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Languages: English
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Title: Cuyamaca Water Company Records
Identifier/Call Number: MSS 0503
Physical Description: 36 Linear feet (6 archive boxes, 26 oversized folders)
Date (inclusive): 1867-1938
Abstract: Records of the Cuyamaca Water Company, formerly the San Diego Flume Company, which was owned and operated by Colonel Ed Fletcher and Montana businessman James A. Murray from June 1, 1910, until its sale to the La Mesa, Lemon Grove and Spring Valley Irrigation District on January 4, 1926. The Cuyamaca Water Company Records contain typescripts of reports; water rights contracts transferred from the San Diego Flume Company; technical drawings of flumes, siphons, pumping stations, concrete pipes, and forebays; and maps of flume routes, dam locations, proposed dam locations, subdivisions, and the watershed of the San Diego River. A substantial number of the reports relate to the El Capitan Dam and Reservoir Project and the legal controversy surrounding that project. The strength of this collection, however, lies in the maps and technical drawings series, which cartographically documents the growth of the water company. The subdivision maps evidence the growth of the eastern central portion of San Diego as it developed from an agricultural province to a burgeoning residential area. This collection reflects material that was primarily generated and employed by the managers and engineers in the field, and is complemented by the material in the Fletcher Family Papers (MSS 81), which document the administration of the Cuyamaca Water Company.

Scope and Content of Collection

The records of the Cuyamaca Water Company include typescript reports, contracts, water rights documents, technical drawings, and maps used for San Diego land and water development from the late 1800s to the mid-1930s. The Cuyamaca Water Company Records are arranged in three series: 1) REPORTS, STUDIES AND SUMMARIES; 2) WATER RIGHTS AND CONTRACTS and 3) MAPS AND TECHINICAL DRAWINGS.
The strength of this collection is the MAPS AND TECHNICAL DRAWINGS series with over three hundred twenty-five maps and technical drawings documenting the early development of San Diego County water resources. Of particular interest is the material, both maps and typescript reports, related to the condemnation suit brought against the Cuyamaca Water Company by the City of San Diego.
This collection complements the BUSINESS RECORDS series of the FLETCHER FAMILY PAPERS (MSS 81), which contain numerous folders relating to the Cuyamaca Water Company, such as correspondence, reports, studies, and summaries. The inclusive dates of the Cuyamaca Water Company Records are 1867-1938; however, the bulk of the material dates from 1910-1925.
This series contains typescript reports, arranged alphabetically, related to the operation and development of the Cuyamaca Water Company that describe and detail the structures and holdings of the Cuyamaca Water Company and efforts to expand and improve the system. A significant number of reports are related to the City of San Diego's attempt to have the Cuyamaca Water Company condemned, particularly the folders titled: "Act of Congress Granting El Capitan Land to the City of San Diego," "Data on El Capitan" and "El Capitan Dam Sites - Core Drill Records and Profiles," as well as the folders relating to valuation, depreciation, rate hearings, and the Rail Road Commission. Also of interest are the reports entitled "Original Cost of the Cuyamaca Water Company" and both folders titled "Description of the Cuyamaca Water System - Harritt," which relate the chronological history of the water system from 1886 to 1926 and the improvements made to this point as well as expected expansion of the system. The original titles of the reports were preserved whenever possible.
This series documents the extant riparian and water rights purchased by the San Diego Flume Company and later transfered to the Cuyamaca Water Company. The folders titled "Water Rights: Contracts and Deeds Book" document the water rights of the San Diego Flume Company and the Cuyamaca Water Company with their customers. The contracts and deeds are arranged in the original order they were filed with deed numbers often out of numerical order. Also included is an index, arranged alphabetically, that lists the name of the water rights owner and the page number location of the contract.
This series is comprised of seven subseries: A) General Systems; B) Subdivisions; C) Dams and Reservoirs Built; D) Dams and Reservoirs, Not Built; E) Flume Routes, Flumes, Siphons, and Tunnels; F) Technical Drawings; and, G) Pumps and Wells. The MAPS AND TECHNICAL DRAWINGS series is the most extensive series of the collection, and meticulously documents the watershed of the Cuyamaca Water Company and its improvements, whether actualized or anticipated. The maps are arranged in alphabetical order within subseries, and the map numbers, when provided, have been included. The map numbers can be cross referenced with an index located in box numbers 83 and 84 of the Fletcher Family Papers (MSS 81). The maps are generally blueprint, diazo photoprints, ink on paper, or ink on linen.
A) The General Systems subseries contains maps that provide the broadest overview of the Cuyamaca Water Company's watershed, including several maps that reveal the entire watershed of the Cuyamaca Water Company.
B) The Subdivisions subseries contains the greatest number of maps in this series and complements the General Systems maps offering detailed views of new residential development within the watershed of the Cuyamaca Water Company.
C) The Dams and Reservoirs Built subseries contains maps of dams and reservoirs that may or may not have been built during the tenure of the Cuyamaca Water Company, but were developed during this period and eventually completed. Included in this subseries are the following dams and reservoirs: El Capitan, Eucalyptus, Grossmont, La Mesa, Old Mission, and San Vicente. The El Capitan and San Vicente Dams and Reservoirs are the most notable projects that were developed but not completed until the company was sold.
D) The Dams and Reservoirs, Not Built subseries contains maps from projects that were being developed but never actualized. The most notable projects are the Boulder Creek Dam and Conduit and the Mission Gorge Dam and Reservoir.
E) The Flume Routes, Flumes, Siphons, and Tunnels subseries contains maps detailing the development, improvement and operation of the Cuyamaca Flume and its numerous siphons, trestles and tunnels. There are several maps of the El Capitan Dam and Reservoir site relating to the condemnation suit leveled against the Cuyamaca Water Company by the City of San Diego.
F) The Technical Drawings subseries contains drawings of equipment and structures developed and employed by the Cuyamaca Water Company. There are a number of drawings pertaining to flume construction, development and improvement.
D) The Pumps and Wells subseries contains maps relating to the development and construction of a number of pumps and wells within the Cuyamaca Water Company system.

