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Preliminary Inventory to the Charles T. R. Bohannan papers
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Part I

Box 1

Standing Operating Procedure for Pacification, 9th Infantry Advisory Detachment, Supplement 1965.


Reports of Government of Republic of Vietnam


Photocopies of memoranda and reports on Vietnam 1963-1964


Reports by Agency for International Development (AID), U.S. Operations Missions (USOM) to Vietnam

Box 2

Propaganda leaflets


Memoranda, USAID


Clippings from Congressional Record


Military Assistance Advisory Group (MAAG). Memoranda and correspondence


U.S. Information Agency (USIA) - Vietnam Unit. Reports on Vietnam and Southeast Asia

Box 3

Propaganda leaflets



Box 4

Translation of captured Viet Cong reports with interviews


Tape transcripts






Writings of Charles T. R. Bohannan

Box 5

Vietnam Province reports


Information reports on Vietnam


Draft of report by Bohannan entitled "Viet Cong"

Box 6

Printed material in Vietnamese and English

Box 7







Michigan State University - Viet-Nam Advisory Group


The Study of a Vietnamese Rural Community - Sociology, by Gerald C. Hickey, Assisted by Mr. Bui-Quang-Da 1960 January


The Study of a Vietnamese Rural Community - Administrative Activity. Annex: Village Government in Vietnam - A Survey of Historical Development, United States Department of State. Agency for International Development, Vol. II, Chapters VII-X and Annex 1960 May.


Local Administration in Vietnam - Its Future Development, by Lloyd W. Woodruff. Report No. 3, Local Administration Series 1961 June


Provincial Government in Vietnam - A Study of Vinh Long Province, by Jason L. Finkle and Tran-Van-Dinh. Report No. 4, Local Administration Series 1961 August

Box 8

Hukbalahap Insurgency, Philippine Islands, by Bohannan (?)




Printed material


Study of the National Liberation Front of South Vietnam, File No. G-10, The RAND Corporation, MACV J2

Box 9

Memoranda on Vietnam and Southeast Asia


Orientation Handbook, USAID

Box 10

Army Service Forces Manual, Civil Affairs Handbook, Japan, Section 2: Government and Administration 1945 January


Reports and memoranda on Vietnam

Box 11

Memorandum to: Whom It May Concern, from: A. H. Peterson. Subject: Pacification in Algeria 1956-1958, 1964 March 3


Memorandum to: The RAND Corporation, from: Charles T. R. Bohannan (RAND Consultant). Subject: Comments on RM-3878-ARPA, Pacification in Algeria, by David Galula 1964 March 3


Republic of Vietnam, Armed Forces Ministry, No. 1752/QL/ND MACV Translation 1964 November 11


Republic of Vietnam, No. 332/QL. Prime Minister, MACV Translation 1964 November 11


Supplement 3 to Standing Operating Procedures for Pacification (RF/PF), 9th Division Advisory Detachment, MACV, Draft


Supplement to Standing Operating Procedures for Pacification, 9th Division Advisory Detachment, MACV, Draft


Memorandum to: See distribution, from: W. C. Westmoreland. Subject: V.C. Captives, Ser. No. 0 1753, 1964 December 7


Memorandum to: See distribution, from: Headquarters, U.S. Army Section, Military Assistance Advisory Group, Vietnam. Subject: Lessons Learned, Number 34: Railway Security (U) 1963 November 30


Memorandum to: See distribution, from: Headquarters, U.S. Army Section, Military Assistance Advisory Group, Vietnam. Subject: Lessons Learned, Number 36-Fires and Maneuver (U) 1964 February 4


Briefing by III Corps Tactical Zone, T GIA-Long Palace on On Experiences Gained from Operations Against Viet Cong Subterranean Warfare 1963 September 20.


Republic of Vietnam, Ministry of Defense, Intelligence Report 1964 February 6


Republic of Vietnam, Interministerial Committee for Strategic Hamlets, General Secretary, Permanent Bureau, Memorandum on Combat Experience within Enemy Liaison Corridors 1963 July 5.


