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Register of the Hugh Gibson papers
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Bliss, Robert Woods, 1922-1924


Carroll, Joseph W., 1923


Castle, William R., Jr., 1922-1923


Daniels, Thomas L., 1923


Dearing, Fred Morris, 1921-1924


Dennis, Lawrence, 1923


Dodge, H. Percival, 1923


Dolbeare, Frederick R., 1923


Einstein, Lewis, 1923


Fletcher, Henry P., 1921-1923


Grant-Smith, Ulysses, 1919-1924


Grew, Joseph C., 1919-1924


Gunther, Franklin M., 1925


Hall, Barton, 1923


Hoover, Herbert, 1921


Hughes, Charles Evans, 1923


Hugins, C. R., 1920


Jay, Augustus Peter, 1923-1924


Johnson, Stewart, 1923


Lane, Arthur Bliss, 1919-1924

Box 95

Madden, Martin B., 1923


Magruder, Alexander R., undated


Meyer, Cord, 1923


Newson, H. Dorsey, 1923


O'Laughlin, John Callan, 1923


Phillips, William, 1923


Richardson, R. Gilmore, 1923


Robbins, Warren D., 1921-1923


Rogers, John Jacob, 1919-1924


Ruddock, Albert B., 1919-1920


Schalk(?), H. A., 1924


Shaw, G. Howland, 1923


Stowell, Ellery C., 1918


White, John Campbell, 1923


Whitehouse, Sheldon, 1923


Williamson, Harold L., 1923


Wilson, Charles S., 1923


Wilson, Hugh R., 1919-1923


Wilson, Verne, Jr., 1923


Winslow, Alan F., 1923


Wright, J. Butler, 1919-1923


Correspondence of Secretary of State Charles E. Hughes (released for the press, November 9, 1922)


Data on foreign service's total strength


Departmental order no. 295 (Department of State), June 9, 1924


Executive Order no. 4022, June 7, 1924


Memoranda (mostly by Gibson)


Printed matter

Box 96

Reports, studies


By Gibson


By others


Text of House Resolution 6357


Roosevelt, Eleanor (Mrs. Franklin D.)


Roosevelt, Eleanor (Mrs. Theodore, Jr.)


Roosevelt, Franklin D.


Russian Red Cross in Poland, 1921


Sadikowa Choupaz, Natalie


Schmidt-Chevalier, Curt


Schofield, Rear Admiral, "Freedom of the Seas," 1921 December 21


Sims, Admiral William S.


Sino-Japanese War, 1932


Smith, Bedell


Soviet Union


General, 1920-1924


Agriculture [See: CORRESPONDENCE, Rickard, Edgar, August 22, 1925]


Foreign relations - Germany


Spaak, Paul Henri




Stalin, Joseph


Strother, French


Switzerland [See also: CORRESPONDENCE, Martin, William]


Thomas, Lowell


Thompson, Dorothy (Mrs. Sinclair Lewis), "The New Patriotism Is Peace: Third and Last Article in Which Women from Many Lands Make Their Pleas," 1930


Toynbee, Arnold J.


Turkey - Entry to the League of Nations, 1932


Tyler, Royall


United States




Armed forces, 1923




American Expeditionary Forces, 1918


Headquarters Third Corps Area [See also: BIOGRAPHICAL FILE, Officers' Reserve Corps], 1924-1925


Intelligence, 1918


Training manual, 1923


"Behold the Flag," by Ignatius I. Murphy


Comptroller General


Department of Justice


Department of State




Commercial attaches


Embassies - London


Foreign Service School


United Nations Affairs Division


Legations - Berne (Office of the military attache), 1918


Department of the Treasury


Elections, 1932


Financial situation, 1932


Foreign relations


General - Post World War II era


Argentina, 1920


Belgium, 1918


Cuba, 1903


France, 1918


Great Britain, 1911-1941

Box 97

Latin America, 1909-1911


Netherlands, 1921


Poland, 1919(?)


