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Karcz (Jerzy F.) papers
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Scope and Contents note

Correspondence, arranged alphabetically by last name of correspondent.
box 1

Aldrich, Keith 1964


Alexandre, R. 1968


Bergson, Abram 1956-1957, 1968, 1970


Brooks, E. Willis 1967


Bush, Keith 1968


Byrnes, Robert F. 1966, 1968


Center for Research Libraries 1970


Chapman, Janet 1955-1956, 1970


Cheadle, Vernon I. 1968


Food Research Institute (Stanford University) 1931


Gerschenkron, Alexander 1970


Goodrich, Carter


Goodrich, Professor 1970


Horecky, Paul L.


Hooson, David 1968


Jackson, Douglas 1955


Kadlec, Vladimir (Minister of Education, Czechoslovakia) 1968


Karcz, Bart 1970


Keldysh, M. V. 1968


Klatt, Werner 1965-1966


Library of Congress 1970


Lilienthal, Philip E. 1968


Nimitz, Nancy (Rand Corporation) 1955-1959


Nove, A. 1956


Popielovsky, Dimitry 1968


Pryor, Frederic 1969


Schultz, T. W. 1968


Smolenski, Jozef 1958, 1969-1970


Smolinski, Leon 1957-1958


Starovski, V. N. 1958


Timoshenko, V. P. 1963


Urban, George 1969


Volin, Lazar 1955


Vucinich, Wayne 1965-1966


Wadekin, Karl-Eugen 1968, 1970


Willett, Joseph W. 1963


Yelutin, V. P. 1968


Zaninovich, M. George 1965


Zauberman, Alfred 1969





Scope and Contents note

Correspondence, memoranda, reports, lists, charts, notes, printed matter, xerox copies, etc., arranged alphabetically by subject.
box 1

"Abbreviations for Price Handbooks Used in Rand Studies of the Prices of Soviet Basic Industrial Goods," by Abram Bergson 1955




"Agriculture in the Industrialization of Communist China and the Soviet Union," by Anthony Tang 1967


"Agriculture in the Industrialization of Communist China and the Soviet Union: A Comment," Nancy Nimitz (Rand Corporation) 1967


Agricultural Development Council, Inc.


"Economic Meaning of Subsistance," by C. R. Wharton 1963


"Micro-Development: The Transformation of Village Level Economies," by C. R. Wharton 1968


"Selected Bibliography for Conference on Subsistence and Peasant Economies," by C. R. Wharton 1964


"Agricultural Marketing and Economic Development," by William O. Jones 1970


"The Agricultural Situation in Communist Areas," U.S. Department of Agriculture. Economic Research Service 1969/1970


American Association of Teachers of Slavic and East European Languages. Bulletin. Vol. IX, No. 1. 1951:

box 2

Association for Comparative Economics




Proceedings of National Association for Comparative Economics Meetings. San Francisco, California December 27-29, 1969


Association for the Study of Soviet-Type Economics


Association of Economists Working on the USSR and Eastern Europe


Bibliography of Anthropological and Sociological Publications on Eastern Europe and the USSR


Bills and invoices








Agriculture and economy

box 3

Agriculture and economy


"The Auxiliary Plot of the Cooperative Farmers," 1963



box 4

Employment and labor


Labor and population










"Capital Theory and Development Planning," by R. F. Findlay






Agriculture and industry


"Input-Output Relations in the Agriculture of Communist China," by Anthony Tang


"Chinese and Soviet Transport for Agriculture, by Holland Hunter


Communist economic offensive


Communist social systems


"A Comparison of Retail Prices in the US, USSR and Western Europe," by Keith Bush 1967

box 5

Conference on the Economic Development of European Socialist Countries. Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Nov.-Dec. 1964


Conference on the Role of Agriculture in Economic Development. Princeton, New Jersey. December 1967


"Agricultural Planning: The Peruvian Experience," by H. Van de Wetering (Iowa State University)


