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Guide to the Conlin Family Papers, 1853-1939
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Collection Contents


I/1-83 Series I: Business and Financial Records 1857-1934

Physical Description: 1.3 cu. ft.

Scope and Content Note

This series contains documents and materials related to the Conlin family’s financial and business affairs. As well, there is material related to business transactions, real estate, or personal dealings with which the Conlins (mostly Thomas Conlin) were associated. Thomas Conlin, in addition to his involvement in many businesses, also loaned and banked money for residents of Columbia. Those notes and documents are included in this series.


Folders I/1-8

Wells Fargo and Co., checks, receipts and various 1885-1918

Folder I/9

London and San Francisco Bank, documents 1887-1888

Folder I/10

1st National Bank of Sonora, documents 1909-1931

Folder I/11

Conlin Deposit Slips 1897-1910

Folder I/12

Bullion Deposits in U.S. Mint 1885-1925

Folder I/13

Salary Statement, T. Conlin 1901-1902

Folder I/14

Misc. letters soliciting sales or financial aid 1890

Folders I/15-16

Draft requests 1886-1900

Folder I/17

Promissory notes and receipts; Fallon related 1865-1889

Folder I/18

Promissory notes—misc. 1883-1896

Folder I/19

Taxes 1883-1940

Folder I/20

Western Union Telegraph Co. 1884-1919

Folder I/21

Western Union Telegraph Co. telegrams (Box 6) 1886

Folder I/22

New England Water Co. (aka Columbia Water System) 1902-1934

Folder I/23

Land sales documents 1888-1927

Folder I/24

Land purchases, documents 1882-1914

Folder I/25

Land purchases in Stockton 1893-1895

Folder I/26

Property lease documents 1896-1913

Folder I/27

Property indentures and agreements, John Davies and David Levy (Nelson) 1902-1906

Folder I/28

Deed to Fallon Hotel 1881

Folder I/29

Deed; W. Hinkleman to O. Hinkleman 1900

Folder I/30

Deeds and mortgages originally bundled together 1899-1907

Folder I/31

Proof of labor document 1909

Folder I/32

Grazing permits 1903-1910

Folder I/33

Will of James O’Neill 1897

Folder I/34

Invention patent for James Conlin 1916-1928

Folder I/35

Equipment lease 1901

Folders I/36-50

Invoices and billheads, Bacon’s Soda Works through Fallon Cottage/Columbia Hotel 1888-1913

Folder I/51

Fallon Hotel misc.

Folders I/52-63

Invoices and billheads, L. Fosterling through Hotel Strawberry 1873-1916

Folder I/64

Hotel Strawberry, misc.

Folders I/65-72

Invoices and billheads, Tibbits through Tuolumne County 1860-1922

Folder I/73

Misc. receipts 1888-1910

Folder I/74

Associated material not part of this collection 1860-1911

Folders I/75-77

Wells Fargo & Co. check book (stubs), Series B, Book #4, 6, 7 (Box 8) 10/13/1897-2/1/1900

Folder I/78

Wells Fargo & Co., Agent Appointment Certificate for Thomas Conlin (Box 6) 1884

Folder I/79

Homestead Certificate for Eugene Day,(Map Case, Drawer 3) 1888

Folder I/80

Tuolumne County Water Co. field survey map by Wallace (Map Case, Drawer 3)

Folder I/81

Account/Note book (empty) for Bosovich and Copeland with notes by T. Conlin

Folder I/82

General receipt book, 1933-1934

Folder I/83

Ledger Books; accounts and balances of Conlin Family (Bookshelf) 1883-1885


II/1-6 Series II: Legal documents 1883-1932

Physical Description: .1 cu. ft.

Scope and Content Note

This series contains legal documents that are associated with the Conlin family, such as lawsuits, liens, judgments, legal opinions and correspondence.


