Guide to the Paul T. Hanley Papers, 1956-1963

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Guide to the Paul T. Hanley Papers, 1956-1963

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Title: Paul T. Hanley Papers,
Date (inclusive): 1956-1963
Collection number: Special Collections M0151
Creator: Hanley, Paul T.
Extent: 3 linear ft.
Repository: Stanford University. Libraries. Dept. of Special Collections and University Archives.
Language: English.

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Gift of Dr. P. T. Hanley, 1966.

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[Identification of item] Paul T. Hanley Papers, M0151, Dept. of Special Collections, Stanford University Libraries, Stanford, Calif.

Scope and Content

Letters, pamphlets and unpublished manuscripts collected by Dr. Hanley to support his doctoral research on the Inter-American Defense Board. Includes letters with former Board chiefs and others connected with the Board.

Biographical Note

Retired military officer.

Container List

Box 1, Folder 1

Inter-American Defense College 1963Student Questionnaire

Scope and Content Note

This notebook contains information and opinions relating to the activities of the Inter-American Defense Board, as well as other organizations important in the Inter-American system. The material was obtained through correspondence, questionnaires, and interviews. Some letters are restricted; see preface to Notebook I.


The contents are arranged generally by groups of respondents, though adherence to this arrangement is not rigid.

IADC Faculty Comments and 1964Student Questionnaire


Army and Air Caribbean Schools

Box 1, Folder 2

U.S. Military CINCARIB, etc.


Civic Action, Counterinsurgency



Box 1, Folder 3

Notebook II

Scope and Content Note

Former Board Chiefs
  • Lt. Gen. Stanley D. Embick
  • Lt. Gen. Hugh A. Drum
  • Lt. Gen. Matthew B. Ridgway
  • Lt. Gen. Willis D. Crittenberger
  • Lt. Gen. Charles L. Bolte
  • Major Gen. Robert L. Walsh
  • Lt. General Howard A. Craig
  • Major Gen. Robert W. Douglass, Jr.
  • Admiral Edmond T. Wooldridge
  • Gen. Lemuel C. Shepherd, Jr.
  • Lt. Gen. Lemuel Mathewson
  • Lt. Gen. Robert W. Burns
  • Lt. Gen. Edward H. Underhill
  • Vice Admiral B. L. Austin

Delegates and Assistants

Box 1, Folder 4

IADB Staff, Secretariat, etc.


Ambassadors, Foreign Service, etc.


OAS AND United Nations

Box 1, Folder 5

Historia de la Junta Interamericana de Defensa IADB, Washington, 1961.

Box 1, Folder 6

Geography of the Organization of American States: A Global View. by Paul Hanley, 1964.

Physical Description: Term paper.
Box 1, Folder 7

Poderio Espacial y Operaciones Aereo-Terrestres. (Spacepower and Air-Ground Operations: U.S.A.F.) by Richard C. Harris, Wilson T. Jones, and Paul T. Hanley.

Box 1, Folder 8

The Inter-American Collective Security System, by Paul Hanley, 1956,

Physical Description: term paper.
Box 2, Folder 9

Inter-American Defense College material. Information sheet, program, etc.

Box 2, Folder 10

Inter-American Defense College, Selected speeches presented to the first class of the IADC. Washington, D.C.

Box 2, Folder 11

Civic Action. Presentation to Inter-American Defense College, Jan. 29, 1963.Col. Thurlo Ashton, USAF.

Box 2, Folder 12

Inter-American Defense College, Course Outline, Second Course, June 1963-Nov. 1963.

Box 2, Folder 13

Bibliographies, Second Class.

Box 2, Folder 14

Inter-American Defense College, Selected speeches presented to the second class of the IADC, Washington, D.C.

Box 2, Folder 15

Guest Speakers, Second Class, June-Nov., 1963.

Box 2, Folder 16

News release. Remarks of Paul H. Nitze at the opening ceremony of the IADC, Second Course, 1963.

Box 2, Folder 17

Remarks presented at the Graduation Exercises of the Second Course of the IADC, 1963.

