Eisig Silberschlag papers M1479

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Title: Eisig Silberschlag Papers
Identifier/Call Number: M1479
Contributing Institution: Stanford University. Department of Special Collections and University Archives
Language of Material: Multiple languages
Physical Description: 27.0 Linear feet
Date (inclusive): 1910-1989
Abstract: Manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, clippings, photocopies, writings by others, and ephemera, ca. 1920s to 1980s. Box 52, containing personal correspondence between Eisig Silberschlag and Dalia Daniel and a small number of photographs, ca. 1973-1986, is closed to public access until 2016.

Biographical/Historical Note

Eisig Silberschlag was born in 1903 in the city of Stryy, located in what is now Ukraine. In 1925 he received a doctorate from the University of Bienna, and, over the course of his long career, was considered an authority in the field of Hebrew literary criticism. Silberschlag was an accomplished poet who translated Aristophanes and Menander from Greek into Hebrew. In 1944 he joined the faculty of Hebrew College of Boston and was named dean in 1947. In the late 1960s, his title was changed to president. In 1951, Silberschlag won the Tschernichowsky Prize of the Municipality of Tel Aviv for his translations of the comedies of Aristophanes. He also received the Florence Kovner Memorial Award in 1971 for a book of poems, LETTERS TO OTHER GENERATIONS. After his retirement from Hebrew College in 1970, he moved to Austin, Texas, where he was appointed professor of Judaic studies at the University of Texas. He died in Austin in 1988

Preferred Citation Note

[identification of item], Eisig Silberschlag papers, c. 1910-1989. M1479. Dept. of Special Collections, Stanford University Libraries, Stanford, Calif.

Acquisition Information

Purchased, 2005. Accession 2005-202.

Access Note

Open for research; material must be requested at least 36 hours in advance of intended use. Box 52 is closed until 2036.

Scope and Contents Note

Manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, clippings, photocopies, writings by others, and ephemera, ca. 1920s to 1980s.


Series I. Clippings, photocopies

Physical Description: 2.0 Boxes
Carton 1

Clippings and photocopies (1 of 2)

Carton 2

Clippings and photocopies (2 of 2)


Series II. Correspondence


Subseries A: Incoming

Physical Description: 31.0 Boxes
Box 3


Physical Description: 21.0 Folders

Admirers, female


Agnon, S.Y.


Alter, Robert


Altmann, Alexander


Am Oved Publishing


Amichai, Yehuda (1 letter)


Ankori, Zvi


Arendt, Hannah/Jewish Cultural Reconstruction, Inc. (1 letter)


Attorney General of Texas


Atzmon, Ezri


Barkai du-shavuon


Barash, Asher


Baron, Jeannette


Baron, Salo/Jewish Social Studies


Barzel, Aviva


Barzilai, Y.


Bass, S.


Bavli, Hillel

Box 4

Ben G-Bran

Physical Description: 18.0 Folders

Ben Gurion, David (2 letters)


Ben-Menachem, Naphtali


Ben-Tzion, Tsevi


Ben-Yishai, A.Z./Tel Aviv Municipality


Ben Yosef, Reuven


Berman, Herbert


Bernstein, Shimon


Bialik Institute


Bitzaron/Chaim Tsernowitz


Blumenfeld, Samuel


Boyd, Esther


Brainin, Joseph (son of Reuben Brainin; 1 letter)


Brandeis University/Albert Einstein birthday dinner


Brandmark, E. (Stryj)

Box 5


Physical Description: 19.0 Folders

Braude, William (1 note)


Braunschwig, Jules


E.J. Brill


Brit ivrit olamit


Brownstone, Minka (Milka's sister)


Broyda, Alexander


Buber, Martin (1 note)


Cassirer, Eva


Central Yiddish Cultural Org.


Charney, Daniel


Cohen, Israel




Columbia University


Commission on Jewish Education


Contemporary Jewish Record/Commentary


Cooper, Harry D. Estate


Cornell University Press


Daniel, Dalia/Yitshak Ros (Daniel's father)

Box 6


Physical Description: 24.0 Folders



David, Yonah


Diezendruck, Zvi


Duker, Abraham




East and West Library


Eban, Abba


Eisenberg, Azriel


Eked Publishers


Emmanuel College


Entin, Moses


Farmelant, Annabelle


Federbusch, Simon/Histadruth Ivrith of America


Feig, Irena


Feigin, Samuel


Feinstein, Moses


Feldman, Yael


Fine, Jacob


Finkelstein, Louis


Fischel, Henry


Forster-Nietsche, Elisabeth


Friedman, Nathan


Fuchs, Esther

Box 7


Physical Description: 19.0 Folders

Gale, Edwin


Gannes, Abe/Dept. of Education and Culture, Jewish Agency


Ginzburg, Simon


Glatzer, Nahum


Glueck, Sheldon


Goitein, S.D.


