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Guide to the National Water Commission Records, 1969-1973

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Descriptive Summary

Title: National Water Commission Records,
Date (inclusive): 1969-1973
Collection number: Special Collections M0225
Creator: National Water Commission.
Extent: 12.5 linear ft.
Repository: Stanford University. Libraries. Dept. of Special Collections and University Archives.
Language: English.

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Gift of Ray K. Linsley, 1973.

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[Identification of item] National Water Commission Records, M0225, Dept. of Special Collections, Stanford University Libraries, Stanford, Calif.

Scope and Content

Reports, research materials, legal papers, minutes, and correspondence of the Commission. Subjects include irrigation, desalting, water resource planning, water law, and water quality.

Materials Removed From Collection



Removed or Separated Material

  • 1. PB 208 309. (NWC-L-72-036). Legal study 18. Pub. Reg. of Water Quality in the U.S. N. William Hines.
  • 2. PB 204 051. (NWC-L-71-016). Legal study 16. Legal and governmental structures for water management in metropolitan areas. Orlando E. Delogu.
  • 3. PB 202 997 (NWC-L-71-010). Legal study 15. The federal-state regional corporation. Richard A. Solomon.
  • 4. PB 202 998 (NWC-L-71-011). Legal study 14. Interstate water compacts. Jerome C. Muys.
  • 5. PB 206 096 (NWC-L-72-027). Legal study 12. Authorization of federal water projects. Northcutt Ely.
  • 6. PB 211 443 (NWC-L-72-053). Legal study 11. The water resources council. Ernst Liebman.
  • 7. PB 205 005 (NWC-L-71-021). Legal study 8C. Legal Aspects of Water Salvage. Richard L. Dewsnup.
  • 8. PB 205 247 (NWC-L-71-022). Legal study 8B. Public Access Rights in Waters and Shorelands. R.L. Dewsnup.
  • 9. PB 205 003. (NWC-L-71-023). Legal study 8A. Legal Protection of Instream Water Values. R.L. Dewsnup.
  • 10. PB 205 527 (NWC-L-72-026). Legal study 6. Ground water law, management and administration. Charles E. Corker.
  • 11. PB 203 600 (NWC-L-71-014). Legal study 5. Federal-state relations in water law, Frank J. Trelease.
  • 12. PB[202 418] (NWC-L-71-007). Legal study 4A. Improvement of state water records. R. L. Dewsnup and Charles J. Meyers.
  • 13. PB 205 249 (NWC-L-71-025). Legal study 3. Administrative allocation of water. Edward W. Clyde and Dallis W. Jensen.
  • 14. PB 206 790 (NWC-F-72-031). Agricultural water demands. Iowa State Univ.
  • 15. PB 208 669 (NWC-EES-72-042). Recycling and ecosystem response. Mich. State Univ.
  • 16. PB 209 942 (NWC-EES-72-045). Desalting. Victor A. Koelzer.
  • 17. PB 201 535 (NWC-EES-71-003). Wastewater Reuse. Dr. Jerome Gavis.
  • 18. PB 210 355 (NWC-EES-72-046). Water use and management aspects of Steam electric power generation. Consulting panel on waste heat.
  • 19. PB 208 667 (NWC-EES-72-040). Classifying water bodies. Colorado State Univ.
  • 20. PB 207 115 (NWC-EES-72-033). Extending utility of non urban water supplies. Utah State Univ. Foundation.
  • 21. PB 201 536 (NWC-EES-71-004). Ground water management. Leslie E. Mack.
  • 22. PB 204 053 (NWC-EES-71-015). Potential Technological Advances and their impact on anticipated water requirements. National Academy of Sciences, committee on technologies and water.
  • 23. PB 199 493 (NWC-EES-71-002). Metropolitan water management. Urban Systems Research and Engineering, Inc.
  • 24. PB 201 534 (NWC-EES-71-005). Precipitation modification. Jack D. Lackner.
  • 25. PB 210 356 (NWC-SBS-72-047). Econ. Value of water concepts and empirical estimates, Colorado State Univ.
  • 26. PB 210 357 (NWC-SBS-72-048). Econ. value of water in a systems context. Butcher, Whittlesey, Orsborn.
  • 27. PB 206 372 (NWC-SBS-72-029). Regional Econ. development: the role of water. Utah. State Univ.
  • 28. PB 204 245 (NWC-SBS-71-013). Public participation in water resources planning. Katherine P. Warner.
