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Title: Georges Scapini papers
Date (inclusive): 1928-1976
Collection Number: 78011
Contributing Institution: Hoover Institution Library and Archives
Language of Material: French
Physical Description: 27 manuscript boxes, 3 oversize boxes (15.1 Linear Feet)
Abstract: Correspondence, memoranda, reports, writings, legal documents, printed matter, and photographs, relating to French politics, French prisoners of war in Germany during World War II, and the trial of Georges Scapini as a Nazi collaborator, 1952
Creator: Scapini, Georges, 1893-1976
Physical Location: Hoover Institution Library & Archives


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Acquired by the Hoover Institution Library & Archives in 1978.

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Biographical Note

Georges Scapini

1893, October 4 Born in Paris, France
1914-1918 Wounded in combat, lost eyesight
1928-1940 Deputy, National Assembly
1940-1944 Ambassador to Germany, Chief of the Diplomatic Service for Prisoners of War
1944, December Arrested by the German authorities, having refused to serve the French government in Sigmaringen, Germany
1945, May Incarcerated by the French authorities for intelligence with the enemy; released after 10 months
1949 Tried in absentia; sentenced to 5 years of hard labor
1952 Tried by a military tribunal; acquitted
1960 1929 Translated with an Introduction by Helen Keller
  1928, L'apprentissage de la nuit 1928, A Challenge to Darkness
  Author, Mission sans Gloire
1976, March 25 Died in Cannes, France

Subjects and Indexing Terms

World War, 1939-1945 -- Prisoners and prisons
World War, 1939-1945 -- France
World War, 1939-1945 -- Collaborationists
Prisoners of war
War crime trials
France -- History -- German occupation, 1940-1945
France -- Politics and government -- 1914-1940
Diplomats -- France
France -- Foreign relations -- Germany
Germany -- Foreign relations -- France


Correspondence 1934-1976

Scope and Contents note

Arranged alphabetically by name of correspondent.
box 1

General 1940-1964


Unidentified n.d.


Abetz, Otto 1934-1941


Anderson, Paul B. 1941


L'Assistance Publique (Public Relief Administration), Paris 1942


Berthon, André 1953


Borotra, Jean 1976


Bridoux, General 1944


Brinon, Ferdinand de 1941-1944


Brissaud, André


Cabinet du Maréchal Pétain (Office of Marshal Pétain) 1941-1944


Ciret, René and Alice 1942


Consulate of Sweden, Paris n.d.


Darlan, Admiral 1941


Demaria 1940


Dobler, Jean 1937


Duveau, Maurice 1941


L'Estoile, Maurice de 1952


Eugène, Michel 1941


Fayard, Jean 1938


Le Figaro, Paris 1960


Genevoix, René and Maurice 1970


German Embassy, Paris 1940-1942


Gaumont Raymond, Mrs. I 1940


Gil de Lobo, María Fca. 1971


Giot, J. 1950


Humann, Colonel von 1941-1943


Huntziger, General 1940-1941


Jourdain, M. 1939


Kagen, D. 1940


Lafaye, Louis 1953


Laureux, Marguerite 1950-1975


Laureux, Pierre 1948-1962


Laval, Pierre 1940-1944


Lyautey, Mrs. 1943


Merle, Renée 1946


Ministère des Affaires Etrangères, Paris (Ministry of Foreign Relations) 1949-1959


Mouttel, Countess Auguste de 1940


Nosek 1940-1943


Patterson, Jefferson 1940


Pétain, Marshal 1940-1944


Reinecke, General 1940-1943


Renaud, Lévy 1941


Rodhain, Jean 1946-1949


Roehrig 1941-1943


Schleier, Consul General, Paris 1940-1941


Silva, Georges n.d.


Simon, Paul 1940


Tourneur de Marçay, Georgette Le 1940


Turkey, The Ambassador of, Paris 1946


Weiland, Jean 1940


Speeches and Writings 1936-1960

Scope and Contents note

Arranged alphabetically by title.
box 1

Account of camp inspections n.d.

General Physical Description note: One typescript of an article

Les Dessous de l'Importation des Viandes (The Seamy Side of Meat Imports) 1939.

General Physical Description note: One typescript of an essay

Mission sans Gloire (Mission without Glory), Paris 1960


Advertisements, reviews




Documents (photocopies) - Appendices of Mission sans Gloire


Note sur la Situation Franco-Allemande à la date du 4 Septembre 1938 (Note on the Franco-German situation under date of September 4, 1938), 1938.

