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Guide to the Victor Lenzen Papers, [ca. 1904-1975]
BANC MSS 76/206 c  
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Key to Arrangement

Boxes 1-4

Letters written to Lenzen

Scope and Content Note

Include letters from colleagues, friends and organizations relating to his research on the life of works of Charles S. and Benjamin Peirce; classical archeology, mainly the figure of Dionysos on textiles; service on University of California committees; and his publications, lectures and speeches on physics and philosophy. Arranged alphabetically. A partial list of correspondents follows the Key to Arrangement. Unlisted letters are arranged alphabetically in miscellanies preceding each letter of the alphabet. Unidentified letters are at the end.
Box 5

Letters written by Lenzen, 1914-1975

Scope and Content Note

Primarily carbon copies with occasional drafts. No letters for the years 1915, 1917-35 and 1947. Arranged chronologically, with undated letters at the end.
Carton 1

Manuscripts, (some with successive drafts), galley proofs and reprints of published articles and reviews written by Lenzen. Arranged by date of publication as follows:


Independence Proofs and the Theory of Implication


Reprint, January 1919


A General Method of Determining the Adiabatic Invariants of Mechanical Systems


Ms., 1922


The Philosophical Aspects of the Theory of Relativity


Reprint, November 1923


The Philosophy of Nature in the Light of Contemporary Physics


Reprint, December 1924


Regulative Principles in Physical Science


Reprint, November 1925


Scientific Ideas and Experience


Reprint, 1926


Physical Substance


Reprint, September 1927


Statistical Truth in Physical Science


Reprint, October 1928


The Nature of Scientific Truth


Reprint, September 1929


Determinism and Indeterminism in Classical Physics


Ms. and reprint, October 1929


The Nature of Geometrical Relations


Reprint, December 1930


World Geometry


Reprint, October 1931


The Metaphysical Import of Scientific Facts


Reprint, March 1932


Review: P. Frank, Das Kausalgesetz and sein Grenzen.


Ms., 1932


The Quantum Theory


Ms., 1932


The Metaphysics of Space and Time


Reprint, April 1932


Archimede's Theory of the Lever


Reprint, April 1932


Physical Causality


Reprint, May 1932


Review: F. A. Lindermann, The Physical Significance of the Quantum Theory.


Ms. and galley proof, 1932


The Theory of Relativity


Ms. and reprint, December 1932


Review: F. S. C. Northrop, Science and First Principles


Ms., 1933


The Concept of Reality in the Light of Quantum Theory


Reprint, October 1933


Positivistic Theory of Possibility


Reprint, October 1934


The Philosophical Problem of the Existence of the Physical World


Ms. and reprint, December 1934


Metaphysics of the Physical World


Ms. and reprint, September 14, 1935


The Schema of Time


Reprint, December 1935


Review: Henry Crew, The Rise of Modern Physics.


Ms., 1936


Mind in Observation


Reprint, December 1936


The Physical Theories of Niels Bohr


Ms., 1937


Philosophy of Physics


Ms. and printed article, June 18, 1937


Newton's Third Law of Motion


Reprint, August 1937


Individuality in Atomism


Reprint, September 1937


Newton's Third Law


Galley proof, May 23, 1938


Letter Symbols for Physics with H. K. Hughes and others


Reprint, August 1938


Procedures of Empirical Science


Reprint, 1938


Experience and Convention on Physical Theory


Reprint, 1938


Reason in Science


Reprint, February 1939


The Third Law of Motion


Ms., 1939


The Hypothesis of Dualism


Ms., 1939


Review: H. Dingler, Die Methode der Physik.


Ms., 1939


Physical Geometry


Reprint, June-July 1939


The Operational Theory in Elementary Physics


Ms. and reprint, December 1939


Review: W. H. Watson, On Understanding Physics.


Ms. and reprint, April 1940


Review: Kurt Riezler, Physics and Reality.


Ms. and printed article, October 1940


Proposal to Standardize Letter Symbols with H. K. Hughes and others


Reprint, October 1940


The Significance of Symbols in Physical Equations


Mss. and galley proof, 1940


Review: A. S. Eddington, Philosophy of Physical Science.


Ms., 1941


Philosophy of Science


Ms. and reprint, ca. 1942


Review: W. H. Werkmeister, A Philosophy of Science.


Ms., 1942


Science and Social Context


Reprint, December 1942


Review: Albert G. Ramsperger, Philosophies of Science.


Ms., 1943


Review: K. J. W. Craik, The Nature of Explanation.


Ms., 1944


The Concept of Reality in Physical Theory


Reprint, July 1945


Descriptive Notice: P. Jordan, Physics of the 20th Century.


Ms., 1945


The Figure of Dionysos on the Siphnian Frieze


Ms. and reprint, January 1946


Review: Hans Reichenbach, Philosophic Foundations of Quantum Mechanics.


Ms. and reprint, March 1946


Science as a College Subject


Ms. and reprints, November 16, 1946


Helmholtz's Theory of Knowledge


Reprint, 1947


Review: Philipp Frank, Foundations of Physics.