  • 29. PB 205 248 (NWC-SBS-71-024). Population growth in communities in relation to water resources policy. Rivkin/Carson, Inc.
  • 30. PB 208 310 (NWC-SBS-72-038). Wastewater management project, Muskegon County, Michigan. Center for Urban Studies.
  • 31. PB 208 304 (NWC-SBS-72-139). Federal cost-sharing policies for water resources. National Bureau of Standards.
  • 32. PB 204 052 (NWC-SBS-71-012). Q Hydroelectric power policy. Truman P. Price.
  • 33. PB 208 668 (NWC-SBS-72-041). Inland waterway transport policy in the U.S.. Dwight M. Blood.
  • 34. PB 204 375 (NWC-SBS-71-019). The New England river basins commission: A Case study. Helen Ingram.
  • 35. PB 210 358 (NWC-SBS-72-049). Intergovernmental relations in water resources activities. Wendell and Schwan.
  • 36. PB 211 442 (NWC-SBS-72-052). Preserving two Great Lakes. Guy J. Kelnhofer, Jr
  • 37. PB 207 314 (NWC-SBS-72-034). Institutional arrangements for water resource development. Vincent Ostrom.
  • 38, PB 212 139 (NWC-EES-72-059). Water pollution control in the U.S. - a panel report.
  • 39. PB 211 922 (NWC-SBS-72-05) contr. NWC 71-019). Alternative adjustments to natural hazards. Univ of Pittsburgh.
  • 40. PB 211 921 (NWC-EES-72-057). Water resources planning. A Panel report.
  • 41. PB 211 444 (NWC-F-72-054 contr. NWC 72-012). Alternative demands for water and land for agricultural purposes. Iowa State Univ.
  • 42. PB 202 620 (NWC-L-71-009). Market transfers of water rights. C.J. Meyers, R.A. Posner.
    Date: July, 1971.
    Legal study #4. Final report.
  • 43. PB 202 611 (NWC-L-71-006). Functional analysis of appropriation law. C.J. Meyers.
    Date: 7-1-71.
    Legal study 1. Final report.
  • 44. PB 205 004 (NWC-L-71-020). Riparian water law: a functional analysis, Clifford Davis.
    Date: Oct. 1971.
    Legal study 2.
  • 45. PB 204 374 (NWC-EES-71-018). Systems analysis in water resources planning. Meta Systems, Inc. Russell J. deLucia, Harold A. Thomas, Jr., Peter P. Rogers, Myron B. Fiering, Robert P. Burden.
    Date: July, 1971.
  • 46. PB 204 244 (NWC-L-71-017). Institutions for water planning. Gary W. Hart.
    Date: Sept. 1971.
    part of Legal study 13.
  • 47. PB 204 928 (NWC-71-014). Water resources policy in Wisconsin. Irving K. Fox. Univ. of Wisconsin, Water Resources Center.
    Date: 1971.
  • 48. PB 206 491 (NWC-F-72-030). Forecasting water demands. Russell G. Thompson, M. Leon Hyatt, James W. McFarland, H. Peyton Young.
    Date: Nov. 1971.
  • 49. PB 209 083 (NWC-SBS-72-044). Pricing and efficiency in water resource management. Robert K. Davis, Steve H. Hanke.
    Date: Dec. 1971.
  • 50. PB 211 974 (NWC-L-72-055). Courts and water - the role of the judicial process. Grant P. Thompson.
    Date: July, 1972.
  • 51. PB 208 835 (NWC-L-72-043). Legal devices for accommodating water resources development and environmental values. William A. Hillhouse II, John L. DeWeerdt. Legal study 17. Final Report.
    Date: Dec. 1971.
  • 52. PB 211 441 (NWC-SBS-72-051). Federal decisionmaking for water resource development. A. Allan Schmid.
    Date: Dec. 1, 1971.
  • 53. PB 210 823 (NWC-EES-72-050). Research and development in water resources. John S. Gladwell.
    Date: Jan. 1972.
    Water resources research, its role in the total R & D spectrum.
  • 54. PB 212 140 (NWC-SBS-72-060). Authorization and appropriation processes for water resource development. David F. Allee, Helen M. Ingram, Cornell Univ.,
    Date: 1972.
  • 55. PB 211 840 (NWC-SBS-72-056). Acreage limitation in the federal reclamation program. Harry J. Hogan.
    Date: 1972.
  • 56. missing (borrowed by C.E. Downs) A Historical study of the water resources policy of the federal government,
    Date: 1900-1970;
    John B. Legler, Glen E. Holt, Perry R. Duis.
    Date: 1971.
  • 57. NWC-EES-72-028 Watershed Management. William E. Sopper.
  • 58. NWC-EES-72-033 An Aesthetic Overview of the Role of Water in the Landscape. Univ. of Cal. at Berkeley.


