Guide to the Charles Hobson Collection M1555

Glynn Edwards
Department of Special Collections and University Archives
2008 ; revised 2019
Green Library
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Language of Material: English
Contributing Institution: Department of Special Collections and University Archives
Title: Charles Hobson collection: design and production materials for artist's books
Creator: Twain, Mark, 1835-1910
Creator: Wilbur, Richard
Creator: Collins, Billy
Creator: Hobson, Charles, 1943-
Creator: Lopez, Barry
Creator: Mann, Charmetta
Identifier/Call Number: M1555
Identifier/Call Number: 3069
Physical Description: 35 Linear Feet 62 boxes, 6 oversize folders
Date (inclusive): 1985-2016
Physical Location: Special Collections and University Archives materials are stored offsite and must be paged 36 hours in advance.
Abstract: The Charles Hobson Collection contains correspondence, design notes, drawings, prints, prototypes, copper plates, etc. used in the creation and publication of artist books.

Immediate Source of Acquisition

Gift of Charles Hobson, 2007, 2008, and 2017. Accessions 2007-007, 2007-215, 2007-224, 2008-049, 2008-154, 2017-038. Purchase from Charles Hobson, 2017 and 2018. Accession 2017-037 and 2018-001.

Conditions Governing Use

While Special Collections is the owner of the physical and digital items, permission to examine collection materials is not an authorization to publish. These materials are made available for use in research, teaching, and private study. Any transmission or reproduction beyond that allowed by fair use requires permission from the owners of rights, heir(s) or assigns.


Collection is open for research.

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[Identification of item], Charles Hobson Collection, M1555, Dept. of Special Collections, Stanford University Libraries, Stanford, California.


Charles Hobson is an artist who uses pastel, monotype and other printmaking variations to construct images for books and works on paper. He often works in series, follows a historical theme, and employs the monotype as an under painting for further work with pastel, acrylic and printed texts. He began creating artist's books after working on a tribute book for a friend, Bruce Nelson, after his death in 1984. The book contained Nelson's prose in a small letterpress edition. His first artist's book was Supper in Montmartre which came out in 1985.

Chronological list of Hobson's artists' books:

Supper in Montmartre
Flaubert and Louise
Leonardo Knows Baseball (trade edition, 1991)
Degas Dancing
Variations on the Word SLEEP
Balzac's Coffee Pot
Parisian Encounters
Breton's Dream
Clouds and Dreams
Magritte's Buckets
Man Ray's Kiss
Shipwreck Stories
Fresnel's Tower
Lighthouse Legends
Andromeda Imagined
Human Touch
Writing on the Body
Dancing with Amelia
Seeing Stars
Taking Off Emily Dickinson's Clothes
Adam and Eve
Three Kisses
Poems from the Heart
The Writer
The Mappist
The Near Woods
red thread, two women

Scope and Contents

The Charles Hobson Collection contains correspondence, design notes, drawings, prints, prototypes, copper plates, etc. used in the creation and publication of artist books. It is arranged alphabetically by title. The design notes folder for each book usually contains a list created by the artist of archival material for that project.

Related material:

Hobson's artist's books are housed in Stanford University's Rare Book Collection.

Subjects and Indexing Terms

Constellations -- Artists' books
Longitude -- Measurement -- Artists' books
Shipwrecks -- Artists' books
Artists' books
Artists' books -- United States
Earhart, Amelia
Muybridge, Eadweard, 1830-1904
Flaubert, Gustave
Colet, Louise
Centolella, Tom
DeMerritt, John
Evans, Kathy
Levy, Harriet Lane
Shaw, Alice


Series 1. Adam and Eve, 2003 880663

Scope and Contents

Extracts from the Diaries of Adam & Eve, as translated by Mark Twain, was made as a limited edition of 38 copies during the summer and fall of 2003. The images of a running man and woman created as pastel monotypes by Charles Hobson are printed as digital pigment prints and are based on the human motion studies by Eadweard Muybridge made in 1901. Additional versions of the Muybridge studies have been collaged onto each page and contain the handwriting of Mark Twain and Livy Clements from letters they exchanged in 1903. The concertina and French door structure with cut-out pages and collaged folded sheets has been designed by Charles Hobson and assembled with the assistance of Alice Shaw. John DeMerritt made the board covers and slipcase. 13 x 5 3/4 x 1 1/2 inches. 46 pages.
flat-box 1, folder 1-2

Original monotypes, pastels, photocopies, etc. Extra Epson monotype prints, mostly final; including cut outs, etc. (see also Box 2) 880725

flat-box 1, folder 3

Cutting templates (board), cutting master (photocopy) 880727

flat-box 1, folder 4

Templates for cutting Epson monotypes 880729

flat-box 1, folder 5

Printer masters: text pages 880731

flat-box 1, folder 6

Masters: concertina spines 880733

flat-box 1, folder 7

Masters: for Afterward printing 880735

flat-box 1, folder 8

Early trials of Muybridge Epson prints (see also Box 2) 880737

flat-box 1, folder 9

Concertina spine pages (some folded) 880739

box 2, folder 1

Removed from Flat Box 1: templates, photocopies 880741

box 2, folder 2

Paper samples 880743

box 2, folder 3

Early trials of Muybridge Epson prints: Eve leaping: sketches, transparencies, etc. 880745

box 2, folder 4

Prototype bindings (one with concertina spine) 880747

box 2, folder 5

Page designs: refinement of page size and color; mock-ups 880749

box 2, folder 6-7

Work notes, club paper (notebook, disbound); includes sketches, research, photocopies, correspondence, etc. 880751

box 2, folder 8

Early design alternatives: notes and mock-ups (see also Flat Box 1 and Box 3) 880753

box 3, folder 1

Early design alternatives: mock-up cover and paper 880755

box 3, folder 2

Early set: posted, folded sheets 880757

box 3, folder 3

Early set: page mock-ups 880759

box 3, folder 4

Afterward (3 sets, one bound) 880761

flat-box 4, folder 1

Templates for Muybridge figures: cutting patterns: Eve top 1-5 880763

flat-box 4, folder 2

Templates for Muybridge figures: cutting patterns: Adam top 1-5 880765

flat-box 4, folder 3

Templates for Muybridge figures: cutting patterns: Adam bottom 6-9 880767

flat-box 4, folder 4

Templates for Muybridge figures: cutting patterns: Eve bottom 6-9 880769


Series 2. Ancient Mariner (2017 addenda) 2009

box 44, folder 1

Design Notes-General; book fabric trials, lay-out, book dummy, and assembly notes

box 44, folder 2

CMH Research on Ship Models

box 44, folder 3

Materials from Roger Angell; selection of photos, color Xeroxes, and sailing photographs provided by Roger Angell, including a photo of him sailing, with handwritten notes

box 44, folder 4

Roger Angell Charts; includes red pen marked copies of original Roger Angell charts used by him in navigating in Maine


The red pen marks were excised for the edition in line with his request
box 44, folder 5

Correspondence with Roger Angell; a complete set of correspondance with Roger Angell considering the project including three handwritten letters and four typed and signed letters, original contact in 1997 and final reactions in 2009

flat-box 45, folder 1-3

Text and Edit; original text from Roger Angell, successive edits, and layout details from Les Ferrisss

box 44, folder 6

Sample Model Anchors; considered for spine design but not used

box 44, folder 7

Spine Labels and Slipcase Cover Labels; trials and final versions

box 44, folder 8

Red Sox Hat - Print-outs

flat-box 45, folder 4

Jib Page Design (Page #2)

flat-box 45 / 46, folder 5-6 / 1

Trial Cover; including maritime chart cover paper trials

flat-box 46, folder 2

Inside Signature Fold/White Island

flat-box 46, folder 3

Title Page Fold Chart and Image/Hog Island

flat-box 46 / 47, folder 4 / 1-2

Extra Final Type Set Sheets

flat-box 47, folder 3

Binoculars; original handcolored monotype, 15x11 inches, high resolution digital proofs (2)

flat-box 47, folder 4

Red Sox Hat; original pencil draing 11x14 inches, final handcolored monotype 11x15 inches, additional monotypes (2 without hand color), and additional proofs and small versions 4x5 1/2 inches

flat-box 47, folder 5

White Island Image; original pastel and pencil drawing 11x14 inches, final hand colored monotype 15x11 inches, preliminary original monotype and ghosts (2) 15x11 inches, and google earth print-outs


