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Descriptive Summary

Creator: Brighton Press
Title: Brighton Press Archive,
Date (inclusive): 1985 - 2001
Extent: 32.30 linear feet (10 archives boxes, 2 records cartons, 1 card file box, 181 oversize folders, and 26 art bin items.)
Abstract: Production materials (1985-2001) for books and broadsides published by Brighton Press, a San Diego (Calif.) fine press directed by Bill Kelly and Michele Burgess. Materials include correspondence with artists, production notes, woodcut blocks, etching plates, plate proofs, letterpress proofs, mock-ups, and trial housings. The archive is arranged chronologically by title of publication and includes the following books and broadsides: A) A COLORED POEM (1985), B) THE HOUSE THE POET BUILT (1985), C) MIDNIGHT CARNIVAL (1988), D) THE MOUSE AND THE WOMAN (1988), E) HARD TRAVELING (1989), F) JANET AND DELOSS: POEMS AND PICTURES (1990), G) PAPER OF LIVE FLESH (1990), H) SHE SAID: I TELL YOU IT DOESN'T HURT ME (1991), I) STERNBERG: A LIFE IN WOODCUTS (1991), J) ARTIFICIO PARA SOBREVIVIR = DEVICE FOR SURVIVAL (1992), K) DROUGHT (1992), L) FLAME (1992), M) PILGRIMS (1992), N) POEM MADE OF WATER (1992), O) SKIN OF GRACE (1992), P) TERRITORY (1993), Q) MAHLER:POEMS AND ETCHINGS (1994), R) PROCRUSTES INN REGISTER (1995), S) SEVEN PASSAGES TO A FLIGHT (1997), T) FORCE=EQUAL (1997), U) SLEEPING INSIDE THE GLACIER (1997), V) SWIMMING LESSONS (1999) and W) WHEN THERE WERE TREES (1999). Also includes administrative materials documentating the collaboration between Brighton Press and the artists it worked with.
Repository: University of California, San Diego. Geisel Library. Mandeville Special Collections Library.
La Jolla, California 92093-0175
Collection number: MSS 0486
Language of Material: Collection materials in English


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Administrative History

Brighton Press, located in San Diego (Calif.), was founded in 1985 by Bill Kelly, a self-taught printer and artist. Kelly initially focused on the production of fine prints, but the publication of "livres d'artistes" and limited edition books soon became the dominant activity. In 1985, Michele Burgess and James Renner joined Brighton Press as apprentice printers. Currently Burgess, who studied painting and printmaking at the University of San Diego and received a master's degree in printmaking from the Cranbrook Academy of Art, co-directs the press. Renner serves as editorial director.
The Brighton Press staff of artists, poets and craftspeople specializes in intaglio, relief and letterpress printing. They work with sculptors, poets, painters, and playwrights at their studio facility and often facilitate collaborative works between artists and authors.
Notable poets and authors published by Brighton Press include Sandra Alcosser, Juvenal Acosta, Mary Julia Klimenko, Janet Lewis, C.G. Hanzlicek, Stephen Metcalfe, W.D. Snodgrass, John Steinbeck, Dylan Thomas, Emilio Adolpho Westphalen, and Nancy Willard. Artists whose work appears in Brighton Press books include Michele Burgess, Robert Cremean, Bill Kelly, Deloss McGraw, Manuel Neri, Oldrich Prochazka, James Renner, Faith Ringgold, Derli Romero, Harry Sternberg, Fernando de Szyszlo, and Julia Talcott.

