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Title: Lucha Corpi papers
Identifier/Call Number: CEMA 26
Contributing Institution: UC Santa Barbara Library, Department of Special Collections
Language of Material: English
Physical Description: 8.13 linear feet (20 document boxes)
Date (inclusive): 1958-2012
Abstract: Lucha Corpi is a celebrated Chicana author born in Jaltipan Veracruz in 1945. She has received numerous literary awards, including a National Endowment for the Arts fellowship and the Latino Hallmark Book Award. Her papers are composed of four series held in twenty boxes. The contents range from personal documents such as photographs and letters, to professional items such as book drafts and poem translations that document her professional life as an author and teacher.
Location: Special Collections Del Norte
Language of Materials: The collection is primarily in English, with some Spanish materials.
creator: Corpi, Lucha, 1945-

Access Restrictions

The collection is open for research. Stored in an individual box, some correspondence has been classified confidential at this time, at the request of the donor. The correspondence will be accessible ten years after the donor's death or the year 2030, whichever comes first.

Use Restrictions

Copyright has not been assigned to the Department of Special Collections, UCSB. All requests for permission to publish or quote from manuscripts must be submitted in writing to the Head of Special Collections. Permission for publication is given on behalf of the Department of Special Collections as the owner of the physical items and is not intended to include or imply permission of the copyright holder, which also must be obtained.

Preferred Citation

[Identification of Item], Lucha Corpi Papers, CEMA 26. Department of Special Collections, UC Santa Barbara Library, University of California, Santa Barbara.

Acquisition Information

Donated by Lucha Corpi on September 26, 2000

Processing Information note

Principle processor Alexander Hauschild, assisted by Viviana Gonzalez, Courtney Bone, 2001. Callie Bowdish and Paola Novo updated series III in January, 2009 and April 9, 2009. Updated January 2011 by Danely Segoviano. Updated February 2014 by Daisy Martinez


Lucha Corpi is a celebrated Chicana author born in Jaltipan Veracruz in 1945. She has received numerous literary awards, including a National Endowment for the Arts fellowship and the Latino Hallmark Book Award. She was president of the Centro Chicano de Escritores (Chicano Writers Center), and a member of the international feminist mystery novel circle, Sisters in Crime. Currently, she lives and teaches English in Oakland, California. Her poems have appeared in literary magazines anthologies, and in the collection, Fireflight (1976).
Corpi was first introduced to poetry through the poetic rhythm of song. She once said, “My father liked singing and music very much, many different kinds and types of music. Through him I developed a sense of musicality…or what you call poetic rhythm. When I write now I try to create sounds that have a musical tone. I still write in Spanish because the tones I learned as a child were all in Spanish.”
Her early childhood teachers encouraged these talents by having her perform recitals and memorize poems. In 1964, she came to California at the age of nineteen, enrolling at the University of California Berkeley. She received her B.A. from the University of California at Berkeley, and her M.A. from San Francisco State University in World and Comparative Literature.
Lucha Corpi, who goes by the name “Luz”, began writing during a difficult period in her life, simply to express all the pent up feelings she was experiencing. She found that she had an innate understanding of words. As she says, “I could charge them with electricity, make them shine, and make them do what I wanted them to do.”
Nearly all of Lucha Corpi’s poems have been translated into English by Catherine Rodriguez-Nieto, a writer in her own right and a master of translation.
Corpi sums up the relationship of her educational experience to her writing in the following manner, “I don’t consider writing a profession. Its reason for existing is different. Education is important because it allows you to read and study works that help you in the craft of your writing, the apparatus, the structure in which you place your experience. That is useful. But, education can also intimidate you so that you can never write.”
Lucha Corpi is part of the great renaissance in Latino literature taking place throughout the United States. Her major works include, Delia's Song (1984), Eulogy for a Brown Angel (1992), Cactus Blood (1995), Palabras de mediodia/Noon Words (1980), Variations on a Storm (1990) and Where Fireflies Dance (1997). Eulogy for a Brown Angel received the 1992 PEN Oakland Josephine Miles Award and the 1992 Multicultural Publishers' Exchange Award.

