Register of the George M. Vesselago Papers, 1904-1970

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Register of the George M. Vesselago Papers, 1904-1970

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Descriptive Summary

Title: George M. Vesselago Papers,
Date (inclusive): 1904-1970
Collection number: 75062
Creator: Vesselago, George M., 1892-
Collection Size: 8 manuscript boxes, 1 envelope 3.4 linear feet)
Repository: Hoover Institution Archives
Stanford, California 94305-6010
Abstract: Correspondence, writings, printed matter, clippings, and photographs, relating to Russian naval operations during World War I and the Russian Revolution and Civil War
Language: Russian.

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Acquired by the Hoover Institution Archives in 1975.


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Access Points

Russia. Voennyi flot
Petroleum--Soviet Union
World War, 1914-1918
World War, 1914-1918--Naval operations
Soviet Union
Soviet Union--History--Revolution, 1917-1921--Naval operations
Soviet Union--History--Allied intervention, 1918-1920

Biographical Note

George M. Vesselago, 1892 -

1892, September 29 Born, Kronstadt, Russia
1905-1918 Served in the Imperial Russian Navy with the last rank being Lieutenant-Commander
1919-1920 Served with White Russian forces in Civil War
1920 Quartermaster, U.S.S. Santa Clara, from India to New York
1920-1921 Inspector of ammunition at Eddystone Plant of Baldwin Locomotive Works (Pennsylvania)
1921-1925 Employed by Cortez Oil Corporation
1926-1954 Staff Engineer with Day and Zimmerman, Inc.
1954-1964 Associated with Edward N. Hay and Associates, Inc.

Series Description

Box Box No. 1-6

Correspondence, 1919-1970.

Scope and Content Note

Correspondence, arranged alphabetically by name of correspondent.
Box Box No. 5-8

Subject File, 1904-1970.

Scope and Content Note

Correspondence, memoranda, reports, minutes of meetings, lists, charts, notes, printed matter, clippings, etc., arranged alphabetically by subject.
Box Box No. 8

Speeches and Writings, 1924-1968.

Scope and Content Note

Speeches and writings by G.M. Vesselago, arranged alphabetically by title.
Box Box No. 8


Scope and Content Note

Miscellaneous notes, printed matter, etc.


Scope and Content Note

See photo file card index.

Container List


Correspondence, 1919-1970

Box 1

Alexandroff, K., 1922


Andrei, 1922, 1923, 1931 (Last name unknown)


Arushievaskaia, Z., 1922


Baruch, Bernard M., 1933


Bensel, Otto, 1927


Betcher, George, 1927


Biddle, Francis, 1942


Bill, 1935


Boris, 1922-1923 (Last name unknown)


Bossé, Anna, 1933


Brown Brothers Harriman and Company, 1923


Bukowski, Peter I., n.d.


Chaiko, M., 1921-1922


Chelouchin, Stefan, 1924


Chernov, Aleksei M., 1921


Cook, Clara, 1925


Corfino, George P., 1922


Crolius, Fred J., 1925


Dembrovskii, M., 1922


Demidoff, Pavel, 1922


Dillon, V. I., 1922


Elledge, G.E., 1922


Fedorov, K. V., 1921


Gard, Alexis K., 1944


Garin, A., 1927


Golitsyn, Nikolai, n.d.


Golovchenko, A.P., 1923


Grandmother, 1934


Howe, Helen, n.d.


Iakovlev, Ermogen and Feofilakii, 1921


Iakovleva, Lidiia, 1922


Ivanov, V., 1921


Izidin, B., 1921-1922


Johnson, D.W., 1921


Karpenko, Boris, 1921


Kititzyn, M.A., 1921-1923, 1927


Kliagin, N., 1922


Konstantin Vasil'evich, 1921


Kozlova, E., 1925


Kuraev, 1921 (first name unknown)


La Roches, Nikolai S., 1933


Lewis, Adler, and Laws (Attorneys), 1927


Loukine, Aleksandr, 1933


Lysoeff, K., n.d.


McCully, 1921 (first name unknown)


McDonald, Nina M., 1970


Machold, William F., 1968


Makaroff, Wadim, 1922


Mania, 1921-1922, 1925 (last name unknown)


Martin, Hugh S., 1924


Maslovsky, E., 1932


Matskevich, G., 1921-1922


Meidelkeva, Sofia, 1922, 1925


Meirer, George A., 1921-1922


Miller, Dr. T. Grier, 1927, 1933


Mishtovt, Illarion V., 1922


Mother, 1921-1943

Box 2

Nedbal', Nikolai A., 1922


Nemova, M., 1922


Nikolski, A., 1922


Nishchenkov, A., 1923


Parkes, 1921 (first name unknown)


Pavlov, A., n.d.


