Preliminary Inventory to the Louis Loucheur Papers, 1916-1931

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Preliminary Inventory to the Louis Loucheur Papers, 1916-1931

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Louis Loucheur Papers,
Date (inclusive): 1916-1931
Collection number: 61001
Creator: Loucheur, Louis, 1872-1931
Collection Size: 13 manuscript boxes, 1 envelope. (5.4 linear feet)
Repository: Hoover Institution Archives
Stanford, California 94305-6010
Abstract: Correspondence, speeches, notes, reports, and photographs, relating to industry in Russia during World War I, inter-Allied diplomacy during World War I, war reparations, and postwar French and international politics.
Physical Location: Hoover Institution Archives
Language: French.

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Collection open for research.

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Access Points

League of Nations.
World War, 1914-1918.
World War, 1914-1918--Diplomatic history.
World War, 1914-1918--Reparations.
World War, 1914-1918--Russia.
France--Politics and government--1914-1940.

Biographical Note

1872 Born, Roubaix, Northern France
1916 Industrial advisor to Russia
1917 Minister of Armament (France)
1919 Participant in the peace negotiations at Versailles.
1921 Minister of Liberated Territories
1922 Minister of Commerce
1921-24 Negotiator on reparation problems
1927-28 Minister of Labor, Hygiene and Social Security

Container List


Various Topics:

Box 1.

a. Bills for paintings and books in the Loucheur estate.


b. Documents prepared for the Court of Honor (1925) which dealt with the accusations against Loucheur of having made war profits while in the employ of the government.


c. Press clippings dealing with the career of Louis Loucheur appearing after his death in 1931.


d. Plans and sketches for a private house.


e. Notes on railway organization 1897.


f. Miscellany


List of towns commemorating Loucheur.


Loucheur's election to the Legion of Honor.


Letters of condolence on Loucheur's death in 1931.

Box 2.

a. Manuscript material


Appreciation of British military strength by Paul Mantoux, June 21, 1918.


Three position papers on the outcome of the war by Loucheur, 27 June, 29 June and 31 July 1918.


b. Military correspondence and documents relating to manufacturing of large-scale projectiles.


c. Poincaré


Poincaré-Clémenceau correspondence dealing with an incident at the end of March 1918.


Póincaré's letters to Loucheur.


d. High Court of Justice; Caillaux affair


e. Letters of General Michelet.


f. Letters of General Messimy.


g. Notes, correspondence, reports relating to the war (Report on army in Italy by Abel Ferry, letter of Paul Mantoux.)


h. Discussion of a unified High Command, March 26, 1918. Loucheur's description of a trip to Compiègne, March 24/25 1918.


i. Letters received by Loucheur during the war by General de Maud'huy and others.


j. Miscellany


Report by Mr. Dannehaut on events in Belgrade at the declaration of war.


Report from Bucharest, October 1916.


Report from Kristiana (Oslo), January 1917.


Letter to Philippe Berthelot, April 1917.


k. Notes of the Interallied War Committee


Secret Army instructions


Chamber of Deputies -- Secret Committee, Dec. 1916, sessions 7, 8, and 9.


l. Various wartime documents.


Personal correspondence (to Loucheur) sorted into folders.


m. Unified Allied High Command, commemorative monument at Doullens.


n. Newspaper clippings of Loucheur's speeches describing the unification of the Allied High Command of March 26, 1918.

Box 3.

a. Political correspondence with Loucheur as a member of the Chamber of Deputies, 1923, 1928.


b. La Loi Loucheur sabotée à Cherbourg, 1930. Pamphlet.


c. Attacks dealing with postwar reconstruction, 1921, 1922 Inghels attack.


d. Loucheur materials as Minister of Labor, Hygiene and Social Security in 1927, 1928 (speeches).


e. Discussion (and manuscripts) of raise of cost of living bonuses in 1923 (in the Chamber of Deputies).


f. Article in "Revue de France" on the Pope's intervention in French political life.


g. Loucheur speech of February 14, 1919. Debates in the Chamber on reconstruction, 1919/20.


h. Loucheur budget discussion, November 7, 1921.


i. "Aid to agriculture" discussion in the Chamber of Deputies. Loucheur's notes, speech, March 12, 1929.


j. Folder organized by Loucheur on social security, discussions in the Chamber of Deputies (1930).

Box 3A.

k. Correspondence and report on the Banque Industrielle de Chine.


l. Correspondence and report on the Banque Industrielle de Chine.


m. Oil project, 1921-1926/27.


Financial Questions:

Box 4.

a. Plan for a special tax on war profits.


b. Discussion on questions of stabilizing the Franc and exchange problems (n.d.).


c. Arguments justifying special tax of December 1925.


d. Financial debates of July 6, 1926.


e. Treasury business. Short term loans, April and May 1926.


f. Various financial plans, October 1926.


g. Various financial notes, proposals, etc. 1926.