  • 59. Systems Analysis in H2O Resources Planning by Meta Systems, Inc.
    Date: 7-71.
  • 60. Future Water and Land Use: Effects of Selected Public Agricultural and Irrigation Policies on Water Demand and Land Use. by E. O. Heady, H. C. Madsen, K. J. Nicol, S. H. Hargrove. Preliminary Report.
  • 61. Potential Technological Advances and Their Impact on Anticipated Water Requirements.
    Date: 7-71.
  • 62. The Role of Water in Regional Economic Development by W. C. Lewis, J.C. Anderson, H. H. Fullerton, B. D. Gardner.
    Date: 10-71.
  • 63. National Bureau of Standards Report 10 666. Federal Cost-Sharing Policies for Water Resources. NBS Project 431 4537. by H. E. Marshall and V. L. Broussalian.
  • 64. Inland Waterway Transport Policy in the U.S. by Dwight M. Blood.
    Date: 2-72.
  • 65. The 1970 National Power Survey. Federal Power Commission, Part I.

Transcripts of Proceedings - National Water Commission: (#66-72.)

  • 66. Rocky Mountain--Upper Missouri Basin Regional Conference, Denver,
    Date: 9-26-69.
  • 67. North Central Regional Conference, Chicago, Ill.
    Date: 10-3-69.
  • 68. Southern Regional Conference,
    Date: 10-9-69.
  • 69. Northwest Regional Conference,
    Date: 10-16-69.
  • 70. Southwest Regional Conference,
    Date: 10-27-69.
  • 71. National Regional Conference, 2 volumes,
    Date: 11/6-7/69.
  • 72. Pacific Northwest Regional Conference,
    Date: 8-29-69.
  • 73. A State-of-the-Art Report on Desalting.
    Date: 6-71.
    NWC Staff Paper - draft only.

Container List



Box 1

1. Agendas of meetings and future meetings.


2. Budget.


3. Chicago Regional Conference. 10/3/69.


4. Committee reports.


5. Conferences of National Water Commission - General.


6. Conferences of National Water Commission - 1969.


7A Conferences of National Water Commission - Austin, Texas, 10/4-6/71.


7B Conferences of NWC - 1973 -See boxes 14 and 15


8. Conferences of National Water Commission - 1973

Scope and Content Note

see: boxes 14 and 15.