Historical Background

On June 1, 1910, Colonel Ed Fletcher and Montana businessman James A. Murray purchased the San Diego Flume Company for $150,000, renaming it the Cuyamaca Water Company. The initial purchase transferred all water rights and properties owned and managed by the San Diego Flume Company to the Cuyamaca Water Company, including the Cuyamaca Reservoir and Dam, the Diverting Dam, Eucalyptus Reservoir, La Mesa Reservoir (later renamed Murray Reservoir), and the thirty-six mile Cuyamaca flume line, which ran parallel just east and south of the San Diego River from the Diverting Dam, located on the San Diego River just below the junction of the Boulder Creek, to the Eucalyptus Reservoir, located near present day La Mesa.
The Cuyamaca Water Company was one of several water companies servicing the greater San Diego area at this time. At the time of purchase from the San Diego Flume Company, the Cuyamaca Water Company was furnishing irrigation water to Ex-Mission Rancho, Rancho El Cajon and domestic water to a portion of the City of San Diego. Fletcher and Murray expanded the areas serviced by the Cuyamaca Water Company to include La Mesa, East San Diego and El Cajon; by 1924 the Cuyamaca Water Company was furnishing between 65,000 and 70,000 people with water, both for irrigation and domestic purposes.
Fletcher and Murray owned and operated the Cuyamaca Water Company for 15 years, making or planning several improvements to the existing system, including the construction of the San Vicente Dam and Reservoir, the El Capitan Dam and Reservoir, the Mission Gorge Dam and Reservoir (which was never realized) and the purchase of the El Monte Pumping Station. The most ambitious and controversial of these projects was the El Capitan Dam and Reservoir, which, from its conception, was met with resistence from the City of San Diego. After the Cuyamaca Water Company secured the land intended for the El Capitan Dam and Reservoir, the City of San Diego filed to condemn the Cuyamaca Water Company in an effort to stifle any further development, usurp its water rights and acquire the company at a nominal price. The City of San Diego appealled to the Rail Road Commission to fix a valuation on the Cuyamaca Water Company, which was determined to be $745,000. The City of San Diego, however, declined to exercise its right to purchase the company and dropped the suit. Despite the efforts of Fletcher and Murray, the El Capitan Dam and Reservoir project was not completed until 1935. Many of the projects initiated by the Cuyamaca Water Company were not completed until after the company was sold.
The initial financial arrangement between Murray and Fletcher saw Murray as the principal financier of the Cuyamaca Water Company, owning 5/6 of the company, and Fletcher owning the remaining 1/6 and managing the company. In 1915 William G. Henshaw, a San Diego businessman instrumental in helping to build the Lake Hodges Dam with Fletcher, purchased one half of Fletcher's 1/6 interest in the Cuyamaca Water Company. The three men attempted to sell the Cuyamaca Water Company to the City of San Diego and the La Mesa, Lemon Grove and Spring Valley Irrigation District on several occassions without success. Eventually, Colonel Ed Fletcher sold the Cuyamaca Water Company to the La Mesa, Lemon Grove and Spring Valley Irrigation District for $1,400,000 on January 4, 1926.

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Ed Fletcher Papers. MSS 81. Special Collections & Archives, UC San Diego.

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Water-supply -- California -- San Diego County
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Pipelines -- California -- San Diego County -- Design and Construction
Dams -- California -- San Diego County -- Design and Construction
La Mesa, Lemon Grove and Spring Valley Irrigation District
San Diego Flume Company
Murray, James A., approximately 1840-1921
Cuyamaca Water Company -- Archives
Fletcher, Ed, 1872-1955



Box 1, Folder 1

About Diesel Engines 1931 - 1938

General note

Includes catalogs, correspondence, maintenance reports, and photographs.
Box 1, Folder 2

Act of Congress Granting El Capitan Land to the City of San Diego 1919

Box 1, Folder 3

Available Water Supply from Cuyamaca System 1922

General note

Correspondence from T. H. King, Chief Engineer of the Cuyamaca Water Company, to the Honorable, the Board of Water Commissioners.
Box 1, Folder 4

Certified Copies of Water Plane Measurements on the San Diego River 1913

Box 1, Folder 5

Computations Showing Duty of Water on Cuyamaca System 1918

Box 1, Folder 6

Cost of Various Structures 1913 - 1914

General note

Valuations of water systems and plants including cost analysis.
Box 1, Folder 7

Cuyamaca Studies - F. M. Faude 1917 - 1918

General note

Includes charts, correspondence and maps.
Box 1, Folder 8

Data on El Capitan and Cuyamaca System - C. Harritt 1915 - 1923

General note

Includes a report written by John Hatton, Acting District Forester; Charles Couch, Attorney; and, Indian Agent Hoffman.
Box 1, Folder 9

Depreciation Reports 1899 - 1915

General note

"Reasons for Using the Straightline Method in Arriving at the Depreciation of a Structure," "Depreciation and Rate Control," "Mulholland Report on Depreciation," and "Data on Depreciation."
Box 1, Folder 10

Description of the Cuyamaca System - C. Harritt 1914 - 1924

General note

Includes the following reports: "Elevation of Various Reservoir Sites along the Flume," "Area of Water Bearing Gravels," "Area and Capacity of: Murray Res., Cuyamaca Res., Mt. Helix Res., Fletcher Res., Bancroft Res., and Alvarado Res.," "List of Private Pumping Plants on the San Diego River," "La Mesa Ditch; map of Miles Res.," "System map showing drainage areas," "Boulder Creek Power Plant," and "Quantities of Concrete and Excavation in Grossmont Res."
Box 1, Folder 11

Description of the Cuyamaca Water System - C. Harritt 1924 - 1930

General note

Includes the following reports: "Brief Description of the Cuyamaca System" and "Description of the District System."
Box 1, Folder 12

Diversion Dam Lake - Descriptions

General note

Parcel coordinates and descriptions for the diversion dam lake.
Box 1, Folder 13

Dye Canyon Reservoir

General note

Estimates of materials, capacity calculation and map.
Box 1, Folder 14

El Capitan Dam Sites - Core drill records and profiles 1915 - 1924

General note

Includes charts, graphs and photographs, as well as two years of ten day progress reports detailing the City of San Diego's investigation of the El Capitan dam site.
Box 2, Folder 1

Engineer's Report on the Condition of the Cuyamaca Flume 1925 - 1931

General note

Includes an analysis of costs, expenses and income under terms of proposed agreement, as well as several newpaper clippings from the FREEMAN REPORT.
Box 2, Folder 2

