Inventory of the Centers and Programs, Center for the Study of New Religious Movements Collections, 1977-1983

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Inventory of the Centers and Programs, Center for the Study of New Religious Movements Collections, 1977-1983

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Centers and Programs. Center for the Study of New Religious Movements Collections,
Date (bulk): 1977-1983
Accession Code: GTU 91-9-3
Collector: Center for the Study of New Religious Movements, Graduate Theological Union
Size: 23 boxes 10 ft.
Repository: The Graduate Theological Union.
2400 Ridge Road
Berkeley, California 94709
Abstract: This collection documents the history of the Center for the Study of New Religious Movements from 1977-1983.
Shelf location: 3/H/1 - 3/H/4, Record Group 7, Subgroup A
Language: English.

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[Identification of item], Centers and Programs. Center for the Study of New Religious Movements Collections, The Graduate Theological Union Archives, Berkeley, CA.

Acquisition Information

Transferred to the GTU Archives in 1989 and 1999.

Agency History

In October 1975, the GTU Executive Committee authorized preliminary planning of an alternative religions resource center providing materials on the growing variety of cults and sects in the United States. Jacob Needleman, a professor at San Francisco State University, was called in as a consultant and subsequently accepted appointment as program Director and Visiting Professor of Comparative Religions at the Graduate Theological Union. The Program for the Study of New Religious Movements was inaugurated Fall 1977. Funding was received from NEH, the Rockefeller Foundation, San Francisco Foundation, Luce Foundation, and Ford Foundation. Work fell into two distinct phases. First was the Program for the Study of New Religious Movements, 1977-80. After a period of program and goal evaluation, the second phase was the Center for the Study of New Religious Movements, 1980-83.
In the first phase, the Program saw the emergence of new religious movements as a response to a shift in the basic values and conceptions of Americans fueled by a resurgence of interest in religion, especially among the youth in the 1960's-70's. The complex issues were perceived by the Program to be grouped in three areas: 1. The personal dimension (in families and communities); 2. The effects on traditional religious institutions/churches; and 3. Related contemporary issues such as psychotherapy, education, ecology, and financial resources. To work on these issues, the Program set up four components: 1. For education/outreach, present series of colloquia to the scholarly community and general public; 2. Publish colloquia proceedings; 3. Establish a resource collection in the Library; and 4. Sponsor research projects.
In 1977, the Program sponsored the National Conference on the Study of New Religious Movements. Forty scholars were invited from a broad range of disciplines including sociology, theology, psychology, philosophy, history, and journalism. This was the first national conference to take an inter-disciplinary approach to this subject. The major result was that because it sought the inter-disciplinary approach, the Conference initiated "the creation of an entire academic field" (Report, pg. 24). The proceedings were published as Understanding the New Religions, Jacob Needleman and George Baker, eds. (NY: Seabury Press, 1978). (GTU Library call number BL2530 U6 U5, Rare Book.) Transcriptions of the Conference discussions were published as New Religious Movements in America, The Rockefeller Foundation, 1979. (GTU Library call number BL2530 U6 N48, Rare Book.)
Further education/outreach Program activities included University of California Extension courses offered by George Baker and Don Stone, occasional forums, and presentations to various interested Bay Area organizations. The staff increasingly gave interviews for newspapers, radio, and television as the phenomenon of new religions became a hot topic for the general public.
The New Religious Movements Research Collection received most of the Program's energies in this first phase. GTU Librarian, J. Stillson Judah, had had a long interest in this area and laid the groundwork for the collection. It was housed in the Graduate Theological Union Library under the direction of Betty Rozak. They collected unique and ephemeral material on groups and organizations, eventually totaling approximately 500. Published materials were acquired in the general Library collection. Bibliographies on new religious movements and various aspects within this area of study were produced by Rozak, and Program researchers. A directory of scholars working in the field of new religious movements was produced. The Research Collection was used extensively by scholarly researchers and interested community patrons.
For the scholarly research component of the Program, Jacob Needleman and Charles Glock worked on larger projects. Needleman focused on the impact of new religious movements on traditional religious institutions in western culture, and Glock on the impact on religion and the social consciousness of the general population. Researchers could apply to the Program for smaller project grants from funds made available through NEH.
The growing public outcry and controversy surrounding new religious movements generally, particularly following the Jonestown tragedy in late 1979, brought the Program to re-access its goals. The Program did not want "to become involved in polemics about the alleged practices of specific groups", but did want to respond to underlying questions "in a serious scholarly fashion" (Report, pg. 28). Discussions led to a new set of program objectives for a three-year visiting scholars program successfully submitted to NEH and the Rockefeller Foundation.
In this second phase, 1980-83, the Program became the Center for the Study of New Religious Movements. Teams of scholars collaborated in research and produced working papers on one of three major Center-identified dimensions of the context and significance of new religious movements: 1. Coercion and authority (brainwashing and deprogramming); 2. New religious movements' impact on social values and education; and 3. Legal issues: economic, political, and public policy implications. Each dimension was the focus of an academic year. Bi-weekly interdisciplinary research seminars were held. Participants working in various disciplines were visiting scholars who had applied to and been accepted by the Center for an academic year, invited local scholars and graduate students. The seminars were audio-taped and transcripts typed for some of them. In 1981, the Center sponsored a national conference on Conversion, Coercion and Commitment in New Religious Movements. Though a monograph of the proceedings was planned, it was not produced. The papers presented at the Conference were kept in the Research Collection (see Box 2, ff 4-11). The 1981-82 Research Seminars, Religion and the Law, resulted in a monograph: Cults, Culture, and the Law: Perspectives on New Religious Movements, Thomas Robbins, William C. Shepherd, and James McBride, eds. (Chico, CA: Scholars Press, 1985). (GTU Library call number BL2525 C85 1985, Rare Book.)
Having fulfilled the terms of the NEH and Rockefeller Foundation grants, the Center closed in 1983. Paul A. Schwartz, Project Director, and Jacob Needleman, Center Director edited the Final Performance Report to the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Rockefeller Foundation, September 1983. This is an extensive report giving the history of the Program and Center, detailed reports on each of the academic years' activities for 1980-83, and narrative reports on aspects of new religious movements from Jacob Needleman, Nevitt Sanford, and Thomas Robbins. The Report is the basis for this Agency History and can be found in Box 1, ff 57.

Scope and Content

Since the Center closed in 1983, the working files and records had been boxed and stored in the GTU Building at 2465 LeConte. The working research papers produced by the Center's research associates and visiting scholars, the unpublished papers collected by Center staff, and the typed transcripts of Research Seminars had been transferred to the NRM Research Collection in the GTU Library. The Library staff had foldered the papers and filed them in alphabetical order by author. The papers were never cataloged by the Library, nor was any inventory or list produced. The Center's working files and records (Boxes 1-3), including the audio-tapes of Research Seminars (Boxes 20-23) were transferred to the Archives in 1989. The written research papers and transcripts (Boxes 4-20) were transferred to the Archives in 1999.


This collection is organized into 4 series: Office and Working files; NRM Center Papers; Seminar Transcripts; and Audiocassette tapes.