Folder II/1

Citation relating to guardianship of minor Conlin children 1883

Folder II/2

Attachment to Conlin, re: judgement on James Fallon 1888

Folder II/3

Water research and opinion by Conlin 1907

Folder II/4

James Conlin letters relating to auto accident 1929

Folder II/5

Complaint and summons, Nelson vs. Conlin 1932

Folder II/6

Lien: Kress vs. Estey, Stanford and Kelly 1901


III/1-22 Series III. Correspondence 1876-1927

Physical Description: .1 cu. ft.

Scope and Content Note

This series contains any type of correspondence i.e. letters, cards, notes, telegrams, announcements and envelopes, to and from the Conlin family, that is personal or has to do with family affairs.


Folder III/1

Letter to Mamie from May 1876

Folder III/2

Letter to T. Conlin from J. Egan 1888

Folder III/3

Letter to Mamie from Mary Curtain 1883

Folder III/4

Letter to Maggie from Dozier 1885

Folder III/5

Letter to Maggie from Gertie 1887

Folder III/6

Letter of introduction for Mary Conlin 1887

Folder III/7

Wedding announcement 1888

Folder III/8

2 letters from Tom Griffin to Tom Conlin 1892

Folder III/9

Three letters from Bogert to T. Conlin re: shooting of Colonel Dorsey 1896

Folder III/10

Note to Tom Conlin from Ed, on Davis billhead undated

Folder III/11

Letter from Louis Blanding to Tom Conlin on City Hotel billhead undated

Folder III/12

Three documents from Secretary of State’s office relating to incorporation 1904

Folder III/13

Letter from E.E. Newell to Tom Conlin 1907

Folder III/14

Letter from Wm. Phillipson to Tom Conlin 1908

Folder III/15

Form letter from Callahan & Paynter, soliciting newspaper subscription 1909

Folder III/16

Letter from Ben Pownall to Tom Conlin 1911

Folder III/17

Letter and envelope from Axel Konig 1926

Folder III/18

Two letters from C.F. Schwilk to Tom Conlin 1923

Folder III/19

Letter from J.B. Pownall to Tom Conlin 1927

Folder III/20

Envelope and note from G.F. Volkmann to Tom Conlin 1927

Folder III/21

Envelope to Randall undated

Folder III/22

Letters and documents, re; Ramey family and estate 1886-1906


IV/1-68 Series IV. Mining Interests 1866-1939

Physical Description: .4 cu. ft.

Scope and Content Note

Thomas Conlin was extensively involved in local mining activities and investments, and also property transactions for mining purposes. This series contains documents associated with his mining interests and associations. Included are mining associated materials.


Folder IV/1

For Sale notice with handwritten notes “Atlas Gravel Mine” undated

Folder IV/2

Legend (key) to mining map undated

Folder IV/3

List of bullion producing mines in Columbia 1898

Folder IV/4

County recorder letters and documents on water locations 1907-1909

Folder IV/5

Water appropriation notices 1909-1910

Folder IV/6

Blank mining notice 188?

Folder IV/7

Morrison mining rights 1931

Folder IV/8

Blank proof of labor 192?

