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Guide to the Sibyl Moholy-Nagy Collection
MS 43  
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box 1-33

Series 1 Teaching Files 1913-1985

Physical Description: 33 half cartons

Scope and Content Note

This series contains architectural images and articles relating to the history of architecture, with special emphasis on the 20th century (for the most part secondary source material such as clippings and photographs) used to support Sibyl Moholy-Nagy's teaching.


The material is arranged alphabetically by Moholy-Nagy's original code and subject divisions. Much of the material has been grouped in individual file folders devoted to specific architects (le Corbusier, Philip Johnson, Louis Kahn, Mies van der Rohe, Frank Lloyd Wright, and others), specific sites, and historical periods and historical styles.
Includes an important group of periodicals and documents pertaining to the Futurist Movement in Italy, including early printings of the Futurist Manifestoes as well as issues of Il Futurismo, Le Futurisme and Futurismus.
box-folder 1:1-2

Aalto, Alvar [A-1]

box-folder 1:1

Articles [A-1-1-2] 1967

box-folder 1:2

Photographs [A-1-3] 1955-1958

box-folder 1:3-6

Aboriginal and Primitive Shelters [A-2]

box-folder 1:3

Articles [A-2-1-6] 1954-1961

box-folder 1:4

Photographs [A-2-7] ca. 1967

box-folder 1:5

Site layouts, Southwest Indians [A-2-8] [ca. 1961]

box-folder 1:6

Photographs [A-2-9] n.d.

box-folder 1:7-8

Andrews, John [A-3]

box-folder 1:7

Articles [A-3-1-6] 1967-1968

box-folder 1:8

Photographs [A-3-7] 1965

box-folder 1:9-31, 2:1-8

American History - Architecture [A-4]

box-folder 1:9

Articles [A-4-1-12] 1961-1969

box-folder 1:10-31, 2:1-8


box-folder 1:10

Alabama [A-4-13] 1937

box-folder 1:11

Arizona [A-4-14] n.d.

box-folder 1:12

California [A-4-15] 1942

box-folder 1:13

Colorado [A-4-16] 1939-1940

box-folder 1:14

Conneticut [A-4-17] n.d.

box-folder 1:15

Delaware [A-4-18] 1941

box-folder 1:16

Georgia [A-4-19] 1941

box-folder 1:17

Illinois [A-4-20] 1957

box-folder 1:18

Kentucky [A-4-21] 1940

box-folder 1:19

Louisana - New Orleans [A-4-22] 1938-1940

box-folder 1:20

Maine [A-4-23] 1936

box-folder 1:21

Maryland [A-4-24] 1936

box-folder 1:22

Massachusetts [A-4-25] 1941

box-folder 1:23

Mississippi [A-4-26] n.d.

box-folder 1:24

Nebraska [A-4-26a] 1938

box-folder 1:25

New Mexico [A-4-27] 1943

box-folder 1:26

New York [A-4-28] 1034-1941

box-folder 1:27

North Carolina [A-4-29] 1940

box-folder 1:28

North Dakota, South Dakota [A-4-30] 1942

box-folder 1:29

Ohio [A-4-31] n.d.

box-folder 1:30

Oregon [A-4-32] n.d.

box-folder 1:31

Pennsylvannia [A-4-33] n.d.

box-folder 2:1

Rhode Island [A-4-34] 1939-1941

box-folder 2:2

Texas [A-4-35] 1939

box-folder 2:3

Virginia [A-4-36] 1936-1943

box-folder 2:4

Washington, D.C. [A-4-37] n.d.

box-folder 2:5

Wisconsin [A-4-38] n.d.

box-folder 2:6-7

Unidentified photos [A-4-39-40] n.d.

box-folder 2:8

Notes, plans, sketches [A-4-41] n.d.

box-folder 2:9-3:4

Anonymous Architecture [A-5]

box-folder 2:9-14

Asia, Africa, Middle East

box-folder 2:9

Articles [A-5-1-5] 1955-1968

box-folder 2:10-14


box-folder 2:10

Africa [A-5-6] n.d.

box-folder 2:11

Egypt [A-5-7] n.d.

box-folder 2:12

India [A-5-8] n.d.

box-folder 2:13

Syria [A-5-9] 1961

box-folder 2:14

Unmarked, unidentified [A-5-10] n.d.

box-folder 2:15

Canada [A-6]

box-folder 2:15

Photographs [A-6-1] n.d.

box-folder 2:16-20

Europe [A-7]

box-folder 2:16

Articles [A-7-1-2] 1962

box-folder 2:17-20

Photographs [A-7-3-6] 1962

box-folder 2:17

France [A-7-3] n.d.

box-folder 2:18

Germany [A-7-4] n.d.

box-folder 2:19

Switzerland [A-7-5] 1957

box-folder 2:20

Unmarked, unidentified [A-7-6] n.d.

box-folder 2:21-30

Mexico and Carribbean [A-8]

box-folder 2:21-30


box-folder 2:21

Columbia [A-8-1] n.d.

box-folder 2:22

Cuba [A-8-2] n.d.

box-folder 2:23

Guatamala [A-8-3] n.d.

box-folder 2:24

Haiti [A-8-4] n.d.

box-folder 2:25-26

Mexico [A-8-5] n.d.

box-folder 2:25

[A-8-5] n.d.

box-folder 2:26

Mounted [A-8-5] n.d.

box-folder 2:27

Peru [A-8-6] n.d.

box-folder 2:28

Puerto Rico [A-8-6a] n.d.

box-folder 2:29

Venezula [A-8-6b] n.d.

box-folder 2:30

Unidentified [A-8-7-1] n.d.

box-folder 3:1

Mounted photographs [A-8-7-2] n.d.

box-folder 3:2

Photographs [A-8-7-3] n.d.

box-folder 3:3-4

Virgin Islands, West Indies, St. Thomas [A-9]

box-folder 3:3

Photographs [A-9-1] n.d.

box-folder 3:4

Unidentified photographs [A-9-2] n.d.

box-folder 3:5

Archigrams [A-10] n.d.

box-folder 3:6-18

Architectural Education Articles [A-11]

box-folder 3:6

A Study of Education for Environmental Design [A-11-2] 1967

box-folder 3:7

Excerpts & Quotations selected by SMN [A-11-3]

box-folder 3:8

"Forum for Architectural Education" University of Virginia [A-11-4] 1968

box-folder 3:9

"Image of the Architect" [A-11-5] 1962

box-folder 3:10

"In Search of Theory IV" by Joseph Passonneau [A-11-6]

box-folder 3:11

"The Making of Non-Architects" by S. Moholy-Nagy [A-11-7] 1969

box-folder 3:12

"The New Gamesmanship" by Ellen P. Berkeley [A-11-8] 1968

box-folder 3:13

"Opinion on the Initial Report of the Harvard Urban Field Service" by S. Moholy-Nagy [A-11-9]

box-folder 3:14

"The Profession Catchsup with the Times" by Paul Farrel [A-11-10] 1969

box-folder 3:15

"What's Wrong With Architectural Education?" by Robert Yelton [A-11-11] 1968

box-folder 3:16

["Women in Architecture"] [A-11-12]

box-folder 3:17

"Young Architects: The Small Office" by Esther McCoy [A-11-13]

box-folder 3:18

"Prolegomena for a Graduate Workshop in Architecture" Proposal by S. Moholy-Nagy -Missing- [A-11-14]

box-folder 3:19-4:14

Art & Art in Architecture [A-12]

box-folder 3:19-3:34


box-folder 3:19

"A-Humanism, Primitivism, and the Art of the Future" by Alan Gowans [A-12-1] 1952

box-folder 3:20

"Art" by Dore Ashton [A-12-2] 1964

box-folder 3:21

Muss die Baunutzungs-Verordnung novelliert werden?" by Joseph Wolff [A-12-3] 1967

box-folder 3:22

"Bond Street and Battersea" by Gene Baro [A-12-4] 1963

box-folder 3:23

"Caracas University City" [A-12-5] ca. 1955

box-folder 3:24

"Ecole de New York" by Harold Rosenberg [A-12-6] ca. 1970

box-folder 3:25

"From Pollock To Pop: Twenty Years of Painting and Sculpture" by Harold Rosenberg [A-12-7] [1966]

box-folder 3:26

"Icon Maker" by Harold ROsenberg [A-12-8] n.d.

box-folder 3:27

"Ozenfant Academy of Fine Arts" [A-12-9] 1934

box-folder 3:28

"Post-Mondrian Painters in America, 1949" [A-12-10] 1949

box-folder 3:29

"Purist" [A-12-11] 1962

box-folder 3:30

-CONTENTS MISSING- [A-12-12] n.d.

box-folder 3:31

[Quotations Selected by Sibyl Moholy-Nagy] [A-12-13] n.d.

box-folder 3:32

"The Study of Art" by Robert Jay Wolff [A-12-14] 1969

box-folder 3:33

"Style and Materials" by Sibyl Moholy-Nagy [A-12-15] 1954

box-folder 3:34

"The Visual Arts and the Sciences: A Proposal for Collaboration" by Gyorgy Kepes [A-12-16] 1965

box-folder 3:35-4:14


box-folder 3:35

Albers, Josef [A-12-17-1] n.d.

box-folder 3:36

Aiko [A-12-17-2] 1969

box-folder 3:37

Archipenko [A-12-18] 1936-37

box-folder 3:38

Arp, Jean [A-12-19] n.d.

box-folder 3:39

Bertola, Harry [A-12-20] 1970

box-folder 3:40

Bill, Max [A-12-21] 1935

box-folder 3:41

Brancusi, Constantin [A-12-22] 1937, 1964

box-folder 3:42

Brussels World Fair [A-12-23] 1959

box-folder 3:43

Breuer, Marcel [A-12-24] 1950

box-folder 3:44

Calder, Alexander [A-12-25] n.d.

box-folder 3:45

Daumier [A-12-26] n.d.

box-folder 3:46

Duchamp, Marcel [A-12-27] n.d.

box-folder 3:47

Gego [A-12-28] 1960's

box-folder 3:48

Goeritz, Mathias [A-12-29] 1951, 1968

box-folder 3:49

Goya, Francisco [A-12-30-1] n.d.

box-folder 3:50

Kricke, Norbert [A-12-30-2] n.d.

box-folder 3:51

Kusama [A-12-31] 1964

box-folder 3:52

Lassoff [A-12-32] n.d.

box-folder 3:53

Lipchitz, Jacques [A-12-33] n.d.

box-folder 4:1

Lippolt, Richard [A-12-34] 1961,1963

box-folder 4:2

Munch, Edward [A-12-35] [1895]

box-folder 4:3

Moore, Henry [A-12-36] 1965

box-folder 4:4

Narvaez, Francisco [A-12-37] n.d.

box-folder 4:5

Navarro, P. [A-12-38] n.d.

box-folder 4:6

Neutra, Richard, and Robert Alexander [A-12-39] n.d.

box-folder 4:7

Olympiada XIX, Mexico International Meeting of Sculptors [A-12-40] 1968

box-folder 4:8

Pevsner, Antoine [A-12-41] n.d.

box-folder 4:9

Rivera, Jose [A-12-42] n.d.

box-folder 4:10

Schlemmer, Oscar [A-12-43] 1926

box-folder 4:11

Uhlmann, Hans [A-12-44] 1956

box-folder 4:12

Vasarelly, Victor [A-12-45] 1955

box-folder 4:13

Watts Towers [A-12-46] n.d.

box-folder 4:14

"Unidentified - loose and mounted" [A-12-47] 1960-1967

box-folder 4:15-4:28

Art Catalogs [A-13]

box-folder 4:15

Calder, Alexander, 1960 - Perls Galleries [A-13-1] 1960

box-folder 4:16

Ensor, James, 1860-1849 - World House Galleries [A-13-2] 1960

box-folder 4:17

Ferber, Herbert - Whitney Museum of American Art [A-13-3] 1961

box-folder 4:18

Hepworth, Barbara - Galerie Chalette [A-13-4] 1959

box-folder 4:19

Klimt, Gustav - Galerie St. Etienne [A-13-5] 1959

box-folder 4:20

Lehmbruck, Wilhelm - Otto Gerson Gallery [A-13-6] 1963

box-folder 4:21

Matta, Roberto - Museum of Modern Art [A-13-7] 1957

box-folder 4:22

Molzahn, Johannes [A-13-8] 1956

box-folder 4:23

Motherwell, Robert - Sidney Janis Gallery [A-13-9] 1961

box-folder 4:24

Nicholson, Ben [A-13-10] 1948

box-folder 4:25

Piper, John [A-13-11] 1948

box-folder 4:26

Schiele, Egon - Galerie St. Etienne [A-13-12] 1960

box-folder 4:27

Seligman, Kurt - Fine Arts Associates [A-13-13] 1960

box-folder 4:28

"Symbolic Realism in American Painting, 1940-1950" - The Institute of Contemporary Arts [A-13-14] 1950

box-folder 4:29-4:39

Art Nouveau & Arts and Crafts [A-14]

box-folder 4:29

Berenguer, by David Mackey [A-14-1] 1964

box-folder 4:30

Gaudi, Antonio [A-14-2] n.d.

box-folder 4:31

Guimard, Hector [A-14-3] 1970

box-folder 4:32

Horta, Victor [A-14-4] 1890's

box-folder 4:33

Mackintosh, Charles Rennie [A-14-5] n.d.

box-folder 4:34

Purcell, William Gray [A-14-6] 1960

box-folder 4:35

Scheibler, Derick G., Jr. [A-14-7] 1962

box-folder 4:36

Steiner, Rudolf [A-14-(8-12)] ca. 1964-1965

box-folder 4:37

Velde, Henry van de [A-14-13] 1962

box-folder 4:38

Wagner, Otto [A-14-14] n.d.

box-folder 4:39

Miscellaneous Photos [A-14-15] n.d.

box-folder 5:1

Asia Minor, Pre-Islamic [A-15]

box-folder 5:1

Photos [A-15-1]

box-folder 5:2-7

Atomic and Space Age Construction [A-16]

box-folder 5:2

"Building for Atomic Energy" by Sir John Cockcroft [A-16-1] 1959

box-folder 5:3

Building for the Space Age" by Ada Louise Huxtable [A-16-2] 1969

box-folder 5:4

"Gateway to the Moon" [A-16-3] [ca. 1969]

box-folder 5:5

"Industrial Architecture...Fallout Shelters" [A-16-4] 1963

box-folder 5:6

Nuclear Facilities [A-16-5] 1963

box-folder 5:7

Miscellaneous Atomic and Space Age Construction [A-16-6] n.d.

box-folder 5:8-18

Automation in Education: Computers in Architecture [A-17]

box-folder 5:8

"Architecture and the Computer" by Eric D. Teicholz [A-17-1] 1968

box-folder 5:9

"Architectural Education and Sociology: The Alexander System" [A-17-2] 1968

box-folder 5:10

[re Cambridge Computers] by Christopher Rand [A-17-3] 1964

box-folder 5:11

"The Computer and Society: Six Viewpoints" [A-17-4] 1966

box-folder 5:12

"Design Factors of an Educational Television Program Production Center and Random Access Audio-Video System" by Sol Cornberg [A-17-5] 1963

box-folder 5:13

"Educational Reform and Its Architectural Implications" by Robert Anderson [A-17-6] 1965

box-folder 5:14

"Glass Box and Black Box: or, Can artificial intelligence help solve design problems?" by Jonathan Barnett [A-17-7] 1968

box-folder 5:15

New Schools For New Education [A-17-8] [ca. 1960]

box-folder 5:16

"'Plug-In' Schools: Next Step in Educational Design?" by Bernard P. Spring [A-17-9] 1963

box-folder 5:17

"Space For Individual Learning" [A-17-10] 1963

box-folder 5:18

Miscellaneous re Automation in Education, Computers in Architecture [A-17-11] ca. 1963-1964

box-folder 5:19-28

Barcelona [B-1]

box-folder 5:19

Articles [B-1-1] 1964-1965

box-folder 5:20

Plans, Photos and Info. Concerning Projects of Bohigas, Mackay, and Martorell. [FOLDER CONTENTS MISSING] [B-1-2] n.d.

