 1996-2003

General note

Includes drafts of various poems sent to Jerry and Diane Rothenberg, including "Jerry Rothenberg at Naropa."
Box 192, Folder 10

Martone, John 2002 November 23

Box 192, Folder 11

McClure, Michael 2003-2005

Box 192, Folder 12

Messerli, Douglas 2001-2005

Box 192, Folder 13

M - Miscellaneous 1995-2005

Box 192, Folder 14

Noël, Ann 2002-2007

Box 192, Folder 15

Norman, Howard 1999-2005

Box 192, Folder 16

N - Miscellaneous 1998-2003

Box 192, Folder 17

Oda, Makoto 2001-2005

Box 193, Folder 1

O - Miscellaneous 1999-2004

Box 193, Folder 2

P - Miscellaneous 1999-2006

Box 193, Folder 3

Quasha, George 2002

Box 193, Folder 4

Reichman, Sebastian and Luba 1997-2002

Box 193, Folder 5

Resnick, Milton 1996-2003

Box 193, Folder 6

Reut, Tita 2000-2001

Box 193, Folder 7

Roffé, Mercedes 1998-2001

General note

Includes book review.
Box 193, Folder 8

Roth, Moira 1998-2006

Box 193, Folder 9

Rothenberg, Matthew 2001

Box 193, Folder 10

R - Miscellaneous 1998-2006

Box 193, Folder 11

Sato, Hiro 2000-2003

Box 193, Folder 12

Sultz, Philip 2003-2004

Box 193, Folder 13

S - Miscellaneous 1999-2005

Box 200, Folder 4-5

University of California Press 1987-1998


Regarding the publication of Poems for the Millennium, Volumes I and II.
Box 193, Folder 14

T-V - Miscellaneous 1996-2006

Box 193, Folder 15

Wakoski, Diane 2001-2006

Box 193, Folder 16

W - Miscellaneous 1998-2005

Box 193, Folder 17

X , Y, Z - Miscellaneous 1993-2004

Box 193, Folder 18

Miscellaneous correspondence 1971-2003



Scope and Content of Series

Series 23) WRITINGS BY ROTHENBERG: Printed poems, galley proofs, handwritten notes for talks and comments, translations, book reviews, editorial projects, and poem groupings for readings and workshops. Notable work includes typescript drafts and notes from María Sabina (2003), a book of chants from the Oaxacan shaman María Sabina with accompanying essays and poems, edited by Rothenberg; Suites (2000), Federico Lorca's collected poems translated by Rothenberg and published by Green Integer Press; and Writing Through: Translations and Variations (2004), a book of poetry in translation with commentary by Rothenberg spanning his 50 plus year career. Also includes Rothenberg's poetry translated by other poets into Spanish, French, German and Japanese.
Box 184, Folder 24

"Belgrade Apocalypse," "Golem & Goddess," "Gematria Seven" - Printed poems which appeared in the Theatre Review 1988

Box 184, Folder 25

"Blackburn, Paul - Comments" - Handwritten, partial comments draft, annotated, "for NYU event" 1986

Box 184, Folder 26, Oversize FB-474-05

Esther K. Comes to America (1974) - Galleys and mock-ups 1973

Box 184, Folder 27

"For A Conference on Anthologies" - Typed notes for conference held at the University of California, San Diego 1994

Box 184, Folder 28

" Gematria" event - Includes handwritten performance notes, photocopies of Hebrew writings and symbols undated

Box 184, Folder 29

Jackson Mac Low's Representative Works: 1938-1985 - Handwritten and annotated typescript drafts of book review 1986

Box 184, Folder 30

Living Theatre comments - Handwritten introduction of Judith Malina and Hanon Reznikov at a reception sponsored by the New York State Summer Writers Institute and others 1987

Box 184, Folder 31

Miscellaneous materials - Miscellaneous handwritten comments on notecards, theatre programs, and essays 2001 - 2006

