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Mexican Inquisition Papers
mssHM 35095-35182, mssFAC 14-17  
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Collection Contents



Volume  1

1525-1817. Inventario de los Expedientes del Extinguido Tribunal de la Inquisicion ... [Chronological list of Inquisition trials, 1525-1817] HM 35095.

Volume  2

1525-1709. Abecedario de Relaxados, reconciliados y penitenciados ... . [Alphabetical list of prisoners, 1525-1709] HM 35096.

Volume  3

1578-1582. Trial of Francisco Yáñez for stealing statue and sambenitos. HM 35097.

Volume  4

1581-1586. Trial of Fray Pedro de Oñate for soliciting. HM 35098.

Volume  5

1582. Trial of Fray Cornelio de Vie for soliciting. HM 35099.

Volume  6

1595-1598. Trial of Fray Luis de Ayala for soliciting. HM 35100.

Volume  7

1597-1601 and 1790-1791. Part I. Trial of Leonor Rodríguez [de Alvarez] for judaizing, 1597-1601. Part II. Investigation of Manuel Hidalgo y Costilla for position of lawyer with the Inquisition, 1790-1791. HM 35101.

Volume  8

1597. Trial of Fray Buenaventura de Salinas for soliciting HM 35102.

Volume  9

1790-1791. Trial of Francisco de León Carvajal for soliciting. HM 35103.

Volume  10

1601. Volume of letters and communications. Marked No. 31. HM 35104.

Volume  11

1601. Trial of Leonor de Cáceres for Judaizing. HM 35105.

Volume  12

1602-1605. Part I. Denunciation against Bartolomé Barba and others for heresy, 1602. Part II. Trial of Gerónimo de Rivera [Rendón], soldier in New Mexico where he was known as Captain Juan de Uribe, for bigamy, 1603-1605. Part III. Trial of Pedro Marquez for blasphemy, 1603-1604. Part IV. Genealogy of Fernando Menéndez Valdez of Cebu in the Philippine Islands, 1603. HM 35106.

Volume  13

1603-1605. Trial of Joseph Pérez de Ugarte [or Huarte] for representing himself as an officer of the Inquisition. HM 35107.

Volume  14

1609-1617. Part I. Trial of Grancisco Muñoz for soliciting, 1609. Part II. Genealogical investigation of Pedro de Reguera, 1613. Part III. Information re Fray Pedro Frechel, 1616-1617. HM 35108.

Volume  15

1620-1639. Part I. Trial of Fray Esteban Rodríguez for soliciting boys in the confessional, 1620-1639 Part II. Trial of Domingo Díaz, alias Domingo Rodríguez of Portugal ... for Judaizing, 1622-1625. HM 35109.

Volume  16

1619-1624. Part I. Trial of Fray Pedro Martir Palao [or Palau] for soliciting, 1621- 1624. [Case is continued in HM 35112] Part II. Trial of Sebastián Domínguez, alias Juan Díaz Yáñez, for bigamy, 1619-1624. HM 35110.

Volume  17

1621-1626. Part I. Trial of Baltasar del Valle, alias Baltasar Díaz, for Judaizing, 1622- 1626. [Case is continued in HM 35117] Part II. Genealogical investigations of Frutus Gómez Casillas de Solorzano and his brother Melchior de Solorzano, 1621-1624. HM 35111.

Volume  18

1622-1623. Trial of Fray Pedro Martir Palao [or Palau] for soliciting [Case is continued form HM 35110]. HM 35112.

Volume  19

1625-1627. Part I. Trial of Francisca de San Joseph for blasphemy, 1625. Part II. Trial of Pedro de Alamilla Valderas for soliciting, 1625-1627. HM 35113.

Volume  20

1620-1631. Trial of Fray Domingo Ramos for soliciting. HM 35114.

Volume  21

1625-1629. Trial of Antonia Bello for witchcraft. HM 35115.

Volume  22

1631-1636. Part I. Trial of Fray Pedro Rodríguez for having said mass without having been ordained, 1631. Part II. Information re Padre Rodrigo de Vívero, 1631-1636. HM 35116.

Volume  23

1620-1644. Part I. Trial of Baltasar del Valle, alias Baltasar Díaz for Judaizing, 1634- 1644.[Case is continued form HM 35111] Part II. Genealogy of Francisco de Vidaurre and his wife, of Manila in the Philippine Islands, 1620-1634. HM 35117.

Volume  24

1642-1650. Part I. Trial of Simón López de Aguarda for observing the law of Moses, 1642-1649. Part II. Trial of Jorge Jacinto for observing the law of Moses, 1642-1650. HM 35118.

Volume  25

1642-1650. Part I. Trial of Francisca Texosso for observing the law of Moses, 1642- 1647. Part II. Trial of Jorge de Montoya, fugitive from Portugal to Macao, for being a Judaizing heretic, 1642-1650. HM 35119.

