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Entitled Opinions (About Life and Literature) with Robert Harrison
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Program Audio


Michel Tournier's Friday 2005-09-14


Mimetic desire 2005-09-17


Sports and Athletic Beauty 2005-09-17


The Enlightenment 2005-09-28


Ritual, myth, and religion 2005-10-04


Francophonie 2005-10-11


Martin Heidegger 2005-10-18


Virgil 2005-10-25


Marcel Proust 2005-11-01


Epicurus and Epicureanism 2005-10-08


The Poetry and Politics of Ezra Pound 2005-11-15


American Philosopher Richard Rorty 2005-11-22


Crowds 2005-11-29


Albert Camus 2005-12-06


Vladamir Nabokov 2005-12-13


Michel Serres 2005-12-20


Shirley Hazzard 2006-01-10


Cosmology 2006-01-17


Henry David Thoreau 2006-01-24


The Historical Jesus 2006-01-31


The Man Without Qualities 2006-02-07


Isaac Babel 2006-02-14


The Fate of the Earth 2006-02-21


American Cemeteries 2006-02-28


The Year 1910 2006-03-07


Love Poetry 2006-03-14


The History of the Book 2006-04-04


Americans in Paris 2006-04-11


The Resurrection (part 1) 2006-04-18


The Resurrection (part 2) 2006-04-18


Anti-Americanism 2006-04-25


The US Constitution 2006-05-02


The Avantgarde 2006-05-09


Cancer (part 2) 2006-05-16


Life (part 1) 2006-05-16


The Virgin Mary 2006-05-23


American Corporations 2006-05-30


Henry James 2006-06-06


A monologue on birds and concluding opinions 2006-06-13


A post-avian epilogue on consumerism and the earthly paradise 2006-06-20


Dante (part 1) 2007-04-10


Dante (part 2) 2007-04-17


Dante (part 3) 2007-04-17


The Vocation of Higher Education 2007-04-24


Ancient Athenian Democracy 2007-05-01


Tom Thomson in Purgatory 2007-05-08


Hannah Arendt (part 1) 2007-05-15


Hannah Arendt (part 2) 2007-05-15


The French Enlightenment 2007-05-22


Freud & Psychoanalysis (part 1) 2007-05-29


Freud & Psychoanalysis (part 2) 2007-05-29


Kurt Weill and 20th-century music (part 1) 2007-06-05


Kurt Weill and 20th-century music (part 2) 2007-06-05


Poetry and Thinking in Martin Heidegger's later work 2007-06-12


The End of the Year Wrap-up: A monologue 2007-06-19


A Monologue on Dante and Prufrock 2007-06-19


Religion and Violence 2008-01-15


A Conversation 2008-01-22


Orhan Pamuk's place in Turkish literature, and the Ottoman past of modern Turkey 2008-01-29