Box 184, Folder 32

Miscellaneous writings on a pad - Part 1. Handwritten drafts of letters, lists, poems, plans and projects. Includes handwritten draft of work on Native American poetry with laid-in typescript pages 1986

Box 185, Folder 1

Miscellaneous writings on a pad - Part 2. Handwritten drafts of letters to friends, replies to requests to reprint poems, translations of Hebrew and of American slang and cultural references for a translation into French of one of Rothenberg's poems undated

Box 185, Folder 2

Miscellaneous writings on a yellow legal pad undated

Box 185, Folder 3

Performance workshop - Handwritten outline of workshop with headings such as "I. Mystic Animals," "II. The 'Reading'," and "III. Video - Initiation" undated

Box 185, Folder 4

Pictures of the Crucifixion - Printed announcement by Granary Press of book by Rothenberg and David Rathman 1995

Box 185, Folder 5

Poem grouping - Typescript of poems for an unidentified reading. Includes memorial poem entitled, "James Laughlin - 1914-1997" ca. 1997-1998

Box 185, Folder 6

"A Valentine, No, a Valedictory for Gertrude Stein" - Printed copy of poem from Poems for the Game of Silence, (1975) 1991

Box 194, Folder 1

4 poèmes d'un Livre des Recels undated

Box 194, Folder 2

25 Caprichos After Goya, with translations into Spanish by Heriberto Yepez undated

General note

Drafts with edits.
Box 194, Folder 3

A Babe Sits Placidly in Schwitters' Bau undated

Box 194, Folder 4

A Book of the Book 2000

Box 194, Folder 5-7

A Book of Witness 2002

General note

Corrected proofs, drafts and translation of partial draft into French.
Box 194, Folder 8