Indexing Terms

The following terms have been used to index the description of this collection in the library's online public access catalog.
Cults--United States--History--20th Century
Sects--United States--History--20th Century
United States--Religion--1960--Sources
United States--Religion--1960--Congresses
Religions--Study and teaching
Needleman, Jacob
Anthony, Dick, 1939-
Baker, George, 1941-
McBride, James
Robbins, Thomas, 1943-
Schwartz, Paul Anthony


Series 1.  Office and Working Files. 1977-1983

Physical Description: Box 1-2: 1 ft.

Box 3: 5 in.

Scope and Content Note

The office and working files have been boxed and stored in at the Graduate Theological Union since the Center for the Study of New Religious Movements closed in 1983. The Center's working files and records (Boxes 1-3) were transferred to the GTU Archives in 1989.


Boxes 1-3 are arranged alphabetically.
Box 1, Folder 1

Administration, 1977-78

Box 1, Folder 2

Advisory Committee, 1977-79

Box 1, Folder 3

Announcement: Program for the Study of New Religious Movements at the GTU, September 1977

Box 1, Folder 4

Announcement: NRM Research Collection at the GTU Library, 1978

Box 1, Folder 5-14





Introductory Bibliography on Recent Works on NRM and Related Phenomena, 11/1977


Religions: An Annotated Introductory Bibliography, 2/1978


Religions: An Annotated Introductory Bibliography, 3rd ed.4/1981


The Christian-Buddhist Encounter, 1979


Filmography on New Religious Movements, 11/1977


Science and Parascience: A Select Bibliography, 1978


Civil Liberties, Brainwashing, and Cults, 9/1979


Civil Liberties, Brainwashing, and Cults, 2nd ed., 1/1981


The Return of the Goddess: Affirmations of Feminist Spirituality, 1977

Box 1, Folder 15

Budget data, 1982

Box 1, Folder 16-29

Correspondence, 1977-83


Dick Anthony


George Baker






Jim McBride


Jacob Needleman


Thomas Robbins


Paul A. Schwartz

Box 1, Folder 30-32

Courses, 1978-81

Box 1, Folder 33-35

Directory of Scholars Interested in the New Religious Movements in America, 1977-80


Interim Directory




Proposed Update, 1980


Areas of Interest Questionnaires (forms filled out and returned by scholars)


American Religious History and Church History




Asian Religions


Comparative Religions








OT Studies




Philosophy of Religion/Theology


Clinical Psychology/Psychiatry


Psychology, East-West


Psychology, Transpersonal/Consciousness Studies


Psychology of Religion


Psychology, Other Specializations


Religion and Culture




Business Administration/Management




Not interested

Box 1, Folder 56

Ecumenical Associates News, GTU, Summer 1977, article on NRM

Box 1, Folder 57

"Final Report of Center for New Religious Movements", 9/1983, to NEH and Rockefeller Foundation

Box 1, Folder 58

There is no file folder 58.

Box 1, Folder 59

Ford Foundation, Ledger, 1977-78

Box 1, Folder 60

Glock Research Group, 1979

Box 1, Folder 61

Information Please Almanac, article on NRM Program, 1982

Box 1, Folder 62

Luce Foundation, 1979-81

Box 1, Folder 63-66

Mailing Lists

Box 1, Folder 67

Missing Students Project, University Religious Council, Berkeley, 1980

Box 1, Folder 68-71

National Endowment for the Humanities Award: applications and files for the Center and the Library Research Collection

Box 2, Folder 1-2

National Endowment for the Humanities Award: applications and files, continued.

Box 2, Folder 3

Comprehensive List of Papers and Publications from the NRM Center, 1977-83

Box 2, Folder 4-11

Center Conferences


National Conference on the Study of New Religious Movements in America, June 1977.


Note: The proceedings were published as Understanding the New Religions, Jacob Needleman and George Baker, eds. (NY: Seabury Press, 1978). (GTU Library call number BL2530 U6 U5, Rare Book.) Transcriptions of the Conference discussions were published as New Religious Movements in America, The Rockefeller Foundation, 1979. (GTU Library call number BL2530 U6 N48, Rare Book.)

Conversion, Coercion and Commitment in New Religious Movements, June 1981.


Note: Box 2, Folder 10 contains a list of Conference Participants. The papers presented at the Conference are filed in Boxes 4-18, alphabetically by author. The audiocassette tape-recordings of the entire Conference are found in Box 23.
Box 2, Folder 12-27

NRM Newsletter, full run of Newsletter, Vol. 1, no. 1-4, 1978-79, and organizational files

Box 2, Folder 28

NRM Occasional Forums, 1978-79 (includes transcript of Forum 6/7/78: "Jewish Mysticism in America" with Zalman Schachter, Arthur Green, and Charles Rosen).


Note:Audiotapes of Forums found in the general GTU Library collection are listed in Box 23.
Box 2, Folder 29-35

NRM Center Reports and Research Collection Reports, 1977-81

Box 2, Folder 36

NRM Center Staff meetings, 1978, 1980, 1982

Box 2, Folder 37-40

Publications: List of titles, and ledger statements

Box 2, Folder 41

Publicity, 1977-81

Box 2, Folder 42-45

Research Grants: Questionnaires and applications, 1977-81

Box 2, Folder 46-57

Research Reports, 1978-80


Dick Anthony


Thomas Charbeneau


David Hackett


Barbara Hargrove


Jim McBride


Shirley Ranck


Charles Rosen


Paul A. Schwartz


Norman Skonovd


Don Stone


Steven Tipton


Philip Zimbardo

Box 2, Folder 58-60

Research Seminars


New Religious Movements and Spiritual Authoritarianism, 1980-81.


Religion and the Law, 1981-82.


Note:The seminar proceedings were published: Cults, Culture, and the Law: Perspectives on New Religious Movements, Thomas Robbins, William C. Shepherd, and James McBride, eds. (Chico, CA: Scholars Press, 1985). (GTU Library call number BL2525 C85 1985, Rare Book.)

Alternative Paradigms for Health and Healing, 1983.

Box 2, Folder 61-67

Rockefeller Foundation Grant files, 1977-83

Box 3, Folder 1

San Francisco Foundation Grant and Ledger statements, 1977-79

Box 3, Folder 2

Shambhala Book file, 1983

Box 3, Folder 3-13

NRM Staff files

Box 3, Folder 14

Theopolis Americana: The Rise of the Christian New Right. Book prospectus, 1981

Box 3, Folder 15

Understanding the New Religions. Book published from the 1977 Conference

Box 3, Folder 16-22

Visiting Scholars Program files, 1980-83

Box 3, Folder 23-35

Visiting Scholars


Dick Anthony


James Beckford


Walter Capps


Don Evans


Connie Jones


Bennetta Jules-Rosette


James Richardson


Thomas Robbins


Nevitt Sanford


Rodney Sawatsky


William Shepherd


John Wilson


Series 2.  New Religious Movements Center Papers. 1977-1983

Physical Description: Box 4-5: 5 in.

Box 6-13: 5 in.