Flume Reports 1914 - 1916

General note

Includes the following reports: "Classification of Main Flume," "Flume Line," "Service Conditions," "Flume Measurements," and "Flume Leakage."
Box 2, Folder 3

Hydrographic Study of San Vicente Creek 1923

General note

As reported by Fred Green to Colonel Ed Fletcher.
Box 2, Folder 4

Mission Gorge Project - Mass Curve of Reservoir Operation 1921

General note

As reported by T. H. King.
Box 2, Folder 5

Net Safe Yield - Sweetwater Water Company

General note

Extract from a report.
Box 2, Folder 6

Net Yield of San Diego River Reservoirs 1923 - 1930

Box 2, Folder 7

Original Cost of the San Diego Flume Company Water System 1912

General note

As reported by C. S. Alverson.
Box 2, Folder 8

Rail Road Commissioner's Audit of Account of Cuyamaca Water Company 1921 - 1924

Box 2, Folder 9

Rainfall Records 1887 - 1932

General note

The following locales are included in the report: Cuyamaca Dam, Diverting Dam, Chocolate Sect. House, Los Coches, El Cajon (Sweetwater Pass), Eucalyptus Reservoir (Grossmont), Boulder Creek, East Cuyamaca, and Schilling Ranch.
Box 2, Folder 10

Rate Hearing of Cuyamaca Water Company before the Rail Road Commission 1920

Box 2, Folder 11

Recommendations of the Board of Water Commissioners of the City of San Diego 1922

Box 2, Folder 12-13

Report on the Net Safe Yield of Mission Gorge Reservoir 1887 - 1921

General note

As reported by T. H. King.
Box 2, Folder 14

Report on the Safe Yield of Fletcher Lake and South Fork Reservoir 1922

Box 2, Folder 15

Report on the Preliminary Inventory and Estimate of the Value of the Cuyamaca Water Company's Property 1923

General note

As reported by C. Harritt to John Freeman. Also includes report data for John Freeman regarding the yield of the El Monte gravels.
Box 3, Folder 1

Report on the Underground Waters of the San Diego River 1912

General note

As reported by C. S. Alverson.
Box 3, Folder 2

Report on the Water Pumped at El Monte Pumping Plant 1921 - 1925

General note

As reported by C. Harritt to Colonel Ed Fletcher.
Box 3, Folder 3

Report on the Water Situation to the Mayor and Common Council of the City of San Diego 1924

General note

As reported by the City Manager Rhodes.
Box 3, Folder 4

Report on the Water Supply Studies, San Diego River 1920

General note

As reported by the U. S. Reclamation Service, includes maps, charts and graphs.
Box 3, Folder 5

Report on the Watershed of the San Diego River 1921

General note

Reported by M. M. O' Shaughnessey, San Francisco City Engineer, to John D. Spreckels and Colonel Ed Fletcher.
Box 3, Folder 6

Report on the Water Tower for the La Mesa Reservoir 1901

General note

As reported by Edwin Capps.
Box 3, Folder 7

Report Outlining Logical Development of the Waters of the San Diego River and the Upper Santa Ysabel Creek 1923

General note

As reported by T. H. King.
Box 3, Folder 8

Report Regarding a Water Rate Increase for the Sweetwater Water Company 1923

General note

As reported by City Manager Rhodes.
Box 3, Folder 9

Safe Yield of City of San Diego 1915

General note

As reported by Charles H. Lee and presented at the Rail Road Commission Hearing in 1915.
Box 3, Folder 10

Small Tract Plats 1915 - 1916

General note

Includes an index of small tracts and subdivisions.
Box 3, Folder 11

Tabulated Water Data 1886 - 1925

General note

Includes the following reports: "Paramount Rights Suit," "Cuyamaca Water Gage Heights - Cuyamaca Lake, 1899 -1912, and Cuyamaca Flood Waste Calculations, 1916," "1916 Flood Reports: La Mesa Reservoir," and numerous untitled reports.
Box 3, Folder 12

Total Diversions of Cuyamaca Water Company 1889 - 1921

Box 3, Folder 13

Valuation of Water Rights of Spring Valley Water Company 1916


Valuations - Cuyamaca Water Company

Box 3, Folder 14

Application No. 118 before the Rail Road Commission of California. Estimate of reproduction cost, present value and annual charges 1912 - 1915

Box 3, Folder 15

Fulton Lane - Construction costs 1912 - 1914

Box 3, Folder 16-17

Water Rates of Agencies from California 1916 - 1923



Box 4, Folder 1

Riparian Owners on San Diego River 1887 - 1918

General note

Agreement with Murray, Henshaw and Fletcher.
Box 4, Folder 2

Riparian Rights and Agreements on San Diego River 1886 - 1935

General note

Notice of appropriation, grant of rights on El Capitan Reservation and correspondence.
Box 4, Folder 3

Riparian Rights and Rights of Way 1886 - 1928

Box 4, Folder 4

Water Appropriations and Notices of Water Appropriations on the San Diego River 1867 - 1916

