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Guide to the Theater collection, 1849-1964
Special Collections M0124  
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Box 1, Folder 1



Theatrical Fragments from a Decade: 1850-1860. 1933carbon typescript with ms. corrections.

Box 1, Folder 2

BARRYMORE, JOHN. 1882-1942.


1. to Ray Lyman Wilbur. Apr. 19, 1926.

Physical Description: T.L.S.

2. to D. S. Jordan. Oct. 25, 1929.

Physical Description: T.L.S.

3. to Mrs. D. S. Jordan. Nov. 14, 1929.

Physical Description: T.L.S.

4. T.L. (carbon) to Mrs. D. S. Jordan to Barrymore. Nov. 23, 1929. not sent

Scope and Content Note

copy of Sargent portrait of Barrymore in Bender Room.
Box 1, Folder 2a.

*Booth, Junius Brutus 1849, Dec. 18to I. Sefton

Physical Description: A.L.S.
Box 1, Folder 3



1. Oliver Larkin to B.H.C. Mar. 30, 1922with Apr. 2addition.

Physical Description: A.L.S.

2. Oliver Larkin to B.H.C. Apr. 14, [1922?]

Physical Description: A.L.S.

3. Oliver Willis to B.H.C. Jul. 15, 1937

Physical Description: A.L.S.

4. A.P.C.S. Willis to B.H.C. Jul. 21, 1937


5. is to B.H.C. Oct. 9, 1937

Physical Description: T.L.S. Wil
Box 1, Folder 4



to Mrs. M. C. Sloss. Jun. 18, 1932with cvr.

Physical Description: T.L.S.
Box 1, Folder 5

CREEL, BLANCHE BATES (Mrs. George). 1873-1941.


to Mrs. M. C. Sloss. n.d.with cover.

Physical Description: A.L.S.
Box 1, Folder 6



An Account of the London Theatres from the Restoration to the present time [1885]

Box 1, Folder 6a

Daily Agustin Apr. 9, 1886A.L.S. to Mr. [Morrell?]

Box 1, Folder 7



1. Feb. 7, 1936.Conference of National Board of Review of Motion Pictures. Relating Community Activities with University Interest in Motion Pictures Sawyer Falk.

Physical Description: Carbon.

2. Collins vs. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer et al. Appeal and complaint for infringement of copyright, unfair competition to James M. Collins' Test Pilot.

Box 1, Folder 7a

Forbes-Robertson, Sir Johnston


1. 1912 Jan. 24 :ALS to [?]


2. 1928 Dec. 2 :ALS to W.D. Vincent (with cover)


3. 1929 Jan. 6 :ALS to W.D. Vincent (with cover)

Box 1, Folder 8



to Agnes Ethel Tracy. Jun. 28, 1896.

Physical Description: A.L.S.
Box 1, Folder 9



1. from Bertha N. Graham. [1911]

Physical Description: A.L.S.

2. from Joseph D. [Reding]. Jun. 14, 1913.

Physical Description: A.L.S.

3. om M. Meyerfeld, Jr. Feb. 3, 1911

Physical Description: T.L.S. f
Box 1, Folder 10



Geschichte der Meininger (History of the Meininger). Carbon of original typescript of translation by Ann Marie Koller.

Box 1, Folder 11

HAMPDEN, WALTER (stage name of Walter Hampden Dougherty) 1879-


to Mrs. M. C. Sloss. Apr. 15, 1933and cvr.

Physical Description: A.L.S.
Box 1, Folder 12



to Dear Dr. Lyman Wilbur. Apr. 14, 1941.

Physical Description: A.L.S.
Box 1, Folder 13

LANG, ANTON. 1875-1938. (of Oberammergau)


1. to Charlotte Knoch with note by Tony Schumacher. Both in German on postcard & typescript in German.

Physical Description: A.N.S.

2. to unknown. Oct. 8, 1909.in English.

Physical Description: A.L.S.
Box 1, Folder 13a

Payne, John Howard. Facsimile AMsS of Home Sweet Home & portrait

Box 1, Folder 14

ROBSON, MAY (real name: Mary Robison). 1865-1942.


to Mrs. M. C. Sloss. Feb. 7

Physical Description: A.L.S.
Box 1, Folder 15

SKINNER, OTIS. 1858-1942.


2 to Mrs. M. C. Sloss. Apr. 12 & 15, 1932.

