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Preliminary Inventory to the George S. Reppas Papers, 1966-1982
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Preliminary Inventory

Box: 1

SOBERI study of feed plant and feedlot abattoir


Project sketch to potential investors (Jan 66). Includes:


Presentation of program for the industrial development of Morondava


Copy letter from Secretary General of Government reporting the approval of the Viande project by the Council of Ministers (Feb 4, 1996)


Copy of letter from Ministry of Agriculture confirming the cabinet's resolution to approve project (Feb 21, 66)


Various document on project presentation


Application to Malagasy Government for approval of US loan (content same as presentation of project above)


Cattle ranch and slaughtering operation, Investment Proposal, June 21 1968, Revised July 10 1968.


Draft of application loan


Proposal for plant construction and detailed design for abattoir facility by FMC, San Jose, California


Summary of a beef slaughtering operation in Morondava. Appendix E is ground breaking ceremony with several translated speeches by Malagasy officials and articles on newspapers


Application for AID extended risk guaranty, July 1967

Box: 2

Plant blueprint and picture


SOBERI correspondence 1968: signature of contract


SOBERI correspondence 1970: discussions about delays and drafts


SOBERI study of feedlot and feed plant


Correspondence with Ministry of Industry, 1970: request for exoneration of taxes

Box: 3

SOBERI correspondence 1969, 1971, 1972


Chart of accounts


Correspondence OPIC 1969-71 for expiration and renewal of policy:


copy of foreign claims settlement commission document Dec 31, 1974


copy of letter from OPIC informing of expiration and cancellation of policy


request for re-registration July 13, 1971 to OPIC for a total of $2,115,000


application for insurance, Feb 12, 1969


handbook: OPIC coverage, Sept 1970


USDA approved documents


4540.25 contracts with SOBERI:


SOBERI contract avenant no. 1, 2, 3, (no. 4 missing) and no. 5 unsigned


abattoir: specifications techniques


4540 SOBERI:


proces-verbal of temporary quantitative reception of abattoir Nov 3, 4, 1971


copy drafts for SOBERI


various correspondence with SOBERI


Meetings: report on meetings with SOBERI


SOBERI technical reports


Plant engineering documents


Correspondence with Nobel Peelman, SOBERI sub-contractor

Box: 4, 5, 6

Draft memoire

Box: 7

Christos Karkantzos correspondence plus few with SOBERI


Bernard Pigny correspondence


Mc Kinsey & Co. correspondence, 1968


Telex and Cable correspondence of AGM


Newspapers and magazines:


Newsweek article on Marshall's recall


Various Madagascar articles on AGM construction and contract signature


articles in international news about Madagascar politics, cattle industry, other cattle project in Madagascar and more.


Correspondence Dr. Pas


General engineering study of plant, 1971

Box: 8 (Kelso Cotton)

General documents. Includes:


attorneys working paper on suit against Swift and Morgan


copy application for land purchase to Malagasy State


Keslo Cotton: draft for amendment to agreement with Morgan and Correspondence and invoices

Box: 9

Correspondence with:


Honorine Ravony


Tsiranana (letter of 21 Mars 1972)


Resampa (letter of 19 June 72)


Proposal to Malagasy State: letter to General Ramanantsoa (8 June 1972)


Letter from Ministry of Finance telling that Madagascar will pay the SOBERI drafts


Letter from Directeur Tresor authorizing loan with Morgan




Application for land and copy of Journal Officiel


Copies of decrees for international fund transfer and investment code regulations


Decree for SOBERI contract guaranty


Malagasy meat inspection regulation


Correspondence with Ministry of Finance, decrees and various documents on legislation and regulations


Morgan letters following Releve de Conclusion to Ministry of Finance, Tsiranana on various programs to reorganize AGM (May 1971)


Madagascar income tax files: balance sheet of AGM, 1971


OPIC extended risk division: OPIC correspondence on renewal of policy, 1972, various correspondence between OPIC and AGM

Box: 10

Letter to Christos in Prison for cooperation


Copy telexes of San Francisco from Brad Jeffries to Maitre Lebel


Ranch runaway study:


Various correspondence 1967-69 related to Viande, Dev, SOBERI, drafts and bank


Societe Melas engineering agreement


Correspondence between George and Bacopoulos for capital augmentation and contractor payment, July 19, 1972


Memo from George S. Reppas to Christos Bacopoulos on European transactions, draft payments, etc. Aug 25, 1972


FMC preliminary design and proposal for abattoir, Feb 68


Hellaby, New Zealand correspondence and profitability study 1972



Box: 11

Correspondence with various insurance company (personal)


AGM Telephone message book


Insurance policy

Box: 12

Ledgers for fixed assets


Business card collection-various


Telephone logs

Box: 13

Credit card charges and daily expenses receipts


Insurance company invoices and correspondence (personal)


Accounting reports from Tananarive


Correspondences for meat regulation and standard


Copy canceled checks AGM Viande San Francisco from 1966 to Oct 14, 1968 (Wells Fargo B.)


Various accounting documents

Box: 14

Canceled checks from Sep 13, 66 to January 31, 1972, AGM Viande San Francisco, Wells Fargo

Box: 15

Canceled checks, Marathon Trade and Reppas Ranch

Box: 16

Canceled checks AGM Development, 1968 to Sep. 30, 1971


Marathon fixed assets

Box: 17, 18, 19

AGM accounting documents, files, banks, tax, correspondence, invoices, marketing data, contacts, etc.

Box: 20

Documents of suit against Swift


Claude Piveteau's financial expertise report


Apologia to JDI and expertise


Correspondence with Morgan


Correspondence with Hellaby, New Zealand


Wellaby project: letters of approval from Honorine and Raparison, correspondence


Misc. check, copies of letter from Ray Sherwood


Reppas correspondence with de Roux, Paris

Box: 21

Proceedings in the AGM case appeal (translation notes taken by Embassy)


Bradford letters to and from


Correspondence from George S. Reppas to Bradford


U.S. Court decision on AGM and Morgan, 1980

Box: 22

Letters of support for George S. Reppas through Bradford


Copy letters to Malagasy officials


Doc. of Reppas vs. Morgan


Doc. of Reppas vs. Swift

Box: 23, 24, 25

Company documents: tax returns, banks, partnership, accounting, etc.

Box: 26, 27, 28

Telex correspondence San Francisco, Tana and Athens

Box: 29

Administrative files on staff

Box: 30

The Support Materials folder contains (other folders uninteresting):


Various personal letters, letters from State Dep. to Mom, Bradford Jeffries, etc.


Pictures of Madagascar


various script for book writing


Madagascar Matin of May 16 1974, Choral group departure for the US


Various bay area articles


Madagascar Matin of period after Ratsimandarava and on AGM airplane theft


Fake French ID for escape


Certificat d'Identite delivered in Comorros


Articles about Andriatsitohaina 2 meat packing company in a Malagasy magazine


Copies of Roulleau letters


Sketches of table-bed


Ministry of Justice/ commissariat central daily check-in note pad

Box: 31

Doc. 1975: contains copy of Cour de cassation decision, copy of foreign claim settlement commission of the U.S.


Doc. 1974: contains declaration by Anthony Manikom about Bacopoulos' fund embezzlement, Apologia to JDI


Doc. 1973: contains translation of Temporary Administrator Olivier Raparison's recount of the AGM affair, problems, and his actions


Doc. 1972: contains bankruptcy decision of the Commercial Court

Box: 32

Copies of various project documents


Various correspondence from 1972 to 75

Box: 33

Company documents: taxes, accounting, banks, etc.

Box: 34

Paid invoices

Box: 35

Status AGM, correspondence

Box: 36

Various correspondence with OPIC, State Dep., AID for Viande


Correspondence with OPIC 1971-1972

Box: 37

Viande correspondence with Dep. of Commerce

Box: 38

Correspondence with Dep. of Agriculture, Dep. of Labors, about regulations, etc.

