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Workman Family Papers

Collection number: CSLA-9

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Loyola Marymount University

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Workman family papers
Date (inclusive): 1881-1997
Collection number: CSLA-9
Creator: Workman family
Extent: 24 archival document boxes, 14 oversize boxes, 6 flat files in on emap case drawer
Repository: Loyola Marymount University. William H. Hannon Library. Department of Archives and Special Collections
Los Angeles, California 90045-8200
Abstract: These holdings consist of materials related to the life and accomplishments of a leading Los Angeles family, the Workmans, influential in city politics, social work, and prperty development.
Physical location: Research use requires both an advance notice of intent to use the collection and an appointment. To schedule an appointment, please contact the Department of Archives and Special Collection, William H. Hannon Library, Loyola Marymount University: 310-338-2780, 310-338-5357.
Languages: Languages represented in the collection:English


This collection is part of the Center for the Study of Los Angeles Research Collection, a program of the Thomas and Dorothy Leavey Center for the Study of Los Angeles, Loyola Marymount University. The Research Collection is administered by the Department of Archives and Special Collections, Loyola Marymount University; the Workman Family Papers are open to research under the department's terms of use.

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[item], Series title, box and folder numbers, Workman Family Papers, CSLA-9, Department of Archives and Special Collections, William H. Hannon Library, Loyola Marymount University.

