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Preliminary Inventory to the Ralph James Watkins Papers, 1926-1978
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Table of contents What's This?


Boxes 1-47

Box 1

Memoirs of General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna




Miscellaneous writings


Printed matter

Box 2



A Study of Overseas Transport and Freight Structure in India's Export Trade


A Port Management Problem Study, 1968


Role of the United States Merchant Marine Academy in Meeting the Needs of the Maritime Industry, 1968


Printed matter


Kobe-Nagoya (Japan) Expressway Survey, 1956





Box 3



Newman, J. Wilson


Herring, Frank


Lists of names, addresses and titles






Research proposal




Daily record




Japan road map


Japan and Japanese language


Sheffield, O. A. - Correspondence on Dun family


Biographical sketches




Burke and Burke

Box 4

Collector of Customs, New York







Box 5





Van Fleet material


Far East trip, 1954


Correspondence, 1952


National Planning Association


Appointments and invitations





Box 6



Budget Bureau estimates, 1950


Baldwin, Hanson W.


Census Advisory Committee, American Statistical Association


Census Bureau


Test of Dun and Bradstreet coverage


Intensive Review Committee, 1953


Civil Service Commission


Defense Production Administration


Downton Association


Economic mobilization planning - Columbia University seminar, 1950


Election forecasts


Gallup poll, 1948


Government transportation requests


Gross national product


Hoover, Edgar M.


Intensive Review Committee, 1953


Kobe-Nagoya Expressway Survey contract


Landry, Robert


National Planning Association


National Security Resoruces Board


New York state


Newspaper clippings


Port of New York Authority


Smith, Jay




Tupper, Ernest

Box 7

Johnson, Lyndon, 1950


Ecuador exports


Project report outline, 1963


Cost estimates






Printed matter

Box 8

Staff notes


Kobe-Nagoya Expressway study, 1956




Drafts of New York Port Authority study


The Port of New York Authority: Metropolitan Growth and Structure


The Dilemma of Mexico's Development: The Role of the Private and Public Sectors

Box 9





Travel orders and itinerary


Van Fleet mission, 1954


Transportation (India), 1974


Observations on the Revolution in Cargo Handling in Maritime Commerce, 1970

Box 10

Miscellaneous reports


Report of the Commission on Major Ports (India), Vol. I, 1970


Printed matter


Sufragi, Mohamed Ibrahim

Box 11

Memoranda and notes


Brookings Institution


Transportation and National Policy, 1942


Correspondence, 1971-1972


Progress reports


Norms memorandum, 1972


Committee for Farm Mechanization (Korea)


American economy


Japan lectures, 1976


Cairo - Maps, 1975-1976


Mackesey, Thomas W.




Study of the Domestic Transport of India's Export Cargo, 1971


Children and Adolescents: Goals and Priorities for the Second Development Decade, 1972

Box 12

Evaluation of the Kobe-Nagoya Expressway Survey, 1957


Survey of Overseas Transport and Freight Structure in India's Export Trade: Summary Supplement, 1970


Eastern Region Transport Survey: Summary and Recommendations (India), 1967


Brookings Institution reprints


Farm Mechanization Project (Korea), 1972


Eastern Region Transport Survey: Summary and Recommendations (India), Vol. I, 1967


Current NPA Research Projects, 1974


Printed matter


Far East documents, 1948-1952

Box 13

Transportation and National Policy, 1942


Port of New York Authority


Moore, Marlin W.




Terms of reference


Miscellany and outline


Darjeeling, 1966


Das, M. R.


Sales kit, 1957




Exotech Systems contract




Clippings and notes


Budget data



Box 14









Baroda project time reports


Mormugao Port Trust


Cochin Port Trust

Box 15



Advisory Committee on Statistical Policy, 1972


Kashmir, 1966




Karcher, Martin


Port of New York Authority, 1955-1956


What the Southern Tradition Means to Me, 1937


Japan, 1956




Development of Resources and Stabilization of Employment in the United States, Parts I-III, 1941

Box 16

Patterns of Resource Use, 1938


Cairo - Correspondence

Box 17





Tippetts-Abbett-McCarthy-Stratton working papers


International Bank for Reconstruction and Development correspondence


Observations on the Transport Revolution in Japan, 1966


Tomei Kosuko Doro, 1969

Box 18





Activities reports


Correspondence, 1976-1977

Box 19









Montgomery, James M.


