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Title: Karl Baarslag papers
Date (bulk): 1940-1960
Collection Number: 85040
Contributing Institution: Hoover Institution Library and Archives
Language of Material: English and German
Physical Description: 7 manuscript boxes (2.8 Linear Feet)
Abstract: Writings, reports, memoranda, letters, pamphlets, and other printed matter relating to international communism, communism in the United States, communism in maritime unions, and internal security activities of the Office of Naval Intelligence during World War II.
Creator: Baarslag, Karl, 1900-1984
Physical Location: Hoover Institution Library & Archives


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Acquisition Information

Acquired by the Hoover Institution Library & Archives in 1985.

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[Identification of item], Karl Baarslag papers, [Box no., Folder no. or title], Hoover Institution Library & Archives.

Biographical Note

1900 November 25 Born
1941-1945 Lieutenant commander, United States Navy; assigned to Office of Naval Intelligence
1947-1953 Head of the National Americanism Commission of the American Legion
1984 January 10 Died
1953-1954 Research director for the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations
1920s-1930s Marine radio operator
1935 Published SOS to the Rescue
1937 Published Coast Guard to the Rescue
1938 Published Robbery by Mail: The Story of the U.S. Postal Inspectors
1940 Published Islands of Adventure
1947 Published Communist Trade Union Trickery Exposed
1956-1960 Consultant for the House Committee on Un-American Activities

Scope and Content of Collection

The Karl Baarslag papers contain writings, reports, memoranda, letters, pamphlets, books, and other printed matter relating to international communism, communism in the United States, communism in maritime unions, and internal security activities of the Office of Naval Intelligence during World War II. Some of Baarslag's own writings on communism; chapters from his unpublished memoir, "Backwards, Turn Backwards;" and his writings on other research interests are also included in the papers.
The majority of the material is located in the Communist Activities File, which contains material documenting various domestic and international communist movements and organizations, such as the Communist Party of the United States of America, the International of Seamen and Harbour Workers (ISH), and the Marine Transport Workers of the Western Hemisphere. Of particular note are letters written between 1924 and 1949 by prominent members of the Communist Party USA, including Jay Lovestone and Alex Bail, located in the Communist Party of the United States of America file.
In addition, the collection contains several pamphlets and books relating to communism and socialism, located in the Printed Matter series.

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Subjects and Indexing Terms

Communism -- United States
World War, 1939-1945 -- United States
World War, 1939-1945 -- Secret service
Internal security -- United States
Labor unions and communism
United States. Office of Naval Intelligence


Biographical File 1951, 1953

Scope and Contents note

Contains a copy of a U.S. News & World Report article about Baarslag's role in the American Legion and a letter introducing Baarslag to Joseph Ku, Political Adviser to the Chinese Embassy in Washington, D.C.
box 1, folder 1

"Legion's 'Red Chase': Being Toned Down?," U.S. News & World Report 1953 June 12

box 1, folder 2

Letter from Alfred Kohlberg to Joseph Ku re Karl Baarslag 1951 January 2


Correspondence 1971, 1979

box 1, folder 3

Launter, John 1971 January 11

box 1, folder 4

Packard, W. H. 1979 December 6


Writings 1940-1959, 1970-1973, undated

Scope and Contents note

Contains articles and drafts of books written by Baarslag. Also included are chapters from Baarslag's unpublished memoir, "Backwards, Turn Backwards." Arranged chronologically.

"Backwards, Turn Backwards," undated

box 1, folder 5

"Part I: Office of Naval Intelligence"

box 1, folder 6

"Part III: Operations Overlord and C.I.O.S. [Combined Intelligence Objectives Sub-Committee of Shaef]"

box 1, folder 7

"Part IV: Through the Siegfried Line and across the Rhine"

box 1, folder 8

"Part V: What Has Really Happened to the American Legion?"

