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Inventory of the Responses to Jonestown Collection
GTU 99-11-01  
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1 Newspaper Articles Nov 1978-Jan 1979

Physical Description: 26 folders, 1 folio

Scope and Content Note

Box 1, Folders 1-31. Arranged chronologically. Includes articles from various U.S. denominational newspapers. Of particular interest are the articles from Caribbean newspapers: the Express (Port-of-Spain, Trinidad), Catholic News (Port-of-Spain, Trinidad), Guyana Chronicle (Georgetown, Guyana)and and the Caribbean Contact (Bridgetown, Barbados.
Folio 1. A full original special edition of Guyana Chronicle, Dec. 6, 1978, and a full original edition of the Caribbean Contact, Dec. 1978.

2 Sermons June 1978-Mar 1979

Physical Description: 32 folders

Scope and Content Note

Box 1. Folders 27-59. Arranged alphabetically by author.
box-folder 1:27

Anonymous, "You Will Know Them by Their Fruits"

folder 28

Statement from the Berkeley, CA, Area Interfaith Council

folder 29

Balfour Brickner, "America's Dream Time"

folder 30

John E. Burciaga, "Lessons of the Guyana Tragedy"

folder 31

Ann W. Carson, "Is Life Spelled Backwards"

folder 32

William P. Clancey, untitled

folder 33

Max Coots, "The Cult Mentality"

folder 34

John A. Crane, "The Meaning of the Jonestown Disaster"

folder 35

Roger Fritts, "Children of Yearning"

folder 36

Harmon M. Gehr, "Cults and the Bicameral Mind"

folder 37

Dale W. Hallberg, "The Guyana Experiment"

folder 38

Richard C. Herbert, "Jonestown: The Poisoned Flock"

folder 39

George L. Hunt, "Christianity and Cults"

folder 40

Jerry James, "The Sins of the Fathers are Visited Upon Us - Now What"

folder 41

Louis W. Jones, untitled

folder 42

Andrew C. Kennedy, "A Little Bit of Jonestown in All of Us"

folder 43

Kenneth V. Kettlewell, "Jonestown - Everytown"

folder 44

Keith Krebs, untitled

folder 45

Marjorie N. Leaming, "The Unitarian Universalist Movement or How to Fill a Sieve"

folder 46

James A. Magaw, "Why Does Religious Fanatacism Still Prosper"

folder 47

Robert S. Magee, "The People's Temple Commune"

folder 48

Raymond G. Manker, "Of Cyanide in Kool-aid"

folder 49

Robert A. McKenzie, "The Day of Our Lord"

folder 50

Hugh M. Miller, "The Church and the Sunshine Law"

folder 51

Spiller Milton, "Testing the Witness of the Spirit Scripture"

folder 52

John V. Moore, "A Witness to Tragedy and Resurrection" (see also 75, reprint of sermon in Church at Work)

folder 53

Dwyn M. Mounger, "Guyana, Guilt, and Grace"

folder 54

Donald L. Padget, "Reflections on Guyana"

folder 55

Kenneth W. Phifer, "A Nightmare Come True"

folder 56

Bob Rowell, "Religions and Cults"

folder 57

Paul Sawyer, "Thru a Glass Darkly"

folder 58

Ernest H. Sommerfeld, "The Missing Word"

folder 59

Charles S. Stephen, "A Passionate Intensity"


3 Journal Articles June 1978-Mar 1979

Physical Description: 28 folders

Scope and Content Note

Box 1. Folders 60-88. Arranged alphabetically by author.
folder 60

Joan Beck, "Many Questions Raised by Jonestown Tragedy," Lutheran Standard

folder 61

David Bergner, "What Can We Learn from People's Temple" and "Who Joins Cults", The Church Herald

folder 62

C.F. Bowen, Editorial, "To Whom Are We Giving God's Money," The Free Will Baptist

folder 63

Robert C. Cunningham, Editorial, "Sometimes the Cup We Have to Drink is Bitter," Pentecostal Evangelical

folder 64

Editorial, "The Dark Night of Jonestown," America

folder 65

Editorial, White Wing Messenger

folder 66

Editorial, "Holocaust in the Jungle," The Sabbath Recorder

folder 67

Editorials, New World Outlook

folder 68

Howard G. Hageman, "Mindless Religion," journal unknown

folder 69

Steve A. Igarta, "The Cry of Jonestown," (typed mss)

folder 70

Philip E. Jenks, "Fanatics and the Merely Faithful," American Baptist Magazine

folder 71

R.J. Kerstan, Editorial, "A Lesson from the Jonestown Tragedy," Baptist Herald

folder 72

Robert Lochhaas, "Guyana Tragedy Reminds Us to Test All Prophets Against Scripture," Reporter

folder 73

James L. Merrell, "Jonestown: Some Reflections," The Disciple

folder 74

Howard Moody, "Jonestown and Ourselves," Christianity and Crisis

folder 75

John V. Moore, "Are There People Free Enough and Strong Enough", Northern California Ecumenical Council, Church at Work, Special Issue

folder 76

A.F.N., "Risk Factors in Religious Freedom," Vital Christianity

folder 77

Opinions, "Hear, Hear," Gospel Herald

folder 78

David W. Preus, "Trust Jesus, Not Religious Fads," Lutheran Standard

folder 79

Kenneth Reed and James Rhodes, "Kinship with People's Temple," Forum

folder 80

John E. Roberts, Editorial, "New Awareness of Evil Cults," The Baptist Courier

folder 81

John Somerville, "Jonestown Parallel," The Churchman

folder 82

J.S., "Playing God in Guyana," The Church Herald

folder 83

P.A.S. (possibly Paul A. Schwartz), "People's Temple and the Cults," New Religious Movements Newsletter

folder 84

Kermon Thomasson, "How Many Miles to Jonestown," Messenger

folder 85

Paul A. Tidemann, "People's Temple and the Churches in Guyana," journal unknown

folder 86

Edgar R. Trexler, "Getting to the Heart of Christmas," The Lutheran

folder 87

Richard D. Tropp, "A Socialist-Christian Society," 6-7/1978, The Churchman

folder 88

K.H.W., "Jonestown in Retrospect," Adventist Review