Guide to the Marjorie Kellogg papers PA Mss 85

Finding aid prepared by Special Collections staff, 2011.
UC Santa Barbara Library, Department of Special Research Collections
University of California, Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara 93106-9010

Title: Marjorie Kellogg papers
Identifier/Call Number: PA Mss 85
Language of Material: English
Contributing Institution: UC Santa Barbara Library, Department of Special Research Collections
Physical Description: 31.34 linear feet (15 document boxes, 18 flat boxes, 9 audiocassettes, 5 audiotape reels, 2 videocassettes, and 5 film reels)
Creator: Kellogg, Marjorie
Date (inclusive): 1895-2005
Date (bulk): 1922-2005
Abstract: Papers of Marjorie Kellogg (1922-2005), American novelist and screenplay writer born in Santa Barbara, California. In addition to correspondence, original manuscripts, photographs, press clippings and artifacts relating to Kellogg's writing career, the collection includes historical photographs of Santa Barbara and the surrounding area.
Physical Location: Special Research Collections, UC Santa Barbara Library

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The collection is open for research.

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[Identification of Item], Marjorie Kellogg papers, PA Mss 85. Department of Special Research Collections, UC Santa Barbara Library, University of California, Santa Barbara.

Acquisition Information

Donated by Sylvia Short, May 2011.

Biographical Note

Born in Santa Barbara, California, Marjorie Kellogg (1922-2005) began her writing career as a copy editor for the San Francisco Chronicle after attending UC Berkeley. A later position led her to Europe, where she covered France and Spain for Salute magazine immediately after World War II. After returning to the United States, she obtained a bachelor's and master's degree in social work from Smith College. While working as social worker in New York City, Marjorie Kellogg completed her first novel, Tell Me That You Love Me, Junie Moon (1968), adapting it as a screenplay for the 1970 movie of the same name, directed by Otto Preminger and starring Liza Minnelli and Ken Howard. Kellogg followed her second novel, Like the Lion's Tooth (1972), with a screenplay adaptation of Sylvia Plath's The Bell Jar. In addition to her novels and screenplays, Kellogg wrote plays and musicals, including The Oldest Trick in the World, directed by Carl Williams, The Smile of the Cardboard Man, and After You've Gone, both starring Sylvia Short. Kellogg was the daughter of Eugene S. Kellogg and Emma Pickett, both from long-established Santa Barbara and Ventura County families.

Scope and Content

The scope and content of this collection can be divided into two general sections. The first section (Series I-III) provides a view into Santa Barbara and Ventura County history mainly from the perspective of two prominent Goleta Valley agricultural families--the Kellogg and Pickett families--starting in the late 19th century through the late 20th. The section includes family photograph albums documenting daily life in the Goleta Valley, Santa Barbara, and Ventura from the late 19th through the mid 20th century, as well as documents, genealogies and artifacts from the Pickett and Kellogg family collections. Included among the family photographs are photographs taken by Marjorie Kellogg in France and Spain in the aftermath of World War II.
The second section (Series IV-XIV) comprises manuscripts, photographs, correspondence, documents, audiovisual recordings, artifacts and artwork covering Kellogg's career as student of social work at Smith College, a social worker for the state of New York, and finally, her work as an author, playwright and filmmaker. This section includes the original manuscripts of Tell Me That You Love Me, Junie Moon and Like the Lion's Tooth, as well original manuscripts of Kellogg's screenplays, plays and musicals. Among the photographs are production stills of the film version of Tell Me That You Love Me, Junie Moon (including on-set photographs of Liza Minnelli and Otto Preminger), as well as stills to the first two scenes of the film version of Like the Lion's Tooth (Marjorie Kellogg, director, with Betty Buckley) shot for promotion and never completed. Recordings include multiple film reels to this production. Correspondence includes letters from Paula Fox and Carson McCullers, friends of Kellogg.


The collection has been arranged into the following series: I. Family Photographs, II. Family Documents, III. Eastwood Letters, IV. Smith College, V. Novels, VI. Screenplays, VII. Musicals, VIII. Plays, IX. Junie Moon (Film), X. Lion's Tooth (Film), XI. General Correspondence, XII. Miscellaneous, XIII. Posters, XIV. Audiovisual.