Scope and Content of Collection

The Brighton Press Archive documents the collaborations and production processes for most books and broadsides published between 1985 and 2001. Materials include correspondence with writers and artists, production notes, woodcut blocks, etching plates, plate proofs, letterpress proofs, mock-ups, and trial housings.
The archive is arranged in two series: 1) BOOKS AND BROADSIDES, and 2) ADMINISTRATIVE FILES.
A) A COLORED POEM (1985) -- Etchings by DeLoss McGraw and poem by W. D. Snodgrass. Six handcolored etchings. Six-stanza poem printed letterpress on Rives paper. Clamshell box covered with an etching printed on cotton. Edition of 50.
B) THE HOUSE THE POET BUILT (1985) -- Etchings by DeLoss McGraw and poem by W. D. Snodgrass. Ten handcolored etchings. Ten-stanza poem printed on Rives paper. Clamshell box covered with an etching printed on cotton. Edition of 30.
C) MIDNIGHT CARNIVAL (1988) -- Etchings by DeLoss McGraw and poems by W. D. Snodgrass. Ten handpainted etchings on Arches paper. Ten poems printed letterpress in ten colors on Rives paper. Clamshell box covered with a handpainted etching. Edition of 50.
D) THE MOUSE AND THE WOMAN (1988) -- Woodcuts by James Renner and text by Dylan Thomas. Seventeen woodcuts. Short story printed letterpress on Rives paper. Handbound in cotton with handpainted woodcut. Edition of 180.
E) HARD TRAVELING (1989) -- Etchings by DeLoss McGraw, text by John Steinbeck, Gary Soto, Woody Guthrie, and others. Ten handpainted etchings and four handpainted woodcuts on Arches paper. Handpainted clamshell box with inset photo and rubber stamp titles. Edition of 46.
F) JANET AND DELOSS: POEMS AND PICTURES (1990) -- Etchings by DeLoss McGraw and poems by Janet Lewis. Nine handpainted woodcuts on Arches paper. Five poems and four translations printed letterpress on Rives paper. Clamshell box covered with handpainted cotton. Edition of 50.
G) PAPER OF LIVE FLESH (1990) -- Etchings by Derli Romero and poems by Juvenal Acosta. Five chine colle etchings. Three poems printed letterpress in four colors on Arches paper. Concertina binding. Edition of 55.
H) SHE SAID: I TELL YOU IT DOESN'T HURT ME (1991) -- Etchings by Manuel Neri and poems by Mary Julia Klimenko. Eight handpainted etchings on Waterford paper. Eight poems printed letterpress on Nideggen paper. Clamshell box covered with hand dyed silk and printed with an etching. Additional handpainted artist's proof. Edition of 25.
I) STERNBERG: A LIFE IN WOODCUTS (1991) -- Woodcuts by Harry Sternberg. Forty autobiographical woodcuts printed on Sekishu paper. Letterpress printed on Guttenberg Laid paper. Bound in Richard de Bas paper and Japanese silk. Edition of 40. Deluxe edition of 40 includes complete suite of prints spoon-printed on Okawara paper.
J) ARTIFICIO PARA SOBREVIVIR = DEVICE FOR SURVIVAL (1992) -- Etchings by Fernando de Szyszlo and poems by Emilio Adolfo Westphalen. Six etchings in five colors. Four poems printed letterpress on Alcantara paper. Handbound in leather and Rives paper printed with an etching. Edition of 45.
K) DROUGHT (1992) -- Drypoint etching by Michele Burgess and poem by Sandra Alcosser. Broadside. Edition of 50.
L) FLAME (1992) -- Etchings by Michele Burgess and poem by Sandra Alcosser. Broadside. Edition of 50.
M) PILGRIMS: A ONE ACT PLAY (1992) -- Woodcuts by Julia Talcott and text by Stephen Metcalfe. Nine woodcuts in four colors. One-act play printed on Rives paper. Handbound with Fabriano paper printed with a two-colored woodcut. Edition of 30.
N) POEM MADE OF WATER (1992) -- Engravings by Michele Burgess and poem by Nancy Willard. Five chine colle drypoints. Five-stanza poem printed letterpress in six colors on seven handpainted folios. Clamshell box covered with a drypoint printed on Moriki paper. Edition of 35.
O) SKIN OF GRACE (1992) -- Eleven collage sculptures by Michele Burgess. Half bound in goatskin leather and vellum. One-of-a-kind.
P) TERRITORY (1993) -- Etchings by Manuel Neri and poems by Mary Julia Klimenko. One original mixed media drawing and five lithographs printed on Kozo paper. Twenty-one poems printed on Arches and Sudare Lace papers. Bound in full hand tooled leather. Clamshell box. Edition of 55.
Q) MAHLER: POEMS AND ETCHINGS (1994) -- Etchings by Oldrich Prochazka and poems by C. G. Hanzlicek. Eight etchings. Nine poems printed letterpress in two colors on Rives paper. Handbound in leather and paste paper. Edition of 55.
R) PROCRUSTES INN REGISTER (1995) -- Engravings by Robert Cremean. Nine pages printed with drypoint engravings, sculptural embossing and multi-color holographic text on Arches paper. Clamshell box covered with linen. Edition of 21. Deluxe edition of 7 includes wooden box with mounted sculptural relief and copper plate.
S) SEVEN PASSAGES TO A FLIGHT (1997) -- Etchings by Faith Ringgold. Nine handpainted and hand stenciled etchings. Autobiographical text printed on linen. Clamshell box covered with handpainted linen and fabric inlays. Edition of 30. Deluxe edition of 10 includes hand stenciled and hand sewn quilt.
T) FORCE = EQUAL (1997) -- Engravings by Bill Kelly. Six drypoints with pochoir. Five poems printed letterpress in two colors on Rives paper. Concertina binding in paste paper and vellum. Edition of 30.
U) SLEEPING INSIDE THE GLACIER (1997) -- Etchings by Michele Burgess and poems by Sandra Alcosser. Ten etchings and six collagraphs. Two poems printed letterpress on Roma, Lana, and Japanese handmade papers. Handbound in vellum and housed in a slipcase covered with paste paper and bearing a cast bronze sculpture. Edition of 35.
V) SWIMMING LESSONS (1999) -- Etching by Michele Burgess and poem by Nancy Willard. Hand colored drypoint. Edition of 12.
W) WHEN THERE WERE TREES (1999) -- Poem by Nancy Willard, prints by Michele Burgess and color by Merilyn Britt. Edition of 25.
The ADMINISTRATIVE FILES contain mainly correspondence documenting Brighton Press' collaborative efforts with the various artists and technicians to produce their fine press books and broadsides. Included are announcements, newspaper clippings, etchings, typescript drafts and photocopies of poems, monologues, and biographical materials, proofing records, production specification materials, original drawings, mock-ups, and samples of dyed papers and fabric. Of note are additions to PROCRUSTES INN REGISTER, (1994-1997) that include correspondence with Brighton's longtime, and sometimes contentious, collaborator, artist Robert Cremean, and which includes a detailed accounting of profits which Cremean had designated be paid to the Fresno Art Museum.
The two new works in this accession include typescript copies of two poems by Chard deNiord entitled, "Adam's Lament" and "Eve's Lament," as well as correspondence with Brian D. Cohen of the Bridge Press of Bellow Falls, VT, who collaborated on the project. The files do not contain a sample of the broadside, Cohen's etchings nor any other information regarding this limited edition published in 1996 as "Adam and Eve's Lament."
More extensive are the materials associated with the production of the book, WHEN THERE WERE TREES, (1999) which included a poem by Nancy Willard; drypoints and etching by Michele Burgess and paper color and design by Merilyn Britt. The files contain extensive correspondence spanning two years (1996-1998) between Burgess and Britt. This rich correspondence includes extensive discussion of Britt's use of natural bark materials to create dyes for paper and cloth used for the book, her search for additional types of bark, and includes samples of what different techniques of bathing the paper or cloth produced. Also included is the
"editor's palette" which shows the papers actually used for each numbered edition (different editions had different-colored paper) and the edition's purchaser. Photographs document the collation of the printed book, where Britt joined the Brighton Press staff, in this near-final process.