Scope Note

The Lucha Corpi Papers are primarily arranged according to subject matter and date. They cover her life from 1958 - 2012. Wherever possible they have been maintained in their original order to reflect the design of the creator. Series I: Personal and Biographical contains articles and reviews with mention of the writer and her work, awards and certificates, correspondence, event invitations, presentations, resumes, and miscellaneous biographical materials. Stored in an individual box, some correspondence has been classified confidential at this time, at the request of the donor. The correspondence will be accessible ten years after the donor's death or the year 2030, whichever comes first. In addition, Series II: Literary Work falls into nine sub-series: School Papers, “Cuentos Infantiles,” Short Stories, Poetry, Novels, Personal Essay, and Research Materials for her novels, Books, and Journals. Series III: Photographs has been arranged according to the creator’s original order and each photo has had its information cited in this guide wherever that information was available. Finally, Series IV: Audio Materials features the writer and her work.

Subjects and Indexing Terms

Mexican American authors
Mexican American poets -- 20th century


Series I: Personal and Biographical

Box 1, Folder 1-11

Articles and Reviews

Box 1, Folder 12-13

Awards and Certificates

Box 1, Folder 14

Awards and Certificates 1979-2010

Box 2, Folder 1

Chicana Collective



Box 2, Folder 2


Box 2, Folder 3


Box 2, Folder 4


Box 2, Folder 5


Box 2, Folder 6

Teaching Oakland Public Schools Adult Education

Box 2, Folder 7-24

Incoming (A-F) 1973-1984

Box 3, Folder 1-24

Incoming (G-R) 1976-1983

Box 5, Folder 1-11

Incoming (R-Z)