Buddha poem undated

Box 194, Folder 9

The Burning Babe and Other Poems 2001 May 25

Box 194, Folder 10

The Case for Memory. Draft by Jerome Rothenberg and Ian Tyson 2001

Box 194, Folder 11

Crossing the Andes and La Diffunta Correa 2004

Box 194, Folder 12

The End Is the Beginning undated

Box 194, Folder 13

The Fire Deep Inside undated

Box 194, Folder 14

I Am the Uncommitted undated

General note

Includes second half of poem.
Box 194, Folder 15

I Arrive in Paris undated

General note

Includes second half of poem.
Box 194, Folder 16

I Have Paid the Price and Lost undated

Box 194, Folder 17

I Is the First Word undated

Box 194, Folder 18

I Leave No Time for Pleasure undated

Box 194, Folder 19

In a Cat's World Light Is Black undated

Box 194, Folder 20

Interlude Two undated

Box 194, Folder 21

It Is a Shame to Watch My Face undated

Box 194, Folder 22

Like Pale Balloons undated

Box 194, Folder 23

A Man in Love with Death undated

Box 194, Folder 24-25

Maria Sabina 1998-2002

Box 195, Folder 1

Maria Sabina 2003

General note

Draft of essay.
Box 195, Folder 2

Maria Sabina y Los Hongos Alucinantes undated

General note

LIBRO comic and correspondence with UC Press
Box 195, Folder 3

Men Laugh at Men undated

Box 195, Folder 4

The Miracle of Death undated

General note

Includes second half of poem.
Box 195, Folder 5

Night Walk Variations II undated

Box 195, Folder 6

No Greater Happiness undated

Box 195, Folder 7

Nothing but the Air around Them undated

Box 195, Folder 8

Nuevos Modelos, Nuevos Visiones: Prosa Selecta excerpts 2006

Box 195, Folder 9

A Number Greater than Infinity undated

Box 195, Folder 10

Poems about Angels and Saints undated

Box 195, Folder 11

Poems for the Game of Silence, translated into Spanish undated

Box 195, Folder 12

Poems translated into German 1986 June

Box 195, Folder 13

Poetry at the Turning - Partial draft of talk with edits undated

Box 195, Folder 14

Postface to Triptych - Essay draft undated

Box 195, Folder 15

The Rape of Nanking 2004

General note

Includes translation and article in Japanese.
Box 195, Folder 16

The Rest is Commentary undated

Box 195, Folder 17

Royan Notebook 2002

General note

With edits and commentary by Pierre Joris.
Box 195, Folder 18

The Song Begins by Juan Gregorio Regino, translated by Jerome Rothenberg undated

Box 195, Folder 19

Suites. Collected poems by Federico Garcia Lorca. Translated by Rothenberg. 2001

Box 195, Folder 20

Tibetan Boogies undated

Box 195, Folder 21

The Times are Never Right 2002

Box 195, Folder 22

To the Babe in Glory undated

Box 195, Folder 23

To Make Life Real undated

General note

Includes second half of poem.
Box 195, Folder 24

Translation of poems by Yves di Manno undated

Box 195, Folder 25

Writing Through - Draft 2002

Box 196, Folder 1-8

Writing Through 2003-2006

General note

Proposal, page proofs, forward written by Charles Bernstein, copy editing and production materials, and Wesleyan University Press review.
Box 196, Folder 9

Proposal for a Collected/Selected Poetics undated

Box 197, Folder 2-4

Miscellaneous notebooks undated

Box 197, Folder 5

Notes about Canntaireachd 2001



Scope and Content of Series

Series 24) CRITICISM, INTERVIEWS AND REVIEWS: Typescripts, printed works, and periodical and newspaper articles and reviews about Rothenberg and his work in American, French, and German publications. Also included is an analysis of Rothenberg's work by an unidentified writer but with annotations by Rothenberg and an interview with Pierre Joris, Rothenberg's co-editor and long-time collaborator on Poems for the Millennium. Materials range in date from 1980-2007.
Box 185, Folder 7

Covi, Giovanna. Typescript draft of "Words of Poetry, Words of Theory: At Breakfast with Don Byrd, Robert Creeley, Douglas Gunn, Judith Johnson, Charles Stein and William Spanos" ca. 1987

Box 185, Folder 8

Gilam, Dr. Abraham. Photocopy of newspaper article entitled, "Myths Essential to Jewish Consciousness, Poet Says," dated March 27, in the St. Louis Jewish Light, regarding Rothenberg's upcoming visit at River Styx, the Duff's Poetry Series 1985

Box 185, Folder 9

Harrison, Donald H. Newpaper article about Rothenberg entitled, "Hidden Codes in the Torah," published in the San Diego Jewish Press Heritage October 7, 1994

Box 185, Folder 10

Joris, Pierre. Photocopy of typescript introductory remarks about Rothenberg entitled, "Presentation Notes - Jerome Rothenberg reading at SUNY Albany, September 22, 1993"

Box 185, Folder 11

"Major Work and Themes." Typescript of an analysis of Rothenberg's work by an unidentified author with handwritten annotations by Rothenberg 1998

Box 185, Folder 12

Menard, Pierre. Article mentioning Rothenberg entitled, "Trente Ans de Traduction Poetique en France: Un Bref Tour D' Horizon," that appeard in La Pensee, #297 1994

Box 185, Folder 13

Muratori, Fred. Newspaper article entitled, "Remixing Lorca, Recounting the Word," from the American Book Review which reviewed Rothenberg's The Lorca Variations and Gematria 1994 - 1995

Box 185, Folder 14

Portante, Jean. Newspaper article entitled, "Nomades," and a Corina Mersch interview entitled, "Une bibliotheque ideale des avant-gardes," with Pierre Joris, in Bucher Livres July 17, 1998

Box 185, Folder 15-21

Reviews and articles 1950-2007

Box 197, Folder 13

Anaya, Jose Vicente and Maria Vazquez Valdez. Interview with Jerome Rothenberg in Spanish. 2001 January 21

Box 197, Folder 14

Cohen-Cheminet, Genevieve 2003-2004

General note

Papers about Rothenberg's Khurbn & Other Poems, Poems for the Millennium and Fourteen Stations.
Box 198, Folder 1