The Origins of Agriculture (part 1) 2008-01-29


The Origins of Agriculture (part 2) 2008-01-29


History of Psychiatry 2008-02-12


The Vocation of the Humanities 2008-02-19


The Poetry of A.R. Ammons 2008-02-26


Jane Austen 2008-03-11


The Poetry of Robert Service 2008-03-18


W.B. Yeats 2008-03-25


Boccaccio 2008-04-01


Erwin Schrödinger 2008-04-10


Intellectual History 2008-09-24


W.H. Auden 2008-09-30


Philosophy of Moods 2008-10-07


Persian Literature 2008-10-14


The Heart 2008-10-21


The Heart 2008-10-21


Medicine 2008-10-28


Language and Thought 2008-11-04


The Future of the Internet 2008-11-11


WWII and the Blitz 2008-11-18


Human Rights 2008-11-25


Human Rights 2008-11-25


Human Rights 2008-11-25


The Jesuit Order 2008-12-02


Réflexions sur l'Internet 2008-12-09


Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness 2008-12-15


The Existentialism of Jean-Paul Sartre 2009-04-14


Beethoven (part 1) 2009-04-21


Beethoven (part 2) 2009-04-21


Romanticism and Organic Form 2009-04-28


The Metaphysics of Misogyny 2009-05-05


Nuance and Brazil 2009-05-12


The Re-enchantment of the World 2009-05-19


Friedrich Nietzsche 2009-05-26


Emily Dickinson 2009-06-02


Byzantine Culture (part 1) 2009-06-02


Byzantine Culture (part 2) 2009-06-02


The Jimi Hendrix Solo Show 2009-06-20


The Unabomber 2009-09-29


The Game of Tennis 2009-10-06


Blues (part 1) 2009-10-19


Blues (part 2) 2009-10-19


Borges 2009-11-23


Plato 2009-11-25


A Monologue on Machiavelli 2009-12-07


A Monologue on Wallace Stevens 2009-12-09


Shakespeare 2010-01-19


American Literature, J.D. Salinger and the Art of the Short Story 2010-02-09


Welsh Literature (Part 1) 2010-02-16


Welsh Literature (Part 2) 2010-02-16


Digital Music 2010-02-23


Italian Epic Poetry 2010-03-02


Karl Marx 2010-04-06


Athanasius Kircher 2010-04-20


The Uses of Literature 2010-04-20


Alexander the Great 2010-04-27


Rush Rehm and members of Glass Wave 2010-05-04


Pink Floyd 2010-05-11


Heidegger's Being and Time 2010-05-18


Georges Bataille 2010-05-25


A Monologue on The Doors 2010-06-23


Moby Dick 2011-01-11


Classicism in America 2011-01-18


Commedia dell'Arte 2011-01-25


Roberto Bolaño 2011-02-01


Romantic Symbol 2011-02-08


Beauty (part 1) 2011-02-15


Beauty (part 2) 2011-02-15


Beauty (part 3) 2011-02-15


The Nouveau Roman 2011-02-22


Lyonel Trouillot on Haiti and Haitian Literature 2011-03-01


Aristotle's Poetics 2011-03-08


Greek Tragedy 2011-03-15


Italian Cinema 2011-03-22


Psychedelic Rock 2011-03-29


The Human Brain 2011-04-05


Samuel Beckett (part 1) 2011-04-12


Samuel Beckett (part 2) 2011-04-12


Sonia Korn Grimani and her memoir of the Holocaust 2011-04-25


Phenomenology 2011-10-05


The Rosetta Stone 2011-10-12


Hegel and His Heirs 2011-10-19


The Ancient Roman Family and other Social Institutions 2011-10-26


The Life and Poetry of John Keats 2011-11-02


The Discipline of Geography 2011-11-09


Homer and Homeric Epics 2011-11-16


Georges Lavaudant on a Life in Theater 2011-11-16


Medicine and the Human Condition 2011-11-23


The Love/Hate Relationship between Nietzsche and Wagner 2011-11-30


Extinction 2012-04-11


Michel Foucault 2011-04-18


John Rawls 2012-04-25


Magic, God, and the Supernatural 2012-05-02


Hermaphroditism 2012-05-09


Life, Literature, Lermontov 2012-05-16


Petrarch and Petrarchism 2012-05-23


A Brief History of Listening 2012-05-30


Post-humanism 2012-06-06


The Human Voice 2012-06-27


A Monologue on Margaret Fuller 2013-03-26


The Origins of Language 2013-04-02


The Life and Thought of Charles Darwin 2013-04-10


Photography 2013-04-17


Bioethics and Biotechnology 2013-04-24


A Monologue on Animal Rights 2013-05-08


Franz Kafka 2013-05-15


Heidegger and Technology 2013-05-22


A monologue on The Doors by Robert Harrison, re-broadcast and dedicated to Ray Manzarek (1939-2013). 2013-05-29