Acquisition Information

Gift of David A. Workman, 1999, 2001

Workman Family Biography

Tracing its residence in Los Angeles back to the mid-nineteenth century, the Workman family holds a distinguished place in the city's history. Two brothers, David (1798-1855) and William (1800-1876), originally from England, were the first Workmans to settle in Los Angeles: David came from Missouri, and William from Taos, New Mexico. Of their descendants, the following Workmans figure most prominently in the collection: William H. Workman, the son of David, and his wife Maria Elizabeth; their daughter Mary Julia Workman; her sister-in-law, Margaret Workman, wife of Mary's brother Thomas.
William H. and Maria E. Workman
William H. Workman (1839-1918) would make his great mark in Los Angeles politics and the development of the city infrastructure. The most important civic office that William Workman held was mayor of Los Angeles, from 1887 to 1888, during which time he investigated civic corruption in Los Angeles, had Fort (Broadway), Spring, Hill, and Main streets paved, and supported the establishment of the city library. Workman had served on the city council for much of the 1870s (1872-1874;1875-1880). As a council member, he fought for, and won, a restriction of fifty years on the management by the privtely-owned Los Angeles Water Company of the water rights of the Los Angeles River. In 1875, William Workman paid the Los Angeles Water Company to extend its services to Boyle Heights, thus ensuring a domestic water supply there. He also persuaded fellow council members to permit the building of a conduit bringing the water of the Elysian Hills to Boyle Heights for irrigation. These improvements permitted William Workman's opening of Boyle Heights to real estate sales, which led to the development of this important and historic segment of Los Angeles east of the Los Angeles River.
William Workman was also instrumental in the building of street car lines in Los Angeles, some of which would reach Boyle Heights. He led the fight to bring the Southern Pacific Railroad, against considerable local opposition, to Los Angeles, a link to the outside world that would help make the land booms of the 1880s possible. As City Treasurer (1901-1907), he oversaw a general election for the building of the Silver Lake Reservoir. During his term on the Park Commission, he donated two-thirds of the land for Hollenbeck Park, a Los Angeles landmark. He also helped found the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce.
He and Maria Elizabeth Boyle (1847-1933) married in 1867, joining two distinguished Los Angeles families. Maria's family had settled in Boyle Heights before William Workman's acquisitions there. A devout Roman Catholic, she received her education from the Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul and strongly supported the Orphans' Fairs, an important charitable work, and was also active in the Catholic Women's Club and the Women's Athletic Club.
Mary Julia Workman
William and Maria had seven children; of these Mary Julia Workman, born in 1871, was especially notable. Although her father William was Protestant, Mary Workman was reared in the Roman Catholic faith of her mother, receivine a Catholic education at the Convent of the Sacred Heart of Mary and Jesus, in Oakland, from which she graduated in 1890. In 1902 she completed studies in kindergarten teaching, at the State Normal School in Los Angeles; Workman would teach in the city's public schools until 1923.
During these years, because of her studies, Mary Workman became deeply influenced by the ideals of American Progressivism. The fruit of this influence was manifested in her leadership in the establishment of the Brownson House (1901), a landmark of the settlement house philosophy on the West Coast and one of its stronger Roman Catholic expressions.
Active in Los Angeles civic affairs, she was a progressive advocating civil service, which led to her presidency of the Los Angeles City Civil Service Commission (1927-1928). Mary Workman also participated in other civic reform groups, such as the Municipal Light and Power Defense League, which watched over city services, and helped in the recall of corrupt Los Angeles mayor Frank Shaw, campaigning for reform candidates John Anson Ford and Fletcher Bowron through such means as radio speeches. Her work with the Democratic National Committee, Southern California Division, involved her in Democratic politics in the Los Angeles area.
Part of the post-World War I movement for world peace, Workman vigorously labored for the participation of the United States in the League of Nations. To this end, she founded, and was an officer in, the Southern California chapter of the League of Nations Association. Of a similar nature was her participation in the Catholic Association for International Peace (CAIP), Southern California Committee, of which she was secretary. The CAIP was intended to apply Christian ideals to the troubled world politics of the post-war era; this application of Christian principles to resolve international confilict clearly expresses Mary Workman's philosophy of social activism.
Underlying all her life's work was Mary Workman's Roman Catholic faith, a connection vividly demonstrated in Pope Pius XI's grant of the papal medal Pro Ecclesia et Pontificeto Mary Workman in 1926. The medal rewarded Roman Catholics for their humanitarian work and, in Mary Workman's case, especially recognized her contribution to the field of social work, but within the Roman Catholic tradition. This was a signal honor for Workman, for she was the first woman in the diocese of Los Angeles to receive this medal. Mary Workman died in 1964, following complications from a broken hip.
Margaret Workman
Like her sister-in-law Mary Julia Workman, Margaret Kilgariff Workman (1902-1987) achieved similar, notable accomplishments in social and philanthropic causes, often working together on issues. Margaret was born into a well-known California family, the Kilgariffs: her mother, Regina, was a suffragette and one of the first women on the Democratic State Central Committee. In 1925, Margaret, after graduating from college, married Thomas Edgar Workman (1890-1972), son of William H. and Maria E. Workman. The couple would make their home in Los Angeles, where Margaret would compile an outstanding record of service in social welfare, politics, and education. Her membership on the board of the California Relief Commission (1935-1937) saw the implementation of the New Deal in California. Margaret was a member of the famous Citizens' Committeeheaded by Clifford Clinton that was the key in toppling Frank Shaw, the corrupt mayor of Los Angeles. A leader in the state-wide Democratic Party, she served as co-chair of the Culbert Olson campaign for governor in 1938, which led to the election of the first Democratic governor in California in the twentieth century. Margaret Workman was delegate to the Democratic National Convention in 1940 and played a role on the Democratic Women's Advisory Platform Committee. That Los Angeles news publisher Manchester Boddy would solicit her support in his senatorial primary campaign against Helen Gahagan Douglas in 1950 also testifies to her importance in state Democratic circles.
In World War II, she served as secretary of the Los Angeles branch of the National Committee Against Nazi Persecution and Extermination of the Jews. She also was a member of William Allen White's Committee to Defend America by Aiding the Allies, a group active before the United States's entrance into World War II that strongly advocated logistical support for Great Britain in its war with Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany. Her support for liberal causes was manifested in her membership in the National Conference of Jews and Christians, and she actively opposed the anti-labor Proposition 1, which was on the California ballot in 1938. Her service to both secular and Roman Catholic philanthropy in Los Angeles was tireless: the latter included work with the Social Service Auxiliary, and the former involved such organizations as the Hollywood Studio Club of the Young Women's Christian Association. This list of activities, impressive in its own right, is still incomplete, which suggests that Margaret Workman's record of service to her community and nation knew few peers in Los Angeles.

Collection Description

The Workman Family Papers consist of correspondence, scrapbooks, newspaper clippings, scrolls, diplomas, administrative/organizational papers, publications, certificates, tract maps, reports, brochures and pamphlets, legal documents, and photographs. These holdings chiefly concern the life and work of five prominent members of the Workman family: William H. Workman (1839-1918); his wife Maria E. (1847-1933); their daughter Mary Julia Workman (1871-1964); her sister-in-law, Margaret K. Workman (1902-1987), prominent Democrat and social work leader, and wife of Mary's brother Thomas; and Judge David A. Workman, son of Margaret and Thomas Workman. The materials span the years from 1881 to 1997, with the majority from the period 1910-1950. In Box 13ov, Folder 1, is a copy of a document, dated 1843, confirming property rights, but it may be spurious, resulting in the omission of this date from the comprehensive collection dates. Most materials are in good condition; those that are not are so indicated in the box and folder list and should be handled with extreme care.
Persons of note whose activities are documented in this collection include Eleanor Roosevelt, Culbert Olson, Bishop John Cantwell, Fletcher Bowron, Ellen S. Woodward, Jerry Voorhis, and Melvyn and Helen Gahagan Douglas.