Binnie Taylor


Notes on Possible Effects of Peace upon the Future of Egypt with Special Reference to Possible Physical Improvements, 1978


Perkinpine, Ralph W., 1976

Box 20

Personnel, 1977


Pirnie-Harris International


Population estimates








Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics




Crude birth rate, death rate, and rate of natural increase




Population Reference Bureau 1975 data sheet


Port Said land reclamation project


Ports seminar


Provincial water supply project


Management and Tariff Studies Relative to Water and Sewerage Systems, 1978

Box 21







Provincial water supply project


Plan, 1977


Ministry of Industry


Memoranda and notes


Ministers and their representatives


Montasser, Essam

Box 22



Ministry of Planning


Ministry of Housing and Reconstruction


National Economists Club




National development plan, 1977


Terms of Reference for a Comprehensive National Urban Growth Policy, 1977


New cities


Notes on employment projections, 1976


The October Working Paper, 1974


Pittsburgh Business Review, Vol. I, 1930-1931


Eastern Region Transport Survey (India), Vol. III, 1967


American Statistical Association - President's folder, 1972


An Economic Framework for Project Analysis in India, 1972


The Ratnagiri Fisheries Project (India), 1972

Box 23

Eastern Region Transport Survey (India), 1967


Vol. IV


Vol. V, Part 1


Regional Transport Surveys: Summary (India), 1968


Farm Mechanization Program for Korea, 1972


This Is Exotech



Box 24

National Transportation Policy Elements, 1974


Building a New Japan, 1974


List of overseas assignments


Observations on the Revolution in Cargo Handling in Maritime Commerce, 1970


Biographical sketches


City Population Issues and Strategies in the Middle East, 1978


Memos from Egypt, 1975


Calendars, 1975-1977



Box 25

Survey of the Domestic Transport of India's Export Cargo, Vols. II-IV, 1971


Eastern Region Transport Survey (India), Vol. V, Parts 1-2, 1967

Box 26

Eastern Region Transport Survey (India), 1967


Vol. IV, Part 2


Vols. VI-VII


Projection of Demand for Steel in Mexico, 1963-1970, 1963


Proposed Research Program of the Brookings Institution for 1958-64


Regional Transport Surveys: Summary (India), 1968




Operating costs


Personnel lists




Wage/salary surveys

Box 27

Miller, Raymond W.


Reflections from the Kobe-Nagoya Expressway Survey Seventeen Years Later, 1973




National economic setting, 1975


The National Economic Framework for the Development of Sadat City, 1976


Report notes


Economic and Social Development Plan for 1977, 1977


Work program, 1975


Ministry of Maritime Transport

Box 28

Warren, Peter


Cairo: Third World Metropolis, 1973


The Fisheries Sector, 1975


Wyoming, University of




White, Gilbert F.




Measurements and weights


Land reclamation, 1976


New Jobs Needed, 1975


Issues and questions


Ismailia trip, 1975


Investments - Law 43


Ilaco report, 1975


G.O.P.P. reports


Ford Foundation


Economics and population task force


Deadlines ahead, 1975


Reply to DAG's Criticism of Our Projections, 1975


Cremer, A. C.