General Physical Description note: One typescript of a memorandum

Petite histoire personnelle qui facilite la compréhension d'une période qui s'é tend de 1940 à la fin de la vie, de la mienne tout au moins (Short personal story which helps understand a period of time stretching from 1940 to the end of life, at least of mine) n.d.

General Physical Description note: One typescript of an essay

Remarks, National Assembly, Paris, One typewritten copy of his comments on the German reoccupation of Rhenany, reprinted in Le Petit Bleu, Paris n.d. March 12, 1936


Speech, Annales Coloniales (Colonial Records), One printed copy of his speech reprinted in the Dépche Coloniale Belge, Bruxelles n.d. February 5, 1938


Speech, Dinner given by the Saint-Gobain Company in honor of some employeès released from German camps November 13, 1941.

General Physical Description note: One typewritten copy

Subject File 1928-1978

Scope and Contents note

Correspondence, legal documents, memoranda, minutes of meetings, notes, printed matter, reports, studies, arranged alphabetically by topic.
box 2

L'Aéciste, Paris August 1970


L'Alerte, Nice 1940-1942


Allemagne, Paris April-May 1949




Ambrière, Francis (Charles-Louis Letellier)


Arrivets, Charles


The Aulois affair


Bergery, Gaston


Blum, Léon


Boissarie, André


Brinon, Ferdinand de


Canal Saint-Quentin


Chambrun, Josée Laval de


Chambrun, René de


Churchill, Winston


Comité France-Allemagne (France-Germany Committee) 1934-1938


Le Crapouillot, Paris 1968-1974


Darlan, Admiral


Déat, Marcel


Desouches, Jean


Devaux, Louis


Dewerse, Lucien


Duclos, Jacques


Faure, Paul


Flandin, Pierre-Etienne




Colonialism. De la Nation de cent millions d'hommes à l'Empire de cent millions d'ames, Paris n.d.


Domestic policy

box 3

General 1940-1971

box 3

Communist party

box 3

Le Front de la Paix (The Peace Front)

box 3

May 68

box 3

Socialist party



box 3




box 3

Commission (Wiesbaden)

box 3

Convention, legal aspects of

box 3

High Court of Justice, Paris, trial of Vichy officials 1945

box 3

Paxton, Robert O., La France de Vichy, Paris, including reviews and Scapini's remarks 1940-1944 1973


Foreign policy


General 1965-1967


Embassy in Berlin. For bombing of see also CORRESPONDENCE, Laval November 1943,


Great Britain 1936-1968


Morocco 1955


Soviet-Union. Treaty of 1935


Vietnàm 1947-1949




Garibaldi, Sante


Gaulle, Charles de. See also CORRESPONDENCE, Laureux General file (January 8, 1959)

box 4

Newspaper articles




Foreign policy


General 1938


France 1938-1944


Great Britain 1938-1944


Soviet-Union. Non-aggression pact of 1939


Völkischer Beobachter, Munich April 9/10 1944


Giraud, General Henri-Honoré


Guibert, Lieutenant-Colonel


Herriot, Edouard


Hitler, Adolf




Interview with Leni Riefenstahl February 24, 1936


Meeting with Mussolini March 19, 1940


Meeting with Scapini April 15, 1935


Speech at the Reichstag January 30, 1939


International affairs 1938-1960


International Committee of the Red Cross


Chenevière, Jacques, L'Action de la Croix-Rouge pendant la Guerre (The Activity of the Red Cross during the War), Paris June 1946


Meeting with Scapini April 21, 1944


Reports of camp inspections

box 5

Isorni, Jacques


Jouhaud, General


La Journée du 6 Février, Georges Imann, Paris 1934


Juin, General Alphonse. See Le Monde et la Vie


Kerillis, Henri de


Korean War


Lattre de Tassigny, Jean de. See Le Monde et la Vie


Laureux, Marguerite - CORRESPONDENCE


General (mostly concerning the Stalag IA Association in Bordeaux, France) 1941


Mrs. Didelet 1942-1943


Laureux, Pierre. See also Ambrière, Francis; Prisoners of war, French, Camps, Oflag XB, friendly society of, Prisoners of war, French, Camps, Stalag IA; Prisoners of war, French, Escapes; Prisoners of war, French, Service Diplomatique des Prisonniers de Guerre; Delegation in Berlin, Accounting; Prisoners of war, French, Service Diplomatique des Prisonniers de Guerre, Delegation in Berlin, Final months and end of Scapini's mission; Prisonners of war, German (in France); Rodhain, Jean; Scapini, Georges, Trial, First 1947-1948 1949