The Workman Family Papers have been divided into series based on the family members and materials predominant in the collection: Series 1: Mary Julia Workman; Series 2: Margaret K. Workman; Series 3: William H. and Maria E. Workman; Series 4: David A. Workman Judicial Campaigns; Series 5: Publications. Each series has the subseries "photographs" to account for the photographs corresponding to the respective family member. Series 5: Publications was established for the large number of loose publications in the holdings.

Indexing Terms

The following terms have been used to index the description of this collection in the library's online public access catalog.


Workman, Margaret K., 1902-1987
Workman, Mary Julia, 1871-1964
Workman, William H., 1839-1918
Workman family--Political activity--History--19th century--Sources
Workman family--Political activity--History--20th century--Sources
Women civic leaders--California--Los Angeles--History--20th century--Sources
Civic leaders--California--History--20th century--Sources
California--Politics and government--1850-1950--Sources


For background information on the Workman family, consult the following works:
Engh, Michael. "Mary Julia Workman, the Catholic Conscience of Los Angeles. California History(1993): 2-19.
Engh, Michael. Workman, Mary Julia (1871-1964). Encyclopedia of American Catholic History. Collegeville, Minnesota, 1997. Pp. 1517-1518.
Newmark, Marco. The Workman Family in Los Angeles. Historical Society of Southern California Quarterly32 (1950): 316-325.
Rowland, Donald E. John Rowland and William Workman: Southern California Pioneers of 1841 . Spokane: Arthur H. Clark Co.; Los Angeles: Historical Society of Southern California, 1999.

Box and Folder List


Series 1 Mary Julia Workman 1890-1967

Physical Description: 35 folders, 5 oversize folders

Scope and Content Note

The well-written and incisive correspondence of Mary Julia Workman (1871-1964) constitutes the majority of the holdings in this series that bears her name. Other materials include photographs, certificates of award and scrolls, brochures and pamphlets (especially related to Brownson House), and newspaper clippings. Photographs are listed under their own subseries. The holdings in this series range in date from 1890 to 1967, with 1910-1950 constituting the bulk dates. Correspondence in Folders 1-2, 4-5 of Box 1 is arranged by subject in folders, preserving Mary Julia Workman's filing system; within each individual folder the letters are arranged chronologically. Loose correspondence has been placed in Folder 16 of Box 20. Often letters are accompanied by materials pertinent to the subject of the correspondence. For example, the letters concerning Mary Julia Workman's term on the Los Angeles City Commission, from 1925 to 1929, are accompanied by a brief summary of her work (dated 1953 and written by herself) with that city body (see Box 1, Folder 2). Correspondence is both incoming and outgoing, the latter category usually comprised of copies that Workman made of her correspondence. Correspondents of note include John Anson Ford, prominent Los Angeles lawyer Joseph Scott, Dorothy Day, Supreme Court Justice Frank Murphy, and Congresswoman Helen Gahagan Douglas and her husband, the actor Melvyn Douglas.
box 1, folder 1

Mary Julia Workman incoming and outgoing correspondence and papers re Brownson House and Catholic Council of Women 1910-1951 (dates broken)

Box 1, Folder 2

Mary Julia Workman correspondence and papers re community and political activities, eg, mayoral elections, Democratic National Committee, and Civil Service Commission 1923-1967 (dates broken)

Box 1, Folder 3

Telegrams, letters of congratulation, and newspaper clippings re papal award of Pro Ecclesia et Pontificeto Mary Julia Workman 1926-1927 (dates broken)

Box 1, Folder 4

Mary Julia Workman and Workman family incoming and outgoing correspondence with Catholic clergy, especially Robert Lucey, re personal matters and international and national affairs 1925-1963 dates broken

Box 1, Folder 5

Mary Julia Workman correspondence, especially concerning League of Nations, and letters to editor and subsequent responses. Includes correspondence with Dorothy Day 1925-1963 dates broken

Box 1, Folder 6

Gramercy Park Association correspondence, tax information, annual reports and meeting minutes, and legal documents (Mary Julia Workman secretary-treasurer) 1918-1954 (dates broken)

Box 1, Folder 7

Scrapbook of clippings of poetry; loose newspaper clippings Late 19th century

Box 2, Folder 1

Loose Leaves of the Family Tree," by Mary Julia Workman (notebook with information on Workman family, including family tree prepared by Thomas E. Workman) 1937, 1944