9. Congressional Reports.


10. Consultants' Presentations.


11. Correspondence - general.

Box 2

1. Correspondence - to Theodore Schad.


2. Correspondence - misc. by addressee.


3. Correspondence - to Ray K. Linsley.


4. Correspondence - to Josiah Wheat.


5. Denver Regional Conference, 9/26/69.


6. Desalting Report.


7. Documents, policy, background information.


8. Duplicate file.


9. Forecasting needs - A.D. Little report.


10. Future discussion.


11. Hearing, questions for.

Box 3

1. Irrigation, role of in meeting demands for food and fiber - by Russell S. Thompson.


2. Los Angeles Regional Conference, 10/27/69.(1)


3. Los Angeles Regional Conference, 10/27/69,(2)


4. Miscellaneous and fragments.


5. Memoranda.


6. New Orleans Regional Conference. 10/8/69.


7. New York Regional Conference. 10/16/69.

Box 4

1. Newspaper clippings and newsletters.


2. Notes (R.K. Linsley).


3. Portland Regional Conference. 10/26/69.


4. Press Releases.


5. Progress Reports - Summaries of activities.


6. Prospective consultants.


7. Public land law study.


8. Recommendations / findings.


9. Related information.

Box 5

1. Report - National Water Commission

Scope and Content Note

see also boxes 9, 13, 14.

2. Reports and papers - misc.


3. Required research.


4. Resource organizations.


5. Resolutions.


6. Staff papers.


7. Statements to Commission. (misc.)


8. Studies.


9. Study for N.W.C. - Future water demands....


10. Talks by N.W.C. staff.


11. Tenn. Valley Association visit./ N.W.C. meeting, 6/4-6/70.


12. Travel for N.W.C.

Box 6

1. Vested interests - correspondence from people with.


2. Washington Conference. 11/6-7/69.Statements by state and fed. agencies.


3. Washington conference - statements by public organizations, associations, and societies.


4. Water law studies.


5. Water quality program.


6. Western states study plan.


7. Work program.

Box 7

Minutes of Meetings 1-36.

Box 8

Minutes of Meetings 37-41.

Box 9

Minutes of Meetings 42-52./

Physical Description: monographs.

Final and preliminary drafts - Report of the N.W.C. (Annotated; in binders).

Box 10

1. Report of the National Water Commission.


2. NWC 70-005. State of the Arts Study of Public Participation in the Water Resources Planning Process. Katherine P. Warner.


3. NWC 70-028. The Economic Value of Water: Concepts and Empirical Values. Robert A. Young and S. Lee Gray.


4. NWC 70-032. Role of Water in the Landscape - A Design overview by R. Burton Litton & Robert T. Felton.


5. NWC 70-034, Feasibility and Recommendations for Classifying water, by Robert Auherman and George I. Chisley.


6. NWC 71-002. Recycling and Ecosystem response to water manipulation, by H.K. Stevens, T.S. Bahr, R.A. Cole.


7. NWC 71-003. Extending the utility of non urban-water supplies, by Utah State University.


8. NWC 71-008. Water supply augmentation by watershed management in wildland areas, by William E. Sopper.


9. NWC 71-014. Water resources policy in Wisconsin [UNK] A summary assessment, by Irving K. Fox. (1971).University of Wisconsin, Water Resources Center - Technical Report OWRR-B-038-WIS. Vol. 1.


10. NWC 71-016. Water resources policy and population change, by Rivkin/Carson, Inc. Wash., D.C.


11. NWC 71-023. Authorization and appropriation processes for water resource development, by David J. Allee and Helen M. Ingram.


12. NWC 72-001. Inter-governmental relations in water resource activities, by Wendell and Schwan, Wash, D/C/


13. NWC 72-007. Acreage limitation in the federal reclamation pro gram, by Harry J. Hogan.

Box 11

1. NWC 72-010. Preserving the Great Lakes, by Guy J. Kelnhofer.


2. NWC Legal Study #2. A fundtional analysis of riparian water law, By Clifford Davis.


3. NWC Legal Study #4. Toward an improved market in water resources, by Charles J. Meyers and Richard A. Posner.


4. NWC Legal Study #4A. Inadequacy of State water right records, by Richard L. Dewsnup and Charles J. Mayors.


5. NWC Legal Study #5. Federal-state relations in the Law of water rights, by Frank J. Treleare

Physical Description: (marked copy).

