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Finding Aid to the Photographs of the Southern Pacific Route, 1894
BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB  
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volume Vol. 1

New Orleans, Along the Levee. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:001


New Orleans, A Sugar Refinery. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:002


New Orleans, A Statue of Andrew Jackson. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:003


New Orleans, Intramural Cemetery. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:004


View along the Bayou Teche in Louisiana. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:005


View along the Bayou Teche in Louisiana. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:006


Cutting Sugar Cane, Louisiana. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:007


A Sugar Mill, New Orleans. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:008


Front View of the Alamo, San Antonio. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:009


Devil's River Pailsades in the Canyon of the Rio Grande. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:010


Devil's River Pailsades in the Canyon of the Rio Grande. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:011


In the Canyon of the Rio Grande, near the mouth of the Pecos River. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:012


In the Canyon of the Rio Grande, near the mouth of the Pecos River. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:013


Painted Cave, in the Canyon of the Rio Grande. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:014


Painted Cave, in the Canyon of the Rio Grande. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:015


Mission San Xavier del Bac, near Tucson. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:016


The Casa Grande ruins in Arizona, probably the oldest prehistoric remains in North America. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:017


The Casa Grande ruins in Arizona, probably the oldest prehistoric remains in North America. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:018


A Street Scene in Tempe, Arizona. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:019


View of the Giant Cactus as found in New Mexico and Arizona. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:020


Along the banks of the Gila, near Yuma, Arizona. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:021


S.P. Bridge spanning the Colorado River at Yuma. On the opposite bank is shown the buildings of Old Fort Yuma. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:022


An Indian Hut on the Colorado Desert, near Yuma. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:023


Salton -- A Sea of Salt. 263 feet below sea level. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:024


Plowing salt at Salton, Indio. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:025

Creator/Collector: Tibbitts, H. C. (Howard C.)
Physical Description: 1 photographic print

Scope and Content Note

Salton Sea.

Additional Note

This material was selectively digitized from a larger resource or collection.

Indio. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:026


Indio. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:027


Magnolia Avenue, Riverside. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:028


Orange Grove, Riverside. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:029


The Beach at Santa Monica. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:030


[Numbers skipped: No images] BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:031-033


Santa Barbara Mission, Exterior. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:034


Santa Barbara Mission, Courtyard. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:035


Santa Barbara Mission, The Old Door-Way. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:036


Santa Barbara Mission, Interior. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:037


Santa Barbara Mission, "Meditation." BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:038


Santa Barbara Mission, "In the Belfry Tower." BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:039


The Graces, Mariposa Group of Big Trees. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:040


Wawona, Mariposa Group of Big Trees. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:041


Yosemite Valley, from the Artists' Point. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:042


Yosemite Valley, Three Brothers. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:043


Yosemite Valley, The Domes. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:044


Yosemite Valley, Upper and Lower Falls. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:045


Yosemite Valley, Cloud's Rest and Half Dome. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:046


Yosemite Valley, El Capitan. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:047


Yosemite Valley, El Capitan. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:048


Yosemite Valley, Lower Yosemite Falls. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:049


[Numbers skipped: No images] BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:050-51


Snow Plant of the Sierras. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:052


San Francisco, Market Street, looking East. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:053


San Francisco, Golden Gate Park. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:054


San Francisco, Golden Gate Park. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:055


San Francisco, The Golden Gate. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:056


San Francisco, Decorations on the "Woey Sin Low" Restaurant (Chinese). BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:057


San Francisco, Court Yard, Palace Hotel. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:058


San Francisco, U.S. Mint. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:059


San Francisco, Along the Wharves [Sailing ships at dock]. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:060


San Francisco, Ferry Boat Piedmont. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:061


U.S. Cruiser "San Francisco", built at Union Iron Works, S.F. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:062


Transfer Boat "Solano", plying between Port Costa and Benicia. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:063


[Number skipped: No image] BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:064


West-end Quadrangle, Stanford University. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:065


Lick Observatory, Mount Hamilton. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:066


Hotel del Monte, Monterey, Front View. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:067


Hotel del Monte, Monterey, Front View. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:068


Hotel del Monte, Monterey, Front View. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:069


Hotel del Monte, Monterey, Main Entrance. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:070


Hotel del Monte, Monterey, Arizona Garden. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:071


Hotel del Monte, Monterey, The Lawn. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:072


Hotel del Monte, Monterey, Flower Beds. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:073


Hotel del Monte, Monterey, Laguna del Rey. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:074


Hotel del Monte, Monterey, Laguna del Rey. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:075


Hotel del Monte, Monterey, Laguna del Rey. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:076


Hotel del Monte, Eighteen Mile Drive, Cypress Point. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:077


Hotel del Monte, Eighteen Mile Drive, Point Dougty. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:078


Hotel del Monte, Eighteen Mile Drive, Carmel Valley. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:079


Hotel del Monte, Eighteen Mile Drive, Carmel Bay. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:080


Monterey, The Old Adobe Custom House, historical as being the first building on which the first American flag was raised in California. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:081


Monterey, An Old Adobe Building, supposed to be the first hotel in California. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:082


A typical Old Adobe Building near Santa Ysabel. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:083


The Big Tree Grove at Felton, Santa Cruz Mountains. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:084


The Big Tree Grove at Felton, Santa Cruz Mountains. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:085


Santa Cruz Mountains. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:086


Cape Horn, Sierra Nevadas. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:087


[Number skipped: No image] BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:088


Rotary Snow Plow in action, Sierra Nevadas. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:089


[Number skipped: No image] BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:090


Donner Lake. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:091


Lake Tahoe, General View of the Shore-line looking West from Cave Rock. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:092


Lake Tahoe - View looking South from Tallac Point across the entire length of the Lake, the Mountains in the distance being twenty-two miles away. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:093


Lake Tahoe - Cave Rock. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:094


[Number skipped: No image] BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:095


Lake Tahoe - Mount Tallac (10,000 ft. high) from Fallen Leaf Lake. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:096


Lake Tahoe - White Cloud Falls. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:097


Fallen Leaf Lake, near Lake Tahoe, showing the wonderful transparency of the waters, the depth of the water in the foreground of this picture being some twenty-two inches. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:098


[Number skipped: No image] BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:099


Glen Alpine - Susie Lake. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:100

Additional Note

Glen Alpine, a magnificent country adjacent to Lake Tahoe, and one of the most picturesque and scenic portions of the Sierras. [Note from photographer's original typed list.]

Glen Alpine - Heather Lake. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:101


Glen Alpine - Susie Lake. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:102


Glen Alpine - The Crest of the Sierras. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:103


Glen Alpine - The Crest of the Sierras. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:104


Tavern of the Castle Crags. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:105


Castle Crags from the Sacramento River. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:106


A distant view of Mount Shasta, from Castle Crags. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:107


Mossbrae Falls, Sacramento Canyon. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:108


Mount Shasta Soda Springs, Sacramento Canyon. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:109


The Eighteenth Crossing of the Sacramento River. This bridge was built on a fourteen degree curve, 2.2 percent grade, and each span on a different skew. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:110


Mount Shasta from Strawberry Valley. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:111


Sugar Pine Forests in Northern California. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:112


Hydraulic Mining. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:113


The Old Miner's Cabin. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:114


"Ye Olden Days" [Stage coach]. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:115


[Number skipped: No image] BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:116


Map of California [photograph of map]. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:117


Map of California [photograph of map]. BANC PIC 1996.002--fALB:118