Girardi, Juliana. Article about event with Jerome Rothenberg (in Portuguese) 2004 December 2

Box 198, Folder 2

Interview: Jerry Rothenberg with Marjorie Perloff, Charles Bernstein and Cecilia Vicuna undated

Box 198, Folder 3

Interview: Nina Zivancevic with Jerome Rothenberg in Paris undated

Box 198, Folder 4

Interview: "Questions of Meaning, Questions of Sound: An Interview with Jerome Rothenberg" in The Vienna Journal of English-Language Poetry 1993 October 16

Box 198, Folder 5

Joris, Pierre. Article about Jerome Rothenberg (in French) 2001 April 20

Box 198, Folder 6-7

Reviews 1980-2007



Scope and Content of Series

Series 25) WRITINGS OF OTHERS: Typescripts of poems and works by other writers.
Box 186, Folder 1

Acker, Kathy. Typescript and website printouts of story ideas, in English and in French. Includes a memorial card after her death 1968 - 1997

Box 186, Folder 2

Editions Ottezec. Catalog in French featuring Delights' Delices and Other Gematria by Rothenberg and Ian Tyson 1999

Box 186, Folder 3

Miscellaneous Greek poem fragments - Typescripts of "Three Words from Thomas Bernhard," excerpts from Euripede's "Bacchae," and Aeschylus' "The Women of Perrhaebia," "Bassarids" and the "Edonians"

Box 186, Folder 4

Schoning, Klaus. "WDR3 - Studio Akustische Kunst," translated by Judith Rosenthal. Includes a printed pamphlet with a history of the Acoustic Art Studio on German radio from 1963-1998 in which Rothenberg participated in its "Riverrun" production

Box 186, Folder 5

Schwerner, Armand. Photocopies of galley pages of Selected Shorter Poems, Schwerner's last book published shortly after his death 1999

Box 197, Folder 6

Antin, David. "John Cage Uncaged is still Cagey" and "I never knew what time it was" undated

Box 197, Folder 7

Berdeshevsky, Margo. Various poems 2001

General note

Includes correspondence to Rothenberg.
Box 197, Folder 8

Glass, Jesse. Visual Poetry undated

Box 197, Folder 9

Le Zotte, Ann Clare. "A Good Voice: Poems Translated from Sign Language" 1998 August 10

General note

Includes correspondence to Rothenberg.
Box 197, Folder 10-11

Meltzer, David. David's Copy: The Selected Poems of David Meltzer - Photocopy of Meltzer's final edited draft 2004 May 22

General note

Introduction by Jerome Rothenberg. Edited with Forward by Michael Rothenberg; and "David Meltzer, A Pre-Face," by Rothenberg.
Box 197, Folder 12

Tardos, Anne. "The Aim of All Nature is Beauty" 2006 May 5 -7



Scope and Content of Series

Series 26) TEACHING MATERIALS: Information on Rothenberg in his role as teacher and administrator at two major universities, State University of New York (SUNY), Binghamton and UC San Diego, as well as workshops at non-affiliated venues. Miscellaneous items include photocopied course reading selections and course descriptions for workshops and classes.
Box 186, Folder 5-8

State University of New York (SUNY), Binghamton 1982-1988


Rothenberg's earlier academic career from 1982 to 1988. Included is correspondence regarding Rothenberg's hiring, appointments, promotions, sabbaticals, and resignation. Also included are proposals for the creative writing program and other course changes and descriptions, memoranda regarding Rothenberg's involvement with various committees and his collaboration with the Cinema department.
Oversize FB-444, Folder 8

SUNY Reader Series posters 1987


With the poets' photograph and an announcement of their reading. Includes Diane Wakoski, Jackson Mac Low, Judith Malina, Howard Norman and Jane Shore.
Box 186, Folder 9-10