Ms., 1947


Review: Martin Johnson, Science and the Meaning of Truth.


Ms., 1947


Review: Donald Williams, The Ground of Induction.


Ms., 1947


Science and Philosophy


Mss., 1948


American Standard Letter Symbols for Physics with H. K. Hughes and others


Reprint, March 1948


Review: Jean Pelseneer, L'evolution de la notion de phenomene physique . . .


Galley proof and reprint, February 1949


Statistical Mechanics and its Applications to Physics


Reprint, 1949


Review: Max Planck, Erinnerungen I.


Ms., galley proof and reprint, February 1949


Review: C. West Churchman, Theory of Experimental Inference.


Ms., 1949


Review: Sir James Jeans, The Growth of Physical Science.


Ms. and galley proof, 1949


Einstein's Theory of Knowledge


Reprint, 1949


Review: Otis Lee, Existence and Inquiry.


Ms., galley proof and reprint, August 1949


Concepts and Reality in Quantum Mechanics


Ms., and reprint, October 1949


Review: Hermann Weyl, Philosophy of Mathematics and Natural Science.


Galley proof and reprint, July 1950


Review: R.W. Sellers, et al., Philosophy for the Future.


Galley proof, 1950


Modern Physics and Philosophy in the United States between 1939 and 1945


Ms., 1950


Modern Physics and Philosophy in the United States, 1945-1948


Ms., 1950


Review: J. B. Conant (General Editor), Harvard Case Histories in Experimental Science.


Ms., galley proof and reprint, April 1951


Review: Henry Margenau, The Nature of Physical Theory.


Ms., galley proof and reprint, April 1951


Review: A. d'Abro, The Evolution of Scientific Thought . . .


Ms., galley proof and reprint, April 1951


Review: Science and Civilization. Edited by Robert C. Stauffer.


Ms., 1950


Philosophical Problems of the Statistical Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics


Ms. and reprint, 1951


Verification in Science


Ms. and reprint, 1951


Review: Percy W. Bridgman, Reflections of a Physicist.


Ms. and printed article, September-December 1951


Review: Philipp Frank, et al., Contributions to the Analysis and Synthesis of Knowledge.


Ms.and galley proof, 1952


Review: Rudolf Jordan, The New Perspective.


Ms. and galley proof, 1952


Review: Sir Edmund Whittaker, A History of the Theories of Aether and Electricity.


Ms. and galley proof, 1952


Review: A. d'Abro, The Rise of the New Physics.


Mss., galley proof and reprint, September 1952


Review: P. W. Bridgman, The Nature of Some of Our Physical Concepts.


Ms., 1953


Review: Sir Isaac Newton, Optiks.


Ms., galley proof and reprint, June 1953


Review: R. B. Braithwaite, Scientific Explanation.


Ms. and reprint, December 1953


The Significance of Physical Theory


Reprint, April 23, 1954


Terms of Statistical Mechanics


Ms. and reprint, December 1954


Review: Max Jammer, Concepts of Space.


Galley proof and reprint, September 1955


Review: Duane H. D. Roller, The Development of the Concept of the Electric Charge.


Reprint, December 1955


Review: Mary B. Hesse, Science and Human Imagination.


Reprint, June 1956


Review: Philippe Devaux, De Thalès à Bergson.


Mss. and reprint, September 1957


Review: Hans Reichenbach, Modern Philosophy of Science.


Reprint, June 1960


Review: Churchmand and Ratoosh, editors, Measurement: Definitions and Theories.


Ms. and reprint, December 1960


The Triumph of Dionysos on Textiles of Late Antique Egypt


Ms. and reprint, 1960


Introduction to Oral Interview of Raymond T. Birge


Ms., 1960


Review: George P. Conger, Synoptic Naturalism.


Reprint, March 1961


Review: Murray G. Murphey, The Development of Peirce's Philosophy.


Mss., ca. 1961


Charles S. Peirce and Die Europäische Gradmessung


Ms. and reprint, September 1962


Charles S. Peirce as Astronomer


Mss. and reprint, 1964


Review: M. Bunge, editor, The Critical Approach to Science and Philosophy.


Ms. and reprint, 1964


The Development of Gravity Pendulums in the Nineteenth Century with Robert P. Multhauf


Mss. and reprint, 1965 (two folders)


The Contributions of Charles S. Peirce to Meteorology


Mss. and reprint, February 1965


Reminiscences of a Mission to Milford, Pennsylvania


Ms. and printed article, Spring 1965


The Role of Science in the Philosophy of C. S. Peirce


Reprint, September 1968


Benjamin Peirce


Ms., 1968


Review: Adolf Grünbaum, Geometry and Chronometry in Philosophical Perspective.


Ms. and reprint, September 1969


An Unpublished Scientific Monograph by C. S. Peirce


Reprint, 1969


Review: Wilfrid Sellars, Science and Metaphysics: Variations on Kantian Themes.