Box 2, Folder 3

Morris Plan Company of California "News" (contains biographical information on the Workman family) 1947-1948

Box 2, Folder 4

Research paper and materials on Workman family in England, by John Sharpe 1996

Box 2, Folder 5

Notepad with informational notes on issues of concern to Mary Julia Workman, eg, Council of Catholic Women, World Court undated

Box 2, Folder 6

Commencement exercise program for Convent of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart class of 1890--Mary Julia Workman, graduate 1890

Box 2, Folder 7

Ledger with Brownson House nursery and playground information 1906-1913

Box 2, Folder 9

World Affairs Interpreter(1945), with Mary Julia Workman article on history of movements for international governmental organizations 1945

Box 2, Folder 10

Commemorative card for Golden Jubilee and jubilee mass for Brownson House 1951

Box 2, Folder 11

Letter of condolence from Holy Names Alumnae Association to Workman family on death of Mary Julia Workm 1964

Box 2, Folder 12

Newspaper clippings re life and death of Mary Julia Workman 1962, 1964

Box 2, Folder 13

Letter from State Normal School at Los Angeles certifying that Mary Julia Workman completed course work and has received her diploma 1902

Box 2, Folder 14

Articles on Mary Julia Workman and Brownson House 1929, 1951

Box 2, Folder 15

St. Vincent's Hospital admission form for Mary Julia Workman 1963

Box 2, Folder 16

Handwritten list of significant achievements of Mary Julia Workman; written after her death and on stationery of The Historical Society of Southern California 1964

Box 2, Folder 17

Handwritten list of significant achievements of Mary Julia Workman; written after her death and on stationery of The Historical Society of Southern California 1943

Box 2, Folder 18

Los Angeles City government and Los Angeles County scrolls recognizing the death of Mary Julia Workman 1964

Box 2, Folder 20

Municipal League of Los Angeles Bulletin , with letter to editor from Mary Julia Workman re euthanasia 1924

Box 10, Folder 3

Funeral book for Mary Julia Workman; thank you card for persons extending condolences to family of Mary Julia Workman 1964

Box 20, Folder 10

Mary Julia Workman kindergarten primary teaching certificate 1902

Box 20, Folder 11

Mary Julia Workman state diploma for teaching of kindergarten 1912

Box 20, Folder 13

Brochure re Brownson House; Mary Julia Workman's notes and outline for panel on social welfare in Los Angeles, including Brownson House. Papers on history of social welfare in Los Angeles. Letter to Archbishop Manning from Mary Julia Workman (written on back: "gift of Frances J. Weber".) 1947-1962 (dates broken)

Box 20, Folder 14

Mary Julia Workman letter on Hollenbeck family; essays on Maria E. Workman and Andrew Boyle (by Mary Julia Workman); European trip reminiscences 1932

Box 20, Folder 15

Brownson House materials: fundraising flyer, brochure essay on work of House. Statistics re illiteracy in California and foreign-born population of U.S. Invitation to dinner honoring Mary Julia Workman for papal award Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice. Tract on loyalty, by Albert Shiels, school superintendent 1918-1926

Box 20, Folder 16

Mary Julia Workman incoming and outgoing correspondence re national and city politics; Los Angeles Welfare Federation certificate of award for social work; Brownson House newsletter; Roman Catholic newsletter on social and political issues; edition of Commonwealwith letter from Mary Julia Workman 1939-1960 (dates broken)

Box 20, Folder 18

Newspaper clippings re life of Mary Julia Workman; miscellaneous clippings 1962, 1967

Box 1ov, Folder 1

Mary Julia Workman diploma from California State Normal School 1902

Box 1ov, Folder 2

Certificate of completion of English studies awarded to Mary Julia Workman from the Sisters of the Holy Name of Jesus and Mary, Convent of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart 1890

Box 10ov, Folder 7

Mary Julia Workman certificate of appointment to Los Angeles Board of Civil Service Commissioners 1925

Box 10ov, Folder 8

Clipping from Los Angeles Roman Catholic newspaper The Tidingsre papal medal Pro Ecclesia et Pontificeto Mary Julia Workman. Fragile 1926

Box 12ov, Folder 2

Diploma, Mary Julia Workman papal award Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice 1926


Series 1. Subseries A. Photographs 1915-1947

Physical Description: 10 folders

Scope and Content Note

This subseries contains photographs of activities of Mary Julia Workman and her work, and of her professional and personal acquaintances.
Box 2, Folder 1

Loose photographs of Brownson House; photograph album of students and teacher (Mary Julia Workman and her public school class?) 1915, 1919

Box 2, Folder 8

Mary Julia Workman; photograph in fragile condition. Schoolchildren with Mary Julia Workman at her home celebrating first Monday of Advent.