Subjects and Indexing Terms

Bell jar (Motion picture) Tell me that you love me, Junie Moon (Motion picture)
Authors, American
Women authors, American
Santa Barbara County (Calif.) -- History
Ventura County (Calif.) -- History
Artifacts (object genre)
Clippings (information artifacts)
Film reels
Film stills
Genealogies (histories)
Manuscripts (documents)
Photograph albums
Scripts (documents)
Sound recordings
Kellogg, Marjorie -- Archives
Buckley, Betty
Fox, Paula
McCullers, Carson
Minnelli, Liza
Preminger, Otto
Short, Sylvia
Kellogg family
Pickett family
Kellogg, Marjorie -- Tell me that you love me, Junie Moon
Kellogg, Marjorie -- Like the lion's tooth


Series I. Family Photographs

Scope and Content

Series I., Family Photographs, comprises family photographs, however, included in this series are photographs of France and Spain after World War II taken by Marjorie Kellogg, publicity stills of Marjorie Kellogg, and miscellaneous photographs not related to a specific film production or play.
Box-folder 1: 1

Santa Barbara Mission, Father [?], colorized photograph 1895

Box-folder 1: 2

Santa Barbara Mission, colorized photograph 1900

Box-folder 1: 3

Edward Samuel Pickett (age 1 year), portrait undated

Box-folder 1: 4

George John Eastwood and Felicite Whitling Eastwood, portrait undated

Box-folder 1: 5

Edward Samuel Pickett and Louisa Alice Eastwood, portrait, two copies 1894 November 11

Box-folder 1: 6

Emma Euphemia Pickett (10 [?] months), portrait, two copies, plus lock of hair (Emma Pickett Kellogg, age 29 years) 1896, 1924

Box-folder 1: 7

Emma Euphemia Pickett, portrait 1902

Box-folder 1: 8

Emma and Irene Pickett, postcard portrait undated

Box-folder 1: 9

Emma Pickett (age, 16 years), portrait 1911

Box-folder 1: 10

Edward and Louisa Alice Pickett, portrait undated

Box-folder 1: 11

Eugene Shirrell Kellogg and siblings, portrait undated

Box-folder 1: 12

Eugene Shirrell Kellogg (age, 16 years), portrait, two copies 1909

Box-folder 1: 13

Negative of house, woman and child in front undated

Box-folder 1: 14

Emma Pickett (age 17.5 years) and Mary Weeks, postcard portrait 1912

Box-folder 1: 15

Emma Pickett, Oxnard High School graduation and portrait 1912

Box-folder 1: 16

Pickett family snapshots, plus genealogical note undated

Box-folder 1: 17

Eugene Shirrell Kellogg (25 yrs) and Emma Pickett Kellogg (23 yrs) portrait, two copies 1918

Box-folder 1: 18

Eugene Edward Kellogg (age, 1 year), portrait, two copies 1919

Box-folder 1: 19

Emma Pickett Kellogg, portrait 1935

Box-folder 1: 20

Eugene Shirrell Kellogg, portrait 1935

Box-folder 1: 21

Palm Canyon Palm Springs, Kellogg family, Thanksgiving Day 1925, 1935

Box-folder 1: 22

Emma Pickett Kellogg (in shawl) 1937

Box-folder 1: 23

Emma Pickett Kellogg and Eugene Shirrell Kellogg, portrait undated

Box-folder 1: 24

Eugene Edward Kellogg, Emma Pickett Kellogg, Marjorie May Kellogg 1926

Box-folder 1: 25

Eugene Edward Kellogg, Eugene Shirrell Kellogg, Marjorie May Kellogg 1934

Box-folder 1: 26

Portrait of Eugene Shirrell Kellogg and Emma Pickett Kellogg 1935

Box-folder 1: 27

Portrait of Marjorie Mae Kellogg (22 years) 1944

Box-folder 1: 28

"Pictures of Porteguela" 1941-1945

Box-folder 1: 29

Snapshots 1947-1950

Box-folder 1: 30

"Horses in my life---Emma K." undated

Box-folder 1: 31

"Dogs in my life---E.K.S., E.K." undated

Box-folder 1: 32

Henry and Emma [Kellogg] Simpson, snapshots 1952-1972

Box-folder 1: 33

Emma [Kellogg] Simpson, portrait undated

Box-folder 1: 34

photograph(cardboard backed) of rowboat undated

Box-folder 1: 35

San Antonio Creek house after Painted Cave fire 1990

Box-folder 1: 36

Miscellaneous photographs from envelop labeled "Old photographs for framing" undated

Box-folder 1: 37

Marjorie Kellogg--Miscellaneous early photographs and slides undated

Box-folder 1: 38

Marjorie Kellogg and dog in car, photograph undated

Box-folder 1: 39

Marjorie Kellogg--Miscellaneous later photographs I 1980s

Box-folder 1: 40

Marjorie Kellogg--Miscellaneous later photographs II 1990s

Box-folder 1: 41

Marjorie Kellogg publicity stills (includes negatives) undated

Box-folder 1: 42

Empty studio envelopes undated

Flat-box 2A

Emma Pickett, photograph album [1], with inscription dated 1900 November 26

Flat-box 2A

Emma Pickett, photograph album [2], with inscription dated 1900 November 26

Flat-box 2B

Emma Pickett, photograph album [3], class of 1913

Flat-box 2B

Emma Pickett, photograph album [4] 1909-1913

Oversize 5

Emma Pickett, photograph album [5] 1880, 1912-1917

Oversize 6

Kellogg family (Eugene S., Emma, Eugene E., Marjorie) photograph album [1] 1919-1923