Ms., March 1970


Review: B. S. Cohen and M. W. Wartofsky, eds., Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science, Volume V.


Mss., September 1970


The University of California History of Science Dinner Club


Mss. and reprint, 1971


Bertrand Russell at Harvard, 1914


Ms. and printed article, Autumn 1971


Charles S. Peirce as Mathematical Geodesist


Mss. and printed article, Spring 1972


Review: Ferdinand Gonseth, Time and Method. Printed article, ca. 1972


Review: Adolph Grünbaum, Philosophical Problems of Space and Time.


Mss. and reprint, 1973


The Contributions of Charles S. Peirce to Linear Algebra


Mss., notes and reprint, 1973


Peirce, Russell, and Achilles


Mss. and printed article, Winter 1974


Miscellaneous Reviews

Carton 2

Manuscripts (multiple drafts in some cases) of unpublished papers, with related notes.

Scope and Content Note

Supplied titles are in brackets. Arranged as follows:

Causality December 15, 1913


The Problems of Philosophy [1914]


The Problem of Being in the Physical World 1914


[Knowledge of Relations in Nature]


[Nature of the Negative]


A Theory of Judgement 1914


Outlines of a Science of Phenomenology with especial reference to Meaning and Truth 1916 (two folders)


Industrial Combinations in the United States


The Existence of the Physical World December 29, 1933


The Concept of Stability in Physics ca. 1935


Theory of Measurement ca. 1935


Review: Arthur Pap, The A Priori in Physical Theory. 1946


Review: A. Dratzer, Wissenschafts Theoretische Betragen zur Atomphysik. 1937


Report on the book submitted by Hugh Miller, History and Science ca. 1937


Einstein ca. 1955


The Triumph of Dionysos on Textiles of Late Antiquity ca. 1957


The Peirce invariable reversible Pendulums December 17, 1961


Sophia Levy McDonald, Professor of Mathematics Emeritus 1888-1963


Benjamin Peirce, 1809-1880 ca. 1965


The Career of Charles S. Peirce in the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey ca. 1967


Reminiscences of the Berkeley Campus ca. 1968


Jacob Loewenberg, Professor of Philosophy 1882-1969


Charles Sanders Peirce: A Biographical Memoir 1970


The Identity of Juliette January 13, 1973


Review: Thomas G. Manning, The Rise and Fall of Charles S. Peirce in the U.S. Coast Survey, 1872-1891. November 30, 1973


On the Elementary Principles of Quantum Mechanics


The Geometry of Rotating Systems


The Essential Factors in the Origin of Modern Science


The Figure of Dionysos on Late Hellenistic Textiles


The Figure of Dionysos on Textiles of Greco-Roman Egypt


The Concept of Normal System in Quantum Theory


Nuclear Forces


Causality and Complementarity


C. S. Peirce and H. A. Rowland: Two Contributors to the Art of Ruling Diffraction Gratings


Social Influences in the Development of Science


Report on C. F. MacIntyre's translation of Rilke


Einstein's Scientific Work


Professor Sommerfeld's Lectures of Atomic Structure


The Physical World


The Geometry of Rotating Systems


Science in Civilization


The Impact of Physics Upon Metaphysics


Modern Physics and Philosophy in the United States, 1949-1956


The Meaning of Dimensions


Order in Nature


Planck's Philosophy of Science


Atomic Nuclear Theory


Development of Physics


Statistical Mechanics


The Iconography of Cybele


Note on the Rate of Variation of Parameters in an Adiabatic Transformation


Physics and Metaphysics


Report on 'The Panels of Cybele' and Report on the Tapestries of Cybele II


The Concept of Normal System in Quantum Theory


History of the Quantum Theory


Report on 'A Computer Perspective'


Charles S. Peirce and the Coast and Geodetic Survey


The Life and Works of Charles Sanders Peirce


The Relation of the Scientific Work of C. S. Peirce to that of His Father


Charles S. Peirce's Researches on Gravity


The Death of Charles Peirce


The Scientific Work of Rene Descartes


Charles S. Peirce as Mathematical Physicist (two folders)


Experimental Corrections to the Reversible Pendulum originating with C. S. Peirce


Peirce, Leibniz and Infinitesimals


The Career of Charles S. Peirce in the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey


The Scientific Career of Charles S. Peirce


C. S. Peirce's Scientific Work


The Linear Associative Algebra of Benjamin Peirce


The Inspectorship of Standards, 1899-1901


Untitled (two folders)

Carton 2

Manuscripts of speeches


Debate about viaduct 1900


The Meaning of Science ca. 1940


To Members of Phi Beta Kappa and Guests


Address at Opening Meeting of Congress



Carton 3

Manuscripts of books


The Principles of Statistical Mechanics: Developed with Especial Reference to The Rational Foundations of Thermodynamics


Ms., n.d.