Box: 39

Correspondence with suppliers

Box: 40

Correspondence and telexes AGM 1968-69


Bacopoulos letters, memos and correspondences

Box: 41

Tana telex


Various correspondence


Tax return files

Box: 42

Morgan loan agreement


Swift sales representative agreement


Management contract


Swift and AID correspondence for OPIC coverage



Box: 43

Swift correspondence


Morgan correspondence and loan


Documents of Malagasy Ministry of Finance approving loan


Verbal note from Malagasy Ministry of Foreign Affairs providing government guaranties for political risks of AGM


Option agreement


Loan agreement

Box: 44

Copy of Madagascar Courrier and other articles on Madagascar in international press


Pigny correspondence


Greece correspondence


Misc. correspondence

Box: 45

Documents on the potential of various projects in Madagascar

Box: 46

Correspondence with suppliers

Box: 47



General correspondence and copy of demande d'agrement


Misc. products and equipment presentation

Box: 48

Swift and Morgan documents


Aircraft and insurance documents and correspondence

Box: 49

Letters to General Ramanantsoa


Report of 1st appearance with JDI


Report on meeting and discussions with Ranohisoa at the Bohemian Club


Copy of Liebig proposal to Ramanitra


Audited financial statements of AGM by Peat Marvick, July 1970


Statement of Conclusion


Letter to Dr. Roux providing evidences of US investment in Madagascar


Articles of limited partnership

Box: 50

Reppas general correspondence, Nov 72 to 1974

Box: 51

Copy correspondence AGM San Francisco 71-72

Box: 52

Misc. documents


Swift and Bank of America Management documents (oct 1971)


Sacet-Simmenthal-Ultrochi investment proposal in AGM


Bank of America AGM financial statement report

Box: 53

Ward Food files and joint-venture proposal


Administrative files and correspondence for Viande Tana 67-68

Box: 54, 55

Administrative files and correspondence for Viande Tana (customers, suppliers, etc.)

Box: 56, 57, 58

Administrative files and correspondence for Marathon Trade (customers, suppliers, etc.)

Box: 59

Corporate documents: investors, shareholders, etc.

Box: 60, 61

Correspondence with shareholders and investors

Box: 62

California Commissioner of Corporation




AGM vs. Westinghouse


Swift vs. Viande


Viande vs. Swift and Morgan


Morgan vs. GSR (72)


Swift management contract and other contracts


OPIC application for Swift


Power of attorney for individual investors

Box: 63

Qualification to do business in California (Viande)


Distributor contract with South Western Petroleum Corporation


Purchase agreement Marathon and Viande-Development


Baker and McKenzie, attorneys: Memo on legal implication of drafts


Correspondence with OPIC


OPIC superseded application

Box: 64

AGM California documents


Other legal documents: individuals, ranch, etc.

Box: 65

Correspondence, reports, meetings, documents about contractors, suppliers, customers, individuals, etc.

Box: 66

Correspondence, reports, meetings, documents with Swift, ADL, George Fraise and other

Box: 67

Correspondence, reports, meetings, documents with various individuals

Box: 68

Amendment to partnership articles


Correspondence, contracts and other documents about Malagasy Associates

Box: 69

Limited partnership


Malagasy associates

Box: 70

Schedule of claims for principal and interests


Creditor's claims




Investors, creditors, notes

Box: 71, 72, 73

Drafts of memoire

Box: 74

Stock certificates

Box: 75

Marathon Trade's statement of charges to AGM Viande (Aug 71 to 5 Sept 72)


Viande accounts payable invoices

Box: 76

Ward Food files

Box: 77, 78, 79

Various records and general correspondence 66-68

Box: 80

Staff files


Inactive investors files

Box: 81

Various correspondence


Inactive investors files

Box: 82

Misc. correspondence with US attorneys

Box: 83

SOBERI technical documents and plans for abattoir construction


Copy Dossier d'Agrement presented to Ministry of Finance


Swift agreement


Supporting documents for memoire

Box: 84

Corporate seals

Box: 85

Minutes, articles, bi-laws

Box: 86

AGM financial statements, July 70


Confidential report to investors, 1970


Investment proposal documents

Box: 87

Various correspondence


Notes payable San Francisco

Box: 88

Investment proposal documents (shares, loans, mortgages)


Cattle ranch and slaughtering operations: investment proposal, January 3, 1969 version and March 15, 1970 version