Box 5, Folder 12

Miscellaneous Incoming

Box 5, Folder 13-17

Outgoing 1969-2011

Box 5, Folder 18-19

Outgoing Undated

Box 4


Box 5, Folder 20-21


Box 6, Folder 1-3


Box 7, Folder 12


Box 7, Folder 1-8


Box 6, Folder 4-21

Reading and presentation announcements

Box 7, Folder 9-10


Box 7, Folder 11

Reviews of Corpi's work

Box 19, Folder 21

Symposium announcement


Series II: Literary Work


School Papers 1970-1981

Box 6, Folder 13

The Absurd in The Stranger and The Trial December 13, 1978

Box 7, Folder 13

The Aeneid: Book I April 1972

Box 7, Folder 13

La Busqueda y el retorno June 1972

Box 7, Folder 13

La Demencia de Andres Abalos April 11, 1978

Box 7, Folder 14

Don Quijote and the Shandy Brothers March 20, 1972

Box 7, Folder 14

The Duality of Reality in Wallace Stevens' Poetry November 29, 1971

Box 7, Folder 14

Ecchoing Gree and the Garden of Love March 1972

Box 7, Folder 14

English 121A undated

Box 7, Folder 14

Los funerales de la mama grande April 26, 1972

Box 7, Folder 15

The Greek Gods November 29, 1971

Box 7, Folder 15

The Heroic Mind April 27, 1970

Box 7, Folder 15

Imagination and Reality in the Poetry of William Carlos Williams Spring 1978

Box 7, Folder 16

The Indian, Spanish, and Mestizo Heritage 1970

Box 7, Folder 16

Informe Sobre Ciegos May 1972

Box 7, Folder 16

Jason and Odysseus as Atypical Epic Heroes March 1972

Box 7, Folder 17

Letras de Mexico December 1, 1971

Box 7, Folder 17

Measure for Measure November 9, 1970

Box 7, Folder 17

Midterm Examination Spanish 115 February 24, 1972

Box 7, Folder 17

Odysseus and Jason as Atypical Epic Heroes March 6, 1972

Box 18, Folder 1

Outline undated

Box 18, Folder 1

Lucha Corpi and Palabras de Mediodia Winter 1981

Box 18, Folder 1

Passion: The Vehicle of Fate April 23, 1979

Box 18, Folder 1

Personal Statement, San Francisco State University 1977

Box 18, Folder 2

Pio Baroja y Unamuno March 14, 1973

Box 18, Folder 2

The Role of Irony in the Confessions of Zeno December 14, 1970

Box 18, Folder 2

SF State Spanish Survey of the Latin American Novel undated

Box 18, Folder 3

SFSU Spanish term paper undated

Box 18, Folder 3

SF State U. term paper undated

Box 18, Folder 4

Soneto #67 de Fernando de Herrera March 1, 1973

Box 18, Folder 4

The Spirit and the Flesh in the Poetry of Charles Baudelaire December 12, 1978

Box 18, Folder 5

The Sun Stone undated

Box 18, Folder 5

Three Portraits: Bathsheba, Eustacia and Sue December 7, 1977

Box 18, Folder 5

WCL 899 essay March 14, 1979


Cuentos Infantiles 1970-2008

Box 18, Folder 6-18

Printers Copy of “Black Widows Wardrobe” ca. 1972

Box 18, Folder 19

Corazón 1985

Box 18, Folder 20

Corazon, translation 1985

Box 18, Folder 19

El Río de los Recuerdos, The River of Memories 1985

Box 18, Folder 21

El Rio de los Recuerdos, Translation 1985

Box 18, Folder 22-24

Fem Magazine 1984

Box 18, Folder 25

Intruso undated

Box 8, Folder 1-7

Printers Copy of “Palabras de Mediodia” 1980

Box 8, Folder 8

Socrates, The Naughty Parrot 1985

Box 8, Folder 8

Arturo undated

Box 8, Folder 9-12

The Triple Banana Split Boy, El nino goloso June 2006-July 2008

Box 8, Folder 13-14

Tres Mujeres 1970

Box 8, Folder 15

Where the Fireflies Dance undated

Box 8, Folder 16

Miscellaneous Cuentos Infantiles undated


Short Stories 1971-1998

Box 8, Folder 17

A nadari undated

Box 8, Folder 18

Ada's Grave undated

Box 8, Folder 19-21

Alguna fe adorable 1982

Box 8, Folder 22

Los cristos del alma 1982

Box 8, Folder 23-24

Los cristos del alma, translation 1985

Box 8, Folder 25-26

Cuento sin título undated

Box 9, Folder 1-2

Cuento sin título

Box 9, Folder 3-4

Delmira undated

Box 9, Folder 5

Hallow Point at the Synapsis

Box 9, Folder 6-7

Mariposa negra, mariposa negra undated

Box 9, Folder 7

Viajes en la noche de mañana undated

Box 9, Folder 8

Mistica October 1971

Box 9, Folder 8

Prayer for an Old She-Werewolf undated

Box 9, Folder 9

Shadows on Ebbing Water 1984

Box 9, Folder 10-12

The Strawberry Ghost 1998

Box 9, Folder 13

Untitled undated

Box 9, Folder 13

Verde soledad undated


Poetry 1970-2002

Box 9, Folder 14

Otonos del naufragio 1991

Box 9, Folder 15-21

Variaciones sobre Uuna tempestad 1987

Box 9, Folder 22-27

Los ritos del invierno, The Rites of Winter 1982

Box 9, Folder 28

Poetry 1970-1974

Box 10, Folder 1-9

Poetry 1974-1993

Box 10, Folder 10-19

Poetry undated