Box 4, Folder 5

Water Rights of Cuyamaca Water Company 1914


Water Rights: Contracts and Deeds Books

Box 4, Folder 6

Numbers 1 - 7 1886 - 1887

Box 4, Folder 7

Numbers 7 - 8 and 10 - 17 1887 - 1888

Box 4, Folder 8

Numbers 18 - 21 1887 - 1889

Box 4, Folder 9

Numbers 22 - 35 1887 - 1890

General note

Includes contract number 50; contract number 33 is missing.
Box 4, Folder 10

Numbers 35 - 38 and 41 1890

Box 4, Folder 11

Numbers 39 - 41 and 44 1890 - 1892

Box 4, Folder 12

Numbers 42 - 43 and 45 - 46 1890

Box 4, Folder 13

Numbers 46, 52, 33, and 54 1890 - 1891

Box 4, Folder 14

Numbers 51, 56, 33, 55, and 57 - 58 1891 - 1894

Box 4, Folder 15

Numbers 58 and 61 - 63 1891

Box 4, Folder 16

Numbers 63 - 66, 69, and 70 1891

Box 4, Folder 17

Numbers 71, 67, and 72 - 83 1891

Box 4, Folder 18

Numbers 83 - 84, 68, and 85 - 88 1891 - 1892

Box 4, Folder 19

Numbers 88, 90 - 94, 131, and 133 - 134 1892

Box 4, Folder 20

Numbers 137 - 140, 142 - 144, 149 - 151, 154 - 158, 160, and 162 1892 - 1893

Box 4, Folder 21

Numbers 159, 167, 172 - 175, 166, 176 - 177, 180, and 182 - 187 1893

Box 4, Folder 22

Numbers 190, 189, 188, 191 - 194, 196 - 197, 195, and 198 1893

Box 5, Folder 1

Numbers 198, 200 - 204, 206, and 205 1893

Box 5, Folder 2

Numbers 207, 126, 208, 211, 213 - 219, 212, and 222 1893 - 1894

Box 5, Folder 3

Numbers 224 - 231, 249, 233 - 239, and 232 1893 - 1895

Box 5, Folder 4

Numbers 240 -243, 247, 244, 246, 245, 248, and 250 - 253 1894 - 1895

Box 5, Folder 5

Numbers 254 - 258, 260 - 263, 159, and 266 1895 - 1896

Box 5, Folder 6

Numbers 267 - 279, 265, and 281 - 283 1895 - 1896

Box 5, Folder 7

Numbers 285 - 296 1896 - 1897

Box 5, Folder 8

Numbers 297, 299a - 302, 298, 280, 299, 300, 301a, 264, 302a, and 299 1897 - 1898

Box 5, Folder 9

Numbers 306 - 308, 303, and 309 - 313 1898 - 1902

Box 5, Folder 10

Numbers 314 - 330 1902 - 1903

Box 5, Folder 11

Numbers 331 - 339 1904 - 1906

Box 5, Folder 12

Numbers 340 - 366 1906 - 1909

General note

Includes an alphabetical index of names and assigned contract numbers.
Box 5, Folder 13

La Mesa Colony Contract 1887

Box 5, Folder 14

Blank contract

Box 5, Folder 15

Contract with Soutler and Crosby 1890

Box 5, Folder 16

Numbers 367 - 383 1909 - 1910

Box 5, Folder 17

Numbers 384 - 392 1910

Box 5, Folder 18

Alphabetical index, indexed to page number




General Systems

Oversize MC-999-01

Cuyamaca Official System. Map number 2354

Oversize MC-999-02

Cuyamaca Reservoir - Rainfall and Drainage Area. Map number 2454


Cuyamaca Water Company

Oversize MC-146-01

Map number 2446 1914

Oversize MC-999-03

Map showing actual area under irrigation below El Monte Pump Station and irrigation service area. Map number 2449 1915

Oversize MC-999-04

Distribution system. Map number 2709

Oversize MC-146-02

Index map - Index sheet number 5. Map number 2709

Oversize MC-999-05

Index map of distribution system plats. Map number 2709 1913

Oversize MC-146-03

Pumping plants, drainage areas and stream gaging. Exhibit "H." Map number 2498 1915


San Diego County, California

Oversize MC-999-06

Map number 2355. Formerly number 2449B 1915

Oversize MC-999-07

Exhibit "A" and "B." Map number 2449 1914

Oversize MC-999-08

Exhibit "U." Map number 2449A. [Map number 2684 is written on the back of this map] 1915

Oversize MC-999-09

Territory served. Map number 2737 1921


Cuyamaca Water System

Oversize MC-999-10

Map number 2595 1918

Oversize MC-999-11

Showing service areas. Map number 2706 1919


La Mesa, Lemon Grove and Spring Valley Irrigation District


Lippincott proposal

Oversize MC-146-04

Map number 3002 (two identical maps)

Oversize MC-146-05

Blueprint version (two identical maps)

Oversize MC-146-06

Map showing boundaries. Map number 3055

Oversize MC-146-07

Map showing properties involved in a proposed compromise agreement with the City of San Diego. Map number 3067 (three identical maps)

Oversize MC-146-08

Map showing structural properties. Map number 3057 1914


Map showing various points of diversion from the San Diego River

Oversize MC-999-12

Map number 3030

Oversize MC-999-13

Map number 3054 1926

Oversize MC-146-09

La Mesa, Lemon Grove Irrigation District and Source Supply. Map number 2577

Oversize MC-146-10

La Mesa Reservoir and Pipeline - Eucalyptus Reservoir distribution lines. Map number 2290

Oversize MC-146-11

Lemon Grove Flume Lines. Map number 2266

Oversize MC-999-14

Mission Valley Pipeline. Map number 2185

Oversize MC-146-12

Murray Hill Reservoir. Diagram showing elevation and distances. Map number 2279 1911

Oversize MC-999-15

North of San Diego River - Flume and Pipe Supply. Map number 2053 1889

Oversize MC-999-16

Rancho Mission. Map showing lands upon which the Cuyamaca Water Company owns the riparian rights. Map number 2785

Oversize MC-999-17

San Diego County. Map showing drainage areas and reservoir sites. Map number 2108

Oversize MC-999-18

San Diego Flume System. Map showing irrigated lands and distributing pipes. Map number 2321 1908


San Diego Flume System and General Location of Lands and Lots

Oversize MC-146-13

Map number 2109

Oversize MC-146-14

This map is identical to the previous map with a different map number. Map number 2287


San Diego River

Oversize AB-07-C01

From diverting dam to Mission Dam showing limits of riparian rights acquired. Map number 2752 1913

Oversize AB-07-C04

From diverting dam to Mission Dam showing limits of water bearing gravel. Map number 2647 1913

Oversize MC-146-15

San Diego River Case. Map number 3291 1930

General note

Map attached to complaint in San Diego River case in Federal court. There is a handwritten note across the top of the map that reads, "Map showing that portion of San Diego County traversed by the San Diego River and the lands embraced within the watershed there of, containing appropriate markings of the Government and Indian lands situated there in together with water filings there on."
Oversize MC-146-16

San Diego River Drainage Areas and Safe Yield. Map number 3516

Oversize MC-146-17

San Diego River, Stations for water plane. Map number 2644 (two identical maps) 1912

Oversize MC-146-18

San Diego - Unidentified map. Map number 2311

General note

This map is similar to the left half of map number 2818 (MC-147-27) titled "Mission Gorge" located in the Dams and Reservoirs Built subseries.
Oversize MC-146-19