Oversize 7

Kellogg family (Eugene S., Emma, Eugene E., Marjorie) photograph album [2] 1923-1932

Oversize 8A

Kellogg family (Eugene S., Emma, Eugene E., Marjorie) photograph album [3] 1930s

Oversize 8B

Marjorie Kellogg, photograph album [1] 1927-1939

Oversize 8C

Marjorie Kellogg, photograph album (Europe) [2] 1946-1947

Oversize 8D: 1

Caricature portrait of Kellogg family 1930s

Oversize 8D: 2

Portrait, of Marjorie Mae (8 years) and Eugene Edward Kellogg (12 years) 1931

Oversize 8D: 3

Photographs of seashore, boats undated

Oversize 8D: 4

Photographs--inside of church, people undated


Series II. Family Documents

Scope and Content

Series II., Family Documents, contains recorded land transfer deeds, land gift deeds, clippings, biographical and personal material related to Marjorie Kellogg's early years, as well as that of her mother, Emma Euphemia Pickett, and brother, Eugene S. Kellogg. The series also contains Kellogg Family Trust documents, Pickett and Kellogg family records and geneologies, clippings related to the Southern Pacific Railroad Depot, formerly located on Kellogg family land.
The series provides a view into Santa Barbara County history mainly through the lens of one prominent Goleta Valley argricultural family, starting in the late 19th century through to the late 20th.
Box-folder 3: 1

Deed recorded at request of Mary Tucker, Santa Barbara County Records 1880 October 11

Box-folder 3: 2

Certificate recorded at request of John Pickett, Santa Barbara County Records 1889 September 29

Box-folder 3: 3

Deed recorded at request of Mary Tucker, Santa Barbara County Records 1899 September 25

Box-folder 3: 4

Certificate of Redemption of Real Estate, Edward Pickett, State of California 1901 November 2

Box-folder 3: 5

Administrator's Deed: Mary Tucker to Edward Pickett, Santa Barbara County Recorder's Office 1913 January 24

Box-folder 3: 6

Deed, Goleta Public Cemetery, Edward Pickett 1942 July 10

Box-folder 3: 7

Affidavit of Birth Emma Euphemia Pickett, Santa Barbara County Records 1940 November 28

Box-folder 3: 8

Affidavit of Birth Emma Euphemia Pickett, Santa Barbara Country Records 1946 July 3

Box-folder 3: 9

Photocopy reproductions of Santa Barbara County documents (John Pickett) 1898

Box-folder 3: 10

"John and Euphemia Pickett Family, Goleta Valley 1878-1965" three page genealogy (two copies) undated

Box-folder 3: 11

Eastwood family information obtained from family bible in possession of Emma K. Simpson undated

Box-folder 3: 12

Santa Barbara High School diploma, Eugene S. Kellogg, 1911 June 16

Box-folder 3: 13

Santa Barbara High School diploma, Eugene S. Kellogg--leather sleeve 1911 June 16

Box-folder 3: 14

Student poem, Marjorie Kellogg undated

Box-folder 3: 15

Pickett-Kellogg Memorial Park, contract with Santa Barbara County, appraisal, map, newspaper clipping 1963

Box-folder 3: 16

"Plea for a park," letter to editor (Santa Barbara News Press) by Emma Kellogg Simpson 1965 May 30

Box-folder 3: 17

Gift deed by Emma to Marjorie of parcels A and B 1971 June 29

Box-folder 3: 18

Southern Pacific Railroad Depot judgment 1981 December 17

Box-folder 3: 19

Kellogg Heirs Trust, documents undated

Box-folder 3: 20

South Kellogg Industrial Center, map 1996 May 23

Box-folder 3: 21

SKIC, documents undated

Box-folder 3: 22

Program to memorial service for Marjorie Kellogg 2006 March 4


Series III. Eastwood Letters

Scope and Content

Series III. Eastwood Letters, contains the transcribed letters of John George Eastwood, Kellogg's great-grandfather, an English immigrant who traversed the American West to settle in California in the second half of the 19th century.
Box-folder 4: 1

Letters of George John Eastwood (photocopies of original manuscript plus transcription) 1872

Box-folder 4: 2

Letters of George John Eastwood (photocopies of original manuscript plus transcription) 1873