File on Bernard, Godard and Hélié


Légion Tricolore (controversy brought up by Le Front des Barbelés


Letters to the editor


Message to the prisoners of war November 23, 1942




Notes on the Geneva Convention on Prisoners of War


Obituaries January 21, 1974


Trial 1945-1946


Bibliographical notes for Rault, Laureux's lawyer




with, or of, his family May-June 1945


Rault 1945-1946


Requests of testimonies, and replies (addressed either to Laureux or Virenque, his lawyer) 1945-1946


Sympathy and congratulations letters 1945-1946


Virenque 1946




Defense pleas file (including a reply to Durandin's deposition, questions to be asked, etc.)




Answer to the Commission's report


Depositions (Charrier, Durandin, Fauchas, Guillaume, Jacomet, Janot, Laureux, Mazet)

box 6

Legislation regarding collaboration and national indignity


Memoranda of his activity at Stablack




Note by Rault for the examining magistrate


Officer candidates file (including CORRESPONDENCE with Janot and Jacomet)


Press accounts


Report to the Minister of War September 7, 1945


Testimonies (letters sent to Virenque)




Laval, Pierre


Légion des Volontaires Français (Legion of French Volunteers)


Lunebourg - Massacre of nearly 250 prisoners of war, mostly French


Man, Henri de




Mauriac, François

box 29

Minute, Paris 1968

box 6

Mitterrand, François

box 29

Le Monde et la Vie, Paris February 1965 March 1965

box 6

Mussolini, Benito


Nuremberg trial




Keitel (Scapini's testimony)


Reinecke (Scapini's testimony)

box 7

L'Opinion Indépendante du Sud-Ouest, Agen 1963-1974


Paris Match, Paris April 1966


Pétain, Philippe




Funeral oration by the Cardinal Segura, Spain August 8, 1951


Le Maréchal, Paris 1965-1974




Trial - Revision


Trips through France


Prisoners of war, French (in Germany)



box 8

Albums and souvenirs given to Scapini

box 8

Cultural activities

box 8


box 9



Food distribution


Friendly societies


Inspections - Reports




Oflags (officers' camps)


Stalags (troups' camps), including Frontstalags


Maps of camp locations and miscellaneous figures and statistics


Medical and sanitary questions


Oflag XB


Friendly society of


Life in


Press. See Cultural activities



box 10

Regulations and living conditions


Stalag IA at Stablack (officer candidates' camp)




Association in Bordeaux, France


Stalag VC


Le Stalag XVIII C Vous Parle October 1943


Stalags 325 (Rawa-Ruska) and 369 (Kobierczyn)


Centre d'Entr'Aide aux Etudiants Mobilisés et Prisonniers (Relief Center for Mobilized Students and Prisonners)




Cahier de Documentation de la France d'Outre-Mer, Paris 1944


Premier Cahier de Documentation des Ingénieurs et Cadres, Paris 1942




Commissariat au Reclassement des Prisonniers de Guerre Rapatriés (Commissioner's Office for the Reemployment of the Repatriated Prisoners of war)




Families in France


Geneva Convention on Prisoners of War


Bretonnière, Maurice, L'Application de la Convention de Genève aux Prisonniers Français en Allemagne durant la Seconde Guerre Mondiale, Paris, (thesis) May 21, 1949

box 11

Text July 27, 1929


Guide du Prisonnier, Paris November 1943


Hommes de Confiance (Confidence Men). See also Toute la France, Articles published in


General (mostly CORRESPONDENCE with Scapini)


2 albums of letters to Scapini (mostly season's greetings)


Mémento de l'Homme de Confiance, Stalag II D 1943








Non-commissioned officers




in war factories, including protection against aerial bombings

box 12

Letters addressed to Scapini 1940-1943




Ministère des Prisonniers, Déportés et Réfugiés (Ministry of Prisoners, Deported and Refugees)




Bilan d'un Effort, Paris 1945


Mouvement National des Prisonniers de Guerre et des Déportés. Organisation de la Résistance Nationale (National Movement of the Prisoners of War and Deported. Organization of the National Resistance)


Officiers-Conseils (Counsel Officers). See also Desouches, Jean


Protocole signed between France and Germany regarding prisoners of war November 16, 1940