Volume  26

1640-1649. Part I. Trial of Francisco Ruiz [or Razin], French weaver in Guatemala, for heresy, 1640-1642. Part II. Trial of Diego Suárez [or Juárez] de Figueroa, Portuguese, for observing the law of Moses, 1642-1649. HM 35120.

Volume  27

1642-1657. Part I. Trial of Antonio Tinoco for observing the law of Moses, 1642- 1657. Part II. Trial of Diego de San Martin [or Diego de Cabrera] for bigamy, 1631-1650. HM 35121.

Volume  28

1642-1792. Part I. Trial of Isabel Texocco for Judaizing, 1642-1646. Trial against the memory of Isabel Texocco, deceased, 1650-16[??]. Part II. Trial of Pedro Bernardo Mosquera, 1727. Part III. Petition of Serafín García Cárdenas for position with the Inquisition, 1791-1792. Part IV. Genealogy of Bartolomé Guerrero of Guatemala, 1627. HM 35122.

Volume  29

1643-1654. Part I. Trial of Catalina Enríquez for observing the law of Moses, 1643- 1649. Part II. Trial of Gaspar de Fonseca, Portuguese, for observing the law of Moses, 1645-1649. Part III. Trial of Juan Agustín, free mulatto, for bugamy, 1648-1654. HM 35123.

Volume  30

1641-1653. Part I. Trial of Lorenzo de Torquemada for making himself a minister of the Inquisition, 1641-1646. Part II. Trial of Francisco [Ruiz or] Razin, Frenchman accused of heresy, 1643-1653 [Case is a continuation of HM 35120, Part I] HM 35124.

Volume  31

1642-1646. Trial of Margarita (More[i]ra) de Castro for observing the law of Moses. HM 35125.

Volume  32

1647-1648. Genealogical information about Captain Gaspar de Armas. HM 35126.

Volume  33

1638-1656. Part I. Papers relating to the case of Joseph Bruñón de Vertiz, 1638-1649. Part II. Trial of Joseph Bruñón de Vertiz, 1649-1656. HM 35127.

Volume  34

1650-1660. Part I. Publication of the “Edicto General de la Fee” and letter of anathema in the Real de minas, Chichicapa as well as related documents from Villa de Yautepec and Antequera, 1650-1659. Part II. Information from the trial of Antonio Fernández Machuca, 1659- 1660. HM 35128.

Volume  35

1650-1686. Part I. Trial of Juan [Antón] Manuel, a free mulatto, for apostasy, 1650- 1653. [f.22 missing as of March 20, 2012]. Part II. Proceedings against Juan Rodríguez for bigamy, 1672-1686. HM 35129.

Volume  36

1650-1684. Part I. Trial of Juana Gutiérrez Jalapa, a free Black woman, for witchcraft, 1650-1656. Part II. Trial of Luis Ramé, alias Ramírez, a Frenchman, for heresy, 1678- 1684. HM 35130.

Volume  37

1660-1669. Part I. Denunciation against the mulatto slave Melchior Díaz de Posadas for blasphemy, 1660-1662 Part II. Trial of Pedro Correa Juárez for blasphemy, 1666-1669 [This case is continued in HM 35132] HM 35131.

Volume  38

1667-1680. Part I. Testimony against Pedro Correa Juárez, 1667-1668 [Case is continued from HM 35131]. Part II. Trial of María de Arceo, alias María de San Nicolás, a free mulatto, for witchcraft, 1678-1680. HM 35132.

Volume  39

1691-1703. Trial of Lic. Sebastián de Bolaños for soliciting. HM 35133.

Volume  40

1693-1788. Part I. Trial of Fr. Cristobal de Basurto, alias Cristobal de la Cruz, alias Joseph de Ferrete, for having married, 1693-1699. Part II. Trial of fray Ignacio Carvajal for soliciting, 1784-1788. HM 35134.

Volume  41

1703-1722. Trial of Alexandro Suárez de Mezquita for Judaism [in Spain]. HM 35135.

Volume  42

1718. Decrees concerning the Holy Tribunal. HM 35136.

Volume  43

1762-1789. Trial of Fray Francisco de San Juan de la Cruz for soliciting. HM 35137.

Volume  44

1775-1789. Trial of Francisco Caveros and Manuel Fernández y Domínguez. HM 35138.

Volume  45

1771-1792. Trial of Fray Domingo Mauriño for soliciting. HM 35139.

Volume  46

1788-1792. Trial of Fray Eusebio Villarejo for apostasy. HM 35140.

Volume  47

1743-1805. Santa Isabel Church, Guatemala. Marriage Records. HM 35141.

Volume  48

1761, Nov.27. Decree of Carlos III concerning the Holy Tribunal. HM 35142.

Volume  49

1822, Jan.21. Letter from Martín Angel Michaus and others to José Vicente Valdés and Pedro Garibay regarding the property of the defunct Inquisition and the Pious Fund of California. HM 35143.



Box  1

HM 35144-35151. 1572-1589.


