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Collection Contents

82031 - 10.A-V, mA, m*EP

41 prints of automobiles, trucks and tractors being produced and in use.


21 prints of various modes of transportation.

mC, m*EQ

87 prints of construction scenes.

mD-mE, mDI-mDJ, m*ER-m*ES

217 prints of heavy industry.


26 prints of power plants.


17 prints of interiors of buildings

mH-mL, mDV-mDY, m*ET-m*EX

547 prints of buildings and street scenes.

mD-mE, mDI-mDJ, m*ER-m*ES

217 prints of heavy industry.


26 power plants.


17 prints of interiors of buildings.

mH-mL, mDV-mDY, m*ET-m*EX

547 prints of buildings and street scenes.

mM, m*EY

75 prints of statues and monuments.

mN, m*EZ

54 prints of river and harbor scenes

mO-mQ, m*FA-m*FB

251 prints of speakers at political, cultural, and educational gatherings.

mR-mS, mDZ-mEA

201 prints of people conversing at political cultural and educational gatherings.

mT, mEB, m*FC

96 prints of political leaders, including many of Nikita Khrushchev.

mU, mDK

115 prints of election scenes.

mV, mDL, m*FD

105 prints of military units and parades.

mW-mX, m*FE-m*FF

128 prints of scientific cultural and educational exhibitions

mY-mZ, m*FG-m*FH

147 prints of public celebrations and state occasions.


7 prints of religious scenes.

mAB, m*FI

27 prints of ballet dancers.


27 prints of musical bands.


21 prints of ethnic band instruments.

mAE, m*FJ

56 prints of musical choruses.

mAF-mAH, mEC, m*FK-m*FL

257 prints of dramatic performances.

mAI, m*FM

31 prints of backstage scenes at dramatic performances.

mAJ-mAL, mDM

393 prints of motion picture film scenes.

mAm, m*FN

67 prints of folk dancers.

mAN, m*of

82 prints of opera performances

mAO, m*FP

50 prints of orchestras.

mAP-mAQ, m*FQ

155 prints of painters and paintings.


42 prints of pianists.


65 prints of sculptors and sculptures

mAT-mAAU, mDN, mEP, m*FT-m*FU

219 prints of harvest scenes.

mAV, m*FV

32 prints of fishing and trapping.


69 prints of professional people at work.

mAX, mEQ, m*FW

128 prints of scientists.


36 prints of the psychologist Ivan Pavlov and of Pavlovian psychological research.

mAZ, mED

125 prints of doctors and medical care.


43 prints of laboratory technicians.


179 prints of skilled workers at work.

mBD, mEE

95 prints of scenes of commerce and consumer goods.


8 prints of boys.

mBF, m*FX

29 prints of young men.

mBG-mBH, mDO-mDP, m*FY

209 prints of amateur men, both notable individuals and representative types.

mBI, m*FZ

53 prints of elderly men.


8 prints of girls.


57 prints of young women.

mBL, m*GA

47 prints of amture women, both notable individuals and representative types.


8 prints of elderly women.

mBN-mBQ, mDQ, mEF, m*GB-m*GC

280 prints of groups of people engaged in assorted daily activities.

mBR-mBS, mEG, m*GD-m*GE

=179 prints of audiences at political, cultural and educational gatherings.

mBT, m*GF

81 prints of members of ethnic minorities.


9 prints of wildlife.

mBV, m*GG

70 prints of livestock on farms.


12 prints of scenes in the production of poultry, eggs and butter.

mBX, m*GH

78 prints of the cultivation of fruit and vegetables.

mBY, m*GI

18 prints of circus performers.

mBZ, mDR

100 prints of scenes of family life.


65 prints of dinner scenes in homes, dormitories and restaurants.

mCB-mCC, mDS, mEH, m*GJ-m*GK

207 prints of people engaged in various leisure activities.


63 prints of sanatoriums.

mCE, mEI

76 prints of chess players.

mCF-mCK, mDT, mEJ-mEL, m*GL-m*GN

617 prints of sports scenes, including Olympic Games.


1 print of kindergarten students.

mCM, m*GO

74 prints of elementary school students and teaching.


53 prints of secondary school students and teaching.

mCO, m*GP

49 prints of university students and teaching.


37 prints of scenes of adult education and vocational training.

mCQ-mCR, mEM-mEN, m*GQ

204 prints of people reading books and magazines.

mCS, mEO, m*GR

113 prints of Young Pioneers.

mCT, mDU, m*GS

58 prints of scenes at the Cheliabinsk Tractor Works. 1958


13 prints of the reconstruction of Stalingrad at the end of World War II.

mCV, m*GT

84 prints of scenes and delegates at the 21st extraordinary congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, including visiting leaders of foreign communist parties. 1959


58 prints of the visit of Nikolai Bulganin and Nikita Khrushchev to Great Britain. 1956

mCX, m*GU

40 prints of sports events at the Spartakiada of the Nations of the USSR. 1956


46 prints of theatrical performances.

mCZ, m*GV

53 prints of hydroelectric power stations. 1956


54 prints of educational scenes.

mDB, m*GW

16 prints of various scenes in the Ukraine. 1964


28 color prints of various scenes in Minsk.

mDD-mDH, m*GX-m*HB

678 miscellaneous prints.