6. NWC Legal Study 6. Groundwater law, management and administration, by Charles E. Cuher.

Physical Description: (marked copy).

7. NWC Legal Study 7. Major interbasin transfers, legal aspects. by Ralph W. Johnson.


8. NWC Legal Study 8A. Water for recreation: Acquiring or reserving public rights under state laws for instream uses, by Richard L. Dewsnup.


9. NWC Legal Study 8B. Waters for recreation: Rights of public use and public access on waters and adjacent shorelands. by R.L. Dewsnup.


10. NWC Legal Study 8C. Water waste: Legal reforms to encourage water salvage. by R.L. Dewsnup.


11. NWC Legal Study 11. The water resources council, by Ernst Liebman.


12. NWC Legal Study 12. Legal problems involved in the authorization of federal water resource projects. by Northcutt Ely.


13. NWC Legal Study 13. Institutional arrangements: River basin Commissions, Inter-agency committees and AdHoc Coordinating committees. by Gary W. Hart, and The Possibilities and disabilities of river basin commissions established under title II of the water resources planning act of 1965 - the case of the New England river basins commission. by Helen Ingram.


14. NWC Legal Study 15. Additional alternative arrangements for river basins and other regions: the federal-state regional government corporation. by Richard A. Solomon.


15. NWC Legal Study 16. Legal and governmental structures for water management in metropolitan areas. by Orlando E. Del[UNK]ogu.


16. NWC Legal Study 17. Legal devic for accomodating water resources development and environmental values. by William A. Hillhouse II, and John L. DeWeerdt.

Box 12

1. NWC Legal Study 18. Public regulation of water quality in the United States. by A. William Hines.


2. NWC Legal Study 20. Summary digest of major federal water laws and programs. by Theodore Schad.


3. Predator Control - 1971 -Report to the Council on Environmental quality and the department of the interior, by the Advisory committee on Predator control. 1/72.


4. Alternative Adjustments to the Natural Hazard. by David G. Arey, with Duane D. Baumann.


5. The Value of Water in a System Context. by W.R. Butcher, N.K. Whittlesey and J.F. Orsborn.


6. Petition to the central Utah Water Consevancy District for Allotment of water for municipal and industrial use.


7. Analysis of the Muskegon County, Michigan wastewater management project. by George W. Davis and Allison Dunham.


8. Report to the National Association of Water companies on publicly regulated investor-owned water utilities. by Day and Zimmerman Consulting Services.


9. Western U.S. Water Plan. - 1971 progress report.


10. Official Review comments of the Plan of study for the western U.S. water plan.


11. Plan of study - western U.S. water plan.


12. Speech of Gordon Fulcher at the first Annual fall Technical Conference of the SW section, Texas Water pollution control Assoc. 10/28/71.


13. Water resources research - It's role in the total R. & D. spectrum. by Dr. John S. Gladwell.


14. Reports to the National Water Commission by the High Plains Underground Water Conservation District # 1.


15. State and local capability to share financial responsibility of water development of the federal government. by the U.S. Water Resources Council.


16. A proposed national organizational structure for water resources planning. by Victor A. Koelzer.


17. Years of progress at the lower Colorado River Authority.


18. Lubbock Goals in the Seventies. revised edition.


19. Future alternatives affecting the agricultural demand for water and land: the effects of soy protein substitutes and nitrogen fertilizer restrictions on future water and land use. by Howard D. Madsen, E. O. Heady, S. H. Hargrove, K. J. Ticol.


20. A political and institutional analysis of Interbasin water transfers. by Dean E. Mann.


21. Draft outline of chapters and recommendations proposed for the final report of the National Water Commission.


22. Report of the water pollution control panel, NWC.


23. Report to the NWC - water resource planning. 12/71.


24. Report to the NWC - water resource planning. 5/72.


25. Rough draft, Preliminary findings - National Policy Implications of Urban Water Management.

Box 13

1. The role of water resource development as a means of inducing regional economic development.


2. Pumped-storage potential of the pacific northwest - summary report parts I & II. by North Pacific Division Corps of Engineers, Portland, Oregon.