box 1, folder 9

"Part XI: The Western Ocean Freighter Life on the North Atlantic"

box 1, folder 10

"Part XV: Our Unknown Anti-Communist Dead"

box 1, folder 11

"A Brief Memorandum on Communist Tactics," undated

box 1, folder 12

"Have the Communists Yet Stopped Their Cold War Against the U.S.?," undated

box 1, folder 13-14

"Iron Curtain Visitors," manuscript undated

box 1, folder 15

"The Kronstadt Massacre of 1921," undated

box 1, folder 16

"Mutinies in Modern Navies," manuscript undated

box 2, folder 1

"Mutinies in Modern Navies," manuscript undated

box 2, folder 2

"Riding the 'Reefers,'" undated

box 2, folder 3

"Some Lessons from Byzanthium [ sic]," undated

box 2, folder 4

"Communists in Communication or Sovietizing American Citizens," 1940

box 2, folder 5

"What Have We Bought in Europe?," 1953

box 2, folder 6

"Womens International League for Peace and Freedom," 1959

box 2, folder 7

"Chicago Trial and Red Tactics," 1970

box 2, folder 8

"The LaFollette Committee Unmasked," 1970

box 2, folder 9

"We Helped Industrialize Red Russia, Will We Make the Same Mistake with Red China?," 1971

box 2, folder 10

"Fallacies About Communism," 1973


Writings by Others 1945-1953, 1960, undated

Scope and Contents note

Contains articles and other writings mainly related to communism. Arranged alphabetically by author.
box 2, folder 11

"Closest Brothers, Greatest Friendship," 1960 December 13

box 2, folder 12

Colby, Bainbridge, "The New Deal Fifth Column," undated

box 2, folder 13

Cronin, John, "The Problem of American Communism in 1945," 1945

box 2, folder 14

Crouch, Paul, "Communist Infiltration of the American Armed Forces," 1953

box 2, folder 15

Crouch, Paul, "Subversive Activities Control Board Docket No. 51-101," 1951

box 2, folder 16

Donovan, William J. and Mary Gardiner Jones, "Program for a Democratic Counter Attack to Communist Penetration of Government Service," 1949

box 2, folder 17

Hoover, J. Edgar, "An Analysis of the 17th National Convention of the Communist Party, USA," 1960

box 2, folder 18

Kornfeder, Joseph, "Conquest by Subversion," 1952

box 2, folder 19

Kornfeder, Joseph, "Infighting Amongst the Communists," undated

box 2, folder 20

Lange, Alfred, "The Path to Victory: A Theoretical Discussion on Marxism and Insurrection," undated

box 2, folder 21

Lorwin, Lewis L. and Jean A. Flexner, "International Transport Workers' Federation," undated

box 2, folder 22

Speier, Hans, "The Proletariat and Its Critics," undated

box 2, folder 23

Speier, Hans, "Tolstoy in the Marxist Mirror," undated

box 3, folder 1

"Summary of the House Intelligence Report that Was Never Published," undated

box 3, folder 2

Tolley, Kemp, "Moscow at War," undated

box 3, folder 3

Valtin, Jan, "Counter Revolution in Europe?," undated

box 3, folder 4

Valtin, Jan, "How It Happened Last Time," undated


Communist Activities File 1924-1971, undated

Scope and Contents note

Contains reports, memoranda, news clippings, collected correspondence, writings, and other material related to communism, communist groups, and communist activities in the U.S. and abroad.
box 3, folder 5

"Action Conference on China Policy," 1949

box 3, folder 6

"Brief Historical Summary of the Russian War Relief," undated

box 3, folder 7

"Chinese Communist Publications Circulated in the United States," undated

box 3, folder 8

Clippings 1925-1961, undated

Scope and Contents note

Includes some clippings from the German publication Wir erobern die Betriebe, later known as Die Rote Fahne.
box 3, folder 9

"Communist Fronts, Their History and Purpose," circa 1961

Scope and Contents note

Draft of a chapter later published in A Manual for Survival: A Counter-Subversive Study Course, produced by the Church League of America. Possibly written by Karl Baarslag.

Communist Party of the United States of America file 1924-1961, undated

Scope and Contents note

Includes chronological files consisting primarily of collected correspondence of Party members, such as Jay Lovestone, Alex Bail, Bill Dunne, Max Bedacht, and Jack Stachel. Following the chronological files are documents, such as histories of the organization, bulletins, lists, and reports that are arranged alphabetically by document title or topic.
box 3, folder 10


box 3, folder 11


box 3, folder 12


box 3, folder 13


box 3, folder 14


box 3, folder 15

"Chronology of the Communist Party, U.S.A. Case, November 22, 1950 to December 1, 1961," undated

box 3, folder 16

"Chronology of Conventions Leading Up to, and of, the Communist Party of the United States of America," 1960

box 3, folder 17

"The Communist Party in the United States," undated

box 3, folder 18

"The Communist Party of the United States of America," 1930

box 3, folder 19

Convention bulletins 1956

box 3, folder 20

"A Guide for Communist Work Aboard Ship," 1937

box 3, folder 21

Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) report 1949 April 13

box 3, folder 22

List of district offices and officers undated

box 3, folder 23

List of Party leaders by state undated

box 3, folder 24

Supreme Court case 1961

box 3, folder 25

Miscellany 1928, undated

Scope and Contents note

Contains handwritten notes, part of a bibliography of works related to the Communist Party of the U.S.A., and a statement of cash receipts and payments from 1928.
box 3, folder 26