Copy document submitted for Dossier d'Agrement: Indicatif


Application for extended risk guaranty, OPIC/USAID

Box: 89



Administrative documents

Box: 90

Various AGM schedules and financial statements for startup, Oct 71


Law offices of Howard: legal documents about suit George S. Reppas and shareholders against Swift/Morgan. Contains:


Shareholder claim against Swift/Morgan


Swift management contract


Minutes of meeting of the board nominating Swift and ADL as members


Letters from Morgan to Tsiranana presenting reorganization plans (May 6 and 18, 1971)


Letter from Reppas commenting reorganization plan (Oct 8, 1971)


Letter of reaction of Morgan following Reppas comments (Oct 15, 71)


Morgan letter to Rabenoro, Emile Ramarosoana about reorganization (Oct 15, 71)


Copy of Swift study


Telexes about board meeting and shareholder meeting in San Francisco


Staff files and applications for employment

Box: 91

First mortgage documents


Documents and drafts of investment proposal (Swift and Morgan)


Plan manuals, Morondava


Several schedules of AGM

Box: 92

AGM Viande: principal and background materials, ADL


Plans for Fermes and Usines, SOBERI

Box: 93

Abattoir plans, technical specifications, blueprint, SOBERI

Box: 94


Box: 95

Stock certificates

Box: 96

OPIC application for individual investors




AGM Dev. minutes for board authorization to borrow money from Wells Fargo

Box: 97, 98, 99, 100, 101

Stock certificates

Box: 102

Marathon Production Inc.: articles, by-laws, minutes, journal, ledgers


Viande: request for authorization for loan from AID. Contains note presenting the project to the Assembly of Madagascar, letters from Government approving the project (Feb 1966), and presentation of the plans.


AID-OPIC application


Feedlot project in Majunga area


Barges prospectus and project


Protocol of the agreement passed in Tana between Sacet and Ultrocchi with AGM (Jan 28, 1971) for exports to Italy.

Box: 103

Kaiser: correspondence, meetings, reports, proposal to Madagascar for road construction


ADL principal background materials for AGM


Investment proposal, Viande, cattle ranching and slaughtering operation


Financing proposal, Feb 1972

Box: 104

Report first appearance with JDI


Assignments, summons, requests, etc.:


Commercial court bankruptcy decision after trial, pronouncing bankruptcy of Viande, Dev, and Bacopoulos, no. 2594, Sept 5, 1972. Madagascar's claim: 4 first drafts to SOBERI paid (total 244,559,209 Fmg) plus taxes and duties unpaid (total 125,289,313 Fmg) for a total of 369,848,522 Fmg.


Request by Ministry of Finance to replace TA, followed by ordinance 2366 of July 5, 1972 appointing new TA with same court order as previous TA.


Request by new TA for experts assistance (July 5, 1972) followed by ordinance no. 2367 nominating OCCR INTERG and Claude Piveteau, both from France as experts (July 5, 1972). Ordinance presents their mission and order that a report be presented by Sept 15 1972.


Summons and assignment in payment issued to AGM (Aug 7, 1972)


Assignment in bankruptcy to appear in court (Aug 11, 1972)


Acte d'affectation hypothecaire and Acte d'affectation en nantissement, unsigned, undated. Estimated established after July 71, intended to be signed by AGM and Victor Miadana.


Summons, assignation en refere, to appear in court, asking for the nomination of a TA, and proposing his mission (July 9, 1971)


Van Ommeslagh files, attorney, Belgium: working documents about bankruptcy matters, 1972. Contains:


Request to extend the power of TA to Development, to have access to all archives and records of the two companies, and for an extension of 3 months, followed by ordinance no. 2830 of Oct 11, 1972 granting that.


Commercial decision contesting the power of Maitre Boitard to represent AGM and stating that that power could only be exercised by the TA. (August 29, 1972)


Arbitration request against SOBERI presented by Van Ommeslagh in front of the Cour d'Arbitrage of the Chamber de Commerce International (undated). This document mentioned that:


4 avenants were made to the SOBERI contract: Nov 21, 68; May 6, 69; July 8, 69; and Aug. 28, 69. The 5th avenant was intended for Nov 5, 1970 but apparently was not signed.


Reception provisiore quantitative by both parties effected between 26 April to May 7, 1971.