3. Status of Columbia River Salmon and Steelhead Trout - Fish and wildlife committee - Pacific Northwest River Basin Commission.


4. Twenty questions on electric power loads and resources on the pacific northwest - Bonneville Power Administration responses to questions posed by the Oregon nuclear and thermal energy council - Power planning committee, Pacific northwest river basins committee.


5. Investor-owned water utilities in the U.S. - A states trial description. by Robert G. Paszkiewicz.


6. Water resources management and life styles. by James A. Swan, Fred Amsteen, Robert Ross.


7. The Texas water plan - a program of water development for Texas.


8. First reader on water quality - The Texas water quality board.


9. Second reader on water quality- The Texas water quality board.


10. Forecasting water demands - preliminary - for review.


11. Proceedings - 1971 governmental affairs seminar - transcript of a seminar on administrative and legislative challenges in water pollution control, 3/20/71.Wash., D.C., Water Pollution Control Federation.


12. Testimonay before the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, Minneapolis, Minn. by Dr. James H. Wright.


13. Joining NOAA and the USGS.


14. Membership of ASCE Committee activities and research councils.


15. State water right laws. Preliminary. (See # 19 - p.68)


16. United Nations development program - project of the government of Mexico - National Water Planning Study.


17. Courts and Water: the role of the Judicial Process. by Grant P. Thompson, July 1972.Preliminary form of PB 211 974.


18. Pricing and efficiency in water resource management. by Robert K. Davis and Steve H. Hanke. Dec., 1971.Preliminary form of PB 209 083.


19. A Summary - Digest of State Water Laws. NWC. Vol. I Alabama-Nebraska. [Feb.] 1973.


20. A Summary - Digest of State Water Laws. NWC. Vol II[UNK] Nevada-Wyoming and comments. [Feb.] 1973.


21. A Summary - Digest of the Federal Water Laws and Programs. NWC. [Feb.] 1973.


22. NWC Report: Revised Review Draft. Vol. I Chapters 1-6.

Box 14

1. NWC Report: Revised Review Draft. Vol. II Chapters 7-14.


2. NWC Report: Revised Review Draft. Vol. III Chapters 15 - Index.


3. NWC Report: Revised drafts by R.K. Linsley; substitutions.


4. Draft of summary report.


5. Second revised draft of summary report.


6. Review Draft. Proposed Report of the National Water Commission. Nov. 1972.Washington, D.C. Edited & annotated by R.K. Linsley.


7. A Critique: Flood Control Project, Gila River and tributaries downstream from Painted Rock Reservoir, Arizona. by Citizens Organization for Protection of the Lower Gila. May 26, 1971.


8. Opportunities in Land Management. by Maynard M. Nelson and Keith W. Harmon. Sept. 14, 1972.


9. Capturing the Potentials of Water Resources Investments, by C. A. Berry and John C. H. Lee, Jr.


10. Hydroelectric Power Policy by Truman P. Price. NWC. Feb., 1971.


11. Some Environmental and economic implications of the NWC's 1972 Draft Report. by Roland C. Clement and Robert K. Davis. 1/15/73.Audubon Conservation Report # 3.


12. CAP - Indian Water Project: Report on Allocation of Central Arizona Project water for five applicant tribes. by Board of Consultants, Phoenix, Arizona. July 7, 1972.


13. NWC Conference: 1/9-10/73.Spokane, Washington. Statements and reports to the conference re: 1972 Review Draft of NWC.

Box 15

1. NWC Conference: 1/11/73.Phoenix, Arizona.


2. NWC Conference: 2/5-6/73.New Orleans, La.


3. NWC Conference: 2/8-9/73.Washington, D.C.


4. Misc. statements and correspondence re: Review Draft Nov. 1972 - June, 1973.Opinions by various groups and orgs.

Oversize OS

Galley proof. Report of the National Water Commission.

Scope and Content Note

(wrapped in brownspaper)