The Nature of Physical Theory


Incomplete Ms. and advertisements


Benjamin Peirce and the U.S. Coast Survey


Ms., 1968

Carton 3

Problem Sets

Scope and Content Note

Mimeographed copies of questions with Lenzen's handwritten answers to problem sets for physics courses that he took at the University of California --Physics 1A (1909) and Physics 1B (1909?)

Manuscripts of Lenzen's lectures for courses in physics and the history of physics, University of California. Arranged as follows:


Statistical Mechanics (two folders)


The History of Physics 1932 (two folders)


Mechanics (Physics 4A) 1948


Advanced Dynamics (Physics 205B) Spring 1934


Advanced Dynamics (Physics 205B) Spring 1950


Advanced Dynamics (Physics 205A) Fall 1950


Advanced Dynamics (Physics 205B) Spring 1951


Advanced Dynamics (Physics 205A) Fall 1951


Advanced Dynamics (Physics 205B) Spring 1952


Advanced Dynamics (Physics 205A) Fall 1952


Advanced Dynamics (Physics 205A) Fall 1953


Advanced Dynamics (Physics 205B) Spring 1954


Advanced Dynamics (Physics 205A) Fall 1954


Advanced Dynamics (Physics 205A) Fall 1955


Advanced Dynamics (Physics 205A) Fall 1956


Advanced Dynamics (Physics 205A) Fall 1957


Advanced Dynamics (Physics 205A) mimeograph copies of typed notes


Kinetic Theory (Physics 219) 1949


Statistical Mechanics and Kinetic Theory (Physics 219) 1954


Statistical Mechanics and Kinetic Theory (Physics 219) 1955


Statistical Mechanics and Kinetic Theory (Physics 219) 1957


Statistical Mechanics and Kinetic Theory (Physics 219) 1958

Carton 3

Notes re the figure of Dionysos. Include Lenzen's original ideas, bibliographic notes, photographs and sketches. Arranged as follows:


Figure of Dionysos ca. 1944 (two folders)


Dionysos on textile ca. 1955 (two folders)


Triumph of Dionysos ca. 1957


Archaeological Material, Dionysos


Archeological Material, Dionysos; miscellaneous photographs (two folders)

Carton 4

Material re Charles S., Juliette and Benjamin Peirce, including notes, photocopies of documents, photographs and sketches. Arranged as follows:


Charles S. Peirce (two folders)


Charles S. Peirce, Scientific Studies (two folders)


Charles S. Peirce, Astronomical research


Charles S. Peirce's Reversible Pendulums (three folders)


Charles S. Peirce's work on gravity (two folders)


Career of C. S. Peirce in the Coast and Geodetic Survey


C. S. Peirce and Linear Algebra


From Charles S. Peirce letters, 1873-1891


From Charles S. Peirce letters, 1875-1891


From Charles S. Peirce letters, 1870-1908 (in Oversize)


Re die Europäische Gradmessung, 1863-1875


Re die Europäische Gradmessung, 1877-1883


Re European geodetical conferences, 1875-1898


Re Charles S. and Juliette Peirce


Re Juliette (Mrs. C. S. Peirce) (four folders)


Nancy, France; re Juliette (Mrs. C. S. Peirce)


Re Benjamin Peirce


Benjamin Peirce's astronomical research


From letters of John Le Conte and Benjamin Peirce


Miscellaneous notes by Lenzen, as follows:


On measurement of gravity with pendulums


Non-standard Analysis


Naturalism and Kant, July 25, 1912; Intuition in Bergson, August 5, 1912


Miscellaneous note on art


Miscellaneous notes on philosophy


Miscellaneous notes on physics

Carton 5

Notebooks. Contain notes on courses in philosophy taken by Lenzen, including courses given by Josiah Royce, and Lenzen's own notes on philosophy and physics. Arranged as follows:


Navies of the world 1904


Marine Engineering 1904-05


Roman and Grecian Architecture 1909


Philosophy 9 (Metaphysics), Josiah Royce Fall 1913 (two folders)


Logic ca. 1913


Absolute Idealism; Psychology 1 ca. 1914


Epistemology 1914


Josiah Royce's seminary in Logi c 1914-15


Josiah Royce's seminary in Scientific Methodology 1915-16


Logic, Josiah Royce; Mathematics, Huntington 1915




Datebook, 1928


September, 1934


October, 1934


December, 1934


February, 1935


March, 1935


March 19, 1935


May 6, 1935


May 31, 1935


February 23, 1936


April 12, 1936


March 18, 1936


May 5, 1936


September 26, 1936


October 26, 1936

Box 6



Numbers II-XI (ten folders)


Re determination of reality


Re physics of light


Philosophy of Physics


Principles of Mathematics, Couturat


General Principles of Wave Mechanics, W. Pauli


Re Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle


Re relativity

Box 7

Miscellaneous files, as follows:


California. University. Academic Senate--Minutes of meetings


California. University. Academic Senate, Committee on Privilege and Tenure 1948-49 (reports, notes on meeting, etc.)