Box 14-18: 5 in.

Scope and Content Note

NRM Center Papers are represented in boxes 4-18. These are a collection of papers made by Center staff, and the Library Research Collection librarian ca. 1977-83 (a few date back as early as 1971, some were added up to 1985). The papers were collected from Center Staff, Research Assistants, and Visiting Scholars, from Center Research Seminars and Conferences, and from a mailing done by the Research Collection librarian requesting donations from scholars. For the most part, the papers are unpublished presentations at various seminars and professional association meetings. There are some reprints of published articles or chapters from books. After the Center closed, the papers were added to the NRM Research Collection in the GTU Library. They have been returned here to the Center Collection.


The Research Collection staff organized the papers alphabetically by author. For titles of unpublished papers or papers presented at meetings, the title only will be listed after the author's name. For titles of reprints of articles in journals or chapters in books, the article title will appear in quotation marks, followed by the journal or book title.
Box 4, Folder 1

Adkison, Danny M., A Political Profile of the Moral Majority Voter.

Box 4, Folder 2

Adler, Christine, Christ Our Mother in Julian of Norwich.

Box 4, Folder 3

Ahern, Geoffrey, Western Esotericism in Cosmological Context.

Box 4, Folder 4

Melton, J. Gordon and Bartlett, Ross Allen, Alliance for the Preservation of Religious Liberty Preliminary Investigative Report: The Suicide/Murder Incident Involving The Peoples Temple Colony in Jonestown, Guyana.

Box 4, Folder 5

New York University Review of Law and Social Change, Colloquium: Alternative Religions: Government Control and the First Amendment.

Box 4, Folder 6

American Family Foundation, Preventive Education and Destructive Cultism. Prepared by Michael D. Langone.

Box 4, Folder 7

American Family Foundation, Young People and Cults: A Preventive Approach. Resource Handbook.

Box 4, Folder 8

Amicus Brief in Molko vs. Holy Spirit Association.

Box 4, Folder 9

Anderson, Susan and Zimbardo, Philip, On Resisting Social Influence.

Box 4, Folder 10

Californians for Responsible Research and Buddhists Concerned for Animals, Animal Care and Animal Care Policy at University of California, Berkeley Animal Research Facilities.

Box 4, Folder 11

American Jewish Congress Commission on Law, Social Action and Urban Affairs, The Cults and the Law.

Box 4, Folder 12

Anthony, Dick and Robbins, Thomas, "Brainwashing and the Persecution of Cults" in Journal of Religion and Health, 19:1.

Box 4, Folder 13

Anthony, Dick, Robbins, Thomas, and McCarthy, Jim, The Brainwashing Metaphor as a Social Weapon: A New Conceptual Tool for the Therapeutic State.

Box 4, Folder 14

Anthony, Dick, Robbins, Thomas, and Schwartz, Paul A., Contemporary Religious Movements and the Secularization Hypothesis.

Box 4, Folder 15

Anthony, Dick, and Robbins, Thomas, "Contemporary Religion and the Cultural Crisis" in In Gods We Trust: New Patterns in American Religious Pluralism.

Box 4, Folder 16

Anthony, Dick, and Robbins, Thomas, The Decline of American Civil Religion and the Development of Authoritarian Nationalism: A Study of the Unification Church of Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

Box 4, Folder 17

Anthony, Dick, and Robbins, Thomas, "A Demonology of Cults" in Inquiry, 9/1/80.

Box 4, Folder 18

Anthony, Dick, and Robbins, Thomas, The Effect of Détente on the Growth of New Religions: Reverend Moon and the Unification Church.

Box 4, Folder 19

Anthony, Dick, The Fact Pattern Behind the Deprogramming Controversy: An Analysis and an Alternative.

Box 4, Folder 20

Anthony, Dick, and Robbins, Thomas, "From Symbolic Realism to Structuralism" in Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, 12/75.

Box 4, Folder 21

Anthony, Dick, and Robbins, Thomas, "Getting Straight with Meher Baba: A Study of Mysticism, Drug Rehabilitation and Postadolescent Role Conflict" in Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion.

Box 4, Folder 22

Anthony, Dick, Robbins, Thomas, Doucas, and Curtis, Thomas, "The Last Civil Religion: Reverend Moon and the Unification Church" in Sociological Analysis 37:2.

Box 4, Folder 23

There is no file folder 23.

Box 4, Folder 24

Anthony, Dick, and Robbins, Thomas, and Curtis, Thomas, "The Limits of Symbolic Realism: Problems of Empathic Field Observation in a Sectarian Context" in Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 12:3.

Box 4, Folder 25

Anthony, Dick, and Robbins, Thomas, "The Meher Baba Movement: Its Affect on Post-Adolescent Social Alienation" in Religious Movements in Contemporary America, 1974.

Box 4, Folder 26

Anthony, Dick, New Religions and Narcissism.

Box 4, Folder 27

Anthony, Dick, and Robbins, Thomas, New Religions, Families and Brainwashing.

Box 4, Folder 28

Anthony, Dick, and Robbins, Thomas, "New Religious Movements and the Social System: Integration, Disintegration, or Transformation" in A.R.S.S.R, 2, 1978.

Box 4, Folder 29

Anthony, Dick, Non-Traditional Religions and Mental Health: A Non-Ideological Prototype for Counseling, Community Education, and Technical Assistance.

Box 4, Folder 30

Anthony, Dick, and Robbins, Thomas, and Bellah, Robert, On Religion and Social Science: A Non-Reductionistic Approach to the Study of Religion, a Prospectus.

Box 4, Folder 31

Anthony, Dick, and Robbins, Thomas, Doucas, Madeline, and Curtis, Thomas, Patients and Pilgrims: Changing Attitudes toward Psycholotherapy on the Part of Converts to Eastern Mysticism.

Box 4, Folder 32

Anthony, Dick, and Robbins, Thomas, "Religion, Rationality, and the Idea of Progress" in Society, Nov./Dec., 1979.

Box 4, Folder 33

Anthony, Dick, and Robbins, Thomas, Religious Movements and the Brainwashing Issue.

Box 4, Folder 34

Anthony, Dick, and Robbins, Thomas, and Curtis, Thomas, "Reply to Bellah" in Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, 12/74.

Box 4, Folder 35

Anthony, Dick, "Some Reflections on the Reflections in Review Symposium on Glock and Bellah's The New Religious Consciousness" in Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, 9/77.

Box 5, Folder 1

Anthony, Dick, and Robbins, Thomas, Voluntary Defection Rates Among Moonies: a Prospectus.

Box 5, Folder 2

Anthony, Dick, and Robbins, Thomas, Youth Culture, Religious Ferment, and the Confusion of Moral Meanings.

Box 5, Folder 3

Anthony, Dick, and Robbins, Thomas, and Curtis, Thomas, "Youth Culture Religious Movements: Evaluating the Integrative Hypothesis" in Sociological Quarterly, 16, 1975.

Box 5, Folder 4

Anthony, Dick, and Robbins, Thomas, A Typology of Non-Traditional Religious Movements in America.