Soviet Union, 1920-1923


Switzerland, 1918


Foreign Relations Committee, 1917-1918


World War I


Moral preparadness


Treatment of prisoners of war


Upper Silesia - Plebiscite of 1921 March 20




Reports by Gibson


Upton, Charles S., "Peace? Why Not?" 1942


Vacuum Oil Company, N.Y. [See also: CORRESPONDENCE, Maguire, J. J.], 1916-1919


Walter Hines Page School of International Relations, N.Y.


Wheeler, Post and Hallie Ermine Rives


White, William Allen


Whitlock, Brand [See: Belgium, World War I, German rule and actrocities]


Wilbur, Ray Lyman


Wile, Frederic William


Williams, William Carlos


Wilson, Alexander, Why a New League of Nations Will Not Succeed in Enforcing a Permanent Peace in an Uncivilized World, 1944


Wilson, Hugh R.


Wilson, Woodrow


Wolf, Otto


Wood, Leona P. - Correspondence re her request for birthdates and a few lines for the "Friendship Calendar" (birthday book) she is preparing for Gibson, 1909


World War I


Allied intervention in Russia


Debts payments






Great Britain


Pamphlets (mostly Belgian, some French)




Reports by Gibson, 1917 August 21 - 1918 April 16


Yale University


Young Women's Christian Associations



Boxes 98-101


Scope and Contents note

Correspondence, memoranda, reports, and speeches, arranged alphabetically by name of country where Hugh Gibson was assigned in the course of his foreign service career.
Box 98

Belgium (Brussels), 1914-1916; 1927-1933; 1937-1938


Appointment as Ambassador






Congratulations sent to Hugh and Ynes Gibson


- Congratulations sent to Hugh and Ynes Gibson 1937




Correspondence with Embassy


General, 1927-1930


Groves, J. Philip, 1930-1933


Mayer, Ferdinand L., 1931


Wilson, Warden McK., 1930


Woodward, Stanley, 1932-1933


Embassy compound and servants


Evaluation of State and other Departments' officials


German accusations against Gibson, 1918




Resignation, 1933



Box 99

Brazil (Rio de Janeiro), 1933-1937




Appointment as Ambassador, 1933




Correspondence - In and outgoing telegrams, 1933-1935


Frost, Mr., Counselor of the Embassy


Memoranda on U.S.-Brazil relations and U.S. Latin American policy




Trade agreement between Brazil and the U.S., 1935


Cuba (Havana), 1911-1913


France (Paris), 1918




Assignment as First Secretary, 1918


Correspondence - In and outgoing telegrams


1918 March-July


1918 July-November




Honduras (Tegucigalpa), 1908-1909


Luxemburg (Brussels, stationed in), 1927-1933; 1937-1938

Box 100

Poland (Warsaw), 1919-1924




Accountant of Legation, John Weber






Telegram account


Clubs [See also: CORRESPONDENCE, Grodski, Stanislaw]




With Polish officials, 1921-1924


With the Secretary of State, 1919-1923


Guarantee Trust Company of New York - Contract with the Polish Government, 1921


Guest lists




Received by Gibson


Sent out by Gibson


Legation compound and servants






For conversations with Polish officials


Re the Frank Morse case, 1923-1924


Polish Red Cross - Honorary Diploma confered upon Gibson, 1921


Relief work


Assistance extended


To individuals


To Russians in Poland [See also: SUBJECT FILE, Russian Red Cross in Poland]


To the intelligentsia




With Philip S. Baldwin, 1921


With Walter L. Brown, 1920


With Herbert Hoover, 1920


With Cyril J. C. Quinn, 1920-1921


With various relief groups and organizations

Box 101



Re Paderewski's return [See also: CORRESPONDENCE, Dulles, Allen, November 20, 1919; Hoover, Herbert, and House, Edward M., April 29, 1919; and Wilson, Woodrow, July 18, 1920], 1919


Weekly Political Reports to the Secretary of State










Request for increase in contingent fund due to higher cost of living, 1924


Secretaries of Legation


Boal, Pierre de L.