California. University. Academic Senate, Committee on Privilege and Tenure 1950


California. University, Berkeley--Committees


History of Science Dinner Club (minutes, etc.)


Kosmos Club (minutes)


Autobiographical materials




Personalia (articles about, agreements, etc.)


Programs of meetings in which Lenzen participated


Reviews of Lenzen's publications


School documents (awards, report cards, etc.)


Otto Neurath, "Soziologische Prognosen," 1936 (with annotations by Lenzen)


A. Einstein, "Bietet die Feldtheorie Möglichkeiten für die Lösung des Quantenproblems?" (with annotations by Einstein)


Kant's Critique of Pure Reason (with annotations by Lenzen)

Partial List of Correspondents


Abbot, Raymond B., 1873-


Letter, December 20, 1931


Agard, Walter Raymond, 1894-


Letter, February 6, 1946


Alpert, Daniel, 1917-


Letter, January 8, 1966


American Institute of Physics


7 letters, 1964-71. From Charles Weiner and Joan Warnow. Copy of a letter, June 6, 1968, to Charles Weiner from Tison in James C. Tison correspondence.


Andree, Richard Vernon, 1919-


Letter, December 16, 1953


Card, January [16] 1954


Arlt, Gustave Otto, 1895-


4 letters, 1943-44


Barr, Ernest Scott, 1905-


2 letters, 1966 and 1967


Beals, Ralph Leon, 1901-


Letter, December 29, 1943


Bertrand Russell Archives


16 letters, 1971-73


Birge, Raymond Thayer, 1887-


3 letters, 1936-58. Addressed to Lenzen and others. Letter, June 18, 1934, to him from Roller in Duane E. Roller correspondence.


Blickensderfer, Joseph Patrick, 1894-


Letter, December 23, 1944


Boelter, Llewellyn Michael Kraus, 1898-


No incoming letters, copy of a letter, [August 1963], addressed to him in Lenzen's outgoing letters.


Bond, William Henry, 1915-


Letter, June 3, 1968


Boodin, John Elof, 1869-


2 letters, 1928 and 1931


Borah, Woodrow Wilson, 1912-


No incoming letters; copy of a letter, Dec. 17, 1959, addressed to him in Lenzen's outgoing letters.


Bork, Alfred Morton, 1926-


Memo, April 12, 1974. Addressed to U.C. physics faculty.


Brasch, Frederick Edward, 1875-


2 letters, 1933 and 1937. Re the History of Science Society.


Brewer, Edward Vere, 1887-


Letter, January 30, 1946


Brewer, Leo, 1919-


Letter, June 10, 1965


Brode, Robert Bigham, 1900-


Letter, June 3, 1958


Bronson, Bertrand Harris, 1902-


No incoming letters; copy of a letter, Ap. 5, 1955, addressed to him in Lenzen's outgoing letters.


Brooks, Frederick Augustus, 1895-


Letter, January 18, 1934


Brown, Robert Reginald, 1923-


Letter, June 4, 1958


Brown, Warner, 1882-


No incoming letters; copy of a memo, Jan. 6, 1949, addressed to him and others in Lenzen's outgoing letters.


Buck, Paul Herman, 1899-


Letter, July 21, 1960


Burks, Arthur Walter, 1915-


No incoming letters; copy of a letter, Nov. 23, 1955, addressed to him in Lenzen's outgoing letters.


Byerly, Perry, 1897-1978


5 letters, 1958-67


California. University. President


2 letters, 1936 and 1951.

See also Sproul, Robert G.


California. University. Press


5 letters, 1959-61


California. University. Regents


7 letters, 1931-53. Addressed to Lenzen and others, from Robert M. Underhill and George D. Mallory.


California. University, Berkeley


8 letters, 1957-68


4 memos, 1957-68


Telegram, July 17, 1962


Chaney, Ralph Works, 1890-1971


Letter, June 13, 1949. Addressed: To Whom it May Concern.


Letter, May 17, 1949, from him, ten Broek and Warner Brown to Lenzen in Jacobus ten Broek correspondence.


Chao, Yuen Ren, 1892-


Letter, June 26, 1968


Chapman, Seville, 1912-


Letter, April 18, 1961


Clark, George Lindenberg, 1892-


Letter, March 1, 1955


Cohen, I. Bernard, 1914-


5 letters, 1955-57. Addressed to Lenzen and others.


Corner, George Washington, 1889-


3 letters, 1964


Enclosure to letter, Feb. 23, 1963, in Carolyn Eisele correspondence is a copy of a letter from him to Eisele.


Curtiss, John Hamilton, 1909-


Letter, February 27, 1959


Cutter, Robert Kennedy


Letter, January 27, 1960


Davis, Raymond Earl, 1885-


2 letters, 1960 and 1966


Davisson, Malcolm MacNiven, 1907-


No incoming letters; copy of a letter, Feb. 6, 1946, to him from Birge in Raymond T. Birge correspondence.


Demos, Raphael, 1892-


2 letters, 1946 and n.d.


