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Inventory of the Hans Albert Einstein Papers, 1937-1972
MS 80/8  
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Colusa Weir Sedimentation Investigation

Box Box 1, Folder 1.1

General report of the study including some tables

Folder 1.2

Maps, graphical data, correspondence, photographs

Folder 1.3

Proposal to the State Reclamation Board by Einstein to perform Engineering Services for the Colusa Weir project

Physical Description: (4 copies).

A Copy of the invitation for proposals.



Folder 1.4

Aerial Photographs


General Location Map


Sacramento River Alignment Map


Graphs - discharge curves, frequency of flows, water surface slope


Tables - Duration and frequency of flow, Discharge over Colusa Weir (daily) 1940-1965.


Correspondence -

Physical Description: 1 piece
Folder 1.5

Colusa Weir Investigation reports - office reports for the Reclamation Board

Physical Description: (2 copies differing slightly)

Drilling and Sampling Log

Folder 1.6

Calculations for Bed Load Function Sacramento River


Channel Stability in the Middle Rio Grande

Box Box 1, Folder 2.1

Large notebook containing maps, progress reports, assorted calculations (most handwritten), some correspondence 1947-48.


Silica Flour Experiments

Box Box 1, Folder 3.1

Silica Flour Flume Experiments (original data) May-Aug. 1957

Physical Description: (1 large notebook)
Folder 3.2

Bed Load Transport of Silica Flour (original data) 1959 with George Kalkanis

Physical Description: (1 large notebook)

Velocity and Sediment Distribution

Box Box 2, Folder 4.1

Volume I - (original data) 1952-53


-- Pitot tube calibration


-- Channel roughness

Folder 4.2

Volume II - (original data) 1954


-- Runs C-8, S-5- S-7

Folder 4.3

Volume III - (original data) 1954


-- Runs C-9 - C-11 and S-8 - S-18


Atchafalaya River Study

Box Box 2, Folder 5.1

The Atchafalaya River Study - a report 1951


Volume 3, put out by the U.S. Corps of Engineers.

Folder 5.2

Memorandum - February 1, 1952


Subject - Bed Load Transport Data and Computations for Old, Atchafalaya, and Mississippi Rivers, by Dr. Straub's Method

Physical Description: 2 1/2 pages
Folder 5.3

Investigation of Scour and Deposits in the Vicinity of Crevasses. June 9, 1952 includes maps

Folder 5.4

Memorandum - July 9, 1952

Scope and Content Note

Effect of Water Regulation on the Regimen of the Atchafalaya and of the Mississippi below Old River. Includes graphs, tables
Folder 5.5

Bed-Load Function of the Atchafalaya River, Miles 0 - 41.7

Folder 5.6

Table - Suspended Sediment Observations: Atchafalaya River at Simmesport, LA

Folder 5.7

Sediment Load graphs

Folder 5.8

Hydrographs with some tables

Box Box 3, Folder 5.9

Correspondence, agenda, data related to conference on the Atchafalaya River Study.

Folder 5.10

Studies of River Bed Material

Folder 5.11

Atchafalaya River (1) Suspended Sediment Distribution -- data & calculations

Folder 5.12

Atchafalaya River (2) Velocity Distribution, Determination of K and Measured Z, vs. Theoretical Z

Folder 5.13

Atchafalaya River (3) Map, 1950 cross-section and slope, bed material samples. Calculation ot total load from point sample of suspended load, determination of curve.