UC San Diego - Administrative materials 1988-1998


Correspondence regarding hiring, appointments, promotions, research, travel, and studio funding issues, sabbaticals, and his retirement. Additionally, the files contain course descriptions, poetry event planning and promotion materials, and documentation of Rothenberg's tenure as chair of UCSD's Visual Arts Department. Also included are anonymous UCSD student evaluations of Rothenberg's teaching in such advanced courses as American Indian Ritual and Performance, Text Art, Verbal and Sound Performance, History of Performance, and Introduction to Art-Making.
Box 186, Folder 11

UC San Diego Library slide collection project - Correspondence regarding photographing artists' books in conjunction with the Visual Arts faculty 1991 - 1992

Box 187, Folder 1

Advanced Poetry Workshop, The Long Poem, Investigative Poetry - Includes photocopies of poems selected for use in the workshop

Box 187, Folder 2

DADA Anthology - Includes photocopies of articles and poems by Rothenberg and others possibly used as a master for a course reader and printed original art cover page

Box 187, Folder 3

Postmodern American Poetics and Ethnopoetics, additional readings - Course reader created by Rothenberg includes photocopied works of Gertrude Stein, Ezra Pound, William Carlos Williams, etc

Box 187, Folder 4

Writing Through the Practice of Othering - Course taught at the Naropa Institute School of Continuing Education 1999



Scope and Content of Series

Series 27) EVENTS: Materials highlighting Rothenberg's participation (1980s-2006) in readings, festivals, conferences and other events such as the Associated Writing Programs Annual Conference (1999), Bumbershoot, Seattle's Arts Festival (1989), the Festival of the Living Word: Voices of the African Diaspora and Indigenous America (1994), and the International Arts Festival Celebrating Jewish Heritage (2000), among others. Also included are notes on possible collaborations and event posters and announcements.
Oversize FB-444, Folder 8

Bread and Puppet Theatre - "Our Domestic Resurrection Circus" - Posters 1995

Box 187, Folder 5

Bumbershoot - Seattle Arts Festival - Includes official program with Rothenberg appearance at this festival September 1-4, 1989

Box 187, Folder 6

Festival of the Living Word: Voices of the African Diaspora and Indigenous America - Includes article in PSA News, Vol 43, the newsletter of the Poetry Society of America, documenting Rothenberg's participation 1994

Box 187, Folder 7

International Arts Festival Celebrating Jewish Heritage - Includes program featuring photograph and announcement of Rothenberg's participation. Festival held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin February 19, 2000

Box 187, Folder 8

Khurbn/Hiroshima - Facsimile copy of preliminary discussions for a proposed collaboration between Peter Schumann and Charlie Morrow with Rothenberg reading poetry. Includes typescript of "Twentieth Century Limited," a poem by Rothenberg 1995

Box 187, Folder 9

Los Angeles County Musuem of Art (LACMA) Institute for Art & Culture - Correspondence, newspaper advertisements, an article by Peter Frank from L.A. Weekly, and a LACMA mailer regarding Rothenberg's December 13 performance, "Writing Through Picasso" 1998

Box 187, Folder 10

Modern Language Association of America (MLA) - Correspondence regarding Rothenberg and others' participation in the MLA convention program on American Indian, Asian American, African American, Chicano and Puerto Rican Literature 1988 - 1989

Oversize FB-444, Folder 8

Poetry Project symposium - Poster 1995

Oversize FB-474, Folder 6-8

Readings, announcements, flyers, and posters 1980-2007

Box 187, Folder 11

Retrospective on Kurt Schwitters - Exhibition materials documenting Rothenberg's participation in program held at the Centre Georges Pompidou National Gallery of Art 1994

Box 187, Folder 12

Seminar fur Englische Philologie - Abteilung fur Amerikanistik - Flyers regarding Rothenberg's appearance, in German 1998

Box 187, Folder 13

SUNY Albany - New York State Writers Institute 1986

Box 198, Folder 8

80th Birthday Celebration for Jackson Mac Low flyer 2002 October 18

Box 198, Folder 9

Avant the Garde at San Diego State University 2005 May 31-July 5

Box 198, Folder 10

Bard College talk introduction 2004 April

Box 198, Folder 11

Dynamic Exchange: Collaborative Works of Jerome Rothenberg - UC San Diego Library event and exhibit 2007 January 31