Unidentified graph map. Map number 2678



Oversize MC-146-20

Alhambra Park. Map number 2349 1912

Oversize MC-146-21

Belmont. Map number 2220 1912

Oversize MC-999-19

Boston Ranch. Map number 2824 1890

Oversize MC-146-22

Cardiff. Map number 2286

Oversize MC-146-23

Carr's. Map number 2222

Oversize MC-146-24

Chase Rancho. Map number 5104


Chase Rancho - Plat

Oversize MC-146-25

Pipe lines. Map number 2766

Oversize MC-146-26

Subdivisions 1. Map number 2763

Oversize MC-146-27

Choate's Addition. Map number 2193


Cholla's Road Subdivision

Oversize MC-146-28

Includes lots 1 - 23. Map number 2188

Oversize MC-146-29

Includes lots 24 - 45. Map number 2188

Oversize MC-146-30

City Heights. Columbian Realty Company. Map number 2223

Oversize MC-146-31

Culverwell and Taggart's Addition to San Diego. Map number 2197 1869

Oversize MC-146-32

Eastgate - Tract number 14. Map number 2280 1912

Oversize MC-146-33

El Cajon Heights. Map number 2805 1894

Oversize MC-146-34

El Cajon Heights - Plat - Block 29. Map number 2119


El Cajon Irrigation District

Oversize MC-999-20

Present and proposed irrigation. Map number 2791 (two identical maps)

Oversize MC-999-21

Proposed addition. Map number 2791

Oversize MC-999-22

Showing proposed boundaries of El Cajon. Map number 2791

Oversize MC-999-23

Southern Title Company. "Office copy." Map number 2791

Oversize MC-146-35

El Cajon Valley - Plat - Lot 100. Map number 2856

Oversize MC-146-36

Eureka Lemon Tract. Map number 2123 1893


Ex-Mission Rancho

Oversize MC-999-24

Lot number 12. Map number 2215

Oversize MC-999-25

Lot number 12 - Subdivisions 1 and 4. [No map number]

Oversize MC-999-26

Lot number 12 - Tract "A". Portion of Tract "A." Map number 2689

Oversize MC-146-37

Section 28. Map number 2277 1892

Oversize MC-146-38

Tract "A" - Lot 12. Map number 2482

Oversize MC-146-39

Tract "A" - Lot 12. Map number 2482

Oversize MC-146-40

Fanita Ranch and Mission Valley. Map number 2830

Oversize MC-999-27

Grossmont, Mt. Helix, Hawley Heights, and a Portion of Section 20. Map number 2869 1924

Oversize MC-146-41

H. P. Whitney's Addition to San Diego. Map number 2221

Oversize AB-07-C02

Lake Jennings - Highway 80 - Alpine. Map number 119 1930

Oversize MC-146-42

Lakeside Heights. Map number 2189 1892


La Mesa

Oversize MC-999-28

Map number 2402

Oversize MC-999-29

Includes La Mesa Colony. Map number 2402

Oversize MC-146-43

La Mesa Acres - South of La Mesa Acres - Tract number 1391. No map number 1911

Oversize MC-146-44

La Mesa Colony - Amended map. Contour map. Map number 2329 1891


La Mesa Springs

Oversize MC-146-45

Map number 2332 (two indentical maps)

Oversize MC-146-46

Westside addition. Map number 2386 1908

Oversize MC-146-47

La Presa and Adjourning Lands. Map number 2782

Oversize MC-146-48

La Presa Colony. Map number 2181

Oversize MC-146-49

Lemon Grove. No map number (two identical maps)


Lemon Grove and Vicinity

Oversize MC-999-30

Map number 2608

Oversize MC-146-50

Diazo photoprint. Map number 2592 1915


Lemon Grove Subdivisions

Oversize MC-146-51

Map number 2608

Oversize MC-999-31

Map number 2385

Oversize MC-146-52

Linda Vista Mesa - Camp Kearny. Map number 2680

Oversize MC-146-53

Marlett Tract. Map number 2027 1913

Oversize MC-146-54

Montecello. Map number 2272 1908

Oversize MC-148-83

Mount Helix Calavo Gardens. Map mounted on board. No map number 1935

Oversize MC-146-55

Murray Hill. Map number 2602

Oversize MC-999-32

Murray Hill Number 2. Map number 2112 1911

Oversize MC-146-56

Nathaniel Smith and Erwin Laraway - Division of land. Map number 2195 1909

Oversize MC-146-57

New San Diego. Map number 2201

Oversize MC-999-33

Normal Heights - Index map - Road improvement district 2. Map number 2323

Oversize MC-146-58

Orien Tract. Map number 2386 1912

Oversize MC-999-34

Pacific Building - Distribution system. Map number 2260 1913

Oversize MC-146-59

Palmateer Tract. No map number 1912

Oversize MC-146-60

Perris. Map number 2226 1886


Rancho El Cajon

Oversize MC-999-35

Portion of area. Map number 2807


"S" tract

Oversize MC-999-36

Map number 114 1930

Oversize MC-146-61

Map number 118 - 1 - F (two identical maps)