Box-folder 4: 3

Letters of George John Eastwood (photocopies of original manuscript plus transcription) 1874

Box-folder 4: 4

Letters of George John Eastwood 1872-1874 transcribed with forward by Blanche Eastwood Espy, Goleta, California 1973

Box-folder 4: 5

The Name and Family of Eastwood, compiled by Media Research Bureau, Washington D.C. (pages 1-167) undated

Box-folder 4: 6

The Name and Family of Eastwood, compiled by Media Research Bureau, Washington D.C (pages 168-351) undated

Box-folder 9

Eastwood family bible, with inscriptions 1862


Series IV. Smith College

Scope and Content

Series IV., Smith College, contains a copy of Kellogg's 1951 MA dissertation, as well as copies of lectures given later as a guest lecturer at Smith in 1974 and 1975.
Box-folder 10: 1

MA disstertation 1951

Box-folder 10: 2

Lydia Rappaport Lectures: Finding Out (pamphlet) 1975

Box-folder 10: 3

Lydia Rappaport Lectures: Finding Out (xerox copy of pamphlet) 1975

Box-folder 10: 4

Vanderbilt Lecture Series, correspondence 1974

Box-folder 10: 5

Vanderbilt Lecture Series: Love Story II (manuscript) 1975

Box-folder 10: 6

Vanderbilt Lecture Series: Love Story II (two xerox copies of manuscript) 1975

Box-folder 10: 7

Vanderbilt Lecture Series, program 1975

Box-folder 10: 8

Untitled manuscript of lecture 1975

Box-folder 10: 9

Oberlin College activities calendar 1974


Series V. Novels

Scope and Content

Series V., Novels, includes original, multiple manuscripts of Marjorie Kellogg's novels, Tell Me That You Love Me, Junie Moon, and The Lion's Tooth.Taken together, these manuscripts track the development of Kellogg's literary creations.
Box-folder 10: 10

Junie Moon, first manuscript (pages 1-145) undated

Box-folder 10: 11

Junie Moon, first manuscript (pages 146-234) undated

Box-folder 10: 12

Junie Moon, first manuscript, notes and loose pages undated

Box-folder 10: 13

Junie Moon, first manuscript (plus six photographs) undated

Box-folder 10: 14

Junie Moon, final manuscript (pages 1-113) undated

Box-folder 10: 15

Junie Moon, final manuscript (pages 114-235) undated

Box-folder 11: 1

Junie Moon, uncorrected proofs, spiral bound, two copies 1968

Box-folder 11: 2

Junie Moon, manuscript, Farrar, Straus, Giroux, (pages 1-90) undated

Box-folder 11: 3

Junie Moon, manuscript, Farrar, Straus, Giroux, (pages 91-229) undated

Box-folder 11: 4

Junie Moon, clippings undated

Box-folder 11: 5

Junie Moon, cover to first edition 1968

Box-folder 11: 6

Junie Moon, music and lyrics by E.G. Snyder, score and handwritten letter 1969

Box-folder 11: 7

Junie Moon, contract, Farrar, Straus, Giroux 1967

Box-folder 11: 8

Junie Moon, royalty statements, Farrar, Straus, Giroux 1969-1999

Box-folder 11: 9

Junie Moon, correspondence with Farrar, Straus, Giroux 1967-1969

Box-folder 11: 10

Junie Moon, correspondence with Farrar, Straus, Giroux 1992-1998

Box-folder 11: 11

Aerial Fiction edition cover and letter 1993

Oversize 12: 1

Junie Moon, galley proof [1] 1968

Oversize 12: 2

Junie Moon, galley proof [2] 1968

Oversize 13: 1

Junie Moon, galley proof [3] 1968

Oversize 13: 2

Junie Moon, galley proof [4] 1968

Oversize 13: 3

Junie Moon, galley proof of intro by Paula Fox to 1986 edition 1986

Oversize 14: 1

Lion's Tooth, original manuscript undated

Oversize 14: 2

Lion's Tooth, galley 1972

Box-folder 15: 1

Lion's Tooth, uncorrected proofs, two copies 1972

Box-folder 15: 2

Lion's Tooth, notes undated

Box-folder 15: 3

Lion's Tooth, clipping--advertisement undated

Box-folder 15: 4

Lion's Tooth, contracts 1972-1973

Box-folder 15: 5

Lion's Tooth, royalty statements 1972-2000

Box-folder 15: 6

Lion's Tooth, correspondence with with Robert Lantz and Candida Donadio undated

Box-folder 15: 7

Lion's Tooth, correspondence with Farrar, Straus, Giroux 1973-1997

Box-folder 15: 8

Aerial Fiction edition covers and correspondence 1992

Box-folder 15: 9

Sound of Wings, first draft (pages 1-161) undated

Box-folder 15: 10

Sound of Wings, draft (pages 16-156) undated

Box-folder 15: 11

Sound of Wings, draft (pages 2-161) undated

Box-folder 15: 12

Borrowed Finery, by Paula Fox, manuscript with clipping 1999


Series VI. Screenplays

Scope and Content

Series VI., Screenplays, contains multiple manuscripts to Kellogg's screenplays, including an adaptation of Sylvia Plath's The Bell Jar, as well as adaptations of her own novels, Tell Me That You Love Me, Junie Moon, and The Lion's Tooth. The series also contains handwritten production notes and correspondence.
Box-folder 16: 1