Series 3. Andromeda Imagined, 1998 880665

Scope and Contents

Limited edition concertina book by Charles Hobson with six monoprints over star atlas drawings from 1690, six IRIS prints from mixed media drawings, and six hand-punched constellations. Edition of 30. Size: 11 x 10-1/2 x 1-1/4 inches. 32 pages.
box 5, folder 1

Design notes: diagram for layout of pages, assembly notes, punching diagram for cut-out stars, guide for trimming concertinas, correspondence with printers, binders, and die cutting company 880771

box 5, folder 2

Research materials and notes; includes research paper as presented to the club, 1998 880773

box 5, folder 3

Punched star 880775

box 5, folder 4

Prospectus and photographs 880777

box 5, folder 5

Spine design 880779

box 5, folder 6

Star Atlas charts overlays diagram: Helvelius star chart 1690 880781

box 5, folder 7

Star Atlas charts overlays diagram: Backer's star chart, 1710 880783

box 5, folder 8

Star Atlas charts overlays diagram: Diagram 880785

box 5, folder 9

Star Atlas charts overlays diagram: Durer's star chart, 1515 880787

box 5, folder 10

Star Atlas charts overlays diagram: Apian's star chart, 1540 880789

box 5, folder 11

Star Atlas charts overlays diagram: Farnese atlas, 400 B.C. 880791

box 5, folder 12

Star Atlas charts overlays diagram: Vienna mss, 1440 880793

box 5, folder 13

Star Atlas charts overlays diagram: Cabrarola ceiling, 1575 880795

box 5, folder 14

Star Atlas charts overlays diagram: Pegasus (the magic horse) 880797

box 5, folder 15

Star Atlas charts overlays diagram: Big Dipper, pointer stars diagram 880799

box 5, folder 16

Star Atlas charts overlays diagram: Perseus (the hero) 880801

box 5, folder 17

Star Atlas charts overlays diagram: Cassiopeia 880803

box 5, folder 18

Star Atlas charts overlays diagram: Andromeda (the daughter) 880805

box 5, folder 19

Star Atlas charts overlays diagram: Cetus (the sea monster) 880807

box 5, folder 20

Star Atlas charts overlays diagram: Cepheas (the king) 880809

box 5, folder 21

Prototypes: cover, pages 880811

flat-box 6, folder 1-2

Star chart designs (2 folders) 880813

flat-box 6, folder 3

Printers' camera ready art for text and Hevelius image 880815

flat-box 6, folder 4

Extra printed pages (no monotyping) 880817

flat-box 6, folder 5

Monotypes 880819


Series 4. Anotaciones, 2001 880667

Scope and Contents

Anotaciones is a one-paragraph fiction with sixteen footnotes by Barry Lopez. The footnotes have been printed on laser cut puzzle pieces, all contained in a cigar box with chemise. Assembling the puzzle organizes the footnotes in order to be read. Ink jet monotype, Color Xerox and offset litho. 8 1/2 x 6 1/4 x 2 1/2 inches (size varies from box to box.) Seven pages and a fold out version of assembled puzzle. Edition of 30.
flat-box 6, folder 6

Barry Lopez – Mendoza Vega: masters, photocopies, transparencies, etc. 880821

flat-box 6, folder 7

Tobacco plant drawings and monotypes 880823

flat-box 6, folder 8

Tobacco plant inkjet monotypes cover 880825

flat-box 6, folder 9

Tobacco plant inkjet monotypes and small trials 880827

flat-box 6, folder 10

Parc Office at Xerox: photocopy of photograph, landscape 880829

box 7, folder 1

Design notes 880831

box 7, folder 2

Book layout and design 880833

box 7, folder 3

Pictorial background: photocopies, magazine pages, photographs, etc. 880835

box 7, folder 4

Barry Lopez: text originals (photocopies); including correspondence with Lopez 880837

box 7, folder 5

Barry Lopez: design correspondence 880839

box 7, folder 6-7

Cigar label stamps: templates, photocopies, etc.; includes miscellaneous templates 880841

box 7, folder 8

Extra color photocopy versions 880843

box 7, folder 9

Prospectus design 880845


Series 5. Balzac's Coffee Pot, 1994 880669

Scope and Contents

Honoré de Balzac's wry comment on the importance of coffee, together with a reproduction of his handwritten sentence and a pastel monotype by Charles Hobson of his coffee pot. Accordion format. Edition of 5. Size: 8 x 8 inches.
flat-box 6, folder 11

Book project: binding and cover materials: paper samples, etc. 880847

flat-box 6, folder 12

Book project: book masters: layout versions, matrix for page layout, etc. 880849

box 8, folder 1

Book project: design notes: sketches, photocopy of Balzac's handwriting, etc. 880851

box 8, folder 2

Book project: monotypes: preparatory and final versions 880853

box 8, folder 3

Broadside project: design notes 880855

box 8, folder 4

Broadside project: color photocopy version 880857

box 8, folder 5

Broadside project: monotypes, various 880859

box 8, folder 6

Broadside project: finished broadsides 880861

box 8, folder 7

Broadside project: broadside text pages 880863


Series 6. Breton's Dreams, 1995 880671

Scope and Contents

Pastel monotype by Charles Hobson with text on Mylar, mounted on black lacquer miniature ship, with small book describing relationship between Andre Breton and Admiral Sir Clowdishley Shovell. Edition of 4. Size: 16 x 12 x 5 inches.
box 8, folder 8

Master text and design notes (see also Clouds & Dreams) 880865


Series 7. Clouds and Dreams, 1995 880673

Scope and Contents

Stacking accordion book in black linen case with photocopy reproductions of cloud images by Charles Hobson and portraits of Surrealists as Longitude Prize Seekers. One of three versions. Size: 10 x 8 x 2 1/2 inches.
box 8, folder 9

Research and essay re: navigation 880867

box 8, folder 10

Portrait drawings: Max Ernst 880869

box 8, folder 11

Portrait drawings: Dali 880871

box 8, folder 12

Portrait drawings: De Chirico 880873

box 8, folder 13

Portrait drawings: Picasso / Miro 880875

box 8, folder 14

Portrait drawings: Yves Tangvy 880877

box 8, folder 15

Portrait drawings: Andrew Breton 880879

box 8, folder 16

Portrait drawings: Man Ray 880881

box 8, folder 17

Portrait drawings: Magritte 880883

box 8, folder 18

Miscellaneous patterns and matrices 880885

box 8, folder 19

Photographs of clouds (see Flat Box #6 for color photocopies of clouds) 880887

flat-box 9, folder 11

Photographs and color photocopies of clouds 880889

flat-box 9, folder 12

Loose patterns, art 880891


Series 8. Dancing with Amelia, 2000 880675

Scope and Contents

Six short fictions and twelve IRIS prints taken from six mixed media drawings of dancing couples by Charles Hobson. The cover is constructed of laser cut boards printed with cut-out images of contrasting clouds, and the book is protected by a cloth covered chemise. Edition of 38. Size: 6 1/4 x 8 1/2 inches closed (7 feet long when extended). 36 pages.
box 8, folder 20

Work notes 954685

box 8, folder 21v

Early book design alternatives 954687

box 8, folder 22v

Early book design alternatives 954689

box 8, folder 23v

Early book design alternatives 954691

flat-box 9, folder 1

Cover design trials 954693

flat-box 9, folder 2

Cover design trials - laser cutting experiments 954695

flat-box 9, folder 3

Cover design trials - laser cutting experiments 954697

flat-box 9, folder 4

Original drawings and monotypes 954699

flat-box 9, folder 5

Production materials - text masters 954701

flat-box 9, folder 6

Production materials - registration masters 954703

box 10, folder 1

Historical airplane design form 954705

box 10, folder 2

Cover design trials - preliminary cut-outs 954707

box 10, folder 3

Amelia handwriting examples 954709

box 10, folder 4

Die cut for cutting airplane shape (wood backed) 954711

box 10, folder 5

Extra pages for small version 954713

box 10, folder 6

Spine labels 954715

box 10, folder 7

Chemise pattern 954717

box 10, folder 8

Sample cut-outs 954719

box 10, folder 9

Trade edition mock-up 954721

box 10, folder 10

Prospectus design and samples 954723

box 10, folder 11

Extra pages 954725


Series 9. Degas Dancing, 1991 880677

Scope and Contents

A fragmentary biography of Edgar Degas with five portrait monotypes accompanied by the writing of Degas and others marking key passages in his life. Most monotype folders include photographs, transparencies, notes, etc. Book information: easel accordion; edition of 10.
box 11, folder 1