box-folder 5:21

Ourselves (Bohigas) [B-1-3] 1963

box-folder 5:22

Navas de Tolosa (Martorell, Bohigas, and Mackay) [B-1-4] n.d.

box-folder 5:23

Avenida Meridiana (Martorell, Bohigas, and Mackay) [B-1-5] 1964

box-folder 5:24

Grupo de Viviendas en el Poligono "Milans del Bosc" (Martorell, Bohigas, and Mackay) [B-1-6] ca. 1964

box-folder 5:25

Compositor Bach Street, Architect Coderch, Leoneri [B-1-7] n.d.

box-folder 5:26

Berenguer [B-1-8] n.d.

box-folder 5:27

Plans of Barcelona [B-1-9] n.d.

box-folder 5:28

Miscellaneous Photos, Barcelona [B-1-10] n.d.

box-folder 5:29-33

Barnes, Edward [B-2]

box-folder 5:29

Edward Barnes [B-2-1] n.d.

box-folder 5:30

An Elegant Cabin [B-2-2] 1959

box-folder 5:31

Hidden Valley: Contemporary Interpretation [B-2-3] 1963

box-folder 5:32

Hooded Roofs Reaching for the Sky [B-2-4] 1966

box-folder 5:33

Remarks on Continuity and Change by Edward L. Barnes [B-2-5] [ca. 1962]

box-folder 5:34

A Romantic Discipline for the Woodlands [B-2-6] 1959

box-folder 6:1-20

Baroque, Europe [B-3]

box-folder 6:1

Boffrand, jorg Garms [B-3-1] n.d.

box-folder 6:2

La Cappella Della Santa Sindone in Torino, Mario Passanti [B-3-2] n.d.

box-folder 6:3

La Chiesa di San Giovanni in Carignano, Architetto Alfieri [B-3-3] n.d.

box-folder 6:4

The Fountains of Rome, Eleanor Clark [B-3-4] n.d.

box-folder 6:5

Das Historische Stadtbild Salzburgs, Franz Fuhrman [B-3-5] n.d.

box-folder 6:6

The Neumann Bicentennial, John Collidge [B-3-6] n.d.

box-folder 6:7

Padre Guarino Guarini in Paris, David Coffin [B-3-7] n.d.

box-folder 6:8

Rhythus als Zeitkorper, Meisenheimer [B-3-8] n.d.

box-folder 6:9

S. Lorenzo a Torino, Architetto Guarino Guarini [no SMN no.] n.d.

box-folder 6:10

S. Maria della Pace, di Pietro da Cortona. Paolo Portoghesi [B-3-9] n.d.

box-folder 6:11

Space and Movement in High Baroque City Planning. Zucker [B-3-10] n.d.

box-folder 6:12

La Vieille Charite de Marseille [B-3-11] n.d.

box-folder 6:13

Austria Photos [B-3-12] n.d.

box-folder 6:14

France Photos [B-3-13] n.d.

box-folder 6:15

Germany Photos [B-3-14] n.d.

box-folder 6:16

Germany (contd.) Photos [B-3-15] n.d.

box-folder 6:17

Italy Photos [B-3-16] n.d.

box-folder 6:18

Switzerland Photos [B-3-17] n.d.

box-folder 6:19

Unmarked and Miscellaneous, Baroque...Europe [B-3-18] n.d.

box-folder 6:20

Unmarked and Miscellaaneous Photos Baroque, contd. [B-3-19] n.d.

box-folder 6:21-37

Bauhaus [B-4]

box-folder 6:21

Another Visit to the Bauhaus, Walter Gropius [B-4-1] n.d.

box-folder 6:22

Any Old Bauhaus? Nikolaus Pevsner [B-4-2] n.d.

box-folder 6:23

Bauhaus [B-4-3] n.d.

box-folder 6:24

Bauhaus, 1919-28 Gropius, Preface, Alfred H. Barr [B-4-4] n.d.

box-folder 6:25

The Bauhaus: Crafts or Industry? by Howard Dearstyne [B-4-5] n.d.

box-folder 6:26

Das Bauhaus Dessau Heute [B-4-6] 1968

box-folder 6:27

Das Bauhaus: 1919-28 (sic), Weimar-Dessau-Berlin, von Kurt Marholz [B-4-7] n.d.

box-folder 6:28

The Bauhaus: Weimar, Dessau, Berlin, Chicago, by Wingler. Reviewed SMN [B-4-8] 1970

box-folder 6:29

Crafts of the Weimar Bauhaus, 1919-1928. Walter Scheidig, Reviewed by Sibyl Moholy-Nagy [B-4-9] 1967

box-folder 6:30

The Diaspora, Sibyl Moholy-Nagy [B-4-10] n.d.

box-folder 6:31

Is The Bauhaus Relevant Today? [B-4-11] 1967

box-folder 6:32

The Legacy of the Bauhaus, Hin Bredendieck [B-4-12] n.d.

box-folder 6:33

Modern Architecture, Modern Art and the Doctrine of "Less Is More" SMN [B-4-13] 1961

box-folder 6:34

Staatliches Bauhaus in Weimar, I. Lehrordnung [B-4-14] n.d.

box-folder 6:35

The Theory and Organization of the Bauhaus, Walter Gropius [B-4-15] 1927

box-folder 6:36

Wer Hat Angst vor Hannes Meyer?, von Hermann Funke [B-4-16] 1967

box-folder 6:37

Notes and Quotes on the Bauhaus, SMN [B-4-17] n.d.

box-folder 6:38

Photos, The Bauhaus [B-4-18] 1967

box-folder 6:39

Photographs of Belgioioso and Peressutti, Italy [B-5-1] 1970

box-folder 6:40-41

Böhm, Gottfried [B-6]

box-folder 6:40

Articles [B-6-1] 1970

box-folder 6:41

Photos [B-6-2] n.d.

box-folder 7:1-8

Boston and Massachusetts [B-7]

box-folder 7:1

Boston Before Bulfinch: Harrison's King's Chapel, Priscilla Metcalf [B-7-1] n.d.

box-folder 7:2

The Boston City Hall, Brynat and Gilman Architects. Wrenn [B-7-2] n.d.

box-folder 7:3

Early Boston Churches, Frank C. Brown [B-7-3] 1937

box-folder 7:4

History Beside the Hudson, Merrill Folsom [B-7-4] 1967

box-folder 7:5

Seventeenth Century Sudbury, Mass. Sumner C. Powell [B-7-5] n.d.

box-folder 7:6

The William Haskell Dwelling [B-7-6] 1939

box-folder 7:7

Photos [B-7-7] n.d.

box-folder 7:8

Miscellaneous and Unmarked Photos, Boston, Mass. [B-7-8] n.d.

box-folder 7:9-13

Boston City Hall (New) [B-8]

box-folder 7:9

The 'Action Architecture' of a New Generation. Kallman [B-8-1] 1959

box-folder 7:10

General Information and Architects' Statement [B-8-3] [ca. 1963]

box-folder 7:11

The New Boston City Hall [B-8-4] 1963

box-folder 7:12

Photographs [B-8-5] 1963-1968

box-folder 7:13-19

Brasilia, Brazil [B-9]

box-folder 7:13

Brasilia, 3 Magazines [B-9-1] 1957

box-folder 7:14

Brasilia: Majestic Concept or Autocratic Monument? [B-9-2] 1959

box-folder 7:15

Brasilia, the New City, Mario Pedrosa [B-9-3] n.d.

box-folder 7:16

Brasilia: Pilot Plan - Lucio Costa [B-9-4] n.d.

box-folder 7:17

Palace, Hotel, and Housing Rise in Brasilia [B-9-5] 1959

box-folder 7:18

The Problem of Brazil's Capital City, Preston James, Faissol [B-9-6] 1956

box-folder 7:19

Photos [B-9-7] 1950's

box-folder 7:20-22

Brazil [Photographs Only] [B-10]

box-folder 7:20

Photographs [B-10-1] 1958

box-folder 7:21

Photographs Cont'd. [B-10-2] ca. 1958

box-folder 7:22

[B-10-3] n.d.

box-folder 7:23-37

Breuer, Marcel [B-11]

box-folder 7:23

Accent: Engineering [B-11-1] 1958

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box-folder 8:1-4

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box-folder 8:5-21

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box-folder 9:45-10:1

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box-folder 10:2-10:9

Conservation [C-10]

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box-folder 10:12-10:39

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box-folder 10:40-10:51

Construction (Modern) [C-12]

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box-folder 11:1

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box-folder 11:2

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box-folder 11:3-11:25

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box-folder 11:26-11:29

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box-folder 11:31-12:10

Educational Buildings [E-3]

box-folder 11:31

Addition is Built to Match Campus. Princeton. by Glenn Fowler [E-3-1] 1964

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Architektur vor Drei Jahrzeiten, und Seitdem, Bauten von Duiker [E-3-2] 1968

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box-folder 11:38

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box-folder 11:39

Germany Libraries [E-3-8] 1962

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box-folder 12:1

Spirited Design Makes Junior High a Pacesetter for New Subdivision [E-3-23] 1968

box-folder 12:2

St. John's Preparatory School, Minn. arch. Hanson and Michelson [E-3-24] 1963

box-folder 12:3

Talk to Trane for Total School. Valley Winds Elem. School, Mo. [E-3-25] n.d.

box-folder 12:4

Tougaloo, Jackson, Mississippi [E-3-26] n.d.

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box-folder 12:7

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box-folder 12:8

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box-folder 12:10

Photographs, Educational Buildings [E-3-32] n.d.

box-folder 12:11-12:12

England and London [E-4]

box-folder 12:11

Photographs, England and London [E-4-1] 1962-1965

box-folder 12:12

Miscellaneous and Unmarked Photos, England and London [E-4-2] ca. 1968

box-folder 12:13-13:3

Egypt [E-5]

box-folder 12:13-15

Egyptian Art

box-folder 12:13

[E-5-1] n.d.

box-folder 12:14

Cont'd. [E-5-2] n.d.

box-folder 12:15

Notes and Schetches [sic], by Sibyl Moholy-Nagy [No SMN Number] n.d.

box-folder 12:16-17

Egyptian Construction and Columns

box-folder 12:16

[E-5-3] n.d.

box-folder 12:17

Cont'd. [E-5-4] n.d.

box-folder 12:18

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box-folder 12:19-21

Pyramids and Tombs, Egypt

box-folder 12:19

[E-5-6] n.d.

box-folder 12:20

Cont'd. [E-5-7] n.d.

box-folder 12:21

Notes and Scketches [sic] by Sibyl Moholy [E-5-8] n.d.

box-folder 12:22-13:3

Temples, Egypt

box-folder 12:22

[E-5-9] n.d.

box-folder 12:23

Cont'd. [E-5-10] n.d.

box-folder 13:1

Cont'd. [E-5-11] n.d.

box-folder 13:2

Cont'd. [E-5-12] n.d.

box-folder 13:3

Notes by Sibyl Moholy-Nagy [E-5-13] n.d.

box-folder 13:4-13:9

Exhibitions and World Fairs [E-6]

box-folder 13:4

The Architecture of Century 21, by James T. Burns [E-6-1] 1962

box-folder 13:5

Brussels World Fair, 1958 [E-6-2] 1958

box-folder 13:6

Pavilions [E-6-3] n.d.

box-folder 13:7

Photographs of Exhibitions and World Fairs [E-6-4] 1939-1970

box-folder 13:8

Photographs of Brussels World Fair [No SMN Number] 1958

box-folder 13:9

Miscellaneous and Unmarked Photos of Exhibitions and World Fairs [E-6-5] n.d.

box-folder 13:10-13:16

Expo '67 [E-7]

box-folder 13:10

Blick Nach Montreal [E-7-1] 1966

box-folder 13:11

Exhibitions Too Good To Be True [E-7-2] 1967

box-folder 13:12

Expo '67 Official Guide [E-7-3] 1967

box-folder 13:13

A New Montreal [E-7-4] 1967

box-folder 13:14

Official Souvenir Map, Expo '67 [E-7-5] 1967

box-folder 13:15

Photos: General Views of Expo '67 [E-7-6] 1967

box-folder 13:16

Photos: Minor Pavilions, Expo '67 [E-7-7] 1967

box-folder 13:17-13:26

Factories, Labs, Warehouses [F-1]

box-folder 13:17-13:24


box-folder 13:17

La Centrale Atomica Della Casaccia, Presso Roma, arch. Carlo Clerici [F-1-1] n.d.

box-folder 13:18

Eisengie[ss]erei in Lohr am Main, arch. Siegel and Wonneberg [F-1-2] 1961

box-folder 13:19

Factory at Hemel Hempstead, by Maxwell Fry [F-1-3] n.d.

box-folder 13:20

Factory Extensions at Duxford, designer: Ove Arup and Partners [F-1-4] n.d.

box-folder 13:21

La Fascia dei Servizi Sociali, Olivetti and Ivrea, by de Carlo [F-1-5] n.d.

box-folder 13:22

Imagery and Symbol in Research: The Lab as a Place to Think [F-1-6] 1969

box-folder 13:23

Nineteenth C[entury] Factories [F-1-7] 1964

box-folder 13:24

Recent Work of Mexico's Felix Candela: Distillery, State of Puebla [F-1-8] 1959

box-folder 13:25-13:26


box-folder 13:25

Factories, Labs, and Warehouses [F-1-9] n.d.

box-folder 13:26

Factories, Labs, Warehouses, Kimberly Clark Factory, Conn. [F-1-10] n.d.

box-folder 13:27-14:1

Fantastic Architecture [F-2]

box-folder 13:27

Antonio Gaudi [F-2-1] n.d.

box-folder 13:28

Architectures Visionnaries [sic] [F-2-2] 1962

box-folder 13:29

Die Metabolisten Japans [No SMN Number] 1964

box-folder 13:30

Freeform Style Houses [No SMN Number] ca. 1958-1966

box-folder 13:31

Monostrukturen [F-2-3] 1966

box-folder 13:32

Prefabricated Modular Multiple Structures [F-2-4] 1964

box-folder 13:33

Photos: Fantastic Architecture [F-2-5] n.d.

box-folder 14:1

Photos: Fantastic Architecture, Miscellaneous and Unmarked [F-2-6] 1964

box-folder 14:2-14:6

Farm Architecture [F-3]

box-folder 14:2-14:6


box-folder 14:2

Bibliography to 20th Cent. Farm Architecture, by SMN [F-3-1] [ca. 1960]

box-folder 14:3

Farm Buildings, John Voelker [F-3-2] n.d.

box-folder 14:4

Gemeindezentrum mit Kindergarten in Rodheim v.d.H. [F-3-3] n.d.

box-folder 14:5

Rebuilding of Rushbrooke Village, Suffolk [F-3-5] n.d.

box-folder 14:6

Two Maine Farmhouses [F-3-6] n.d.