"Agriculture in the Open Economy," by John C. Rei and Gustav Ranis (Cornell and Yale Universities)




"Notes Toward a Multi-Regional Model of World Economic Development Emphasizing Agriculture," by Karl A. Fox (Iowa State University)


"A Programming Model for a Dual Economy," by J. Sandee (Netherlands School of Economics)


"Prospects for LDC's Agricultural Trade," by Louis Marie Goreux (IBRD)


"Quantitative and Policy Relationships between Agriculture, Non-Agriculture and Foreign Trade Throughout the Growth Process: The Case of Argentina and Peru," by Erik Thorbecke (Agency for International Development) and Alfred Field (University of North Carolina)


"A Regional Model for Agricultural Development," by Alan Brown (University of Bristol)


"The Transformation of Agriculture in a Semi-Industrialized Country: The Case of Brazil," by William H. Nicholls (Vanderbilt University)


"Contemporary Economic Systems and the Teleological Conception of the State," by Karel Holbik


Council of Mutual Assistance






Agriculture and economy


"Bureaucracy and the Interest Groups in Communist Societies: The Case of Czechoslovakia," by Andrzej Korbonski


"Czechoslovak Economic Reform as a Process of Socialist Resolution," by O. Turek


"Czechoslovakia in " by Andrzej Korbonski December 1968,


"Czechoslovakia's New Political Model: A Preliminary Assessment," by Morton Schwartz

box 6



Finances 1965


Food comsumption 1942


"The Performance of Socialist Agriculture," by Gregor Lazacik (Columbia University) 1963


Radio Free Europe 1970


"Was Edward Benes Guilty?" by Ferdinand Peroutka


"Democracy and Socialism," by Professor Howard J. Sherman


Development and technology


"East European Foreign Trade Data Bank: An Interim Report," by Paul Marer June 1970


Eastern Europe






Agriculture and economy

box 7

Agriculture and industry


"Food Balances for 8 East European Countries, " 1959-1961


Food comsumption


Geography 1969






"The Warsaw Fall of and the Prague Spring of 1968: A Preliminary Comparison," by Andrzej Korbonski 1956


Eastern European Economics. Vol. VII, No. 3 (Spring) 1969:


Economic backwardness


Economic development


Economic theory


"The Economics of Nationalism," by Albert Breton



box 8


box 9



"Economies and Diseconomies of Large-Scale Agriculture," by Philip M. Raup 1969


Europe. Agriculture and economy


"The Europe and Soviet Union Agricultural Situation," U.S. Department of Agriculture. Economic Research Service. 1968


Far Western Slavic Conference, USC. May 1-2, 1970


Food-Calorie Disappearance Per Capita Among European Nations in Peacetime


"From Stalin to Brezhnev: The Soviet Rural Community in Economic Historical Perspective."


"Government and Business in International Trade," by Heinrich Kronstein


Government and economic development


Grain Bulletin, Vol. XIV, No. 2 (February) 1968:


Grain production in Europe 1933-1941








Agriculture and economy



box 10



"The Historical Background to Hungarian Agriculture," by Lewis A. Fischer and P. E. Uren




"Ideology and Politics in Economic Planning: The problem of Indian Agricultural Development Strategy," by Francine R. Frankel


"The Pricing of Food in India," by Ali M. Khusro


Indiana University. Inter-University Conference on Graduate Study in the Soviet Union. August 13-14, 1960


"Industrialization and Peasantry: An Economists' View," by Andrzej Brzeski




International agencies


International income


International trade



box 11



Land reform


Marxist development model


Meat and Dairy Produce Bulletin, Vol. XXI, No. 8 (August) 1968:






"Ideology and Economic Development in Mexico," by Clark W. Reynolds (Food Research Institute, Stanford Univeristy)


"Work Patterns in a Mayo Village," by Charles J. Erasmus


"National-International Linkages: France and China as Non-Conforming Alliance Members," by Ole R. Holsti and John D. Sullivan


"Notes on a Trip to Russia and Poland by Herbert S. Levine (May-June 1959),


"Notes on Interviews in the Soviet Union by Six American Economists."