Folder IV/9

Mortgage to Tibbitts and R.C. Davis 1901

Folder IV/10

Altadena mine misc. documents 1902-1904

Folder IV/11

Argentum Gold and Silver Mining Co. misc. documents 1886-1933

Folder IV/12

Big Crossing Claim 1911

Folder IV/13

Black Spider Quartz mine indenture 1889

Folder IV/14

Cleveland Quartz mine misc. documents 1891-1912

Folder IV/15

Columbia Gravel Mining Co. payroll 1905

Folder IV/16

Contact Quartz Claim 1911

Folder IV/17

Copeland Mine documents 1890-1901

Folder IV/18

Dexter Quartz Claim 1891-1913

Folder IV/19

Experimental Mine misc. documents 1886-1929

Folder IV/20

Fidelity Quartz Mine misc. documents 1913-1920

Folder IV/21

Fox Mine letter to Tom Conlin from Oakes 1899

Folder IV/22

Ford Claim misc. documents 1898-1925

Folder IV/23

Fraction Claim misc. documents 1923

Folder IV/24

Fragueiro property mining agreement 1906

Folder IV/25

Fuchs mine misc. documents 1897-1913

Folder IV/26

Golden Bluff Quartz claim indenture 1895

Folder IV/27

Golden Era Quartz mine misc. documents 1903-1912

Folder IV/28

Golden Treasure Claim location notice 1926

Folder IV/29

Henessy Mine misc. documents 1881-1898

Folder IV/30

Hardscrabble Claim (cross reference only)

Folder IV/31

Hope Claim agreement 1905

Folder IV/32

Hudson and Calhoun Mine misc. documents 1895-1913

Folder IV/33

Hyapooh Quartz Claim misc documents 1903

Folder IV/34

Invincible Placer Claim location notice 1917

Folder IV/35

John Royal Mining Co. misc. documents 1902-1904

Folder IV/36

Lohman Mine (cross reference only)


Folder IV/38

McCarthy Lot agreement

Folder IV/39

McNassar Placer Claim misc. documents 1908

Folder IV/40

McPherson and Hilton Mine misc. documents 1873-1925

Folder IV/41

John Moore Property indenture 1894

Folder IV/42

Mountain Lily Mine misc. documents 1898-1909

Folder IV/43

Mt. Vernon Mine misc. documents 1866

Folder IV/44

North Bell, Thalia, Oppolo and Decimal Q.M. 1901

Folder IV/45

Overs Mine misc. documents 1899-1939

Folder IV/46

Perseverance Claim misc. documents 1923

Folder IV/47

Platt & Gibson Gold Mining Co. billhead 1889

Folder IV/48

Rawhide Mine bill from Sunset Telegram and telegraph 1898

Folder IV/49

Reliance Quartz Claim description 1903

Folder IV/50

San Martin Quartz Claim indenture 1909

Folder IV/51

Sawmill Flat Mine (cross reference only)

Folder IV/52

Charles and Albert Smith Claim sales agreement 1903

Folder IV/53

Soulsby Mine note 1927

Folder IV/54

Springfield Tunnel & Development Co, misc. documents 1901-1906

Folder IV/55

Trout Quartz Claim indenture 1902

Folder IV/56

Union Hill Mine notice of location 1914

Folder IV/57

Willow Springs Quartz Mine notice of location 1904

Folder IV/58

Woodbury Claim (cross reference only)

Folder IV/59

Map of Tuolumne County, Quartz and Gravel Mines, (Map Case, Drawer 3) 1879

Folder IV/60

Map of Calaveras County, Ancient Channel System, (Map Case, Drawer 4) 1894

Folder IV/61

Map of Union Quartz Claim (Map Case, Drawer 4)

Folder IV/62

IV/62 Union Tunnel plan (Map Case, Drawer 4)

Folder IV/63

Schematic drawing of wheel (Map Case, Drawer 4)

Folder IV/64

USGS Geology Map of Northern California and Nevada, (Map Case, Drawer 4) 1911

Folder IV/65

Map of Stockton Gravel Mining Co. property, Tuolumne County (Map Case, Drawer 4)

Folder IV/66

Maps of Tuolumne, Calaveras, Amador and El Dorado Counties, California State Mining Bureau, (Map Case, Drawer 4) 1903

Folder IV/67

Map of Excelsior Quartz Mine (Map Case, Drawer 4)

Folder IV/68

IV/68 Map of Tuolumne County by Hooper, c. (Map Case, Drawer 4) 1900


V/1-16 Series V. Family papers, 1855-1932.

Physical Description: .4 cu. ft.

Scope and Content Note

This series contains documentary material that is personal or family in nature and/or is about a member of the Conlin family (i.e. schoolwork, teaching certificates, notices, announcements, receipts, etc.). Autograph albums are also in this collection.