Computer procedures, 1976


City/area team reports


The Relationship between Short Run and Long Run Planning


Transportation Planning Work for December Report on Regional Plan, 1975


U.S. Embassy


Entrances to Cairo


Weights and measures


Suez Canal Zone Regional Plan


American firms




American firms

Box 29



Consulting Services in Latin America in Technical Cooperation Programs of IDB, 1976




Brown, David - Interview, 1978


Building trades - Manpower training




Crude birth, death and natural increase rates


Canal Zone industrial pilot project


Chart - Ministry of Housing and Reconstruction


Charts, Data for


Bogle, James


Black and Veatch


Binnie Taylor


The Five-Year Plan, 1978-1982, Vol. I, 1977


Family planning


Economic Management in a Period of Transition - Drafts


American Statistical Association




Ameriyah project, 1977


Arab contractors


Anderson, Arthur

Box 30

Joint task forces, 1975


Ismailia status report #2


Irrigation Ministry


Initial city/area reports, 1974


Foreign trade


Compound rates of growth


Bibliography, 1975


Balance of payments


Employment projections, 1975


The Egyptian Economy, 1975


Aswan High Dam, 1975


Alternative strategies


Alternative models




Abu Tartur phosphate project


Census report (in Arabic)



Box 31

Benson, Don


Cresap, McCormick and Paget


Energy study, 1978


Engineering News-Record, 1978


ES - Parsons


Exchange rates


Farm mechanization project


Integrated agricultural development feasibility study




Alexandria water facilities




Contacts re economy


Construction firms


Cosmos Club




Cremer, A. C.


Urban Planning in Egypt


Demonstration projects


Doxiadis Associates project


Economic Intelligence Unit


Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics


Law of regions






List of administrative units


Advisory Committee for Reconstruction




Economic regions, 1977

Box 32

Free zones


Engineering Consulting Firms Association


Agency for International Development


Al Ahram


Census report (in English), 1976


Ministry of Electricity


Egypt-U.S. Business Council meetings, 1977




Bank property sale


Baum, Warren C.

Box 33

Eschenberg, Horst




Singh, Tarlok


Anderson, Rex S.


Bonded warehouse stocks


Cameron, M. A.

Box 34

Costs, Transport


Customs exemption problem


Eastern railway tour, 1965


Economic Importance of the Eastern Area of India


Field trips


Fourth plan suggestions


Ford Foundation


Ganguli, M. K., 1966


Ghosh, A. K.


Haldia port project


Harral, Clell G.


Instructions re MS preparation


Jansen, John A.


Jute and tea exports


Library lists




Newspaper clippings


Office memoranda



Box 35



Auction, 1967


Bank property


Sale documents


Adler, Hans


Air traffic projections and analysis


Bell, Bernard R.


Chamber of horrors


Commodity studies


Focal point surveys


Ghosh, A. K.


Heckhuis, Dale, report


International Bank for Reconstruction and Development


Indian Institute of Management


Industrial survey


Jalan, B. L.






Joint Technical Group for Transport Planning


Karcher, Martin


Loans of books and reports




Metropolitan transport study




Owen, Wilfred


Prasad, Ishwari


Railway board


Secretarial staff


Aspects of Methodology for Transport Planning in the Eastern Region, 1966


Southeastern railway tour, 1965


Speech notes


Staff meetings




Transport, Study Group on


Tobin, Austin J.


Work programs


Fitzgerald, D. A. (International Cooperation Administration), 1957


Whiteside, A. D., 1952




Eastern Region Transport Survey (India), Vol. I, 1967

Box 36

Correspondence, 1943-1955


Lectures, 1953


Foreign Trade 301 class, 1955-1956




Excerpts from the Log: Trip to the Far East Command, 1952


Cultural Briefing for Taiwan, 1954


Economic Mobilization, 1950


Psychological Surveys in Business Forecasting, 1954

Box 37

Activities, 1957-1958


Arden House Conference on Consumers, 1958


Public service and other professional activities, 1958




American Statistical Association




Budget Bureau Advisory Committee on Statistical Policy

Box 38

Census Advisory Committee


Cosmos Club


Dun and Bradstreet


Federal Statistics Users' Conference

Box 39

Federal Statistics Users' Conference


Forecasters Club of New York


Harvard University




National Planning Association




Business Committee


Special Policy Committee on Nuclear Energy

Box 40

National Science Foundation


Research and Development Conference, 1958


General, 1958


Advisory Panel, 1958


New York Economists Council (C.I.T.)