"On Monocentric and Polycentric Planning," by R. Bicanic


"On the Description and Comparison of Economic Systems," by Tjalling C. Koopmens and John Michael Montias


Philippine Islands


"Price and Market Relationships for Rice and Corn in the Philippines," by Mahar Mangahas, Aida E. Recto, and V. W. Ruttan


"The Planner and the Politician," by Rudolf Bicani c. 1966





box 12

Agriculture and economy


Economy 1930-1939


"Polish Discussion on Socialist Transformation in Agriculture," by Jerzy Tepicht




"Profit, Supply and Factor Demand Functions with Application to Indian Agriculture," by Lawrence J. Lau and Pan A. Yotopoulos 1970


"Recent Thought on Egalitarianism," by Robert J. Lampman


Reference cards, lists, sources, etc.

box 13

Reference cards, lists, sources, etc.


Regional Development Processes in Southeast Europe: A Comparative Analysis of Bulgaria and Greece," by George W. Hoffman


Research Conference on Economic Reform in Eastern Europe. University of Michigan. November 1970




"Concentration and Efficiency in Eastern European Reforms," by Michael Keren


"Decentralizing the Command Economy: The Study of a Pragmatic Strategy for Reformers," by T. A. Marschak


"The Firm in the New Economic Mechanism in Hungary," by Bela Balassa


"Foreign Trade in the East European Reforms," by Alan A. Brown and Paul Marer


"Planning and the Market in the Czechoslovak Reform," by Vaclav Holesovsky


"Planning and the Market in Yugoslavia," by S. Pejovich

box 14

"The Political Implications of Economic Reform," by R. V. Burks


"The Politics of Economic Reform in Bulargia and Rumania," by R. V. Burks


"The Strategy of Economic Reforms," by Richard D. Portes


"Resource Allocation and Rural-Urban Interactions in Developing Economies," by John B. Cownie and Scott R. Pearson


"Risk, Uncertainty, and the Subsistence Farmer: Technological Innovation and Resistance to Change in the Context of Survival," by Clifton J. Wharton








Schumpeter model


Selected Congressional References on Soviet, East European and Communist Chinese Affairs 1968


"The Smallholder in Tropical Export Crop Production," by V. D. Wickizer


South America


Agrarian reform and peasantry


Soviet and other communist graduate student exchange programs


Statistical handbooks published in the USSR May 1958



box 15

"Student Morality: From Skepticism to Dogmatism," by Arthur Danto


Subsistence and peasant economies


Sudetenland. Crops and livestock 1938




Tax policies


Teaching aids, notes, etc.

box 16

Timoshenko, V. P.


"Toward a Beter Understanding of the Issues: Capitalism, Socialism, Communism, and Industrialism," by Garrett D. Connelly


"Toward the Study of National-International Linkages," by James N. Roseneau


Ukraine. Statistics


Underdeveloped countries






"Agricultural Administration in Russia from the Stolypin Land Reform to Forced Collectivization: An Interpretive Study," by George L. Yaney



box 17


box 18

Agriculture and economy

box 19

Agriculture and economy


Agriculture and livestock


"Agriculture and Structural Transformation in a Developing Economy," by Bruce F. Johnson and Soren T. Nielsen


"Agriculture Under Khrushchev: The Lean Years," by Nancy Nimitz (Rand Corporation) March 1965


"American Tractors and Early Soviet Agriculture," by Dana G. Dalrymple


"Are We Flirting with Capitalism?" by Yevsei Liberman (Kharkov State University)




Bukharin, Nikolai Ivanovich


"Climatic and Crop Analysis for the Soviet Union: A Study of the Possibilities of Increasing Grain Yields," by D. Gale Johnson 1957