Box 5, Folder 5

Babbitt, Ellen M., "The Deprograming of Religious Sect Members: A Private Right of Action Under Section 1985(3)" in Northwestern University Law Review, 74:2.

Box 5, Folder 6

Bainbridge, William S., Science, Technology, and Religion: The Case of Scientology.

Box 5, Folder 7

Baker, George, "Buddhism in America", draft for Abbington Dictionary of Living Religions.

Box 5, Folder 8

Baker, George, The Ethics and Psychology of Media Consumption.

Box 5, Folder 9

Baker, George, The Peoples Temple and the Nation.

Box 5, Folder 10

Baker, George, A Program for the Study of New Religious Movements in America.

Box 5, Folder 11

Baker-Batsel, John, Western Interpretations of Eastern Religions: Buddhism.

Box 5, Folder 12

Balch, Robert W., Conversion and Charisma in the Cultic Milieu: The Origins of a New Religion.

Box 5, Folder 13

Barfoot, Charles H. and Sheppard Gerald T., Crises in the Community: The Children of God and Their Struggle for Survival in the Seventies.

Box 5, Folder 14

Barfoot, Charles H. and Sheppard Gerald T., Prophetic vs. Priestly Religion: The Changing Role of Women Clergy in Classical Pentecostal Churches.

Box 5, Folder 15

Barglow, Raymond, Marxism and Mysticism.

Box 5, Folder 16

Barker, Eileen, Confessions of a Methodological Schizophrenic: Problems Encountered in a Study of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church.

Box 5, Folder 17

Barker, Eileen, "Free to Choose? Some Thoughts on the Unification Church and Other Religious Movements" in The Clergy Review, 10/80.

Box 5, Folder 18

Barker, Eileen, "In the Beginning: The Battle of Creationist Science Against Evolutionism" in On the Fringe of Science.

Box 5, Folder 19

Barker, Eileen, "Living the Divine Principle: Inside the Reverend Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church in Britain" in Archives de Sciences Sociales des Religions, 45:1, 1978.

Box 5, Folder 20

Barker, Eileen, The Ones Who Got Away: People Who Attend Unification Church Workshops and Do Not Become Moonies.

Box 5, Folder 21

Barker, Eileen, The Professional Stranger: Explaining the Inexplicable in the Study of a Deviant Religious Group.

Box 5, Folder 22

Barker, Eileen, Quo Vadis? The Unification Church.

Box 5, Folder 23

Barker, Eileen, Resistible Coercion: The Significance of Failure Rates in Conversion and Commitment to the Unification Church. Paper for the NRM Center Conference, June 1981: Conversion, Coercion, and Commitment (?).

Box 5, Folder 24

Barker, Eileen, "Who'd be a Moonie? A Comparative Study of Those Who Join the Unification Church in Britain" in The Social Context of the New Religious Movements.

Box 5, Folder 25

Barker, Eileen, Whose Service is Perfect Freedom: The Concept of Spiritual Well-Being in relation to the Reverend Moon's Unification Church.

Box 5, Folder 26

Barker, Eileen, With Enemies Like That: Some Functions of Deprogramming as an Aid to Sectarian Membership.

Box 5, Folder 27

Bateson, M.C., The Paradox of Ritual Innovation.

Box 5, Folder 28

Beckford, James A., The Anti-Cult Movement in Britain: A Witch-Hunt in Secular Society.

Box 5, Folder 29

Beckford, James A., "Anti-Cult Sentiment in Comparative Perspective: Preliminary Observations" in Liberte et Conscience, 23, 1982.

Box 5, Folder 30

Beckford, James A., "Anti-Cultism and Anti-Witchcraft.

Box 5, Folder 31

Beckford, James A., "Politics and the Anti-Cult Movement" in The Annual Review of the Social Sciences of Religion, 3, 1979.

Box 5, Folder 32

Beckford, James A., "Talking of Apostasy: Or Telling Tales and 'telling' Tales" in Accounting for Action.

Box 6, Folder 1

Beckford, James A., The Articulation of a Classical Sociological Problematic With a Modern Social Problem: Religious Movements and Modes of Social Insertion.

Box 6, Folder 1

Beckford, James A., The Articulation of a Classical Sociological Problematic With a Modern Social Problem: Religious Movements and Modes of Social Insertion.

Box 6, Folder 2

Beckford, James A. and Richardson, James T., A Bibliography of Social Scientific Studies of New Religious Movements.

Box 6, Folder 3

Beckford, James A., Conversion and Apostasy: Antithesis or Complementarity? Paper for the NRM Center Conference, June 1981: Conversion, Coercion, and Commitment.

Box 6, Folder 4

Beckford, James A., "The Cult Problem in Five Countries: The Social Construction of Religious Controversy" in The New Religions.

Box 6, Folder 5

Beckford, James A., Cults and Cures.

Box 6, Folder 6

Beckford, James A., "Cults, Controversy and Control: A Comparative Analysis of the Problems Posed by New Religious Movements in the Federal Republic of Germany and France" in Sociological Analysis 42:3, 1981.

Box 6, Folder 7

Beckford, James A., "Explaining Religious Movements" in Int. Social Sciences Journal, 23:2, 1977.

Box 6, Folder 8

Beckford, James A., "Functionalism and Ethics in Sociology: The Relationship between 'Ought' and 'Function'" in Annual Review of the Social Sciences of Religion, 5, 1981.

Box 6, Folder 9

Beckford, James A., A Korean Evangelistic Movement in the West

Box 6, Folder 10

Beckford, James A., "Through the Looking-Glass and Out the Other Side: Withdrawal from Reverend Moon's Unification Church" in Archives de Sciences Sociales des Religions, 45:1, 1978.

Box 6, Folder 11

Beckford, James A., "Two Contrasting Types of Sectarian Organization" in Sectarianism.

Box 6, Folder 12

Beckford, James A., "A Typology of Family Responses to a New Religious Movement" in Marriage and Family Review, 4, 1981.

Box 6, Folder 13

Beckford, James A., New Religious Movements and Healing: An Overview.

Box 6, Folder 14

, The Restoration of 'Power' to the Sociology of Religion.

Box 6, Folder 15

Beckford, James A., The State and Control of New Religious Movements.

Box 6, Folder 16

Bellah, Robert N., "Comment on 'The Limits of Symbolic Realism'" in Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, Dec. 1974.

Box 6, Folder 17

Bellah, Robert N., Cultural Pluralism and Religious Particularism.

Box 6, Folder 18

Bellah, Robert N., The Moral Basis of Social Commitment in America, revised description of project.

Box 6, Folder 19

Binger, PennyA Course in Miracles.

Box 6, Folder 20

Bird, Frederick and Reimer, William, "A Comparative Sociological Analysis of New Religious and Para-Religious Movements in the Greater Montreal Area.

Box 6, Folder 21

Bird, Frederick, A Comparative Analysis of the Rituals Used by Some Contemporary 'New' Religious and Para-Religious Movements.

Box 6, Folder 22

Bird, Frederick, Charismatic Cults: An Examination of the Ritual Practices of Various New Religious Movements.