Troubadour Poetry 2013-06-05


David Foster Wallace 2013-06-12


Simone Weil 2013-06-26


Walter Benjamin and his "Artwork" Essay 2013-07-03


How Old are We— A Monologue on the Phenomenon of Age 2014-03-27


The Great Gatsby 2014-04-09


Leo Tolstoy and Anna Karenina 2014-04-16


Anatheism and "God After God" 2014-04-23


Mythology 2014-04-30


Fiction-Writing Programs in the Postwar Era 2014-05-07


The life and work of Richard Wagner (part 1) 2014-05-14


The life and work of Richard Wagner (part 2) 2014-05-14


Dostoevsky and The Brothers Karamazov 2014-05-21


Russian Futurism 2014-05-28


Foucault and "the Contemporary" 2014-06-04


Artificial Intelligence 2014-06-11


A Monologue on Lightness and Heaviness in Art 2014-06-20


Hiatus Announcement 2015-04-08


A Monologue on Randolph Bourne 2015-09-30


The Life and work of Wittgenstein 2015-10-07


Politics in Search of the Common Good 2015-10-14


Aristotle, Friendship, and Virtue Ethics 2015-10-21


Einstein 2015-10-28


A Conversation 2015-11-04


The History and Meaning of Money 2015-11-11


The History of Female Friendship 2015-11-18


Computer Science 2015-12-02


Edgar Allan Poe 2015-12-09


Diderot, Voltaire, and Rousseau 2015-12-16


"The Peregrine" and the Importance of Reading 2016-03-23


Indian Politics: B.R. Ambedkar 2016-04-06


Indian Politics: Mohandas Gandhi 2016-04-06


J.A. Baker's "The Peregrine" 2016-04-13


Putin's Russia 2016-04-20


Guy Debord, Situationism, and Psychogeography 2016-04-27


The Invention of the Chinese Typewriter 2016-05-04


Joseph Conrad's Polish Roots 2016-05-11


Albert Camus and The Stranger 2016-05-18


Public Memory 2016-05-25


A Conversation about Joseph Conrad's The Shadow Line 2016-06-01


Arthur Rimbaud 2016-06-08


Rwanda 2016-06-15


Mary Shelley's Frankenstein 2016-06-29


Friedrich Nietzsche 2016-12-15


KQED 88.5 "Forum with Michael Krazny" 2005-09-20


Sam Ginn on the Singularity 2017-05-27

Scope and Content Note

In this show Sam discusses the Singularity, and the importance of Martin Heidegger in thinking about Artificial Intelligence.

Hiatus Announcement 2017-07-20


Michaela Hulstyn on Drugs in Literature 2017-06-07

Scope and Content Note

In this interview Michaela discusses Charles Baudelaire, Thomas De Quincey, Henri Michaux, and Timothy Leary on drugs.

William Hurlbut on gene editing 2017-07-07


Eric McLuhan on Marshall McLuhan 2017-07-05


Andrea Nightingale and Robert Harrison on Thoreau’s Walden 2017-07-12


Richard Rorty on the future of philosophy 2017-09-22

Scope and Content Note

"Richard Rorty is considered one of the greatest philosophers of the twentieth century. He is credited with reviving the philosophical school of American pragmatism and challenging the accepted pieties of analytic philosophy. He championed "quietism," which he says attempts "to dissolve, rather than solve" sets of problems that should now be considered obsolete. This November 23, 2005, interview is among his last; he died in 2007. Rorty came to Stanford as a fellow at the Humanities Center in 1996 and then joined the faculty of the Comparative Literature Department in 1998. Beginning in the 1970s, he challenged the notion of philosophy as a discipline that could discern timeless truths about the world. Such attempts were motivated by western philosophy's misguided reliance on Platonic metaphysics, the notion that there are underlying structures, realities or truths that stand firm against the vagaries of history and social mores. Rorty insisted that we have only a linguistic and causal relationship with the world, so any attempt to find some kind of transcendent, unmediated knowledge about it is futile. He famously urged that intellectuals shift their focus from ""the problems of philosophy"" to ""the problems of men."" His Entitled Opinions conversation with Harrison moves to the limits of philosophy in describing the nature of reality, and then whether philosophy should tackle human aspirations for greatness or stick to maximizing human happiness. In an occasionally testy exchange with Harrison, Rorty makes a controversial defense of bourgeois liberal democracy, arguing that the rest of the world should be more like America, and America should be more like Norway. The potential cost for cultural diversity? "That's the price we pay for history," he says. He takes a number of provocative positions in the conversation. Does he stand alone? As he notes, loneliness is the lot of mankind: "If you don't have any sense of loneliness you probably won't be interested in religion or philosophy; if you do, you will." "

Great albums of 1967 with Jay Kadis and Thomas Harrison 2017-06-20


Hans Sluga on Trump's "Empire of Disorientation" 2017-05-20

Scope and Content Note

"Who is Donald Trump, and what does he stand for? Do we know? Does he himself know? Or is he caught in that precarious state of disorientation that characterizes our current political predicament? The public discourse is heated, the language inflammatory. Philosopher Hans Sluga of the University of California, Berkeley, brings a cool head and rational thinking to his interview about our 45th president, Donald Trump, with Entitled Opinions host Robert Harrison. Trump has been a real estate developer, a reality TV star, a prolific tweeter, a politician, and has changed his party affiliation seven or eight times. Is he a fascist? Sluga, author of Wittgenstein and Heidegger’s Crisis, warns against easy tags: "We've drained this word of much of its specific meaning." Fascism, he says, "is a form of statism quite different from what we have in America today." Is he a populist? That’s not clear, either. "Plutocrat," the term Aristotle used to describe the rule of the rich," might be a more precise characterization. Sluga says we might turn to the world of real estate to understand Trump’s worldview."

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