Indexing Terms

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Brighton Press -- Archives
Publishers and publishing -- United States
Artists' books -- California -- San Diego -- Archives
Artists' books -- 20th Century.


Kelly, Bill, 1948-
Burgess, Michele
McGraw, DeLoss. -- Colored poem
Snodgrass, W. D. -- (William De Witt), 1926- -- House the poet built
Snodgrass, W. D. -- (William De Witt), 1926- -- Midnight carnival
Thomas, Dylan, 1914-1953. -- Mouse and the woman
McGraw, DeLoss. -- Hard traveling
Lewis, Janet, 1899-1998. -- Janet and DeLoss
Acosta Hernández, Juvenal. -- Paper of live flesh
Julia, Mary. -- She said I tell you it doesn't hurt me
Sternberg, Harry, 1904- -- Sternberg, a life in woodcuts
Westphalen, Emilio Adolpho. -- Artificio para sobrevivir
Alcosser, Sandra, 1944- -- Drought
Alcosser, Sandra, 1944- -- Flame
Metcalfe, Steve. -- Pilgrims
Willard, Nancy. -- Poem made of water
Willard, Nancy. -- Skin of grace
Julia, Mary. -- Territory
Cremean, Robert, 1932- -- Procrustes inn register
Ringgold, Faith. -- Seven passages to a flight
Kelly, Bill, 1948- -- Force = equal
Alcosser, Sandra, 1944- -- Sleeping inside the glacier
Willard, Nancy. -- Swimming lessons
Hanzlicek, C. G., 1942- -- Mahler

Collection Contents





box 1, folder 1

Production notes

box 1, folder 2

Five drawings on tissue by McGraw

box 1, folder 3, oversize AB027A

Five etching plates


Missing "W. D. under arrest."
box 1, folder 4

Five hand-painted plate proofs

box 1, folder 5, oversize AB027A

Handset type plate - Page form for table of contents

box 1, folder 6

Letterpress proofs of table of contents, annotated

box 1, folder 7

Letterpress proofs of poem stanzas, in actual size of book

box 1, folder 8

Colophon - Edited typescript of text and signed letterpress proof

box 1, folder 9, oversize FB28301

First trial clamshell box - Plate proofs on cloth and paper, includes sketch on tissue

box 1, folder 10, oversize FB28302

First trial clamshell box - Hand-painted plate proof 27/40 signed by McGraw

box 1, folder 11

Two first trial clamshell boxes for housing prints

box 1, folder 12, oversize AB027A

Final clamshell box - Etching plate for cover

box 1, folder 13, oversize FB28303

Final clamshell box - Plate proofs on cloth and paper

box 1, folder 14

Promotional material - Sketch of layout [for broadside ?]



box 1, folder 15

Preface - Edited typescripts

box 1, folder 16, oversize FB28304

Preface - Paste-ups

box 1, folder 17, oversize FB28305

Six plate proofs

box 1, folder 18, oversize FB28306

Plate proofs with text, signed by McGraw

box 1, folder 19, oversize FB28307

Three hand-painted plate proofs

box 1, folder 20, oversize FB28308

Letterpress proofs

box 1, folder 21

Biography page - Edited typescripts

box 1, folder 22, oversize FB28309

Biography page - Letterpress proofs, includes photograph

box 1, folder 23, oversize AB027A

Biography page - Plate, not used

box 1, folder 24

Colophon - Annotated typescript

box 1, folder 25, oversize AB021F

Clamshell box cover - Etching plate

box 1, folder 26, oversize FB29401

Clamshell box - Plate proof

box 1, folder 27, oversize FB29402

Clamshell box - Hand-painted plate proof

box 1, folder 28, oversize FB33601

Plate case, decorated wooden box


[Plates owned Cal State Long Beach, plate case used to carry plates to Snodgrass].
box 1, folder 29

Promotional material - Drawing on tissue by McGraw

box 1, folder 30, oversize AB027A

Promotional material - Etching plate for invitation

box 1, folder 31

Promotional material - Two plate proofs, one hand-painted

box 1, folder 32

Promotional material - Letterpress proof



box 1, folder 33

Production notes and correspondence

box 1, folder 34, oversize FB28310

Foreword - Edited typescripts and letterpress proofs

box 1, folder 35, oversize FB33602

Table of contents - Nine cut blocks


Missing "The Capture of Mr. Sun."
box 1, folder 36, oversize FB28311

Table of contents - Eight plate proofs with specifications

box 1, folder 37, oversize FB28312

Seven drawings on tissue by McGraw

box 1, folder 38, oversize AB027A

Nine etching plates


Missing "A Strolling Minstrel's Ballad of Skulls and Flowers," plate 8.
box 1, folder 39, oversize FB28313