Moffat, Jay Pierrepont


Telegrams, 1919 October - 1923 January


Transfer to Switzerland, 1924


Travel within the country


Switzerland (Bern), 1924-1927


Appointment as Ambassador [See also: CORRESPONDENCE, Ambrose, W. H.], 1924


Correspondence with Lucile Atcherson, 1926


Invitations, received and sent out






Transfer to Belgium, 1927

Boxes 102-121


Scope and Contents note

Charts, correspondence, graphs, memoranda, minutes of meetings, printed matter, reports, and studies, arranged chronologically by conference. As the series of disarmament conferences was an ongoing process, with conferences adjourning to await the outcome of others, some overlap could not be avoided.
Box 102

Conference on the Limitation of Armament, Cannes, France, 1922


Conference for the Supervision of the International Trade in Arms and Ammunition and in Implements of War, Geneva, 1925


Preparatory Commission for the General Disarmament Conference [See also: CORRESPONDENCE, Murray, George D.], 1926-1932




Outline of the positions of the leading countries for and against budgetary limitations, 1931


Papers put together by Gibson (32 indexed documents)


1st session, 1926 May


Instructions for the American delegation




2nd session, 1926 September




Sub-Commission B


3rd session (4th session, November), 1927 March




List of delegates


Official report




5th session, 1928 March


Anglo-French Agreement




With other delegations


With the Secretary of State




Press clippings




Telegrams, March 12-28


6th session


First Part (adjourned May 6 to await the outcome of the London Naval Conference, 1930), 1929 April








Between Herbert Hoover and J. Ramsay MacDonald


Of Gibson


Congratulations and proposals sent by various individuals and peace organizations




With other delegations


With the Secretary of State






Great Britain



Box 103





Of conversations


Press clippings [See also: Memoranda, General]


Report by Frank B. Kellogg




By Gibson


By others










Sent out, April-May


Second Part, 1930 November


Commendation of advisors attached to the American delegation




Congratulations and proposals sent by various individuals and peace organizations


With other delegations


With Norman Armour, 1930 November - 1931 April


With William Castle


With the Secretary of State

Box 104



Instructions for Gibson


Invitations received from other delegations


List of delegates






Press clippings (including bound volume) [See also: Correspondence with Norman Armour]






Received, November 3-December 8


Sent out, November 5-December 9

Box 105

Further talks and negotiations [See also: 6th session, Second Part, Correspondence with Norman Armour] 1931-1932






Of conversations, 1931 September


Notes and suggestions regarding budget limitation, 1931 April 21


Press clippings


Statement by Gibson, 1931 September 7


Telegrams between the Secretary of State and


London embassy, 1931 January-November


Rome embassy, 1931 February - 1932 January


Other embassies and legations, 1931 June-November

Box 106

Tripartite Naval Conference, Geneva, 1927




Coolidge Proposal calling for the conference, February 10


Correspondence between the United States, Great Britain, Japan, France and Italy


Data, maps


Delegations - United States


Department of the Navy. General Board Report


Informal meeting of delegates held at the Hotel Beau Rivage in Viscount Saito's Rooms, July 6


Memoranda of conversations, June-July


Press clippings [See also: CORRESPONDENCE, Dulles, Allen, November 14, 1927]






Received, February 3-August 5

Box 107

Sent out


February 14-July 15


July 16-August 5


London Naval Conference, 1929-1931




Anglo-American policies


Anglo-French-Italian Naval Agreement, 1931 March


Congratulations and proposals sent by various individuals and peace organizations [See also: CORRESPONDENCE, American Friends Service Committee]




Delegations - American




Secretariat memoranda


Tentative plan



Box 108







Great Britain






First Committee - Meetings and reports

Physical Description: 4.0 folders
Box 109

Fourth plenary session, February 11


Franco-Italian negotiations, 1930-1931






Of conversations


Sent to other governments




Naval intelligence reports and statistics


Preliminary talks and negotiations, 1929




Anglo-American understanding


Anglo-French conversations (including accord of 1928)