Bell Jar, final draft 1978

Box-folder 16: 2

Bell Jar, contract 1973

Box-folder 16: 3

Bell Jar, correspondence, expense sheets 1973-1977

Box-folder 16: 4

Bell Jar, shooting schedule 1977

Box-folder 16: 5

Bell Jar, clippings 1979

Box-folder 16: 6

Boy on the Run final polish 1979 September 27

Box-folder 16: 7

Junie Moon, with handwritten production notes, Sigma Productions/Otto Preminger undated

Box-folder 16: 8

Junie Moon, correspondence with Writer's Guild, Paramount, Lantz, Donadio 1969-1978

Box-folder 16: 9

Lion's Tooth, copy 1 1973

Box-folder 16: 10

Lion's Tooth, copy 2 1973

Box-folder 17: 1

Lion's Tooth, with handwritten production notes (Tao Films/Preminger) undated

Box-folder 17: 2

Lion's Tooth, screenplay loose pages undated

Box-folder 17: 3

Portrait of a Still Life, copy one, plus read through notes 1993

Box-folder 17: 4

Portrait of a Still Life, copy two 1993

Box-folder 17: 5

Remember Me, draft undated

Box-folder 17: 6

Return to Ekbatana, outline undated

Box-folder 17: 7

Untitled Airport Sequel first draft 1982 May 1

Box-folder 17: 8

Vested Interest (story for a TV movie), first and second drafts, master undated


Series VII. Musicals

Scope and Content

Series VII., Musicals contains multiple copies of manuscripts to Kellogg's works for the stage, including Skybound, The Gravy Train, Windmills, After You've Gone,, Castaway, By the Light of the Silvery Moon, Smile of the Carboard Man, Joanna, and others. Contained in the series are manuscripts of original music, correspondence, clippings, photographs, programs, flyers, and contracts.
Box-folder 18: 1

The Gravy Train, script undated

Box-folder 18: 2

Skybound, script, copy one 1986 May 28

Box-folder 18: 3

Skybound, script, copy two 1986 May 28

Box-folder 18: 4

Skybound, script, copy three 1986 May 28

Box-folder 18: 5

Skybound, submissions correspondence 1986-1988

Box-folder 18: 6

Skybound, Thayer Burch, George Quincy, resumes 1985-1988

Box-folder 18: 7

Skybound, casting notes undated

Box-folder 18: 8

Skybound, producers, choreographers, stock lists undated

Box-folder 18: 9

Skybound, script logs, expense sheet 1985-1988

Box-folder 18: 10

Skybound, clippings 1986-1988

Box-folder 18: 11

Windmills in Brooklyn, script, songlist, photograph undated

Box-folder 18: 12

Windmills, script, revisions 1991

Box-folder 18: 13

Windmills, script VI-28 undated

Box-folder 18: 14

Windmills, synopsis, treatment, characters, scenes undated

Box-folder 18: 15

Windmills, lyrics to cassette, eight songs (two copies) undated

Box-folder 18: 16

Windmills, lyrics and key to cassettes, music index undated

Box-folder 18: 17

Windmills, literary purchase agreement, 1983

Box-folder 18: 18

Windmills, correspondence 1983-1992

Box-folder 18: 19

Windmills, Kellogg, Burch and Quincy agreement, draft and final copy 1983

Box-folder 18: 20

Windmills, research (clippings, outlines, notes) undated

Box-folder 18: 21

Windmills, sheet music undated


Series VIII. Plays

Scope and Content

Series VIII. Plays, contain multiple copies of manuscripts to Kellogg's works for the stage, including Skybound, The Gravy Train, Windmills, After You've Gone,, Castaway, By the Light of the Silvery Moon, Smile of the Carboard Man, Joanna, and others. Contained in the series are manuscripts of original music, correspondence, clippings, photographs, programs, flyers, and contracts.
Box-folder 19: 1