Box 10, Folder 20-26

Unpublished Poetry 1972-2002

Box 10, Folder 27-28

Unpublished Poetry undated

Box 11, Folder 1-4

Unpublished Poetry undated

Box 11, Folder 5

Translated Poetry by Norma Alarcon

Box 11, Folder 6

Translated for Barbara Brinson-Curiel

Box 11, Box 7

University of California Folder

Box 16, Folder 3-6

Poetry Notebooks and Notepads


Novels 1981-2008

Box 16, Box 1

Beautitude 34 March 1987

Box 19, Folder 19-20

Book cover designs

Box 11, Folder 8-12

Crimson Moon 2004

Box 16, Folder 2

Crimson Moon, Uncorrected Galley Proofs 2004

Box 11, Folder 13-27

Death at Solstice, drafts 3-6 2007-2008

Box 12, Folder 1-28

Death at Solstice, drafts 3-6

Box 13, Folder 1-4

Death at Solstice, drafts 3-6

Box 13, Folder 5-22

Delia's Song, drafts 1-2 1985-1987

Box 14, Folder 1-12

Eulogy for a Brown Angel, draft 2 1990-1991

Box 14, Folder 13-22

La Soledad, incomplete 1981

Box 14, Folder 23

Leonor - Lucha Corpi's Edits undated

Box 19, Folder 1-18

Loa a un ángel de piel morena (Eulogy for a Brown Angel) 2/22/2012


Personal Essays undated

Box 15, Folder 1

De Jaltipan a Gloria Damasco undated

Box 15, Folder 1

Epiphany: The Third Gift undated

Box 15, Folder 1

The Gray Swan undated

Box 15, Folder 2

Four, Free, and Illegal undated

Box 15, Folder 2

La pagina roja

Box 15, Folder 3


Box 15, Folder 3



Research Materials 2001-2006

Box 15, Folder 4

Crimson Moon 2001

Box 15, Folder 5-11

Death at Solstice 2005-2006

Box 15, Folder 12-15

Delia's Song, Crimson Moon 2006

Box 15, Folder 16

The Triple Banana Split Boy undated

Box 15, Folder 16

Black Widow's Wardrobe undated



Scope and Contents note

This is a list of books that were part of her collection and have been put in Special Collections' stacks. Most of them are signed. Many of these books include Corpi's poetry.

List of books and journals


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Box 17

Máscaras, edited by Lucha Corpi (signed) 1997

Box 17

Loa a un ángel de piel morena by Lucha Corpi 2012

Box 17



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Series III: Photographs

Box 15, Folder 17

Biographical Photogarphs ca. 1950s-2000s


Age 32


Age 21, at parents’ 25th anniversary, San Luis Potosi.


Age 19, with friends and classmates at her first wedding with Guillermo E. Hernández, San Luis Potosí.


Age 19, passport photo when immigrated to United States


Age 17, in dentistry school with basketball team, “Madrina” of the team.


Age 16, piano recital Teatro de la Paz, San Luis Potosi, Mexico.


Age 16, graduation from high school, Bachillerate Hispano Mexicano, San Luis Obispo, Mexico.


Age 15, Quinceañera 1960


Age 13, piano recital at teacher’s house in San Luis Obispo, Mexico 1958


Age 12, elementary school graduation


Age 4, with brother Victor and sister Conchita, at Valtipan, Veracruz.


California Council on Adult Education Best Teacher Award recipient

Box 15, Folder 18

Palabras del Mediodia Reception Photographs undated


Left to right: Jorge Lerma, artist illustrator and teacher. Oscar Treviño, publisher Fuego de Aztlán


Publications: Corpi Catherine Rodriguez Nieto, Arturo Hernandez (son), Alcides Rodriguez Nieto two photographs undated


Corpi reading at reception undated

Box 15, Folder 19

Personal Photographs ca. 1970s


Age 40, piano recital at Berkeley Piano Club.


Age 33, with students at the Oakland Public Schools ca. 1978


Age 30 (three photographs)


Age 29, outside Centro Infantil de la Raza (not depicted), was a parent involved in its creation.


Age 27, student at UC Berkeley (Photographer Wolfgang Binder).

Box 15, Folder 20

Writer’s Photographs ca. 1970s


Corpi with Mark Greenside, fiction writer.


From left to right: Ricardo Vasquez, poet, Manuel Gomez, poet, and Lucha Corpi


Sarah Espinoza Viale, Argentinean poet


Left to right: Roberta Fernandez (edited Corpi’s first mystery novel), Arturo Carrillo, friend and mariachi, and Corpi at Cinco de Mayo celebration Oakland, Ca. 1978


Manuel Gomez, poet (seated) Juan José Arreola, Mexican fiction writer, wrote forward to Palabras del Mediodia, Lucha Corpi and son Arturo (right corner foreground) June 1972

Box 15, Folder 21

Family Photographs ca. 1950s-1970s


Family at grandmother’s house on Avenida Morelos, Jaltipan, Veracruz Mexico 1957


View of Avenida Morelos, Ca. ca. 1970s


Corpi with Arturo Hernandez (son) at 8th grade graduation, Oakland, California.


