Finding aid to Views of Calaveras and Mariposa Counties, California, 1890

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Finding aid to Views of Calaveras and Mariposa Counties, California, 1890

Collection number: BANC PIC 1976.033--fALB

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Collection Title: Views of Calaveras and Mariposa Counties, California
Date: 1890
Collection Number: BANC PIC 1976.033--fALB
Photographer: Désiré Fricot
Extent: 43 photographic albumen prints, 20 x 25 cm.; mounted and bound in album, 26 x 31 cm. 43 digital objects
Repository: The Bancroft Library.
University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720-6000
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Languages Represented: Collection materials are in English

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Calaveras Big Trees State Park (Calif.) -- Pictorial works.
Calaveras County (Calif.) -- Pictorial works.
Giant sequoia -- Photographs.
Gold mines and mining -- California -- Calaveras County -- Photographs.
Mariposa County (Calif.) -- Pictorial works.
Mariposa Grove (Calif.) -- Pictorial works.
Mines and mineral resources -- California -- Photographs.
Mining districts -- California -- Photographs.
Murphys (Calif.) -- Pictorial works.
San Andreas (Calif.) -- Pictorial works.
Sheep Ranch (Calif.) -- Pictorial works.
Yosemite Valley (Calif.) -- Pictorial works.

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Acquisition Information

The Views of Calaveras and Mariposa Counties, California album was purchased in 1976.


Désiré Fricot (1868-1940) was the son of Jules Nicolas Fricot, a french émigré who became a California mining pioneer. Part of a larger community of French prospectors, the Fricot family owned and operated a number of mines in the Grass Valley and Nevada City areas of Nevada County, as well as in Calaveras County. They also owned real estate in San Francisco, and were apparently active in French diplomatic and consular activities in California and Hawaii.
In addition to mining, Désiré Fricot was also a translator of French language documents into English. In 1940, the California Historical Society published his translation of and introduction to André Chavanne's The Burning of the Golden Gate in July 1862. The Impressions of a Survivor, André Chavanne (in California Historical Society Quarterly, vol. 19, no.1, pp. 27-42), an account of the steamship Golden Gate. In 1944, the same organization published his California Unveiled: A Translation of Treny's La Californie Dévoilée (reprinted from The California Historical Society Quarterly, vol. 22, no. 4, December 1943, and vol. 23, no. 1, March 1944).

Scope and Content

The Views of Calaveras and Mairposa Counties, Calif. album contains 43 albumn prints taken in 1890 by Désiré Fricot. The album features many scenic views of the forest land of the eastern foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, as well as various other subjects, some of which are related to the Fricot family's mining interests. Calaveras County points of interest pictured in the album include the San Antonio Creek, Colwell Creek, and Hobe Ide's Ditch areas of Sheepranch (written as "Sheep Ranch" in the captions); Murphy's; San Andreas; the timber land of W.H. Clary; the Sheep Ranch Mine of J.B. Haggin; the residence and hoisting works of André Chavanne; the Columbus Mine of Jules Fricot (Désiré's father); and the Big Trees area of the county, including photographs of the "Mother of the Forest" and "Pioneer's Cabin" trees, and a dancing hall constructed atop the stump of a giant tree. Mariposa County points of interest include views of the Yosemite Valley; the town of Wawona; and the "Wawona" and "Grizzly Giant" big trees.
Individuals identified in the collection include Peter Davis, resident of Sheepranch, and Judge C.V. Gottschalk of San Andreas. Also pictured is an unidentified Native American. Appearing in several prints is a man likely to be Désiré Fricot.
The prints, most of them numbered, are mounted to the numbered album leaves. One leaf --between prints No. 8 and No. 11 --appears to be lacking. Manuscript captions appear on the mounts beneath the prints and, occasionally, adjacent to the leaf numbers. Affixed to both the spine and front cover of the album are labels reading, "Calaveras Co. & Yosemite Valley." The inside front cover bears the inscription, "Taken 1890 by D. Fricot." A title page bears the inscription, "A monsieur le juge C.V. Gottschalk, Souvenir respectueux et amical, San Francisco 13 Octobre 1890. D. Fricot."

Container Listing


Fishing party -- San Antonio Creek. Sheep Ranch (Calaveras Co.). [No.] 1. [Voituredebois] BANC PIC 1976.033:01--fALB


Wading -- San Antonio Creek. Sheep Ranch (Calaveras Co.). [No.] 2. BANC PIC 1976.033:02--fALB


Country bridge -- San Antonio Creek. Sheep Ranch (Calaveras Co.). [No.] 3. 1890. BANC PIC 1976.033:03--fALB


Peter Davis' Place -- The old man and his guest. Ridge near Sheep Ranch (Calaveras Co.). [No.] 4. BANC PIC 1976.033:04--fALB


Peter Davis' Jack. Sheep Ranch (Calaveras Co.). [No.] 5. BANC PIC 1976.033:05--fALB


Timber Land -- W.H. Clary. Sheep Ranch (Calaveras Co.). [No.] 6. BANC PIC 1976.033:06--fALB


Timber on the Calaveras Big trees Road. 3 miles from Sheep Ranch (Calaveras Co.). [No.] 7. BANC PIC 1976.033:07--fALB


Timber on Colwell Creek. W.H. Clary. Near Sheep Ranch (Calaveras Co.). [No.] 8. BANC PIC 1976.033:08--fALB


General view of Sheep Ranch, Showing the Mines (Calaveras Co., Cal.). [No.] 11. BANC PIC 1976.033:09--fALB