Collective farm income


Collective farm management


Collective farm market


Collective farm market prices

box 20

Collective farm market sales


"Collectivization and Economic Development," by Z. M. Fallenbuchl


Consumer goods


"Continuity and Change in the Administration of Soviet Agriculture Since Stalin," by Robert F. Miller




"Development Strategy and Planning: The Soviet Experience," - Comments by Abram Bergson



box 21


box 22



"Effects of Industrialization on Political Institutions in the USSR, " by David T. Cattell 1930-1960,




"The Eighth and Ninth Five-Year Plans for Soviet Agriculture," by Keith Bush


Employment and labor


"Engineers or Martyrs: Dissent and the Intelligentsia," by Sidney Monas


Famine of 1932-1934


Farm marketings

box 23

Farm prices


"Feeding of the Russian Worker before and after the War," by E. Kabo


"The First 10 Years of the Virgin Lands: A Balance Sheet."


Five-Years Plans


Flax fiber market


From the book Europe in the Russian Mirror by Alexander Gerschenkron


Fruit, tobacco and vegetables



box 24


box 25



Grain harvests 1926


Grain market in European Russia 1912


"Group Politics in Communist Society: A Second Look at the Pluralistic Model," by Andrew C. Janos



box 26



"The Importance of Religion in the Soviet Rural Community," by Ethel Dunn


Income, state


"The Incomes of Soviet Peasants," by A. Nove




International Association of Agricultural Economists. Minsk. August -September 1970





box 27



"Khrushchev Sans Reproche," by Nancy Nimitz (Rand Corporation) January 1966


Legal literature on agriculture in the USSR




"Local Government and Decentralization," by Bohdan R. Bockiurkiw


Machinery output 1927-1928, 1937








Milk and milk products

box 28

"The Non-Agricultural Rural Sector: Expanding in a Shrinking Society," by Karl-Eugen Wadekin


"Notes on Visit of American Agricultural Delegation to USSR," by D. Gale Johnson 1955


Oil seeds


"Organizational Change in Soviet Bloc: An Essay on Political Economy of Socialism," by Andrzej Brzeski 1966


"The Other Russia: Soviet Rural Society," by Martin King Whyte 1967


"The Peasants as a Social Class," by Alexander Vucinich 1969


"Planning a Mature Economy in the USSR," by R. W. Davies


"Planning and Productivity under Soviet Socialism," by Abram Bergson


Political structure


"La Politique Aricole de Leonid Brezhnev, " by Alec Nove 1965-1970,




Potato market


Price data


Price lists

box 29

Price lists


"Problems of State Farm Administration," by Allen B. Ballard 1964


Procurement prices


"Progress on Mechanization in Soviet Agriculture," by Folke Dovring


"A Reformulation of A. V. Chayanov's Theory of the Peasant Economy," by James R. Millar


"The R.S.F.S.R. and the Non-Russian Republics: An Economic Comparison by Hans-Jurgen Wagener


"Rural Population and Agricultural Labor Force in the USSR," by Alexandre N. Sakoff


"Rural Reconstruction and the Agrogorod," by Karl-Eugen Wadekin (Radio Liberty Committee) 1968


"Russian Report: " by A. Nove March/April, 1969,


"School Enrollment in the USSR, " (CIA) 1970-75,


"Sino-Soviet Economic Relations in Recent Years," by Oleg Hoeffding, (Rand Corporation) 1960


"Some Characteristics of the Soviet Leadership System: A Maturing Totalitarian System," by Roy D. Laird


"Some Evidence on Soviet Agricultural Marketings," by Leon Smolinski


"Some Observations on the Impact of Politics on Soviet Agriculture," by Roy D. Laird 1968


"Some Thoughts on Soviet Agricultural Administration," by Alec Nove 1964


"Soviet Collectivization and China's 'Great Leap,'" by Oleg Hoeffding 1965


"The Soviet Economic Reform After 5 years," by Keith Bush


"Soviet Farm Output and Food Supply in An Assessment," by Werner Klatt 1970:

box 30

"Soviet Foreign Trade and the 'Grain Problem' During NEP."