Box 2, Folder 18

Opening ceremonies, Third Class. IADC, Feb., 1964.

Box 2, Folder 19

Inter-American Defense College. Course Outline, Third Course, Feb.-July, 1964.

Box 2, Folder 20

Selected Speeches presented to the Third Class of the Inter-American Defense College. Washington, D.C.

Box 2, Folder 21

This I Believe, by the Honorable Spark M. Matsunaga, member of Congress. IADC. March, 1964.

Box 2, Folder 22

IADC. Course Outline, Fourth Course. Oct-May, 1965.

Box 2, Folder 23

IADC. Graduation ceremonies. Fourth Class. May 28, 1965.

Box 2, Folder 24

Bibliography for Section II.

Box 2, Folder 25

The Inter-American Defense College: A term paper by Doublas W. Davis.

Box 3, Folder 26

USAF School for Latin America. 1963prospectus. Caribbean Ari Command, Albrook AFB, Canal Zone.

Box 3, Folder 27

USAF School for Latin America. Information Booklet, 1963.

Box 3, Folder 28

USAFSLA Questionnaire #1, Sept. 12, 1963.

Box 3, Folder 29

USAFSLA Questionnaire #2, Sept. 24, 1963.

Box 3, Folder 30

Air Force information policy letter. Supplement for commanders.

Box 3, Folder 31

Air Force Civic Action Programs in Latin America.

Box 3, Folder 32

The Fifth Annual Inter-American Air Force Chiefs Conference, May, 1965.

Box 3, Folder 33

The U.S. Army School of the Americas. Catalog.

Box 3, Folder 34

The U.S. Army School of the Americas, History and Current Operations.

Box 3, Folder 35

International Police Academy. Class book, general course. May-Aug, 1964.

Box 3, Folder 36

Academia Internacional de Policía. Album Academico, curso general, May-Aug., 1964.

Box 3, Folder 37

Program Guide to Participant Training in Public Safety. Oct., 1964.Office of Public Safety.

Box 3, Folder 38

The West Point Conference on Latin American Problems. April, 1964.U.S. Military Academy.

Box 3, Folder 39

The Organization of American States as a Collective Security System, by Robert J. Redington. Industrial College of the Armed Forces, Washington, D.C. 1961-62.

Box 3, Folder 40

Boletin de Accion Civica. Fuerzas Armadas de Honduras, Dec., 1962.

Box 3, Folder 41

Boletin Informativo. Fuerzas Armadas de Venezuela, no. 23, May, 1962.

Box 3, Folder 42

Operacion Fraternidad. Tegucigalpa Honduras. Sept., 1962.Directiva del Ejercicio, no. 1.

Box 3, Folder 43

Informacion General Sobre La Operacion America

Box 3, Folder 44

Conferencia Inter-Americana Do Exercito. Relatorio Final. Forte Amador, Zona Do Canal, July, 1961.

Box 3, Folder 45

Third Conference of The American Armies. Final Report. Fort Amador, Canal Zone, July, 1962.

Box 3, Folder 46

Conference of the American Armies. Final Report. Fort Amador, Canal Zone, July, 1963.

Box 4, Folder 47

Conference of the American Armies. Report of the Proceedings, U.S. Military Academy, Aug., 1964.

Box 4, Folder 48

Third Annual Inter-American Air Force Chiefs Conference, May 1963.

Box 4, Folder 49

IV Annual Inter-American Conference of Air Force Chief and Chiefs of State. Final Report on Work Done, May, 1964.

Box 4, Folder 50

Civic Action in Latin America, by David Thompson. Term paper.

Box 4, Folder 51

The Caribbean Commission and Western Security, by Norman Pianalto. Term paper.

Box 4, Folder 52

Senator Smathers' Proposal for an Inter-American Military Peace-Keeping Force, by Linda Lee Eckberg. Term Paper.