SOBERI required nomination of expert by the Malagasy court on Sept 17, 1971.


Malagasy court nominated 2 experts by ordinance no. 3111 on Oct 11 1971.


Reception quantitative des batiments et du materiel installe by the two experts and the parties on Nov. 3 and 4, 1971


Presentation of report by the experts on Jan 12, 1972


Report of the audit of the abattoir by the court appointed experts Aime Andriamanantena and Jacques Bompas (Jan 12, 1972)


Several letters and correspondences with Van Ommeslagh


Boitard, Prompt, De Roux and Sherwood letters. Letters to Paul Prompt, Boitard's recommendation and counsel about the SOBERI drafts


Judgment Tana: Ordinance 2274 on Sept 19, 1972 nominating TA as co-receiver and copy of commercial judgment pronouncing bankruptcy (Sept 5, 1972)


Legal Tana Office: letters from TA and Honorine about Hellaby, letters to new TA, letters to Resampa, General Ramanantsoa, memo informing Malagasy government about Morgan Swift suit, original letter from Roulleau refusing access to Tsiranana, letters and reports to TA about various prospecting in Europe, etc.


Several correspondence from TA, note to Henry Rakotoarivelo, U. of Calgary, Canada for financial plans to reinstate the AGM Viande operations, letters to Honorine to new TA, to Tsiranana, to General Ramanantsoa etc.


Technical specifications, production standards, blueprints

Box: 105

Correspondence with sudax suppliers


Correspondence with TA and Ramaholimiaso, TWA, IFC, etc., invitation to TA to attend meeting in San Francisco in Dec 71


Application for OPIC, July 1967


Fish project in Madagascar


Glass project in Madagascar


Meat project in Ethiopia

Box: 106

Personal letters, family letters


AGM Projet de developpement industriel:


Note on startup of the project


Note (dated February 4, 1966) from the Secretariat General du Gouvernement to the Ministry of Agriculture, Interior and Industry confirming the Council of Minister's decision to approve the Viande project and granting authorization to proceed following their meeting on February 2, 1966


Letter from Jacques Rabemananjara, Minister of Agriculture confirming the Council of Minister's decision (dated February 21, 1966).


AGM Viande and Swift contracts: folder containing copy of all contracts and agreements


First mortgage doc, July 1971


Info Madagascar Magazine: various economic news about Madagascar

Box: 107

Prison correspondence from Jan 1974 to 1975

Box: 108

Prison correspondence from Nov 1972 to Dec 1973


various correspondence between 1968 and 71. Copy of 3 Roulleau letters, copy of letter to Ramananstoa (June 8, 1972), correspondence with Raymond Haizlip (68-69), commercial judgment.

Box: 109

Copy of typed prison dairies,

Physical Description: 2 volume.
Box: 110

Raivo: A romance of Madagascar


Madagascar Matin newspapers clippings and copies:


Oct 26, 1972: L'usine AGM en Conseil des Ministres


Nov 9, 1973: Le scandale AGM devant le tribunal aujourd'hui

Physical Description: (1 er jour)

Nov 10, 1973: Le scandale financier de l'AGM

Physical Description: (2e jour)

Nov 12, 1973: Une negligence coupable de la part du Gouvernement?

Physical Description: (3 et 4e j.)

Nov 13, 1973: Proces AGM, 4e jour hier

Physical Description: (5e jour)

Nov 14, 1973: Proces AGM

Physical Description: (6e jour)

Dec 1, 1973: Affaire AGM, toutes les parties ont interjete l'appel


Dec 22, 1973: Le pouvoir judiciaire mecontent


Mar 8, 1974: Affaire AGM en appel. Un temoignage tres attendu

Physical Description: (1 er jour)

Mar 11, 1974: Le scandale financier de l'AGM (3e jour), plus article on the abattoir


Mar 19, 1974: Mise en vente de l'abattoir AGM


Mar 23, 1974: Peines plus lourdes


Nov 13, 1974: L'avion de l'AGM a mysterieusement decolle dans la nuit


Mar 4, 1975. Victor Ramanitra removed from his position.