Loucheur's speeches against inflation, 1923, 1925.


h. Financial discussion including "Projet de loi portant sur la création de resources fiscales pour équilibrer le budget et alimenter la trésoirerie, 1925.


i. Notes on floating and short-term debts, 1926.


j. Various projected financial measures, 1925.


k. Various tax proposals in 1925, correspondence about them to Loucheur.


l. Loucheur-Coudenhove-Kalergi correspondence, 1927-1931.



Box 5.

a. Memoir on peace negotiations with Germany; March - May 1919 dealing with financial questions. (Documents and annexes for internal use of the French delegation only.)


b. Speech on the peace treaty by Loucheur in the Chamber of Deputies, 11 September 1919.


c. Two articles on German conditions in 1921, 1927. Several notes on reparations discussions in London, notes of a talk with Rathenau.


d. Notes for a speech of the 7 November, 1922.


e. Copy of French edition of the 1919 Peace Treaty with Loucheur autograph.


f. Negotiations on the German demand for a moratorium on reparations, November - December 1921.


g. Map of the Pacific with various national cable lines marked.


h. Reparations problems, 1921. Confidential file (Correspondence with M. Vignon, M. Dubois, M. Donner. Letters bear inscription of Ministère des Affaires Etrangères, Ministère de la Reconstruction Industrielle, Ministère des Regions Libéréss.)


i. Letters of M. Jonnart in January 1920 relative to the Presidency of the Council of Reparations.


j. Letter of General Demignes (?) to Loucheur April 1924 dealing with Ruhr industrial negotiations.


k. Reparation negotiations in 1921.


l. Loucheur's memorandum on Allied reparation policies, 1921.


m. Reparations negotiations:


London Conference, 1924.


Cannes Conference, 1922.


Brussels Conference, Dec. 1922, Aug. 1923.


Paris Conference, Jan. 1923.


Notes for a speech on reparations, Aug. 1924.


Treaty annexes to the Versailles Treaty:

Box 6.

a. Polish-French reparations negotiations, 1929-1931.


b. Settlement of obligations incurred in the Treaty of Trianon 1930, 1931. Young plan, Loucheur speeches and notes.


c. Notes on inflations, 1920.


International trips, agreements of Wiesbaden:

Box 7.

a. Press clippings, invitations, speeches, of Loucheur's trip through Central Europe, May 15 - June 1, 1930.


b. Documents on London trip, 1923.


c. Trip to United States. Plan of Transatlantic Liner "Paris" only. (1921)


d. London negotiation; 8, 9 December 1921.


e. Negotiations, April - May, 1921.


f. Various documents on reparation questions from 1921-1924 (including Briand autograph).


g. Agreement of Wiesbaden, meeting between Loucheur and Rathenau, 1921.


h. Protocols of the discussions leading up to the Wiesbaden agreements.


League of Nations:

Box 8.

a. Various projects for an international economic conference (1924, 1925, 1927).


b. Correspondence with M. André Tardieu about personnel on the Geneva Delegation in 1930.


c. Zuerich manuscript notes for a speech on the economic reconstruction of Europe (1922?).


d. Conference at Caen, 9 January 1928, on the League of Nations.


e. Conference at Avennes, 21 April 1928, on the League of Nations.


f. Conference at Berne (1927?) on the League of Nations.


g. League of Nations, 5th Assembly, Sept., Oct., 1924.

The work of the Third Commission (Disarmament)


Compte rendu of the 4th subcommission.


Texts of the work of the 3rd commission.


Disarmament projects.


Russian Affairs:

Box 9.

a. Various newspaper clippings on Foch's Left Rhine occupation plan.


Aid to Italy after Caporetto.


Robert Cecil correspondence from 1923.


Winston Churchill letter (private and confidential) on the Russian problem and the cutting off of French aid to anti-Bolshevik forces, 21 November 1919.


b. Letters of M. Noulens, French ambassador to Russia, to Loucheur (1916-1917-1918).


Letters of Mr. Pleneau (?) to Loucheur.


c. Russia. French-Russian collaboration, 1916.


Report of Capitaine Laurent of the French military mission on the repercussions of the Russian Revolution on the garrison troops in Moscow, March 22 - April 4, 1917.


Viviani trip to Moscow, 1916.


d. Notes and documents on Socialism and Bolshevism in Russia.

Scope and Content Note

Hand colored map showing foreign intervention in Russian Civil War.


Box 10.

A - L

Scope and Content Note

Includes correspondence by Barthou, Berthelot, Briand, Churchill, Foch, Austen Chamberlain.
Box 11.