Old River Study

Box Box 3, Folder 6.1

Old River Control - Closure of Old River November 1953

Folder 6.2

Old River Control Structures - Structural Design April 27, 1954

Folder 6.3

Mississippi River and Tributaries Old River Control April 1954


Appendix A to Design Memorandum No. 1 - Sedimentation

Folder 6.3a

Slightly Revised version -- May 1954

Folder 6.4

Old River Control Sediment Diversion Model Study -- Outline of Tests and Results September 9, 1955

Folder 6.5

Report of Model Study - Old River Outlet Channel - Spoil Bank Locations September 1955

Folder 6.6

Old River Control Structure Sediment Diversion (Second Phase)


Technical Memorandum, Report 2 October 1957

Folder 6.7

Project plans, maps, model calculations

Folder 6.8

Calculations, photos, plates


Bear River Study

Box Box 3, Folder 7.1

Preliminary Report on the Sedimentation in the Bear River Channel between Cutler Dam and the Preston Bridge, Utah 1951

Scope and Content Note

Report made by Einstein to the Utah Power and Light Company

Los Gatos Creek Channel Study

Box Box 3, Folder 8.1

Figures and Plates (originals)

Physical Description: 9 pages
Folder 8.2

General Plans

Folder 8.3

Preliminary Drawings

Folder 8.4

Correspondence, bookeeping paperwork related to project

Folder 8.5

Progress sheets, calculations


Salinas River Project

Box Box 3, Folder 9.1

Salinas River, Calif. (Interim Report) 1947

Scope and Content Note

submitted by Lt. Gen. R.A. Wheeler, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Folder 9.2

Report on the Investigation of the Fundamentals of the Action of River Training Structures July 1950

Folder 9.3

Level Book - sample data for the sedimentation study

Folder 9.4

Maps, data sheets

Folder 9.5

Notebook of photographs - Revetment Study

Folder 9.6

Investigation of the Fundamentals of the Action of River Training Structures August 1949 (appears to be preliminary to 9.2 above.

Folder 9.7

Notes on Use of Impermeable Spur Dikes for Stream Bank Stabilization February 1947 (by Vernon J. Palmer)

Folder 9.8

Data sheets for 1950-51 flood runoff season collected by USGS

Folder 9.9

California Streams and Their Sediment Load

Folder 9.10

Notes on the mineralogy of some sands from the Arroyo Seco and Salinas River (by Osborne Hutton)

Folder 9.11

Alphabetical list of dams under jurisdiction of the state of California

Folder 9.12

Salinas River suspended Load samples at San Lucas, Bed Material Samples by Chien at San Ardo, San Lucas and King City


Total Load calculation

Folder 9.13

Financial statements, correspondence, grant proposals

Folder 9.14

Financial statements, forms, related correspondence

Folder 9.15

Channel Improvements in Alluvial Streams 1948 (by A.P. Grant)

Folder 9.16

Transport in Arroyo Seco (Karl S. Pister)

Folder 9.17


Folder 9.18

Photographs and negatives

Folder 9.19

Original Data - Bed Load Transport in Salinas River, Arroyo Seco, San Antonio River, and Nacimiento Rivers


E.B.M.U.D. Hydraulic Studies

Box Box 4, Folder 10.1

Hydraulic Model Study of Grit Chambers for the 34th Street Raw Sewage Pumping Plant

Scope and Content Note

Multiple copies of the report - handwritten drafts, typwritten drafts final copies, some illustrative material (plans), calculations.
Folder 10.2-10.4

Calculations - handwritten

Folder 10.5

Correspondence, accounting forms, reports attached to correspondence

Folder 10.6


Folder 10.7

Photos and plans

Folder 10.8

Illustrative mater (5 figures)- drawings & calculations


Tides And Canals

Box Box 4, Folder 11.1

Flow in Tidal Canals 1937

Scope and Content Note

Application of the reflected Wave Theory to the Prediction of Tides and Currents in the Enlarged Chesapeake and Delaware Canal
Folder 11.2

Tides and Currents in Chesapeake and Delaware Canal

Folder 11.3

The Prediction of Tidal Flows in Canals and Estuaries - First Report July 1954

Folder 11.4

The Calculation of Tidal Flows in the Panama-Sea-Level Canal by the Linearized Method - Second Report November 1956

Folder 11.5

Study of Causes of Instability in Tidal Calculations using the Electric Analog Model - Third Report February 1960

Folder 11.6

Analytic and Numerical Methods for the Prediction of Tidal Elevations and Tidal Flows in Canals and Estuaries - Final Report- December 1960