Dennes, William Ray, 1898-


No incoming letters; copy of a memo, Ap. 24, 1947, to him from Sproul in Robert G. Sproul correspondence.


Deutsch, Monroe Emanuel, 1879-1955


Letter, September 26, 1941


Devereux, George, 1908-


3 letters, 1938-74. Included also, reprint of an article by him, "Social Time, A Methodological and Functional Analysis," 1938.


Dibner, Bern, 1897-


Letter, May 10, 1955


Dingler, Hugo Albert Emil Herman, 1881-1954


3 letters, 1931-33. Included also, reprint of an article by him, "über eine exakte philosophische Methode, welche auch für die Physik relevant ist," 1930.


Dommeyer, Frederick Charles, 1909-


Letter, August 21, 1965


Dow, Sterling, 1903-


Card, February 14, 1946


Dupree, Anderson Hunter, 1921-


4 letters, 1960-65


Eisele, Carolyn


71 letters, 1960-74 and n.d. Addressed to Lenzen and others.


Card, September 3, 1970


4 notes, 1968-73


21 articles, 1951-73 & n.d. Most re Charles S. Peirce


Copy of a letter, Mar. 4, 1965, to her from Albert A. Stanley in S Miscellany.


Eisenhart, Churchill, 1913-


Letter, October 25, 1966


Card, October 3, 1966


Eliason, Afton Yeates, 1906-


Letter, September 28, 1965


Elkus, Albert I., 1884-1962


No incoming letters; copy of a letter, May 17, 1939, addressed to him in Lenzen's outgoing letters.


Ellis, Joseph Wesley, 1897-


No incoming letters; copy of a letter, June 3, 1949, addressed to him in Lenzen's outgoing letters.


Epstein, Paul Sophus, 1883-


Letter, November 6, 1931


Ettinghausen, Richard, 1906-


2 letters, 1964 and 1965


Evans, Herbert McLean, 1882-1971


7 letters, 1955-67


Card, July 10, 1960


Farber, Marvin, 1901-


7 letters, 1948-74


4 cards, 1960-75 & n.d.


Feigl, Herbert, 1889-


3 letters, 1950-69


Ferrin, Dana Holman, 1886-


2 letters, 1927 and 1931


Feuer, Lewis S., 1912-


Letter, October 28, 1974


Fisch, Max Harold, 1900-


377 letters, 1959-75 & n.d.


4 cards, 1959-73


Note, June 17, 1966


6 articles, 1972, 1975 & n.d. Most re Charles S. Peirce.Included also, a research proposal for a biography of Charles S. Peirce, 1965 and photocopies of letters from Benjamin P. and Charles S. Peirce.


Copy of a letter, Aug. 24, 1962, to him from Alvin K. Astin in A Miscellany.


Copy of a letter, April 27, 1966, to him from Mrs. Houghton Smith in S Miscellany. Enclosure to a letter, May 13, 1968 is a copy of a letter to him from Albert A. Stanley, in S Miscellany.


Fretter, William Bache, 1916-


Letter, May 29, 1958


Gast, Paul Frederick, 1916-


Letter, October 1, 1956


Goldhaber, Gerson, 1924-


Letter, June 2, 1958


Gordon, Arthur Ernest, 1902-


Letter, n.d.


Gorman, Charles Melville, 1910-


Letter, November 7, 1964


Gudde, Erwin Gustav, 1889-


2 letters, 1948 and 1949


Hammond, George Peter, 1896-


No incoming letters; copy of a letter, Feb. 5, 1963, addressed to him in Lenzen's outgoing letters. Enclosure to letter, Aug. 20, 1963, in Max H. Fisch correspondence is a copy of a letter to him from Fisch.


Hanfmann, George Maxim Anossov, 1911-


Letter, February 20, 1946


Hart, George Hart, 1883-1959


No incoming letters; copy of a letter, Jan. 6. 1949, addressed to him in Lenzen's outgoing letters.


Hart, James David, 1911-


Letter, June 16, 1958


Helmholz, August Carl, 1915-


Letter, June 3, 1958


Memo, n.d.


Copies of memos, [Mar. 1956], Ap. 9, 1956, Ap. 16, 1956, Ap. 20, 1956 and Ap. 17, 1957 and copy of a letter, Feb. 21, 1961, addressed to him in Lenzen's outgoing letters.


Copy of a letter, Ap. 4, 1956, to him from Loeb in Leonard B. Loeb correspondence.


Henry E. Huntington Library and Art Gallery


4 letters, 1960


Heyl, Paul Renno, 1872-


Letter, July 10, 1942


Hiebert, Erwin Nicholas, 1919-


Letter, June 17, 1974


Hinshaw, William Russell, 1896-


5 letters, 1948-49 and n.d.


Hocking, William Ernest, 1873-


November 27, 1929


Card, [January 11] 1924


Holton, Gerald James, 1922-


Letter, April 13, 1956


Howe, Harley Earl, 1882-


2 letters, 1939


Howison, George Holmes, 1834-1916


No incoming letters; enclosure to letter, Ap. 20, 1960, in Max H. Fisch correspondence is a copy of a letter from him to Charles S. Peirce.