Oversize MC-146-62

Map number 2805

Oversize MC-146-63

Boston Ranch. Map number 2773 1923

Oversize MC-146-64

Reed and Daley's Addition. Map number 2218

Oversize MC-146-65

Roseland Heights. Map number 2386 1912

Oversize MC-146-66

San Diego, California. Map number 2224 1910

Oversize MC-146-67

San Diego Land and Town Addition. Map number 2205 1886

Oversize MC-999-37

San Diego to El Cajon Heights. Map number 2325

Oversize MC-146-68

Silver Terrace - Amended map. Map number 2206 1887

Oversize MC-146-69

Spring Valley and Vicinity. Map number 2681

Oversize MC-146-70

Spring Valley Heights. Map number 2388 1911

Oversize MC-146-71

Teralta. Map number 2183 1887

Oversize MC-146-72

Valley View. No map number 1909


Waterville Heights

Oversize MC-146-73

Map number 2192 1893

Oversize MC-146-74

Lot number 1. Map number 2483 1914

Oversize MC-146-75

Lot number 26, East Redlands. Map number 2483 1914

Oversize MC-146-76

Lot number 283. Map number 2483 1914

Oversize MC-146-77

West Avondale. Map number 2208 1910


Dams and Reservoirs Built

Oversize MC-999-38

El Cajon - Pipe lines. Map number 2486 1915


El Capitan Dam Site

Oversize MC-147-01

Contour map. Map number 2521

Oversize MC-147-02

Contour map. Map number 2809 1915

Oversize MC-147-03

Lands. Map number 3091

Oversize MC-147-04

Lands. Map number 3103

Oversize MC-147-05

Survey to locate the corners of the El Capitan Dam Site. Map number 2837 1924

Oversize MC-999-39

Test borings - Profile. Map number 2721 (two identical maps) 1921


El Capitan Grande Indian Reservation

Oversize MC-999-40

Map numbers 2619 - 2620

Oversize MC-147-06

Map showing the diverting dam and flume. Map number 5171 1930


El Capitan Reservoir

Oversize MC-147-07

Map number 2547

Oversize MC-147-08

Operation. Map number 2840 (two identical maps) 1924

Oversize MC-147-09

Eucalyptus Dam and Bridge - Map number 2152

Oversize MC-999-41

Eucalyptus Pass to La Mesa - Flume. Map number 2081


Eucalyptus Reservoir

Oversize MC-147-10

Showing traverse of reservoir. Map number 2150 1912

Oversize MC-147-11

Plat. Showing various surveys. Map number 2150 1912

Oversize MC-147-12

Plat of pipelines. Map number 2149


Grossmont Reservoir - Plan showing requirements for pump intake

Oversize MC-147-13

Map number 2792

Oversize MC-147-14

Blueprint version. Map number 2792


La Mesa Dam



Oversize MC-999-42

Contour map. Map number 2316

Oversize MC-147-15

Map number 2493 1915

Oversize MC-147-16

Longitudinal section. Map number 2339 1911


Outlet system

Oversize MC-147-17

Map number 2492 1915

Oversize MC-147-18

Blueprint version. Map number 2492 1915

Oversize MC-147-19

Plan. Contour line map. Map number 2312 1911

Oversize MC-147-20

Profile. Map number 2086

Oversize MC-147-21

Sections for proposed dams. Map number 2552

Oversize MC-147-22

La Mesa Reservoir - Capacity and area scale. Map number 2528


Old Mission Dam

Oversize MC-147-23

Just below the dam. Blueprint map. Map number 2729

Oversize MC-999-43

Profile just below the dam. Map number 2730

Oversize MC-147-24

San Diego River. Location of cable for stream measurement and automatic bristol gage. Map number 2243 1912

Oversize MC-147-25

San Diego Flume Company - Tower and stand. Plans and details for the Eucalyptus outlet. Map number 2151


San Vicente Reservoir

Oversize MC-999-44

Diazo photoprint. Map number 2801

Oversize MC-999-45

Map number 2786

Oversize MC-147-26

Pencil drawing. Map number 2081


Dams and Reservoirs, Not Built

Oversize MC-147-27

Albright Reservoir - Spring Valley 1924

Oversize MC-147-28

Alvarado Canyon Reservoir. Map number 2573 1919

Oversize MC-147-29

Bancroft Reservoir. Map number 2575


Boulder Creek Conduit - Contour maps, Exhibit E-2-a

Oversize MC-147-30

Sheet number 1. Map number 2429

Oversize MC-147-31

Sheet number 2. Map number 2429

Oversize MC-147-32

Sheet number 3. Map number 2429

Oversize MC-147-33

Sheet number 4. Map number 2429

Oversize MC-147-34

Sheet number 5. Map number 2429

Oversize MC-147-35

Sheet number 6. Map number 2429


Boulder Creek Dam Site

Oversize MC-147-36

Cross-section, Exhibit E-1-b. Map number 2429

Oversize MC-147-37

Plan, Exhibit E-1-c. Map number 2429

Oversize MC-147-38

Boulder Creek Mining Claims. Map number 2783

Oversize MC-147-39

Boulder Creek Plat Showing Power Project. Map number 2731 1921

Oversize MC-147-40

Boulder Creek Power Plant Site. Exhibit E-5. Map number 2429


Boulder Creek Power Project

Oversize MC-147-41

Conduit, pipeline and powerhouse site, sheet 1. Map number 2015

Oversize MC-147-42

Conduit, pipeline and powerhouse site, sheet 2. Map number 2016

Oversize MC-147-43

Reservoir, dam, conduit, and powerhouse. Map number 2014


Boulder Creek Project

Oversize MC-147-44

Map number 2044 1913

Oversize MC-999-46

Showing diverting dam, pipeline and power drop. Map number 2368

Oversize MC-999-47

Together with the Cuyamaca Water Company system. Map number 2737 1921


Boulder Creek Reservoir

Oversize MC-147-45

Exhibit E-1-a, map showing the waterline. Map number 2429

Oversize MC-147-46

Map showing waterline. Map number 2377

Oversize MC-147-47

Site number 5. Map number 2370 1913

Oversize MC-147-48

Sites - Topographic map. Map number 2367 1913

Oversize MC-147-49

Conduit System - Lands to be irrigated. Map number 2750

Oversize MC-147-50

Conejos Dam Site. Map number 2697 1919

Oversize MC-147-51

Conejos Reservoir. Map showing waterline. Map number 2162 1911


Dye Canyon Reservoir

Oversize MC-147-52

Map number 2409

Oversize MC-999-48

Map number 2812

Oversize MC-147-53

Map number 2450 1914

Oversize MC-147-54

Dye Canyon - Site number 11; Dye Canyon - Site number 12. Map number 2409 1910

Oversize MC-147-55

Inaja Reservation. Ownership map. Map number 2768 1922

Oversize MC-147-56

Inaja Reservoir Site - Cedar Creek. Map number 2469 1914

Oversize MC-147-57

Junipero Land and Water Company - Proposed Irrigation. Map number 2594 1906

Oversize MC-147-58

Kinnear Reservoir Site - El Capitan Grande Indian Reservation. Two identical maps, one with annotation. Map number 2267 1911 - 1912

Oversize MC-147-59

La Mesa, Lemon Grove and Spring Valley Irrigation District. Map of land required for reservoir purposes. Map number 3075 1914