Twelve plate proofs

box 1, folder 40, oversize FB28314

McGraw's color chart

box 1, folder 41, oversize FB28315

Four hand-painted plate proofs

box 1, folder 42, oversize FB28316

Galley proofs, edited

box 1, folder 43, oversize FB28317


box 1, folder 44

Photograph print and negative of author and artist for book

box 1, folder 45, oversize FB29403

Clamshell box - Drawing on tissue by McGraw, color specifications and two plate proofs

box 1, folder 46, oversize AB021F

Clamshell box - Etching plate

box 1, folder 47, oversize FB29404

Complete mock-up with template for paper tearing and clamshell box

box 1, folder 48

Production notes



box 1, folder 49

Title page - Tissues and layouts

box 1, folder 50

Copyright page, edited, used for "display type" and photocopies of text

box 1, folder 51, oversize FB28401

Layout specifications

box 1, folder 52

Thirteen drawings on tissue by Renner

box 1, folder 53, oversize FB33801

Seventeen woodcut blocks, includes "Schultz - birds" by Renner

box 1, folder 54, oversize FB28402

Fifty-four woodcut trial proofs signed by Renner


Includes a black-and-white photo-negative for an inverse version of woodcut.
box 1, folder 55, oversize FB28403

Woodcut proof, not used

box 1, folder 56, oversize FB28404

Galley proofs, corrected

box 1, folder 57, oversize FB28405


box 1, folder 58, oversize FB28406

Letterpress proofs

box 1, folder 59, oversize FB28407

Letterpress proofs, includes sample prints of handset Coslon (copy #135, signed by Renner), annotated

box 1, folder 60, oversize FB33802

Chapter numerals - Twenty-four woodcut blocks, missing #23

box 1, folder 61, oversize FB28408

Chapter numerals - Drawings on tissue, paste-ups, edited layout proofs, and color samples

box 1, folder 62, oversize FB28409

Colophon - Edited typescripts and letterpress proof overlayed with sketch on tissue, signed by Renner

box 1, folder 63, oversize FB28410

Bookcover - Drawing on tissue by Renner and finished cover

box 1, folder 64

Four mock-ups, includes signed woodcut proofs by Renner

box 1, folder 65, oversize FB28411

Promotional materials - Sketch, edited typescripts, paste-ups, edited letterpress proofs, and final proof


Includes signed announcements and correspondence.


box 2, folder 1

Correspondence regarding production 1989 - 1990

box 2, folder 2, oversize FB28501

Production notes

box 2, folder 3, oversize FB33702

Title page - Woodcut block of shoe, not used

box 2, folder 4, oversize FB28502

Title page - Two hand-painted proofs, not used

box 2, folder 5, oversize FB28503

Introduction - Typescript of drafts, paste-ups and letterpress proof

box 2, folder 6, oversize FB28504

Twelve drawings on tissue by McGraw, missing tissue for plate #8


Includes title page and two sketches never used.
box 2, folder 7, oversize AB027A

Eleven etching plates, includes plate for title page, not used

box 2, folder 8, oversize FB28505

Ten plate proofs

box 2, folder 9, oversize FB28506

Eleven hand-painted plate proofs

box 2, folder 10

Rubber stamps - Numeral specifications

box 2, folder 11, oversize FB33703

Rubber stamps (27 letters, 18 numerals and 7 misc.)


Stamps for plate proofs used to title artwork; numerals are used to identify the plate number on verso.
box 2, folder 12, oversize FB28507

Woodcut folio - Woodcut templates on card board (Shovel, Hammer, Shoe, and Hand)

box 2, folder 13, oversize AB021F

Woodcut folio - Woodcut blocks (for Burning House, Shoe, Tower, Hand, and Hammer)

box 2, folder 14, oversize FB29405

Woodcut folio - Woodcut proof of Shoe

box 2, folder 15, oversize FB28508

Woodcut folio - Hand-painted proof of Hammer, not used

box 2, folder 16, oversize FB28509

Woodcut folio - Enclosure mock-up for folios with specifications

box 2, folder 17, oversize FB28510

Woodcut folio - Enclosures, rejected

box 2, folder 18

Woody Guthrie letter - Selected copies of letters, annotated

box 2, folder 19, oversize FB28511

Woody Guthrie letter - Paste-ups

box 2, folder 20, oversize AB027A

Woody Guthrie letter - Woodcut block

box 2, folder 21, oversize FB28512

Letterpress proofs, annotated

box 2, folder 22

Photographs for clamshell box and colophon

box 2, folder 23, oversize FB28513

Colophon - Draft and letterpress proofs, (1/90 signed by McGraw)

box 2, folder 24, oversize FB28514

Clamshell box - Template for lettering

box 2, folder 25, oversize FB33701

Clamshell boxes - Three handpainted mock-ups

box 2, folder 26, oversize FB28515

Template for paper tearing

box 2, folder 27, oversize FB28516

Promotional materials - Edited typescripts, "Rambling Shoe" postcard and catalog



box 2, folder 28

Correspondence with Michael T. Ryan regarding production

box 2, folder 29

Correspondence, letters between Lewis and McGraw

box 2, folder 30

Production notes

box 2, folder 31, oversize FB29406

Twenty-one drawings on tissue by McGraw and nine templates

box 2, folder 32, oversize FB28606

Title page - Sketch and letterpress proofs

box 2, folder 33, oversize FB28602

Introduction - Edited typescript and galley proofs

box 2, folder 34, oversize FB33901

Woodcut blocks for plates #1-9

box 2, folder 35, oversize FB29407

Nine woodcut proofs

box 2, folder 36, oversize FB28601

Ten woodcut proofs hand-painted by McGraw

box 2, folder 37

Typescript of selected poems

box 2, folder 38, oversize FB28603


box 2, folder 39, oversize FB28604

Letterpress proofs, edited

box 2, folder 40, oversize FB28605

Letterpress proofs, includes colophon signed by Lewis and McGraw

box 2, folder 41

Biographies, drafts

box 2, folder 42

Colophon - Drafts, letterpress proof and photograph of "persimmons"