box-folder 14:7-14:9

France (Historical) [F-4]

box-folder 14:7-14:9


box-folder 14:7

Arles [F-4-1] n.d.

box-folder 14:8

Les Beaux [F-4-2] n.d.

box-folder 14:9

Marseilles [F-4-3] n.d.

box-folder 14:10

France, Modern, Photographs: Expo '67 [F-5-1] n.d.

box-folder 14:11-14:18

Franzen, Ulrich [F-6]

box-folder 14:11

Alley theater, Photos and Articles, Ulrich Franzen [F-6-1] 1968

box-folder 14:12

Brick Machine: Lab Tower at Cornell University [F-6-2] 1968

box-folder 14:13

A Fortress by the Sea [F-6-3] n.d.

box-folder 14:14

A New Architecture for the Research Laboratory: Cornell Lab Tower [F-6-4] 1965

box-folder 14:15

Seven New Houses by Ulrich Franzen [F-6-5] 1963

box-folder 14:16

Solid Taste in Virginia [F-6-6] 1964

box-folder 14:17

Ulrich Franzen's House in Rye, N.Y. [F-6-7] 1960

box-folder 14:18

Photographs: Ulrich Franzen [F-6-8] n.d.

box-folder 14:19-14:34

Fuller, Buckminster [F-7]

box-folder 14:19

Bucky's Biggest Bubble [F-7-1] n.d.

box-folder 14:20

Considerations for a Curriculum, by R. Buckminster Fuller [F-7-2] n.d.

box-folder 14:21

The Dymaxicrat, by Rayner Banham [F-7-3] 1968

box-folder 14:22

An Educational Bombshell [F-7-4] 1970

box-folder 14:23

An Expo Named Buckminster Fuller, by David Jacobs [F-7-5] 1967

box-folder 14:24

The Fuller Dome [F-7-6] 1967

box-folder 14:25

The Impossible Takes a Little Longer, Harold Taylor [F-7-7] 1964

box-folder 14:26

Industrial Buildings [F-7-8] 1959

box-folder 14:27

In the Tuileries Garden, by Buckminster Fuller [F-7-9] 1965

box-folder 14:28

The Non-Dymaxion World of Buckminster Fuller, by W. Marlin [F-7-11] 1970

box-folder 14:29

Not Quite His Master's Voice A review of J. McHale's The Future of the Future. by SMN [F-7-12] n.d.

box-folder 14:30

The Prefabricated House [F-7-13] 1943

box-folder 14:31

Three Structures by Buckminster Fuller [F-7-14] n.d.

box-folder 14:32

Three Structures by Fuller in the Garden of the Museum of Modern Art. New York [F-7-15] 1960

box-folder 14:33

Photographs: Buckminster Fuller [F-7-16] 1964

box-folder 14:34

Photos: Buckminster Fuller, the U.S. Pavilion at Expo '67, Montreal [F-7-17] 1967

box-folder 14:35

Photographs: Furniture [F-8-1] n.d.

box-folder 14:36-14:74

Futurism [F-9]

box-folder 14:36

L'art des Bruits. March 1913 [F-9-1] 1913

box-folder 14:37

L'arte dei Rumori, Luigi Russolo [F-9-2] 1916

box-folder 14:38

Autori Attori e Scene del Nuovo Teatro Futurista: Al Trianon de Milano [F-9-3] 1924

box-folder 14:39

Der Hut des Futuristen [F-9-4] 1933

box-folder 14:40

Der Sturm [F-9-5] 1922

box-folder 14:41

Der Sturm [copy 2] [F-9-6] 1922

box-folder 14:42

Futurism, Marinetti [F-9-7] n.d.

box-folder 14:43

Futurist Manifesto, Marinetti [F-9-8] 1959

box-folder 14:44

Der Futurismus [2 copies], May 1922 [F-9-9] 1922

box-folder 14:45

Der Futurismus, Aug. 1922 [F-9-10] 1922

box-folder 14:46

Der Futurismus, Oct. 1922 [F-9-11] 1922

box-folder 14:47

Der Futurismus, Nov. 1922 [F-9-12] n.d.

box-folder 14:48

Il Futurismo, 1922 [F-9-13] 1922

box-folder 14:49

Il Futurismo, Aug. 1922 [F-9-14] 1922

box-folder 14:50

Le Futurisme, Jan. 1924 [F-9-15] 1924

box-folder 14:51

Il Futurismo [F-9-16] 1922

box-folder 14:52

Le Futurisme: L'art Mecanique [F-9-17] 1923

box-folder 14:53

Le Futurisme et la Philosophie [F-9-19] 1912

box-folder 14:54

Initial Manifesto of Futurism, Marinetti [F-9-20] 1909

box-folder 14:55

Jetzt KommenSie (Drama der Gegenstande) Marinetti [F-9-21] n.d.

box-folder 14:56

Manifest des Futurismus [F-9-22] n.d.

box-folder 14:57

Manifeste des Musiciens Futuristes [F-9-23] 1911

box-folder 14:58

Manifeste des Peintres Futuristes [F-9-24] 1910

box-folder 14:59

Manifeste du Futurisme, Feb. 1909 [F-9-25] 1909

box-folder 14:60

Manifeste technique de la Litterature Futuriste. Marinetti [F-9-26] 1912

box-folder 14:61

Manifeste Technique de la Sculpture Futurist[e] [F-9-27] 1912

box-folder 14:62

Manifesto of Futurist Painters, Marinetti (hand written letter) [F-9-28] n.d.

box-folder 14:63

Manifesztum 1922 a Milliok Kulturaiate Uj Muveszetet [F-9-29] 1922

box-folder 14:64

Messagio, San'Elia [F-9-30] n.d.

box-folder 14:65

Le Music Hall, Manifeste Futuriste, Marinetti [F-9-31] 1913

box-folder 14:66

Le Music Hall, Manifeste Futurists, Nov. 1913 [F-9-32] 1913

box-folder 14:67

Le Peintrue [sic] des Sons, Bruits et Odeurs [F-9-33] ca. 1913

box-folder 14:68

Saint 'Elia del 1911-12 [F-9-34] [ca. 1968]

box-folder 14:69

Supplement au Manifeste Technique de la Litterature Futuriste [F-9-35] 1912

box-folder 14:70

Technical Manifesto of Futurist Sculpture. Marinetti [F-9-36] 1922

box-folder 14:71

La Theatre de la Surprise [F-9-37] 1922

box-folder 14:72

Tre Razzi Rossi, Vasari [F-9-38] 1921

box-folder 14:73

Un Nuovo Genere di Teatro: "Il Teatro Sintetico" [F-9-39] n.d.

box-folder 14:74

Notes and Illustrations on Futurism [F-9-40] n.d.

box-folder 15:1-15:16

Germany (Modern) [G-1]

box-folder 15:1-15:13


box-folder 15:1

Allemagn[e] Actualités: Nouveau Marché couvert de Hambourg [G-1-1] n.d.

box-folder 15:2

Arag-Verwaltungsbäude in Düsseldorf, arch. Schneider [G-1-2] 1966

box-folder 15:3

Berlin's International Building Exhibition 1957, Sibyl Moholy-Nagy [G-1-3] n.d.

box-folder 15:4

Die Bauten im Berliner Hansaviertel, arch. Otto H. Senn [G-1-4] 1956

box-folder 15:5

Die Bauten im Berliner Hansaviertel (Objekt#1) arch. Klaus Müller-Rehm [G-1-5] 1956

box-folder 15:6

Die Bauten im Berliner Hansaviertel (Objekt #19) [G-1-6] 1956

box-folder 15:7

Die Bauten im Neuen Berliner Hansaviertel (Objekt #7) arch. Gropius [G-1-7] 1956

box-folder 15:8

Die Neugestaltung des Hansa-viertels in Berlin [G-1-8] n.d.

box-folder 15:9

Hansa Viertel, Haus Plane and [sic] Schnitte, Ulrich Conrad [G-1-9] 1957

box-folder 15:10

Hansaviertel Berlin Gemeinschaftswerk Namhafter Architekten [G-1-10] 1956

box-folder 15:11

Hansa Viertel Berlin im Mittelpunkt der Interbau [G-1-11] 1956

box-folder 15:12

Niemeyers Neuer Entwurf Für das Berliner Hansaviertel [G-1-12] 1956

box-folder 15:13

West Berlin's Interbau [G-1-13] 1957

box-folder 15:14-15:16


box-folder 15:14

Germany, Modern [G-1-14] n.d.

box-folder 15:15

Germany, Modern (Cont'd) [G-1-15] 1950's

box-folder 15:16

Miscellaneous and Unmarked [G-1-16] n.d.

box-folder 15:17

Goff on Goff @ Photos [G-2-1] 1962

box-folder 15:18-15:36

Gothic Architecture [G-3]

box-folder 15:18-15:21


box-folder 15:18

The Changing Concept of Proportion, Rudolf Wittkower [G-3-1] n.d.

box-folder 15:19

Chronik, Arnold von Westfalen [G-3-2] n.d.

box-folder 15:20

The Gothic Cathedrale, Harold Francis [G-3-3] 1968

box-folder 15:21

Notes on Gothic, by Sibyl Moholy-Nagy [G-3-4] n.d.

box-folder 15:22-15:25

England, Gothic

box-folder 15:22-15:24


box-folder 15:22

The Crazy Vaults of Lincoln Cathedral, Paul Frankl [G-3-6] n.d.

box-folder 15:23

Notes on English Gothic (miscellaneous) [G-3-7] n.d.

box-folder 15:24

Westminster Abbey and the French Court Style, Robert Branner [G-3-8] n.d.

box-folder 15:25

Photographs: England Gothic [G-3-9] n.d.

box-folder 15:26-15:29

France, Gothic

box-folder 15:26-15:27


box-folder 15:26

The Cathedral of Chartres and the Architect or Soissons, Barnes [G-3-10] [ca. 1962]

box-folder 15:27

The Labyrinth of Reims Cathedral, Robert Branner [G-3-11] n.d.

box-folder 15:28

Photographs: France, Gothic [G-3-12] n.d.

box-folder 15:29

Photographs: France, Gothic, Cont'd [G-3-13] n.d.

box-folder 15:30

Photographs: German, Gothic [G-3-14] n.d.

box-folder 15:31

Photographs: German, Gothic, Cont'd [G-3-15] n.d.

box-folder 15:32

[Italy, Gothic] Looking at Venice, Steen Eiler Rasmussen [G-3-16] ca. 1961

box-folder 15:33

Photographs: Italy, Gothic [G-3-17] n.d.

box-folder 15:34

Photgraphs: Italy, Gothic, Cont'd [G-3-18] n.d.

box-folder 15:35

Photographs: Switzerland Gothic [G-3-20] n.d.

box-folder 15:36

Photogaphs: Miscellaneous and Unmarked, Gothic [G-3-21] n.d.

box-folder 16:1-16:20

Government Architecture [G-4]

box-folder 16:1-16:19


box-folder 16:1

Architecture and City Building, East and West [G-4-1] 1960

box-folder 16:2

The Architecture of Diplomacy [G-4-2] 1953-1957

box-folder 16:3

California Governor Mansion [G-4-3] 1962

box-folder 16:4

Central Fire Station, New Haven, Conn., arch. Carlin, Millard [G-4-4] 1961

box-folder 16:5

Circling in the Square, Pa., Police Headquarters [G-4-5] n.d.

box-folder 16:6

Court House Office, Harry Sternfeld, Arch. [G-4-6] 1941

box-folder 16:7

Eine Stadt Baut Sich Ihr Haus, Bakema, van den Broek [G-4-7] 1962

box-folder 16:8

Housing the Business of Government, Maryland [G-4-8] 1969

box-folder 16:9

Japan, U.S. Consulate Office Bldg. [G-4-9] 1962

box-folder 16:10

Lan[d]tag Hannover, Oesterl[e]n [G-4-10] 1964

box-folder 16:11

Municipal Buildings, Wooster, Ohio [G-4-11] 1958

box-folder 16:12

Overseas Diplomatic Consular Bldg. for the Office of Foreign Bldgs. [G-4-12] 1962

box-folder 16:13

Philadelphia Project Will Star Precast Concrete [G-4-13] 1960

box-folder 16:14

Pietro Aschieri, Architetto Romano [G-4-14] n.d.

box-folder 16:15

Plan, Penetentiary, N. Philadelphia [G-4-15] 1963

box-folder 16:16

Public Pride Is Repaid, Canon City, Colorado [G-4-16] n.d.

box-folder 16:17

Rathaus Wettbewerb Dusseldorf, 1961 [G-4-17] 1961

box-folder 16:18

A Study in Contrasts: Washington Report [G-4-18] 1941

box-folder 16:19

Winnipeg the City Hall Competition [G-4-19] 1960

box-folder 16:20

Photogaphs: Government Architecture [G-4-20] n.d.

box-folder 16:21-17:3

Greece [G-5]

box-folder 16:21-16:32


box-folder 16:21

Ancient Corinth: The Gymnasium Area, James Wiseman [G-5-1] n.d.

box-folder 16:22

The Architecture of Eretria, Darl Schefold [G-5-2] n.d.

box-folder 16:23

The Capital of [the] Nabatae[a]ns, Peter J. Parr [G-5-3] 1963

box-folder 16:24

Egyptian Sources of Greek Architecture, by SMN [G-5-4] n.d.

box-folder 16:25

A Failure of Architectural Purism, Francois Bucher [G-5-5] n.d.

box-folder 16:26

The Foundations of Classic Architecture, Herbert Warren [G-5-6] 1919

box-folder 16:27

Harold Rosenberg's Magic Circle, Amy Goldin [G-5-7] n.d.

box-folder 16:28

Heuretic Assumptions About the Origin of Greek Architecture, SMN [G-5-8] n.d.

box-folder 16:29

Petra, Philip C. Hammond [G-5-9] n.d.

box-folder 16:30

Notes: Greece, and Origin of Greek Architecture, SMN [G-5-10] n.d.

box-folder 16:31

Notes: Greece, Hellenism, SMN [G-5-11] n.d.

box-folder 16:32

Notes, Rome, Classical [G-5-12] 1959

box-folder 16:33-17:3


box-folder 16:33

Greece Construction, Art and Ornament [G-5-13] n.d.

box-folder 16:34

Greece Construction, Art, and Ornament, cont'd [G-5-14] n.d.

box-folder 16:35

Greece Construction, Art and Ornament, cont'd [G-5-15] n.d.

box-folder 16:36

Greece, Hellenism [G-5-16] n.d.

box-folder 16:37

Greece, Temples and Sacred Districts [G-5-17] n.d.

box-folder 16:33

Greece, Temples and Sacred Districts, cont'd [G-5-18] n.d.

box-folder 17:1

Greece, Temples and Sacred Districts, cont'd [G-5-19] n.d.

box-folder 17:2

Rome, Classical [G-5-20] n.d.

box-folder 17:3

Rome, Classical, cont'd [G-5-21] n.d.