Box 198, Folder 12

Poetry reading and discussion event at the Pacific Film Archive 2006 January 21

Box 198, Folder 13

Event at the Poetry Center at Smith College 2006 February 14

Box 198, Folder 14

Events with Jerome Rothenberg and Cecilia Vicuña in South America 2004 November-December

Box 198, Folder 15-21

Flyers and announcements for poetry events 1999-2006, undated

Box 198, Folder 22

The Louis Zukofsky Centennial Conference 2004 September 17-19

Box 198, Folder 23

People's Poetry Gathering - The Stones of Civilization and Revitalizing Language through Literature, and Literature through Language 2006 May 5 -7

Box 198, Folder 24

Trip to China - Photographs, map and program 2002

Box 199, Folder 1

A Program for the Athenaeum (concert with Bertram and Nancy Turetzky and Jerome Rothenberg) flyer undated

Box 199, Folder 2

Reading at Cal State San Marcos - Short interview in North County Times 2006 November 11

Box 199, Folder 3

Reading at Soka University 2006 March 9

Box 199, Folder 4

Symposium at Sapporo University - Standing at the Margin-Crossroads of Culture: Poet as Tricksters 2004

Box 199, Folder 5

"That Dada Strain" Play announcement in Art Awareness 1987 August 7-8

Box 199, Folder 6

World Poetry Academy booklet 2002

Box 199, Folder 9

Memorial for Sara Blackburn 2002 December 7

Box 199, Folder 10

Obituary for Cid Corman 2005 December 17

Box 199, Folder 11

Obituary for Allan Kaprow with memorial poem by Rothenberg 2006 April

Oversize FB-479, Folder 4

Poetry event posters 1974-2006



Scope and Content of Series

Series 28) POETRY READING TOURS: Arranged to reflect Rothenberg's poetry trips which included South America (2004), the Southern United States (Spring 2005), and Chihuahua, Mexico (Fall 2005). The files contain itineraries, travel contacts and information, brochures and photographs.
Box 187, Folder 14

South American Tour - Includes itineraries, travel documents, and photographs of Rothenberg and others 2004

Box 187, Folder 15

Southern United States Tour - Contains itineraries and travel information for tour to Duke University, University of Georgia, University of Alabama, Louisiana State University (Baton Rouge) and the University of Louisville 2005

Box 187, Folder 16

Chihuahua, Mexico Tour - Includes a schedule featuring Rothenberg's participation in a program entitled, "Dos Poetas esta dounidenses" with Margaret Randall and Jose Vincent Anaya 2005



Scope and Content of Series

Series 29) AUDIOVISUAL MATERIALS: Recordings by Rothenberg and others including Kurt Schwitters's Ursonate, performed by Eberhard Blum. Also included are selections of Rothenberg's "Horse Songs," as well as miscellaneous Hebrew materials. An Eva-tone soundsheet (a small flexible plastic record) contains an Easter Sunrise Sermon by the Reverend W.T. Goodwin in 1971, and Jackson Mac Low's "From Stanzas for Iris Lezak," with simultaneous performances by David Antin, Spencer Holst, Iris Lezak, Jackson Mac Low, Mordecai Mark Mac Low, Emmet Williams and Rothenberg, recorded on May 20, 1966 for radio station, WRVR, in New York. Arranged in two subseries: A) Sound Recordings, and B) Videos.