Translation Section, J2-MACV, Log No. 782. Translation per request of 5th Division. Circumstances: VC Liaison agent surrendered to "CHIEU HOI" office on 1963 August 28


SIC Interrogation Report No. 163/ 63, 1963 December 13


United States Military Assistance Command, Vietnam, Subject: PW Nguyen Van Do (U) 1963 December 10.


Republic of Vietnam, Ministry of National Defense, General Headquarters, 1964 January 20. Intelligence Bulletin, IRS/AF - Vietnam Unit, M.395-Morale in North Vietnam (2 copies) 65, 1965 September 28.


Airgram, To Department of State, From: American Embassy, Saigon. Subject: Provincial Reporting: Memoranda on Binh Dinh Province 1965 August 4


Memorandum from Leonard Maynard, Acting Ad/RA/USOM, To: R. W. Zollars, Prov. Rep. Quang Tin. Subject: General Situation Quang Tin Province 1963 December 4


Republic of Vietnam, Ministry of Defense. Directive on Prisoners of War, Documents and Material captured on the battlefields, (photocopy) 1964 March 7


Headquarters, United States Military Assistance Command, Vietnam. Subject: V.C. Captives, (photocopy) 1964 December 7


Letter to General Khanh from W. C. Westmoreland, (photocopy) 1964 December 8


Republic of Vietnam, R.V.N.A.F. Special Forces, Team C.3/301/2, Intelligence Report 1965 January 18


Viet-Cong Military Order of Battle, South of the 17th Parallel, as of Volume I and Volume II (in Vietnamese and English) 1965 March 31


SIC Interrogation Report, Subject: Lao Dong Party Leadership in the RVN and DRVN 1964 September 11


Republic of Vietnam, II CTZ, 21st DTA, G2-HQ, Transmittal slip 1964 August 26


Land and Counter Insurgency in Vietnam, a draft paper by AID Consultant Charles T. R. Bohannan


Letter to Brigadier General Milton B. Adams from Solomon Silver, (carbon copy) 1964 January 17


Memorandum. Subject: Provincial Reporting: Taxation in Go Cong 1964 September 1


Reports of USOM Provincial Representatives for Week Ending 1964 September 24


Republic of Vietnam, Department of Defense, Study of VC Financial-Economic Capability in South Vietnam in 1963, 1963 February 10

Box 12

The Colombia Survey Team, Preliminary Report, Field Survey, See also Box 31 1959 November-December.


Interdepartmental Survey Team to Colombia Preliminary Report (Minority), Joseph J. Koontz, Lieutenant Colonel, DOD Representative 1960 February 9,


Psychological Warfare Directorate, Department of Defense, Republic of Vietnam. Subject: Sector S5 1963 March


Summary Assessment and Requirements of Strategic Hamlet Program 1963 November 18


Project: Formation of a Federation - Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia. Purpose: To Gain Fighting Room. Saigon, F. P. Serong 1964 April,


Report of the Colombia Survey Team, Part III, Recommendations for U.S. Action 1960 April


Colombian Survey, A Report of the Colombia Survey Team 1960 April 5


Recommendations for Colombian Action, Appendices. See also box 31 re Colombia Survey Team

Box 13

Rural Rehabilitation and Pacification 1964 July 2


Report by Colonel F. P. Serong to General Paul D. Harkins, COMUSMACV, "Situation in South Vietnam Following Change of Government," November 1963


Airgram to Department of State from American Consulate, Hue. Subject: A View from Hue 1964 June 29


Draft of USOM/Rural Affairs, The Situation in the Delta, (2 copies) 1963 September 26


Report of the Colombia Survey Team, Part I, Colombian Survey 1959 October-December, 1960 April