Hughes, Harold Kenneth, 1911-


2 letters, 1965


Huntington, Edward Vermilye, 1874-


Letter, November 12, 1931


Hutchisson, Elmer, 1902-


Letter, December 6, 1960


Jaffé, George Cecil, 1880-1965


Letter, n.d.


Jeffries, Carson Dunning, 1922-


Letter, June 3, 1958


Jenkins, Francis Arthur, 1899-1960


Letter, May 28, 1958. Signed Pan Jenkins.


Judd, David Lockhart, 1923-


Letter, June 5, 1958


Karplus, Robert, 1927-


Letter, May 28, 1958


Kemble, Edwin Crawford, 1889-


3 letters, 1954


Kerr, Clark, 1911-


Letter, January 11, 1961


Memo, November 16, 1960


Kerr, William John, 1889-


3 letters, 1949. Addressed to Lenzen and to his daughter. Letter, Jan. 18, 1949, to him from his daughter, Marge Schaffer, in S Miscellany.


Kip, Arthur Frederic, 1910-


Letter, May 27, 1958


Kirkpatrick, Paul Harmon, 1894-


Letter, May 3, 1939


Kittel, Charles, 1916-


Letter, [1958]


Knight, Walter David, 1919-


Letter, June 3, 1958


Knudsen, Vern Oliver, 1893-1974


Letter, November 15, 1932


Lamprecht, Sterling Power 1890-


2 letters, 1930 and 1931


Laurence, William Leonard, 1888-


Letter, February 12, 1954


Lawrence, Ernest Orlando, 1901-1958


Letter, May 27, 1958


Leake, Chauncey Depew, 1896-


2 letters, 1973 and 1974


Lehmer, Derrick Henry, 1905-


No incoming letters; letter, Mar. 3, 1943, to him and others from Uren in Lester C. Uren correspondence.


Leuschner, Armin Otto, 1868-1953


Letter, April 23, 1924


Lewis, Clarence Irving, 1883-


4 letters, 1917-31


Lindsay, Robert Bruce, 1900-


Letter, July 27, 1959


Linsley, Earle Gorton, 1910-


Letter, August 6, 1974


Lipman, Charles Bernard, 1883-1944


Letter, September 24, 1937


Loeb, Leonard Benedict, 1891-1978


2 letters, 1956 and 1958. Addressed to Lenzen and A. C. Helmholz.


Lovejoy, Arthur Oncken, 1873-


Letter, March 30, 1932


McBaine, James Patterson, 1882-


Memo, [1960]


McGilvary, Evander Bradley, 1864-1953


4 letters, 1931-32


McMillan, Edwin Mattison, 1907-


Letter, June 5, 1958


McNeil, Ethel, 1904-


2 letters, 1949.

See also: Miscellaneous Files-California. University. Academic Senate, Committee on Privilege and Tenure, 1948-49.


Magnuson, Warren Grant, 1905-


Letter, May 23, 1963


Margenau, Henry, 1901-


3 letters, 1945-51


Marshall, Max Skidmore, 1897-


Letter, December 3, 1962


May, Kenneth Ownsworth, 1915-


5 letters, 1965-73


Meissner, Hans Walter, 1922-


Letter, July 10, 1962


Mendenhall, Thomas Corwin, 1910-


No incoming letters; copy of a letter, May 12, 1963, to him from Fisch in Max H. Fisch correspondence.


Menger Karl 1902-


Letter, October 23, 1954


Menzel, Donald Howard, 1901-


Letter, February 19, 1965


Minor, Ralph Smith, 1876-


Letter, May 29, 1958


Moe, Henry Allen, 1894-


4 letters, 1927-28


Moffitt, James Kennedy, 1886-1955


Letter, April 21, 1933


Montagu, Montague Francis Ashley, 1905-


Letter, September 29, 1942


Moore, Edward Carter, 1917-


9 letters, 1963-68


Morris, Charles William, 1901-


9 letters, 1934-46


Note, July 5, 1937


Moulton, Elton James, 1887-


Letter, February 21, 1939


Moyer, Burton Tones, 1912-


Letter, June 3, 1958


Multhauf, Robert Phillip, 1919-


14 letters, 1961-71


Nagel, Ernest, 1901-


No incoming letters; enclosure to letter, Jan. 20, 1972, in Carolyn Eisele correspondence is a copy of a letter from him to Joseph D. Elder.


Letter, Jan. 25, 1957, to him and others from Tarski and Leon Henkin in Alfred Tarski correspondence.


Neylan, John Francis, 1885-1960


3 letters, 1950


Nierenberg, William Aaron, 1919-


Letter, June 5, 1958


Nock, Arthur Darby, 1902-


Card, February 13, 1946


Olson, Howard Millard, 1901-


2 letters, 1963


Pabst, Adolf, 1899-


Letter, April 9, 1965


Parratt, Lyman George, 1908-


Letter, June 26, 1961


Peirce, Benjamin P., 1809-1880

See Fisch, Max H.