Sound Recordings

Box 189, Folder 1

"Horse Songs: 1, 10, 11." 7 1/2 ips stereo sound tape reel undated

Box 189, Folder 2

"Horse Songs: 12, 13-4." 7 1/2 ips stereo sound tape reel undated

Box 189, Folder 3

Mac Low, Jackson. 33 1/3 rpm Eva-Tone soundsheet record. Contains "From Stanzas for Iris Lezak" and Reverand W.T. Goodwin's " Easter Sunrise Sermon", 1971, John's Island, S.C. 1966

Box 189, Folder 4

Miscellaneous Hebrew titles. Annotated in pencil with Hebrew words and numbers, 7 inch tape reel undated

Box 189, Folder 5

Schwitters, Kurt. Ursonate (1923-32) performed by Eberhard Blum, 7 1/2 ips stereo 1/2 track tape in BASF plastic cassette-type container undated

Box 189, Folder 6

"10-11." Un-boxed reel-to-reel tape annotated on tape frame as "10-11." [Possibly an additional copy of "Horse Songs" ?] undated





Box 201, Folder 1

Buffalo State Presents: Video Poetics II, Jerry Rothenberg 1983 October 6

Box 201, Folder 2

Homage a Tristan Tzara, Jerome Rothenberg and Bert Turetzky undated

Box 201, Folder 3-5

Revelle Formal Lounge, UC San Diego, Burt Turetzky and Jerry Rothenberg performance 1989 February 1


VHS cassettes

Box 202, Folder 1

The 13th Horse Song of Frank Mitchell. Jerome Rothenberg at SUNY New Paltz 1971

Box 202, Folder 2

Bitter End, Dada performance 1991 October 27

Box 202, Folder 3

Colianni, The Mai and 14 Station. State of the Arts poetry reading 1996 November 14

Box 202, Folder 4

Contemporary Voices, Taos Poetry Circus reading with Nanao Sakaki and Jerome Rothenberg 2000

Box 202, Folder 5

That Dada Strain, Art Awareness Festival, New York 1987

Box 202, Folder 6

Equinox reading - On Translation Work 1995 March 21

General note

Includes note from Thomas.
Box 202, Folder 7

Equinox reading - Paradise of Poets 1995 March 21

Box 202, Folder 8

French interview tape with Dawas. Amiens, France 1982

Box 202, Folder 9

Jerome Rothenberg, Bertram Turetzky and Nancy Turetzky poetry reading undated

Box 202, Folder 10

Jerry Rothenberg and Burt Turetzky reading at Revelle Formal Lounge, UC San Diego 1989 August 14

General note

Includes note from Rocky Moss.
Box 202, Folder 11

Jerome Rothenberg and Martin Bidney at Swat Sullivan's 1987 May 6

Box 202, Folder 12

Jerome Rothenberg at Kyoto Seika University 1990

Box 202, Folder 13

Jerome Rothenberg's 60th Birthday undated

Box 202, Folder 14

Jerry Rothenberg at D.G. Wills 2000 May

Box 202, Folder 15

Jidy N - 31mm 1989

Box 202, Folder 16

Jerry Rothenberg poems - Self-recorded "Poland 1931" undated

Box 202, Folder 17

Khurbn by Jerome Rothenberg undated

Box 202, Folder 18

London Onion, Karawane, A Merz Sonata, readings undated

Box 202, Folder 19

Mandeville Center Gallery opening 1995 April 6

Box 202, Folder 20

Michael McClure at D.G. Wills - Jerry Rothenberg introductory remarks 2000 April 15

Box 202, Folder 21

Jerome Rothenberg and Pierre Joris readings 1990-1991

Box 202, Folder 22

Poems for the Millennium, Jerome Rothenberg and Pierre Joris 1998

Box 202, Folder 23

Poetry and Jazz - Claremont, J.R. and C. Vicuna 2002 November 13

Box 202, Folder 24

Poland 1931 by Jerome Rothenberg undated

Box 202, Folder 25

The Present Text: Jerome Rothenberg and Bert Turetzky 1986 January 3

Box 202, Folder 26

Talking Gourds I: Performance: Jerome Rothenberg - National Poetry Week III 1989

Box 202, Folder 27

Talking Gourds I: Symposium Presentations - Jerome Rothenberg "ETHND God Person" 1989 September

Box 202, Folder 28

Text and Sound, final performance 1991 December 5

Box 202, Folder 29

Variety Is... by Lisa Hutton 1997 May

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