Part II

Box 14


Box 15


Box 16


Box 17


Box 18


Box 19


Box 23

Manual for the Philippine Constabulary, 1915

Box 20


Box 20

South-East Asia

Box 21

Printed matter

Box 22

U.S. politics and communism

Box 23

U.S. politics and communism

Box 24


Box 25


Box 25

Photographs, U.S. propaganda - Philippines

Box 25

Newspaper issues

Box 26

Newspaper issues

Box 27

Writings relating to Vietnam, 1962-1964; photographs and miscellany, 1934-1953

Box 28

Philippines material


1. CIC Biodata Reports, US Form 603, 1135th CIC Det. 1947-1948


2. Malacanan Intelligence Division re Roster Philippine-American Guerrilla Unit 1947


3. Ambush of Mrs. Quezon and Party 1948-1949


4. Chinese Communists, Philippines 1949


5. Bicol Recon. Report 1952


6. Miscellaneous perssonal biographical data, Reports: CSS/OSI/SIG 1953


7. Same


8. Report: Tarue, ; also 1956 Report 1953


9. Intelligence reports, Philippines/Bohannan 1953


10. Intelligence Reorganization, Philippines/Lambeck 1955


11. Freedom Company Philippines; articles and by-laws 1954-1957


12. ECCOI Prospectus (formerly Freedom Co.)


13. Freedom Co. Philippines and Philippines/Vietnam Veterans 1953-1955


14. Freedom Co. Philippines, photo album, anniversary party, Saigon 1965

Box 29

15. Elections Philippines/Robot Statistics Report 1962


16. Veterans Federation Philippines, and Philippines Veterans Bank 1963-1965


17. Peace and Order 1968


18. Miscellany, including Mrs. Macapagal's letter to constituents, (translation) 1954-1970


19. Catholic Viewpoint: CRS, MASSA plus Mijares Defects 1975


20. PKP Five Year Project; statistics of atrocities 1965-1967


21. List of microfilms

General note

All extant microfilm is in box 32

22. Photographs


I. Operation Four Roses


II. Operation Dragnet


III. 7th BCT Training Program and Operation Biak na Bato


IV. 7th BCT with Valeriano (Operation not identified)


V. Huk Camp, Pampanga; Stalin University flag; Huk Swamp Burning


VI. AFP Ruses


VII. 2nd meeting Taruc and Aquino


VIII. Namfrel poses shots 1951


IX. Photographs with Ramon Magsaysay


X. Miscellaneous personalities, Philippines 1950s


23. Envelope of classified bulletins and papers 1951


24. Covert Evasion and Escape Manual, copy 288 1952


25. Tactics and Techniques of CI Operations, 1963, MAAG/VN, Revised 1963 July 1

Box 30

Miscellaneous publications


1. Quarterly Summary II Corps/2nd Military Region, 2nd Quarters VN 1970


2. Resettlement and Food Control in Malaya, Riley Sunderland, ; memo RM-4173-1SA, The Rand Corporation, Copy 122. Prepared for Assistant Secretary of Defense and International Security Affairs 1964


3. Anti-Guerrilla Intelligence in Malaya, ; Riley Sunderland, 1964; Memo RM-4172-1SA, The Rand Corporation, 1964 September 1948-1960


4. The American Military Advisor and his Foreign Counterpart: Vietnam, by G. C. Hickley, with assistance of W. P. Davison, 1965; Memo: RM-4482-ARPA The Rand Corporation 1965 March,


5. The Sabotage Manual, Vol. 11, Techniques and Devices; Para Military Manual Field Handbook FM-54-800-1 Copy 39, 1954 May


6. Organization, Equipment and Supplement of Regional Guerrilla Forces Handbook, No copy 00117 1, 1953 June,


7. Covert Paramilitary Training Course (in brown binder)


8. Edition Army Extension Course, Special Text, No 73, Military Intelligence Organization and Function 1933


9. Guerrilla Warfare 1949


Partisans in the Soviet-German War, DW-05, Copy #50


Soviet Partisans Warfare since DW-02, Copy #98 1941,


10. A guide for Guerrilla Leaders with Special Reference to Jungle Conditions 1949?

Box 31

11. Report of Colombia Survey Team Part II, ; 1960


Recommendations for Colombian Government Action 1960 April


12. Informe: Que Rinde EL Gobernader a la Honorable Asamblea Departmental an sus sesiones Ordinarias de 1959, 1960


13. Bohannan papers re Colombia 1959-1960


201 Material re Charles Louis Glazer, 0-1321625. Glazer was Liaison Officer to Roxas and to Quirine


1. Copy of information in Roxas Administration's card file in Box 33 (information supplied in 1985)


Xerox pages from Official Directories 1945-1946


2. Page Official Directory 1, 1945


3. Cover, Directory, Republic of the Philippines 1946


4. Page Directory, Republic of the Philippines, Office of the President, Malacanan, Executive Office Advisory Staff listing Glazer as US Army Liaison Officer 3, 1946