Box 4, Folder 53

Remarks on the attitudes of Canadians towards the Organization of American States and a discussion of the arguments for and against Canada's becoming a Member, by H. E. Sadler, term paper.

Box 4, Folder 54

Inter-American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance (Rio Treaty) and The Charter of the Organization of American States, by Thornton Robison. Term paper.

Box 4, Folder 55

The National War College. Memorandum for members of the faculty and class.

Box 4, Folder 56

Collective Security Through the Organization of American States, by Arthur Hurow. Army War College Student Thesis.

Box 4, Folder 57

Regional Collective Security and the Organization of American States, by Lt. Col. Max R. McCarthy. Army War College Thesis.

Box 4, Folder 58

Role of the Military in the Organization of American States, by Lt. Col. Francis S. Bodine. Air War College Thesis.

Box 4, Folder 59

Is a Military Force for the Organization of American States Feasible?, by Kenneth P. Burns. Army War College Student Thesis.

Box 5, Folder 60

United Nations. Towards a dynamic development policy for Latin America. New York, 1963.

Box 5, Folder 61

Foro Internacional. Revista Trimestral publicada por el Colegio de México. V. 4, no. 1, Julio-Sept., 1963.

Box 5, Folder 62

Social Progress Trust Fund. Inter-American Development Bank. Third Annual Report, 1963.

Box 5, Folder 63

Latin America. Trends in Production and Trade. Statistics and Reports Division. Agency for International Development. Oct., 1963.

Box 5, Folder 64

Applications of the Inter-American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance, 1948-1956.Pan American Union. Washington, D. C., 1957.

Box 5, Folder 65

The Alliance for Progress: A hemispheric response to a global threat. Chamber of Commerce of the United States, Washington, D. C., 1963.

Box 5, Folder 66

Kemnitzer, William J. The Alliance For Progress. Lecture given at The American Institute for Foreign Trade. April 8-May 28, 1963.

Box 5, Folder 67

How Much Progress? Alliance for Progress. A report to the publisher of Time, by John Scott.

Box 5, Folder 68

The Alliance for Progress: its second year. 1962-1964.Pan American Union, Washington, D. C., 1964.

Box 5, Folder 69

Report to the Inter-American Economic and Social Council presented by the government of the U.S.A. Washington, D.C., Sept., 1963.

Box 5, Folder 70

U.S. Assistance to Latin America. Obligations and Loan Authorizations, Fy 1953 - Fy 1964.Agency for International Development. Washington, D.C.

Box 5, Folder 71

Organization of American States. Annual Report of the Secretary General, 1961.

Box 5, Folder 72

The Organization of American States. Report submitted by the Pan American Union to the 11th Inter-American Conference. 1954-59. 1959.

Box 5, Folder 73

OAS 10th Inter-American Conference, Caracas, Venezuela, 1954.Report of the Activities of the Organization of American States, 1948-1953.Submitted by the Pan American Union to the 10th Inter-American Conference. 1953.

Box 5, Folder 74

Lyndon B. Johnson, Freedom, Peace and Progress for the Americas. OAS- Pan American Union. Information Series, no. 3, 1963.

Box 5, Folder 75

Translations on Cuba, no. 57. U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Joint Publications Research Service. June, 1963.


76 American Republics. External Research completed studies. Bureau of Intelligence and Research. Fall 1963-Winter 1964.

Box 5, Folder 77

Educational Data: Cuba. U.S. Dept. of Health, Education, and Welfare. Nov., 1962.

Box 5, Folder 78

Dean Rusk. Report to the Nation: The Punta del Este Conference. The Dept. of State, 1962.

Box 5, Folder 79

American Republics establish an Alliance for Progress. The Dept. of State. Inter-American Series 73. October, 1961.