Folder 11.7

Stability of Tidal Inlets - a progress report April 1958

Folder 11.8

Interim Report on Office Studies of Tidal Theories Prepared by Philadelphia District for Committee on Tidal Hydraulics October 1951

Folder 11.9

Preliminary Sheets and extra prints of 11.8 calculations 1950-1951

Folder 11.10

Data for St. Lucie Canal


Suspended Load

Box Box 4, Folder 12.1

Factors in the Movement of Bed-Load in Channels and in its Relation to Suspended Load - by A.R. Thomas 1945

Folder 12.2

The Efficiency of Suspended-Sediment Sampling (Original data) by Ning Chien

Folder 12.3

1 large binder of calculations, notes, drawings - handwritten


Class and Student Work - Civil Engineering 263, 298, 275, others

Box Box 4, Folder 13.1

Student reports - short papers summarizing, abstracting articles, papers, in hydrology. CE 275

Folder 13.2

Student reports - same as above - from CE 263

Folder 13.3

Class handouts, student papers (review of literature as above) - CE 298

Folder 13.4

Selected Bibliography on Sedimentation for CE 206 Compiled by Einstein for class

Folder 13.5

The Bed Load Flume - Richmond Field Station by P.F. Ruff and D.R. Dudler under Direction of Einstein September 1956

Folder 13.6

Hydraulic Energy Dissipators by Enrique Escudero for CE 299 Fall 1970



Box Box 4, Folder 14.1

Discharge Measurement Notes State of Arkansas near Pine Bluff 1957-

Folder 14.2

Dardanelle Sediment Report - measurements at numerous gaging stations

Folder 14.3

Folder of loose, unlabeled photos - marked 1913 - Iowa One says Pit River Dam

Folder 14.4

Photographs - Model Studies Arroyo Seco Flood Control Barriers 1942

Folder 14.5

Unmarked illustrations, calculations - in o envelope


Publications, Reports, Papers, et al not by Einstein

Box Box 5, Folder 15.1

Soil Conservation - July 1942 Vol. VIII, no. 1

Folder 15.2

PG&E folder on the Feather River Project

Folder 15.3

A Numerical Test of the bs - Theory by Lt. Col. T. Blench 1946

Folder 15.4

Flow and Sediment Transport in the Vicinity of Screens

Physical Description: 3 copies + illus.

Scope and Content Note

by Mehmetcik Bayazit 1965
Folder 15.5

Memorandum on the Typical Characteristics of Taiwan (Formosa) Rivers

Physical Description: 2 copies + illus, map (col), photos
Folder 15.6

Three Rating Curves submitted to Einstein for his opinion 1959

Folder 15.7

Engineering Geology of San Francisco Bay by Parker D. Trask and Jack W. Rolston (typewritten copy)

Folder 15.8

Watershed Approach to Sedimentation Problems by Wendell R. LaDue with discussion by H.Einstein & Alex Van Praag, Jr. (no date or pub. data)

Folder 15.9

Berekeningen over de afsluiting van de Brielsche Maas en Botlek met practische beschorwingen over getijberekeningen in het algemeen by J.J. Dronkers. some typed translation included De Ingenieur - 63e No. 40 5 October 1951.

Folder 15.10

Journal of the Hydraulics Division November 1962

Folder 15.11

Journal of the Hydraulics Division July 1967

Folder 15.12

Development of the Mechanics of Sediment Transportation Vito A. Vanoni

Scope and Content Note

Reprinted from Proceedings of the Federal Inter-Agency Sedimentation Conference, Denver, Colo. May 6-8, 1947. (Discussion by Martin Mason, Parker Trask and H. Einstein)
Folder 15.13

Sediment Transport in Cache Creek Drainage Basin in the Coast Ranges West of Sacramento, California by Lawrence K. Lustig and Robert D. Busch in Geological Survey Professional Paper 562-A 1967

Folder 15.14

Photostats representing beginning of study of relation of tidal currents to the San Francisco Bar. Submitted to Einstein by H.G. Gerdes, 1955.