box 2, folder 43

Clamshell box - Mock-up materials and sample of text on fabric

box 2, folder 44, oversize FB28601

Clamshell box - Mock-up, not used

box 2, folder 45, oversize FB28607

Promotional materials - Sketches, layout, letterpress proofs, and hand-painted broadside signed by authors

box 2, folder 46

Articles about book

box 2, folder 47

Directions to Janet's house



box 2, folder 48

Production notes

box 2, folder 49

Title page - Sketch on card board

box 2, folder 50, oversize FB28701

Title page - Letterpress proofs with different colored inks

box 2, folder 51, oversize FB28702

Layout and specifications

box 2, folder 52

Chine colle

box 2, folder 53, oversize FB28703

Fifteen plate proofs, includes plate proofs not used

box 2, folder 54


box 2, folder 55, oversize FB28704

Four plate proofs with text, page layouts

box 2, folder 56

Manuscripts and edited typescripts

box 2, folder 57

Letterpress proofs

box 2, folder 58

Colophon - Manuscript and edited typescripts with note

box 2, folder 59


box 2, folder 60

Mock-up, Romero's proof



box 2, folder 61

Production notes

box 2, folder 62

Title font selection

box 2, folder 63

Table of contents - Letterpress proofs

box 2, folder 64, oversize FB28608

Two drawings on tissue by Neri

box 2, folder 65, oversize FB34101

Four etching plates

box 2, folder 66, oversize FB34102

Two etching plates, not used

box 2, folder 67, oversize FB28609

Two plate proofs

box 2, folder 68, oversize FB28610

Hand-painted plate proof, annotated

box 2, folder 69

Typescripts, edited

box 2, folder 70, oversize FB28611

Galley proofs

box 2, folder 71

Mary Julia's suggestion for text

box 2, folder 72

Biographies and colophon, edited

box 2, folder 73, oversize FB28612

Bookcover - Layouts and sketches

box 2, folder 74, oversize FB28613

Bookcover - Two plate proofs on fabric, includes note

box 2, folder 75


box 2, folder 76, oversize FB28614

Promotional materials - Typescripts and brochure

box 2, folder 77, oversize FB33603

Broom brushes for applying resist to etching plates



box 3, folder 1

Correspondence regarding production, includes letters from Sternberg

box 3, folder 2

Correspondence with Alfred Kazin regarding his writing of the introduction

box 3, folder 3

Production notes

box 3, folder 4, oversize FB28705

Foreword - Edited typescript and galley proofs

box 3, folder 5

Twenty-three original drawings by Sternberg

box 3, folder 6, oversize FB34002

Woodcut block, title

box 3, folder 7, oversize FB34001

Woodcut block for #36 [oversize]

box 4, folder 1

Woodcut blocks #1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10-14, 16.

box 5, folder 1

Woodcut blocks 17-19, 21-23, 25, 27-31

box 6, folder 1

Woodcut blocks 32-35


Includes a block not used.
box 7, folder 1

Woodcut blocks for numerals 1-36

box 7, folder 2

Woodcut blocks, four decorative designs [not used]

box 8, folder 1, oversize FB28706


box 8, folder 2, oversize FB28707

Six woodcut proofs, includes thirty-seven proofs corrected by Sternberg

box 8, folder 3, oversize FB28708

Woodcut proof with text (page layout sample)

box 8, folder 4, oversize FB28709

Two woodcut proofs, not used

box 8, folder 5, oversize FB28710

Biographical chronology - Research materials, edited typescripts and letterpress proofs

box 8, folder 6

Colophon - Edited typescripts

box 8, folder 7, oversize FB28711

Bookcover - Proofs of photograph and border design

box 8, folder 8, oversize FB28712

Bookcover - Mock-up with photograph paste-up

box 8, folder 9, oversize FB28713

Bookcover - Rejected cover cloth and binding design

box 8, folder 10, oversize FB28801

Four mock-ups


Includes notes.
box 8, folder 11, oversize FB28802

Promotional materials - Edited typescripts, notes, paste-ups, announcement cards, and articles



box 8, folder 12

Correspondence regarding production, includes letters from de Szyszlo

box 8, folder 13, oversize FB28901

Three drawings on tissue by de Szyszlo

box 8, folder 14

Black-and-white gradation strip for color range

box 8, folder 15, oversize FB28902

Etching plate for cover


This plate was also used for an edition of prints published earlier.
box 8, folder 16, oversize AB027B

Fifteen etching plates

box 8, folder 17

Twenty plate proofs

box 8, folder 18

Eleven hand-painted plate proofs

box 8, folder 19, oversize FB28903

Layout, "1:1 type high mount (not screened - no dot)" [copy of plate proof with cut-outs, mounted]

box 8, folder 20, oversize FB28904

Plate proof, includes sketches on verso

box 8, folder 21, oversize FB28905


box 8, folder 22

Typescripts, with editor's notes

box 8, folder 23, oversize FB28906

Two proofs with text

box 8, folder 24, oversize FB28907

Three hand-painted plate proofs, not used

box 8, folder 25

Colophon - Edited typescripts


DROUGHT (1992)

box 8, folder 26, oversize FB28803

Burgess's drawing on tissue, matted

box 8, folder 27, oversize FB28804

Collagraph plate

box 8, folder 28, oversize AB027D

Dry point plate

box 8, folder 29, oversize FB28805

Two hand-painted proofs, annotated

box 8, folder 30

Typescripts, edited


Includes corrections on FLAME.