Oversize MC-147-60

Magnolia Avenue Reservoir - Plan. Map number 2784

Oversize MC-147-61

Miles Reservoir - Number 2. Map number 2452


Mission Gorge

Oversize MC-147-62

Comparative profiles of dam sites. Map number 2736

Oversize MC-147-63

Constant angle dam. Map number 2761

Oversize MC-147-64

Graphic comparison. Map number 2778


Mission Gorge Reservoir

Oversize MC-147-65

Map number 2716 1921

Oversize MC-147-66

Numbers 2 and 3. Map number 2818 1920


Mission Gorge Reservoir on the San Diego River

Oversize MC-999-49

Map number 2713 1921

Oversize MC-999-50

Map number 2742 1921

Oversize MC-147-67

Mount Helix Reservoir. Map number 2574 1919

Oversize MC-147-68

New South Fork Dam. Topographic map. Map number 2708 1920

Oversize MC-147-69

Pine Valley Conduit. Map number 2451 1914


Pine Valley Reservoir - Proposed

Oversize MC-147-70

Map, no number 1914

Oversize MC-147-71

Diazo photoprint. Map number 2237

Oversize MC-147-72

Traced from Diazo photoprint. Map number 2237 1914

Oversize MC-147-73

Pine Valley Tunnel. Map number 2103

Oversize MC-999-51

Poverty Gulch Dams and Reservoirs Sites. Map number 2324 1911

Oversize MC-147-74

Poverty Gulch Reservoir. Exhibit A. Map number 2371


San Diego River

Oversize MC-147-75

Dam and Reservoir. Map Number 2750 1921

Oversize MC-147-76

Statistics of undeveloped reservoir sites. Map number 2518 1915

Oversize MC-147-77

Tule Dam Plan. Exhibit E-1-cc. Map number 2429

Oversize MC-147-78

Tule Dam Site - Cross-section map. Exhibit E-1-bb. Map number 2429


Tule Reservoir

Oversize MC-147-79

Connecting transit lines. Contour map. Map number 2427 1914

Oversize MC-147-80

Exhibit E-1-aa - Map showing waterline. Map number 2429


Flume Routes, Flumes, Siphons, and Tunnels

Oversize MC-999-52

Alvarado Siphon Replacement - Profile. Map number 3252 1929

Oversize MC-148-01

Alvarado Siphon to La Mesa Reservoir - Plat. Map number 2578 1917

Oversize MC-148-02

Capehorn - Tunnel number 4. Map number 2269


Chocolate Canyon

Oversize MC-148-03

Engine house for pump station number 2. Map number 2366

Oversize MC-148-04

Original flume location. Includes present location of Chocolate Siphon. Map number 2868 1925

Oversize MC-148-05

Proposed flume - Line "B." Map number 2104


Chocolate Creek Feeder

Oversize MC-999-53

East side of canyon. Map number 2692

Oversize MC-148-06

Proposed. Blueprint version. Map number 2691

Oversize MC-148-07

Proposed. Tracing cloth version. Map number 2692

Oversize MC-999-54

West side of canyon. Map number 2693

Oversize MC-148-08

Chocolate Creek Siphon - Forebay entrance - East end. Map number 2514 1911

Oversize MC-999-55

Conejos Dam Site. Conejos Creek to junction with South Fork (two identical maps). Map number 2620 1919


Cresson Flume Line

Oversize MC-148-09

Map number 2576

Oversize MC-999-56

Profile. Map number 2580


Cuyamaca Water Company - Lands involved in condemnation suit. Location of flume on the lands sought to be condemned west from Chocolate Creek Siphon

Oversize MC-148-10

Map number 2866 1925

Oversize MC-148-11

Blueprint version. Map number 2866 1925

Oversize MC-148-12

El Cajon Grant - Flume location. Map number 2080

Oversize MC-999-57

El Cajon Valley - Profile. Map number 2080

Oversize MC-148-13

El Capitan and Chocolate Creek. Boundaries in red flags; white flags on contours. No map number 1921

Oversize MC-148-14

El Capitan Dam Site - Lands sought in San Diego condemnation suit. Map number 3295 1931


El Capitan Grande Indian Reservation

Oversize MC-148-15

Flume line. Map number 2077

Oversize MC-148-16

Lands granted to the City of San Diego by an Act of Congress. Lands involved in the condemnation suit. Map number 3280


Pumping plant number 3

Oversize MC-148-17

Map number 2417 1914

Oversize MC-148-19

Cloth version. Map number 2417 1914

Oversize MC-148-18

Blueprint version. Map number 2417 1914

Oversize MC-148-20

Township lines - Boundaries of number 15. Map number 2289 1879


El Capitan Reservoir

Oversize MC-148-21

Dam site - Private lands and Indian reservation. Map number 2724

Oversize MC-148-22

Showing dam. Map number 2685 1921

Oversize AB-07-C08

El Monte to La Mesa - Flume line. Map number 3158


El Monte Tunnel and Lankersheim Tunnel

Oversize MC-148-23

Proposal - Relocation between the two tunnels. Map number 2028 1913

Oversize MC-999-58

Proposed change of flume line. Map number 2028 1913

Oversize MC-148-24

El Monte Tunnel number 5 and 6. Map number 2269

Oversize MC-148-25

El Monte Tunnel number 7. Map number 2269

Oversize AB-07-C09

End of Flume Line to College Hill Tract - Profile of located pipeline. Map number 2071 1889

Oversize MC-999-59

Eucalyptus Reservoir - Section of flume to be replaced - Profile. Map number 3411

Oversize MC-148-26

Kuehner Property. Hamilton, El Capitan Dam Site, including the flume and Chocolate Creek Pumping Plant. Map number 2546 1915

Oversize MC-999-60

Lakeside - Service area. Map number 2025 1913

Oversize AB-07-C06

Lakeview Siphon - Profile. Map number 2364 1913


La Mesa Dam

Oversize MC-148-28

Experimental line for small flume. Map number 2081

Oversize MC-999-61

Main wood pipe. Map number 2334


La Mesa Ditch

Oversize MC-148-27

Cut-off tunnel. Map number 2557 1917

Oversize MC-999-62

Profile. Map number 2318 1895

Oversize MC-999-63

Reconstruction. Map number 2503 1915


La Mesa, Lemon Grove and Spring Valley Irrigation District

Oversize MC-148-29

Profile. Profile of cut-off siphon "B" and "C," flume section number 9. No map number 1929

Oversize AB-07-C03

Flume Replacement. Map number 2170 1932

Oversize MC-999-64

Los Coches Siphon. Diverting Dam to mile post number 1, tunnel number 6 to Los Coches Siphon. No map number