box-folder 17:4-17:26

Gropius, Walter [G-6]

box-folder 17:4-17:24


box-folder 17:4

All Purpose Master of Design [G-6-1] 1968

box-folder 17:5

Architects of Europe Today, George Nelson [G-6-2] 1936

box-folder 17:6

Architecture in a Scientific Age, Gropius [G-6-3] 1951

box-folder 17:7

The Bauhaus, Hans M. Wingler, reviewed by SMN [G-6-4] 1970

box-folder 17:8

Bauhaus 2, 1927, Gropius [G-6-5] 1927

box-folder 17:9

Berlin Project Follows a Gropius Site Plan, Leslie Colitt [G-6-6] 1968

box-folder 17:10

The Diaspora, Sibyl Moholy-Nagy [G-6-7] 1964

box-folder 17:11

Die Erfindung einer Architektur, von Eberhard Schulz [G-6-8] 1968

box-folder 17:12

Eight Steps Toward a Solid Architecture, Gropius [No SMN Number] 1954

box-folder 17:13

The Gropius Symposium [G-6-9] 1952

box-folder 17:14

Idee und Aufbau des Staatlichen Bauhauses, Walter Gropius [G-6-10] 1923

box-folder 17:15

Three Levers of Walter Gropius [G-6-11] 1960

box-folder 17:16

Tradition and Continuity in Architecture, Gropius [G-6-12] 1964

box-folder 17:17

Walter Gropius, E. Maxwell Fry [G-6-13] 1955

box-folder 17:18

Walter Gropius, Paul F. Schmidt [G-6-14] [ca. 1929]

box-folder 17:19

Walter Gropius 1883-1969 [G-6-15] 1969

box-folder 17:20

Walter Gropius 85 Jahre [G-6-16] 1968

box-folder 17:21

Walter Gropius, May 18, 1883 - July 5, 1969 [G-6-17] 1969

box-folder 17:22

Walter Gropius Today, Gillo Dorfles [G-6-18] 1960

box-folder 17:23

Gropius Letters [SEE CORRESPONDENCE] [G-6-19] n.d.

box-folder 17:24

Notes, Gropius [G-6-21] 1937-1968

box-folder 17:25-17:26

Photos and Illustrations: Gropius

box-folder 17:25

[G-6-22] n.d.

box-folder 17:26

Cont'd [G-6-23] n.d.

box-folder 17:27-17:47

Gruen, Victor [G-7]

box-folder 17:27-17:44

Articles: Victor Gruen

box-folder 17:27

Architecture and Urban Development, Gruen [G-7-1] 1960

box-folder 17:28

Cherry Hill [G-7-2] 1962

box-folder 17:29

Cherry Hill Retailing's Lush Greenhouse [G-7-3] 1963

box-folder 17:30

Erfahrungen mit Fussgängerzentren, Gruen [G-7-4] n.d.

box-folder 17:31

Gruen Plans 2000 Acre Australian Community [G-7-5] 1960

box-folder 17:32

Listings of Projects and Clients in Europe [G-7-6] 1970

box-folder 17:33

Midtown Plaza, Rochester NY [G-7-7] n.d.

box-folder 17:34

New Approach for Shopping Centers, Thompson [G-7-8] 1968

box-folder 17:35

Organization for Efficient Practice [G-7-9] 1961

box-folder 17:36

The Planned Shopping Center in America, Gruen [G-7-10] n.d.

box-folder 17:37

Randhurst Center, Illinois [G-7-11] 1962

box-folder 17:38

Recipe for the Ideal Shopping Center, Gruen [G-7-12] 1963

box-folder 17:39

Schizophrenia in Urban Planning, Gruen [G-7-13] 1970

box-folder 17:40

Trend to Shelters for Shoppers Sweeping U.S. [G-7-14] 1967

box-folder 17:41

Victor Gruen [G-7-15] 1967

box-folder 17:42

The Victor Gruen Foundation for Environmental Planning [G-7-16] 1969

box-folder 17:43

What's Happened in Fort Worth?, Lowe [G-7-17] 1959

box-folder 17:44

Who Is To Save Our Cities[?], Gruen [G-7-18] 1963

box-folder 17:45-17:47


box-folder 17:45

Photos and Illustrations: Gruen [G-7-20] ca. 1964

box-folder 17:46

Gruen, Cherry Hill [G-7-21] n.d.

box-folder 17:47

Gruen, Randhurst [G-7-22] n.d.

box-folder 17:48-17:52

Hospitals [H-1]

box-folder 17:48

Alten Heim in Dusseldorf Garath [H-1-1] 1969

box-folder 17:49

Berlin University Hospital, International Design for Optimum Form and Function [H-1-2] 1969

box-folder 17:50

Medical Facilities [H-1-3] 1964

box-folder 17:51

Old Age Homes [H-1-4] 1965

box-folder 17:52

Photographs: Hospitals [H-1-5] 1958-1961

box-folder 18:1-18:8

Hotels and Restaurants [H-2]

box-folder 18:1

Camino Real, Victor R. Zevallos [H-2-1] 1968

box-folder 18:2

The Economic Facts of Life About Hotel Design: An Interview with Arch. William B. Tabler [H-2-2] 1958

box-folder 18:3

Expandable Motel Rises in Catskill [H-2-3] 1969

box-folder 18:4

Hanging Gardens on the Rocks in Hawaii [H-2-4] 1964

box-folder 18:5

Hotel Prado del Rio, Merida [H-2-5] n.d.

box-folder 18:6

John Portman of Peachtree Center, Bruce Galphin [H-2-6] 1967

box-folder 18:7

Maison de Ropos a Zikhron-Yacov, Isreal [H-2-7] n.d.

box-folder 18:8

Photographs: Hotels and Restaurants [H-2-8] n.d.

box-folder 18:9-18:15

India, Architecture [I-1]

box-folder 18:9-18:12


box-folder 18:9

The Decline of the Harappans, George F. Dales [I-1-1] n.d.

box-folder 18:10

Fatehpur Sikri [I-1-2] n.d.

box-folder 18:11

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box-folder 18:12

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box-folder 18:13-18:15


box-folder 18:13

Photographs, Maps, Illustrations, India [I-1-5] ca. 1967

box-folder 18:14

Photographs, Maps, Illustrations, India, cont'd [I-1-6] [ca. 1967]

box-folder 18:15

Photographs, India, Mt. Satrunjaya, Palitana [I-1-7] n.d.

box-folder 18:16-18:30

Iron Construction (19th Century) [I-2]

box-folder 18:16-18:28


box-folder 18:16

Are We Going To Be Sorry Later On?, Reese [I-2-1] 1959

box-folder 18:17

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box-folder 18:21

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box-folder 18:23

Progressive Architecture in America, Jayne Building [I-2-8] n.d.

box-folder 18:24

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box-folder 18:25

Proposed Museum of Science and Technology for the City of Manchester [I-2-10] 1967

box-folder 18:26

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box-folder 18:27

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box-folder 18:28

Notes: Cast Iron construction, 19th C., by SMN [I-2-13] 1969

box-folder 18:29-18:30

Photos and Illustrations: Cast Iron Construction, 19th C. [I-2-14+15] n.d.

box-folder 18:31-18:39

Italy [I-3]

box-folder 18:31-18:35

Photographs, Italy

box-folder 18:31

Genoa [I-3-1] n.d.

box-folder 18:32

Parma [I-3-2] n.d.

box-folder 18:33

Pisa [I-3-4] n.d.

box-folder 18:34

Venice and Perugia [I-3-5] n.d.

box-folder 18:35

Miscellaneous and Unmarked [I-3-6] n.d.

box-folder 18:36-18:39

Modern Italy After 1920

box-folder 18:36-18:38

Articles n.d.

box-folder 18:36

Eglise de L'A[u]toroute du Soleil, Pre[s] de Florence [I-3-7] n.d.

box-folder 18:37

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box-folder 18:38

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box-folder 18:39

Photographs: Modern Italy n.d.

box-folder 18:40-19:9

Japan (Historical and Modern Architecture) [J-1]

box-folder 18:40-18:43

Articles: Japan, Historical

box-folder 18:40

The Meaning of the Japanese Garden, David Engel [J-1-1] n.d.

box-folder 18:41

Shibusa in der Architektur [J-1-2] n.d.

box-folder 18:42

What Japan Can Contribute to Your Way of Life [J-1-3] 1960

box-folder 18:43

Notes on Japan, Historical [J-1-4] n.d.

box-folder 18:43-18:44

Photographs: Japan, Historical

box-folder 18:43

[J-1-5] n.d.

box-folder 18:44

Cont'd [J-1-6] n.d.

box-folder 18:45-19:7

Articles: Japan, Modern

box-folder 18:45

Arata Isozaki, Architect and Urban Designer [J-1-7] 1965-66

box-folder 18:46

Exposition Mondiale 1970 au Japon, Projet [D]'Organisation Generale, Kiyoshi Kawasaki, Arch. [J-1-8] 1970

box-folder 18:47

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box-folder 18:48

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box-folder 19:1

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box-folder 19:2

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box-folder 19:3

Motel Asama Pres de Karuizawa [J-1-13] n.d.

box-folder 19:4

Nagashima Tropical Garden, Takenaka Komuten [J-1-14] n.d.

box-folder 19:5

Tokyo Metropolitan Festival Hall [J-1-15] 1965

box-folder 19:6

Zur Olympiade in Tokio: Zwei Sporthallen [J-1-16] 1964

box-folder 19:7

Notes and Plans: Japan, Modern [J-1-17] 1967-1968

box-folder 19:8-19:9

Photographs: Japan, Modern

box-folder 19:8

[J-1-18] [ca. 1968]

box-folder 19:9

Miscellaneous and Unmarked [J-1-19] ca. 1967

box-folder 19:10-19:17

Johansen, John M. [J-2]

box-folder 19:10

John M. Johansen Declares Himself [J-2-1] 1966

box-folder 19:11

John M. Johansen, The God[d]ard Library, Clark University, Mass. [J-2-2] 1969

box-folder 19:12

Labyrint[h]ian Environs [J-2-3] 1962

box-folder 19:13

The Mummers Theater: A Fragment Not a Building [J-2-4] 1968

box-folder 19:14

Precast Annular Embassy, Johansen, Arch. [J-2-5] 1964

box-folder 19:15

Theatre Charles Morris à Baltimore [J-2-6] n.d.

box-folder 19:16

Photographs: John M. Johansen [J-2-7] 1961

box-folder 19:17

Photos: Johansen, Goddard Library, Clark University, Mass. [J-2-8] 1966-1969

box-folder 19:18-19:45

Johnson, Philip [J-3]

box-folder 19:18

The Art of Building, The Seven Shibboleths of Our Profession [J-3-1] 1962

box-folder 19:19

The Current Work of Philip Johnson, Henry Russell Hitchcock [J-3-2] n.d.

box-folder 19:20

Down With Art? George O'Brien [J-3-3] 1965

box-folder 19:21

Einweihung des Richard Kaselowsky-Hauses Kunsthalle der Stadt Bielefeld [J-3-4] 1968

box-folder 19:22

Four Just-Completed Buildings by Philip Johnson [J-3-5] 1969

box-folder 19:23

The Future of the Past, Sibyl Moholy-Nagy [J-3-6] n.d.

box-folder 19:24

Kunsthalle der Stadt Bielefeld, arch. Philip Johnson [J-3-7] 1968

box-folder 19:25

LAUDATIO für den Architekten Philip Johnson [by SMN] [J-3-8] 1968

box-folder 19:26

The Man Remaking Washington Square, by Frances Fitzgerald [J-3-9] 1965

box-folder 19:27

The Mies-less Johnson, William H. Jordy [J-3-10] n.d.

box-folder 19:28

Munson Williams Proctor Institute [J-3-11] [1960]

box-folder 19:29

Im Neolithikum [J-3-12] 1964

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box-folder 19:31

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box-folder 19:32

The 100 Biggest Contractors [J-3-15] 1959

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Philip Johnson [J-3-17] 1961

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box-folder 19:36

Philip Johnson's Modern and Neo-Classic [J-3-19] 1962-1969

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Pre-Columbian Art in a Post-Modern Museum [J-3-20] 1964

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Recent Work of Philip Johnson [J-3-21] 1962

box-folder 19:39

The Roofless Church [J-3-22] 1961

box-folder 19:40

Speech Architectural League Dinner [J-3-23] 1965

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box-folder 19:42

This Time They Mean It, Ada Louise Huxtable [J-3-25] 1969

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box-folder 19:44

Why We Want Our Cities Ugly, Philip Johnson [J-3-27] 1967

box-folder 19:45

Photos: Philip Johnson [J-3-28] 1960's

box-folder 19:46-20:2

Kahn, Louis [K-1]

box-folder 19:46

Another Kind of Castle... Bryn Mawr Dorm [K-1-1] n.d.

box-folder 19:47

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box-folder 19:48

Eight Story Rigid Frame Structure Assembled From Precast Members [K-1-3] 1959

box-folder 19:49

The Future of the Past, Sibyl Moholy-Nagy [K-1-4] n.d.

box-folder 19:50

Kahn Newspaper Shop [K-1-5] 1962

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box-folder 19:56

Speech by Louis I. Kahn [K-1-12] n.d.

box-folder 19:57

Statement by Louis I. Kahn [K-1-13] n.d.

box-folder 20:1

Photographs and Illustrations, Louis Kahn [K-1-14] ca. 1958-1963

box-folder 20:2

Photographs and Illustrations: Louis Kahn, con't [K-1-15] 1964-1966

box-folder 20:3-20:30

Landscape Architecture [L-1]

box-folder 20:3-20:27

Articles: Landscape Architecture, Parks

box-folder 20:3

Architektur als Labyrinth [L-1-1] 1964

box-folder 20:4

Big City Parks Issue, Bauwelt [L-1-2] 1963

box-folder 20:5

City Playgrounds [L-1-3] -CONTENTS MISSING- n.d.

box-folder 20:6

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Courtyards Provide Tranquil Sanctuaries [L-1-5] 1958

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box-folder 20:28-20:30

Photos: Landscape Architecture and Parks

box-folder 20:28

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box-folder 20:29

Landscape Arch. and Parks, cont'd [L-1-28] n.d.

box-folder 20:30

Landscape Arch. and Parks, Miscellaneous and Unmarked [L-1-29] ca. 1961

box-folder 20:31-21:12

Le Corbusier [L-2]

box-folder 20:31-20:56


box-folder 20:31

Arts and Architecture Issue on le Corbusier [L-2-1] 1965

box-folder 20:32

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Le Corbusier Completes His First U. S. Building [L-2-11] n.d.

box-folder 20:42

Le Corbusier er Notre Epoque, G. Candilis [L-2-12] [ca. 1960]

box-folder 20:43

Le Corbusier Letzter Bau Steht in der Schweiz [L-2-13] 1967

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box-folder 20:45

Letter from Le Corbusier to Charles l'Eplattenier [L-2-15] [Incomplete photocopy] 1908

box-folder 20:46

Magnificent Folly [by SMN] [L-2-16] 1957

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The Modulor, le Corbusier, Review [L-2-17] 1954

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On la Denomme la Prudence et la Justice [L-2-18] n.d.