Delegates of the First Communist Party Convention in 1934, undated

Scope and Contents note

Contains a photocopy of a photograph of the delegates.
box 3, folder 27

"Einheitsverband," photostat undated

box 3, folder 28

International of Seamen and Harbour Workers (ISH) file 1931-1935

box 3, folder 29

"Inquiry on Racial Incitations Practiced by Communists," 1949

box 3, folder 30

The Kronstadt Group: A Political Platform for the Peoples of the USSR 1970

box 4, folder 1

Marine Transport Workers of the Western Hemisphere file 1926

box 4, folder 2

Memoranda 1954, 1957

Scope and Contents note

Contains memoranda written by and for Baarslag regarding communists, communist organizations, and communist activities in the U.S. and abroad.
box 4, folder 3

The Militant 1960 July 4

box 4, folder 4

National Conference for New Politics bulletins 1967

box 4, folder 5

National Youth Alliance file 1969-1971

box 4, folder 6-7

Naval Intelligence Operations file 1941-1945

Scope and Contents note

Contains memoranda, drafts of memoranda, and reports written or received by Baarslag regarding Naval internal security, communist groups, and communist activities during World War II.
box 4, folder 8

"Review of World-Wide Communist Trends," 1944

box 4, folder 9

Shipmates' Voice 1935 July

box 4, folder 10

Simas Kudirka incident 1970

Scope and Contents note

Contains press releases, a report, and the published hearings related to the investigation of the events surrounding the attempted defection of a Lithuanian seaman, Simas Kudirka. Kudrika attempted to defect to the U.S. by jumping aboard the USCGC Vigilant while his mother ship was anchored near Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts.
box 4, folder 11

"Statement of Lt. Duane Thorin, U.S.N., Ret., Prepared for Delivery to Senate Special Preparedness Subcommittee," undated

box 4, folder 12

"The Struggle Against Imperialist War and the Tasks of the Communists: Resolution of the Sixth World Congress of the Communist International July - August, 1928," 1934

box 4, folder 13

"Testimony of William F. Hynes, Acting Capt. of Detectives, Los Angeles Police Dept. Commanding, Intelligence Bureau," undated

box 4, folder 14

Miscellany 1934, 1968, undated

Scope and Contents note

Contains a copy of the Waldorf Pledge, a section from V. I. Lenin Collected Works, and mailings from various labor groups.

Printed Matter 1917-1971, undated

Scope and Contents note

Contains pamphlets, books, periodicals, and a report related to communism and socialism in the U.S. and abroad. Includes both communist and anti-communist writings.

Pamphlets 1917-1965, undated

box 4, folder 15

10th Political Conference of the Possev Weekly 1958

box 4, folder 16

15 Years of the Communist International undated

box 4, folder 17

76 Questions and Answers on the Bolsheviks and the Soviets 1919

box 4, folder 18

The American Way to Jobs, Peace, Democracy 1954

box 4, folder 19

Beat the "Incitement to Disaffection" Bill! 1935

box 4, folder 20

A Comment on the March Moscow Meeting 1965

box 4, folder 21

Communism in Germany! 1933

box 4, folder 22

Communism-World Revolution to Red Imperialism undated

box 4, folder 23

The Communist Nucleus: What It Is, How It Works 1928

box 4, folder 24

The Communist Party: A Manual on Organization 1935

box 4, folder 25

Communist Trickery undated

box 4, folder 26

The Constitution of the Union of Socialist Soviet Republics 1924

box 4, folder 27

De Leon the Uncompromising 1939

box 4, folder 28

The Devil and Jimmy Byrnes 1948

box 4, folder 29

Disintegration of Military Morale undated

box 5, folder 1

Fair Play for Cuba Committee Summer '64 1964

box 5, folder 2

German Woman in Soviet Hands 1950

box 5, folder 3

Grasp the Weapon of Culture! 1951

box 5, folder 4

Guide to Readings on Communism undated

box 5, folder 5

International Peace/Disarmament Directory 1963

box 5, folder 6

Jesus as a Free Speech Victim 1960

box 5, folder 7

Joseph Stalin for Peaceful Coexistence: Postwar Interviews 1951

box 5, folder 8

The Kronstadt Revolt 1942

box 5, folder 9

The Meaning of Social-Fascism undated

box 5, folder 10

The New Soviet Constitution 1936

box 5, folder 11

The October Revolution and the Triumph of Socialism undated

box 5, folder 12

The Pacific Coast Maritime Strike 1937

box 5, folder 13

The Path of a Renegade: Why Earl Browder Was Expelled from the Communist Party 1946