Folder V/1

John Conlin insurance receipt 187?

Folder V/2

James Conlin insurance form 1915

Folder V/3

Notes: family history by Conlin

Folder V/4

IOOF dues receipt, Geo. Conlin 1903-1910

Folder V/5

Family-funeral related 1877-1910

Folder V/6

Sale receipt for horse to A. Conlin 1883

Folder V/7

Conlin family schoolwork 1885-1914

Folder V/8

Marriage Certificate card: John and Julia Conlin 1855

Folder V/9

Teaching certificates—Tm Conlin 1877

Folder V/10

Maggie Conlin penmanship tutoring receipt and writing samples 1894

Folder V/11

Note, envelope and form for DAR genealogy record 1932

Folder V/12

Writing Booklets of Rose Conlin

Folder V/13

Composition book of Charles Conlin

Folder V/14

Back cover of Poppy print 307-34-4L inscribed “Misses Conlin”

Folder V/15

Associated material, not in this collection

Folder V/16

Autograph albums (Box 4)


VI/1-52 Series VI. Research and reminiscences 1890-1928

Physical Description: .4 cu. ft.

Scope and Content Note

This series contains research and documentary material on Columbia and vicinity collected, solicited or written by Thomas Conlin. They are in the form of letters, notes, interviews and transcriptions, including handwritten copies of items such as early advertisements, ledgers and minute books.


Folder VI/1

Copies of early newspaper advertisements by Tom Conlin

Folder VI/2

Copy of newspaper article relating to San Francisco fire and Columbia by Tom Conlin

Folder VI/3

Copy of early newspaper article on Barclay affair by T. Conlin

Folder VI/4

Notes on Tom Gilman ( Shaws Flat) by T. Conlin

Folder VI/5

History and clipping on P.M. Bowen of Columbia by T. Conlin

Folder VI/6

Copy of claims against Tuo. Co. Water Co., 1850s, by T. Conlin

Folder VI/7

Research info on Branch family of Yankee Hill by T. Conlin

Folder VI/8

Notes on John H. Shine, P. Doyle, Alfred Rozier, Samuel Clemens, W. R. Gillis, and Robt. DeNoielle

Folder VI/9

T. Conlin-misc. personal notes and addresses

Folder VI/10

T. Conlin notes: D.O. Mills and family

Folder VI/11

T. Conlin notes: W.S. Hutchinson

Folder VI/12

T. Conlin notes: Water and springs in Columbia area

Folder VI/13

Copy of minutes of Tuolumne Engine Co. No. 1, 1861, & note on Ball

Folder VI/14

Letter from W.S. Card to T. Conlin, re: mining and ditches, Columbia area 1897

Folder VI/15

T. Conlin notes on deed from T. Conlin to C. Peterson 1914

Folder VI/16

Correspondence, re: Black Bart

Folder VI/17

Letter from B. Schrafe to T. Conlin re: mining in Columbia-Tuttletown area 1893

Folder VI/18

Copy of 1861 account pages of the Columbia Home Guards, Co. A, 1900

Folder VI/19

Letter, Mrs. Lee Whipple Haslam to T. Conlin; re: Columbia, 49er church 1923 and family 1923

Folder VI/20

Letter, J.B. Doyle to T. Conlin (transcription only) re: St. Anne’s Catholic 1923 church and school 1923

Folder VI/21

Letter; Jane Finn to T. Conlin; re: Mrs. Dealy, Columbia (with 2 transcriptions) 1923

Folder VI/22

Letter; Gus Ogden to T. Conlin; re: mining on Mormon Creek 1928

Folder VI/23

Letter; T. Conlin to W.F. King; re: Caveron property, Columbia 1928

Folder VI/24

Letter; Elizabeth Brodigan Sanborn to T. Conlin; re: early Columbia 1923 and Sonora (plus transcription) 1923