Golan, Shamai


Goldberg, Abraham


Goldberg, Maurice (3 musical scores w/inscription)


Goldberg, Maxwell


Goldman, Solomon


Goldmann, Nahum


Goodman, Philip/Jewish Book Council of America


Goss, Isaac/South African Board of Jewish Education


Govrin, Nurith


Grad, Eli


Grayzel, Solomon (JPS)


Greenwald, Norman/American College in Jerusalem

Box 8


Physical Description: 13.0 Folders

Gresser, Gisele


Groepper, Tamina (Haehling)


Gross, Chaim


Grossinger, Hermine


Haberman, A.M.






Haehling, Tamina V. (aka Groepper)

Box 9


Physical Description: 10.0 Folders

Halkin, Simon


Hantke, J.T.


Hareli, Shaul/Jewish Agency for Palestine


Hazaz, Haim & Aviva


Hebrew Culture Society


Hebrew PEN Club


Hebrew Teachers College/Hebrew College

Box 10


Physical Description: 12.0 Folders

Hebrew Teachers College/Hebrew College


Hebrew Union College/Jewish Institute of Religion


Hebrew University


Helman, Edith


Horch, Franz J.


Hourani, Albert


Hurston, Zora Neale (3 letters, 1937)


Hurwich, Leah/Women's School of Jewish Studies


Hurwich, Louis


Hurwitz, Henry/Menorah Journal

Box 11


Physical Description: 16.0 Folders

Indelman, Elhanan


International Microfiche Center/Henry L. de Mink


Israel Matz Foundation (re: David Vogel)


Ivask, Ivar/World Literature Today


Ivry, Isaac


Jacobs, Leo


Jacobs, Rose/Hadassah


Jaffe, Mordecai


Janowsky, Oscar


Jewish Palestine Exploration Society


Jewish Publication Society


Jewish Social Studies


Jewish Theological Seminary


Kabakoff, Jacob


Kafka research correspondence

Box 12


Physical Description: 5.0 Folders

Kahn, Charlotte (E.S.'s secretary at HTC)

Box 13


Physical Description: 18.0 Folders

Katsch, Abraham


Katzir, Ephraim


Klatzkin, Jacob


Klausner, Joseph


Kohut, George


Kuselwitz, David


Lamdan, Yitshak


Leaf, Haim


Lehman, Emil


Lehner, Fredrick


Library of Congress


Lieberman, Saul


Lipts, D


Loewe, Raphael


Louis LaMed Foundation


Lown, Linda


Lown, Philip

Box 14


Physical Description: 14.0 Folders

Lucius N. Littauer Foundation


Malachi, A.R.


Malachi, Zvi


Mansoor, Menachem


Marwick, Lawrence


Massadah Publishing


Mehlmann, Israel


Miron, Dan




Naamani, Israel


Nakarai, Toyozo


Name & address list ca. 1930s


National Association of Professors of Hebrew

Box 15


Physical Description: 13.0 Folders

National Endowment for the Humanities/Irene U. Burnham


Niger, Shemuel


Netanyahu, Ben Tsiyon (father of Yonatan and Binyamin)


Neuman, Abraham/Dropsie College


Newman, Mordecai


Nussenblatt, T. (Vienna, 1937)


Obermann, Julian


Oxford Centre for Postgraduate Hebrew Studies


Ozick, Cynthia (2 notes)

Box 16


Physical Description: 9.0 Folders

Patai, Raphael


Patterson, David/Oxford Centre for Postgraduate Hebrew Studies


Pelli, Moshe


PEN American Center


PEN Centre in Israel


Perls, Hugo & Eugenie


Persky, Daniel


Pinson, Koppel/Jewish Social Studies


Potok, Chaim/JPS


Preil, Gabriel


Rabin, Chaim


Rabinovits, Yeshayah


Raisin, Max


Ravid, Zevulun

Box 17

Poet Lore

Physical Description: 8.0 Folders

Correspondence A-Z and notes

Box 18

Hatekufah: Correspondence A-Z & notes

Physical Description: 36.0 Folders



Baron, Salo


Hatekufah blank stationery


Zeitlin, Aharon


Weinryb, Bernard


Twersky, Y.