Red Cross


Release of prisoners




German file


Reception in France


Requests addressed to Scapini (mostly from families). See also Service Diplomatique des Prisonniers de Guerre, File of cases to examine



box 13

on health and humanitarian grounds


Thank-you letters from prisoners and families under the program called La Relève

General Physical Description note: (2 folders)

Service Diplomatique des Prisonniers de Guerre (Diplomatic Service for Prisoners of War)




Delegation in Berlin


Accounting - Reports of Laureux

box 14

CORRESPONDENCE with the Paris Bureau, including a memorandum entitled Collaboration 1941-1942, June 21, 1941

General Physical Description note: (3 folders)

Final months and end of Scapini's mission


Judicial Department



box 15

with the Oberkommando of the Wehrmacht 1940-1944

box 15

with Reinecke 1941-1944

General Physical Description note: (2 folders)

File of cases to examine

General Physical Description note: (2 folders)

Paris Bureau

box 16

Desbons (head) - Report

box 16

General file

box 16

Intervention - Nominative list

box 16

Medical Office - Reports 1941-1943

box 16

Memoranda 1940-1941

box 16

Notes for Scapini for his camp visits 1944


Press releases

box 16


box 16

Répertoire des Communiqués Officiels, 1943

box 17

Survey of the negociations between France and Germany on the subject of prisoners of war, under date of May 1, 1942










CORRESPONDENCE with Scapini 1940-1941


Post-war reunions, meetings, congresses, etc.


Prisoners of War, French (in the Soviet Union)


Prisoners of War, French (in Switzerland)


Prisoners of War, German (in France and Berlin)


Radio broadcasts




Rémy, Colonel


Rivarol, Paris 1961-1967


Rodhain, Jean. See also CORRESPONDENCE, Laureux November 25, 1962


The Scaffa affair


Scapini, Georges


Appointments 1941-1944


Assistance to various individuals. See also CORRESPONDENCE, Abetz; Brinon; Cabinet du Maréchal Pétain; Laval; Nosek; Roehrig; Schleier


General 1940-1944

box 18

Financial 1941-1945


to Jews 1941-1947


Deputy, National Assembly








First 1949




CORRESPONDENCE (mostly requests of testimonies) 1947-1949


Defense memoranda



box 19


General Physical Description note: (3 folders)

in answer to the report of the Ministère des Anciens Combattants et Victimes de Guerre (Ministry of Veterans and War Victims); report included



box 20

Commission's report


Depositions. See also Comité France-Allemagne

box 20

for the defense

box 20

for the prosecution

box 20


box 20

Inventory of documents

box 20

Request for a suspension introduced by Lamouche, Scapini's lawyer

box 20

Laureux's papers

box 20

Press accounts




(the President's statement and Mrs. Scapini's deposition) Dec. 19


(indictment and verdict) Dec. 20


Prosecution's statement



box 21

General (mostly letters sent to Lamouche)

box 21

Hommes de Confiance and Officiers-Conseils (letters sent to Druon)


Second 1952


CORRESPONDENCE (mostly letters of sympathy and congratulations) 1952


Defense memorandum


Documents (photocopies)


Lamouche's papers


Press accounts


Proccedings July 23-24



box 22

Pleas of lawyers Lamouche and Weil

box 22


box 22


box 22

Interrogation of Scapini

box 22

Prosecution's witnesses

box 22


box 22

Testimonies (letters sent to Lamouche). See also Garibaldi, Sante


Soviet Union




L'U.R.S.S. a son 14e Anniversaire. Faits et Chiffres, Paris 1932


Toute la France, Paris




Articles published in


Ukrainians, émigrés


Union des Aveugles de Guerre (Association of the Blind from War) 1941-1976


United States




Report of Jefferson Patterson, U.S. Embassy, Berlin 1940






Comite (Committee 1939-1940) 1939-1940 1941-1943


Parliamentary Group 1939-1940


Weygand, General Maxime. See also Le Monde et la Vie


General file


Letter from Laureux concerning Scapini 1950


Speech given before the officers of the three branches of the army, Dakar October 20, 1940


World War I

box 23

World War 1939-1945


Printed Matter 1941-1948

Scope and Contents note

box 24



Audio-Visual File 1940-1944.

box 28

Photograph Album fA 1940-1944

box 29

Photograph Album fA 1940-1944

album fB-fC

Photograph Album fB-fC 1940-1944


1981 Increment

box 25

Additional material on French prisoners of war in German camps

box 26

Additional material on French prisoners of war in German camps

box 27

Additional material on French prisoners of war in German camps