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Location Note:Housed in Small Collections Box 9 (legal size) ff 8, 3/C/5.
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Location Note: Housed in Small Collections Box 9 (legal size) ff 7, 3/C/5.
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Box 13, Folder 1

Paull, Steven, Reflections on Contemporary Meditation Research.

Box 13, Folder 2

Paull, Steven, The Spiritual Supermarket: East and West.

Box 13, Folder 3

Paull, Steven, Yoga and Psychotherapy.

Box 13, Folder 4

Prince, Raymond, Cocoon Work: An Interpretation of the Concern of Contemporary Youth with the Mystical.

Box 13, Folder 5

Pritchett, W. Douglas, Charismatic Leadership and the Evolution of the Children of God: A Deviant New Religious Group.

Box 13, Folder 6

Rambo, Lewis R., Charisma and Conversion. Paper for the NRM Center June 1981 Conference: Conversion, Coercion, and Commitment.

Box 13, Folder 7

Rambo, Lewis R., Current Research on Religious Conversion.

Box 13, Folder 8

Rambo, Lewis R., Toward a Holistic Theory of Conversion.

Box 13, Folder 9

There is no file folder 9.

Box 13, Folder 10

Perry, John Weir, "The Messianic Hero", in The Journal of Analytical Psychology, 17:2, 1972.

Box 13, Folder 11

Perry, John Weir, "Societal Implications of the Renewal Process".

Box 13, Folder 12

Pfeffer, Leo, "Equal Protection for Unpopular Cults", in Review of Law and Social Change, 9:9, 1980-81.

Box 13, Folder 13

Pfeffer, Leo, The Legitimation of Marginal Religions in the United States.

Box 13, Folder 14

Marks, Edward S., 'Religious' Cults Use Brainwashing.

Box 13, Folder 15

Pierard, Richard V., and Wright, James L., No Hoosier Hospitality for Humanism: The Moral Majority in Indiana.

Box 13, Folder 16

Pilarzyk, Thomas, and Bharadwaj, Lakshmi, "What is Real? The Failure of the Phenomenological Approach in a Field Study of the Divine Light Mission", in Humanity and Society, vol. 3, 1979.

Box 13, Folder 17

Playfair-Levantine, Samuel, Messianic Judaism: An Alternative.

Box 13, Folder 18

Pribor, Donald B., New Approaches to Consciousness and Western Man's Changing Religious Orientation.

Box 13, Folder 19

Redlich, Dean Norman, Moderator, "Panel Discussion: Regulation of Alternative Religions by Law or Private Action, Can and Should We Regulate?", in Review of Law and Social Change, 9:109, 1980-81.

Box 13, Folder 20

Reston, James, Jr., "Father Cares" (Jim Jones and Jonestown), typed transcript of a National Public Radio, Boston broadcast.

Box 13, Folder 21

Richardson, Herbert, A Look at Unification Theology.

Box 13, Folder 22

Richardson, Herbert, A Look at Unification Theology.

Box 13, Folder 23

Richardson, Herbert, A Theologian Discusses Divine Principle.

Box 13, Folder 24

Richardson, James T., A Data Frame for Commune Research.

Box 13, Folder 25

Richardson, James T., Simmonds, Robert S. and Harder, Mary W., The Evolution of a Jesus Movement Organization.

Box 13, Folder 26

Richardson, James T., Factors in the Success and Failure of Religious Movements.

Box 13, Folder 27

Richardson, James T., From Cult to Sect: A Theory of Qualitative Change in Social Groups.

Box 13, Folder 28

Richardson, James T., van der Lans, Jan and Derks, Frans, Exiting, Expulsion, and Extraction: An Analysis of Ways of Leaving.

Box 13, Folder 29

Richardson, James T., The Jesus Movement: An Assessment.

Box 13, Folder 30

Richardson, James T., The Jesus Movement Outside America.

Box 13, Folder 31

Richardson, James T., van der Lans, Jan and Derks, FransLeaving and Labeling: Voluntary and Coerced Disaffiliation from Religious Social Movements.

Box 13, Folder 32

Richardson, James T., A New Paradigm for Conversion Research.

Box 13, Folder 33

Richardson, James T., A New Paradigm for Conversion/Recruitment Research.

Box 14, Folder 1

Richardson, James T., An Oppositional and General Conceptualization of Cult.

Box 14, Folder 2

Richardson, James T., Psychological and Psychiatric Studies of New Religions.

Box 14, Folder 3

Richardson, James T., Peoples Temple and Jonestown: A Corrective Comparison and Critique.

Box 14, Folder 4

Richardson, James T., Types of Conversion and 'Conversion Careers' in New Religious Movements.

Box 14, Folder 5

Ricketts, Mac Linscott, The Trickster and the Shaman.

Box 14, Folder 6

Robbins, Thomas, Church, State and Cult.

Box 14, Folder 7

Robbins, Thomas, and Anthony, Dick,, "Cults, Brainwashing, and Counter-Subversion" in The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, vol. 446, 1979.

Box 14, Folder 8

Robbins, Thomas, 'Cults' vs. 'Shrinks': Psychiatry and the Control of Religious Movements.

Box 14, Folder 9

Robbins, Thomas, De-Mystifying Cultist Mind Control.

Box 14, Folder 10

Robbins, Thomas, and Anthony, Dick,De-Programming, Brainwashing and the Medicalization of Deviant Religious Groups.

Box 14, Folder 11

Robbins, Thomas, "'De-Programming' the 'Brainwashed': Even a Moonie has Civil Rights" in The Nation, 2/26/77.

Box 14, Folder 12

Robbins, Thomas, Legalizing De-Programming.

Box 14, Folder 13

Robbins, Thomasand Anthony, Dick, The Limits of 'Coercive Persuasion' as an Explanation for Conversion to Authoritarian Sects.

Box 14, Folder 14

Robbins, Thomas, "Religious Movements, the State, and the Law: Reconceptualizing 'The Cult Problem'" in Review of Law and Social Change, 9:1, 1980-81.

Box 14, Folder 15

Robbins, Thomasand Anthony, Dick, The Sociology of Contemporary Religious Movements.

Box 14, Folder 16

Robbins, Thomasand Anthony, Dick, Stop Knocking Cults.

Box 14, Folder 17

Robbins, Thomas, Anthony, Dick and Richardson, James, "Theory and Research on Today's 'New Religions'" in Sociological Analysis, vol. 39, 1978.

Box 14, Folder 18

Robertson, Roland, Exits from and Moves Beyond Society: Modern Religion and Processes of Globalization. Paper for June 1981 Center Conference: Conversion, Coercion and Commitment in New Religious Movements.

Box 14, Folder 19

Robertson, Roland, The Sociology of Religious Movements: Shifts in Analytical and Empirical Foci.

Box 14, Folder 20

Rochford, E. Burke, Airports and Public Places.

Box 14, Folder 21

Rochford, E. Burke, The End of Charisma.

Box 14, Folder 22

Rochford, E. Burke, "Recruitment Strategies, Ideology, and Organization in the Hare Krishna Movement" in Social Problems, 29:4, 1982.