Perfilieff, Captain V., 1921


Pini, Vladimir, 1933


Polivanov, M., 1922


Poltavskii, B., 1921-1922


Proskuriakov, A., 1922, 1924


Pushkarev, Kirill N, 1922


Reed, 1933 (first name unknown)


Rohtast, Peter, 1925


Romanov, Vasili, 1968


Russian Historical Archive and Repository (Stanford), 1968


Russian Students' Christian Association in the U.S.A., 1922


Safonoff, Sergei, 1923


Selesneff, D., 1922-1923


Sergei Vladimirovich, 1921 (last name unknown)


Shcherbachev, Oleg A., 1921


Shelley, John, 1921, 1923


Shelukin, Stefan, 1925


Shestov, A. & L., 1927


Shichiko, P., 1921


Smirnov, Mikhail I., 1922


South American Gulf Oil Company, 1925


Sovinsky, V.N., 1930


Stebline-Kamensky, J., 1922-23, 1931


Strakhovsky, Leonid, 1922-23, 1930-33


Strekalovskii, 1921 (first name unknown)


Tatishchev, Alexis, 1931


Taylor, W.P., 1921-1924


Taylor, Mrs. W.P., 1921-1925


Taube, George N., 1952


Thayer, Elizabeth H., n.d.


Timofeev, N., 1922


Trofimoff, Vladimir I., 1921


Trotter, Elizabeth F., 1925, 1927


Tuchkov, A., 1921


Tuttle, 1925 (first name unknown)


Vasiliev, Sergei, 1921


Vedeniapinskii, V., 1922


Vesselago, Mikhail, 1921-23, 1925


Vesselago, Sofia, 1921-1935

Box 3.

Vesselago, Sofia, 1928-1935


Von Mohrenschildt, Dimitri S., 1922


Voronin, 1921 (first name unknown)


Watson, P.B., 1925


Witherey, W.L., 1922


Wiren, Alexis, 1922


Yanenko, M., 1924


Zakharchenko, K., 1921-1923


Zweguintzoff, N., 1921-1922


Zweguintzoff, Sofia, 1921-1928

Box 4.

Zweguintzoff, Sofia, 1923-1925, 1927-1928





Box 5.


Box 6.





Subject File, 1904-1970

Box 7.

Address book


Aguada, Mexico


Commissioner meetings, April 11, 1922


Report No. 55, Sucesiones, February 13, 1922


Work report No. 87, June 9, 1923


Association of Former Russian Naval Officers in America


Biographical data


Birth of daughter, Sofia, 1933


Business matters


Certificates, letters of introduction, etc.


Cleland, Robert G., Background of the Latest Mexican Revolution, undated


East, E.M., Oversea Politics and the Food Supply, undated


Fedotoff-White, D., excerpts from Survival, 1951


Financial matters


Goonin, Sergei T., America and Russia, reprint from University of Pennsylvania Red and Blue, March 1922


Immigration to the U.S., 1927


Kennan, George


Complications in Murmansk, undated


The Worth in April and May, undated


Military Correspondence file, 1918-1919


Naval Officers Group in Harbin, China, 1925


Pavlov, A.N., Our Class (in Russian), Morskiia Zapiski ( The Naval Record) [New York], Vol. IX, December 1951


Precision Topics (Falls River, Massachussets), 1942-1943




Petroleum, 1904-1923


Revolution and Civil War


Russian Red Cross


Russian Sholar, edited by the Russian Students Christian Association in the U.S.A., Nov 2, 1922


Russian Student Conference at Silver Bay, New York, 1922


Selesneff, D.D., In the Bosphorus (in French), La Revue Maritime, No. 239, January 1967


Stebline-Kamensky, I.


Break-Through in the Bosphorus on Patrol Boat No. 324 (in Russian), Chasovoi (Asnieres, France), No. 64, September 1931

Box 8.

Mining Warfare, abstracts from an article in La Renaissance, August 12, 1929 (copy in Russian)


Strakhovsky, Leonid I.


Diplomatic Aspects of American Intervention in Siberia, 1918-1920, undated


The Russian Origins of the American Intervention in North Russia in 1918-1919, undated


Title Situation in the Aguada, report No. 54, February 7, 1922


Ukhta Petroleum, 1918


United Gas Company




Cost Control for Electric and Gas Utilities, February 26, 1932


Varnek, P.A., The Russian North During World War I (in Russian), Morskiia Zapiski ( The Naval Record) [New York], Volume VIII, Nos. 3/4, December 1950


Voevodsky, Jack


Volnaia Kuban (Free Kuban), No. 26, May 1, 1925


Will, February 1964


Speeches and Writings, 1924-1968

Box 8.

Assemblies, undated


Awakening in Khronstadt, undated


The Davis-Davis Episode, undated


Drillings in the Aguada, January 7, 1924


Episodes Recalled (My Recollections), July 1968


A Few Episodes from My Service in the `Chernomorskii Flot,' 1915-1917 (in Russian), Morskiia Zapiski ( The Naval Record) [New York], Vol. X, Nos. 1-3, June/September 1952


Womens Club, Mexico, paper read at, 1924


Miscellaneous drafts and notes