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box-folder 20:50

The Philips Pavilion at the 1958 Brussels World Fair [L-2-20] 1960

box-folder 20:51

Pour Ses Locataires, la Maison du Fada Est Devenue Simplement le Corbusier, Pierre Fisson [L-2-21] 1969

box-folder 20:52

Proportionen un Masstabe im Stadtraum [L-2-23] n.d.

box-folder 20:53

Recent Work of Pierre Jeanneret [L-2-24] 1964

box-folder 20:54

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box-folder 20:55

Time and le Corbusier, Nikolaus Pevsner [L-2-26] n.d.

box-folder 20:56

Notes on le Corbusier [L-2-27] n.d.

box-folder 20:57-21:1


box-folder 20:57

Le Corbusier [L-2-28] ca. 1966

box-folder 20:58

Le Corbusier, cont'd [L-2-29] 1958-1969

box-folder 20:59

Le Corbusier, cont'd [L-2-30] ca. 1969

box-folder 21:1

Le Corbusier, Ahmedabad [L-2-31] n.d.

box-folder 21:2-21:12

Le Corbusier: Chandigarh

box-folder 21:2-21:9


box-folder 21:2

Chandigarh Ville, Stanislas Von Moos [L-2-33] n.d.

box-folder 21:3

The Contribution of Le Corbusier [L-2-34] 1961

box-folder 21:4

Four Recent Projects Form Chandigarh [L-2-35] n.d.

box-folder 21:5

Le Corbusier: Chandigarh, Cor[r]espondence and Notes, SMN [L-2-36] ca. 1968

box-folder 21:6

Le Corbusier's New Masterpiece In Concrete [L-2-37] 1962

box-folder 21:7

A Museum For Chandigarh [L-2-38] ca. 1967

box-folder 21:8

New Building Abroad [L-2-39] 1963

box-folder 21:9

A Study of Chandigarh: The Dynamic City, David Crane [L-2-40] 1960

box-folder 21:10-21:11


box-folder 21:10

Le Corbusier: Chandigarh Plans Sketches, Miscellaneous and Unmarked [L-2-41] n.d.

box-folder 21:11

Le Corbusier: Chandigarh Photos [L-2-42] n.d.

box-folder 21:12

Le Corbusier: Chandigarh Photos, cont'd [L-2-43] ca. 1967

box-folder 21:13-21:20

Lundy, Victor A. [L-3]

box-folder 21:13

The Case of the Westport Schoolhouse [L-3-1] 1962

box-folder 21:14

Connecticut Prayer Tent [L-3-2] n.d.

box-folder 21:15

Four Churches by Victor Lundy [L-3-3] 1959

box-folder 21:16

From Uxmal to IBM [L-3-4] 1965

box-folder 21:17

Soaring Timbers in the Woods [L-3-5] 1961

box-folder 21:18

Structure and Design... A Church Shining in the Squalor [L-3-6] 1966

box-folder 21:19

Tricorn For Teaching [L-3-7] 1962

box-folder 21:20

Photographs: Victor A. Lundy [L-3-8] 1962-1964

box-folder 21:21-21:25

Megalithic (All Continents) [M-1]

box-folder 21:21-21:24

Articles: Megalithic

box-folder 21:21

Americans Join the Invasion of Balearics, Dick Huffman [M-1-1] 1969

box-folder 21:22

Easter Islan[d] Visit Shakes Out Some Myths About the South Pacific [M-1-2] 1969

box-folder 21:23

Heal of the Boot: Rustic Charm of Italy's Far South Reflected in Ancient Houses [M-1-3] 1962

box-folder 21:24

Sceilg Mhichil, Charles Cockburn [M-1-5] n.d.

box-folder 21:25

Photos: Megalithic [M-1-6] n.d.

box-folder 21:26-21:29

Mesopotamia [M-2]

box-folder 21:26

The Tartaria Tablets, M. S. F. Hood [M-2-1] 1968

box-folder 21:27

Illustrations: Mesopotamia [M-2-2] n.d.

box-folder 21:28

Illustrations: Mesopotamia, cont'd [M-2-3] n.d.

box-folder 21:29

Notes on Mesopotamia, SMN [M-2-4] n.d.

box-folder 21:30

Photos: Mexico [M-3-1] n.d.

box-folder 21:31-22:2

Mies van der Rohe [M-4]

box-folder 21:31-21:45


box-folder 21:31

A Medal for L. Mies van der Rohe [M-4-1] 1960

box-folder 21:32

Apartment Houses [M-4-2] 1956

box-folder 21:33

Berlin, National Gallery [M-4-3] 1969

box-folder 21:34

Dan Man Im Haus Tugendhat Wohnen [M-4-4] -CONTENTS MISSING- n.d.

box-folder 21:35

L'Architecture Americaine Prend Une, SMN [M-4-5] n.d.

box-folder 21:36

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe [M-4-6] n.d.

box-folder 21:37

Mies Builds in Mexico [M-4-7] 1962

box-folder 21:38

Mies Designs New Headquarers for Krupp [M-4-8] 1961

box-folder 21:39

Mies Quotations [M-4-9] 1962

box-folder 21:40

Mies Speech [by SMN] [M-4-10] 1961

box-folder 21:41

Mies van der Rohe [M-4-11] 1960

box-folder 21:42

Mies van der Rohe Battery Park Projekt [M-4-12] 1961

box-folder 21:43

Modern Architecture, Modern Art, and the Doctrine of Less Is More, SMN [M-4-13] 1961

box-folder 21:44

The Place of Mies in American Architecture, William Jordy [M-4-14] n.d.

box-folder 21:45

Villas in the Slums, SMN [M-4-16] 1960

box-folder 21:46


box-folder 22:1

Mies van der Rohe [M-4-17] 1959

box-folder 22:2

Mies van der Rohe, cont'd [M-4-18] 1959

box-folder 22:3-22:6

Mileto, Gugliemo [M-5]

box-folder 22:3

Dall'America a Roma: Esperienze di un Architetto Italiano: Mileto [M-5-2] 1969

box-folder 22:4

New Haven Elementary School [M-5-3] n.d.

box-folder 22:5

Université Pahlavi, Shiraz, Iran [M-5-4] n.d.

box-folder 22:6

Plans and Illustrations: Mileto [M-5-5] 1967-1970


Moholy-Nagy, Laszlo [REMOVED] [M-6] n.d.

box-folder 22:7-22:25

Moslem Architecture [M-7]

box-folder 22:7-22:13

Articles: Moslem, Near East, Egypt, India

box-folder 22:7

The Architecture of Isphahan, Amos Rapoport [M-7-1] 1964-1965

box-folder 22:8

Beirut and Environs: The Journey to Lebanon [No SMN Number] n.d.

box-folder 22:9

Damascus [M-7-2] n.d.

box-folder 22:10

Islamic Architecture [M-7-3] 1953

box-folder 22:11

Old Persian Brickwork, Donald N. Wilber [M-7-4] 1940

box-folder 22:12

Persian Architecture, Olga Ford, Edmund Wilford [M-7-5] n.d.

box-folder 22:13

Vigorous Roofs On Formal Facades [M-7-6] n.d.

box-folder 22:14-22:15

Photographs: Moslem, Near East, Egypt, India

box-folder 22:14

[M-7-7] ca. 1964

box-folder 22:15

[M-7-8] n.d.

box-folder 22:16

Miscellaneous and Unmarked [M-7-9] n.d.

box-folder 22:17-22:25

Articles: Moslem, Spain and Turkey n.d.

box-folder 22:17

A. Mayer, Islamic Architects and Their Works, Book Review [M-7-10] ca. 1956

box-folder 22:18

Aeldre Tyrkiske Byhuse [M-7-11] n.d.

box-folder 22:19

Arkitekten Sinan, Ebbe Clemmensen [M-7-12] n.d.

box-folder 22:20

Der Islam: Hingabe and Allah [M-7-13] n.d.

box-folder 22:21

Tyrkisk Dekoration [M-7-14] n.d.

box-folder 22:22

The Traditional Wood House, David Gebhard [M-7-15] 1963

box-folder 22:23

Photos: Moslem, Spain, Turkey [M-7-16] n.d.

box-folder 22:24

Miscellaneous and Unmarked Photos [M-7-17] n.d.

box-folder 22:25

Notes [M-7-18] n.d.

box-folder 23:1-23:13

Museums [M-8]

box-folder 23:1

American Museums Seen Through the Eyes of a European, Echkhardt [M-8-1] n.d.

box-folder 23:2

Das South Band Art Centre in London [M-8-2] 1967

box-folder 23:3

L.A. County Museum [M-8-3] n.d.

box-folder 23:4

London Finds Words, Some of Them Hard, for Museum [M-8-4] 1968

box-folder 23:5

Museum in Mexiko, Ida Rodriguez [M-8-5] n.d.

box-folder 23:6

Object on View, Michael Brawne [M-8-6] 1959

box-folder 23:7

Quattro Opere di Gerrit Rietveld, in Olanda [M-8-7] n.d.

box-folder 23:8

Showcase for Sculpture [M-8-8] n.d.

box-folder 23:9

Un Museo Che Non Si Fara [M-8-9] 1969

box-folder 23:10

What Should a Museum Be?, Ada Louise Huxtable [M-8-10] 1960

box-folder 23:11

Und Dann Kamen die Bilder [M-8-11] n.d.

box-folder 23:12

Photos: Museums [M-8-12] 1968

box-folder 23:13

Photos: Museums, University of Ca[lifornia], Campi, Arch. [M-8-13] 1970

box-folder 23:14-23:15

Mycenae [M-9]

box-folder 23:14

Articles: Mycenae [M-9-1] n.d.

box-folder 23:15

Photos: Mycenae [M-9-2] n.d.

box-folder 23:16-23:19

Neo-Classicism [N-1]

box-folder 23:16

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box-folder 23:17

Karl Friedrich Schinkel, Martin Wagner [N-1-2] 1965

box-folder 23:18

Washington: A Critique [of "The Plan for the Year 2000"], SMN [N-1-3] 1961

box-folder 23:19

Photos: Neo-Classicism [N-1-4] n.d.

box-folder 23:20-23:22

Neutra, Richard [N-2]

box-folder 23:20

Human Setting in an Industrial Civilization, Richard Neutra [N-2-1] n.d.

box-folder 23:21

Neutra in California, Esther McCoy [N-2-2] 1960

box-folder 23:22

Photos: Richard Neutra [N-2-3] 1957

box-folder 23:23-24:2

New York City [N-3]

box-folder 23:23-23:50

Articles: New York

box-folder 23:23

Address to Municipal Art Society of New York, [by] SMN [N-3-1] 1970

box-folder 23:24

The Armenian Cathedral in New York, Ashod Tertzakian [N-3-2] 1967

box-folder 23:25

Battery Park City [N-3-3] 1969

box-folder 23:26

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box-folder 23:27

Building Code Expected to Spur Change in City's Appearance [N-3-5] 1968

box-folder 23:28

The Case For Madison Square [N-3-6] 1964

box-folder 23:29

Cities: Hope For The Heart [N-3-7] 1966

box-folder 23:30

Community in Metropolis [N-3-8] 1964

box-folder 23:31

Co-op City and Vast Housing Project Rise [N-3-9] 1968

box-folder 23:32

East 53rd going Going... [N-3-10] 1970

box-folder 23:33

For Art, 5th Ave. Is a 2-Way Street, Henry Raymont [N-3-11] 1970

box-folder 23:34

The Future City: Urban Design Manhattan, Jeff Sisco [N-3-12] n.d.

box-folder 23:35

Greenwich Village [N-3-13] 1965

box-folder 23:36

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box-folder 23:37

In the Other Harlem, Elegance Dwells On Tree Lined Streets [N-3-15] 1969

box-folder 23:38

It's Not a Bad Crisis To Live In, Irving Kristol [N-3-16] 1967

box-folder 23:39

Manhattan Island: The Past Is Present, [by] SMN [N-3-17] 1966

box-folder 23:40

Manhattan Reorganized: Hermann Herrey's Plan [N-3-18] 1968

box-folder 23:41

The New City: Architecture and Urban Renewal [N-3-19] 1967

box-folder 23:42

New York's Civic Center Takes Form [N-3-20] 1965

box-folder 23:43

Opening the Grid Plan... Cornell University [N-3-21] n.d.

box-folder 23:44

Planning Agency For Midtown Is Set Up By Mayor [N-3-22] 1969

box-folder 23:45

Pratt Institute Studies the City [N-3-23] 1967

box-folder 23:46

Sweeping Revisions of City's Building Code [N-3-24] 1965

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Unity and Harmony at Rockefeller Center, Douglas Haskell [N-3-25] 1966

box-folder 23:48

Urban Design in New York [N-3-26] 1969

box-folder 23:49

Vox Populi: Many Voices From A Single Community [N-3-27] 1968

box-folder 23:50

Maps and Plans: New York [N-3-29] ca. 1965

box-folder 23:51-24:2

Photos: New York

box-folder 23:51

[N-3-30] 1967-1970

box-folder 23:52

Cont'd [N-3-31] 1966

box-folder 23:53

Cont'd [N-3-32] 1966-1967

box-folder 24:1

New York in 1800's [N-3-33] n.d.

box-folder 24:2

Miscellaneous and Unmarked [N-3-34] n.d.

box-folder 24:3-24:18

Nineteenth Century [N-4]

box-folder 24:3-24:16

Articles: Nineteenth Century

box-folder 24:3

Chicago and AIA Preservation [N-4-1] 1961

box-folder 24:4

Chicago Buildings [N-4-2] n.d.

box-folder 24:5

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box-folder 24:6

From [A] Coleridge Opium Dream, Ada Louise Huztable [N-4-4] 1969

box-folder 24:7

George W. Maher [N-4-5] 1964

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Iron In Early American Roofs, Charles E. Peterson [N-4-6] 1968

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James Renwich, Jr. and the Second Empire Style in the U.S. [N-4-7] 1951

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Lessons In The Death of Style, Ada Louise Huxtable [N-4-8] 1969

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box-folder 24:12

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Romanesque Before Richardson in the U.S., Carroll L. V. Meeks [N-4-11] n.d.

box-folder 24:14

Romantic Rationalism and the Expression of Structure in Wood [N-4-12] n.d.

box-folder 24:15

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box-folder 24:16

Steinway Hall, Architects and Dreams, H. Allen Brooks [N-4-14] n.d.

box-folder 24:17-24:18

Photos: Nineteenth Century

box-folder 24:17

[N-4-15] n.d.

box-folder 24:18

Cont'd [N-4-16] n.d.

box-folder 24:18-24:28

Office Buildings [O-1]

box-folder 24:18-24:27

Articles: Office Bldgs.

box-folder 24:18

Administration Building in Switzerland, Justus Dahinden [O-1-1] 1965

box-folder 24:19

Banco do Brasil: Secluded Prestige for a Semi-Private Bank [O-1-2] 1969

box-folder 24:20

A Facade of Sep[a]rated, Bricked-in Services [O-1-3] n.d.

box-folder 24:21

The Low Cost of Elegance [O-1-4] 1961

box-folder 24:22

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box-folder 24:23

A Review of the New Skyscraper, James S. Hornbeck [O-1-6] 1957

box-folder 24:24

Unusual Bank in Wyoming Started as Wood Sculpture, Lawrence Okan[e] [O-1-7] 1967

box-folder 24:25

Walter Henn: Industrial Bldg. [O-1-8] 1962

box-folder 24:26

Westyard Office-Warehouse [O-1-9] 1968

box-folder 24:27

Zur Nutzbarkeit von Bürogrossräumen [O-1-10] 1965

box-folder 24:28

Office Buildings [O-1-11] n.d.

box-folder 24:29-24:35

Pelli, Cesar [P-1]

box-folder 24:29-24:33


box-folder 24:29

Bunker Hill Urban Renewal Area, Third St. Tunnel Extension, L.A. [P-1-1] n.d.

box-folder 24:30

Cesar Pelli: Recent Work [No SMN Number] 1964-1968

box-folder 24:31

Comsat Laboratories [P-1-2] n.d.

box-folder 24:32

The Pacific Centre [P-1-3] n.d.