Miguel Angel Corpi (Corpi’s father). Victoria Constantino de Corpi (Corpi’s mother) 1965

Box 15, Folder 22

Additional Photographs undated


Age 60, Partners in crime research for Death at Solstice, Shenandoah Valley, California


Age 59, With Catherine Rodríguez-Nieto at book reception for Crimson Book


Age 53, climbing the Tepozteco Mountain to the pyramid, research trip to Tepoztlán, Mexico


Age 52, with granddaughter Kiara Alyssa Hernández


Age 52, with best friends from left to right, Laura Rodríguez, Linda Latasa and Carolina Juárez that were the former Board of Directors of Aztlán Cultural


Age 50, with fellow teachers, Jim Graham, Gail Leong and Caroline Gee on strike outside Clinton Park School in Oakland, California


Age 49, with Carlos Gonzáles and Victoria Constantino de Corpi at their wedding reception in Oakland, California


Age 49, at wedding reception with Carlos Gonzáles


Age 49, at gathering of the Sisters in Crime Nor-Cal Chapter, Marin Co.


Age 49, with Sisters in Crime and author Linda Grant at the Marin County Library.


Age 48, with Sister-in-Law, Margo G. Zaragoza, Red Rock Elementary Sch. Dist. Tucson, Arizona


Age 48, at signing in San Francisco


Age 48, with the new President of Centro Chicano de Escritores Francisco X. Alarcón


Age 48, with Children’s author and Poet Francisco X. Alarcón in Davis, California


Age 47, from L-R: Cindy, Freda Molina, Craig Howard and step-daughter Cindy Gonzáles at book reception of Eulogy


Age 47, reading at Cody’s Books in Berkeley, California


Age 46, Naomi Madell’s and Arturo E. Hernández’s Wedding in Mexicali


Age 46, with Guillermo E. Hernández at their son’s Wedding in Mexicali


Age 46, photo taken by Carolina Juárez in Oakland, California


Age 55, with Corpi family, brothers Guillermo Alonso, Miguel Angel, Luis Enrique, Victor Miguel, Jorge Alberto and Francisco Javier; sisters Conchita Corpi de Nájera and Vitoria Constantino de Corpi; in Saltillo, Coach, Mexico


Age 55, J.P. Gutiérrez and Rodrigo Reyes writers at a retreat of Centro Chicano de Escritores when Lucha was President, workshop near Ukiah, California


Age 55, Centro Chicano de Escritores workshop retreat near Ukiah, Ca; writers and poets: Francisco X. Alarcón, Rodrigo Reyes, Bernando García and J.P. Gutiérrez


Age 55, Norma Alarcón introducing Lucha Corpi at book reception for Variaciones sobre una Tempestad, published by Third Woman Press, Takara Sake Co, Berkeley


ca. 50-44, with fellow teacher Adrian Bozzolo at ceremony celebrating her Award for Best Teacher


ca. 50-44, with Carolina Juàrez and Roberta Fernàndez (Editor, Arte Público Press, of Eulogy)


Age 44, with Tey Diana Rebolledo, Francisco Lomelí, Sonia Lomelí and their Daughter in Albuquerque, N.M.


ca. 44, with Marina Tristán at Arte Público Press in San Francisco

Box 15, Folder 23

Additional Photographs undated


ca. 44, at her son’s graduation


Age 44, Lucha’s Partner in Crime research and best friend at winery in Napa, California


ca. 44, Centro’s writers Francisco X. Alarcón and Rodrigo Reyes (Actor and Playwright) in Ukiah, California


Age 44, with Tey Diana Rebolledo, Francisco Lomelí, Sonia Lomelí and their Daughter in Albuquerque, N.M.