Physical Description: A.L.S.
Box 1, Folder 16

THOMPSON, ISABEL IRVING (known as Isabel Irving). 1871-


to Helen Sutliff. n.d.

Physical Description: A.N.S. and A.L.S.
Box 1, Folder 17



to Friend Waldron and printed program.

Physical Description: A.L.S.


Box 1, Folder 18



The Unseen Empire.

Physical Description: Copy of first draft. Typescript with some ms. corrections.

COTTRELL, H. D., DRAMA COLLECTION ( 1890s;handwritten copies with clippings and printed material inserted)

Box 1, Folder 19

1. Passion's Slave by John A. Stevens. Handwritten copy by Cottrell.


2. The Golden Giant by Clay M. Greene


3. Hazel Kirke by Steele Mackaye.

Box 1, Folder 20

4. & 5. Monte Cristo adapted from Dumas

Box 2, Folder 21

6. Jean Valjean Act 6.


7. Louis XI - Henry Irving's version translated from the French of Casamir Delavigne.


8. no title - about a professor.

Box 2, Folder 22

DE MILLE, HENRY CHURCHILL. 1853-1893 and BELASCO, DAVID. 1854-1931.


Men and Women 1890.

Physical Description: Typescript [original?] with ms. corrections and stage directions.

Scope and Content Note

Stamped on several pages: Alice Kauser, 1432 Broadway, New York
Box 2, Folder 23



The World and His Wife. Adapted by Charles Francis [Nirdlinger] from El Gran Galeato. Prompt copy of Sir John Martin Harvey 1863- who produced the play as Slander in 1908.

Physical Description: Typescript in English
Box 2, Folder 24



Medea. Translated from Greek by Melba I. MacLeod, adapted by Lolo Robinson and O. G. Breckett. Copyright 1950.

Physical Description: Mimeograph copy.
Box 2, Folder 25



1. The Love for Three Oranges.

Physical Description: mimeo copy.

2. The House Bernarda Alba.

Physical Description: mimeo with ms. corrections.


Box 2, Folder 26

1. The Way It Was.

Physical Description: typescript. (carbon)

2. The Call of Bohemia.

Physical Description: mimeo and carbon
Box 2, Folder 27

3. And the Gods Laughed.

Physical Description: typescript

4. A Superficial Girl.

Physical Description: carbon

5. Skyrocket

Physical Description: carbon
Box 3, Folder 28

6. The Shadow on the Sun.

Physical Description: typescript

7. Rest Haven

Physical Description: typescript
Box 3, Folder 29

8. The People's Choice

Physical Description: typescript

9. A Girl of Yesterday

Physical Description: typescript

10. The Counterfeit Wife

Physical Description: typescript
Box 3, Folder 30



The Beaver Coat. Translated by Bayard Quincy Morgan.

Physical Description: typescript
Box 3, Folder 31



Tower Beyond Tragedy. Arrangement and by Edwin Duerr.

Physical Description: 3 T.L.S. Typescript prompt copy with ms. corrections by arranger, printed program.
Box 3, Folder 32



Stephen C. Massett. NBC radio script for Rickey's San Francisco Hour Nov. 28, 1954.

Physical Description: 2 typed copies and 1 T.L.S. of _________ Rickey.
Box 3, Folder 33



The Unpossessed.

Physical Description: Mimeo with ms. correction and program.
Box 3, Folder 34



Scrapbook of her theater or recital clippings.

Physical Description: 3 letters and a deed.
Box 4, Folder 35



You Can't Take It With You

Physical Description: carbon.
Box 4, Folder 36



Burnt Laurel. re: Christopher Marlowe.

Physical Description: 2 type script copies.
Box 4, Folder 37



1. A Farewell Supper

Physical Description: typescript

2. The Wedding Morning

Physical Description: typescript
Box 4, Folder 38



From Rags to Riches

Physical Description: carbon
Box 4, Folder 39



The Square Needle

Physical Description: mimeo
Box 4, Folder 40

Van Wyck, William. Lorenzo, Magnificent de Medici.

Physical Description: Typescript with ms correction.
Box 5, Folder 41

Sheaan, Diana Forbes-Robertson


My Aunt Maxine: The Story of Maxine Elliott Galley proof, marked by Cam Stark for indexing of names.