Design notes: various diagrams, pencil drawings, invoice, and paper samples 954729

box 11, folder 2

Typographic layout - alternative formats, masters, alternative papers 954731

box 11, folder 3

Research and early drafts of texts; including research paper entitled "Degas Lesson Book" and additional narrative entitled "Dancing Lessons" 954733

flat-box 9, folder 7

Production materials and extra pages - labels 954735

flat-box 9, folder 8

Monotypes: young Degas; includes photocopies made in conjunction with residency at Xerox PARC Tech Museum (2000) 954737

flat-box 9, folder 9

Monotypes: Degas and streetcar 954739

flat-box 9, folder 10

Monotypes: Degas dancing 954741

flat-box 12, folder 1

Monotypes: Degas sitting 954743

flat-box 12, folder 2

Monotypes: Degas walking 954745


Series 10. Degas in Rome (2017 addenda) 2013

box 45, folder 9

Design Notes

flat-box 47, folder 6-7

Design Notes; Galatea-image trials, proofs and page design

flat-box 48, folder 1

Design Notes; Salome-image trials, proofs aand page design

flat-box 48, folder 2

Design Notes; Danae-image trials, proofs and page design

flat-box 48, folder 3

Design Notes; Mary Magdalene-image trials, proofs and page design

flat-box 48, folder 4

Design Notes; Venus Image Trials, proofs and page design

flat-box 48, folder 5

Design Notes; large portrait for insert cards

flat-box 48, folder 6

Design Notes; titles and intro, images and page design

box 45, folder 10

Design Notes; box labels

box 45, folder 11

Design Notes; screen-printing and box cover

box 45, folder 12

Design Notes; typography and printing, Les Ferriss and Jim Nelson

box 45, folder 13

Design Notes; Rome maps

flat-box 49, folder 1-2

Design Notes; proofs and rejects

flat-box 49, folder 3

Design Notes; original drawings; galatea (charcoal pencil on vellum over yellow wash 11x10 inces), salome (graphite on paper 14x10 inches), danae (graphite on paper 13.5x10.5 inches), Mary Magadalene (graphite on paper 11x9.5 inches)

box 50, folder 1-2

Research; research drafts, american academy photocopies

box 50, folder 3-4

Research, museum notes relative to five signatures and insert cards

box 50, folder 5

Prototype; first prototype, early design sketches

box 50, folder 6

Prototypes; hand coloring key,used for hand coloring each book

box 50, folder 7

Prototypes; early prototypes, firsttrial with page structure

box 50, folder 8

Prototypes; Prototype 1 with first trialcover

box 50, folder 9

Prototypes; Prototype II, first full prototype with insert cards

box 51, folder 1

Prototypes; box prototype, trial using map of Rome; layout alternatives

flat-box 49, folder 4-5

Extra Final Sheets; intorduction, tipping in cards, rial first pages

box 51, folder 2

Deags in Rome Prospectus; design not4es and proofs


Series 11. Diderot Decaptioned (2017 addenda) 2014

flat-box 49, folder 6

Project Design and Early Trials; vovelle design, paper choices, and design notes

box 51, folder 3-4

Draft Captions; trial captions for each vovelle

box 51, folder 5

Booklet and Folder Assembly; notes for printing, notes for box construction, and booklet labels

flat-box 52, folder 1

Box Assembly; inside skeleton pastedowns and cover trials

flat-box 52, folder 2

Matrices; for booklet, vovelles, and label placement




Series 12. Flaubert & Louise, 1988 880679

Scope and Contents

Portfolio of five monotypes accompanying the exchange of letters between Gustave Flaubert and Louise Colet in the 1840s. Folders in Flat Box #12 include: early trials and drawings, photocopies, photographs, early proofs, photo etchings (not used in book), monotype variations. Book information: co-published with Limestone Press; edition of 18.
box 11, folder 4

General background: correspondence with Limestone press, guest list for dinner party, permissions from publishers and authors (including note from Julian Barnes, 1988), invoices, expense records, prospectuses, etc. 954747

box 11, folder 5

Text and background: typescript for letterpress and Steegmuller translation. 954749

box 11, folder 6

Early trials - Five Roses: etchings, transparencies 954751

flat-box 12, folder 3

Images: Rose and Pruning Shears 954753

flat-box 12, folder 4

Images: Chateaubriand's Grave 954755

flat-box 12, folder 5

Images: Louise's Flower 954757

flat-box 12, folder 6

Images: The Epistolary Relationship 954759

flat-box 12, folder 7

Images: The Last Letter 954761

flat-box 12, folder 8

Early trials - Flaubert's Rose: etchings, transparencies 954763

flat-box 12, folder 9

Early trials: etchings from life drawing (nude with window, Pradier's studio) 954765


Series 13. Fresnel's Tower, 1997 880681

Scope and Contents

Book information: limited edition of 38; typefaces are Cantoria and New Century Schoolbook; Hobson made the drawing for the hand colored photogravure; the photogravure was printed by Kay Bradner and Hobson. The cylinders are wrapped with hand painted Rives Lightweight paper and reproductions of monotypes of clouds by Hobson. It was assembled with the assistance of Celeste Wiedmann; John DeMerritt constructed the boxes.
box 11, folder 7

General notes: design notes, correspondence with bookbinder, fabric samples 954767

box 11, folder 8

Box components: box design notes, partial matrix, label designs 954769

box 11, folder 9

Cover components: design notes, photocopies, transparencies, cover matrix, early cover trials and mock-ups, two trial books (cover and text block), book labels 954771

box 11, folder 10

Text block components: notes on text, text trials, end-sheet matrix, preliminary text version, layout with registration marks, mock-up text block with notes, reject text blocks, extra final text blocks 954773

box 11, folder 11

Photogravure trials: inking notes, trial proofs (17; two with notes and hand coloring) 954775

box 11, folder 12

Separator cards: extra materials for separator cards, design matrix, receipt, design notes, masters for text layout, extra small card 954777

box 11, folder 13

Related supplemental materials - limited edition print: limited edition photogravure with exhibition announcement from Dorothy Weiss Gallery. 954779

flat-box 13, folder 1

Cylinder design notes; includes matrices for cylinders and warps 954781

flat-box 13, folder 2

Design ideas for external cylinder wraps: photocopies of various lighthouse drawings (at various sizes), copies cut out and placed on layouts with notes 954783

flat-box 13, folder 3

Exterior cylinder wraps: extra photocopies on painted paper, etc. 954785

flat-box 13, folder 4-7

Design notes for clouds: magazine pages, transparencies, transparency tracings, original drawings 954787

flat-box 13, folder 8

Original monotypes for clouds (cylinder interiors): night sky, high sky, low sky, ocean, etc. 954789

flat-box 13, folder 9

Interior cylinder wraps: extra uncut color photocopies of cloud monotypes, some mis-cuts and odd sizes 954791


Series 14. Human Touch, 1999 880683

Scope and Contents

Seven reproduced drawings of hands printed on hand-painted Rives heavyweight paper. Imitation vellum overlays of words from such sources as Ecclesiastes, Buddha, Georgia O'Keeffe, et al. Book information: edition of 30, stab binding.
flat-box 13, folder 10

Original drawings: preliminary 954793

flat-box 13, folder 11

Original drawings: photocopies without text 954795

flat-box 13, folder 12

Original drawings: photocopies with text 954797

flat-box 13, folder 13

Garden layout, early text and design trials 954799

flat-box 13, folder 14

Binding guides 954801

oversize-folder 15

Original India ink drawings (twenty; seven final images) 954803

box 14, folder 1

Design notes: first version: layout details 954805

box 14, folder 2

Text and image for second version 954807

box 14, folder 3

Extra pages: images and work overlays 954809


Series 15. Impromptu, 1994 880685

Scope and Contents

A collaborative poem by Tom Centolella and Kathy Evans with six images each by Kay Bradner and Charles Hobson. Edition of 100. Photo-offset, some with original photographs tipped in.
box 14, folder 4