box-folder 24:33

The Public Architect, [by] Sibyl Moholy-Nagy [P-1-4] [ca. 1970]

box-folder 24:34-35

Photos: Cesar Pelli [P-1-5], [P-1-6] n.d. 1968

box-folder 24:36-24:45

Pei, I. M., and Associates [P-2]

box-folder 24:36

A Building Designed For Scenic Effect [P-2-1] 1967

box-folder 24:37

First Design Award [P-2-2] 1961

box-folder 24:38

New Landmark For MIT [P-2-3] 1965

box-folder 24:39

New Research Labs on the Edge of the Rockies [P-2-4] 1967

box-folder 24:40

Place Ville Marie [P-2-5] 1963

box-folder 24:41

Shells Soar in Formosa [P-2-6] 1964

box-folder 24:42

The Story of Place Ville Marie [P-2-7] 1960

box-folder 24:43

Syracuse Museum of Art [P-2-8] 1962

box-folder 24:44

University Apartments [P-2-9] n.d.

box-folder 24:45

Photos and Illustrations: I. M. Pei Associates [P-2-10] n.d.

box-folder 25:1-25:8

Photography (Architectural [P-3]

box-folder 25:1

Architectural Photogrammetry, Perry E. Borchers [P-3-1] 1962

box-folder 25:2

Architectural Photography, Eric Pawley [P-3-2] 1957

box-folder 25:3

Architectural Photgraphy, Lawrence Williams [P-3-3] n.d.

box-folder 25:4

The Case For Custom Processing, Harry Amdur [P-3-4] n.d.

box-folder 25:5

Choice of Station and Control, Perry Borchers [P-3-5] 1960

box-folder 25:6

Nature and the Camera, David Linton [P-3-6] n.d.

box-folder 25:7

Roll Film, Joseph Foldes [P-3-7] 1962

box-folder 25:8

Zur Photographie von Architektur [P-3-8] 1958

box-folder 25:9-25:10

Plazas [P-4]

box-folder 25:9

Articles: Plazas, San Francisco Civic Center Plaza. Constitutional Plaza, Hartford [P-4-1] 1964

box-folder 25:10

Photos: Plazas [P-4-2] 1963

box-folder 25:11-25:28

Prefabrication [P-5]

box-folder 25:11

Anwendung von Kunststoffen im Bauwesen [P-5-1] 1963

box-folder 25:12

Building With Boxes [P-5-2] 1968

box-folder 25:13

Habitat 67, Montreal [P-5-3] [1967]

box-folder 25:14

How Eichler Sells Open Occupancy With No Fuss [P-5-4] 1964

box-folder 25:15

Levitt To Construct Homes In Factories On A Mass Basis, G. Fowler [P-5-5] n.d.

box-folder 25:16

Monsanto's House Of The Future [No SMN Number] 1957

box-folder 25:17

New Demountable Cottages Developed by the TVA [P-5-6] 1941

box-folder 25:18

Notes: Prefabrication [P-5-7] 1964

box-folder 25:19

Operation Breakthrough [P-5-8] 1970

box-folder 25:20

The Plastic House Of The Future [P-5-9] 1957

box-folder 25:21

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box-folder 25:22

Prefabrication [P-5-11] 1943

box-folder 25:23

Projekt Hangende Garten [P-5-12] 1969

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The Thin Shell Development, Eliot Noyes [P-5-13] 1958

box-folder 25:25

Toward the Industrialized House [P-5-14] 1958

box-folder 25:26

Une Theorie Pour L'Occupation de L'Espace [P-5-15] n.d.

box-folder 25:27

Vorfertigung in USA [P-5-16] 1964

box-folder 25:28

Photos: Prefabrication [P-5-17] n.d.

box-folder 25:29-25:53

Residential [R-1]

box-folder 25:29-25:41

Articles: Residential, Single Houses

box-folder 25:29

Architectural Record Houses of 1961 [R-1-1] 1961

box-folder 25:30

California Fair Houses, Talbot F. Hamlin [R-1-2] 1939-1941

box-folder 25:31

Casa Baldi Sull'ansa dell[a] Flaminia, a Roma, Arch. Portoghesi [R-1-3] n.d.

box-folder 25:32

Cesare Cattaneo, 1912-43 [R-1-4] n.d.

box-folder 25:33

The Court House Concept, Ian L. McHarg [R-1-5] 1957

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box-folder 25:35

Fifty Years of the American Home, David Gebhard [R-1-7] [1957]

box-folder 25:36

House No. 4 by Jacques Couelle [R-1-8] -CONTENTS MISSING- n.d.

box-folder 25:37

House Opens 180 Degrees [R-1-9] 1967

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Jardines del Pedregal de San Angel [R-1-10] [ca. 1951]

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Root of California Contemporary architecture, Esther McCoy [R-1-11] n.d.

box-folder 25:40

Vacation Homes: An Exploding Market Takes On A New Shape [R-1-12] 1964

box-folder 25:41

Photos: Residential, Single Houses [R-1-13] 1962-1967

box-folder 25:42-25:51

Articles: Residential, Multiple Occupancy

box-folder 25:42

ADAC Haus in Berlin, Arch. Willy Kreuer [R-1-14] 1961

box-folder 25:43

Apts. Around a Well, Canbridge, Mass [R-1-15] 1961

box-folder 25:44

Architect Recalls the Old Chicago School [R-1-16] 1962

box-folder 25:45

Berichte [R-1-17] 1963

box-folder 25:46

Elements of a City, Whittlesey and Glass [R-1-18] 1960

box-folder 25:47

Hugh Stubbins [R-1-19] 1959

box-folder 25:48

Marriage Italian Style [R-1-20] n.d.

box-folder 25:49

Something of Spain in Stucco and Stone Designed With Hudson View [R-1-21] 1969

box-folder 25:50

Viewful Apt. on a Podium of Sand [R-1-22] [ca. 1969]

box-folder 25:51

Wohnen Über Terrassen [R-1-23] 1963

box-folder 25:52-53

Photos: Residential, Multiple Occupancy [R-1-24], R-1-25] 1950-1969

box-folder 25:54-25:68

Religious Architecture (20th Century) [R-2]

box-folder 25:54-25:66


box-folder 25:54

Felix Candela, Alberto Sartoris [R-2-1] n.d.

box-folder 25:55

Case Histories, General Problems [R-2-2] 1959

box-folder 25:56

Christuskirche in Bochum [R-2-3] 1959

box-folder 25:57

The Church That Turned A Corner [R-2-4] 1967

box-folder 25:58

Eglise de L'Autoroute du Soleil, Pres de Florence, Michelucci, Arch. [R-2-5] n.d.

box-folder 25:59

Eglise de Viroflay [R-2-6] n.d.

box-folder 25:60

Form in Churches [R-2-7] 1961

box-folder 25:61

Grattacielo a Melbourne, Australia [R-2-8] n.d.

box-folder 25:62

Interval In A Street [No SMN Number] 1967

box-folder 25:63

Maria Regina Martyrum [R-2-9] n.d.

box-folder 25:64

Joseph Salerno [R-2-10] n.d.

box-folder 25:65

Shrine of the Book [R-2-11] n.d.

box-folder 25:66

Welded Pipe Trussed Frame Roofs Open Air Tabernacle [R-2-12] 1965

box-folder 25:67-25:68

Photos: Religious Architecture, 20th Century

box-folder 25:67

[R-1-13] n.d.

box-folder 25:68

Cont'd [R-2-14] 1963

box-folder 26:1-26:4

Retail [R-3]

box-folder 26:1

A and S, Macy's Hail Start of Work at Suffolk Center [R-3-1] 1961

box-folder 26:2

Retailing and the Automobile [R-3-2] 1960

box-folder 26:3

Wonderland Shopping Center [R-3-3] n.d.

box-folder 26:4

Photos: Retail [R-3-4] 1955-1960

box-folder 26:5-26:31

Renaissance Architecture [R-4]

box-folder 26:5

Notes [R-4-1] 1950-1967

box-folder 26:6-26:25


box-folder 26:6-26:22


box-folder 26:6

The Antecedents of Bramante's Tempietto, Earl Rosenthal [R-4-2] n.d.

box-folder 26:7

Architectural Practice in the Italian Renaissance, James Ackerman [R-4-3] n.d.

box-folder 26:8

The Art of Living Into Living Art [R-4-4] [1959]

box-folder 26:9

Bramante's Great Space, Vincent J. Scully [R-4-5] 1956

box-folder 26:10

A City of Stone: Florence [R-4-6] 1959

box-folder 26:11

The End of Sculpture as a Useful Medium [R-4-7] n.d.

box-folder 26:12

Florentine Painting and Its Social Background, Review, Millard Meiss [R-4-8] [ca. 1947]

box-folder 26:13

The "Idea" in Giuseppe Arcimbodlo's Art, Aul Wescher [R-4-9] 1950

box-folder 26:14

The Ideal City, S. Lang [R-4-10] 1952

box-folder 26:15

La Cappella Dell'Incoronata Nel Duomo Di Mantova, Francesco Caprini [R-4-11] n.d.

box-folder 26:16

La Chiesa Peruzzian Di San Bartolomeo Ad Ancaiano, Presso Siena, Emilio Daffara [R-4-12] n.d.

box-folder 26:17

Michelangelo's Fortification Drawings, Vincent Scully [R-4-13] 1952

box-folder 26:18

The Mother Lode of Western Styles, [by] Sibyl Moholy-Nagy [R-4-14] 1959

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Palazzo Sisto V in the Vatican, Jack Wasserman [R-4-15] n.d.

box-folder 26:20

Pratolino, Webster Smith [R-4-16] n.d.

box-folder 26:21

Theatrum Mundi, Richard Bernheimer [R-4-17] 1956

box-folder 26:22

Tintoretto and Mannerism, Nikolaus Pevsner [R-4-18] 1952

box-folder 26:23-25

Photos, [R-4-19], [R-4-20], [R-4-21] n.d.

box-folder 26:26-26:31

All Countries Other Than Italy

box-folder 26:26-26:27


box-folder 26:26

Jacques Francois Blondel and the Cours D'Architecture, Robin Middleton [R-4-22] n.d.

box-folder 26:27

Old S[o]merset House, Nikolaus Pevsner [R-4-23] n.d.

box-folder 26:28-26:31

Photos: Other Countries

box-folder 26:28

France [R-4-24] n.d.

box-folder 26:29

France, cont'd [R-4-25] n.d.

box-folder 26:30

Germany [R-4-26] n.d.

box-folder 26:31

Miscellaneous, Unmarked [R-4-27] n.d.

box-folder 26:32

Roche and Dinkeloo: Ford Foundation, Article[s], Photos [R-5-1] 1967-1970

box-folder 26:33-27:9

Romanesque [R-6]

box-folder 26:33-26:39


box-folder 26:33

De Bornholmse Rondkerken, Friedhoff [R-6-2] 1960

box-folder 26:34

Il Castello Svevo di Gioia del Colle, Feletti [R-6-3] n.d.

box-folder 26:35

St. Front, Perigueux, France, Robert Bruce Cousins [R-6-4] 1961

box-folder 26:36

San Vittore delle Chiuse Presso Genga di Ancona, Scarso [R-6-5] n.d.

box-folder 26:37

Sanctuaires Romans sur le Chemin de St. Jacques [R-6-6] 1962

box-folder 26:38

SS. Pietro e Paolo a Forza d'Agro, Felletti [R-6-7] n.d.

box-folder 26:39

Symbolic Numbers and Romanesque Church Plans, Sunderland [R-6-8] n.d.

box-folder 27:1-27:xx


box-folder 27:1

France [R-6-9] n.d.

box-folder 27:2

France, cont'd [R-6-10] n.d.

box-folder 27:3

Germany [R-6-11] n.d.

box-folder 27:4

London [R-6-12] n.d.

box-folder 27:5

Spain, Italy [R-6-13] n.d.

box-folder 27:6

Spain, Italy, cont'd [R-6-14] n.d.

box-folder 27:7

[More] Spain, Ialy, cont'd [R-6-15] n.d.

box-folder 27:8

Switzerland [R-6-16] n.d.

box-folder 27:9

Miscellaneous and Unmarked [R-6-17] n.d.

box-folder 27:10-27:12

Rome [R-7]

box-folder 27:10

Notes by SMN [R-7-1] n.d.

box-folder 27:11-27:12


box-folder 27:11

Rome [R-7-2] n.d.

box-folder 27:12

Rome, cont'd [R-7-3] n.d.

box-folder 27:13-27:14

Roosevelt Memorial Competition [R-8]

box-folder 27:13

Information [R-8-1] 1960

box-folder 27:14

Photos of Proposed Plans [R-8-2] 1963

box-folder 28:1-28:27

Rudolph, Paul [R-9]

box-folder 28:1-28:23


box-folder 28:1

Alterswohnungen Crawford Manor In New Haven, USA [R-9-1] 1967

box-folder 28:2

The Architecture Of Paul Rudolph, [Introduction by] SMN [R-9-2] 1970

box-folder 28:3

An Architecture Strongly Manipulated in Space and Scale [R-9-3] 1967

box-folder 28:4

Architectural Changes Forecast New Adventures in Living, Milam House [R-9-4] 1962

box-folder 28:5

Centre Arts de Wellesley [R-9-5] n.d.

box-folder 28:6

Coordinated Architecture for Government Center [R-9-6] 1964

box-folder 28:7

Der [Das] Work Paul Rudolph, [by] SMN [R-9-7] n.d.

box-folder 28:8

Five Levels Give a Dramatic Sequence of Spaces, Deeringhouse [R-9-8] 1958

box-folder 28:9

Fortress for Pharm[a]ceuticals, Endo Labs, NY [R-9-9] 1964

box-folder 28:10

Hohere Schule Riverview in Sarasota, Florida [R-9-10] 1957-1958

box-folder 28:11

House in the Sky with Terrace, Under 221-D-3 [R-9-11] 1968

box-folder 28:12

Institut de Technologie, North Dartmouth, Mass [R-9-12] n.d.

box-folder 28:13

New Architecture in an Old Setting, Wellesley [R-9-13] 1959

box-folder 28:14

A New Kind of Urban Space and Sense of Community [R-9-14] n.d.

box-folder 28:15

A New Town That Conserves the Landscape, Stafford Harbor [R-9-15] 1967

box-folder 28:16

Rudolph Designs For The New York Fair [R-9-16] 1961

box-folder 28:17

Rudolph's Roman Road [R-9-17] 1963

box-folder 28:18

Sanctuary of Sculptured Concrete, Tuskegge Inst. [R-9-18] 1960

box-folder 28:19

Sensually Structured Parking Garage by Rudolph [R-9-19] 1960

box-folder 28:20

Siegrist House, Arch. Rudolph [R-9-20] 1953

box-folder 28:21

Yacht and Country Club [R-9-21] 1962

box-folder 28:22

Paul Rudolph: Articles on Yale's School of Art and Arch. [R-9-22] ca. 1964

box-folder 28:23

Paul Rudolph: Plans: Yale School of Art and Arch. [R-9-23] 1962-1963

box-folder 28:24-28:27


box-folder 28:24

Yale's School of Art and Arch. [R-9-24] n.d.

box-folder 28:25

Yale's School of Art and Arch. [Cont'd] [R-9-25] n.d.

box-folder 28:26

Paul Rudolph, Photos [R-9-26] 1959-1967

box-folder 28:27

Cont'd [R-9-27] 1958-1962

box-folder 28:28-28:31

Russia [R-10]

box-folder 28:28

Deutsche Architekten in der Sowjetunion, Hans Schmidt [R-10-1] 1967

box-folder 28:29

Die Ersten Architektur Denkmaler zu Ehren Lenins, A. Strigalew [R-10-2] 1969

box-folder 28:30

Entwicklungslinien der Sowjetischen Architektur, Christian Schadlich [R-10-3] [ca. 1967]

box-folder 28:31

Photos: Russian Pavilion, Expo 67 [R-10-4] 1967

box-folder 28:32-28:49

Saarinen, Eero [S-1]

box-folder 28:32

CBS Building [S-1-1] n.d.