FLAME (1992)

box 8, folder 31

Two drawings on tissue by Burgess

box 8, folder 32, oversize AB027B

Two etching plates

box 8, folder 33

Eight plate proofs, one signed by Burgess



box 8, folder 34

Correspondence with Julia Talcott 1991

box 8, folder 35

Production notes

box 8, folder 36

Compositional sketches, includes correspondence

box 8, folder 37, oversize FB28806

Ten woodcut proofs, annotated photocopies

box 8, folder 38, oversize FB28807

Two woodcut proofs, colored

box 8, folder 39

Typescripts, annotated


Includes correspondence.
box 8, folder 40

Text and ink color samples

box 8, folder 41, oversize FB28808

Letterpress proofs

box 8, folder 42

Colophon - Typescripts

box 8, folder 43

Fabric sample [for cover?]



box 9, folder 1

Production notes

box 9, folder 2

Introduction note by Nancy Willard

box 9, folder 3

Title page - Sketch on a mock-up folio

box 9, folder 4

Chine colle pieces for plate #2

box 9, folder 5, oversize AB027D

Copper dry point plates for folio 1 and 2

box 9, folder 6, oversize AB027D

Copper dry point plates for folio 3, 4 and 5

box 9, folder 7, oversize FB28809

Etching plate for box cover

box 9, folder 8, oversize FB28810

Stencil, template and hand-painted paper for plate #5


Rejected proof.
box 9, folder 9

Hand-painted plate proof for plate #5 with text

box 9, folder 10, oversize FB28811

Hand-painted folios - Trial laminations, none worked

box 9, folder 11, oversize FB28812

Hand-painted folios - Trial sample for paste paper

box 9, folder 12, oversize FB28813

Acrylic template used to make hand-painted folios

box 9, folder 13, oversize FB28814


box 9, folder 14, oversize FB28815

Letterpress proofs

box 9, folder 15

Colophon - Edited typescripts and letterpress proof, includes correspondence

box 9, folder 16

Notes from Jill Jevne regarding cover for clamshell box

box 9, folder 17

Clamshell box - Ribbon samples

box 9, folder 18


box 9, folder 19

Promotional materials - Paste-up, edited typescript and announcement cards



box 9, folder 20, oversize FB29001

Manuscript mock-up with cover

box 9, folder 21, oversize FB29002

Paste-up and mock-up



box 9, folder 22

Correspondence regarding production

box 9, folder 23

Production notes regarding type

box 9, folder 24

First manuscript

box 9, folder 25

Typescripts, edited

box 9, folder 26

Table of contents, edited

box 9, folder 27, oversize FB29003

Title page - Paste-ups, not used

box 9, folder 28, oversize FB29004

A - Title page - Letterpress proof

box 9, folder 29

Introduction - Edited typescripts

box 9, folder 30, oversize AB021F

A - Three etching plates for frontispiece, not used

box 9, folder 31, oversize AB021F

A - Eight etching plates, not used

box 9, folder 32, oversize FB29005

A - Eleven plate proofs, cut-outs and bookcover layout

box 9, folder 33, oversize FB29006

A - Fifteen hand-painted plate proofs, not used

box 9, folder 34, oversize FB29007

A - Paper sample

box 9, folder 35

A - Mock-up, old imposition

box 9, folder 36, oversize FB29008

A - Mock-up

box 9, folder 37, oversize FB29009

B - Title page - Paste-ups

box 9, folder 38, oversize FB29010

B - Page mock-ups for lithographs with specifications

box 9, folder 39, oversize FB29011

B - Seven lithogragh proofs signed by Neri

box 9, folder 40, oversize FB29012

B - Two lithograph proofs signed by Neri, not used

box 9, folder 41, oversize FB29013

B - Paste-ups

box 9, folder 42, oversize FB29101

B - Type layout proofs, includes title page

box 9, folder 43, oversize FB29102

B - Letterpress proofs

box 9, folder 44

Afterword by Mary Julia Klimenko, edited typescripts

box 9, folder 45

Biographies, edited

box 9, folder 46

Colophon - Edited typescript, includes correspondence

box 9, folder 47, oversize FB29103

B - Paper samples

box 9, folder 48, oversize FB29104

B - Binding materials, samples and correspondence

box 9, folder 49

B - Mock-up, imposition

box 9, folder 50, oversize FB29105

Promotional materials - Paste-ups


MAHLER (1994)

box 9, folder 51

Correspondence regarding production

box 9, folder 52

Production notes

box 9, folder 53, oversize AB027B

Eight etching plates

box 9, folder 54, oversize FB34201

Etching plate, not used

box 9, folder 55, oversize FB29106

Fourteen early plate proofs

box 9, folder 56, oversize FB29107

Eighteen plate proofs

box 9, folder 57

Plate proof, portrait of Prochazka

box 9, folder 58, oversize FB29108

Two plate proofs, portrait of Hanzlicek and Prochazka

box 9, folder 59, oversize FB29109

Ink color proofs for title page plate background and type

box 9, folder 60, oversize FB29110

Twenty-two state plate proofs, not used


Part 1.
box 9, folder 61, oversize FB29111

Eighteen state plate proofs, not used


Part 2.
box 9, folder 62


box 9, folder 63, oversize FB29112

Galley proofs, edited

box 9, folder 64, oversize FB29408

Layout specifications

box 9, folder 65, oversize FB29201


box 10, folder 1, oversize FB29202

Letterpress proofs

box 10, folder 2

Letterpress proofs, edited

box 10, folder 3, oversize FB29203

Proofs for positioning text and plates

box 10, folder 4

Template (#D2") for positioning plates [?]