Design notes: Early layouts; Image design ideas with photos and color photocopies; Final book design notes 954811

box 14, folder 5

Text edits: A. Early versions. B. Final versions 954813

box 14, folder 6

Paste up original page spreads with photos 954815

box 14, folder 7

Photo layouts - two page spreads with color photographs and music notation comparing Bradner and Hobson images. 954817

box 14, folder 8

Music notations, preliminary (5A) and final (5B) - reproduction of Chopin and Impromptu. 954819

box 14, folder 9

Cover and binding design 954821

box 14, folder 10

Prototypes - three versions of book, dummy 954823

box 14, folder 11

Color photographs - photographs of original monotypes and final page versions. 954825

box 14, folder 12

Afterward: photocopies 954827

flat-box 13, folder 15

Monotypes: Old Shoes and Rug: ghost and counter-proof 954829

flat-box 13, folder 16

Monotypes: Pillows and Rose: ghost 954831

flat-box 13, folder 17

Monotypes: Straw Hat in Sun: ghost 954833

flat-box 13, folder 18

Monotypes: Lamp and Books: ghost 954835

flat-box 13, folder 19

Monotypes: Shirt on Chair: ghost and counter-proof 954837

flat-box 13, folder 20

Monotypes: Rose in gardens 954839


Series 16. Leonardo Knows Baseball, 1990 880687

Scope and Contents

Twenty copies of Leonardo Knows Baseball were made during the spring and summer of 1990. The five soft ground etchings were printed on BFK Rives at Stinson Beach, California on a Littlejohn Press. Fifteen copies were assembled as accordion fold books with the assistance of Alice Shaw and five copies have been prepared as portfolio versions. Completed in September 1990. A trade edition based on the limited edition was published by Chronicle Books, San Francisco, in 1991.
box 17, folder 1

Book Design Notes: design and layout notes, registration guides, and production cost estimate 954841

box 17, folder 2

Correspondence and 10 trial proofs for aborted project at Limestone Press 954843

box 17, folder 3

Text Masters and Trials: formatting and layout proofs for the text of the book, print trials, mockup dummy book of text layout only 954845

box 17, folder 4

Labels: trials for cover labels on a variety of papers, proof colophon, proofs of actual cover labels; extra spine labels 954847

box 17, folder 5

Book Dummy: accordion book dummy made with Xerox images 954849

box 17, folder 6

Plate Design Notes: various newspaper and magazine clippings of baseball players in motion 954851

box 17, folder 7

Steelplates 954853

box 17, folder 8

Plate I - Batter: Soft Ground Etching Materials - transparency, actual soft ground etching drawing, 6 trial proofs with notes 954855

box 17, folder 9

Book Prospectus with prospectus text proof 954857

flat-box 16, folder 1

Plate I - Batter: Monotype Materials - monotype inking notes; 7 photocopy trials on various painted papers; 3 monotype trials 954859

flat-box 16, folder 2

Plate II - Pitcher: Soft Ground Etching Materials - inking notes, registration notes, 4 trial proofs with notes, 1 trial proof on large sheet 954861

flat-box 16, folder 3

Plate II - Pitcher [Throwing]: Monotype Materials - photos of monotypes, 4 photocopy trials on painted paper, 5 monotype trials (3 on large sheets, 2 cut down) 954863

flat-box 16, folder 4

Plate III - Sun [Shadow/Fielder]: Soft ground etching Materials - inking notes, 4 trial proofs (one on large sheet), 5 trial proofs on page layout (four with text) 954865

flat-box 16, folder 5

Plate III - Sun: Monotype Materials - photo of monotype, photocopies, Original Drawings (sketch, original drawing, and tracing), 3 monotype trials 954867

flat-box 16, folder 6

Plate IV - Run Home: Soft Ground Etching Materials - inking notes, registration matrix, original drawing and photocopy, 6 trial proofs with notes, 7 additional trial proofs (one on large sheet), 4 trial proofs on page layout with text 954869

flat-box 16, folder 7

Plate IV - Run Home: Monotype Materials - inking notes, 3 photocopy trials on painted papers, 3 monotype trials 954871

flat-box 16, folder 8

Plate V - Umpire: Soft Ground Etching Materials - inking notes, transparencies, registration matrix, 5 trial proofs with notes, 1 additional trial proofs on large sheet 954873

flat-box 16, folder 9

Plate V - Umpire: Monotype Materials - photo of monotype, 4 photocopy trials on painted paper (one with pastel & charcoal drawing), 6 monotype trials 954875

flat-box 16, folder 10

Plate VI - Catch (cover for trade edition only): Monotype Materials - photo of monotype, transparencies, photocopies; Original Drawings (sketch, original drawing, and tracing); 3 photocopy trials on painted papers; 4 monotype trials 954877


Series 17. Lighthouse Legends, 1997 880689

Scope and Contents

A series of unique books created from pastel monotypes and found books, each based on a story around a dramatic time at a lighthouse. (Described in Why I Love Books, pp. 38-39.)
box 17, folder 10

Descriptive memo detailing project; preliminary draft and final version 954879

flat-box 16, folder 11

Design materials - Parting Shot: Boston Light charts; cut out shapes and references; color photocopy trials. 954881

flat-box 16, folder 12

Design materials - The Roar: Maninicus charts; cut-out of figure and references; color photocopies trials 954883


Series 18. Magic Jacket (2017 addenda) 2009

box 51, folder 6

Design Notes-General; ribbon samples, paper style, jacket photographs, and draft stroy

box 53, folder 1

Prototype and Layouts; printed pages, corrected trials, and baseball print

box 53, folder 2

Slipcase and Cover Trials; slipcase trials1-4, folding pattern withnotes, and cover trials with labels

flat-box 52, folder 3

Jacket Image; computer print-outs and trials

flat-box 52, folder 4

Preliminary Drawings; charcoal sketches and early pastel trials

flat-box 52, folder 5

Five Final Charcoal and Pastel Drawings; Folded Arms, Upstretched, Down & Up, Running, and Ball, each 11x14 inches


Series 19. Magritte's Buckets, 1995 880691

Scope and Contents

Two pastel monotypes by Charles Hobson mounted in buckets made from board, copper, wire, brass tubing & bamboo, with small book. Subject is an outgrowth of navigation and surrealism project. In the search for a relationship between Rene Magritte and Isaac Hawkins, who thought you could calculate longitude at sea by measuring high and low tides. Several initial ideas were sketched out and later abandoned. A photograph in a book of Magritte's studio showed two buckets on the floor - used buckets as measuring devices. Edition of 10.
box 17, folder 11

Design notes-Materials, invoices, fabrication notes, production photographs, sketch book drawings and 3/16/95 production drawing 954885

box 17, folder 12

Final Production Patterns and Masters - typography, sample paper and photo copy transparencies 954887

box 17, folder 13

Small Bucket Working Materials-Including monotypes and layout patterns 954889

box 17, folder 14

Production Pieces-Extra labels and scroll papers 954891

flat-box 16, folder 13

Bucket Wrap Materials-Color photo copies and monotype ghosts. 954893

flat-box 18, folder 1

Prototypes - sample boxes and sample handle materials including bamboo and copper. 954895


Series 20. The Man in Bogota (2017 addenda) 2015

box 55, folder 2-3

Project Design Notes; diagrams, cut-out tests and sky printed paper

box 54 / 55, folder 2 / 4

Layout Designs; for magnolia laser cutting, for digital images at SFAI, for letterpress pages, polymer plates for letterpress, trial, tests and spreads

box 55, folder 5

Cost Estimates and Reciepts; including Coronado SST paper, Entrada, spray, cover boards, etc.

box 55, folder 6

Correspondence and Memos; xcommunication wit Amy Hempel, Danny Hobson and Rhianan. Alpers.

flat-box 54, folder 3

Concertina Design, alternative tests including map of Bogota and white stars

box 55, folder 7

Final Page Topography Design and Layout; including colophon and spreads for each signature

box 55, folder 8

Pattern and Jigs; for placement of title page and photographs on signature pages

box 56, folder 1

Prototypes; includes early small size dummy, trial board covers and alternative concetina


Series 21. Man Ray's Kiss, 1995 880693

Scope and Contents

Pastel monotype by Charles Hobson and accordion book of handwritten text on hand-painted BFK Rives, together with metronome and small book describing relationship between John Harrison and Man Ray. Edition of 4 variations. Size: 9 x 5 x 5 inches.
box 17, folder 15

Design notes 954897

box 17, folder 16

Small Book Design 954899

box 17, folder 17

Accordion Structure - patterns and samples, text, typography 954901

box 17, folder 18

Hinging Materials 954903

box 17, folder 19

Man Ray's Kiss Titles 954905

box 17, folder 20

Lips and Placement Patterns. Monotypes, etc 954907

box 17, folder 21

Extra Accordion Assembly Materials 954909

map-folder 19

Typography - layouts, trials, handwritten final type 954911


Series 22. The Mappist, 2006 880695

Scope and Contents

The Mappist, Barry Lopez's multi-layered short story, has been made into a limited edition of forty-eight copies in the summer and fall of 2005. Each book has been assembled using original USGS maps for the concertina binding and selected pages, and the cover has been wrapped with a reproduction of a 1911 map of Bogotá from the collection of the Library of Congress. The slipcase has been covered with wood-grained paper to suggest the map cabinet which plays a pivotal role in the story. A metal label holder acts as a spine label. The concertina binding, when looked at from the edge, takes on its own topography of mountains and valleys.
Printed letterpress. Slipcase covered with wood grain paper and metal label holder. Edition of 48. 11 x 10 x 1.25 inches.
flat-box 28, folder 1