Communications re Glazer's assignment


5. N. P. Davis, Charge d'Affaires a.i. to the Secretary of State


6. Maj. Gen. Geo. F. Moore, PHILRYCOM


7. Manual Roxas, President, Republic of the Philippines


Letters of appreciation


8. Geo. F. Moore, Maj. Gen., US Army


9. Morris H. Marcus, Col., A.G.D.


10. Geo. F. Moore, Major Gen., US Army, personal note


11. Edward G. Lansdale, Major USAF, Public Information Officer

Box 32

Microfilm on the Philippines


R. L. Hoeksema, Communism in the Philippines, dissertation, Harvard University 1956

General Physical Description note: One 35 mm microfilm reel

Newspapers 1985

Physical Description: 5.0 issues

Philippine Inquirer 1985 July 1-7


Veritas Newsmagazine 1985 July 7


Ang Pahayagang Malaya 1985 August 16


Manila Hotline volume II, numbers 21-22 until 1985 October 1


Mr. and Ms. 1985 July 26 - August 1

Box 33

Card file, ROXAS Administration personalities and biographical data, Cabinet, Congress, Military, Government officials, businessmen, US citizens, other foreign nationals 1946-1948:

Box 34

Vietnam material (psychological operations, counter insurgency, Viet Cong propaganda, etc.)


1. photos: President Ngo Dinh Diem at Palace 1955,


2. photos: Operation Brotherhood Group with Oscar Arellano at Palace with President Ngo Dinh Diem 1955,


3. "IVS" International Voluntary Svs; National Volunteer Svs; National Social Welfare Assembly; Study Group on Democratic Development; Proposal for Private Study Group on Southern Vietnam; List of Leaders AFL-CIO asked to participate 1964,


4. Suggestions for Establishment of Provincial Intelligence Centers 1965 March:


5. 1965


August: Memo/The Rand Corporation, "Some Impressions of Viet Cong Vulnerabilities and Interim Report," by Goure and Thomson


December: "The Chieu Hoi Program as Seen Through Interviews of Viet Cong Defectors and Prisoners," by J. M. Carrier (i.e. Bohannan). Draft for The Rand Corporation


6. reports/documents 1962-1963


Southern Vietnam, The Political Relationship Between the Central Government and the Countryside, DSPPC 1962 July:


Serong Report to Harkins: "Situation in South Vietnam following Change of Government" (two) 1963 November:


1963 July: Translation of documents captured at An Xuyen 1963 July 11,


Training document captured by the 21st Division, ARVN (translations) 1963:


National Liberation Front of South Vietnam: Organization and Historic Days (translations) 1961:


Financing and Future of Counter Insurgency Effort in South Vietnam 1963 April:


Extracts, Report CIO re VC Organizations in South Vietnam 1963 June:


British Advisory Mission re Food Control 1962 December:


John Moseley Report on Strategic Hamlets 1962 September:


Memorandum re Control Measures, British Advisory Mission 1962 December:


Observations, Squad Leader Training Course, Dinh Tuong Province 1963 October:


Capt. P. F. Boyle re proposed "Silver Bullets Programs" to accelerate capitulation of VC Forces to RVN 1963 October:


Psychological Operations Committee re Sino-Soviet Split and Propaganda Opportunities against the DRV 1963 August:


7. Cadres and Pacification (miscellaneous papers) 1965-1966


Rural Construction Cadres


Pacification Cadres


Monthly reports re Rural Construction Progress


Pacification Plan Outline: Techniques, memorandum working paper


Military Operations


Rural Reconstruction




Daniel Ellsberg, GVN Concepts of Rural Reconstruction 1966 January:


Cadre Working Group and Report, memo and report 1965 November


Special Study Group


Meeting with B. G. Nguyen Huu Co


8. Pacification/Counter Insurgency (miscellany)


An Area Pacification Technique. Draft. Capt. Nguyen Van Long and Wankowicz: Effort to develop training program for C.I. 1964 November:


Pacification Operations in the 21st Infantry Division; Lt. Col. Cushman 1965? January:


C.I. Campaign Evaluation, MACJ3 1963 October:


Shortcoming and Present State of New Life Hamlets (translation) 1961 October:


Definition of Pacification; Taylor to AJD 1964 October:


Seizing the Initiative; Hudson? 1965 March:


General Estimate of C.I. In South Vietnam; R. G. del Prado 1964 June:


Monthly report 1964 March:


Annex F: Role and Problems of Sector Advisor 1964 March:


Annex D: US and Vietnamese Province Rehabilitation Reports 1964 March:


9. Viet Cong propaganda file, VC, 1961-1962, Vietnam History Drawer/VC Section 11 6D


VC 739 Manifest of South Vietnam Liberation Front (1st General Assembly)


VC 967 Extract from articles in the Chanh Nghia, "Message from Catholic Priests of North Vietnam to Catholic People of South Vietnam"


VC 671 "To Inhabitant of Quang Ngai, Quang Nam and Binh Dinh Provinces"


VC 621 Summary


VC 615 "The Little Girl from Luong Hoà"


VC 613 "The Extordinary Escape of Prince Souphanouvong and other Neo-Lao Haksat Leaders"


VC 608 "Appeal from the South Vietnam National Liberation Front's Committee of Ben-Tre Province"


VC 594 "The Spring Light"


VC 593 "Appeal to Officers, Enlisted Men and Civil Servants of the Southern Government in Ben-Tre Province"


VC 592 "Lessons Extracted from Conditions of Laos"


VC 589 Summary


VC 587 "Statement of South Vietnam Democratic Party"


VC 586 "A Press Conference Held by the Standing Sub-Committee, Central Committee of the People Front for Liberation of South Vietnam"


VC 814 "Stand Up And Be United"


VC 600 "The Comrade Recruit of Dien Bien Phu"


VC 561 Summary


VC 560 "Center Vietnam People's Victory"


VC 559 "National Liberation Front for Nhon Trach district's Letter to US-Diem Soldiers in Nhon-Trach's Posts"


VC 558 "Letter from Liberation Forces, Bien Hoa Province to Soldiers and Officers in South Vietnamese Army"


VC 557 US rubber boats are not unconquerable at all


VC 555 Appeal from National Liberation Front to Bac-Lieu Province armymen and civil servants in the Southern Puppet Government


VC 554 Appeal from National Liberation Front Committee of Bac-Lieu Province


VC 817 Official letter of Min. of Foreign Affairs to 103 countries denouncing plots of US imperialists to directly invade South Vietnam


VC 815 Vo Van Kinh and Nguyen Van Nho: Letter to unit mates, 22nd Division


VC 813 Appeal from Peoples Liberation Front for Thua Thien


VC 812 Enlisted men and officers in South Vietnam Armed Forces


VC 811 "99 ARVN Soldiers Captured in Gia Vut Battle Calling on ARVN to Turn Arms against US-Diem"


VC 810 "Dear Youngmen and Women in Thua Thien and Huc"


VC 799 "Unite Together and Rise up to Overthrow the Cruel Lackeys and Restore Right of Living, Liberty, Democracy and to Save Ourselves from the US and Diem Yoke"


VC 798 The United Liberation Youth Society of Long An Province


VC 796 Dear Young People in Thua Thien and Huc


VC 797 Welcome to the Victory of the Liberation Troops


VC 785 Statement of the Central Executive Committee of the Vietnam Peoples Revolutionary party concerning US open armed aggression in South Vietnam