After You've Gone, script, original manuscript undated

Box-folder 19: 2

After You've Gone, original script, retired 1981 June 2

Box-folder 19: 3

After You've Gone, script, June, 1982 version, with contact sheet and notes 1982

Box-folder 19: 4

After You've Gone, script, Actor's Rep version undated

Box-folder 19: 5

After You've Gone, production notes in spiral notebook undated

Box-folder 19: 6

After You've Gone, Actor's Repertory Theater flyers and program undated

Box-folder 19: 7

After You've Gone, correspondence with Lily Turner 1982 March 10

Box-folder 19: 8

After You've Gone, contract 1982 December 8

Box-folder 19: 9

After You've Gone, clippings, reviews 1982

Box-folder 19: 10

After You've Gone, Patricia Carmichael, resume undated

Box-folder 19: 11

After You've Gone, George Quincy, Thayer Burch clippings 1982

Box-folder 19: 12

Mirrors (After You've Gone) script, master 1992

Box-folder 19: 13

Mirrors (After You've Gone) plus five loose pages of notes undated

Box-folder 19: 14

Mirrors, script, Ensemble Theatre 2002 May 6

Box-folder 19: 15

Mirrors, flyer, Ensemble Theatre 2002 May 6

Box-folder 20: 1

Are We There Yet, treatment for screenplay undated

Box-folder 20: 2

Are We There Yet, script, first draft, copy 1 1979 December 7

Box-folder 20: 3

Are We There Yet, script, first draft, copy 2 1979 December 7

Box-folder 20: 4

Assassin Conspiracy, script, second draft (final) 1976 January 28

Box-folder 20: 5

Cardboard Man, HB Studio, script 1978

Box-folder 20: 6

Cardboard Man, master 1997

Box-folder 20: 7

Cardboard Man, script XII - 84 2 1978

Box-folder 20: 8

Carboard Man, Merry Enterprises Theatre Inc., programs, flyers undated

Box-folder 20: 9

Cardboard Man, Actor's Studio cast and call sheets 1986

Box-folder 20: 10

Carboard Man, Actor's Studio rehearsal schedules 1986

Box-folder 20: 11

Cardboard Man, Actor's studio, Amy's schedule 1986

Box-folder 20: 12

Cardboard Man, Actor's Studio sound track cues undated

Box-folder 20: 13

Cardboard Man, Actor's Studio, script log 1985

Box-folder 20: 14

Cardboard Man, Actor's Studio, prop lists 1986

Box-folder 20: 15

Cardboard Man, Actor's studio, guest list undated

Box-folder 20: 16

Cardboard Man, cast and character sheets undated

Box-folder 20: 17

Cardboard Man, photographs--production stills undated

Box-folder 20: 18

Carboard Man, H.B. playwrights contract 1978

Box-folder 20: 19

Carboard Man, music by Marjorie Kellogg undated

Box-folder 20: 20

Cardboard Man, correspondence 1977-1978

Box-folder 20: 21

Cardboard Man, clippings undated

Box-folder 20: 22

Carboard Man, mailing list 1984

Box-folder 21: 1

Castaway, script 1996

Box-folder 21: 2

Castaway, Ensemble Theatre sheet 1997

Box-folder 21: 3

Castaway, Ensemble Theatre Co., contract 1997 February 11

Box-folder 21: 4

Castaway, rehearsal calendar and notes 1997

Box-folder 21: 5

Castaway, script and production logs undated

Box-folder 21: 6

Castaway, production notes undated

Box-folder 21: 7

Castaway, correspondence, Marjorie Kellogg resume undated

Box-folder 21: 8

Castaway, music undated

Box-folder 21: 9

Castaway, program, flyer, Marjorie Kellogg bio undated

Box-folder 21: 10

Castaway, clippings, reveiws, letters to editor undated

Box-folder 21: 11

Castaway, contract, correspondence with agent, publisher undated

Box-folder 21: 12

Photographs--"Pix for Castaway" undated

Box-folder 21: 13

Joanna, Actor's Studio script and schedule 1987 February 9

Box-folder 21: 14

Joanna, script three 1987

Box-folder 21: 15

Joanna, Actor's Studio script logs 1987

Box-folder 21: 16

Joanna, submissions lists 1987

Box-folder 21: 17

Joanna, submissions correspondence 1986-1987

Box-folder 21: 18

Joanna, Actor's Studio Cast 1987

Box-folder 21: 19

By the Light of the Silvery Moon, by Marjorie Kellogg and Elizabeth Stearns, script, master 1992 November 8

Box-folder 21: 20

By the Light of the Silvery Moon, script, copy one undated

Box-folder 21: 21

By the Light of the Silvery Moon, script, copy two undated

Box-folder 21: 22

Silvery Moon, play log undated

Box-folder 21: 23

Silvery Moon, research and background notes undated

Box-folder 22: 1

A Likely Place, script, by Marjorie Kellogg and Paula Fox undated

Box-folder 22: 2

Oldest Trick in the World, script undated

Box-folder 22: 3

Oldest Trick in the World, program, flyer, Henry Street Settlement Playhouse 1965