Pencil Images (Barry's Pencils): original monotypes, ghosts and digital print variations; digital photographs (Barry's writing studio). 954913

flat-box 28, folder 2

Corrugated Cover: design notes and cutting instructions; cutting jigs. 954915

box 30, folder 2

Design Notes: sketchbook notations, assembly diagrams and sample papers. 954917

box 30, folder 3

Correspondence: permission letter from Barry Lopez, printing instructions, etc. 954919

box 30, folder 4

Typography: proofs and correspondence with Les Ferriss. 954921

box 30, folder 5

Hand Images: preliminary digital photographs, trials and transparencies 954923

box 30, folder 6-7

Landscape Images: digital photos, monotypes and transparencies 954925

box 30, folder 8-9

Labels: water symbols, Jack Ranch labels (and location jig), topographic labels and magnetic North labels [not used] 954927

box 30, folder 10

Label Holder/Slipcase 954929

box 30, folder 11

Concertina Design: master concertina fold directions 954931

box 30, folder 12-13

Extra Production Materials: hand transparencies, landscape transparencies and USGS essay. 954933

map-folder 31

Bogotá Maps: Library of Congress copies 954935

flat-box 32

Prototypes and display copies (4 folders, 1 prototype, 1 display copy) 954937


Series 23. Matisse's Fishing Pole (2017 addenda) 2015

box 53, folder 3-4

Project Design Notes; assembly instructions, glue tests, printing instructions, scoll assembly, instructions, prototype covers, and tabel ties

box 53, folder 5

Initial Prototype; small scale versions

box 53, folder 6

Colophon Design; sample papers and layout

box 52 / 53, folder 6 / 7

Prototype/Trials; scroll and canvas

flat-box 54, folder 1

Extra Press Sheets

box 55, folder 1

Matisse Prospectus; desing and drafts and proofs


Series 24. Mermaid (2017 addenda) 2016

box 56, folder 2

Project Design Notes; notes regarding assembly, U. Washington correspondance, cost estimates and reciepts

flat-box 54, folder 4

Inside Book Design and Trials; drafts of text. matrix for folding, and trial pages

box 56, folder 3

Original Transparency Monotypes; monotypes creating on transparency film for final images

box 56, folder 4

Mirror Text Design; trials for lay-out of text on transparency film

box 56, folder 5

Label Design; text experiments with reflection of words and placement matrix

box 56, folder 6

Image Work for Final Monotype Reproduction; trials for image #1, bending

box 56, folder 7

Image Work for Final Monotype Reproduction; trials for image #2, walking

box 56, folder 8

Image Work for Final Monotype Reproduction; trials for photo #3, running

box 56, folder 9

Cutting Patterns for INserts into Mirror Boxes; rails and lifts for placement for mirror in box, trial mirror and text


Series 25. Merwin/Trees (2017 addenda)

box 56, folder 10

Design Notes

box 56, folder 11

P&M Corrspondence

box 54 / 57, folder 5 / 1

Type Layout

flat-box 58, folder 1

Box Lid/Spine Label/Title Page

box 57 / 58, folder 2 / 2-5

Original Monotypes

box 57, folder 3

End Page/Transparent

box 57, folder 4

Tree Model

box 57 / 59, folder 5-6 / 1-2

Prototypes; sample cut foam core, type layout, etc.

box 59, folder 3

Prospective Design

flat-box 58, folder 6

Cut Foam; over cut side up, trial #2 using Jig


Series 26. The Near Woods, 2006 880697

Scope and Contents

In the year 2000 Barry Lopez wrote an essay, The Near Woods, which described the elusive and magical space between the wild, deep woods and the civilized space of humans. Jerry Reddan, a master letterpress printer and typographic designer, came upon the essay and published it in a small edition of 165 copies in paper covers through his Tangram Press in 2005. He also printed and left unbound an additional twenty-six copies to be made into a special edition. The special edition has been designed by Charles Hobson and has been published by Pacific Editions in the summer of 2006 and is signed by the author and the artist.
The special edition has been made with the image of a bear that folds out from the back page and has been reproduced as a digital pigment print on German Etching paper and has been hand-colored with pastel and acrylic paint by the artist. The book has been bound in boards and covered with a reproduction of "Dosiño del Rancho San Miguelito," circa 1841, a drawing used to establish land grants in California and is reproduced with the kind permission of The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.
flat-box 34, folder 1

Design and assembly notes: working notes, binding details and jigs; prospectus design. 954939

flat-box 34, folder 2

Trial Etchings for Walking Bear: transparencies and proofs 954941

flat-box 34, folder 3

Digital Prints and Proofs: small walking bear, small standing bear, large bear ("Dream Bear"; 4 final images/one proof), cover Image (from Bancroft Library) 5 copies. 954943

flat-box 34, folder 4

Monotypes and Working Drawings: Standing Bear, Walking Bear and Bear Mouth (not used in edition) 954945

box 33, folder 1-2

Trial Etchings for Walking Bear: copper plates 954947

box 33, folder 3

Trial Etchings for Standing Bear: copper plate and 2 proofs 954949

box 33, folder 4

Book Cover Prototypes and Trials: 4 prototypes 954951

box 33, folder 5

Labels and Extra End Papers: spine labels, title page labels, misc. small bear prints and extra end papers 954953

box 33, folder 6

Correspondence 954955


Series 27. Nelson & Emma (2017 addenda)

box 59, folder 4

Deisng Notes

flat-box 58, folder 7


box 59, folder 5


box 59, folder 6

Lenticular Photos

box 59, folder 7

Popup Prototyping; Front and Middle Sails Trials

box 59, folder 8

Popup Prototyping; Jib Sails Trials

box 59, folder 9

Popup Prototyping; Back Sails Trials

box 59, folder 10

Popup Prototyping; Boat Base Trials

box 59, folder 11

[Intermezzu] Design and Production; blue/yellow

box 60, folder 1

[Intermezzu] Design and Production; yellow

box 60, folder 2

[Intermezzu] Design and Production; orange

box 60, folder 3

[Intermezzu] Design and Production; purple

box 60, folder 4

[Intermezzu] Design and Production; red

box 60, folder 5

[Intermezzu] Design and Production; Tiepolo Trial

box 60, folder 6-7

Binding Trials/Design Prototype

box 61, folder 1

Early Popup Trials

box 61, folder 2

Prospectus Design

box 61, folder 3

Research Notes


Series 28. Parisian Encounters, 1992 880699

Scope and Contents

French door format book with monotype/pastel portraits of eight famous couples, who met in Paris, includes maps and eccentric biographies. Chronicle Books trade edition. Size: 6 x 11 inches.
box 21, folder 1

Design Notes: a. Design drawings and diagrams; narrative detailing possible design layout and bibliography. b. Chronicle Book design description and related notes 954957

box 21, folder 2-10

Research Files (files of biographical information about each of following): Napoleon/Josephine, Flaubert/Louise, Chopin/George Sand, Henry Miller/Anais Nin, Degas/Cassatt, Rodin/Camile Claudel, Pierre Curie, Madame Curie, Man Ray/Lee Miller. 954959

box 21, folder 11-20

Image Design (files relating to portraits and graphic elements for each): Napoleon, Josephine, Flaubert, Louise, Chopin, George Sand, Degas, Cassatt, Man Ray and Lee Miller. 954961

box 22, folder 1-6

Image Design (files relating to portraits and graphic elements for each): Henry Miller, Anais Nin, Rodin, Camile Claudel, Pierre Curie, Madame Curie. 954963

box 22, folder 7

Chronicle Book proofs 954965

box 22, folder 8-9

Prototypes and progress proof photographs Disassembled book pages (possible display copies.) 954967

box 22, folder 10

Map research and details: including copyright clearance from Library of Congress, November 1993. 954969