Folder VI/25

Partial letters, Elizabeth Brodigan Sanborn to T. Conlin; re: early Columbia and clothing

Folder VI/26

2 letters; Johanna Miller to T. Conlin; re: people identification in Wells Fargo photo, Columbia 1923-1926

Folder VI/27

T. Conlin note: list of people in Wells Fargo photo, Columbia (plus transcription)

Folder VI/28

Letter; J.L. Sullivan to T. Conlin; re: Ward cave and local mining

Folder VI/29

Letter: (transcription only); Mary Curtin Lloyd to T. Conlin; re: St. Anne’s Church and school 1924

Folder VI/30

Letter; Irene Hall Bacon to T. Conlin; re: Columbia schoolteachers 1924

Folder VI/31

Letter; Lyndall Miller to T. Conlin; re:old Columbia and Ward cave 1925

Folder VI/32

T. Conlin notes: on deed from Kress to Engelke and Kane; re: C. Kress ranch

Folder VI/33

T. Conlin notes; re: Ford Claim 1908-1911

Folder VI/34

Letter; E.W. Holland to T. Conlin; re: Crossetts family of Sonora 1927

Folder VI/35

Letter; Ed Zumwalt to T. Conlin; re: Zumwalts and Case, Shaws Flat 1927

Folder VI/36

Letter; Mame. G. Peyton to T. Conlin; re: Wm. Kenny and Tuolumne reunion 1927

Folder VI/37

Letter; John Grady to T. Conlin; re: Springfield 1927

Folder VI/38

Letters; Pearl McCausland Bratton to T. Conlin; re: Springfield 1926

Folder VI/39

Letters and notes; re: Carney family, Springfield

Folder VI/40

Letter; J.H. West to T. Conlin; re: Springfield 1927

Folder VI/41

Letter: J.A. Sweeney to T. Conlin; re; Springfield 1925

Folder VI/42

Letter; Julia A. Smith to T. Conlin; re: Springfield 1926

Folder VI/43

Correspondence; Marcus Honey to T. Conlin; re: Springfield 1926

Folder VI/44

Letter; T. Conlin to F. Seaver; re: Springfield 1926

Folder VI/45

Letters and notes Champney family to T. Conlin; re: Springfield

Folder VI/46

T. Conlin notes and research; re: Springfield

Folder VI/47

T. Conlin notes; re: Jamestown

Folder VI/48

T. Conlin notes and research; re: Martinez, early claims

Folder VI/49

T. Conlin notes; re: Rawhide (local)

Folder VI/50

T. Conlin notes; re: Stent

Folder VI/51

T. Conlin notes; re: Tuttletown

Folder VI/52

T. Conlin notes; re: Woods Crossing


VII/1-52 Series VII. Collected Memorabilia 1860-1932

Physical Description: .5 cu.ft.

Scope and Content Note

This series contains memorabilia collected by members of the Conlin family, namely, Thomas, Julia and Maggie. From the late nineteenth century through the 1930s, they collected memorabilia of all types related to Columbia, Tuolumne County, the Mother Lode, mining (locally specific and general), the Gold Rush as well as odds and ends. A large portion of this series consists of newspaper and periodical clippings. Some of the clippings were cut out by a member of the Conlin family, but many were cut out later by Columbia State Historic Park staff from newspapers and periodicals that came with the Conlin Collection donated in 1947.


Folder VII/1

Booklet: State Resources on Tuolumne County 1890

Folder VII/2

Wells, Fargo & Co. Express; notes by H. Sevening, agent,re: Pat Finnegan and James O'Neil 1881-1882 re

Folder VII/3

Misc. Tuolumne and Calaveras counties, general memorabilia 1900-1926

Folder VII/4

Bret Harte Pageant 1931-1932

Folder VII/5

Knapp & Davis store; Columbia: ledger sheets and log book 1890

Folder VII/6

Knapp & Davis &n R.C. Davis: checks 1892-1908

Folder VII/7

R.C. Davis store: business licenses 1914-1918

Folder VII/8

R.C. Davis store: tobacco tax receipts 1915-1916

Folder VII/9

California Midwinter Mining Exposition; applicant form 1890s

Folder VII/10

L.C. Tibbitts: misc. memorabilia 1895-1913

Folder VII/11

Democratic State Election tickets: Conlin accounting on back 1880s

Folder VII/12

Fallon Theatre related: playbills 1892-1913

Folder VII/13

Columbia, misc.