Box 14, Folder 23

Rosenberg, Bruce A., The Psychology of the Spiritual Sermon.

Box 14, Folder 24

Rosenthal, GaryInflated by the Spirit.

Box 14, Folder 25

Rothbaum, Susan, Untitled Notes.

Box 14, Folder 26

Rudin, Marcia, R., "The Cult Phenomenon: Fad or Fact?" in Review of Law and Social Change, 9:1, 1980-81.

Box 14, Folder 27

Rudin, Marcia, R., and Rudin, James A., New Religious Movements: Cults or Continuum? Paper for June 1981 Center Conference: Conversion, Coercion and Commitment in New Religious Movements.

Box 14, Folder 28

Saliba, John A., S.J., "The Christian Church and the New Religious Movements: Towards Theological Understanding" in Theological Studies 43:3, 1982.

Box 15, Folder 1

Saliba, John A., S.J., Contemporary Religious and spiritual Movements: Problems of Research and Classification.

Box 15, Folder 2

Saliba, John A., S.J., "The Guru: Perceptions of American Devotees of the Divine Light Mission" in Horizons 7:1, 1980.

Box 15, Folder 3

Sandon, Leo, Jr., "True Family: Korean Communitarianism and American Loneliness" in UMHE Monograph Series, No. 3, 1978.

Box 15, Folder 4

Sanford, Nevitt, Untitled.

Box 15, Folder 5

Sanford, Nevitt, Authoritarianism and Idolatry.

Box 15, Folder 6

Sanford, Nevitt, "The Need for Authority" in Learning After College.

Box 15, Folder 7

Savad, Mark, The Unification Church and Conversion: A Social Psychological Investigation.

Box 15, Folder 8

Sawatsky, Rodney J., The 'Cult': Towards a Non-Pejorative and Substantive Definition

Box 15, Folder 9

Schecter, R.E. and Noyes, Wendy L., Cultism on Campus: Commentaries and Guidelines for College and University Personnel.

Box 15, Folder 10

Schwartz, Lita Linzer and Zemel, Jacqueline L., "Religious Cults: Family Concerns and the Law" in Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, 6:3, 1980.

Box 15, Folder 11

Schwartz, Lita Linzer and Kaslow, Florence W., "Religious Cults, the Individual and the Family" in Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, 5:2, 1979.

Box 15, Folder 12

Schwartz, Lita Linzer and Kaslow, Florence W., "Psychohistorical Perceptions of Involuntary Conversion" in Adolescence, 14:54, 1979.

Box 15, Folder 13

Schwartz, Paul Anthony, "The Cloud of Unknowing" in Forms, 4:1, 1980

Box 15, Folder 14

Schwartz, Paul Anthony, The Crisis of Everyday Reality and the Rise of the New Religions.

Box 15, Folder 15

Schwartz, Paul Anthony, "New Religious Movements" in Information Please, 1979.

Box 15, Folder 16

Schwartz, Paul Anthony, Testimonial Speech and Self-Image: An Analysis of the Testimonial Ritual in New Religious Groups.

Box 15, Folder 17

Schwartz, Paul Anthony, Testimonial Speech and Self-Image: An Analysis of the Testimonial Ritual in New Religious Groups. (An Excerpt)

Box 15, Folder 18

Schwartz, Paul Anthony, Young People and the New Religions.

Box 15, Folder 19

Sexson, Michael W., From Madness to Magic: The Rediscovery of Myth in Postmodern Literature.

Box 15, Folder 20

Shapiro, Eli, "Destructive Cultism" in AFP, 15:2, 1977.

Box 15, Folder 21

Shapiro, Robert N., "'Mind Control' or Intensity of Faith: The Constitutional Protection of Religious Beliefs" in Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review, vol. 13, 1978.

Box 15, Folder 22

Sharma, Arvind, When Gurus Fail.

Box 15, Folder 23

Shaw, Rick, Body of Christ, Catholic Church.

Box 15, Folder 24

Shepherd, William C., The Courts and the Cults: Legal Issues Stemming from the New Religious Movements.

Box 15, Folder 25

Shepherd, William C., "The New Religions and the Religion of the Republic" in Journal of the American Academy of Religion, 44:4, 1978.

Box 15, Folder 26

Shepherd, William C.,Legal Rights of the Coercively Deprogrammed.

Box 15, Folder 27

Shepherd, William C.,The Prosecutor's Reach: Legal Issues Stemming from the New Religious Movements.

Box 15, Folder 28

Shinn, Larry D., Conflicting Networks: Guru and Friend to ISKCON.

Box 15, Folder 29

Shinn, Larry D., The Future of an Old Man's vision: ISKCON in the Twenty-first Century.

Box 15, Folder 30

Shinn, Larry D.,The Many Faces of Krishna.

Box 16, Folder 1

Tales of the Mandala; A Shivalila Production, Children's Liberation Front, 1978.

Box 16, Folder 2

Shupe, Anson D., Jr. and Bromley, David G.,Apostates and Atrocity Stories: Some Parameters in the Dynamics of Deprogramming.

Box 16, Folder 3

Shupe, Anson D., Jr. , Spielmann, Roger, and Stigall, Sam, "Cults of Anti-Cults" in Society, 3-4/1980.

Box 16, Folder 4

Shupe, Anson D., Jr., "Deprogramming: The New Exorcism" in American Behavioral Scientist, 20:6, 1977.

Box 16, Folder 5

Shupe, Anson D., Jr., Deprogramming and the Emerging American Anti-Cult Movement.

Box 16, Folder 6

Shupe, Anson D., Jr., "'Disembodied Access' and Technological Constraints on Organizational Development: A Study of Mail-Order Religions" in Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, 15:2, 1976.

Box 16, Folder 7

Shupe, Anson D., Jr.and Bromley, David G., Dynamics of Ideology and Social organization in Social Movements: The Case of the Unificationist Movement.

Box 16, Folder 8

Shupe, Anson D., Jr., The Life and Death of a Mail-Order Cult.

Box 16, Folder 9

Shupe, Anson D., Jr., The Moonies and the Anti-Cultists: Movement and Counter-Movement in Conflict.

Box 16, Folder 10

Shupe, Anson D., Jr., New Developments in Church-Sect Theory: The Cult-to-Sect Transformation.

Box 16, Folder 11

Shupe, Anson D., Jr., Ventimiglia, Joseph C. and Bromley, David G., Political Control of Radically Innovative Religions.

Box 16, Folder 12

Shupe, Anson D., Jr.and Bromley, David G., Some Continuities in American Religion: Witches, Moonies, and Accusations of Evil.

Box 16, Folder 13

Shupe, Anson D., Jr., A Role Theory Approach to Entry and Exit in the New Religions.

Box 16, Folder 14

Shupe, Anson D., Jr., A Role Theory Interpretation of Deprogramming.

Box 16, Folder 15

, Shaping the Public Response to Jonestown: The Peoples Temple and the Anti-Cult Movement.

Box 16, Folder 16

Shupe, Anson D., Jr., Some Problems in Transplanting Oriental Christianity to the United States: The Case of Sun Myung Moon.