VC 787 Southern People and Workers Note to Northern Government


VC 782 The Broad-day light pirates


VC 783 Enlisted men and officers


VC 780 Nguyen Thi Tu speech at conference of South Vietnam Peoples Liberation Front


VC 757 Dinh Cong Dam "Letter from New Delhi, Visit to Stand of Democratic Republic of Vietnam at the Indian Industrial Fair"


VC 755 Appeal to workers, farmers, laborers and hamlet SDC


VC 749 Peoples Front for Liberation of Thus-Thieu and Huc


VC 748 Letter from South Vietnam Peoples Liberation Front, South Central Vietnam


VC 564 Appeal from National Liberation Front Committee of Khanh-binh-Dong village


VC 581 The Young Communist


VC 569 (bis) Appeal from National Liberation Front's provisional committee of Binh-Dinh Province to government cadres at village and hamlet levels


VC 623 Ceremony of trooping the colors of the Peoples Front for Liberation of the south


VC 553 "What Place is Most Solid?"


VC 781 Speech delivered by Doctor Hung Van Cung on the Eve of Convening the First Congress of South Vietnam People's Liberation Front


10. Report: R. Phillips to Killen on Viewpoint. Enclosures: Team Papers: Building a Political Base in Vietnam, Earl Young Report, Long An Province. Added: Summary of Information, by Bohannan, 1964 September 1 1964 June 15,


11. Notebook: "Articles III HUAG" (see Declassified U.S. government records, box 35)

Box 35

12. "Huwag" (means "keep out" in Tagalog, or "don't touch")


"Civilian Irregular Defense Group" MACJ 1963 January 21


"Counter Insurgency Course Student Report on Vietnam," 1963 February


"USOM Comments on GAO Review of Economic Aid Program, Vietnam," 1962 December


"USMACV Project Takeoff," Acceleration of Pacification Movement 1967 July 21,


"Coastal Junks of South Vietnam," 1965 October 6


13. Miscellany 1964


Police file folders


Population and Resources Control


Orientation for Counter Insurgency, Employees/Stoneman


Task Force Vietnam


Land Reform


Rural Rehabilitation and Land Reform


14. Valeriano's Special Report on South Vietnam 1964 July


15. Dr. PhanHuy Quat, Minister of Foreign Affairs 1964


16. Bui Diem, biographical sketch and correspondence 1964


17. Soro re Vietnam/ Psychological Operations, (Bohannan); Consultant background data, General, Bohannan 1958-1959


18. 1964-1965


Chieu Hoi: Msg Task Force Comments and Recommendations 1965 July


Biographical data, Members Net Team 1964? October


Short Course, Morale Action and Psychological Warfare Field Operations for 5th Bu Officers


DOD Report of Staff Visit 1964 December


Concept of Rural Reconstruction, Definitions and Procedures 1965 May


Vietnam Special Course Orientation Branch


Summary of Principal Events in Vietnam 1920-1957, 1965 July


19. Team notes/Inter-office memoranda and correspondence 1965 August-1966 January


Activities Report, Mark Huss 1965 August 12-19,


Office memo from R. Phillips/Actions for Ky 1965 September


Quote from Abraham Lincoln


Memo: Conversation with Ambassador Lodge


Draft memo: Making Low-Level Advisors Effective (dynamite - handle with care)


Memo for the record: Bohannan (two)


Private visit, 3 Republican Congressmen


Internal frictions; Maik contract; Personal 1965 October-November


Eyes Only EGL; Bohannan re internal friction; letter from Tris


To Team Members/Joe Baker/Ideas (stack of memos for the record, Bohannan, Slobo) 1965 October


Problems of Government: Memo, (stack of memos, Bohannan) 1965 November


Problems in Vietnam (stack of memos, Bohannan 1965 December)