box 5, folder 14

The Port Huron Statement 1964

box 5, folder 15

Preparing for October 1917

box 5, folder 16

Problems of Art and Literature 1950

box 5, folder 17

The Professional Informer 1955

box 5, folder 18

Program of the Communist International 1936

box 5, folder 19

Program for a Political Offensive Against World Communism 1955

box 5, folder 20

The Red Baiting Racket and How It Works 1948

box 5, folder 21

Revolution in Iraq 1959

box 5, folder 22

The Role of Labor Unions in the Russian Revolution undated

box 5, folder 23

The Russian Revolution undated

box 5, folder 24

The Russification of the Baltic States 1950

box 5, folder 25

The Secret Battalion 1946

box 5, folder 26

Soviet Penetration of Latin America Chile: The Allende Regime and Its Aftermath undated

box 5, folder 27

Stalin's Speeches on the American Communist Party 1929

box 5, folder 28

The Struggle Against Imperialist War and the Tasks of the Communists 1928

box 6, folder 1

The Struggle of the Marine Workers undated

box 6, folder 2

Support the People of Viet Nam, Defeat U.S. Aggressors, Part I 1965

box 6, folder 3

Support the People of Viet Nam, Defeat U.S. Aggressors, Part IV 1965

box 6, folder 4

The Telephone and Telegraph Workers 1935

box 6, folder 5

Text of Speeches by V. M. Molotov on General Reduction of Armaments at the General Assembly of the United Nations 1946

box 6, folder 6

The Trade Union Unity League undated

box 6, folder 7

The Truth About Communism in Hawaii 1947

box 6, folder 8

The Twenty-One Conditions of Admission Into the Communist International undated

box 6, folder 9

Under Arrest: Workers' Self-Defense in the Courts undated

box 6, folder 10

The United Front Against Fascism and War undated

box 6, folder 11

What Is Happening to the Jews in Soviet Russia? 1951

box 6, folder 12

Why Am I a Revolutionist? undated

box 6, folder 13

Why Communism? 1934


Periodicals, 1929, 1934, 1967

box 6, folder 14

Information Bulletin, World Marxist Review Publishers 1967

box 6, folder 15

Information Bulletin of the I.S.H. [International of Seamen and Harbour Workers] 1934

box 6, folder 16

The Red International of Labour Unions 1, nos. 8-9 1929 October

box 6, folder 17

Report, Democrat Duplicity and Appeasement in Foreign Policy Administration, 1935-1947, as Revealed in the Memoirs of Official Participants 1948 July


Books 1932-1971, undated

box 6, folder 18

24th Congress of the CPSU [Communist Party of the Soviet Union] Information Bulletin 9, nos. 7-8 1971

box 6, folder 19

Aptheker, Herbert, The Negro People in America 1946

box 6, folder 20

Balabanoff, Angelica, Impressions of Lenin 1968

box 6, folder 21

Buchner, Johannes, The Agent Provocateur in the Labor Movement, photocopy undated

box 7

Ciliberti, Charles, Backstairs Mission in Moscow 1946


Communist Perspective: A Handbook of Communist Doctrinal Statements in the Original Russian and in English undated


Foster, William Z., The New Europe 1947


Huberman, Leo, The Labor Spy Racket 1937


Johnson, Hewlett, The Secret of Soviet Strength 1943


Khrushchev, N. S., Report on the Program of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union 1961 October 17


The Life of Stalin: A Symposium 1932


Liu Shao-Chi, How to Be a Good Communist 1952


Liu Shao-Chi, On the Party 1950


Morrow, Felix, Revolution and Counter-Revolution in Spain 1938


New Program of the Communist Party U.S.A.: A Draft 1966


New Program of the Communist Party U.S.A. 1970


Niemeyer, Gerhart, Communists in Coalition Governments circa 1963


Royal Institute of International Affairs, Soviet-Yugoslav Dispute 1948


Snow, John Kowland, The Case of Tyler Kent 1962


Stalin, Joseph, Problems of Leninism 1935

box 8

Material not yet described