"Soviet Foreign Trade Crisis and Soviet Economic Autarky in the " 1930's.


"Soviet Foreign Trade Plans for the First Five Year Plan and Soviet Industrialization Strategy, " by Michael R. Dohan, 1969 1928-1932,


"Soviet Growth, Resource Allocation, and Military Outlays," by Abraham S. Becker 1969


"Soviet Living Standards," by P. Hanson


"The Soviet Planning Process for Rapid Industrialization," by R. W. Davies


"Stalin, War Communism and Collectivization," by O. A. Narkiewicz


State procurement prices 1926-1938


State procurements



box 31


box 32



"Structure and Functions of the Soviet Rural Family," by Stephen P. Dunn


"Study of Soviet Economic Growth and Working Memorandum on Russian Budget Studies," by Nancy Baster (National Bureau of Economic Research) 1955


Sugar beet market




Tobacco market


Tractors and cultivation




Vegetable market


Vegetables and melons 1935-1937



box 33



United States of America




Consumer Sector 1953




Foreign aid


Government agencies


Income tax 1958


"U.S. Malinvestments in Food for the World," by Theodore W. Schultz 1966


Western Europe




"The New Economics of Western Europe," by Philip M. Raup 1967


"World Economic Disparities: The Haves and Have-Nots," by David Horowitz


World military expenditures 1966-1967










"The Emergence of Regional Spatial Planning in Southeast Europe: the Yugoslav Experience," by Jack C. Fisher


"Major Trends in the Post-War Economy of Yugoslavia," by George Macesich 1965



Scope and Contents note

Handwritten and typewritten manuscripts, essays, etc., arranged alphabetically by title.
box 33

Agricultural Reform in Eastern Europe


Agriculture and the Economics of Soviet Development

box 34

Agriculture and the Economics of Soviet Development


Agriculture and the Industrialization of Ruritania


Certain Aspects of New Economic Systems in Bulgaria and Czechoslovakia


A Compendium of Soviet Farm Prices in 1961


The Economic Record of Soviet Agriculture at Mid-Century Point


Estimates of Extra-Village Collective Farm Market Prices and Volume of Sales for the USSR 1940, 1950-1961


The Flow of Funds Accounts


From Stalin to Brezhnev: Soviet Agricultural Policy in Historical Perspective


From Stalin to Brezhnev: The Soviet Rural Community in Economic Historical Perspective

box 35

General Framework of National Income Statictics


Government Borrowing


Government Spending




Khrushchev's Impact on Soviet Agriculture


Quantitative Analysis of the Collective Farm Market


Reflections on the Economics of Nationalism and Communism in Eastern Europe


Sector Accounts


Soviet Agricultural Marketings and Prices 1928-1954


Soivet Agricultural Policy after Khrushchev


Soviet Agricultural Policy Since 1953


Soviet Agriculture: A Balance Sheet


Soivet Farm Prices 1928-1952


Soivet Farm Prices under Stalin


Statistical Quality Control


Thoughts on the Grain Problem

box 36

Thoughts on the Grain Problem




Miscellaneous drafts and notes



Scope and Contents note

Clippings, miscellaneous, notes, charts, lists, etc.
box 37



Miscellaneous notes, manuscripts, printed material, etc.



Scope and Contents note

3x5 cards containing author, title, and subject reference to materials used for research.
box 38

3x5 cards containing author, title, and subject references to materials used in G. F. Karczs' research

box 39

3x5 cards containing author, title, and subject references to materials used in G. F. Karczs' research

box 40

3x5 cards containing author, title, and subject references to materials used in G. F. Karczs' research

box 41

3x5 cards containing author, title, and subject references to materials used in G. F. Karczs' research

box 42

Material not yet described

box 43

Material not yet described

box 44

Material not yet described