Convocation of Powers signatory to the Washington Treaty - Correspondence, October-December


Memoranda of conversations


Telegrams sent to the Secretary of State from


London embassy, June-August


Paris embassy, November-December

Box 110

Press clippings


Press communiques


Printed material


Secretariat notices




Subcommittees reports


Submarines - The question of their abolition


Summaries of the British and French press

Box 111





1930 January 11-February 9


February 10-February 25


February 26-March 16


March 17-April 3


April 4-April 20

Box 112



To American embassy, Tokyo, 1930 January 21-April 11


To American embassies in Paris and in Rome, and to the Secratary of State, October 14-November 6


To the Secretary of State, January 17-April 14


Summary of telegrams exchanged on the subject of naval armaments since May 27, 1929



Box 113

General Disarmament Conference, Geneva, 1930-1933




Agreement of Understanding and Cooperation between the Four Western Powers, 1932 December 11


Appointment of Gibson as delegate, 1932 January 4


Armaments Year Book. General and Statistical Information in regard to Land, Naval and Air Armaments, 1932




Congratulations and proposals sent by various individuals and peace organizations [See also: CORRESPONDENCE, Adams, Jane and Glenn, Otis F.]


With Norman Armour, 1932 April-July


With Walter E. Edge, 1932 May-June


With John W. Garrett, 1932 June-July


With other delegations, 1932


Delegations - American - Sick reports




Of Gibson (minutes and memoranda of meetings)


Of Jay Pierrepont Moffat

Box 114











General [See also: Preparatory Commission, Correspondence with Norman Armour]


Budget, 1931-1932




Great Britain










Latin American states


Norway [See: CORRESPONDENCE, Philip Hoffman]






Series of League of Nations Publications




1932 January-October

Box 115

1932 November - 1933 April

Box 116

1933 May

Box 117

1933 June-July


Particulars with regard to the position of armaments in the various countries






Hoover's proposal


Release by Gibson, 1932 June 22


Reactions - Italy


Instructions for Gibson from Secretary of State, Henry L. Stimson


Interview of Norman H. Davis, 1932 April 26


Journal, nos. 4, 5, 6, 7, and 115, 1932 February and July

Box 118




Physical Description: 3.0 folders

From Henry Stimson to Gibson


From William Castle to Gibson


Of conversations




Regarding Germany's return to the conference


Of meetings of the American delegation


Personal matters




Naval aspects




Great Britain


United States


Official entertaining allowance


Official Guide

Box 119

Press clippings


Press conference of William Castle, 1932 January 14


Press reviews


Printed matter


Reports, studies






By Gibson






Not delivered


By others


Statement, 1932 April 30

Box 120

Telegrams exchanged with the Secretary of State or other American embassies




1930 December - 1932 January


1932 February-April


1932 May-July 15


1932 July 16 - 1933 January 27




1931 January - 1932 January


1932 February-March

Box 121

1932 April-May


1932 June-July 15


1932 July 16-October 29


1932 November - 1933 January


Transcripts of telephone conversations


Three Powers (United States, Great-Britain, France) - Meetings and points of understanding, 1932 June

Boxes 122-126


Scope and Contents note

Excerpts from Hugh Gibson's correspondence, diaries, and writings used or considered for publication in Hugh Gibson, 1883-1954 by Perrin C. Galpin, editor, arranged chronologically from 1908 to 1954. The book, published by the Belgian American Educational Foundation, Inc., N.Y. in 1956, was made up of extracts from Gibson's letters and anecdotes from his friends, with an introduction by Herbert Hoover and a foreword by Perrin C. Galpin, editor.
Box 122



Correspondence and other material related to the publication of the book


Galley proofs


Typewritten carbon copy


Excerpts from Gibson's correspondence, diaries and writings


Typewritten carbon copies







Box 123










Box 124











Typescripts and carbon copies (duplicates)