To SLO staff from EGL, December


Miscellaneous papers


List of Files


Memo Chieu Hoi/Cooper 1965 August


Questions for EGL 1965 October


Ideas requested 1965 November


Discussion paper/Draft


Karrick to SLO Team members 1966 January


Study Outline proposed/Pacification and Development


A Catalyzing Team for Vietnam/Draft, Bohannan


20. Personal correspondence and reports, USOM/Vietnam, "Huwag" (i.e. "keep out") 1963


Letter to Brig. Gen. York 1963 January


Memo to Geriner: Tactics and Techniques of C.I., Review of 1963 February


Psychological War Special Course on Chieu Hoi 1963 February-March


Memo to Maj. Barbera re ECCOI Contract problems 1963 February


Visit with Gen. Oai, et al. 1963 February


Memo re Project for Regrouping Lislead Resistants


Speech by Minister of Civic Action


Memo to Phillips: Chieu Hoi, View of Hieu 1963 May


Letter to Praeger ordering 40 copies of book (Bohannan/Val CG Ops)


Letter from Oai to Bohannan: thanks for book


Letter from Vic Hugo to Rufe


Memo re Chieu Hoi: Support Committee Meeting


Draft: Brent to Ambassador re RVNAF Personnel, Politics and CI Effort with Draft from Phillips 1963 July


Phillips to Nolting re Bombs, Rockets, Shells, Popular Support and the US? Interest


Memo for the record: Conversation with Gen. Mai Huu Xuan 1963 November


Prov Rep Report: Long An Province for 1963 November


Memo for Mike re The Way of the War


Memo of Bohannan re Gen. Don and the Philippines


Letter from Mike Dunn, through Bohannan, to Cleve, re Chieu Hoi/Psychological War 1964 January 6,


To: Members of Psychological Operations Committee from Working Group re the American Presence in Vietnam 1964 February


Letter to Bohannan from Philippines Anti-Communist Movement/Tante; Gen. Santos to Mac Peralta; C. Cao to SND re Operation Pagasa


21. Correspondence, memoranda, miscellaneous papers re Vietnam 1963-1965


Letter to Felix Jabillo re Philippines Constabulary Manual of 1915, 1963 August


Letter to Mike Dunn re Scarnes story 1963 October


Notes: Interesting points at Junta Press Conference, Vietnam Army Forces Headquarters 1963 November 6


Conversation with Le Van Thai 1963 November 10


Task Force Freedom


Memo for Mag Nguyen Thanh Luong re Publicity for an ARVN Civic Action Project 1963 November 21


Memo for Gen Le Van Kim 1963 November 27


Pencil notes to Bohannan from Cleve


Memo: The Sad State of Affairs 1963 December 7


Letter to Col. William Law, Laos, from Bohannan, re successful counter insurgency 1963 December


Strategy of counter insurgency : Concept, Organization, Application, Conclusion with enclosures (Bohannan)


Letter to Frisco from Bohannan 1963 December


Letter to Magin Sn Juan from Bohannan 1963 December


Letter to Bohannan from Magin 1963 December


Memo for Mike Dunn: Continuing to Lose the War


Letter to Nguyen Mi Thai from Rufe (cc to Bohannan)


Memo to Len Maynard from R. Holbrooke, USOM/Ba Xuyen, by Bohannan 1964 January 8


Notes from meeting Soc Trang, (campaign plan) 1964 January 8


Note: Memo to Bohannan from Cleve 1964 January 9


Memo for the record: Personalities and Roles in the New MRC 1964 January 31


By Bohannan: A few notes on Situation and Terrain, (probably to EGL) 1964 January


Memo to Mike Dunn from Bohannan, re Mostly Psychological 1964 January


Letter to Bohannan from Ed Navarro with Galang address and Veteran rehabilitation contact 1964 January


Informal, Unofficial Memo: To Lt. Col. Cushman from Bohannan re Operations Plan Draft, 21st Infantry 1964 January 15


Memo for the record: Hamlet Militia Leader Training, by Bohannan 1964 March 10,


Notes: Required Actions if War is to be Won, (Bohannan) 1964 November 18


Memo for the record: Evacuation of American Dependants 1964 February 18


Pacification: A Few Do's and Don'ts


Suggested Guidelines for Ambassador's Approach to President Diem


Halberstam cable to New York Times (5 pages)