Main Street, Sheep Ranch (Calaveras Co.). [No.] 12. BANC PIC 1976.033:10--fALB


Friedberger's Store. Sheep Ranch (Calaveras Co.). [No.] 13. BANC PIC 1976.033:11--fALB


Chavanne's House and hoisting works -- South Side. Sheep Ranch (Calaveras Co.). [No.] 14. BANC PIC 1976.033:12--fALB


Chavanne's house and hoisting works (West Side). Sheep Ranch (Calaveras Co.). [No.] 15. BANC PIC 1976.033:13--fALB


Sheep Ranch Mine (J.B. Haggin proprietor). Sheep Ranch (Calaveras Co.). [No.] 16. BANC PIC 1976.033:14--fALB


Live Oak -- Hobe Ide's ditch. Sheep Ranch (Calaveras Co.). [No.] 17. BANC PIC 1976.033:15--fALB


Fishing -- San Antonio Creek. Sheep Ranch (S. Calaveras Co.). [No.] 18. BANC PIC 1976.033:16--fALB


Crossing San Antonio Creek from H. Ide's ditch (Calaveras Co.). [No.] 19. BANC PIC 1976.033:17--fALB


Raggio's Store, Main Street. Sheep Ranch (Calav. [Calaveras]. Co.). [No.] 20. BANC PIC 1976.033:18--fALB


Mouth of the terminal -- Colombus. J. Fricot's mine -- near Sheep Ranch (Calaveras Co.). [No.] 21. BANC PIC 1976.033:19--fALB


"Colombus" -- J. Fricot's quartz claim near Sheep Ranch (Calaveras Co.). Showing the opening of the shaft. [No.] 22. BANC PIC 1976.033:20--fALB


Main Street -- Murphy's. Calaveras Co. (Cal.). [No.] 23. BANC PIC 1976.033:21--fALB


Main Street, San Andreas (Calaveras Co.). [No.] 24. BANC PIC 1976.033:22--fALB


The "Two Sentinels" -- Diameter 23 feet. Calaveras big trees grove -- 12 miles from Sheep Ranch. [No.] 25. BANC PIC 1976.033:23--fALB


Sperry's Hotel -- Big trees (Calaveras Co.). [No.] 26. BANC PIC 1976.033:24--fALB


The "Mother of the forest." Big trees grove of Calaveras. (the bark of the tree was taken off in 1854 and taken to the Crystal Palace, London, where it was burnt.) [No.] 27. BANC PIC 1976.033:25--fALB


The original big tree, showing dancing hall on the Stump. Calaveras big trees grove -- 12 miles from Sheep Ranch. [No.] 28. BANC PIC 1976.033:26--fALB


The "Wawoona." [Wawona] Indian name for big tree. Mariposa Co. -- Cal. [No.] 29. BANC PIC 1976.033:27--fALB


The "Grizzly Giant." Mariposa Big trees. [No.] 30. BANC PIC 1976.033:28--fALB


An old Indian (Mariposa County). [No.] 31. BANC PIC 1976.033:29--fALB


View taken from the window of our room at the Hotel Wawoona. [Hotel Wawona] Road to the Yo Semite [i.e. Yosemite] Valley -- (Mariposa Co. Cal.). [No.] 32. BANC PIC 1976.033:30--fALB


Changing horses on the road from Wawoona [i.e. Wawona] to Yo Semite [i.e. Yosemite] Valley (Mariposa Co. Cal.). [No.] 33. BANC PIC 1976.033:31--fALB


Road between Wawoona & Yo Semite [i.e. Yosemite] Valley. Mariposa Co. -- Cal. [No.] 34. BANC PIC 1976.033:32--fALB


Stage of the Yo Semite [i.e. Yosemite] and Turnpike Co. at the Summit (Mariposa Co. Cal.). [No.] 35. BANC PIC 1976.033:33--fALB


First view of Yo Semite [i.e. Yosemite] Valley from Inspiration Point (Mariposa Co.). [No.] 36. BANC PIC 1976.033:34--fALB


Mirror Lake -- Mirror view of Mount Watkins. Yo Semite [i.e. Yosemite] Valley (Mariposa Co.). [No.] 37. BANC PIC 1976.033:35--fALB


Vernal fall -- taken from Lady Franklin Rock. Yo Semite [i.e. Yosemite] Valley (Mariposa Co.). [No.] 38. Vernal de Lady Franklin. BANC PIC 1976.033:36--fALB


Yo Semite [i.e. Yosemite] -- Resting after a hard climb -- Mariposa Co. Above Vernal fall and at the foot of Nevada fall. [No.] 39. BANC PIC 1976.033:37--fALB


Nevada Fall. Yo Semite [i.e. Yosemite] Valley -- Mariposa Co. [No.] 40. BANC PIC 1976.033:38--fALB


Top of Nevada fall. Yo Semite [i.e. Yosemite] Valley -- Mariposa Co. [No.] 41. BANC PIC 1976.033:39--fALB


Coming down -- last glance of Vernal fall. Yo Semite [i.e. Yosemite] Valley -- (Mariposa Co.). [No.] 42. Vernal du Font. BANC PIC 1976.033:40--fALB


Pioneer's Cabin -- Diameter 32 feet. Calaveras big tree (Calaveras Co.). BANC PIC 1976.033:41--fALB


Judge Gottschalk's team (San Andreas, Calaveras Co.). BANC PIC 1976.033:42--fALB


Judge Gottschalk's team. San Andreas, Calaveras Co. BANC PIC 1976.033:43--fALB