Box-folder 22: 4

Oldest Trick in the World, press release 1965

Box-folder 22: 5

Oldest Trick in the World, photographs--production stills 1965

Box-folder 22: 6

Oldest Trick in the World, photographs--production stills, ; Infernal Machine 1965

Box-folder 22: 7

Oldest Trick in the World, score 1965

Box-folder 22: 8

Rain in the Morning (NBC Matinee Theater), script, by Paul Fox and Marjorie Kellogg undated

Box-folder 22: 9

A Stranger in the Garden, script, by Marjorie Kellogg and Paula Fox undated

Box-folder 22: 10

The Waiting Game, script, copy one, first draft 1996 March 17

Box-folder 22: 11

The Waiting Game, script, copy two undated

Box-folder 22: 12

The Waiting Game, notes and lists of directors undated

Box-folder 23: 1

Untitled Play, script, first draft 1996 March 17

Box-folder 23: 2

Script, untitled undated

Box-folder 23: 3

Script, untitled bound undated


Series IX. Junie Moon (Film)

Scope and Content

Series IX., Junie Moon (Film) contains photographs (including many production stills), clippings, contracts, calendars and correspondence.
Box-folder 23: 4

Clippings re filming [folder 1] undated

Box-folder 23: 5

Clippings re filming [folder 2] undated

Box-folder 23: 6

Work orders 1969

Box-folder 23: 7

Correspondence undated

Box-folder 23: 8

Tell Me That You Love Me, Junie Moon, by Philip Springer, score, two copies undated

Box-folder 23: 9

Miscellaneous papers; publicity brochure (Paramount) undated

Box-folder 23: 10

Photographs-snapshots of Liza Minelli (on set), with note to Marjorie Kellogg undated

Box-folder 23: 11

Photographs--James Beard, headshot with resume, production stills undated

Box-folder 23: 12

Photographs--Otto Preminger on set with actors undated

Box-folder 23: 13

Photographs--Regency marquis in NYC 1986

Box-folder 23: 14

Photographs--Otto and Erik Preminger, Marjorie Kellogg, in Cannes undated

Box-folder 23: 15

Photographs--Otto and Erik Preminger, Marjorie Kellogg, in Cannes [negatives] undated

Box-folder 24

Photographs--59 on set production stills, 11 x 14 inches (including James Beard, James Coco, Ken Howard, Liza Minelli, Robert Moore, Otto Preminger, Fred Williamson undated


Series X. Lion's Tooth (Film)

Scope and Content

X. Lion's Tooth (Film) contain photographs (including many production stills), clippings, contracts, calendars and correspondence.
Box-folder 25: 1

Shooting schedule, day one (scenes 41 and 42) undated

Box-folder 25: 2

First suggested schedule 1975 October 9

Box-folder 25: 3

Cast and crew contact sheet undated

Box-folder 25: 4

Lion's Tooth "promo" production schedule (scenes 41 and 42) undated

Box-folder 25: 5

Promo sheets, Tao Films undated

Box-folder 25: 6

Picture budget detail sheets 1975-1977

Box-folder 25: 7

Correspondence 1977-1981

Box-folder 25: 8

Photographs--production stills from day one (Betty Buckley, Richard Philpot) undated

Box-folder 25: 9

Scene list (handwritten) undated

Box-folder 25: 10

Later correspondence notes, and writer's guild slip 1990-1994


Series XI. General Correspondence

Scope and Content

Series XI. General Correspondence, contains incoming correspondence from friends (including Paula Fox and Carson McCullers), colleagues, family and admirers.
Box-folder 25: 11

John Frederick Brown undated

Box-folder 25: 12

Paula Fox 1999-2000

Box-folder 25: 13

Paul Gunczler 1997

Box-folder 25: 14

Heidi Krumland undated

Box-folder 25: 15

Marjorie Kellogg to her mother, from France and Spain, 1940s

Box-folder 25: 16

re: Marjorie Kellogg papers undated

Box-folder 25: 17

Robert Lantz 1974-1988

Box-folder 25: 18

Wilma Leggett 1973

Box-folder 25: 19

Carson McCullers 1964

Box-folder 25: 20

David J. Miller undated

Box-folder 25: 21

William Morrow Co. 1983 January 11

Box-folder 25: 22

Peabody and Arnold 1987

Box-folder 25: 23

Postcard from Liz 1989

Box-folder 25: 24

George Quincy 1995 January 26

Box-folder 25: 25

Devon Raymon undated

Box-folder 25: 26

Russell and Volkening 1966


Series XII. Miscellaneous

Scope and Content

Series XII., Miscellaneous, contains miscellaneous items including, clippings, plays saved on floppy disks, notebooks, artifacts, and fragments of unidentified works.
Box-folder 26: 1