Box 125
















Box 126








Boxes 127-138

CLIPPINGS, 1902-1950

Scope and Contents note

Arranged chronologically.
Box 127

1902-1903; 1918; 1922-1924

Box 128


Box 129


Boxes 130-131


Box 132


Boxes 133-134


Box 135


Box 136


Box 137


Box 138


Box 139

CARD FILE, 1908-1914

Scope and Contents note

Sorted index card notes of people mentioned in Hugh Gibson's letters to his mother, with corresponding dates.
Boxes 140-152, on shelf


Scope and Contents note

Albums, autograph and guest books, certificates, checkbooks, desk calendars, diplomas, medals, note books, and scrapbooks, arranged alphabetically by type.
Box 140

Certificates of appointment


As ambassador


Poland, 1919


Switzerland, 1924


Belgium, 1927 and 1937


Brazil, 1933


Luxemburg, 1937


As delegate to the Sixth Session of the Preparatory Commission for the Disarmament Conference, Second Part, Geneva, 1930 November 6


As a Colonel of Military Intelligence in the Army of the United States, 1931 and 1936


Certificates of gratitude and admiration


From the Association of Polish Societies


From a Committee of Poles, including I. Paderewski


From Herbert Hoover to Gibson as a member of the Food Mission, 1947


Certificate from the Vatican, 1947


Certificate from the Munson S.S. Lines


Certificate from the PanAm Airlines, 1933




Ecole Libre des Sciences Politiques, Paris: Diploma of the diplomatic section, 1907


Pomona College, California: M.A., and L.L.D., 1918 1929


Universite de Louvain, Belgium: Doctor of Diplomacy and Political Science, 1928


Universite Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium: Doctor of Law, 1930


Yale University, New Haven: Doctor of Law, 1931


Humoristic diploma presented to Gibson by Herman A. Webster, Paris, 1907

Box 141


Box 142

Daily reminders and address books


Of Hugh Gibson, 1940-1953

Box 143

Of Ynes Gibson, 1945-1950

Box 144

Autograph books















Box 145

Autograph book, 1940-1942


Appointment book, 1922


Guest lists book, 1928-1933


Sitting arrangements book, 1927-1932


Note book, undated


Note books of courses at the Ecole Libre des Sciences Politiques, Paris


Diplomatic history


The Oriental question


Political science


International law (2 vols.)


Leatherbound book of signatures by British women in thanks for Gibson's attempts to save Nurse Cavell in 1914, 1932 June 23


Souvenir photo album entitled "Belgian War Mission, July 1917"


Two Speeches on Italy's Foreign Policy, Rome (inscribed to Gibson from Dino Grandi), 1930


Au banquet des Nations: The League at Lunch (sketches of various conferences by Derso & Kelen), Geneva, 1937

Box 146

Medals and decorations




"Je Maintiendrai"


The Order of Leopold: "L'Union Fait la Force," 1832


"De la Reine Elizabeth," 1916


"Comite National de Secours et d'Alimentation," 1918


Independence, 1930


Brazil - Order of the Southern Cross, 1822


France - Legion of Honor, 1802




"PTCK," Red Cross


Kosciuszko Squadron, Air Force


"Ameryki," Americans of Polish descent who fought in World War I


"Polania Restituta," 1918


The Cross of Valor, 1920 August 11




Red Cross


Order of Saint Sava, 1883




Pius XI


Commemorating the first New York-Paris flight by Charles A. Lindbergh, "Spirit of St. Louis," New York, May 20 - Paris May 21, 1927


Swiss Confederation, Carnegie Foundation for Lifesavers, 1911 March 22

Box 147

Scrapbooks (mostly of newspaper clippings)


Foreign Service - Latin America (mostly)