Folder 15.15

Exhibit Drawings - Salt Water Barrier Investigation - submitted by Einstein by H.G. Gerdes 1955

Physical Description: 2 copies
Folder 15.16

Comprehensive Survey of San Francisco Bay and Tributaries Hydraulic Model Studies - Report No. 3 - Model Tests of Hopper Dredge Spoil Disposal - San Francisco Bay February 1963

Folder 15.17

Preprint for the Symposium on Sedimentation - to honor Dr. H.A. Einstein - June 1971


Publications By Hans Albert Einstein

Scope and Content Note

Listed alphabetically by title. Joint author(s) indicated where appropriate.


This does not represent a complete listing of his publications. See also the card catalog of the WRCA for additional titles.
Box Box 6, Folder 16.1

A Basic Description of Sediment Transport on Beaches


1972 reprinted from WAVES ON BEACHES, New York: Academic Press.

Folder 16.2

The Bed-Load Function for Sediment Transportation in Open Channel Flows

Physical Description: (5 copies)

1950 United States Department of Agriculture Soil Conservation Service Technical Bulletin No. 1026 (September, 1950) Washington, D.C.

Folder 16.3

Bed-Load Transportation in Mountain Creek


1944 United States Department of Agriculture Soil Conservation Service Prepared at Greenville Sediment Load Laboratory, Clemson, South Carolina.

Folder 16.4

Can the Rate of Wash Load be Predicted from the Bed-Load Function?


1953 TRANSACTIONS, American Geophysical Union, Volume 34, Number 6. with Ning Chien.

Folder 16.5

Clogging of Porous Column of Spheres by Sediment


1970 Journal of the HYDRAULICS DIVISION Proceedings of the American Society of Civil Engineers, Volume 96, No. HY2, February.

Folder 16.6

Deposition of Suspended Particles in a Gravel Bed


1968 Journal of the HYDRAULICS DIVISION Proceedings of the American Society of Civil Engineers, Volume No. 94, No. HY5, September.

Folder 16.7

Determination of Rates of Bed-Load Movement

Physical Description: (2 copies)

1948 Reprinted from Proceedings of the Federal Inter-Agency Sedimentation Conference, Denver, Co., May 6-8, 1947. Edited and prepared by Bureau of Reclamation, U.S. Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C.

Folder 16.8

A Distinction Between Bed-Load and Suspended Load in Natural Streams

Physical Description: (4 copies)

1940 TRANSACTIONS OF THE AMERICAN GEOPHYSICAL UNION. Annual Meeting 21 (pt. 2); 628-633. (with Alvin G. Anderson, Joe W. Johnson)

Folder 16.9

Effects of Heavy Sediment Concentration Near the Bed on Velocity and Sediment Distribution

Physical Description: (2 copies)

1955 University of California Institute of Engineering Research, Berkeley, CA (with Ning Chien)

Folder 16.10

Einstein Bed-Load Function at High Sediment Rates

Physical Description: (2 copies)

1972 Journal of the HYDRAULICS DIVISION Proceedings of the American Society Civil Engineers, Vol. 98, No. HY1,January. (with Farouk M. Abdel-Aal)

Folder 16.11

An Electric Analog Model of the Sacramento San Joaquin Delta


1958 Hydraulics Laboratory, University of California, Riverside, June, 1958. (with J.A. Harder)

Folder 16.12

Engineering Derivation of the Navier-Stokes Equations


1963 Journal of the ENGINEERING MECHANICS DIVISION Proceedings of the American Society of Civil Engineers, Volume 89, No. EM3, June.