M - Z

Scope and Content Note

Correspondence includes letters from Pétain (end folder not alphabetically organized).
Box 12.

Reports of a French government observer of the Russian Revolution 1917. (2 manuscripts, excerpts from Russian newspapers in French translation).


Copies of deciphered telegrams sent by the German delegation to the Paris Peace Conference 1919, to the Auswaertige Amt. In each case they pertain to questions that Loucheur is interested in.


Copy of an agricultural report sent by Philip Pétain to Loucheur, 28 March 1923.


Notes on negotiations dealing with reparations, particularly as far as Belgium is concerned, 10 July 1923 - 28 August 1923, as the result of the Ruhr occupation. (Included is an interview with Foster Dulles on July 25, 1923.) Folder also includes a letter to Loucheur's mother of Feb. 30, 1916.


Loucheur's brief notes why Great Britain has not adhered to Article 36 of the statute of the League of Nations, Vth Assembly, Sept. - Oct. 1924.


Notes on a speech made to the 1st Commission before the Secretariat, October 1924. (This speech brought about the action for arbitration proceedings (Art. 36?).


Reflections of Jouvenel and Loucheur on a speech of Lord Parmoor (?) Sept. 5, 1924.


Interview notes from Sept. 19, 1911, Hotel Adlon, Berlin.


Notes on the first days of the war, July, Aug., Sept. 1914.


The War Years, 1916-1918. This folder includes a set of handwritten notes for the period December 7, 1916 - November 17, 1918

Physical Description: (87 p.).

Scope and Content Note

The notes deal with Cabinet meetings, army affairs, interviews on the course of the war. (Extremely important.)

1916. Notes on the convention of ambassadors with the Duke Nicholas, 17 May 1916.


1919. Soviet affairs and meetings at the Paris Peace Conference. (Handwritten notes, Ja. 10, 1919 - Ap. 29, 1919). Copy of a letter from Winston Churchill, 21 Nov. 1919.


1921. Interview with Rathenau at Wiesbaden, 13 June 1921 (See also Bundle 7, Folder 7) and related material.


1922. Affaire Klotz.


Personal notes on interviews, 1923-1924. Conversation with Dr. Adenauer, Ja. 12, 1924.


Notes on the problem of interallied debts.


Interview between Loucheur and Coudenhove-Calergi, Ja. 14, 1928.


1931. Notes on personal interviews. (Poincaré, Briand.)


Affairs of Italian press. French subvention of Italian newspaper "Giornale d'Italia" in 1922.


Incident Pierre Hamp and M. Poincaré, December 1926.


Action Francaise and Petit Journal, 1923.


Interviews with Schacht and Stresemann, Jan. 9, 10, 1924.


Loucheur speeches


Sept. 1925;


23 Dec. 1923;


7 May 1927.


Materials on the Hotchkiss Society.


Conference of Industrial bodies with the Ministry of Armaments.


Paris Peace Conference on German Reparations, 10 April 1919.


Collection of miscellaneous letters:

Scope and Content Note

Paul Sunday, E. Moreau, Louis Archimbaud, Ed. Gillet, J. Noulens, Ombredame.

List of Interallied conferences, 1919-1921.


List of Loucheur's connection and business enterprises with the Lociete generale d'Entreprises, 1908-1916.


Memorandum on the demission of the Council of Ministers, 18 Jan. 1920.


Plans for French propaganda in all of Europe in 1929.


The statutes of the Societe nouvelle de papeterie.


"Texte inédit et secret des conversations entre les quatre avant le remise des conditions d'Armistice aux allemands ----Rethondes; copie autographe... des notes del interprète Paul Mantoux, Chargé par Clemenceau d'informer son conseille economique, London."


Manuscripts, Pamphlets, etc.


Typewritten manuscript entitled "Societe Nouvelle de Papeteries."

Physical Description: (2 copies).

SONOPA (Societe Nouvelle de Papeterie). Syndicat Financier.


Dossier - Affaire Ouest-Eclair. May 1931.


Miscellaneous correspondence, documents, manuscripts, notes, etc., 1927-28, 1930.


Pamphlet entitled "Cinea. Entre Eux - Entre Nous." Supplement au No. 11 de la Revue "Mercure de Flandre." November 1925.


Typewritten manuscript entitled "Discours de Mr. Langeron. Prefet du Nord."


Invitation (mimeographed sheet) to a conference of the "Societe d'Histoire de la III Republique."


Miscellaneous materials dealing with the "Commission des Reparations de Dommages."


Typewritten manuscripts, with handwritten annotations, entitled:


"Valeurs Mobilieres."


"Obligations, Creances, Comptes-Courants."


"Proprietes Immobilieres."


"Meubles Meublants, Bijoux, Objets d'Art."