Appointments to Honduras, Havana and London


Assault made upon him in Havana by a Cuban journalist, Enrique Maza


1912 August 27-September 2


1912 September 2-12


1912 September 14-December 30


1913 February 5-August 27

Box 148

Reviews of Gibson's book Belgium, The Country and Its People; his address to the Foreign Policy Association and the situation in Europe, 1939 July 13-December 15


Preparatory Commission, Sixth Session, First Part, 1929 April-November


Book listing names of people mentioned in Gibson's letters to his mother, with corresponding dates, (matching card file in box 139) 1908-1914

Box 149

Tripartite Naval Conference


1927 June 19-July 11


1927 July 9-August 3


1927 August 2-8, November 17-December 17; 1928 January 13-March 28

Box 150

London Naval Conference


1929 December 27 - 1930 February 2


1930 January 31-February 20

Box 151

1930 February 20-March 20


1930 March 19-April 11

Box 152

1930 April 11-April 25


Conference of Experts for a Moratorium on Intergovernmental Debts, London, 1931

Memorabilia cabinet



1 leather bill-fold


3 metal plates for printing of personal cards


1 plastic plate (slab) with Gibson's signature


7 printing blocks used for the book Hugh Gibson, 1883-1954 (light verse by Gibson in his handwriting)


Set of 8 overcoat and uniform buttons intended for Legation liveries in Warsaw, sent to Gibson by Reginald C. Foster in 1921

Record cabinet


Scope and Contents note

Recording of the opening of the London Naval Conference by King George V (with the King's signature on the inside flap), January 21, 1930.
Photo file


Scope and Contents note

496 prints, 4 booklets of prints, 76 postcards, 4 negatives.
Envelope mA

1 print of Hugh Gibson, undated

Envelope mB

18 prints of Hugh Gibson, undated

Envelope C

20 prints of Ynes Gibson (Mrs. Hugh) and 7 prints Ynes Gibson and others, undated

Envelope mD

1 print of Hugh Gibson, John Foster Dulles, James T. Shotwell, and others, circa 1950; 1 print of members of the Commission for Relief in Belgium; 5 prints of children being fed (probably in Belgium); 1 print of Takashi Komatsu and family, 1937; 21 of unidentified house (probably in Brazil); 9 miscellaneous prints

Envelope E

43 prints of Michael Gibson (son of Hugh Gibson), undated

Envelope F

1 print of Michael Gibson with Princess Josephine-Charlotte; 1 print of Astrid, Queen of the Belgians with Princess Josephine-Charlotte, undated

Envelope G

5 prints of Hugh Gibson and/or Mrs. Gibson with Michael Gibson; 3 prints of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Gibson; 1 print of Michael Gibson's baptism, undated

Envelope H

1 print of wedding of Hugh Gibson and Ynes Reyntiens, February 27, 1922; 4 booklets of wedding prints

Envelope I

10 prints of Hugh Gibson and others; 2 prints of Hugh Gibson, Henry L. Stimson and others; 1 print of Herbert Hoover, Hugh Gibson and others, undated

Envelope J

38 prints of Spain during the civil war, 1936-1939

Envelope K

1 print of Hugh Gibson addressing troops of General Josef Haller, Warsaw, Memorial Day, 1919; 3 prints of Hugh Gibson and Ynes Gibson, circa 1922; 1 print of Ynes Gibson and others, 1918; 1 scene in Bruges, Belgium, 1928; 1 print of family and friends of Ynes Reyntiens Gibson; 2 of Rev. John B. de Ville, 1932; 3 prints of Brussels, Belgium, 1927; 4 prints of members of the Belgian Royal family

Envelope L

Trip to Latin America with the Intergovernmental Committee, 1952 August-September

Envelope M

61 prints of trip to Spain, 1939

Envelope mN

1 print of 2 soldiers in World War I; 1 print of Ynes Gibson and others, 1916

Envelope O

2 prints of Countess Sophie Clary (Foffa); 1 print of A. T. Ozoria; 1 print of Mary Gibson (mother of Hugh Gibson); 1 print of William Hallam Tuck and others, 1916; 1 print of the Clary family, 1923; 3 prints of Paula and Franzy Kinsky; 1 print of Capt. Clarence A. Abele, 1919; 1 print of the Sunset Club, 1945