Folder 16.13

Equilibrium Method for Limit Calculation of Frames


1967 Journal of the ENGINEERING MECHANICS DIVISION Proceedings of the American Society of Civil Engineers, Volume 93, No. EM5, October. (with Douglas H. Clyde)

Folder 16.14

Estuarial Sediment Transport Patterns


1961 Journal of the HYDRAULICS DIVISION Proceedings of the American Society of Civil Engineers, Volume 87, No. HY2, March. (with R.B. Krone)

Folder 16.15

Experimental Apparatus Studies Sediment Transport in Closed Conduits


1963 CIVIL ENGINEERING, October 1963. (with W.H. Graf)

Folder 16.16

Flow on a Movable Bed

Physical Description: (3 copies)

1943 Proceedings of the Second Hydraulics Conference, Bulletin 27, University of Iowa Studies in Engineering.

Folder 16.17

Fluctuations of Total Head Near a Smooth Wall in a Turbulent Open Channel Flow


n.d. University of California, Riverside. (with Calvin G. Clyde)

Folder 16.18

Fluctuating Total Head in a Viscous Sublayer


1966 Journal of the ENGINEERING MECHANICS DIVISION Proceedings of the American Society of Civil Engineers, Volume 92, No. EM2, April 1966. (with Calvin G. Clyde)

Folder 16.19

Formulas for the Transportation of Bed Load


1941 American Society of Civil Engineers TRANSACTIONS, Volume 107, paper no. 2140.

Folder 16.20

Der Geschiebetrieb als Wahrscheinlichkeitsproblem


1937 Mitteilung der Versuchsanstalt für Wasserbau an der Eidg. techn. Zurich: Verlag Rascher & Co.

Folder 16.21

Hydrodynamic Forces on a Rough Wall


1949 Reviews of Modern Physics, Vol. 21, No. 3, July, 1949. (with El-Sayed Ahmed El-Samni)

Folder 16.22

Jet Pump Model Test for Pacific Coast Engineering Company


1960 University of California Institute of Engineering Research, Berkeley, CA Series No. UCB-Eng-6428, Issue no. 1. (with H.W. Iversen)

Folder 16.23

The Laws of Sediment Transportation


1950 preprint from Trask's APPLIED SEDIMENTATION. published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. (with J.W. Johnson)

Folder 16.24

Linearity of Friction in Open Channels

Physical Description: (2 copies)

1951 Union Geodesique et Geophysique Internationale - Association Internationale d'Hydrologie Scientifique - Assemblee Generale de Bruxelles - Extrait du Tome III. (with R.B. Banks)

Folder 16.25

Loop System for Measuring Sand-Water Mixtures


1966 Journal of the HYDRAULICS DIVISION Proceedings of the American Society of Civil Engineers, Volume 92, No. HY1, January. (with W.H. Graf)

Folder 16.26

Methods of Determining Sand- and Silt Movement Along the Coast, in Estuaries and in Maritime Rivers. -- Use of Modern Techniques such as Radioactive Isotopes, Luminophors, etc.


1961 XXth International Navigation Congress, Baltimore. (with Ray B. Krone)

Folder 16.27

Movable Bed Model for River Structure Design

Physical Description: (3 copies)

1967 Einstein discusses this article - written by others (Howard E. Christian, Warren J. Mellema, Walter M. Linder) Journal of the WATERWAYS AND HARBORS DIVISION Proceedings of the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Folder 16.28

Movement of Beach Sands by Water Waves


1948 TRANSACTIONS American Geophysical Union, Volume 29, No. 5, October.

Folder 16.29

Needs in Sedimentation

Physical Description: (3 copies)

1963 Journal of the HYDRAULICS DIVISION Proceedings of the American Society of Civil Engineers, Vol. 89, No. HY5, September.

Folder 16.30

Neuere Versuchsresultate Uber den Geschiebetrieb


1934(?) (publication?) (with E. Meyer-Peter, H. Favre)

Folder 16.31

Open Channel Flow of Water-Air Mixtures


1954 TRANSACTIONS American Geophysical Union, Vol. 35, No. 2, April. (with O. Sibul)

Folder 16.32

Organization of Research on the Shoaling in Tidal Flows

Physical Description: (3 copies - 1 handwritten draft and 2 typed)

1957 To the Committee on Tidal Hydraulics Corps of Engineers - U.S. Army

Folder 16.33

Prediction of the Shape of Improved Alluvial Channels From Existing Such Channels