New York Metropolitan Region Study Advisory Committee


North African Economic Board

Box 41

Port of New York Authority


Social Science Research Council




Board of Directors


Committee on Analysis of Economic Census Data


Committee on International Conference Travel Grants, 1958


Directors meeting, 1958


University Club


Brookings Conference, Merrill Center for Economics, 1958


Correspondence, 1956


National Association of Manufacturers Nuclear Energy Committee

Box 42

Council of Population and Housing Census Users


Ohio State University Research Foundation





Box 43



Correspondence, 1955


Cleveland Engineering Society


Committee on Research in Finance





Box 44


Box 45



Correspondence, 1954



Box 46



Correspondence, 1957


National Association of Manufacturers Nuclear Energy Committee





Box 47





Statement on H.R. 8487 (census legislation), 1954


Foreign Economic Administration correspondence, 1943-1944


Algiers, 1943-1944




Moroccan adjustment


Second settlement


Boxes 48-94

Box 48

National Security Resources Board








Intensive Review Committee




Newspaper items


Mayor's Advisory Council (New York), 1957

Box 49

Committee on Statistical Program for the City of New York, 1956


Committee on Statistical Program for the City of New York, 1955

Box 50



Parike, Ashok




Planning Commission, New Delhi


Population data


Progress reports, 1966


Road transport


Sau, Ranjit K.




Surveys and Research Corporation


United Nations Development Programme, New Delhi


Verma, H. L.


Ziegler, Heinz





Box 51

A Statistical Program for the Department of Health of the City of New York, 1955




Economic Management in a Period of Transition (Egypt)


Suez Canal Regional Plan: Natural Resources, Mineral Resources and Related Industries, 1976


Wyoming, University of


Weights and measures - Conversions


Upper Egypt trip, 1975


Printed matter


Preparation and Appraisal of Transport Projects, 1968

Box 52

Exhibits to the Report of the Intensive Review Committee to the Secretary of Commerce on the Programs, Policies and Procedures of the Bureau of the Census, Part 2, 1954


An Approach to Better Understanding of Vietnamese Society, 1962


A Study of Administration in Binh Minh District (Vietnam), 1961


The Organization and Support of Scientific Research and Development in Mainland China, 1970


The Market for Steel in Mexico, 1964


Toward Enlarging the Sphere of Freedom, 1951


Directory of Selected Scientific Institutions in Mainland China, 1970

Box 53

Tippetts-Abbett-McCarthy-Stratton employment agreement, 1975


Van Fleet, James A.


Sufragi, Mohamed Ibrahim


Pictures and certificates






Pilot Research Projects in Growth Centers (India), 1969-1970


India and the 1970's, 1970


Report of the Commission on Major Ports (India), Part 2, 1970


Generalisation de la Reduction de la Duree du Travail, Report V, Part 4, 1938


Reduction of Hours of Work in Coal Mines, Item 6, 1939


Appraisal of Census Programs, 1954


Projections of Demand for Steel in Mexico, 1963-1970, 1963

Box 54

Technical Tripartite Meeting on the Coal-Mining Industry, Part 2, 1938


Reunion Technique Tripartite pour l'Industrie Charbonniere, Part 3, 1938


Industrial and Commercial Ohio, Vols. I-II, 1928

Box 55

Expanding Ecuador's Exports, 1967


The Construction Industry in Ohio, 1926


Ohio Employment Studies, 1927


Farm Mechanization Program for Korea, 1972


Size Composition of American Business Concerns Listed in the Reference Book (Dun and Bradstreet), 1950