Box 16, Folder 17

Shupe, Anson D., Jr., "Toward a Structural Perspective of Modern Religious Movements" in Sociological Focus, 6:3, 1973.

Box 16, Folder 18

Shupe, Anson D., Jr.and Bromley, David G., "Walking a Tightrope: Dilemmas of Prticipant Oservation of Groups in Conflict" in Qualitative Sociology.

Box 16, Folder 19

Silvergate, Harvey A., Commentary on 'Memorandum of Decision and Orders' Issued by The Hon. W. Arthur Garrity, Jr., United States District Judge, on March 26, 1982, in the Case of La Venda Van Schaick vs. Church of Scientology, Pending in the District of Massachusetts.

Box 16, Folder 20

Simmonds, Robert B., Level of Discourse and Self-Concept within a Fundamentalist Christian Milieu: Conversion to the Jesus Movement.

Box 16, Folder 21

Simmonds, Robert B., Maladaptive Implications of Affiliation with a Jesus Movement Group.

Box 16, Folder 21a

Singer, Margaret T., "Coming Out of the Cults" in Psychology Today, 1/1979.

Box 16, Folder 22

Margaret Singer's Talk at Seminar on Brainwashing, 5/2/77.

Box 16, Folder 23

Singer, Margaret T., "Therapy with Ex-Cult Members" in NAPPH Journal, 9:4.

Box 16, Folder 24

Skonovd, L. Norman, Becoming Apostate: A Model of Religious Defection.

Box 16, Folder 25

Skonovd, L. Norman, Deprogramming

Box 16, Folder 26

Smart, Ninian, The Moonies: Are They Christian?

Box 16, Folder 27

Smith, Archie, Jr., Jonestown, Guyana: An Analysis and Interpretation: Implications for the Pastoral Ministries of Black Churches.

Box 16, Folder 28

Smith, Lawrence C., S.J., The Way Ministry (also known as The Way International and The Way Biblical Research Center).

Box 16, Folder 29

Solomon, Trudy, Integrating the 'Moonie' Experience: A Survey of Ex-Members of the Unification Church.

Box 16, Folder 30

Spencer, Metta, Therapy and Eastern Religion: A Study in Cultural Evolution.

Box 17, Folder 1

Spickard, Jim, Shamanistic Renewal in Two Changing Cultures: Sekai Kyusei-Kyo in Japan and America.

Box 17, Folder 2

Stacey, William A., Shupe Anson and Stacy, Susan, Religious Values and Religiosity in the Textbook Adoption Controversy in Texas, 1981.

Box 17, Folder 3

Stark, Rodney, How New Religions Succeed: A Theoretical Model.

Box 17, Folder 4

Stone, Donald, Seeking Transcendence in Human Potential Movement Groups.

Box 17, Folder 5

Stone, Donald, and McCarthy, James, The Promise and Peril of New Religious Movements, Part II: The Peril.

Box 17, Folder 6

Streiker, Lowell D., Thoughts on Peoples Temple and the Dead at Jonestown.

Box 17, Folder 7

Tamney, Joseph B. and Johnson, Stephen, The Christian Right, Morality, and the Law.

Box 17, Folder 8

Thomas, George M., A Comparative Historical Essay on Religious Movements and Political-Economic Change.

Box 17, Folder 9

Thompson, Lloyd R., A Critical Analysis of the Evangelical Orthodox Church (New Covenant Apostolic Order).

Box 17, Folder 10

Thurmond, Gerald T., The Political Organization of the Christian Right in the South.

Box 17, Folder 11

Thursby, Gene R., Siddha Yoga: Swami Muktananda and the Seat of Power.

Box 17, Folder 12

Tipton, Steven M., Zen Master and Student: Moral Authority in a Ritual Context.

Box 17, Folder 13

Trolin, Cliff, Knowledge in Gnosticism, Merkabah Mysticism, and Scientology.

Box 17, Folder 14

Truzzi, Marcello, Towards a Sociology of the Occult: Notes on Modern Witchcraft.

Box 17, Folder 15

Tweed, Thomas A., 'Shall We All Become Buddhists?' Non-Asian Adherents and Sympathizers 1875-1917 and Victorian Culture in America.

Box 17, Folder 16

Ungerleider, J. Thomas and Wellisch, David K., "Coercive Persuasion (Brainwashing), Religious Cults, and Deprogramming" in American Journal of Psychiatry, 136:3, 1979.

Box 17, Folder 17

There is no file folder 17.

Box 17, Folder 18

Ungerleider, J. Thomas, "Cultism, Thought Control and Deprogramming: Observations on a Phenomenon" in Psychiatric Opinion, 16:1, 1979.

Box 17, Folder 19

Ungerleider, J. Thomas, The New Religions: Insights Into the Cult Phenomenon, An Interview with J. Thomas Ungerleider, M.D.

Box 17, Folder 20

Ungerleider, J. Thomas, Conversion: Predisposing Characteristics. Paper for the NRM Center Conference June 1981: Conversion, Coercion and Commitment in New Religious Movements.

Box 17, Folder 21

Valenzuela, Wilma Greenfield, Meeting Human Needs: The Ananda Ashrama.

Box 17, Folder 22

Vaughan, Frances, A Question of Balance: Health and Pathology in New Religious Movements.

Box 17, Folder 23

State of Vermont (Committee for the Investigation of Alleged, Deceptive, Fraudulent and Criminal Practices of Various Organizations in the State), Investigating the Effects of Some Religious Cults on the Health and Welfare of Their Converts.

Box 18, Folder 1

Wagner, Melinda Bollar, Metaphysics in Midwestern America.

Box 18, Folder 2

Wallis, Roy, The Rebirth of the Gods? Reflections on the New Religions in the West.

Box 18, Folder 3

Wallis, Roy, The New Religions: A Theoretical and Empirical Synthesis.

Box 18, Folder 4

Welwood, John, On Spiritual Authority: Genuine and Counterfeit. Paper for the NRM Center Conference June 1981: Conversion, Coercion and Commitment in New Religious Movements.

Box 18, Folder 5

Wentz, Richard, Changing Conceptions of the Hindu Ascetic: Studies of an Indian Provincial Capital.

Box 18, Folder 6

Wentz, Richard, Changing Conceptions of the Hindu Ascetic: Studies of an Indian Provincial Capital.

Box 18, Folder 6a

West, Louis Jand Singer, Margaret T., "Cults, Quacks, and Nonprofessional Psychotherapies" in Contemporary Issues in Psychiatry.

Box 18, Folder 7

Whitehead, Harriet, Reasonably Fantastic: Some Perspectives on Scientology, Science-Fiction and Occultism.

Box 18, Folder 8

Whitehead, John, From Across the Black Water: Two Imported Varieties of Hinduism - The Hare Krishnas and the Ramakrishna Vedanta Society.

Box 18, Folder 9

Wilbur, Ken, Legitimacy, Authenticity, and Authority in the New Religions.

