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Guide to the Ramsey collection : Norse and Icelandic sagas, 19th century
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Box 1, Volume 1


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Chapter 1-22. Deals mostly with the journeys and activities of Evenwolf's son Thorolf. Thorolf is killed by King Harald in chapter 22. Evenwolf grieves his son's death and aches for revenge.


Chapter 28-42. Skallagrim and Bjorn. Skallagrim's son Thorolf and his journeys and activities.


Chapter 43-58. The story of Egil begins in chapter 43. Egil murders Bard. Egil and King Oloff. Death of Egil's brother Throrolf (55). Marriage of Egil (56). Egil and King Eric (58).


Chapter 63. Poem written by Egil.


Chapter 64-66. Egil's journeys with Thorstein. Egil accepts King Athelstane's offer to be his land warden and to command his army.


Chapter 67. Egil and Thorstein part ways. Egil sails to the Island of Haud (?). Took up lodgings for the night at Fridgeir house called Bindheim. Fridgeir's daughter's hand has been asked in marriage by a cruel man called Ljot the Pale. In thanks for the lodgings, Egil agrees to fight Ljot and save the daughter from the marriage. Egil succeeds in killing Ljot.


Chapter 68-72. Egil goes to Iceland. Egil goes abroad, to Norway. Egil learns that the money he won by killing Ljot the Pale has been seized by the King's factors. Goes to the King to ask for his money. King refuses him. Egil's friend Arinbjorn (kinsman of Fridgeir) gives him money equivalent to that seized by the King. Given as payment for saving Fridgeir's daughter.


Chapter 72. Egil and Arinbjorn set out to journey together and later, part ways.


Cahpter 73-74. Thorstein (Arinbjorn's mother's brother) ordered by King to go on a dangerous mission to Vermaland else be kicked out of the country. Egil volunteers his help - sets off for Vermaland with three men.


Chapter 75-78. Egil's journey to Vermaland. Collects the taxes and returns to the King. King allows Thorstein to remain in Norway. Egil returns home to his farm.


Chapter 79-80. Egil's step-daughter Thordisa marries a wealthy man named Grim. Egil's daughter Thorgerda marries a wealthy man named Olaf. Bodvar, Egil's son, drowns in a storm at sea. Egil's grief overwhelms him. Writes a song in honor of his son and gives a funeral feast. Wrote song in honor of Arinbjorn.


Chapter 81-85. The growing and lasting friendship between Einar (son of Helgi) and Egil. Egil's son Thorstin marries. Egil moves away and lives with daughter Thordisa. Aunund the Sharp-sighted and Steinar his son - grazing their cattle on Thorstin's land.


Chapter 81-85. Thorstin kills Thrand, one of Steinar's men. Steinar questions Thorstin about the death of Thrand. Steinar brings suit against Thorstin. Egil comes to his son's defense and makes peace.


Chapter 86. Thorgeir, son of Egil's sister, rewarded for helping Thorstin during the suit. A Feast at Thorstin's. Egil's health diminishes - he dies. Grim is baptized when Christianity is introduced by law in Iceland. Thorstin is baptized also. Brief account of the great men born to the Thorstin family.

Box 1, Volume 2



Chapter 1. Ketil Flatnose and his family.


Chapter 2. Björn Ketil's son is outlawed.


Chapter 3. Thorolf Nostrasskaeg is exiled.


Chapter 4. Thorolf sails to Iceland.


Chapter 5a. -----------


Chapter 5b. Björn Ketil's son sails for Iceland.


Chapter 6. -------------


Chapter 7. About the descendants of Björn and Thorolf.


Chapter 8. About Thorolf Crooked-foot and Arnkel the Priest.


Chapter 9. About the quarrels between the Kjallaklings and the inhabitants of Thorsness.


Chapter 10. About reconciliation.


Chapter 11. Of the death of Thorstein Godbites.


Chapter 12. Birth of Snorri the Priest.


Chapter 13. Snorri's going abroad.