Population Changes Cast Long Shadows, 1957


Japan's Economy: Bright Spot or Trouble Spot? 1957

Box 56



The Move toward Marketing: Framework of Economic and Social Trends, 1957


The Years Ahead: Economic Perspectives, 1957


Japan, 1957


What We Can Do to Overcome Deficiencies in Federal Statistical Programs, 1957


Industrial Marketers of Detroit speech, 1956


New York Forecasters Club speech, 1956


Employers Association of New Jersey speech, 1956


National Paint, Varnish and Lacquer Association speech, 1956


The Business Outlook, 1956-1966, 1956


Associated Merchandising Corporation speech, 1956


Confession of Faith, 1955


Measuring Businessmen's Expectations, 1955


Northwestern University seminar on transportation, 1955


The Long Look Ahead, 1955

Box 57

The Economic Outlook, 1955


1955 Business Outlook, 1955


Testimony before U.S. Congress Joint Committee on the Economic Report, 1955


Regional Managers Meeting, 1954


Real Estate Round Table, 1954


Industrial Marketers of Detroit speech, 1954


Regional Service Managers speech, 1954


Dun's Review and Modern Industry speech, 1954


Southwest Credit Conference, 1954


Boston Conference on Distribution, 1954


The United States Economy: Where Do We Go from Here? 1954


National Association of Home Builders symposium, 1954


Observations on the Far East, 1954


American Marketing Association seminar, 1954


Economic Outlook, 1954


The President's Program, 1954

Box 58

Philadelphia Bulletin forum, 1954


The Long Look Ahead, 1954


The Economic Outlook, 1954


Sticking My Neck Out, 1953


The Economic Outlook, 1953


National Planning Association speech, 1953


The Outlook in Korea, 1953


The Prospects in Korea, 1953


The Outlook in the Korean War, 1953

Box 59

The Outlook in the Korean War, 1953


Perspective on the American Economy, 1953


Observations on the Korean War, 1952


Toward Enlarging the Sphere of Freedom, 1951


Mobilizing American Industry and Resources, 1950


Speeches, 1945-1949


Industrial Decentralization: General Considerations, 1947


Miscellaneous speeches


Korean War speech cards


Speech materials


Stories for speeches

Box 60

Speech cards


University of Hong Kong Symposium on Economic and Social Problems of the Far East, 1961


Printed matter



Box 61





The Framework of an Economy of Plenty, 1942


National Resources Planning Board



Box 62






Box 63



Federal Statistics Users' Conference




Annual meeting, 1959


Census Users' Council Meeting, 1959

Box 64

Arden House Conference on Strategy for Peace, 1960


Brookings Institution Economic Specialists Group, 1960-1962


American Statistical Association Census Advisory Committee

Box 65

American Statistical Association Census Advisory Committee, 1959


Calendars, 1953-1956



Box 66

Personal Income of the New York Metropolitan Region, 1958


International Labour Office Technical Tripartite Meetings on the Coal-Mining Industry, 1938


Kathmandu, Nepal, 1970


National Science Foundation Annual Meeting of Chairmen of Divisional Committees and Office Advisory Committees, 1961




Economic indicators


Economic Stabilization Board


Educational program

Box 67

A Review of Existing Foreign Exchange and Trade Control Policy and Technique, 1959


Governmental structure


China Development Corporation


Social Science Research Council Census Committee

Box 68



China Productivity and Trade Center


Comparative international data


Council for U.S. Aid


Working Group on Credit Control


Economic conditions


Public health


Questionnaires on economic and financial developments, 1960-1961


Railway Administration


Retired Servicemen Program


Private industry


Achievements of the Taiwan Provincial Administration, 1960


Monetary and credit policy

Box 69



National income


Travel - Inspection visits


Water resources planning


Land reform




Industrial developments

Box 70

Eastern Region Transport Survey (India), 1967


Vols. II-IV


Summary and Recommendations


Rural Progress in Taiwan, 1960




Factories and products

Box 71

Budget data


U.S. aid program


Agricultural developments


Eastern Region Transport Survey (India), 1967


Vol. II


Vol. IV, Part 1


Vol. V, Part 2


Vols. VI-VII

Box 72

Farm Mechanization Program for Korea, 1972


Asian language report, 1956


Energy Resources and National Policy, 1939


Calcutta Port Annual, 1970


Report on Kobe-Nagoya Expressway Survey, 1956


Evaluation of Kobe-Nagoya Expressway Survey, 1957


Report of the Committee for the Study of the Kobe-Nagoya Expressway Survey Report, 1957