Tartakower, Aryeh






Shulsinger Bros.


Shalom, Sh.


Sackler, S.


Ribalow, Menahem


Raisin, Max


Preil, Gabriel


Niger, Shemuel


Halkin, S.


Finkelstein, Eliezer


Fikhman, Y.


Feigin, S.


Brownstone, Miriam (Minka)


Bavli, Hillel

Box 19


Physical Description: 15.0 Folders

Rawidowicz, Simon


The Reconstructionist


A. Regelson Publishing Co.


Rubin Mas Publishing Co.


Ribalow, Menahem


Rice University


Riklis, Y.


Rivkind, I.


Roth, Cecil/Encyclopedia Hebraica


Sackler, Harry (2 folders)


Sarna, Nahum


Saron, G./South Africa visit, 1963


Savitz, Harry


Scharfstein, Bernard

Box 20


Physical Description: 22.0 Folders

Schocken, Salman


Schoville, Keith


Schor, Ilya


Schreier, Isaac


Schwartz, Maurice/Yiddish Art Theatre


Schwarz, Leo


Seeman, Jakob


Seitz-Diamond, Gosia


Selekman, B.M.


Shalom, Sh.


Sharet, Moshe


Shazar, Zalman


Shenberg, Yitzhak/Schocken Library, Jerusalem


Shneour, Eli


Shneour, Zalman


Sholem, Gershom


Shrier, Pauline


Shulsinger Bros. Printing


Shvarts-Nardi, Shulamit

Box 21


Physical Description: 14.0 Folders

Silber, John R.


Silkiner, Benjamin Nahum (1 postcard)


Silver, Bertha (mother)


Silver, Henry (brother)


Silver, Sidney (brother, born Zallel Sternbach)


Slutzki, Aryeh


Smilansky, Yizhar


Smolar, Boris


Snowe, Edna


Solodar, A./Dorenu


South African Board of Jewish Deputies


Spiegel, Shalom

Box 22


Physical Description: 16.0 Folders

Stadtler, Bea


Standard Jewish Encyclopedia


Steinberg, Paul M.


Steiner, M.


Steinman, E.


Stevens, Claudine


Strauss, Leo


Strelka, Joseph


Sybel, Avraham


Tancer (Baron) Family


Tartakower, Aryeh


Teatron Kameri


Toren, Haim


Touroff, Nissan


Tshernowitz, Chaim

Box 23


Physical Description: 26.0 Folders

Di Tsukunft


Tversky, Yitshak


United Publishers Association


Vogel, David


Wallenrod, Reuven


Wallenstein, Meir


Weinreich, Max


Weinstein, Lewis


Wiesel, Elie (1 note)


Wilensky, Mordechai


Wilfand, Yosef


Wilson, Edmund


Wise, Stephen


Wolfson, Harry


World Jewish Congress


World Zionist Organization


WPA Federal Theatre Project


Writers' War Board


Yaari, Yehudah


Yad Vashem/Hadassah Modlinger (query about ES WWII diary)


Yahuda, A.S.


Zeitlin, Aaron


Zeitlin, Solomon/Jewish Quarterly Review

Box 24

UT Austin A-L

Physical Description: 16.0 Folders

Berlin, Charles (Baron Collection appraisal; HC board member)


Bill, James A.


British Studies


Center for Middle East Studies


Department of Oriental & African Languages & Literatures (DOALL)


English, Paul W.


Fishman, Charles/Houston JCC


Flyers/Press releases


Hillel Foundation


King, Robert D.


Lieb, Irwin C.

Box 25

UT Austin M-W

Physical Description: 10.0 Folders

Werbow, Stanley N.


Spurr, Stephen H.


Rostow, Elspeth D.


Ross, Stanley R.


Polombe, Edgar C.


Miscellaneous correspondence


Middleton, Christopher


Mersky, Roy

Box 26

Box 26 Misc.

