Guide to the Reports Produced by the University of California, Berkeley, Office of Institutional Research, 1969-1990

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Guide to the Reports Produced by the University of California, Berkeley, Office of Institutional Research, 1969-1990

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Collection Summary

Collection Title: Reports Produced by the University of California, Berkeley, Office of Institutional Research,
Date (inclusive): 1969-1990
Collection Number: CU-158
Creator: University of California, Berkeley. Office of Institutional Research.
Extent: 71 boxes (ca. 30 linear ft.)
Repository: The Bancroft Library. University Archives.
Berkeley, California 94720-6000
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Administrative Information

Acquisition Information

The Office of Planning and Analysis, University of California, Berkeley; transferred in 1996.

Administrative History

The Office of Institutional Research as established in the 1960s under the then Assistant Chancellor - Budget and Planning to systematize the collection and reporting of institutional data, primarily those pertaining to students. The scope of its activities gradually grew to include data on course scheduling, faculty teaching loads, space utilization and other areas relevant to the instructional program. Planners and annalists were the primary users of these data, and in 1994 the two functions of gathering data and making use of those data were combined into the Office of Planning and Analysis.

Scope and Content

These reports cover three major categories: grades and grade distribution, ethnicity, and faculty workload, primarily for the period 1969 to 1986, although a few cover earlier and later dates. In each of these categories, there are a number of reports formulated with different aggregates and different levels of detail.
There are three additional reports: majors in individual courses, statistics by student status (new, continuing and returning students), and average units taken.

Container List


Grade distribution by individual class

box-folder 1:1-5

Spring 1969-Fall 1970

box-folder 2:1-5

Winter 1971-Spring 1972

box-folder 3:1-4

Fall 1972-Fall 1973

box-folder 4:1-4

Winter 1974-Winter 1975

box-folder 5:1-4

Spring 1975-Spring 1976

box-folder 6:1-3

Fall 1976-Spring 1977

box-folder 7:1-4

Fall 1977-Fall 1978

box-folder 8:1-4

Winter 1979-Winter 1980

box-folder 9:1-4

Spring 1980-Spring 1981

box-folder 10:1-4

Fall 1981, Fall 1982-Spring 1983

box-folder 11:1-4

Fall 1983-Spring 1985

box-folder 12:1-4

Fall 1985-Spring 1987

box-folder 13:1-5

Fall 1987-Spring 1989

box-folder 14:1-4

Fall 1989-Spring 1991


Grade distribution by department and course level

box-folder 15:1-10

Fall 1969, Fall 1981-Fall 1982, Fall 1984, Fall 1985-Spring 1987

Additional Note

NOTE: Spring 1982 campus totals only, not full report.
box-folder 16:1-8

Fall 1987-Spring 1991


Distribution of A-F grades by course and instructor

box-folder 17:1-9

1974/75, 1976/77, 1978/79


Scholastic average reports

Additional Note

Undergraduate only 1956-1961/62; undergraduate and graduate 1962/63-Fall 1976. Includes Summer Session for 1968 and 1969 only. The following are lacking: Spr 1957, Fall 1961, Fall 1966, Fall 1969 (undergraduate report lacking). Some years also include scholastic averages for candidates for bachelor degrees.
box-folder 18:1-6

Spr 1956-Fall 1976


Summer Session scholarship grade reports

Additional Note

By department and course number, with departmental summaries.
box-folder 18:7-11



GPA by gender

Additional Note

Organized by school or college, then by gender in years 1984/85-1985/86.
box-folder 18:12-16



Individual classes with a high proportion of A grades

Additional Note

Undergraduate only. Separate table for each quarter. Each has statistics for lower and for upper division courses, instructor's names, percentage of A and B grades, enrollment figures and summary for each quarter. Only classes with five or more students are listed.
box-folder 19:1-3

1974/75 only


Degrees by college/school by ethnicity

Additional Note

Separate data for bachelors, masters, doctors, candidates and certificates. Has columns for each sex, and has totals for year.
box-folder 19:4-10


box-folder 20:1-9


box-folder 21:1-3


box-folder 22:1-8



Degrees by major and ethnicity

Additional Note

Under each major has rows for degree and columns for ethnicity, including a column for foreign students. Not broken down by sex.
box-folder 21:4-10


box-folder 23:1-6



Degrees and certificates

Additional Note

Degrees and certificates awarded by each academic session, with details of each degree and each major, by male and female.
box-folder 23:7-10

1969/70-1971/72, 1973/74


Ethnic report

Additional Note

Arranged by college/school or large division with rows for student level and sex and columns for ethnicity. Beginning Fall 1973 has separate tables for all students, for citizens and immigrants and for foreign students, with indication of full and part time. For Fall 1974 there is an additional report with breakdown by departments within the colleges.
box-folder 24:1