Box 6, Folder 80a

Inter-American Defense Board, Year Book, 1950 and 1952,

Box 6, Folder 80b

Junta Interamericana de defensa-1273. Consejo de Delegados, Apendice 2, acta, Sesion 102, 22 de Abril de 1954,Yearbook for 1953

Box 6, Folder 80c

Inter-American Defense Board, Council of Delegates, Appendix 1, minutes, session 129, 23 June 1955.Yearbook for 1954

Box 6, Folder 80d

Inter-American Defense Board, session 168, Appendix 3, 26 Apr. 1956.Yearbook for 1955

Box 6, Folder 80e

Inter-American Defense Board, Yearbook 1956,Appendix 2, minutes, session 191, 21 Mar. 1957

Box 6, Folder 80f

Inter-American Defense Board, Yearbook 1956, 1 July 1956-30 June 1957,appendix 7, minutes, session 215

Box 6, Folder 80g

Inter-American Defense Board, Yearbook 1957, 1 July 1957-30 June 1958,appendix 2, minutes, session 260, 31 July 1958

Box 6, Folder 80h

Inter-American Defense Board, Yearbook 1958, 1 July 1958-30 June 1959,appendix 2, minutes, session 302, 10 Sept. 1959

Box 6, Folder 80i

Inter-American Defense Board, Yearbook 1959, 1 de Julio-30 de Junio 1960,Secretaria, 25 de Julio de 1960

Box 6, Folder 80j

Inter-American Defense Board, Yearbook 1960, 1 July 1960-30 June 1961,Secretariat, 20 July 1961

Box 6, Folder 80k

Inter-American Defense Board, Yearbook 1961, 1 July 1961-30 June 1962,Secretariat, 18 Dec. 1962

Box 6, Folder 80l

Inter-American Defense Board, Yearbook 1962, 1 July 1962-30 June 1963,Secretariate, 15 July 1963,(with memorandum)

Box 6, Folder 80m

Inter-American Defense Board, Yearbook 1963, 1 July 1963-30 June 1964,Secretariat, 22 June 1964,with memorandum

Box 6, Folder 80n

Inter-American Defense Board, Yearbook 1964, 1 July 1964-30 June 1965,Secretariat, 20 July 1965

Box 6, Folder 81

It Is Not Too Late in Latin America. Proposals for Action Now by J. Peter Grace. n.d.

Box 6, Folder 82

Organization of American States. Pan American Union, General Secretariat, Organization of American States. Suggestions for the Study of Latin America. n.d.

Box 6, Folder 83

Special Consultative Committee on Security. Pan American Union. Report of the Special Consultative Committee on Security on the Work Done During its Fifth Regular Meeting, October 18 to November 10, 1965.

Box 6, Folder 84

Special Consultative Committee of Security Against the Subversive Action of International Communism. Initial General Report. 1962

Box 6, Folder 85

Toward a Free World... [Air University, Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama]

Box 6, Folder 86

The Inter-American System: Its Evolution and Role Today. Pan American Union, 1963

Box 6, Folder 87

Alliance for Progress. Official Documents Emanating from the Special Meeting of the Inter-American Economic and Social Council at the Ministerial Level. Held in Punta del Este, Uruguay from August 5 to 17, 1961

Box 6, Folder 88

Special Study Mission to Latin America: Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica. Committee on Foreign Affairs, House of Representatives, 1963

Box 6, Folder 89

President Kennedy speaks on The Alliance for Progress

Box 6, Folder 90

The Alliance for Progress: Its Program and Goals by Teodoro Moscoso

Box 6, Folder 91

The Inter-American Defense Board: An Introduction to Mutual Security Planning by the American Republics. Inter-American Defense Board

Box 6, Folder 92

The Department of State. American Republics Establish an Alliance for Progress. Reprint from the Department of State Bulletin

Box 6, Folder 93

Introduction to the Latin American Republics. Pan American Union

Box 6, Folder 94

Council of the Oganization of American States, 15 June 1963.Report of the Alliance for Progress Presented by Senator Juscelino Kubitochek, former President of Brazil

Box 6, Folder 95

Council of the Organization of American States, 15 June 1963.Report on the Alliance for progress Presented by Dr. Alberto Lleras, former President of Colombia

Box 6, Folder 96

Alianza para Progreso, folder, press releases, brochures