Box: 111, Folder Folder 1

Several photos, slides and negatives taken during trip to and in Comorros


Negatives home coming in SF


Black and white 4" photos with several unidentified officials


Negatives and photos of road to Majunga


BW photos of 1975: FRS and Ratsimandrava cerceuil


Personal photos


Plant construction photos in BW and in color


Copy articles in the San Jose Mercury News Sunday Magazine California Today: Escape from Malagasy, Sept. 7, 1975


Article in the Oakland Sunday Tribune, June 26, 1977

Folder Folder 2

Loan contract papers between AGM and Morgan Guaranty Bank. Includes:


Contract agreements


Status AGM viande and development


Letters from Administrative secretary of AGM confirming authority of AGM officers


Letters from Bernard Pigny


Compte rendu loan to Direction du Tresor, Malagasy Government


Sales representative agreement between AGM and Swift worldwide


Loan agreement with Wells Fargo and Pledge agreement involving Swift


Copy application to Malagasy Government for the acquisition of the Morondava propriety


Copy decree giving the Malagasy Government guaranty to SOBERI loan (decree no. 68.490)


Copy contract between SOBERI and AGM


Option agreement and escrow agreement between Arthur D. Little, Morgan, and AGM


Consulting advisory agreement between Arthur D. Little and Viande


Letter from Resampa as a representative of SOMADELVA to Potamianos urging the starting of activities


Statuts of SOMADELVA


Balance sheet of AGM as of July 31, 1969

Box: 112

Prison diaries, typed and bound. Vol 2, Part 1 and 2


Album photo from Madagascar: prison, escape, construction, family...


Several maps of Madagascar, including the property in Morondava


Original prison diaries

Box: 113

Prison diaries, typed and bound. Volume 2, Part 1 & 2


Several tapes of speeches

Box: 114 to 116

Tapes of speeches

Box: 117

Tapes of speeches


Fiche on each character and individual in the story

Box: 118

Copy of strange letter from FAKRA


Suggestion de compromis entre AGM & Etat Malagasy


Cahier des charges sell off of abattoir by Malagasy Government


Societe AGM proposal to the Malagasy State on cattle national policy, March 7, 1974


Several letter on bankruptcy


Letters to potential leases of the abattoir: Auckland, New Zealand


Several copies of typed and handwritten letters, receipts, invoices... in prison


Folder of Mike Reppas' letters


Folder of several correspondence of AGM, Reppas and local management


Vasiliky's letters and responses obtained

Box: 119

Accounting and invoices in prison


Old Mad. research data


Correspondence with the State Department for updated info about characters


Plot summaries: 1st attempts for book


Misc. correspondence (Rabenjamina...)


Memo: background of principal individual shareholders and creditors of AGM


Several letters and correspondence for Newsweek and copy Newsweek magazine


Articles in the San Francisco Chronicle


Letters of support from various people


Copy of 3 letters from Rouleau: Refusing AGM access to Tsiranana; Instructing policy to get land back from AGM; requesting meeting between AGM & SOBERI


Report on 1st appearance with JDI


Court decision for bankruptcy after trial


Study of the viability of a beef slaughter and ranching operation. Submitted to the Malagasy Government by Girton and Proops, Swift Co. (Oct 26, 1971)


Reppas letter inviting TA and creditors for a meeting for a study of the AGM situation and financing.


Extrait minute cour de cassation. Court decision.


Statement of conclusion between Malagasy Gov., Swift, Morgan, Arthur D. Little and SOBERI stopping financing of AGM.


Presentation of the abattoir to potential buyers by Syndic.


Swift interactions with AGM: Board position, Management contract, resignation, report study.

Box: 120

Various articles in US magazines and newspapers on Reppas and Madagascar, and following Ratsimandrava assassination.


Madagascar photos (1975)


Several copies and articles in Madagascar Matin on AGM and Ratsimandrava assassination


Copy of cast of character in the story


Madagascar photo of 1975


Reppas' escape in Bay Area newspapers


Articles on Madagascar political background. Includes:


Ambassador Marshall article in San Francisco Chronicle, April 14, 1981


Article on recall of Marshall: The egg on uncle Sam's face, 1971


Article on Indian Ocean importance by Marshall, June 3, 1981