Box 5, Folder 42

Correspondence, 1961 - 1964


Gift of Sam Stark, May 31, 1968.

1961, Oct. 14,Diana Forbes-Robertson Sheean to Samuel Stark re: her search for information about Maxine Elliott and J.P. Morgan's relationship.

Physical Description: TLS,

1961, Oct. 16,San Stark to Diana Sheean with his ideas about Morgan and Maxine, and other general information.

Physical Description: draft of letter,

1961, Oct. 19,D.S. to S.S. re: lunch with Elsa Maxwell, probability of a Morgan-Elliott relationship, biographies of her sisters and self.

Physical Description: TLS,

1961, Oct. 23,S.S. to S.S. with suggestions as to when to write for moreinformation.

Physical Description: draft,

1961, Oct. 26,D.S. to S.S. re: why Johnston Forbes-Robertson (D.S.'s father mentioned Maxine se little in his own book.

Physical Description: TLS,

1961, Oct. 27,S.S. to D.S. re: Cole [Forter] and Catherine D'Erlanger, copy for an ad in Variety for Mrs. Sheean's book.

Physical Description: draft,

1961, Nov. 6,S.S. to D.S. with an idea that a friend of his might have information on Morgan.

Physical Description: draft,

1961, December],D.S. to S.S.,

Physical Description: Christmas card.

1963, June 26,D.S. to S.S. re: his offer to do the name checking and indexing of her book.

Physical Description: ALS,

1963, June 26,D.S. to Jim [Abagian] re: her index, progress with book, lack of warmth toward Maxine.

Physical Description: xerox of ALS,

1963, July 12,Marshall A. Best, Viking Press, to S.S. re: his offer to check theatrical facts.

Physical Description: TLS,

1963, July 18,S.S. to Marshall Best re: time needed for checking.

Physical Description: draft,

1963, July 19,D.S. to S.S.

Physical Description: TLS,

1963, July 24,Marshall Best to S.S. re: time galley proofs will be ready

Physical Description: TLS,

1963, July 25,D.S. to S.S.

Physical Description: TLS,

1963, Sept. 28,D.C. to S.S. re: typing of book, corrections, misgivings.

Physical Description: TLS,

[1963, Sept.?],S.S. to D.S.

Physical Description: draft

1963, Oct. 14,Marshall Best to S.S., clean copy being sent.

Physical Description: TLS,

1963, Oct. 23,S.S. to D.S., suggestions for improving book.

Physical Description: drafts,

1963, Oct. 26,D.S. to S.S., her reaction to his criticisms.

Physical Description: TLS,

1963, Oct. 29,S.S. to Marshall Best.

Physical Description: drafts,

1963, Oct. 31,D.S. to S.S. re: corrections, reaction of London Publishers,

Physical Description: TLS,

[1963, Oct. 29?],S.S. to D.S., completed reading manuscript, suggestions, corrections.


1963, Nov. 11,Marshall Best to S.S. re: reading the book from a theater point of view, adding a theater appendix.

Physical Description: TLS,

1963, Nov. 21,S.S. to Marshall Best.

Physical Description: draft,

1963, Nov. 12,D.S. to S.S., Manuscript off to printers.

Physical Description: TLS,

1963, Nov. 21,S.S. to D.S. reply.

Physical Description: draft,

1963, Dec. 12,D.S. to S.S. re: theatrical biography, list of pictures to be included.

Physical Description: TLS,

1963, Dec. 13,D.S. to S.S., theatrical bio.

Physical Description: TLS,

1963, Dec. 17,Edwin Kennebeck, Viking Press, to S.S.

Physical Description: TLS,

1963, Dec. 20,S.S.[to D.S.] notes on theatrical biography, corrections.

Physical Description: drafts,

1963, Dec. 22,S.S. to Viking.

Physical Description: drafts,

1964, Jan. 10,Viking to S.S.

Physical Description: TLS,

1964, Jan. 15,S.S. [to Viking]

Physical Description: drafts

1964, Jan. 17,Viking to S.S.

Physical Description: TLS,

1964, Jan. 25,S.S. to Viking.

Physical Description: drafts,

1961, Jan. 29,Viking to S.S.

Physical Description: TIG,
Box 5, Folder 43

Clippings, Reviews, Miscelleneous. 1940-1961.

Box 6

Card file. Original index to My Aunt Maxine