ca. 43-42, Poet Margarita Luna Robles at Centro Chicano de Escritores workshop in San Francisco


Age 42, Centro Chicano de Escritores workshop of writers and poets: Juán Felipe Herrera, Víctor Martínez, Tina Alavarez and Francisco X. Alarcón in San Francisco


Age 42, Centro Chicano de Escritores workshop meeting at Lucha’s on E 28th St, Oakland; Bernando García, Tony Curiel and Barbara Brinson-Pineda


ca. 42-40, Aunt Francisca Constantino de Franyotti and Cousin Dulce María Franyotti C. in Jálpitan, Veracruz


Age 40, Lucha at Laguna Chacalapa in Jálpitan, Veracruz


Age 40, reading in the sun Tilden Park- Berkeley, Califoria


ca. 40-35, Helena María Viramontes and Family in Oakland


Age 35, at Latin American library Palabras de Mediodía with Jorge Lerma (teacher), Oscar Treviño (Publisher) (Fuego de Aztlán), Catherine and Alcides Rodríguez-Nieto and son Arturo


Age 26, Arturo and Juan Jose Arreola in Berkeley


ca. 26-25, with Marina Tristán at Arte Público Press in San Francisco


Age 25, with her son in Berkeley, California


Age 24, with son Arturo E. Hernández’s San Luis Obispo, California


Age 19, at her first wedding with Guillermo E. Hernández, San Luis Potosí; with friends and classmates: Eloísa and Ana; Children: Frieda Molina Harnández (Niece), Francisco Javier Corpi C (Brother) and Ricardo Molina Harnández (Nephew)


Age 19, at her first wedding with Guillermo E. Hernández and Miguel Angel Corpi Aguirre


Age 17, Photo ID for Campo Deportivo Ferrocarrilero


Age 16, with Miguel A. Corpi, Victoria C. de Corpi and Brother Francisco J. Corpi at Lucha’s High School Graduation in San Luis Potosí


Age 15, Quinceañera: L-R, Miguel Angel Corpi A, Lucha Corpi, and Victoria C. de Corpi


Age 12, at graduation from elementary school


Age 12, Lucha in Mexico, D.F.


Age 7, at home in Jáltipan, Veracruz, Mexico


Age 4, her sister with Conchita and Tirso el aguador’s mules in Jáltipan, Veracruz


Age 4, with brother Víctor in the backyard at her parents’ home in Jáltipan, Veracruz


Age 1, with Victoria C. de Corpi, Miguel Angel Corpi A., Nicolasa Aguirre (Paternal grandmother) holding Lucha Corpi, and Victor M. Corpi Constantino in Jáltipan, Veracruz, Mexico


Age 8 months, Luz Del Carmen Corpi Constantino in Jáltipan, Veracruz, Mexico


1930, America Corpi, Lucha’s father’s sister in Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz, Mexico


2 Cultura Latina Bookstore Images


Series IV: Audio Material

Cassette A8618/CS

Third World Poetry at San Francisco State 1980

Cassette A8619/CS

Song Cycle, Susan Riley Caldini 5/9/1992

Cassette A8620/CS

KPFA interview, reading, Eulogy undated

Cassette A8621/CS

SPA Corpi: Oficio nocturna: la Poesia 1980

Cassette A8622/CS

En Contacto Directo, KPFA 9/18/1992

Cassette A8623/CS

La Malinche 5/3/1986

Cassette A8634/CS

Faculty Lounge Mills College November 12

Cassette A8625/CS

KIKO, Miami 6/23/2003

Cassette A8626/CS

CactusBlood, Arte Publico Press, Home Expressway Show 6/25/1995

Cassette A8627/CS

Bouchercon '97: A Ragout of Mystery; Cross Cultural issues; Roles of Sleuths 1997

Cassette A8628/CS

Guns and Salsa: Latino Crime Fiction undated

Cassette A8629/CS

Bouchercon '97: Readings: Poets Who Turn to Crime 1997

Cassette A8630/CS

Color Voices, KPFA 5/25/1985

Cassette A8631/CS

KPFA Storytelling 1976-1977