Box 18, Folder 10

Wilbur, Ken, "The Pre/Trans Fallacy: An Essay Distinguishing Transcendence from Regression" in Re-Vision, 1980.

Box 18, Folder 11

Wilson, John, A Historian's Perspective on the New Religious Movements.

Box 18, Folder 12

Wilson, John, Marginal Movements in the Historiography of American Religion.

Box 18, Folder 13

Yawney, Carole, Rastalogue.

Box 18, Folder 14

Zaretsky, Irving I., Religious Argots as Evidence for the Analysis of Church Social Structure.

Box 18, Folder 15

Zell, Tim, Cataclysm and Consciousness: From the Golden Age to the Age of Iron.

Box 18, Folder 16

There is no file folder 16.

Box 18, Folder 17

Zimbardo, Philip G. and Hartley, Cynthia F., Cults Go to High School: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis of the Initial Stage in the Recruitment Process. Paper for the NRM Center Conference June 1981: Conversion, Coercion and Commitment in New Religious Movements.

Box 18, Folder 18

Zucker, Jeff, Indian-based Religious Groups in the United States.

Box 18, Folder 19

Zwier, Robert, The New Christian Right in the 1980 Senate Elections.

Box 18, Folder 20

Zablocki, Benjamin D., Some Models of Commune Integration and Disintegration.


Series 3.  Seminar Transcripts. 1980-1982

Physical Description: Box 19-20: 5 in.

Scope and Content Note

Seminar Transcripts are a series of Research Seminars held during the academic years 1980-81 (New Religious Movements and Spiritual Authoritarianism) and 1981-82 (Religion and the Law). These Seminars were attended by groups of invited scholars and met approximately every two weeks. The sessions were tape recorded, then transcribed for distribution among the participants. Guests and other participants were invited to sessions according to the focus of the session. For 1980-81, each session's attendees are listed on each transcript.


The transcripts are arranged chronologically.
Box 19, Folder 1

New Religious Movements and Spiritual Authoritarianism. 10/9/80. Includes list of 1980-81 Seminar Participants.

Box 19, Folder 2

Authoritarianism, continued. 10/23/80

Box 19, Folder 3

Authoritarianism, continued. 11/6/80

Box 19, Folder 4

Authoritarianism, continued. 11/20/80

Box 19, Folder 5



NOTE: The format was changed slightly. It was decided a scholar would organize a session on a particular subject, then guests would be invited to give "interviews" or "testimonials" on their experience of the session's focus. Guests: Josh Baran and Juan Lorenzo Hinojosa. 12/4/80
Box 19, Folder 6

Synanon. Guests: Harriet Benjamin and Harold Benjamin. 12/18/80

Box 19, Folder 7

Jonestown. Guests: Richard Clark and Diane Louie. 1/15/81

Box 19, Folder 8

Discussion on the subjects of the previous three sessions. File includes updated Participants list. 1/29/81

Box 19, Folder 9

Psychosynthesis. Guests: Anne Yeomans and Tom Yeomans. 2/12/81

Box 19, Folder 10

Unification Church. Guest: Michael L. Mickler. 2/26/81

Box 19, Folder 11

San Francisco Zen Center. Guests: Reb Anderson and Russa Anderson. 3/12/81

Box 19, Folder 12

Meher Baba.Dick Anthony. 3/26/81

Box 20, Folder 1

Tibetan Buddhism. Claudio Naranjo and John Welwood. 4/9/81

Box 20, Folder 2

EST. Guest: Werner Erhard and Joan Goldsmith. 4/23/81

Box 20, Folder 3

Discussion on the subjects of the previous six sessions. 5/7/81

Box 20, Folder 4

Discussion on the subjects of the previous six sessions continued. 5/21/81

Box 20, Folder 5

Herbert Fingerette. 1/6/82


NOTE:The 1982 Seminars focused on Religion and the Law. Each session started with a presentation by a scholar, then followed general discussion among the participants.
Box 20, Folder 6

Jeremiah S. Gutman. 1/12/82

Box 20, Folder 7

Robert Shapiro. 2/12/82

Box 20, Folder 8

Robert Lifton. 4/19/82

Box 20, Folder 9

Robert Wuthnow. 4/21/82

Box 20, Folder 10

Richard Ofshe. 5/27/82


Series 4.  Audiocassette Tapes. 1978-1983

Physical Description: Box 21-22: Cassette Tape Box, 5 in.

Box 23: Cassette Tape Box, 5 in.

Scope and Content Note

The corresponding Seminar audiotapes for October 1980 - May 1981 and for January - May 1982 are in Boxes 21-23. There are audiotapes, but no transcripts for the Seminars held July - November 1981, March 1982, October 1982, or March 14, 1983 (Alternative Paradigms for Health and Healing).


The transcripts are arranged chronologically.
Box 21

1978 NRM Colloquia. 4 tapes.


George Baker. On Buddhism.


Reports and Discussion: George Baker, Don Stone, Daniel O'Hanlon, and Dick Anthony


Dick Anthony. On Brainwashing.

Box 21

1980-81 Research Seminars: Authoritarianism in New Religious Movements. 33 tapes.


NOTE: The dated tapes correspond to the transcripts in Boxes 19-20, October 1980 - May 1981.
Box 22

Valdimir Panasanko, ISKON. 1 tape. 7/12/81

Box 22

1981-82 Research Seminars: Legal Issues in New Religious Movements. 29 tapes.


NOTE: July - November 1981 tapes have no transcripts. January - May 1982 have corresponding transcripts in Box 20 (except the March sessions).
Box 22

Visiting Scholars Meeting: Beckford, Capps, Wilson. 2 tapes. 10/27/82


NOTE: (Damaged, no sound.)
Box 22

Alternative Paradigms for Health and Healing, 3/14/83. 3 tapes.


Tape 1: Introduction to the program by Jacob Needleman and James Beckford


Tape 2: Meredith McGuire


Tape 3: Archie Smith, Jr. and Tanice Foltz

Box 23

Center for New Religious Movements Conference: Conversion, Coercion and Commitment in New Religious Movements, June 11-14, 1981. 29 tapes.


NOTE: Arranged chronologically. Box 2, ff 10 contains a list of Conference Participants. The papers presented at the Conference are filed in Boxes 4-18, alphabetically by author.
Box 23

NRM Occasional Forums, 1978-79.


NOTE: Audiotape recordings of the Occasional Forums were cataloged individually by the GTU Library staff. They can be found under their individual call number. There are circulating copies in the general Library collection, and non-circulating copies in Rare Books. They are listed here in alphabetical order by author.

Jacobs, Maggie and Sahn, Seung, The Future of Buddhism in America and Korea, 1/25/79 (BQ9252.U5 F8)


Ranck, Shirley Ann, Cakes for the Queen of Heaven, 3/14/79 (HQ1393.R36)


Schachter-Shalomi, Zalman, Green, Arthur, and Rosen, Charles, Jewish Mysticism in America, 6/7/78 (BM723.J49)


Winston, Jerry, Judaism and Yoga, 10/25/78 (BM526.J82)


Woods, Richard, The New Mystical Experience, 6/5/78 (BL625.W65)