Series 29. Poems from the Heart, 2004 880701

Scope and Contents

Poems from the Heart, 2004, is a hand-made artist's book picturing the heart sculpture made in connection with Hearts in San Francisco, a project benefiting the SF General Hospital. The book contains eighteen poems by children about love and the heart used on the sculptural heart. Each book has been hand-sewn into a painted cover and mounted in a folded corrugated folder. It contains digital pigment prints from an Epson 2200 printer. Edition of 150. 5.5 4.25 x .5 inches.
box 22, folder 11

Book design notes: early prototypes, layout, notes on assembly time and photos. 954971

box 22, folder 12

Heart Sculpture design notes: painted images 954973

box 22, folder 13

Book prototypes: prototypes, extra cover images and sales display card 954975

box 22, folder 14

Matrixes: cover, scoring board for cover and label placement 954977

box 22, folder 15

Poems for transfer to altered books: camera ready copy 954979

box 22, folder 16

Newspaper coverage 954981

box 22, folder 17-19

Altered book with poems used on sculpture (see also Flat Box 23) 954983

flat-box 23

Altered book with poems used on sculpture 954985


Series 30. Quarantine (2017 addenda) 2011

box 61, folder 4

Correspondence/Permissions; emails correspondence and bio background

box 61, folder 5

Design Notes; assembly notes and directions, sketchbook pages (photocopies), noteson Irish Potato Famine, research about grafting, and printers instructions

box 61, folder 6

Material/Reciepts; reciepts and invoices for materials

box 61, folder 7

Fold-out and Twigs; assembly steps matrixes for cutting, sample string amd buttons, and insert for fold-out

flat-box 62, folder 1

Dust Jacket Design; sample folded pages, folding matrix, and assembly notes

flat-box 62, folder 2-3

Box Design Materials; assembly instructions, box hinge templates, and prototype patterns

box 61, folder 8

Prototype Box #1

box 63, folder 1

Image Design; preliminary photographs and trial proofs

box 63, folder 2

Original Monotypes; on transparency film: Twig #2, Twig #4, and Twig-Red and Yellow Bundle


Series 31. Red Thread/Two Women (2017 addenda) 2006

box 63 / 64, folder 3-7 / 1-2

Prototypes, Drafts, and Trial Proofs; preliminary trial prototype, prototype #1, prototype #2, size trials, text layout, text proof trials, thread color trials and samples

box 64, folder 3

Design Notes

box 64, folder 4

Production Notes

flat-box 62, folder 4

Text Trials and Layout

box 64, folder 5

Beets; original drawings (3) pencil and pastel on paper, trial photogaphs, trial pastel work and final samples

box 64, folder 6

Labels and Matrices; trials for jib sail, middle sail, back sail, and boat base

box 64, folder 7

Sample Thread/colors


Series 32. Rituals for Life Milestones (2017 addenda) 2009

box 64, folder 8

Correspondence and Notes; regarding contracting for printing, binding, Lasercutting, and editorial and computer layout consultant, invoices and contracts

box 65, folder 1

Photographs ad trial proofs; titles and captions; alternatove photos

box 65, folder 2

Text edits and trials, alternative stories considered

box 65, folder 3-5

Type Design and Layout Notes; including title page and proofs plus foil stamp cut and zinc title page cut

box 65, folder 6

Layout dummy #1; foam corewith photo copy paste-ins

box 65, folder 7

Board Prototype, trial stitching at Taurus Bindary

box 66, folder 1

Final Book Prototype; unsewn with final pages


Series 33. R.O.W., 2006 880703

Scope and Contents

R.O.W., a consideration of the right of way rules for sailing vessels, has been made as a limited edition artists' book in 2006. The central image in the book is a three foot square relief print which was created as part of a program at the San Francisco Center for the Book. It was originally printed in 2005 by a steamroller at Carolina and 16th Streets, San Francisco. Kay Bradner and Charles Hobson collaborated on the design of the print. Kay Bradner cut the linoleum block and printed the relief prints on Rives BFK 300 gm paper. Charles Hobson designed the book and assembled it with the assistance of Alice Shaw in an edition of 12 copies. It is covered in a transparent corrugated chemise which is closed with sailing line and a cleat.
R.O.W. measures 18 by 9 inches closed and extends, when opened fully, to a length to 7 1/2 feet. Edition of 12.
box 24, folder 1

R.O.W. general: research material, correspondence, estimates and design notes. 954987

box 24, folder 2

Small drawings: original tracing paper drawings, proofs (some by Kay Bradner and some by Charles Hobson.) 954989

box 24, folder 3

R.O.W. small texts: texts as designed for window openings in the printed pages. 954991

box 24, folder 4

Extra pieces and parts: small drawing cutouts and tabs for window images 954993

flat-box 25, folder 1

Patterns and matrixes: patterns and jigs used for assembling the edition. 954995

flat-box 25, folder 2

Extra pages, proofs and drafts: extra pages, extra page proofs, trial cover materials, cover drawings by Kay Bradner and extra hinges. 954997

flat-box 25, folder 3

Trial slipcase/chemise with cleat (artifact) 954999


Series 34. Seeing Stars, 2001 880705

Scope and Contents

Seeing Stars uses die cut cards, a flashlight and a small story book to introduce readers to several prominent constellations. Greek stargazers in the 4th century BC gave the names of characters in the Andromeda myth to six constellations clustered together near the North Star. A child can use the flashlight to shine the shape of each character's constellation on the ceiling, wall or table. Design inspired by Andromeda Imagined.
box 24, folder 5

Text 955001

box 24, folder 6

Chronicle Books box design 955003

box 24, folder 7

Design proposal #1: original design proposal July, 1999. Sports figures and draft of text. 955005

box 24, folder 8

Design proposal #2: second proposal to Chronicle Books November, 1999, including box design. 955007

box 24, folder 9-10

Correspondence and design proofs with Chronicle Books; including page proofs, color checks. October 2000-March 2001 955009

box 24, folder 11

Project research: historical astronomy including research at Stanford's Green Library, photographs and photocopies. 955011

box 24, folder 12-13

Early prototypes): two trial prototypes, one with sports figures, and 2nd proof from Chronicle Books. 955013

box 24, folder 14

Sample flashlight 955015

box 24, folder 15

Star cut cards: early versions and final 955017

flat-box 25, folder 4

Drawings and outline drawings: early versions and final. (see also Box 26.1) 955019

flat-box 25, folder 5

Inkjet monotypes of constellations: figures for booklet 955021

flat-box 25, folder 6

Star cut cards: color proofs 955023

flat-box 25, folder 7

Star charts: versions for Chronicle Books 955025

box 26, folder 1

Drawings and outline drawings: early versions and final 955027


Series 35. Shipwreck Stories, 1996 880707

Scope and Contents

Limited edition accordion book by Charles Hobson with seven photogravures, hand-colored charts, and Mylar drawings. Edition of 28. Size: 10-1/4 x 8-3/4 x 1 inches. Collage of facts, fictions, images and maritime charts to give different views of six shipwrecks that occurred between 1865 and 1944 along the Northern California coast.
flat-box 25, folder 8-9

Maritime charts: experimentations, designs with shipwreck icon and photocopy masters for printing on hand colored paper and copies of final maps. 955029

flat-box 25, folder 10

Original drawings for photogravures 955031

flat-box 25, folder 11

Photogravure proofs and final photogravure: Salvage; Ship at Cliff (two versions) 955033

box 26, folder 2-4

Design and Research: binder with historical summaries, research notes and drafts of stories and alternative stories. Club paper for March 11, 1996. 955035

box 26, folder 5

Prototypes: including alternative page sizes and alternative layouts in black and white 955037

box 26, folder 6-7

Binding Notes: including templates and assembly instructions and labels 955039

box 26, folder 8

Typography: early layouts, camera ready art and notes to printer 955041

box 26, folder 9

Vellum tests and Mylar 955043

box 26, folder 10-11

Cut Outs for tracing figures: various kinds of transparency and vellum for overlays with figures 955045

box 26, folder 12

Letters from Stockfleth's grand-daughter, Charmetta Mann: February 7, 2000 and May 11, 2008; includes genealogy, photocopies of photographs, clipping. 955047

box 27, folder 1

Photogravure proofs: Brother Jonathan 955049

box 27, folder 2

Prospectus: labels, design notes, assembly notes and photocopy masters. (see also Flat Box #28) 955051

flat-box 28, folder 3-4

Photogravure proofs and final photogravure: Lightning and Sunken Sails, Liberty Ship 955053

flat-box 28, folder 5

Page proofs: typography (two complete sets, mixed) 955055

flat-box 28, folder 6

Prospectus: design notes, assembly notes and photocopy masters 955057


Series 36. A Supper in Montmartre, 1985 880709

Scope and Contents

A Supper in Montmartre was printed in a seminar class at UC Berkeley taught in the Bancroft Library's rare book. Five students printed this small single signature book on an 1857 Albion hand press.
The text is a memoir by Harriet Lane Levy recounting the legendary dinner party given by Picasso for the artist Henri Rousseau in 1908. Part of the story involved the inebriated and frantic departure of the poet André Salmon, who had been Harriet's dinner partner. Intoxicated by her conversation and charm, as well as good French wine, he left the table in disarray and on his way out chewed off the roses on the stylish turban she'd worn that had been left outside the dining room door. The etching of an imagined turban and roses on an antique hat rack is the first illustration by Charles Hobson for a limited edition book.
box 27, folder 3