Folder VII/14

Sonora, misc.

Folder VII/15

Out of Tuolumne county misc.

Folder VII/16

Clippings; re: Conlin family

Folder VII/17

Clippings; re: M.B. Harriman

Folders VII/18-20

Clippings: re: Columbia

Folders VII/21-22

Clippings; re: Sonora

Folder VII/23

Clippings: re: Brown’s Flat

Folder VII/24

Clippings: re: Gold Springs

Folder VII/25

Clippings; re: Jackass Hill

Folder VII/26

Clippings; re: Jamestown

Folder VII/27

Clippings; re: Knight’s Ferry (landing)

Folder VII/28

Clippings; re: Sawmill Flat

Folder VII/29

Clippings; re: Shaws Flat

Folder VII/30

Clippings; re: Springfield

Folder VII/31

VII/31 Clippings; re: Strawberry Resort

Folder VII/32

Clippings; re: Tuttletown

Folder VII/33

Clippings; re: Woods Creek

Folder VII/34

Clippings; re: Yankee Hill

Folder VII/35

Clippings; re: Water & Power, Tuolumne County

Folder VII/36

Clippings; re: Bret Harte-Mark Twain related

Folder VII/37

Clippings; re: misc. California history

Folder VII/38

Clippings; re: Mother Lode history

Folders VII/39-42

Clippings; re: Tuolumne County mines and mining, A-F

Folder VII/43

Clippings: re: Mines, Calaveras County

Folder VII/44

Clippings; re: Mining related, general misc.

Folder VII/45

Clippings; re: Lime production

Folder VII/46

Clippings; re: Tin mines

Folder VII/47

Clippings; re: Standard Lumber Co.

Folder VII/48

Clippings; re: Tuolumne County misc

Folder VII/49

Clippings; re: Transportation related, Tuolumne County and vicinity

Folder VII/50

Clippings; re: Misc. out of Tuolumne County

Folder VII/51

Poster of Tuolumne County Water Company Water Rates, framed (Box 3) 1860

Folder VII/52

Checkbooks for R.C. Davis; Wells, Fargo Nevada National Bank (Box 7)


VIII/1-6 Series VIII. Photographs 1880-1939

Physical Description: .5 cu.ft.

Scope and Content Note

This series contains Conlin Family photographs, related and unrelated portraits, and images of Columbia and towns in and around Tuolumne County. They are both personal family collections as well as collected photo memorabilia. Photo albums are also included in this series.


Folder VIII/1

Photographs: Conlin family (Columbia Photo Collection Files)

Folder VIII/2

Photographs: Columbia town and vicinity (Columbia Photo Collection Files)

Folder VIII/3

Photographs: misc. portraits (Columbia Photo Collection Files)


Folder VIII/4

Framed photograph: Thomas Conlin and Mary Brian

Folder VIII/5

Framed photograph: Thomas Conlin and Mary Brian


Folder VIII/6

Photograph albums; portraits


IX/1 Series IX. Columbia Water Company 1930’s

Physical Description: .5 cu.ft.

Scope and Content Note

This series contains a large number of blank forms of the Columbia Water Company owned and operated by the Conlin Family, mainly Thomas and George Conlin. This business existed through the 1930s.


Folder IX/1

Blank Columbia Water Company forms.


X/1-51 Series X: Books 1853-1938

Physical Description: 3.5 cu.ft.