Oversize MC-999-65

Morris Line - Profile. Map number 2301


Murray Hill

Oversize MC-148-30

Concrete pipe line. Map number 2114

Oversize MC-148-31

Proposed water system using present pump. Map number 2262

Oversize MC-148-32

Pumping Plant Number 2 - Profile. Map number 2512 1915


Quail Canyon Siphon

Oversize MC-148-33

Land sought to be condemned. Map number 3060 1926

Oversize AB-07-C05

Map number 2363 1913

Oversize MC-999-66

San Diego River Bed. Map number 2090 1913

Oversize MC-148-34

Sand Creek - Flume from tunnel number 1. Includes proposed inverted siphon. Map number 2274 1911


Sand Creek Siphon

Oversize MC-148-35

Plan showing forebays and connections, from South Fork to Mission Dam. Map number 2231 1913

Oversize MC-999-67

Reinfornced concrete pipe - Profile. Map number 2235 1913

Oversize MC-148-36

Tunnels number 1, 2, 3, and 8. Map number 2269


South Fork Feeder

Oversize MC-148-37

East end. Map number 2031 1913

Oversize MC-148-38

Main flume from outlet - Profile. Map number 2305 1913

Oversize MC-148-39

Main flume from outlet of South Fork Siphon - Profile. Map number 2404 1913

Oversize MC-999-68

Profile. Map number 2413

Oversize MC-148-40

Standard trestle for metal flume. Map number 2038 1913


South Fork Siphon

Oversize MC-148-41

Includes location of original flume. Map number 2867 1925

Oversize AB-07-C07

Profile of the second line of the South Fork Siphon. Map number 2581 1916

Oversize MC-999-69

Steel siphon. Map number 2227 1911

Oversize MC-999-70

To Chocolate Siphon. Map number 2303

Oversize MC-148-42

Trestles crossing to South Fork Creek. Map number 2790 1916

Oversize MC-148-43

Sweetwater Siphon - Profile. Map number 2710 1919


Technical Drawings

Oversize MC-148-44

Air valves and connection - Plan. Map number 2134 1911

Oversize MC-148-45

Chocolate Canyon Siphon - Proposal. Map number 2099

Oversize MC-148-46

Chocolate Siphon - Flume Alignment - Tunnel number 3. Map number 2033

Oversize MC-148-47

Conejos Canal - Map. Map number 2164 1911

Oversize MC-148-48

El Capitan Indian Reservation - Plant number 3. Map number 2034 1913


Flume Cross-section - Thomas and Post Flume Company

Oversize MC-148-49

Letter addressed to "My Dear Colonel" relating to the four maps below. No number associated with this document 1912

Oversize MC-148-50

Proposal. Blueprint version. Map number 2660 1912

Oversize MC-148-51

Proposal. Tracing cloth version. Map number 2001 1912


Flume Elevation and Cross-section - Thomas and Post Flume System

Oversize MC-148-52

Blueprint version. Map number 2661 1912

Oversize MC-148-53

Tracing cloth version. Map number 2002 1912

Oversize MC-148-54

Flume and Tunnel Section - Abandoned - Profile. Map number 2101

Oversize MC-148-55

Flume in Earth Tunnel. Map number 2101

Oversize MC-148-56

Flume on Grande Stretch. Map number 2101

Oversize MC-148-57

Flume Siphon Forebays, on state highway at Grossmont, CA. Map number 3106 1927

Oversize MC-148-58

Flume - Tunnel - Plan. Flume in tunnel and upon trestle. Map number 2101

Oversize MC-148-59

Flume under Roads - Plan. Map number 2365 1913

Oversize MC-148-60

Grossmont - Connection of 36" concrete pipe to forebay and flume. Map number 2133 1911

Oversize MC-148-61

Hammond Wood Pipe - Profile. Map number 2074

Oversize MC-148-62

La Mesa Dam - Plan of valve tower. Map number 2078

Oversize MC-148-63

Lowline Concrete Pipe Section "D." Map number 2165

Oversize MC-148-64

Mould for Forming Concrete Arch Lining for Tunnels. Map number 2005 1913

Oversize MC-148-65

Pumping Plant Number 2. Sketch. Map number 2083 1913

Oversize MC-148-66

Sand Creek - Cement lined conduit. Map number 2023 1913

Oversize MC-148-67

Sante Fe Wells - Vacuum pump. Map number 2380


South Fork Siphon

Oversize MC-148-68

Proposal. Map number 2095

Oversize MC-148-69

Flume Alignment - Tunnel Number 3. Map number 2018

Oversize MC-148-70

Trestles - Details of special iron work. No map number 1916

Oversize MC-148-71

Standard Cement Lined Conduit - Plant number 2. Map number 2007 1913

Oversize MC-148-72

Standard Reinforced Concrete Conduit - Plant number 3. Map number 2011 1913

Oversize MC-148-73

Standard Sections Compared - Reconstruction showing proper grade relation for set-up. Map number 2008 1913

Oversize MC-148-74

Standard Trestles for Conduit - Plant number 1. Map number 2004 1913

Oversize MC-148-75

Standard Tunnel Cross-section - Reconstruction. Map number 2010 1913

Oversize MC-148-76

Standard Tunnel Portal Cross-section. Map number 2490 (two identical maps) 1898

Oversize MC-148-77

Tunnels - Concrete arch lining. Map number 2006 1913

Oversize MC-148-78

Types of Structures Contemplated. Map number 2003 1913


Pumps and Wells


El Cajon Valley

Oversize MC-999-71

Map showing location of test wells, pumping plant, etc. Map number 2319 1904

Oversize MC-999-72

Alverson's investigation of wells. Map number 2634

Oversize MC-148-79

El Monte Pumping Plant - Lands acquired from La Mesa Development Company. Map number 2383 1913

Oversize MC-148-80

La Mesa - Pumping Station. Map number 2634 (two identical drawings)

Oversize MC-148-81

Mission Valley. Sketch showing relative position of water before and after pumping season of 1899. Map number 2088


San Diego River

Oversize MC-148-82

Map showing station for water plane. Map number 2033 1912

Oversize MC-999-73

Diverting Dam to Mission Dam. Map showing water-bearing gravel. Map number 2105

Oversize MC-999-74

El Monte to Fanita Ranch. No map number

Oversize MC-999-75

Mission Dam to ocean. Map number 2410 (two identical maps)