Peirce, Charles Santiago Sanders, 1839-1914

See Fisch, Max H.


Périgord, Paul Hélie, 1882-1959


Letter, May 2, 1950


Perkins, Henry Augustus, 1873-


Letter, January 16, 1939


Perry, Ralph Barton, 1876-1957


Letter, July 31, 1916


Portis, Alan Mark, 1926-


Letter, June 5, 1958


Powell, Wilson Marcy, 1903-


Letter, June 3, 1958


Prall, David Wight, 1886-


Letter, November 4, 1931


Puryear, Vernon John, 1901-


4 letters, 1948-49


Rashevsky, Nicolas, 1899-


Letter, May 20, 1954


Reichenbach, Hans, 1891 -1953


Letter, December 4, 1931


Reynolds, John Hamilton, 1923-


Letter, May 26, 1958


Roberts, Joseph Kent, 1889-


2 letters, 1937


Roller, Duane Emerson, 1894-1965


4 letters, 1934-38


Rosenfeld, Arthur Hinton, 1926-


Letter, May 30, 1958


Royce, Josiah, 1855-1916


2 letters, 1914. Addressed to Lenzen and to Mr. Lane


Card, n.d.


Ruark, Arthur Edward, 1899-


Letter, March 14, 1932


Rusk, Rogers D., 1892-


Letter, October 9, 1937


Sarton, George, 1884-


2 letters, 1932 and 1944


Schlipp, Paul Arthur, 1897-


2 letters, 1946


Segrè, Emilio, 1905-


Letter, May 28, 1958


Seitz, Frederick, 1911-


No incoming letters; enclosure to letter, Jan. 10, 1965, in Max H. Fisch correspondence is a copy of a letter to him from Fisch.


Shamos, Morris Herbert, 1917-


Letter, October 26, 1959


Shane, Charles Donald, 1895-


Letter, June 9, 1949


Shugart, Howard Alan, 1931-


Letter, June 3, 1958


Silsbee, Henry Briggs, 1923-


Letter, June 5, 1958


Sitter, Willem de, 1872-1934


Letter, July 7, 1933


Smith, Henry Roy William, 1891-1971


Letter, August 9, 1943


Sommerfeld, Arnold, 1868-1951


Letter, July 7, 1932


Sontag, Raymond James, 1897-


Letter, February 14, 1946


Spauldlng, Edward Gleason, 1873-1940


Letter, July 30, 1932


Sproul, Robert Gordon, 1891-1975


7 letters, 1931-55


Copy of a letter, Oct. 23, 1950, to him from Robert M. Underhill in California. University. Regents correspondence.


Copy of a letter, May 11, 1948, to him from Gudde in Erwin G. Gudde correspondence.


Starkie, Walter Fitzwilliam, 1894-


Letter, June 10, 1962


Strong, Edward William, 1901-


Letter, August 2, 1961


S*uuml;sskind, Charles, 1921-


4 letters, 1967-68.


Card, July 5, 1968


Report, August 1968


Swann, William Francis Gray, 1884-1962


Letter, March 24, 1937


Tarski, Alfred, 1902-


6 letters, 1957-66. Addressed to Lenzen and others.


Taylor, Frank Augustus, 1903-


Letter, November 20, 1961


Teller, Edward, 1908-


Letter, June 5, 1958


ten Broek, Jacobus, 1911-


Letter, May 17, 1949


Thomas, Llewellyn Hilleth, 1903-


Letter, November 21, 1935


Copy of a letter, May 19, 1936, to him from Birge in Raymond T. Birge correspondence.


Tileston, Roland Ray, 1886-


Letter, December 14, 1932


Tison, James Chisolm, 1908-


Letter, June 6, 1968. Addressed to Charles Weiner


Tolman, Edward Chace, 1886-


Letter, May 27, 1949


Underhill, Robert Mackenzie, 1893-

See California. University. Regents


U.S. Department of Commerce


20 letters, 1961-72


Uren, Lester Charles, 1888-


Letter, March 3, 1943


Vasilevskis, Stanislaus, 1907-


No incoming letters; copy of a letter, Ap. 21, 1960, to him in California. University, Berkeley correspondence.


White, Harvey Elliott, 1902-


3 letters, 1958-65


Copy of a letter, Jan. 7, 1959, addressed to him in Lenzen's outgoing letters.


White, Lynn Townsend, 1907-


August 5, 1970


Wilder, Raymond Louis, 1896-


No incoming letters; letter, Jan. 25, 1957, to him and others from Tarski and Leon Henkin in Alfred Tarski correspondence.


Williams, Donald Cary, 1899-


Letter, September 28, 1947.

Sea also: Lenzen's 1947 review of The Ground of Induction. (Carton 1)


Woods, Baldwin Munger 1887-1956


Letter, October 8, 1931