Scope and Content Note

This series contains a variety of books, scrapbooks, booklets, and composition books, directly related to the Conlin Family. Some are identified as coming to the state with the Conlin collection but with other names inscribed in them. These may be part of the Conlin Family personal library or collected by them as memorabilia. Please reference the included catalog numbers when requesting access to the books in this series.


No. Title Date Catalog No.
X/1 History of the United States 1888 307-795-9
X/2 General Confession Made Easy 1882 307-795-3
X/3 The Favorite Pictorial Dictionary 1882 307-795-11
X/4 Elements of Geology 1855 307-780-10
X/5 The Pacific Coast Third Reader 1874 307-780-4
X/6 The Pacific Coast Third Reader 1874 307-780-9
X/7 Progressive Intellectual Arithmetic 1858 307-X-488
X/8 Quackenbos’s First Book in Grammar 1864 307-780-1
X/9 Electric Bells and All About Them   307-780-8
X/10 Composition Book: Songs and Poems, James and Julia Conlin   307-795-25
X/11 School Entomology 1883 307-795-8
X/12 Exploration and Adventure in Siberia 1859 307-742-1
X/13 Penmanship and Letter Writing 1867 307-742-1
X/14 Rensselaer’s San Francisco Business Directory 1898-1899 307-X-1125
X/15 Ray’s Intellectual Arithmetic 1860 307-780-7
X/16 Seinton’s Word-Analysis 1874 307-X-509
X/17 Robinson’s Progressive Intellectual Arithmetic on the Inductive Plan 1863 307-X-492
X/18 Key to Robinson’s Progressive Practical Arithmetic 1874 307-X-536
X/19 Higher Lessons in English 1877 307-X-632
X/20 Elements of Algebra 1881 307-795-4
X/21 Krider’s Sporting Anecdotes 1853 307-789-6
X/22 Heart Songs, Melodies of Days Gone By 1909 307-795-5
X/23 The Speakers’ Complete Program 1891 307-795-33
X/24 Scrap book of newspaper clippings, re: poems, songs and remedies   307-X-1273
X/25 Scrap book of newspaper clippings, re: misc.-general   307-X-1227
X/26 Neustadter Bros’ Catalogue; Standard Shirts and Gents Furnishing Goods 1879 307-795-2
X/27 Krusis’ Drawing, Synthetic Series, No. 4 1878 307-795-24
X/28 The Principles of Grammar 1854 307-795-17
X/29 Robinson’s Progressive Practical Arithmetic 1871 307-795-14
X/30 New Websterian Dictionary 1912 307-795-12
X/31 Graded Lessons in English 1881 307-X-631
X/32 Representative and Leading Men of the Pacific 1870 307-795-35
X/33 Mitchell’s School Geography   307-X-557
X/34 English Grammar 1888 307-X-627
X/35 Third Reader, Calif. State Series 1886 307-X-588
X/36 Alden’s Handy Atlas of the World 1887 307-795-15
X/37 Note Book of Thomas Conlin, re: Columbia Literary Society   307-795-18
X/38 McCuffey’s New Sixth Reader   307-795-16
X/39 The Album Writer’s Friend   307-795-26
X/40 English and Grammar   307-780-6
X/41 Fourth Reader, Pacific Coast Series   307-780-2
X/42 Household Words, selections   307-795-20
X/43 Favorite Poems 1880s 307-777-1
X/44 Third Reader, Calif. State Series 1886 307-X-589
X/45 Manual of Geography   307-780-5
X/46 Guest Book, Tuolumne Reunion Assoc. 1928-1938 307-X-1237
X/47 Household Words, selections   307-795-27
X/48 Household Words, selections   307-795-37
X/49 Production of Gold and Silver in the U. S. 1889 307-795-19
X/50 Monteith’s Physical and Political Geography, National Geographical Series   307-795-38
X/51 Scrapbook of Conlin family, re: household hints and recipes, n.d. pasted in Agricultural Book   307-795-29