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Guide to the Drawings of Indians and California Scenery
BANC PIC 1980.022--A  
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BANC PIC 1980.022--A (folder 2 : 1) [Papagos Hut] [1854]


BANC PIC 1980.022--A (folder 2 : 2) Geysers, California : from sketch by J. R. Bartlett [1854?]


BANC PIC 1980.022--A (folder 2 : 3) The Golden Gate [1854?]


BANC PIC 1980.022:00--A [Interior of a house, Sacramento River Indians in 1851 or 1852, H.H. Brown] [1854]


BANC PIC 1980.022:01--A S. P. [Simmon Peña] Storms, Interpreter [&c], Indian agency - near Grass Valley, California, 1851 1851


BANC PIC 1980.022:02--A Reddings Ranch, Cal [ca. 1850]


BANC PIC 1980.022:03--A Interior, Reddings ranch, near Shasta, Cal [ca. 1850]


BANC PIC 1980.022:04--A Sutters Fort &, Sierra Nevada from Sacramento [ca. 1850]


BANC PIC 1980.022:05--A Munroe Ranch Sac River 1852 [Sacramento River] 1852


BANC PIC 1980.022:06--A Entrance to Quartz vein at Gold Hill, Grass Valley [ca. 1850]


BANC PIC 1980.022:07--A [View of hills] [ca. 1850]


BANC PIC 1980.022:08--A(recto) Diggings near Nevada City [ca. 1850]


BANC PIC 1980.022:08--A (verso) [Meadow with grazing animal; near Nevada City?] [1851-1852]


BANC PIC 1980.022:09--A Near Shasta Cal[ifornia] : Reddings Ranch from E[ast] side of Sac. River 1852 [Sacramento River] 1852


BANC PIC 1980.022:10--A Shasta Peak from near Shasta City [ca. 1850]


BANC PIC 1980.022:11--A Shasta Peak from above Shasta City, Canon upper Sacramento & Shasta Peak [ca. 1850]


BANC PIC 1980.022:11--A Shasta Peak from above Shasta City : Canon upper Sacramento & Shasat Peak [1851-1852]


BANC PIC 1980.022:12--A [View of town, possibly San Francisco?] [ca. 1850]


BANC PIC 1980.022:13--A Table Hill and Point Pablo [ca. 1850]


BANC PIC 1980.022:14--A Junction of Sac. & Feather Rivers 1852 1852


BANC PIC 1980.022:15--A Near [river bar?] Uba River [ca. 1850]


BANC PIC 1980.022:16--A Mouth of Susquehanna from near Port Defiant [ca. 1850]


BANC PIC 1980.022:17--A Colusa, stacks of acorns [ca. 1850]


BANC PIC 1980.022:18--A [Two women, one carrying an infant and another carrying baskets] [ca. 1850]


BANC PIC 1980.022:19--A (recto) California Indian Mending Net from Life 1852 1852


BANC PIC 1980.022:21--A (verso) [Indian baskets] 1851


BANC PIC 1980.022:19-- A (verso) [seated figures] [1851-1852]


BANC PIC 1980.022:20--A Chino Lodge Sac.River 1851


BANC PIC 1980.022:21--A (recto) Uba river Indians gambling 1851 1851


BANC PIC 1980.022:21--A (verso) [Indian baskets] 1851


BANC PIC 1980.022:22--A (recto) Indian old women making acorn meal [ca. 1851-1852]


BANC PIC 1980.022:22--A (verso) [Woman with child in carrier] [1851-1852]


BAN PIC 1980.022:23--A Mottol[?] : Sac. River 1852 [seated male, Sacramento River region] [ca. 1850]


BANC PIC 1980.022:24--A Chino Village Sac. River. Chino Indians near Munroe's 1852 [Sacramento River] 1852


BANC PIC 1980.022:24b--A Chino Village near Munroe's (Munroeville). 1852 from pencil sketch by H. H. Brown [after 1852]


BANC PIC 1980.022:25--A Indian sitting, Indian on horseback and American with arms [ca.1850]


BANC PIC 1980.022:26--A Noeruus[?] 1852 [Two figures standing by the tree] 1852


BANC PIC 1980.022:27--A (recto) Indian Girls making bread of acorns, Uba River 1851 1851


BANC PIC 1980.022:27--A (verso) Branching Pine, California [ca. 1850]


BANC PIC 1980.022:28--A (recto) Cottonwood, Indian Village, Cal[ifornia] [ca.1850]


BANC PIC 1980.022:28--A (verso) [Mother and child, legs and face] [ca.1850]


BANC PIC 1980.022:29--A Tehama Lodge 1852 1852


BANC PIC 1980.022:30--A (recto) Sacramento River Indians 1851-1852 1851-1852


BANC PIC 1980.022:30--A (verso) Sacramento River Indians 1851-1852 1852


BANC PIC 1980.022:031--A [Headdress?] [ca.1850]


BANC PIC 1980.022:32--A (recto) Sacramento River Indians [three Indians standing by a tree] [ca.1850]


BANC PIC 1980.022:32--A (verso) [Indian] 1851


BANC PIC 1980.022:32a--A [Hand] [1851-1852]


BANC PIC 1980.022:33--A (recto) Colusa spinning[?] [male figure, mother and child, and others] [ca.1850]


BANC PIC 1980.022:33--A (verso) [Standing and seated figures] [1851-1852]


BANC PIC 1980.022:34--A [Wylacher?] Indian [a Indian standing and holding a long pole or spear] [ca.1850]


BANC PIC 1980.022:35--A [Indian figures] [ca.1850]


BANC PIC 1980.022:36--A [Indian group] [ca.1850]


BANC PIC 1980.022:37--A Colusa woman [ca.1850]


BANC PIC 1980.022:38--A [Male figure] [ca.1850]


BANC PIC 1980.022:39--A Hopi [male smoking pipe] [ca.1850]


BANC PIC 1980.022:40--A [Indian figures] [ca.1850]


BANC PIC 1980.022:41--A [Indian] [ca.1850]


BANC PIC 1980.022:42--A(recto) [Mother and child, and other figures] [ca.1850]


BANC PIC 1980.022:42--A (verso) [Indian figures] [ca. 1850]


BANC PIC 1980.022:43--A [Seated figure] [ca.1850]


BANC PIC 1980.022:44--A [Indian figure] [ca.1850]


BANC PIC 1980.022:45--A (recto) [crossed legs (sitting position)] [ca.1850]


BANC PIC 1980.022:45--A (verso) [Indian standing wrapped in blanket] [ca.1850]


[An Indian tribe and one laying down with legs up] null


BANC PIC 1980.022:46--A (recto) [Seated group] [ca.1850]


BANC PIC 1980.022:46--A (verso) [Indian figure profile] [ca.1850]


BANC PIC 1980.022:47--A [Two seated figures] [ca.1850]


BANC PIC 1980.022:48--A [Chest and torso of figure] [ca. 1850]