Etching proofs-preparatory and final versions, six pencil drawings, one proof from plate #1, and six proofs from plate #2. 955059

box 27, folder 4

Bancroftiana Newsletter April 1986: article on A Supper in Montmartre (2 copies) 955061

flat-box 28, folder 7

Additional artist proofs and final prints: one final prints on book paper 12 1/2" x 10"; six artist proofs on various handmade papers and in various sizes; one final print on book paper 10" x 21 1/2" 955063

flat-box 28, folder 8

Text/typography layout notes: page proofs done at Bancroft Library; variations; paper alternatives, labels 955065


Series 37. Taking Off Emily Dickinson's Clothes, 2002 880711

Scope and Contents

Taking Off Emily Dickinson's Clothes, poem by Billy Collins, has been made as a limited edition of thirty copies in the summer and fall of 2002. It employs buttons, ribbons, feathers and a pastel monotype by Charles Hobson. Charles Hobson and Alice Shaw assembled the pages and made the slipcase. John Demerritt covered the boards in Fabriano Roma and the text has been set in 14 pt. Spectrum and printed letterpress by M & H Type, San Francisco.
Accordion binding. 8 1/2 x 7 x 1 inches (closed). Seven pages with hidden definitions and fold out stanza from an Emily Dickinson poem.
box 27, folder 5

Design notes including various assembly instructions 955067

box 27, folder 6

Correspondence and permissions: letters requesting and granting permission to print with Billy Collins 955069

box 27, folder 7

Prototype structures: five early design versions and prototypes 955071

box 27, folder 28

Prototyping materials: buttons, hooks; Seam binding, elastic thread 955073

box 27, folder 9

Cover design: binder estimates, sample papers, hinges 955075

box 27, folder 10

Feathers and button experiments/scans 955077

box 27, folder 11

Templates: hinging and monotype placement. (see also map folder #29) 955079

flat-box 28, folder 9

Monotype designs: four monotypes and ink jet proofs and hand coloring information. 955081

map-folder 29

Templates: hinging and monotype placement 955083

box 30, folder 1

Extra letterpress typographic pages 955085


Series 38. Three Kisses, 2004 880713

Scope and Contents

Three Kisses is a handmade limited edition book that has been made from postcards, translucent envelopes, various papers and features the photographs of Robert Doisneau. Each envelope contains a photograph and a fictional story by Charles Hobson about the persons in the photographs. A pastel monotype by Charles Hobson has been reproduced as a digital pigment print with hand coloring. The book is bound as an accordion and has a corrugated board slipcase which measures 5 1/2 x 4 x 3/4 inches. Edition of 90 copies.
box 37, folder 1

Design notes: including preliminary working materials from Arch 955087

box 37, folder 2

Prototypes: three versions of book dummy 955089

box 37, folder 3

Materials for Arch Design Project: sample postcards, envelopes and design instructions 955091

box 37, folder 4-5

Monotype-"Last Kiss"/Smooch: first impression and ghost and digital proofs 955093

box 37, folder 6

Production Materials; including monotype print-outs, postcard kisses, spine labels, excess hinges and past-ins, accordion pages 955095

box 37, folder 7

Title Page: layout and final versions 955097

box 37, folder 8

Prospectus Design File and Materials 955099

box 37, folder 9

Matrices: guides for cover, accordion and embossing guides 955101

map-folder 39

Matrices: guides for cover, accordion and embossing guides. 955103


Series 39. Variation on the Word SLEEP, 1991 880715

Scope and Contents

Margaret Atwood's poem accompanied by an accordion monotype by Charles Hobson, boxed in a black, lacquered wood box. Edition of 20. Size: 7-1/4 x 5-1/8 x 1 inches.
box 37, folder 10

Design notes: photographs, text of poem and diagrams 955105

box 37, folder 11

Typography: title page and sample printing 955107

flat-box 38, folder 1

Monotypes: trials, four ghosts (two with hand coloring) and two counter proofs. 955109

flat-box 38, folder 2

Image design: pencil drawing, monotype key line on Mylar, folding matrix and reference photographs 955111


Series 40. The Wolf Who Ate The Sky (2017 addenda)

box 66, folder 2

Original Design Notes; first dummy, page size experiments, and scanning notes

box 66, folder 3

Design Notes/Heyday

box 66, folder 4

Anna's Drawings

box 66, folder 5

Wolf Text/Edit

box 66, folder 6

Original Drawings; pencl and pastel artworks

box 66, folder 7

Cover Trials/Heyday; 3 versions

box 66, folder 8

CD and flash Drive Version of Images and Books

box 66, folder 9-10

Visual Research Study and trials and Background Materials

flat-box 67, folder 1-8

Trial Printouts and Proofs; 17x11 and various sizes


Series 41. The Writer, 2004 880717

Scope and Contents

A two-part limited edition artist's book inspired by Richard Wilbur's warm and gentle poem conveying a parent's respect and love for his child as she begins the voyage into adulthood. The two volumes are housed in a clamshell box with the larger volume containing the text of the poem set in 14-point courier and printed letterpress on BFK Rives paper. The smaller volume is a flip book, or rather a "flutter book," and contains selected words taken from the poem that reprise the poem with a new cadence. The edition in its box measures 12 x 12 x 1 1/4 inches. Edition of 54 copies.
box 33, folder 7

Design notes, general; includes sketchbook pages, correspondence with binder, letterpress layouts 955113

box 33, folder 8

Permissions: correspondence with Richard Wilbur and publisher; New Yorker article, Nov. 22, 2004 955115

box 33, folder 9

Page proofs: letterpress proofs and unbound page proofs 955117

box 33, folder 10

Polymer plates, typography 955119

box 33, folder 11

Labels, titles and placement patterns for large book 955121

box 33, folder 12

Inkjet monotype experiments: final image of starling in large book for vellum print 955123

box 33, folder 13

Starling cutouts 955125

box 33, folder 14-15

Flipbook design experiments and layout 955127

box 33, folder 16

Prospectus 955129

flat-box 34, folder 5-6

Starling flight monotypes and experiments: original monotypes, hand colored inkjet prints and transparencies 955131

flat-box 34, folder 7-8

Flight sequence: experiments and bird cutouts (2 folders) 955133

flat-box 34, folder 9

Flipbook layout and cover 955135

flat-box 34, folder 10

Vellum trials and extras 955137

flat-box 34, folder 11

Prototypes 955139

map-folder 35

Large books folding jig for inside cover 955141


Series 42. Writing on the Body, 1999 880719

Scope and Contents

Writing on the Body has been made in a limited edition of forty-five copies in the summer and fall of 1999 with eight hand colored photogravure etchings from mixed media figure drawings by Charles Hobson combined with fragments of Degas's handwriting. Kay Bradner made the plates for the photogravures and editioned the etchings with Charles Hobson who hand colored the etchings with pastel. The text has been hand set with 12 point Méridien on BFK Rives by Jack W. Stauffacher at The Greenwood Press, San Francisco. John DeMerritt bound the book.