Critique of MACV's reply to Halberstam story, (draft, 4 pages)


Provincial intelligence


Memo to Mike Dunn re fact finding 1963 December 9


Memo Quang Ngai, (almost illegible) 1963 December 9


Comments on Planning


Memo to Bohannan from Geo Melvin re Special Cambodian Border Force Supplement 1963 December 17


Memo re Leadership Motivation, by Wilbur Wilson 1964 February 25


Sr. Advisors Estimate of the Situation re Indigenous Leadership Motivation


Memo to Sol Silver from Bohannan, re Pay of Armed Forces 1964 February 17


Memo for the record re Bohannan's relations with Eastern Construction Company 1964 March 16


Notes to Bohannan from ? 1964 February


More notes to Bohannan 1964 March


Letter to Bohannan from Rick Galang 1964 April 14


A Note from Stan Atkinson to Ed Lansdale


Correspondence between Bohannan and Ed Lansdale regarding General Xuan


Letter to Ambassador Lodge from Atkinson re detention of Mai Huu Xuan 1964 April 17


Typed copy of a message from Cleveland to Bohannan, dated 1964 May


Copy of letter dated to? from? (Bravo? almost illegible) 1964 September 1


Letter to Len Maynard from Bohannan (in Kensington, Md) 1964 August


Excerpt re withdrawal of support from Father Hoa; from TTSquare 1964 September 1


Official Memo to Maynard from Gosho re Chieu Hoi Task Force: Charles T. R. Bohannan not needed 1965 June 21


Letter to Bohannan from Mark ("somebody torpedoed Charles T. R. Bohannan's expeditionary force to rescue Chieu Hoi") 1965 July


Cable to Bohannan from Carabao 1964?


Invitation to Bohannan for dinner with Tran-Van-An, Minister for Open Arms 1965 April


Letter to Bohannan from Len Maynard re Chieu Hoi 1965 July


Letter to Bohannan from Bravo 1965 January


Letter to Bohannan from Bravo re Chieu Hoi 1965 July


Letter to Bohannan from Hickerson, Ft. Belvoir, Va, re weapons 1965 August


22. /

Box 36

23. Inter-Agency Task Force Report on Chieu Hoi Program 1965 August


24. Photos: Community Development Advisor Pete Guillermo in Khan Hoa 1969-1970


Philippines material


25. Power Moves Involved in the Overthrow of an Unfriendly Government [Philippines]


26. Bulletin Today (Philippines) 1985 June 14


Declassified U.S. government records 1947-1964

Scope and Contents note

Formerly security-classified records of the U.S. government. Includes some records determined by the government to be unclassified. Arranged chronologically by date of release by Hoover
Box 36

2011 June release of records 1947-1964

Scope and Contents note

Articles and memo relating to the situation in Vietnam, 1962-1964, and letter from the American Embassy in Manila, Philippines, 1947. The articles are contained in the notebook with "Articles III HUAG" on the spine and "VN 11" noted on the cover, with titles indicated below

1. Working Draft: Political Evolution in South Vietnam, H. J. Gaffney, Jr., Policy Planning Staff/ISA 1964 October,


2. Notes on Current US Problem Areas in Vietnam, Chas. J. Zwick, Chas. Cooper, Hans Heyman, Richard Moorsteen 1964 August,


3. Memo: Current Breakdown of GVN Pol. Civic Action Programs for Forestal, signed by William E. Colby


4. Sixth Senior Seminar in Foreign Policy: The Evolution of Counter Insurgency Strategy, The case of Vietnam, pages, by Col. Richard M. Lee, USA 1964 June 30, 69


5. The United States and France in Vietnam: A Comparison Research Memo, RFE-34, from Thomas L. Hughes 1964 May 21


6. Chronology of United States-Vietnam Relations 1949-1964


7. Obstacles to Mass Communication in Vietnam, USJS/WG Saigon 1963 December

Film shelf

"Vietnam" 16mm motion picture film, 150 feet

Box 23

One duplicate microfilm reel