1572. Genealogical information on Gabriel de Villasana Platero.  HM 35144.


1582-1583. Genealogical information on Santiago de Vera.  HM 35145.


1582-1583. Trial of Alonso Ruiz, grandson of a Jew.  HM 35146.


151583-1586. Genealogical information on Francisco de Amaya.  HM 35147.


1585. Genealogical information on Doctor Pedro de Hortigosa.  HM 35148.


1585-1586. Genealogical information on Francisco de Covarrubias.  HM 35149.


1572. Genealogical information on Pedro de Vega.  HM 35150.


1589. Genealogical information on Pedro del Olmo.  HM 35151.

Box  2

HM 35152-35154. 1599-1607.


1599-1600. Testimony presented for Gregorio Romano.  HM 35152.


1602-1605. Trial of Pedro de Mendoza for having said mass without being ordained. [Also partial English translation].  HM 35153.


1606-1607. Trial of Juan de Carvajal for soliciting. [Also partial English translation].  HM 35154.

Box  3

HM 35155-35157. 1607-1610.


1607-1609. Genealogical information on Francisco de Iraragorri.  HM 35155.


1607-1609. Genealogical information on Gómez Arias de Rabanal, of Guatemala.  HM 35156.


1608-1610. Trial of Sebastián de Couto Figueroa of Realejo, Nicaragua, for bigamy. [Also partial English translation].  HM 35157.

Box  4

HM 35158-35161. 1609-1615.


1609. Genealogical information on Cristóbal Barrosso de Palacios.  HM 35158.


1609-1617. Trial of Diego González Carmona for bigamy.  HM 35159.


1610-1611. Information presented at the request of Ramiro de Arellano y Córdova against Francisco Paniagua.  HM 35160.


1612-1615. Trial of Diego Carmona Tamariz for blame in the death of Juan de Olivares Villaroel.  HM 35161.

Box  5

HM 35162-35165. 1613-1635.


1613-1615. Genealogical information on Francisco de Leoz.  HM 35162.


1614-1618. Genealogical information on Martín López de Erenchun and his wife Antonia Salmerón.  HM 35163.


1623-1626. Genealogical information on Tomás López de Erenchun, son of Martín López de Erenchun.  HM 35164.


1626-1635. Trial of María Gerónima [de Vallejo], mulatto, for witchcraft.  HM 35165.

Box  6

HM 35166-35170. 1635-1705.


1635-1639. Copies of letters to the commissioners and other officials of the Inquisition.  HM 35166.


1637. Information concerning Mariana de Erenchun Salmerón.  HM 35167.


1699. Trial of Isidro de Peralta, mulatto, for founding a cult of San Agustín.  HM 35168.


1702. Proceedings against several persons who formed a new cult of San Agustín, headed by Isidro de Peralta.  HM 35169.


1702-1705. Trial of Baltasar Quintero de Villalta for having sold papers belonging to the Archives of the Inquisition.  HM 35170.

Box  7

HM 35171-35175, HM 35182. 1710-1771.


1710-1739. “Trial of Joseph Bermejo for failure to pay for jewelry obtained from Diego de Vergara Gavinia. [Gift of Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Merwin, Nov. 2, 1948].  HM 35182.


1735. Trial of Antonio Montoro for soliciting.  HM 35171.


1735-1739. Trial of Bernardo Reyna for polygamy.  HM 35172.


1753-176?. Genealogical information on Gregorio Fernández Cavadas de Quirós.  HM 35173.


1755-1761. Genealogical information on Manuel Joseph Rodríguez de Abouza y Messa.  HM 35174.


1760-1771. Trial of María Josepha Pineda y Morales for bigamy. [English translation only].  HM 35175.

Box  8

HM 35176-35181 1765-1785.


1765-1776. Genealogical information on Doctor Antonio Eugenio de Melgarejo Santaella y Lobera.  HM 35176.


1770-1773. Trial of Vicente Casimiro, alias Vicente de los Dolores Marques for bigamy.  HM 35177.


1771-1775. Trial of Agustín de Covarrubias for polygamy.  HM 35178.


1775-1777. Trial of Joseph Jorge Fernández Arévalo for heretical blasphemy. [Also partial English translation and portion of rosary].  HM 35179.


1778-1782. Trial of Miguel de Zaragoza for wearing printed religious images in his shoes.  HM 35180.


1781-1785. Trial of José Lázaro del Castillo for polygamy.  HM 35181.




1573, April 28 and June 9. Photostatic copy of three pages from Libro Primero de Votos concerning Erasmus’ De copia verborum and Juan de Zumarraga’s Doctrina Cristiana.  FAC 14.


1573, Nov.27. Photostatic copy of a page from Libro Primero de Votos concerning the trial of Joan Ortiz.  FAC 15.


1573-1574. Photostatic copy of a page from Libro Primero de Votos concerning the trial of Pedro Ocharte [or Charte] (1573, Nov. 27) and Alonso de Molina (1574, Mar. 20).  FAC 16.