box-folder 28:33

The Concrete Bird Stands Free, TWA Building [S-1-2] 1960

box-folder 28:34

The Diversity of Eero Saarinen [S-1-3] 1960

box-folder 28:35

Dulles International Airport [S-1-4] 1963

box-folder 28:36

Eero Saarinen, A Complete Architect, Walter McQuade [S-1-6] 1962

box-folder 28:37

Engineering of Saarinen's Arch. St. Louis [S-1-7] 1963

box-folder 28:38

Exciting Embassy by Saarinen Opens Under Fire, Oslo, Norway [S-1-8] 1959

box-folder 28:39

Facts About the New Research Center, NY [S-1-9] n.d.

box-folder 28:40

Hauptverwaltung der Deere and Co., Moline, USA [S-1-10] n.d.

box-folder 28:41

A New Airport for Jets, Dulles International [S-1-11] 1960

box-folder 28:42

Research in the Round, IBM Bldg. [S-1-12] 1961

box-folder 28:43

Search for Form, Concordia Senior College [S-1-13] 1958

box-folder 28:44

The Six Broad Currents of Modern Architecture [S-1-14] 1953

box-folder 28:45

Statement on IBM [S-1-15] 1961

box-folder 28:46

Two New Colleges at Yale [S-1-16] 1960

box-folder 28:47

Unique Cross-Curve Plan for IBM Research Center [S-1-17] 1961

box-folder 28:48

Photos [S-1-18] n.d.

box-folder 28:49

Plans, Miscellaneous and Unmarked Photos [S-1-19] ca. 1958-1960

box-folder 28:50-28:52

Safdie, Moshe [S-2]

box-folder 28:50

Article: Habitat and After [S-2-1] 1967

box-folder 28:51

Article: Habitat 67, Expo 67 [S-2-2] [1967]

box-folder 28:52

Photos of Habitat, Expo 67 [S-2-3] [1967]

box-folder 29:1-29:3

Scharoun, Hans [S-3]

box-folder 29:1

Romeo und Julia in Stuttgart [S-3-1] 1961

box-folder 29:2

Scharoun [S-3-2] 1963

box-folder 29:3

Photos: Scharoun [S-3-3] n.d.

box-folder 29:4-29:6

Sert, José Luis [S-4]

box-folder 29:4

Harvard's New Married Student Housing [S-4-1] 1964

box-folder 29:5

The Sert House: A Prototype That Combines For Privacy [S-4-2] 1959

box-folder 29:6

Photos: Sert [S-4-3] 1964

box-folder 29:7-29:19

Skidmore, Owings and Merrill [S-5]

box-folder 29:7-29:17


box-folder 29:7

Academie de l'Armee de l'Air Americaine, Colordao Springs [S-5-1] n.d.

box-folder 29:8

Afloat on a Connecticut Hilltop [S-5-2] 1963

box-folder 29:9

Campus City, Chicago [S-5-3] n.d.

box-folder 29:10

The Chase Portrait of a Giant [S-5-4] 1961

box-folder 29:11

Chicago Circle [by SMN] [S-5-5] 1966

box-folder 29:12

Chicago Circle Center [S-5-6] n.d.

box-folder 29:13

Geometric System and Chicago Circle Bldgs [S-5-7] 1968

box-folder 29:14

The Opposites: Expressionism and Formalism at Yale [S-5-8] 1964

box-folder 29:15

SOM, Rudolph, and Johnson at Yale [S-5-9] 1963

box-folder 29:16

To Cherish Rather Than Destroy [S-5-10] 1968

box-folder 29:17

Yale's New Vault: Material Structural Analysis [S-5-11] 1961

box-folder 29:18-29:19


box-folder 29:18

SOM [S-5-12] 1964

box-folder 29:19

SOM [cont'd] [S-5-13] 1963-1969

box-folder 29:20-29:30

Soleri, Paolo [S-6]

box-folder 29:20

Anyone for Ziggu[ra]ts [S-6-1] 1970

box-folder 29:21

The Arcologist [S-6-2] 1970

box-folder 29:22

The Arcology of Paolo Soleri, [by] SMN [S-6-3] n.d.

box-folder 29:23

Architect Views a Crowded Spaceship [S-6-4] 1970

box-folder 29:24

The Architectural Vision of Paolo Soleri [S-6-5] 1970

box-folder 29:25

Documenta [S-6-6] n.d.

box-folder 29:26

Fantasy Metropolis [S-6-7] 1966

box-folder 29:27

Paolo Soleri: A Bibliography [S-6-8] 1969

box-folder 29:28

Prophet in the Desert [S-6-9] 1970

box-folder 29:29

Soleri [S-6-10] 1970

box-folder 29:30

Photos: Paolo Soleri [S-6-11] 1970

box-folder 29:31-29:33

Stadiums, Baths, Gymnasia [S-7]

box-folder 29:31

Das Bad als Kulturelement [S-7-1] n.d.

box-folder 29:32

Sportanlagen der Universität, Mexiko [S-7-2] n.d.

box-folder 29:33

Photos: Paolo Soleri [S-7-3] n.d.

box-folder 29:34-29:36

Stirling, James [S-8]

box-folder 29:34

Architect Hired for Pier Project, Seth King [S-8-1] n.d.

box-folder 29:35

Information Bank [S-8-2] 1968

box-folder 29:36

James Stirling et James Gowan [S-8-3] n.d.

box-folder 29:37-29:39

Stone, Ed [S-9]

box-folder 29:37

Housing for the New Delhi Embassy [S-9-1] 1959

box-folder 29:38

New Work in the Office of Ed Stone [S-9-2] 1961

box-folder 29:39

Photos: Ed Stone [S-9-3] n.d.

box-folder 29:40

Streets and Plazas: Photos [S-10-1] 1957-1964

box-folder 29:41

Switzerland: Photos [S-11-1] n.d.

box-folder 29:42-30:13

Technology [T-1]

box-folder 29:42

An Architecture for the Electronic Age [T-1-1] 1966

box-folder 29:43

Architectural Theory on Bldg. Technology [T-1-2] 1967

box-folder 29:44

Architektur als Zeichensprache, von Johannes Uhl [T-1-3] 1969

box-folder 29:45

A City Is Not A Tree, Christopher Alexander [T-1-4] n.d.

box-folder 29:46

The City Meets the Space Age [T-1-5] 1967

box-folder 29:47

Fields of Research in Building Science [T-1-6] n.d.

box-folder 29:48

Function Without Form, Theodore Waddell [T-1-7] 1969

box-folder 30:1

Interior Volume [T-1-8] 1965

box-folder 30:2

Les Ingenieurs et l'Architecture, Serge Ketoff [T-1-9] n.d.

box-folder 30:3

Man and Machine: Bibliography [T-1-10] n.d.

box-folder 30:4

Perspecta [Review by SMN] [T-1-11] [1965]

box-folder 30:5

Rational Complexes in Architecture [T-1-12] 1966

box-folder 30:6

Science Pauses [T-1-13] 1965

box-folder 30:7

Scientists Define Technology's Aim [T-1-14] 1966

box-folder 30:8

Systems: Man the Interfaces [T-1-15] 1966

box-folder 30:9

Toward a Theory of Architecture Machines, Nicholas Negroponte [T-1-16] [ca. 1969]

box-folder 30:10

Why Revisit "Le Pavillon Suisse["]? [T-1-17] n.d.

box-folder 30:11

Will Computers Design Our Buildings? [T-1-18] 1962

box-folder 30:12

Will the Computer Change the Practice of Architecture [T-1-18] [sic] 1965

box-folder 30:13

Notes on Technology: SMN [T-1-19] 1964-1970

box-folder 30:14-30:29

Tent Structures, Tension, Suspension [T-2]

box-folder 30:14

The Air Supported Structure [T-2-1] n.d.

box-folder 30:15

Bibliography of Suspension Structures [T-2-2] 1960

box-folder 30:16

Complexe Olympique, Munich 72 [T-2-3] [ca. 1972]

box-folder 30:17

Development of Lightweight Construction, Frei Otto [T-2-4] 1963

box-folder 30:18

Frei Otto Spanweiten, Conrad Roland [T-2-5] -CONTENTS MISSING- n.d.

box-folder 30:19

German Pavilion at Expo 67 [T-2-6] [ca. 1967]

box-folder 30:20

Konstruktion aus Strandgut, Wolfgang Meissenheimer [T-2-7] 1969

box-folder 30:21

Pneumatic Structures, F[r]ei Otto [T-2-8] 1962

box-folder 30:22

Prestressed Membrane Tension Structures, Richard Medlin [T-2-9] 1965

box-folder 30:23

Suspended Structures Concepts [T-2-10] 1966

box-folder 30:24

Suspension Structures [T-2-11] n.d.

box-folder 30:25

Tensile Structures, Frei Otto [T-2-12] 1968

box-folder 30:26

The Tent as a Research Project [T-2-13] n.d.

box-folder 30:27

Tents, Frei Otto [T-2-14] 1961

box-folder 30:28

Überdachung für das Freilichttheater Nijmegen [T-2-15] 1962

box-folder 30:29

Photos: Tent Structures [T-2-16] 1967

box-folder 30:30-30:46

Theatres [T-3]

box-folder 30:30

Audiovisual Devices Give Today's Theatre A New Versatility [T-3-1] n.d.

box-folder 30:31

Building For The Performing Arts [T-3-2] 1960

box-folder 30:32

Das Entfesselt Theater [T-3-3] 1969

box-folder 30:33

Die Auflösung der Horizontalen [T-3-4] 1968

box-folder 30:34

Die Bühnentecknik in der Deutschen Oper Berlin [T-3-5] 1961

box-folder 30:35

Die Wiener Stad[t]halle [T-3-6] 1959

box-folder 30:36

Intimate Music-Drama Theatre [T-3-7] 1962

box-folder 30:37

Kulturhauptstadt Berlin, Fernsehstudio für den SFB [T-3-8] 1962

box-folder 30:38

Nine Actual Theatre Designs by Philip Johnson [T-3-9] 1961

box-folder 30:39

Schauspielhaus Düsseldorf [T-3-10] -CONTENTS MISSING- n.d.

box-folder 30:40

Theaterbau, Walter Gropius [T-3-11] 1934

box-folder 30:41

Theatres [T-3-12] n.d.

box-folder 30:42

Theatres, Bauwelt [T-3-13] 1964

box-folder 30:43

Theatres, Bauwelt, Nov. 1965 [T-3-14] 1965

box-folder 30:44

Theatres, Bauwelt, May 1966 [T-3-15] 1966

box-folder 30:45

Walker Arts Center [T-3-16] n.d.

box-folder 30:46

Photos: Theatres [T-3-17] ca. 1968

box-folder 30:47-31:6

Town Planning In The New World [T-4]

box-folder 30:47

Introduction [T-4-1] [1972?]

box-folder 30:48

Plan of Boston, Mass. [T-4-2] n.d.

box-folder 30:49

Plan of Buenos Aires, Argentina [T-4-3] [1973?]

box-folder 30:50

Plan of Lowell, Mass. [T-4-4] [1971?]

box-folder 30:51

Plan of Madison, Wisconsin [T-4-5] [1971?]

box-folder 31:1

Plan of Piedras Negras, Argentina [T-4-6] [1971?]

box-folder 31:2

Plan of Quebec, Canada [T-4-7] n.d.

box-folder 31:3

Plan of Recife-Pernambuco, Brasil [T-4-8] [1972?]

box-folder 31:4

Plan of Salt Lake City, Utah [T-4-9] [1971?]

box-folder 31:5

Plan of Sydney, Canada [T-4-10] [1971?]

box-folder 31:6

Plan of Syracuse, Canada [sic] [T-4-11] [1972?]

box-folder 31:7-31:10

Transportation [T-5]

box-folder 31:7

The First Modern Urbanist, Peter Wolf [T-5-1] 1967

box-folder 31:8

John B. Parkin Assoc. Arch. Toronto Airport [T-5-2] 1966

box-folder 31:9

Kahn and Jacobs Design an Air Terminal [T-5-3] 1961

box-folder 31:10

Photos: Transportation [T-5-4] 1960's

box-folder 31:11-31:17

University Construction Fund [U-1]

box-folder 31:11

Billion Dollar Client [U-1-1] 1968

box-folder 31:12

College Buildings [U-1-2] 1963

box-folder 31:13

College of Arts and Science, State University of New York [U-1-3] 1968

box-folder 31:14

Design Unity Reinforces Campus Identity and Future [U-1-4] 1968

box-folder 31:15

How To Grow A Campus [U-1-5] 1966

box-folder 31:16

State University Construction Fund [U-1-6] 1964

box-folder 31:17

Photos: University Construction Fund [U-1-7] 1963-1968

box-folder 31:18-20

Venezuela (photographs only) [V-1]

box-folder 31:18

[V-1-1] ca. 1967

box-folder 31:19

[V-1-2] n.d.

box-folder 31:20

[V-1-3] n.d.

box-folder 31:21-32:1

Venezuela, University of, (Architect: Raul Villanueva) [V-2]

box-folder 31:21

Aula Magna Ciudad Universitaria, Arch. Raul Villanueva [V-2-1] n.d.

box-folder 31:22-32:1

Photos: Venezuela, University of Venezuela, Arch. Villanueva

box-folder 31:22

[V-2-2] n.d.

box-folder 31:23

[V-2-3] n.d.

box-folder 31:24

[V-2-4] n.d.

box-folder 32:1

[No SMN Number] n.d.

box-folder 32:2-32:7

Weese, Harry [W-1]

box-folder 32:2

Current Work of Harry Weese [W-1-1] 1963

box-folder 32:3

A High Nest of Hexagons [W-1-2] n.d.

box-folder 32:4

Hospital Based on Research, Davis Medical Foundation [W-1-3] 1958

box-folder 32:5

The Office of Harry Weese and Assoc., Chicago [W-1-4] 1957

box-folder 32:6

Poor Man's Precast Office Bldg. [W-1-5] 1962

box-folder 32:7

Photos: H. Weese [W-1-6] 1959-1962

box-folder 32:8-32:17

Werkbund [W-2]

box-folder 32:8

Commento a Otto Wagner: La Conclusione Meditata di un Linguaggio [W-2-1] n.d.

box-folder 32:9

Disegni di Erich Mendelsohn [W-2-2] n.d.

box-folder 32:10

Eliel Saarinen [W-2-3] n.d.

box-folder 32:11

The Glass Paradise, Reyner Banham [W-2-4] n.d.

box-folder 32:12

Internationalisme Contra Nationalromantik, Kay Fisker [W-2-5] 1960

box-folder 32:13

Mendelsohn, Reyner Banhan [W-2-6] n.d.

box-folder 32:14

Von Ebenezer Howard zu Jane Jacobs - Oder: War Alles Falsch [W-2-7] 1965

box-folder 32:15

The Werkbund, [by] SMN [W-2-8] 1966

box-folder 32:16

Notes on Werkbund by SMN [W-2-9] n.d.

box-folder 32:17

Photos: Werkbund [W-2-10] n.d.

box-folder 32:18-32:36

Wright, Frank Lloyd [W-3]

box-folder 32:18-32:33


box-folder 32:18

The Ambiguity of F.L.W.'s Falling Water [W-3-1] 1964

box-folder 32:19

Die Metamorphose der Modernen Architektur, [by] SMN [W-3-2] [1959]

box-folder 32:20

Education Individualism and Architecture, F.L. Wright [W-3-3] n.d.