Envelope mP

1 print of Baupre (?), 1913; 1 print of sketch of Herbert Hoover, 1933; 1 print of Grace Coolidge, (Mrs. Calvin); 1 print of Helena Paderewska (wife of Ignace), 1919

Envelope Q

1 print of Hugh and Ynes Gibson, Pierre de Boal, Allen Winslow and other, Berne; 43 prints of the Legation in Warsaw, Poland, 1919-1922; 2 prints of Count Zamoyski and others; 10 scenes in Poland; 1 print of the Marquis de Villalobar, Cardinal Mercier, and others; 1 print of Cardinal Mercier and others

Envelope R

66 postcards of France and Poland, 1919-1920; 1 postcard of Albert I, King of the Belgians; 1 post card of Leopold II, King of the Belgians; 3 postcards of General Jozef Haller; 5 post cards of Joseph Pilsudski; 1 print of Emperor Franz Josef

Envelope S

4 negatives, undated

Envelope T

30 unidentified prints, undated

Envelope U

8 unidentified prints, undated

Envelope V

28 unidentified prints, undated

Boxes 153-155


Scope and Contents note

Consists of letters and telegrams, mainly sent to Ynes Gibson, as well as an address book and commemoratory materials after Gibson's death. Maintains the original arrangement of the creator.
Box/Folder 153 : 1

Address book, undated


Letters to Ynes Gibson, 1912-1949

Box/Folder 153 : 2

Clary, Countess Sophie (Foffa), 1912-1946

Box/Folder 153 : 3


Box/Folder 153 : 4


Box/Folder 153 : 5


Box/Folder 154 : 1



Gibson, Hugh, 1932-1949

Box/Folder 154 : 2


Box/Folder 154 : 4


Box/Folder 154 : 5


Box/Folder 154 : 3

Letters to Hugh and Ynes Gibson, 1933-1950

Box/Folder 155 : 1

General correspondence, 1914-1932

Box/Folder 155 : 2

Letters received by Ynes Gibson, A to M, 1943-1945

Box/Folder 155 : 3

Letters received by Ynes Gibson, M to Z, 1943-1945

Box/Folder 155 : 4

Intergovernmental Committee for Migration (ICM) ceremony honoring Gibson correspondence, 1982-1983

Scope and Contents note

Includes ICM press packet and a speech by Michael Gibson.
Box 156

FAMILY FILE II, 1914-1955

Scope and Contents note

Consists of correspondence, speeches, news clippings, announcements, and printed matter relating to Gibson's career and commemoratory after his death. Also included are diaries written by Ynes Gibson detailing her experince in World War I.
Box/Folder 156 : 1

Ynes Gibson's diaries, 1914-1917

Box/Folder 156 : 2

South American tour journal, 1947

Box/Folder 156 : 3

Speeches and clippings on the death of Hugh Gibson and estate documents, 1954-1955

Box 156


Scope and Contents note

Consists of letters and telegrams sent to and from the Gibson family.
Box/Folder 156 : 4

Telegrams between Hugh Gibson and Mrs. Frank Gibson (mother), 1917-1924

Box/Folder 156 : 5

Letters to Michael Gibson, 1931-1947

Box 157


Scope and Contents note

Consists of photographs relating to Gibson's personal life and diplomatic career. Arranged chronologically by subject.
Box/Folder 157 : 1

American legation and portraits from Warsaw, Poland, 1919

Box/Folder 157 : 2-3

Family, friends, colleagues, and miscellaneous photographs, 1922-1948

Box/Folder 157 : 4

Brazil, 1935

Box/Folder 157 : 5

ICM meeting in Geneva, circa 1954

Box/Folder 157 : 6

Prints of Herbert Hoover and Hugh Gibson, undated

Box/Folder 157 : 7

One print of "Wake Up America!" with William Chenery, Fred Clark, Admiral Wm. V. Pratt, Mrs. Eve Garrette, and Hugh Gibson, undated