Physical Description: 7.0 Folders

Miscellaneous correspondence, before 1970

Box 27


Physical Description: 8.0 Folders

Miscellaneous correspondence, before 1970

Box 28


Physical Description: 6.0 Folders

Miscellaneous correspondence, before 1970

Box 29


Physical Description: 6.0 Folders

Miscellaneous correspondence, 1970 and after

Box 30


Physical Description: 10.0 Folders

Miscellaneous correspondence, 1970 and after

Box 31


Physical Description: 7.0 Folders

Miscellaneous correspondence, 1970 and after


Subseries B: Outgoing

Box 32

before 1940

Physical Description: 6.0 Folders
Box 33

1970 and after

Physical Description: 6.0 Folders

Series III. Administrative and Pedagogical

Box 34

Emmanuel College; Hebrew Teachers College; UT Austin

Physical Description: 8.0 Folders
Box 35

Hebrew Teachers College

Physical Description: 3.0 Folders

Series IV. Manuscripts, notes, and writings

Box 36

"Russisch-Englische Beziehungen Waehrend der Regierungszeit Katharinas II," n.d., ca. 1920s

Physical Description: 4.0 Folders
Box 37

"Hebrew Poetry in the Twentieth Century," n.d.; 100+ p. letter to unidentified female friend, n.d. ca. 1920s

Physical Description: 9.0 Folders
Box 38

Biographical sketch, part of untitled play

Physical Description: 11.0 Folders
Box 39

E.S. translation from Greek into Hebrew: "Komedyot shel Aristofanes," and related clippings and correspondence

Box 40

Writings, notes, and clippings related to S.Y. Agnon

Physical Description: 14.0 Folders
Box 41

Unsorted notes, writings, and clippings

Box 42

Unsorted notes, writings, and clippings

Carton 43

Unsorted notes, writings, and clippings

Carton 44

Unsorted notes, writings, and clippings

Carton 45

Unsorted notes, writings, and clippings

Carton 66

Unsorted notes, writings, and clippings

Carton 67

Unsorted notes, writings, and clippings

Carton 55

Unsorted notes, writings, and clippings


Series V. Milka Silberschlag

Language of Material: Multiple languages
Box 46

Correspondence and writings

Physical Description: 12.0
Box 47

Medical documents, writing, condolence letters following Milka Silberschlag's death.

Physical Description: 5.0 Folders

Series VI. Notebooks, diaries, and calendars

Language of Material: Multiple languages
Carton 48

Notebooks, diaries, and calendars

Physical Description: 13.0 Folders
Box 49

Notebooks, diaries, and calendars

Physical Description: 4.0 Folders

Scrapbook containing clippings, ca. 1940s


Series VII. Offprints

Carton 51

Publications by Silberschlag

Carton 68

Publications by other authors


Series VIII. Personal

Box 53

Banking/insurance/investments/pay stubs; Hotels/travel; Household; Membership cards

Physical Description: 14.0 Folders
Box 54

Draft classification cards; Ephemera; Medical; Naturalization; Passports; School documents; Silberschlag, Milka (legal-size documents); Silver, Bertha and Henry Silver; Silver, Sidney (Zallel Sternbach); Travel

Physical Description: 11.0 Folders
Flat Box 64

Shofar, hip flask, fountain pen, lock of hair, oversize brittle photographs, photograph of Bertha Silver framed in glass

Box 65

Six 78 rpm sound recordings (acetate) of Silberschlag readings, 1947

Physical Description: 6.0 Folders
Box 52

Correspondence w/Dalia Daniel; Photographs of Silberschlag and Daniel, ca. 1973-1986.


Series IX. Photographs

Box 56


Physical Description: 7.0 Folders
Box 57


Physical Description: 8.0 Folders

Series X. Postcards

Box 58

Box 58: Postcards

Physical Description: 8.0 Folders

Series XI. Programs/pamphlets/newsletters/flyers

Box 59


Box 60


Box 61



Series XII. Unpublished writing by others

Box 62

Playscript: We will never die, by Ben Hecht, n.d., ca. 1943; Playscript: Rahab of Jericho, by Harry Sackler, 1927; Playscript: Frankfort chronicle, by Harry Sackler, n.d.; Manuscript: Shirati, by Sh. Shalom, 11 p., n.d.

Physical Description: 11.0 Folders
Box 63

Papers from a symposium on Arab-Jewish Cultural Symbiosis, UT Austin, March 3-4, 1975

Physical Description: 10.0 Folders