Correspondence, 1953



Box 73


Box 74



Correspondence, 1952


Department of the Army



Box 75



Correspondence, 1951



Box 76



Correspondence, 1950


Columbia University Seminar in Economic Mobilization Planning



Box 77

Correspondence, 1949


Academy of Political Science


Associated University Bureaus of Business and Economic Research


Indexes of Business Sentiment


National Industrial Conference Board




Correspondence, 1944-1945


Survey of the Domestic Transport of India's Export Cargo, Vol. I, 1971

Box 78



Taiwan contract, 1961


Brookings Institution Korea project


Outline of the Second Five-Year Plan, (Pakistan), 1960-65 1960


Economic Development: Current Research and Problem Areas, 1958


Mathematics and the Social Sciences symposium, 1963


Consumer Credit, Economic Growth and Economic Stability


Social Science Research Council Committee on Analysis of Economic Census Data, 1961


The Role of the Federal Government in Financing Higher Education


Saigon budget


The Brookings Research Program in Governmental Studies, 1962


Brookings Institution economic program, 1962


The Act for International Development, 1961

Box 79

The Economy of Taiwan


Biographical sketches


Economic Development Planning in Taiwan, 1961




Economic Growth in the United States, 1958


Metropolitan Rapid Transit Survey, 1957


Growth and Taxes, 1961


University of Hong Kong Symposium on Economic and Social Problems of the Far East, 1961


Tape recordings

Box 80



Reform in Statutory Pay Provisions, 1962


Economic Progress of Free China, 1951-1958, 1958


Saigon, 1962


The Investment Background in Malawi


Functionalism in the Social Sciences, 1965


Statement on international liquidity, 1963


Ephemeral printed matter

Box 81

Ephemeral printed matter






Menzler, Gerhard, and Qattara Depression Project, 1976


Migration projections




Montasser, Essam


Petroleum Ministry


Pictures, 1975


Planning Ministry




Port congestion, 1975


Port Said, 1975-1976


Projections consensus


Prynn, Peter, 1975


Suez Canal Zone Regional Plan: Preliminary Considerations on a Regional Railroad Plan, 1975

Box 82

Regional population (Suez region), 1975


Relationship of national accounts data


Saleh, Ahmad-el-Sayed


Sadler, Peter


Savings data


Societa Italiana per Condotti d'Acqua


Statistical notes


Status report #1, 1975


Regional Plan Steering Committee


The Development Outlook: Industry: Free Zone


Suez Canal Authority


SWECO reports - Tenth of Ramadan City


Mechanization of Cargo Handling in Maritime Commerce, 1975


Task Force on Economics and Population


Wengraf, R. J., memoranda


Arab Republic of Egypt: Recent Economic Developments, 1978

Box 83



Ephemeral publications of the Brookings Institution and other organizations


Tax Reform in Vietnam: Immediate Measures and Basic Requirements, 1961


Political Development in the Emerging Countries: Challenge to United States Foreign Policy, 1961


Conference on Research for the Improvement of Development Assistance Programs and Questions, 1961

Box 84

Changes in the Location of Manufacturing in the United States since 1929, Parts II-III, 1960




The Brookings Institution Program in Economic Research, 1957




Labor force


The Egyptian Industrial Sector, 1975


The Egyptian Economy, 1975


Tippetts-Abbett-McCarthy-Stratton personnel reports


TAMS' Role in the Ministry of Development and New Communities, 1978


Suez Governorate map


Suez demonstration project

Box 85

Suez Canal region


Statistical equations, formulae and sources


Statistical accounting system


Which Future for Alexandria? 1977


Shiakat list by governorates


Shadow pricing analysis by Taylor Binnie, 1977


Realistic Hopes, 1978


Sadat City, 1976


Regional plan population projections, 1976


Relocation of government agencies, 1977


Regional plan outline, 1976


Regional plan


Red Sea Governorate, 1977


Qattara Depression Project


Tax problem overseas


Laws #43 and 32 (1974) (1977)


Larsen-Nielsen project (manpower training)


Laws #62 and 113 (1974) (1975)


Paris Consultative Group


Loans of documents and books


London University Development Planning Unit


Low, Dana E.