Chapter 14. Börk divides with Snorri.


Chapter 15. Snorri the Priest becomes a Chief.


Chapter 16. Of Gunlang's death.


Chapter 17. The strife between Kjallak's sons and Illhuge the Black.


Chapter 18. The Mavehlid quarrels.


Chapter 19. Thorian seeks help among his friends.


Chapter 20. About Katla and her son Od.


Chapter 21. Thorarin takes counsel with his friends.


Chapter 22-23. Thorarin and Vermund go abroad.


Chapter 24. About Eric the Red.


Chapter 25. About Vermund and the Berserks Kalle and Leikner.


Chapter 26. Vigfus and the Drapehlid manslaughter.


Chapter 27. About Arnkel and Snorri the Priest.


Chapter 28. About the death of the Berserks.


Chapter 29. Of Thorod the Tribute-taker and B¨jorn Kappe.


Chapter 30. About Thorolf Bowlegs and Ulfar.


Chapter 31. Arnkel protects Ulfar.


Chapter 32. Of Ulfar's death.


Chapter 33. Death of Thorolf Bowlegs.


Chapter 34. Thorolf Bowlegs comes back.


Chapter 35. About Snorri the Priest's dealings with Arnkel.


Chapter 36. Snorri counsels Arnkel's death.


Chapter 37. Of Arnkel's death.


Chapter 38. About the suit for damages.


Chapter 39. Of Thorleif Kimbi's travels abroad.


Chapter 40. About Björn Bredvikinga Kappe.


Chapter 41. Of Thorleif Kimbi and Thorbrands sons.


Chapter 42. Of Thorleif Kimbi and Thorbrands sons.


Chapter 43. About the Bredvikers and Thorbrand's thrall.


Chapter 44. Of the Battle of Alptafjörd.


Chapter 45. Of the overthrow of Thorbrand's sons.


Chapter 46. Of the overthrow of Thorbrand's sons.


Chapter 47. Björn Kappe travels abroad.


Chapter 48. About Greenland and Vinland.


Chapter 49. About Christianity.


Chapter 50. About Thorgunna of the Southern Isles.


Chapter 51. Of Thorgunna's death.


Chapter 52. Of the bodeful Noon.


Chapter 53. Of apparitions.


Chapter 54. Of Thorod the Tribute-taker's death and ghost.


Chapter 55. The spookery is stopped.


Chapter 56-62. The spookery is stopped.


Chapter 63. Of Snorri the Priest and the ghost of Thorolf Bowlegs.


Chapter 64. Of the White Men's Country.


Chapter 65. Of Snorri the Priest.

Box 1, Volume 3


Scope and Content Note

See: The Saga of Grettir, translated by George Ainslie Hight, edited by Ernest Rhys.
Call No. 839.6
G 834h
Box 2, Volume 4



Introduction. Provides historical, archeological and linguistic background.


Pronunciation Key. Guide to pronouncing Icelandic proper names.


Saga 1. The Gylfaginning (the illuding of Gylfi). from Snarri Sturlason's Edda.


Saga 2. Hávamál Teachings of the High - principal poem of the Elder Edda - a collection of maxims of popular wisdoms.


Saga 3. The Völundurkvidha About the mythical personage of Waylend Smith. He is supposedly a person endowed with super natural skill in the working of metals. His name appears in different forms: Volund, Velint, Wieland, Weland and Wayland.


Saga 4. Sigurd Fafnisbane Scandinavian form of the great northern epic. Composed of fifteen separate poems and fragments of the Elder Edda.


Saga 5. Ajal's Saga Icelandic saga based on true historical characters. Believed to be written by a man who lived among the direct descendants of the characters in the saga.

Box 2, Volume 5



Chapter 1. On miracles and evidence, pp. 1-41.


Chapter 2. Description of Palestine, pp. 42-90.


Chapter 3. Historical outline, pp. 91-154.


Chapter 4. Contemporary conditions, pp. 155-214.