1971 ACTA Technica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae 70. (with Al-Ling Chiang Hsieh)

Folder 16.34

River Channel Roughness


1952 TRANSACTIONS American Society of Civil Engineers, Vol. 117. (with Nicholas L. Barbarossa)

Folder 16.35

Second Approximation to the Solution of the Suspended Load Theory


1954 University of California Institute of Engineering Research (with Ning Chien)

Folder 16.36

Secondary Currents in Straight Channels


1958 TRANSACTIONS American Geophysical Union, Vol. 39, No. 6. (with Huon Li)

Folder 16.37

Sediment and the Development of Water Resources


1963 The Princeton University Conference Engineering and World Water Resources - May 23-24, 1963.

Folder 16.38

Sedimentation Problems in Turkey


1969 to the General Directorate of the State Hydraulic Works, Ankara.

Folder 16.39

Sedimentation (Suspended Solids)


1972 reprinted from RIVER ECOLOGY AND MAN - New York: Academic Press.

Folder 16.40

Shear Transmission from a Turbulent Flow to its Viscous Boundary Sub-Layer


n.d. no publication information. (with Huon Li)

Folder 16.41

Similarity of Distorted River Models with Movable Bed


1954 Proceedings American Society of Civil Engineers, Hydraulics Division Vol. 80, separate no. 566. (with Ning Chien)

Folder 16.42

Surface-Runoff and Infiltration

Physical Description: (3 copies)

1945 TRANSACTIONS American Geophysical Union, Vol. 26, No. III, December.

Folder 16.43

Steady Vortex Flow in a Real Fluid


n.d. no publication information (with Huon Li)

Folder 16.44

A Study on Meandering in Straight Alluvial Channels

Physical Description: (2 copies)

1964 Journal of Geophysical Research, Vol. 69, No. 24, December 15, 1964. (with H.W. Shen)

Folder 16.45

Theories of Tidal Hydraulics


n.d. no publication information (with J.A. Harder)

Folder 16.46

Transport of Sediment Mixtures with Large Ranges of Grain Sizes


1953 University of California Institute of Engineering Research, June 1953. (with Ning Chien)

Folder 16.47

Ueber de Aehnlichkeit be Flussbaulichen Modellversuchen

Physical Description: (2 copies)

1939 Schweizer Archiv fur angewandte Wissenschaft und Technik, Heft No. 8. (with Rob. Muller)

Folder 16.48

The Viscosity of Highly Concentrated Underflows and its Influence on Mixing


1941 TRANSACTIONS, American Geophysical Union - Papers, Hydrology.

Physical Description: (2 copies)
Folder 16.49

The Viscous Sublayer Along a Smooth Boundary


1958 TRANSACTIONS, American Society of Civil Engineers, Vol. 123.


Additional Einstein Publications (papers, abstracts, drafts)

Box Box 6, Folder 16.50

Experiments to Determine Modes of Cohesive Sediment Transport in Salt Water


1961 Presented at the 42nd Annual Meeting of the American Geophysical Union, Washington, D.C., April 19. (with R.B. Krone)

Folder 16.51

Limit of the Application of the Bed-Load formula to Natural Streams


1945 draft (handwritten and typed)

Folder 16.52

Methods of Determining Sediment Transport Along the Coast and in Coastal Waterways


n.d. (with R.B. Krone)

Folder 16.53

The Movement of Bed Particles in a Turbulent Stream


1944 Abstract, handwritten notes for paper at American Physical Society Meetings - December 16, 1944. (Programme included)

Folder 16.54

Results of the Sediment Studies Applied to the Field



Folder 16.55

On Sediment Transport



Physical Description: 1 page summary
Folder 16.56

On Sediment Movement


n.d. handwritten draft

Folder 16.57

Sediment Transportation Research



Folder 16.58

Short Report on the Sediment Problems in Bull Creek, California



Folder 16.59

Use of Hydraulic Analogies for Studying Wave Phenomena in-Gases


1946 2 rough drafts and programme for 1946 Aviation Meeting of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.