Box/Folder 157 : 8

United States Embassy in London staff, undated

Box/Folder 157 : 9

King Albert with family; one print of King Albert and Hugh Gibson, undated


2015 INCREMENT circa 2015


"The Hoover for President Club" manuscript by Michael F. Gibson, circa 2015

Scope and Contents note

This family history is by Hugh Gibson's son. Per the author, "Writings of my parents are framed and reference is given to sources. Writings by their friends are signaled by a marginal line." The manuscript contains embedded color images; it is 479 pages. Received as a MS Word document titled THE_HOOVER_FOR_PRESIDENT_CLUB_FINAL.doc in 2015.


Scope and Contents note

List of items from the collection transferred to the Hoover Library.

All bound publications of the League of Nations regarding various disarmament conferences


Conference on the Limitation of Armament - Subcommittees, Washington, D.C., 1921-1922


Testament Politique du Cardinal Duc de Richelieu, Henri Desbordes, Amsterdam, 5th edition, 1696


Belgian newspapers


Le Temps Present, nos. 1-36 (not inclusive), 1914-1915


La Vie Universelle, no. 2


La Petite Illustration, 1921 March 3




American Experiments in Disarmament and the London Conference of 1930, by William I. Hull, Committee on Peace and Service of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of Friends, 12 p., 1929


Cost of Armaments, by William H. Gardiner, Navy League of the United States, 8 p., 1930 January 7


The Covenant of the League of Nations with a Commentary thereon, London: Majesty's Stationery Office, 19 p., 1921


Covenant of the League of Nations with Annex (French/English)


18 p., 1928 December 1


18 p., 1930 December 10


Final Protocol of the Locarno Conference (and annexes), together with Treaties between France and Poland, and France and Czechoslovakia, London: Majesty's Stationery Office, 1925


Fleet (the British Empire and Foreign Countries), London: Majesty's Stationery Office, 95 p., 1929


Investigation of Communist Propaganda, Report no. 2290, House of Representatives, Washington, D.C., 1931 January 17


Limitation and Reduction of Naval Armament, Treaty between the United States of America and Other Powers, Treaty Series, no. 830, Washington, D.C., 37 p., 1931


London Naval Conference, speeches and press statements by members of the American delegation, State Department Publication, Washington, D.C., 67 p., 1930


London Naval Treaty of 1930, State Department Publication, Washington, D.C., 23 p., 1930


Memorandum ... of the Optional Clause of the Statute of the Permanent Court of International Justice, London: Majesty's Stationery Office, 13 p., 1929


Organisation et programme des cours, Ecole Libre des Sciences Politiques, Paris, 141 p., 1906-1907


Papers regarding the Limitation of Naval Armaments, London: Majesty's Stationery Office, 46 p., 1928


Parity in Naval Strength, by William H. Gardiner, Navy League of the United States, 12 p., 1930 January 11


Peace Treaty of Trianon, Society of Hungarian Lawyers, Budapest, 39 p., 1931


Photographic History of the Bolshevik Atrocities, 39 p., undated


Records of the Conference for the Limitation of Naval Armament, presented by Mr. Hale, 70th Congress, 1st session, Sen. Doc. No. 55, Washington, D.C., 220 p., 1928


Report of the Preparatory Commission for the Disarmament Conference and Draft Convention, State Department Publication, Washington, D.C., 102 p., 1931


Trade and Navies, by William H. Gardiner, Navy League of the United States, Washington, D.C., 11 p., 1930 January 9


The United States and the Other American Republics, Address by Henry L. Stimson, Secretary of State, Washington, D.C., 18 p., 1931


The Year's Major Factors in the Progress of Peace, Address by Charles E. Hughes, 71st Congress, 1st session, Senate Document no. 19, Washington, D.C., 11 p., 1929

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