box-folder 32:21

The Good Bldg. Is One That Makes The Land [W-3-9] 1962

box-folder 32:22

Guggenheim Museum [W-3-5] 1959

box-folder 32:23

To Make A Small House Look Bigger Outside [W-3-6] 1956

box-folder 32:24

A Note on the Chicago Fair of 1893 and F.L. Wright [W-3-7] n.d.

box-folder 32:25

A Selection of Current Work by F.L. Wright [W-3-8] 1958

box-folder 32:26

A Theater by Wright [W-3-9] 1960

box-folder 32:27

What Is Architecture, F.L. Wright [W-3-10] 1958

box-folder 32:28

F.L. Wright and his Peers, [by] SMN [W-3-11] n.d.

box-folder 32:29

F.L. Wright and the Ageing of Modern Architecture, [by] SMN [W-3-12] 1959

box-folder 32:30

F.L. Wright Johnson Wax Bldg. Finally Made Dry [W-3-13] 1961

box-folder 32:31

F.L. Wright's Falling Water 25 Years After, Edgar Kaufmann [W-3-14] n.d.

box-folder 32:32

F.L. Wright's Testament, [by] SMN [W-3-15] n.d.

box-folder 32:33

Notes: F.L. Wright, SMN [W-3-16] n.d.

box-folder 32:34-32:36

Photos: F.L. Wright

box-folder 32:34-35

Non-Residential Buildings [W-3-17], [W-3-18] ca. 1942-1962

box-folder 32:36

Residential Buildings [W-3-19] n.d.

box-folder 32:37-32:38

Yamasaki [Y-1]

box-folder 32:37

Conversation With Yamasaki [Y-1-1] 1959

box-folder 32:38

Photos: Yamasaki [Y-1-3] n.d.

box-folder 33:1

[Guides to the Teaching Files]

box-folder 33

[Cross-reference card catalog compiled by SMN] n.d.

box-folder 33:1

Lists A [compiled by SMN] n.d.

box-folder 33:2

Lists B [compiled by SMN] n.d.

box-folder 33:3

Lists C [compiled by SMN] n.d.

box-folder 33:4

DEF lists [compiled by SMN] n.d.

box-folder 33:5

G & H lists [compiled by SMN] [Ends with "H"] n.d.

box-folder 33:6

Index compiled by Nikki C. Silva 1973

box 34

Series 2 Personal Files and Correspondence 1939-1970

Physical Description: 1 half carton

Scope and Content Note

This series contains files labeled "Personal" by Sibyl Moholy-Nagy, and correspondence to and by Sibyl Moholy-Nagy.


The material is arranged by Moholy-Nagy's original filing codes.
box-folder 34:1-34:4

Personal Files

box-folder 34:1

Bibliography of Works by Sibyl Moholy-Nagy [SMN-personal-1] 1965-1966

box-folder 34:2

Curriculum Vitae of Sibyl Moholy-Nagy [SMN-personal-2] 1954-1969

box-folder 34:3

Publicity Sibyl Moholy-Nagy [SMN-personal-3] 1960's

box-folder 34:4

Quotations and Definitions Collected by Sibyl Moholy-Nagy [SMN-personal-4] n.d.

box-folder 34:5-34:31

Correspondence and Notes

box-folder 34:5-6

Photocopies of Correspondence 1968-1970 1939-1967

box-folder 34:7

Graduate Workshop Proposal by SMN [A-11-15] 1966-1970

box-folder 34:8

Letter to Enrico Peressutti [B-5-1] 1970

box-folder 34:9

Letter to Gottfried Böhm [B-6-1] 1970

box-folder 34:10

The Boston City Hall; An Evaluation by SMN [B-8-2] 1968

box-folder 34:11

"Take A Second Look" [C-7-32] 1968

box-folder 34:12

Letters from Piet Mondrian [D-2-11] n.d.

box-folder 34:13

Letters of Farm Architecture by SMN [F-3-4] 1959

box-folder 34:14

Letter from Buckminster Fuller [F-7-10] 1963

box-folder 34:15

Letters from and to Walter Gropius [G-6-19] 1948-1949

box-folder 34:16

Letters to, from and concerning Walter Gropius [G-6-20] 1955-1969

box-folder 34:17

Letters from and to Victor Gruen [G-7-19] 1959-1970

box-folder 34:18

Hitler's Revenge [& related correspondence] [H-3] 1968

box-folder 34:19

Notes and Letters; Philip Johnson [J-3-29] 1963-1968

box-folder 34:20

Notes & Letters; Louis Kahn [K-1-10] 1964

box-folder 34:21

Notes and Letters - Landscape and Parks [L-1-26] 1961

box-folder 34:22

Letter from Eva Pietzsch 1969

box-folder 34:23

Reply to Howard Dearstyne by SMN [M-4-15] 1965

box-folder 34:24

Correspondence between SMN and Mileto [M-5-1] 1967

box-folder 34:25

L. Moholy Nagy [M-6] 1939

box-folder 34:26

Notes on New York, SMN [N-3-28] 1966-1970

box-folder 34:27

Correspondence & Notes on Cesar Pelli [P-1] 1969-1970

box-folder 34:28

A Note on the Wall Strips of Saxon Churches - Shapiro [R-6-1] 1964

box-folder 34:29

The Unplanned City [U-1] 1963

box-folder 34:30

Card from Frank Lloyd Wright [W-3-15] ca. 1944

box-folder 34:31

The New York World Trade Center [Y-1-2] 1957, 1964

box 35-36

Series 3 Articles & Reviews 1950-1970

Physical Description: 2 half cartons

Scope and Content Note

This series contains articles and reviews by Sibyl Moholy-Nagy.


The material is arranged alphabetically according to the original filing code on the folders.
box-folder 35:1

American Adobe, [SMN-A-1] 1957

box-folder 35:2

American Architecture Comes Of Age, [SMN-A-4] n.d.

box-folder 35:3

Architecture and the Moon Age, [SMN-A-5] 1963

box-folder 35:4

Architecture - Art or Design?, (Includes German language version in Bauwelt, 1959) [SMN-A-6] 1957

box-folder 35:5

Architecture Is:, (photos by SMN) [SMN-A-7] 1967

box-folder 35:6

Architecture of East Germany, [SMN-A-8] 1956

box-folder 35:7

Architecture Through Improvisation?, [SMN-A-9] 1969

box-folder 35:8

Architecture's Young and the Real Reality, [SMN-A-10] 1969

box-folder 35:9

Archtektur- und Kunstschule der Yale Universität, [SMN-A-11] 1964

box-folder 35:10

Art and Architecture, [SMN-A-12] 1963

box-folder 35:11

Berlin's International Building Exhibition, [SMN-B-1] [1957]

box-folder 35:12

Betrayed and Abandoned..., [SMN-B-2] 1966

box-folder 35:13

Book Reviews, By Sibyl Moholy-Nagy, [SMN-B-3] 1960's

box-folder 35:14

Boston's City Hall, [SMN-B-4] 1969

box-folder 35:15

Brussels for the Dilettante, [SMN-B-5] 1958

box-folder 35:16

Changing Concepts in Architectural Space, [SMN-C-1] 1968

box-folder 35:17

City Planning and the Historical Perspective, [SMN-C-2] 1964

box-folder 35:18

Crisis in Abstraction, [SMN-C-3] 1959

box-folder 35:19

The Dadaism We Forgot, [SMN-D-1] [ca. 1950?]

box-folder 35:20

Dead Man in an Ambulance, [SMN-D-2] [ca. 1950?]

box-folder 35:21

The Diaspora, [Preliminary Draft Copy] [SMN-D-3] 1964

box-folder 35:22

The Doctor/Patient Relationship Restated, [SMN-D-4] 1959

box-folder 35:23

The Double Standard, [SMN-D-5] 1958

box-folder 35:24

Ein Panorama Südamerikanischer Architektur, [SMN-E-1] 1960

box-folder 35:25

Expo '67, [SMN-E-2] 1967

box-folder 35:26

The Four Environments of Man, [SMN-F-1] 1966

box-folder 35:27

Frank Lloyd Wright: Die Metamorphose der Modernene Architektur, [SMN-F-2] 1959

box-folder 35:28

The Future of the Past, [SMN-F-3] 1961

box-folder 35:29

The Heritage of Cezanne, [SMN-H-1] 1952

box-folder 35:30

History, Theory and Criticism, [SMN-H-2] 1964

box-folder 36:1

Idea and Pure Form, [SMN-I-1] 1951

box-folder 36:2

In Barcelona, An Architectural Heritage Is Transformed Into A Modern Tradition, [SMN-I-2] 1965

box-folder 36:3

In Defense of Architecture, [SMN-I-3] 1962

box-folder 36:4

The Indivisibility of Design, [SMN-I-4] 1962

box-folder 36:5

Intelecto Arquitectonico, [SMN-I-5] 1964

box-folder 36:6

In Lieu Of Ivy, [SMN-I-6] 1964

box-folder 36:7

Introduction to the Paperback Edition of L. Moholy-Nagy, [SMN-I-7] 1969

box-folder 36:8

The Issue of Integration, [SMN-I-8] 1953

box-folder 36:9

The Making of a Constructivist, [SMN-M-1] 1950

box-folder 36:10

The Making of Non-Architects, [SMN-M-2] 1969

box-folder 36:11

Mass For Measure, [SMN-M-3] 1970

box-folder 36:12

Mexican Critique, [SMN-M-4] 1953

box-folder 36:13

Modern Architecture, Modern art and the Doctrine of "Less Is More", [SMN-M-5] 1961

box-folder 36:14

Modern Art and Modern Dance, [SMN-M-6] 1951

box-folder 36:15

Moholy-Nagy und der Konstruktivismus, [SMN-M-7] 1964

box-folder 36:16

New Cities of the Twentieth Century, [SMN-N-1] 1961

box-folder 36:17

Of Planners and Primadonnas, [Includes German language version in Bauwelt, 1962] [SMN-O-1] 1962

box-folder 36:18

On Protesting, [SMN-O-2] 1967

box-folder 36:19

On Teaching the Unteachable, [SMN-O-3] 1960

box-folder 36:20

Quality and Profit in Building Design, [SMN-Q-1] 1964

box-folder 36:21

Retreat From The Model, [SMN-R-1] 1951

box-folder 36:22

The Roosevelt Memorial Competition, [SMN-R-2] 1960[-1961]

box-folder 36:23

Sibyl Moholy-Nagy ..., [SMN-S-1] 1968

box-folder 36:24

Some Aspects of South Amreican Planning, [SMN-S-2] 1960

box-folder 36:25

Steel, Stocks, and Private Man, [SMN-S-3] 1958

box-folder 36:26

Style and Materials, [SMN-S-4] 1954

box-folder 36:27

Take A Second Look, [SMN-T-1] 1964

box-folder 36:28

Teaching More Than Design, [SMN-T-2] 1961

box-folder 36:29

Theory and Criticism in Architecture and City Planning, [SMN-T-3] 1960

box-folder 36:30

Villanueva and the Uses of Art, [SMN-V-1] 1960

box-folder 36:31

Villas in the Slums, [SMN-V-2] 1960

box-folder 36:32

Ville Tra I Tuguri, [SMN-V-3] 1960

box-folder 36:33

Washington - A Critique of "The Plan for the Year 2000", [SMN-W-1] 1961

box-folder 36:34

What's Wrong With Architectural Education?, [SMN-W-2] 1968

box-folder 36:35

Yale's School of Art and Archtiecture: The Measure, [SMN-Y-1] 1964

box 37-39

Series 4 Negatives 1950's-1960's

Physical Description: 2 flats and 1 half carton

Scope and Content Note

This series contains negatives, the vast majority of which are 2"x2" black and white images of architecture around the world, pulled from the Teaching Files.
Also included are three sets of original slides of Laszlo Moholy-Nagy's work from Sibyl Moholy-Nagy's Art 13 (126 slides), Art 14 (113), and Art 15 (134) classes. Duplicates of these slides have been made by the Visual Resource Center and are available for viewing there.


The negatives are arranged by Sibyl Moholy-Nagy's original filing codes. May or may not be represented by prints or photographs in the teaching files.
box 37

[A-1-3] through [A-9-1-15] ca. 1950's-1960's

box 38

[A-9-1-15] through [Y-1-3] ca. 1950's-1960's

box 39:1-31

Oversize [A-2-8] through [W-3-19] ca. 1950's-1960's

box 39

Art 13, 14, and 15 slide sets. n.d.

box-folder 39:32

2 Color Negatives by Laszlo Moholy-Nagy (Unrelated to Exhibition) 1939

box 40

Series 5 Laszlo Moholy-Nagy Exhibition 1969-1970

Physical Description: 1 half carton

Scope and Content Note

This series contains photographs of works by Laszlo Moholy-Nagy that were included in an exhibition organized in 1969 by Chicago's Museum of Contemporary Art and The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in cooperation with the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, the University Art Museum at the University of California, Berkeley, and the Seattle Art Museum.


The photographs are arranged following as closely as was possible the order found in the exhibition catalog Laszlo Moholy-Nagy published by the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, 1969.
The catalog number, when known, is noted in parentheses.
box-folder 40:1

"K 1" (#10) 1922

box-folder 40:2

"Q XXI" (#16) 1923

box-folder 40:3

"C XVI" (#17) 1923

box-folder 40:4

Space Modulator L3 (#28) 1936

box-folder 40:5

"L & CH" (#30) 1936-1939

box-folder 40:6

"CH 3" (#32) 1938

box-folder 40:7

"CH 4" (#34) 1938

box-folder 40:8

"CH Beata I" (#36) 1939

box-folder 40:9

"CH X" (#38) 1939

box-folder 40:10

["Mills No.1" (#44)?] [1940?]

box-folder 40:11

"Mills No.2" (#45) 1940

box-folder 40:12

"CH 7" (#47) 1941

box-folder 40:13

"CH B 3" (#48) 1941

box-folder 40:14

CH B 4 (#49) 1941

box-folder 40:15

TP 1 (#52) 1942

box-folder 40:16

"Space Modulator" (#60) 1945

box-folder 40:17

"Zweiton" (#62) 1945

box-folder 40:18

"The Ovals" (#63) 1945

box-folder 40:19

["Leuk 4" (#64)?] 1945

box-folder 40:20

"Space (Nuclear) Green" 1946

box-folder 40:21

"Leu #1" (#68) 1946

box-folder 40:22

"CHI-Finis" (#69) 1946

box-folder 40:23

"25 Pleitegeier" (#73) 1922

box-folder 40:24

"Construction 1280" (#98) ca. 1927

box-folder 40:25

"Composition" (#99) ca. 1927

box-folder 40:26

"Construction" (#104) 1945

box-folder 40:27

Ink Drawing (B) (#111) 1946

box-folder 40:28

Watercolor 2 (#113) 1946

box-folder 40:29

"Loop" (#124) 1946

box-folder 40:30

"The Spirals" (#126) 1946

box-folder 40:31

Bennett Sculpture 1941-1946

box-folder 40:32

Unidentified [1945?]

box-folder 40:33

Unidentified Plexiglas Sculpture 1946 [?]

box-folder 40:34

Unidentified 1946

box-folder 40:35

Unidentified Plexiglas n.d.

box-folder 40:36

Unidentified [Painting on Plexiglas?] n.d.

box-folder 40:37

Unidentified n.d.