Newspaper clipping--Marjorie Kellogg in Spain 1940s

Box-folder 26: 2

Ms. Magazine-- Lion's Tooth excerpt 1972

Box-folder 26: 3

McCall's--article by Marjorie Kellogg 1974

Box-folder 26: 4

Mademoiselle--article by Anne Lamott 1990

Box-folder 26: 5

Will Hare, photographand clipping undated

Box-folder 26: 6

Paula Fox, clippings, photograph undated

Box-folder 26: 7

Libretto to musical remake of Junie Moon, undated

Box-folder 26: 8

Registration of copyright, claims and notes undated

Box-folder 26: 9

Research, notes, and treatment for story or screenplay about housing scam undated

Box-folder 26: 10

Marjorie Kellogg obituary, clippings 2005

Box-folder 26: 11

State of New York social work certificates undated

Box-folder 26: 12

Clippings from New Yorker, photographs, poems undated

Box-folder 26: 13

Notebook with short passages of fiction undated

Box-folder 26: 14

Letter of recommendation for Marjorie Kellogg--Otto Preminger 1976 October 26

Box-folder 26: 15

Materials from folder labeled "research bibliography" undated

Box-folder 26: 16

Notes and and fragments for story based on lost woman of Nantucket undated

Box-folder 26: 17

Notes and fragments for play undated

Box-folder 26: 18

Idea for play undated

Box-folder 26: 19

Database entry for Marjorie Kellogg and resumes undated

Box-folder 26: 20

Unidentifiable loose notes undated

Box-folder 26: 21

Church or grave rubbing in Presbyterian Medical Center envelope undated

Box 27

Junie Moon scrapbook including reviews of book, photographs, with inscription "For De, Her First Novel, Mother" undated

Box-folder 28: 1

Diploma, University of the State of New York, Education Dept. Certified Social Worker 1966

Box-folder 28: 2

Junie Moon, cover overlays 1968

Box-folder 28: 3

Santa Barbara News Press, Scene, World Premier of Castaway 1997 May 16

Box-folder 28: 4

Junie Moon, cover, cardboard display 12 X 16.5 1968

Box 29

After You've Gone, t-shirt undated

Box 29

Castaway, t-shirt undated

Box 30

6 floppy disks: Castaway, Cardboard Man, Vested Interest, Waiting Game, 1997-1998


Series XIII. Posters

Scope and Content

Series XIII., Posters, contains a library poster for Tell Me that You Love Me, Junie Moon.
Drawer-folder 21-18

Junie Moon "A popular library book" poster undated


Series XIV. Audiovisual

Scope and Content

Series XIV., Audiovisual, contains cassettes, open reel tapes, videotapes, and film. Film includes multiople copies 10 minute productions of The Lion's Tooth. Cassettes contain recordings of original music of Kellogg's musicals.
item A21358/CS

Cardboard Man Soundtrack, Actor's Studio, George Quincy 1986

item A21359/CS

Cardboard Man work tape undated

item A21360/CS

Windmills in Brooklyn eight songs undated

item A21361/CS

Windmills in Brooklyn full score undated

item A21362/CS

Castaway Early Recording undated

item A21363/CS

Bye Bye Blues Quincy Renditions, side three (Final) Chess undated

item A21408/CS

Junie Moon, Act One, songs by John Frederick Brown undated

item A21412/CS

Notes from Yanna on story 1994 January 5

item A21413/CS

Joanna 1. Boom, 2. Explosion undated

item A21364/R7

Music and sound for The smile of the Carboard Man, Actor's Studio 1980

item A21365/R7

Joanna, music track, master undated

item A21414/R7

Basic score to Oldest trick in the world, music by Bruce Prince Joseph undated

item A21415/R7

Oldest trick sound recording undated

item A21416/R7

Oldest trick sound recording undated

item V4744/VHS

The Bell Jar undated

item V4745/VHS

Tell Me That You Love Me, Junie Moon undated

item V4746/VHS

Like The Lion's Tooth, Print 1, Togg Films Inc. undated

item V4747/F1

The Lion's Tooth (10 min, 16 mm color), Marjorie Kellogg, Tao Productions undated

item V4748/F1

Lion's Tooth, "To Betty Buckley" [copy 1] undated

item V4749/F1

Lion's Tooth, "To Betty Buckley" [copy 2] undated

item V4750/F1

Lion's Tooth 16 mm composite, M. Kellogg, Tao Films undated