Subseries A. Design Materials 880721

Scope and Contents

Materials relating to the design and research aspects of the book.
box 37, folder 12

Binding materials, spine and cover board matrix, matrix for cover paper 955143

box 37, folder 13

Preliminary text layout 955145

box 37, folder 14

Laser prints of drawings used in WOB 955147

box 37, folder 15

Preliminary dummy with Xerox and laser prints 955149

box 40, folder 1

Project notes/correspondence with binder and printer 955151

box 40, folder 2

Sample paper and fabrics: sample fabrics: sample book cloth with silk-screen 13" x 2"; cover paper hand painted with Degas photocopy (3 copies) 955153

box 40, folder 3

Xerox end paper proofs (9 copies) 955155

box 40, folder 4

Silk-screen end papers (4 copies) 955157

box 40, folder 5

Thank you letter from Jack Stauffacher dated 11/18/99. 955159

box 40, folder 6

Article from Nob Hill Gazette article re: Jack Stauffacher, March 1999 955161

box 40, folder 7

Excerpt from magazine Typographie, Oct. 1997 about Meridien typeface 955163

box 40, folder 8

Prospectus: Prospectus master materials and design matrix; Prospectus insert; Digital photos; Prospectus 955165

flat-box 38, folder 3

Degas handwriting and Mylar for etching overlays 955167

flat-box 38, folder 4

Typographic page proofs and corrections 955169

flat-box 38, folder 5

Blank typographic page proofs (15) 955171


Subseries B. Proofs and Plates 880723

Creator: DeMerritt, John
Creator: Collins, Billy
Creator: Centolella, Tom
Creator: Levy, Harriet Lane
Creator: Evans, Kathy
Creator: Shaw, Alice
Creator: Mann, Charmetta
Creator: Lopez, Barry
Creator: Wilbur, Richard
Creator: Twain, Mark, 1835-1910

Scope and Contents

Photogravure plates for various states of etchings for each work. Proofing was done by Kay Bradner and Charles Hobson over a period of several weeks, experimenting with color, cropping, and text overlay. Edition printing was done over a period of two weeks, with Kay doing the initial inking and Charles making final wiping adjustments and additions. In addition to the eight prints included in the book, three additional images were printed as possible alternatives for the design. 48 Trial Proofs and 42 plates and alternate plates from this process are included in the archive.

Subjects and Indexing Terms

Artists' books -- United States
Shipwrecks -- Artists' books
Longitude -- Measurement -- Artists' books
Constellations -- Artists' books
Artists' books
Colet, Louise
Flaubert, Gustave
Earhart, Amelia
Muybridge, Eadweard, 1830-1904

#1 Mystery, 3 plastic sleeves with 2 trial proofs and 3 plates, plus transparency, color notes, and inking notes 955173

box 41, items 1, sleeve 1

Plate #13; Trial Proof; Photogravure Gradient Strip 955175

box 41, items 1, sleeve 2

Alternate Plate #12 955177

box 41, items 1, sleeve 3

Alternate Plate #11; Trial Proof; transparency and Kodalith; color notes and inking note 955179


#2 Proportions, 4 plastic sleeves containing 9 trial proofs, 3 trial plates and 1 final plate plus transparency, color notes, and inking notes 955181

box 41, items 2, sleeve 1

Plate #3: 2 Trial Proofs: transparency and 2 Kodaliths; color notes and inking notes 955185

box 41, items 2, sleeve 2

Alternate Plate #4: 3 Trial Proofs; color notes and inking notes 955187

box 41, items 2, sleeve 3

Alternate Plate #1: 2 Trial Proofs 955189

box 41, items 2, items 4

Alternate Plate #2: 2 Trial Proofs; Photogravure Gradient Strip; color notes and inking notes 955191


#3 What Use, 6 plastic sleeves with 8 trial proofs and 5 plates, plus transparency, color notes, and inking notes 955183

box 41, items 3, sleeve 1

Plate Unnumbered: Trial Proof 955193

box 41, items 3, sleeve 2

Alternate Plate #2: Trial Proof 955195

box 41, items 3, sleeve 3

Alternate Plate #13A: Trial Proof 955197

box 41, items 3, sleeve 4

Alternate Plate #15: Trial Proof; Photogravure Gradient Strip 955199

box 41, items 3, sleeve 5

Plate #14 (unnumbered on plate): Trial Proof; color notes and inking notes 955201

box 41, items 3, sleeve 6

3 Trial Proofs: transparencies and 2 Kodaliths; color notes and inking notes [NO PLATE] 955203


#4 Turning, 5 plastic sleeves with 4 trial proofs and 4 plates, plus transparency, color notes, and inking notes 955205

box 42, items 4, sleeve 1

Plate #18A: Trial Proof 955207

box 42, items 4, sleeve 2

Alternate Plate #18: Trial Proof 955209

box 42, items 4, sleeve 3

Alternate Plate #17: Trial Proof 955211

box 42, items 4, sleeve 4

Alternate Plate #16: Trial Proof; Photogravure Gradient Strip 955213

box 42, items 4, sleeve 5

Transparencies and 2 Kodaliths: color notes and inking notes [NO PLATE] 955215


#5 Again, 8 plastic sleeves with 6 trial proofs and 6 plates, plus transparency, color notes, and inking notes 955217

box 42, items 5, sleeve 1

Plate #26A: Trial Proof 955219

box 42, items 5, sleeve 3

Alternate Plate #26B: Trial Proof 955221

box 42, items 5, sleeve 3

Alternate Plate #26: Trial Proof 955223

box 42, items 5, sleeve 4

Alternate Plate #25: Trial Proof 955225

box 42, items 5, sleeve 4

Alternate Plate #24: Trial Proof; color notes and inking notes 955227

box 42, items 5, sleeve 6

Alternate Plate #26C: Trial Proof 955229

box 42, items 5, sleeve 7

transparencies and 2 Kodaliths: etching notes [NO PLATES] 955231

box 42, items 5, sleeve 8

color notes and inking notes [NO PLATES] 955233


#6 Contour, 5 plastic sleeves with 4 trial proofs and 4 plates plus transparency, color notes, and inking notes 955235

box 42, items 6, sleeve 1

Plate #22: Trial Proof 955239

box 42, items 6, sleeve 2

Alternate Plate #22A (unnumbered on plate): Trial Proof 955241

box 42, items 6, sleeve 3

Alternate Plate #23: Trial Proof 955243

box 42, items 6, sleeve 4

Alternate Plate #23: Trial Proof 955245

box 42, items 6, sleeve 5

transparencies and Kodalith: color notes and inking notes [NO PLATES] 955247


#7 Essential, 4 plastic sleeves with 2 trial proofs and 3 plates plus transparency, color notes, and inking notes 955237

box 43, items 7, sleeve 1

Trial Proof #9: transparencies and Kodalith; color notes and inking notes [NO PLATE] 955251

box 43, items 7, sleeve 2

Alternate Plate #9A: Trial Proof 955253

box 43, items 7, sleeve 3

Alternate Plate #10: Trial Proof 955255

box 43, items 7, sleeve data_value_missing_2b64c1015b70536043472088040f7862

Alternate Plate Unnumbered 955257


#8 Artifice, 2 plastic sleeves with 2 trial proofs and 2 plates plus transparency, color notes, and inking notes 955249

box 43, items 8, sleeve 1

Plate #5: Trial Proof; transparency and Kodalith; color notes and inking notes 955261

box 43, items 8, sleeve 2

Alternate Plate #6: Trial Proof 955263


Alternative Image A, 3 plastic sleeves with 3 trial proofs and 3 plates plus transparency, color notes, and inking notes. 955259

box 43, items A, sleeve 1

Plate #21: Trial Proof 955267

box 43, items A, sleeve 2

Alternate Plate #20: Trial Proof; transparency and Kodalith 955269

box 43, items A, sleeve 3

Alternate Plate #19: Trial Proof; color notes and inking notes 955271


Alternative Image B: 6 plastic sleeves with 5 trial proofs and 5 plates plus transparency, color notes, and inking notes 955265

box 43, items B, sleeve 1

Plate #29B: Trial Proof 955273

box 43, items B, sleeve 2

Alternate Plate #29A: Trial Proof 955275

box 43, items B, sleeve 3

Alternate Plate #29: Trial Proof 955277

box 43, items B, sleeve 4

Alternate Plate #28: Trial Proof 955279

box 43, items B, sleeve 5

Alternate Plate #27: Trial Proof 955281

box 43, items B, sleeve 6

transparencies and Kodaliths: color notes and inking notes [NO PLATE] 955283


Alternative Image C, 4 plastic sleeves with 3 trial proofs and 3 plates plus transparency, color notes, and inking notes 955285

box 43, items C, sleeve 1

Plate #7: Trial Proof; Photogravure Gradient Strip; color notes and inking notes 955287

box 43, items C, sleeve 2

transparencies and Kodalith [NO PLATE] 955289

box 43, items C, sleeve 3

Alternate Plate #8A: Trial Proof 955291

box 43, items C, sleeve 4

Alternate Plate #8: Trial Proof 955293


Series 43. Accession 2021-129

box 68, folder 1

Demo for Bob Townsend of 13 plates from Quartet. Kay Bradner, J. Goldyne (VHS) May 2, 1986