box 10, folder 5, oversize FB29204

Letterpress proofs, final for color

box 10, folder 6

Colophon - Typescripts

box 10, folder 7, oversize FB29205

Practice colophon signatures on edited letterpress proof

box 10, folder 8

Color samples - Ink, paper and fabric

box 10, folder 9

Three mock-ups, impositions

box 10, folder 10, oversize FB29206

Paste-up and mock-up, includes sample binding materials and notes

box 10, folder 11, oversize FB29207


box 10, folder 12, oversize FB29208

Two mock-ups, not used

box 10, folder 13, oversize FB29209

Promotional material - Paste-up



box 10, folder 14

Correspondence regarding production

box 10, folder 15

Letters from Cremean

box 10, folder 16

Production notes

box 10, folder 17

Meeting notes

box 10, folder 18

Note from phone call between Cremean and Burgess

box 10, folder 19, oversize FB28908

Title page layout and nine proofs

box 10, folder 20

Title for type [?], not used

box 10, folder 21, oversize FB29409

Two handwritten manuscripts and eight proofs of monologue


Includes monologue proofs with different colored ink (4).
box 10, folder 22, oversize FB34202

Two sample monologue plates, not used

box 10, folder 23, oversize FB34203

Two monologue plates

box 10, folder 24, oversize FB28909

Seven drawings for drypoint engravings by Cremean

box 10, folder 25, oversize FB29210

Six trial proofs to familiarize Cremean with drypoint engraving, includes sketch on tissue

box 10, folder 26, oversize MC07401

Sixteen proofs of drypoint engravings with Cremean's comments

box 10, folder 27, oversize AB027C

Relief sculpture with text imprint

box 10, folder 28, oversize MC07402

Eight embossed proofs

box 10, folder 29

Eight embossed proofs identified with sample ink color for text

box 10, folder 30, oversize AB027C

Text plates #1-7

box 10, folder 31, oversize AB027C

Text plate #5, not used [sample only]

box 10, folder 32, oversize FB29211

Letterpress proof for print quality

box 10, folder 33

Seven text proofs

box 10, folder 34

Twenty-one text proofs in different colors

box 10, folder 35, oversize FB28910

Plexiglass template for positioning relief sculpture [?]

box 10, folder 36, oversize MC07403

Seventeen proofs of embossing, text and drypoint engravings

box 10, folder 37, oversize MC07404

Five page proofs - Good first pull, not used

box 10, folder 38, oversize FB28911

Colophon - Letterpress proof

box 10, folder 39

Clamshell box label, layout and five proofs

box 10, folder 40, oversize AB027C

Clamshell box label plate, not used

box 10, folder 41, oversize FB38101

Mock-up, includes first appeared prints signed by Cremean in clamshell box

box 10, folder 42

Promotional materials - Edited typescript, layouts and letterpress proof



box 10, folder 43

Production notes

box 10, folder 44, oversize FB38102

Sketches on newsprint

box 10, folder 45, oversize AB027C

Nine etching plates

box 10, folder 46, oversize FB29301

Eight plate proofs, first pulls on paper

box 10, folder 47, oversize FB29410

Nine plate proofs, hand-painted on a large sheet of fabric

box 10, folder 48

Fabric samples for book pages

box 11, folder 1, oversize FB29302

Five plate proofs in different colored inks on fabric

box 11, folder 2, oversize FB29303

Three plate proofs on fabric

box 11, folder 3, oversize FB29304

Two paste-ups, hand-painted

box 11, folder 4, oversize FB29305

Six hand-painted plate proofs and text positioning

box 11, folder 5, oversize FB29306

Twenty-one proofs for coloring borders, includes specifications and templates

box 11, folder 6, oversize AB027C

Etching plates for numerals, two sets of 8

box 11, folder 7, oversize FB29307

Numerals - Plate proof

box 11, folder 8, oversize FB29308

Typescripts, edited and page layout for "Today I make murals..."

box 11, folder 9

Type layouts

box 11, folder 10

Sample typefaces, not used

box 11, folder 11, oversize FB29309

Camera ready text for polymer plates for book

box 11, folder 12, oversize AB027C

Polymer plates for type


Includes polymer plates for quilt.
box 11, folder 13

Letterpress proofs on paper

box 11, folder 14, oversize FB29310

Letterpress proofs on fabric

box 11, folder 15

Mock-up of a chapter, hand-painted plate proof with text

box 11, folder 16

Colophon - Edited typescript

box 11, folder 17, oversize FB29311

Template for clamshell box and page design

box 11, folder 18, oversize FB29312

Clamshell box design paste-up with specifications and cloth samples

box 11, folder 19

Mock-up (and paste-ups) with corrections and specifications


FORCE = EQUAL (1997)

box 11, folder 20

Production notes

box 11, folder 21

Four sketches by Kelly

box 11, folder 22, oversize AB027C

Drypoint etching plates


Missing plates 1, 3 and 5.
box 11, folder 23

Title page - Proofs on paper and vellum

box 11, folder 24

Title page - Corrected plate proof

box 11, folder 25

Ink drawing for etching

box 11, folder 26

Four plate proofs

box 11, folder 27

Two plate proof with text

box 11, folder 28, oversize FB29313

Stencil for coloring [plate #4]