Fall 1970

box-folder 21:11-13

Fall 1973, Fall 1974

box-folder 25:1-5

Winter-Spring, 1975, Fall 1975, Spring 1976, Fall 1976

box-folder 26:1

Fall 1977

box-folder 24:2

Fall 1978

box-folder 26:2-4

Fall 1979, Fall 1980, Fall 1981


Assign by ethnicity

Additional Note

Arranged by department, with more aggregate student levels (i.e., fewer categories) than the Ethnic Report above.
box-folder 26:5-9

Fall 1972-Winter 1974

box-folder 27:1-9

Spring 1974-Winter 1976

box-folder 28:1-7

Spring 1976-Winter 1977

box-folder 29:1-6

Spring 1977-Winter 1978

box-folder 30:1-6

Spring 1978-Winter 1979

box-folder 31:1-6

Spring 1979-Winter 1980

box-folder 32:1-6

Spring 1980-Winter 1981

box-folder 33:1-8

Spring 1981-Spring 1982

box-folder 24:3-7


box-folder 34:1-5

1984/85-Fall 1986

box-folder 35:1-3

Spring 1987-Spring 1988


Assign by class level

Additional Note

By department; shows numbers of new, continuing and 'r' students by class level, with totals for lower division, upper division, total undergraduates, total graduates and campus totals.
box-folder 35:4-9


box-folder 36:1-9


box-folder 37:1-8

Fall 1977-Winter 1980

box-folder 38:1-7

Spring 1980-Spring 1982


Faculty workload by college, department, and instructor

Additional Note

Includes index of faculty and departments, individual faculty records, and year totals.
box-folder 39:1-3

1968/69-1969/70; 1971/72

box-folder 40:1-2

1970/71; 1972/73

box-folder 41:1-2


box-folder 42:1-2


box-folder 43:1-2


box-folder 44:1-2

1979/80; 1974/75-1978/79 (summary)


Faculty workload - lower division courses taught

Additional Note

Includes instructor name, rank, course number, course type, units, enrollment, school and contact hours.
box-folder 45:1-2



Faculty workload by college, faculty rank, and department

box-folder 45:3-5


box-folder 46:1-3


box-folder 47:1-2



Faculty workload by instructor rank and college.

box-folder 47:3



Faculty workload - Special Study for the Department of Sociology

box-folder 47:4

Fall 1969-Spring 1972


Distribution by Class Size

Additional Note

By department and course level. Year average.
box-folder 47:5-6



Contact hours by department, faculty rank, and course level

box-folder 48:1-3

Fall 1963-Fall 1964; Fall 1969; Spring 1970


Contact hours by department and faculty rank

box-folder 49:1-2

1963; 1966; 1969; 1970, Fall 1971


Annual Teaching Activity Report

Additional Note

By faculty rank, course level, and department. Includes faculty index.
box-folder 49:3-6


box-folder 50:1


box-folder 51:1-2

1980/81; 1982/83

box-folder 52:1



Majors in Individual Courses

Additional Note

By department, course number, and major name.
box-folder 53:1-2

Fall 1972; Fall 1973

box-folder 54:1-3

Spring 1974; Fall 1974; Winter 1974

box-folder 55:1-3

Spring 1975; Fall 1975; Winter 1975

box-folder 56:1-3

Spring 1976; Fall 1976; Winter 1976

box-folder 57:1-3

Spring 1977; Fall 1977; Winter 1977

box-folder 58:1-3

Spring 1978; Fall 1978; Winter 1978

box-folder 59:1-3

Spring 1979; Fall 1979; Winter 1979

box-folder 60:1-3

Spring 1980; Fall 1980; Winter 1980

box-folder 61:1-3

Spring 1981; Fall 1981; Winter 1981

box-folder 62:1-2

Spring 1982; Winter 1982


New, Continuing, Returning

Additional Note

By department and student status (i.e. new, continuing, returning).
box-folder 63:1-8

Fall 1974; Spring 1975; Fall 1975; Winter 1975; Fall 1978; Fall 1979; Fall 1980; Fall 1981

box-folder 64:1-5

Spring 1982; Fall 1982; Winter 1982; Spring 1983; Fall 1983

box-folder 65:1-2

Winter 1983; Spring 1984

box-folder 66:1-2

Fall 1984; Spring 1985

box-folder 67:1-2

Spring 1985 (cont.); Fall 1985

box-folder 68:1


box-folder 69:1

Spring 1986


Average Units

Additional Note

Average number of units by school, college, and L&S division. Also by "new, continuing, returning."
box-folder 70:1-5

Fall 1978; 1979/80; Fall 1979; 1980/81; Fall 1981

box-folder 71:1-7

Spring 1982; Fall 1982; Winter 1982; 1981/82; 1982/83; Fall 1983; 1983/84