Thomas W. Mackesey, 1908-1976, 1976


Japan visit

Box 86

King Khalid City, Egypt


Korea farm mechanization program, 1971-1972




Industrial plan, Suez Canal region


Industry, 1977


Inflation measures


The International Energy Situation: Outlook to 1985, 1977




Iron and steel output, 1978


Investment and Free Zones Authority


Investments planned, 1977


Japan - Saburo Okita




Transport Ministry - Youssef Ezzeldine


United Nations Development Programme - Suez Canal region projects


Van Fleet, James A.


Gaines, Tilford




Industrial plan (Suez Canal region)

Box 87

Governorates, Areas of, 1977


Hansen, Bent, and Hollis Chenery




Holidays, 1977




International Bank for Reconstruction and Development


International Labor Organization




Tecneco proposal, 1977


Telegraph office


Tenth of Ramadan City, 1977


Tindal, William C.


Tokyo trip




Toubar, Samir - Port survey




A 265 Room Hotel Project in Taipei, 1961


Report of a Mission to Review Highway Transport Policy in India, 1963


Certain Aspects of the Indian Steel Industry, 1966


Transport and Energy in Economic Development, with Special Reference to India, 1965


International Bank for Reconstruction and Development Mission to India, 1964-65


Report #1, Agricultural Policy in India, Appendices 6-15

Box 88

Report #1, Agricultural Policy in India, including Appendices 1-5


Summary report


Report #6a, Problems of Public Financial Policy in India


Report #5, Physical Controls on Resource Allocation and Investment


Report #4, Some Observations on Planning, including tables and appendix


Report #3, Statistical Operations

Box 89

Report #2, Export and Export Policy


Report #9, The Family Planning Program


Report #8, Problems in the Development of Manufacturing Industry with Special Reference to Public Sector Enterprise, including Appendices 1-4


Report #7, Key Issues of Transport Policy


Report #6b, Financial Policy in India


National Transportation Plan (Ecuador), 1964


Report of the Haldia Study Team (India), Vol. III, 1965

Box 90

Report of the Haldia Study Team (India), Vols. I-II, 1965


Current Economic Position and Prospects of India, 1966


The Performance of Government Undertakings, 1958-1965 (India), 1967


Jute, 1967


The Commercial Vehicle Industry in India


Top 200 Companies (India), 1964


Printed matter

Box 91

Data on the Indian Economy, 1951 to 1969, 1970


End of Tour Report (India), 1971


Walinsky, Louis J., memorandum (India), 1969


Development of the Suez Canal Regional Plan, 1976


Suez Canal Regional Plan, Status Reports 1-2, 1975


Effects of R&D on the Productivity Growth of Industries, 1974


A Study of Overseas Transport and Freight Structure in India's Export Trade, 1969


Economic and Social Costs of Modernization and Development, 1973


Ford Foundation Assistance to Indian Development Programs and Projects: Annual Status Report, 1969


Trade Wars or Trade Negotiations? 1970


Printed matter

Box 92

Suez Canal Regional Plan Working Papers


Natural Resources, Mineral Resources and Related Industries, 1976


The Egyptian Labour Force, 1976


Impact of the Regional Plan on the Construction Industry, 1976


Estimated Capital Requirements of the Area Plans, 1976-2000, 1976


Projections of Employment and Regional Domestic Product for the Area Plans, 1976


Development of the Suez Canal Regional Plan: Summary, 1976


Printed matter


China directory project


Directory addition proposal, 1973

Box 93



Reflections from the Kobe-Nagoya Expressway Survey Seventeen Years Later, 1973


Takeda, Fumio


Transportation and National Policy, 1942



Box 94





Japan-Korea trip, 1952


Correspondence, 1956


North Africa, 1943-1944


Tape recorded interview, 1952


Statistical Outline of India, 1970