box 11, folder 29

Hand-painted plate proof of centerspread, early version and stencil [plate #4]

box 11, folder 30

Letterpress proofs, corrected by Kelly

box 11, folder 31


box 11, folder 32

Colophon - Edited letterpress proof

box 11, folder 33

Mock-up (and paste-ups) with specifications

box 11, folder 34

Mock-up, annotated



box 11, folder 35

Correspondence with Sandra Alcosser

box 11, folder 36

Production notes

box 11, folder 37, oversize FB38103

Artist's tissue for plate #3 and #4

box 11, folder 38

Paste-ups on ink drawing [plate #6]

box 11, folder 39, oversize FB38104

Ink washes

box 11, folder 40, oversize AB027D

Eleven etching plates

box 11, folder 41, oversize FB34204

Etching plate, plate #1

box 11, folder 42, oversize FB29314

Six plate proofs on different paper surfaces

box 11, folder 43, oversize FB34205

Four collagraph plates

box 11, folder 44, oversize FB34206

Etching proof on collagraph

box 11, folder 45, oversize FB29315

Two collagraph proofs for etching prints

box 11, folder 46, oversize FB29316

Six plate proofs with text

box 11, folder 47, oversize FB29317

Twelve plate proofs and sketch, for plates not used

box 11, folder 48

Text, annotated photocopies

box 11, folder 49

Title page - Type size and layout selections

box 11, folder 50, oversize FB29411

Galley proofs

box 11, folder 51, oversize FB29318

Stats for polymer plates (type)

box 11, folder 52, oversize AB027D

Polymer plates for type

box 11, folder 53

Letterpress proofs, annotated by author

box 11, folder 54, oversize FB29319

Letterpress proofs on collagraph, annotated

box 11, folder 55

Vellum proofs [for binding]

box 11, folder 56

Early mock-up



box 11, folder 57, oversize FB38105

Drawing in graphite for broadside on front and back side

box 11, folder 58, oversize FB38106

Etching plate

box 11, folder 59, oversize FB38107

Two plate proofs

box 11, folder 60, oversize FB38108

Letterpress proofs

box 11, folder 61

Promotional material - Typescript



box 12, folder 1

Printing specifications, mock-ups, color palette lists, and handwritten notes on the printing process 1996 - 1999

box 12, folder 2, oversize FB38109

"Editor's Palette" displaying different colored paper for different editons 1996 - 1999



box 12, folder 3



Contains correspondence, an announcement, typescript copies of poems entitled, "W.D.'s House of Horrors," "The Tattooed Man," and "Wire Walker."
box 12, folder 4

HARD TRAVELING 1988 - 1989


Contains a copy of title page on onion skin and handwritten printing instructions including notations on layout of acetate and color samples. Includes correspondence to poet W.D. Snodgrass.
box 12, folder 5



Contains correspondence and an announcement.
box 12, folder 6



Contains correspondence with poet Juvenal Acosta.
box 12, folder 7



Contains announcements, one for the SHE SAID . . . publication, and one for both SHE SAID . . . and TERRITORY, both books containing poems by Mary Julia Klimenko and art by Manuel Neri.
box 12, folder 8



Contains correspondence with author Harry Sternberg and "Introduction" writer, choreographer Bella Lewitsky, announcements, drafts of introduction, lists of woodcuts coordinated to Sternberg's life events, production notes, and samples of paper.
box 12, folder 9



Contains correspondence, announcements, the original metal for the book's spine, lists of artist Westphalen's recent works (in Spanish), newspaper clippings, and pre-production materials.
box 12, folder 10

POEM MADE OF WATER 1991 - 1995


Contains correspondence, proofing records, an announcement, and paper samples.
box 12, folder 11



Contains correspondence, a newspaper clipping, etchings, page proofs, production specifications, and photographic prints of etchings.
box 12, folder 12



Part one. Contains correspondence, contracts, press releases, announcements, and care and handling instructions. Includes correspondence regarding book profits that Cremean directed be paid to the Fresno Art Museum.
box 12, folder 13



Part two. Contains correspondence, artist Cremean's curriculum vitae, exhibition announcements, and newspaper clippings regarding Cremean.
box 12, folder 14



Part three. Contains handwritten monologues, diagrams of artist's original concept and printed announcements.
box 12, folder 15

SEVEN PASSAGES 1992 - 1995


Contains correspondence, drafts of biographical notes that serve as the text of the book, production specifications, calendars, announcements and cover page samples.
box 12, folder 16



Contains correspondence, typescripts and photocopies of poems by Sandra Alcosser, miscellaneous handwritten notes, and an original pencil drawing by Michele Burgess.
box 12, folder 17



Contains correspondence with etchings creator, Brian D. Cohen of Bridge Press, Bellow Falls, VT and typescript of two poems by Chard deNiord entitled, "Adam's Lament" and "Eve's Lament" for broadside published in 1996.
box 13, folder 1



Part one. Contains correspondence, a newspaper clipping, typescript and proofs of poems, printing specifications, and an announcement. Include typescript of poem by Nancy Willard entitled, "One for the Road."
box 13, folder 2



Part two. Contains correspondence, postcards, dye samples and photocopied letter by Merilyn Britt seeking particular tree barks.
box 13, folder 3



Part three. Contains correspondence, sample strips of dyed paper and cloth, photographs of Merilyn Britt and Brighton Press employees collating the book, postcards, and announcements.
box 13, folder 4

Originals of Preservation Photocopies