1915, 1961

Box 24, Folder 2

Frederic Siedenberg, S. J. undated

Box 24, Folder 5

Archbishop Robert Lucey (?) undated

Box 2, Folder 6

Unknown Roman Catholic cleric undated

Box 24, Folder 7

Mary Julia Workman, with fellow staff members of Brownson House undated

Box 24, Folder 8

Brownson House workers, including Mary Julia Workman 1915

Box 24, Folder 9

Panel on history of social welfare in Los Angeles,1909-1924; includes Mary Julia Workman 1947

Box 24, Folder 11

Mary Julia Workman undated

Box 24, Folder 12

Mary Julia Workman undated

Box 12ov, Folder 3

Mary Julia Workman's graduating class, State Normal School (?) undated


Series 2 Margaret K. Workman 1913-1997

Physical Description: 67 folders, 10 oversize folders

Scope and Content Note

This bulk of this series on Margaret K. Workman (1902-1987) consists of hersubject and correspondence files: this includes, besides letters, telegrams, political ephemera, brochures, programs, agendas and minutes, newspaper clippings, and bulletins. Of special interest are political ephemera, such as campaign stickers from Franklin Delano Roosevelt's presidential election campaign of 1940 (Box 8, Folder 4). Correspondence in the original folders remains arranged as it came to the CSLA Research Collection. The correspondence is both incoming and outgoing, concerning private as well as civic and community matters. Margaret Workman also kept subject files in folders arranged alphabetically, which remain intact in this series' arrangement. Curiously the subject of the material in a folder does not always correspond to the letter assigned to the folder. On the basis of this original arrangement of materials, this series has the subseries (A) "Correspondence" and the subseries (B) "Subject Files." Loose correspondence or subject materials have been placed in the appropriate subseries. Margaret Workman's correspondence also contains letters from, to, or about her sister Mary Julia Workman: consult Box 3, Folder 3; Box 4, Folder 10; Box 5, Folders 1, 3; Box 8, Folder 5. An account book prepared by Thomas E. Workman, and scrolls and certificates comprise the materials of Subseries C: "Certificates, Account Books." Photographs are found in Subseries D and include photographs of political personages, such as Culbert Olson and Eleanor Roosevelt. Materials related to Margaret Workman's husband Thomas E. Workman are found in this series but are limited.
Correspondents of note in this series include Eleanor Roosevelt; Ellen S. Woodward, assistant director of the WPA and Social Security administrator under Franklin Roosevelt; Norman Littell; Helen Gahagan and Melvyn Douglas; Congressman Jerry Voorhis; California governor Culbert Olson; Mary Stanton, social worker; Los Angeles political figure John Anson Ford; Jane Hoey, a prominent director within Franklin Roosevelt's Social Security administration; and Manchester Boddy, publisher of the Los Angeles Daily News.

Series 2. Subseries A Correspondence 1927-1981

Physical Description: 24 folders, 3 oversize folders

Scope and Content Note

This subseries contains the outgoing and incoming correspondence related to her political and social work.
Box 3, Folder 1

Telegrams and correspondence with Governor Culbert Olson re his election campaign, govt. appointments and State Relief Administration. Correspondence re social work, Office of Price Adminstration, Russian war refugees relief work 1937-1950 (dates broken)

Box 3, Folder 2

Correspondence re charitable work and activities (Social Services Auxiliary, Catholic charities, Filippa Polia Foundations, etc.) and social work (Cal. Conference on Social Work, National Conference of Christians and Jews). Political correspondence 1931-1981 (dates broken)

Box 3, Folder 3

Correspondence re charitable activities, Los Angeles Community Chest organizations. Miscellaneous political correspondence Correspondence re World War II agencies: War Shipping Administration, War Manpower Commission 1936-1972 (dates broken)

Box 3, Folder 4

Correspondence re Culbert Olson gubernatorial campaign; miscellaneous political (eg, Democratic National Committee) and social work correspondence; Margaret Workman radio speeches re Olson campaign, women in politics 1936-1973 (dates broken)

Box 3, Folder 5

Personal correspondence from husband Thomas E. Workman; telegrams and correspondence re 1940 Democratic national convention matters, eg, anti-war plank, endorsement of Equal Rights Amendment, union rights of working women 1938-1963 (dates broken)

Box 3, Folder 6

Political correspondence re Democratic Party matters, 1940 Dem. National Convention, Culbert Olson gubernatorial campaign. Correspondence re Welfare Council of Los Angeles. Correspondence re World War II agencies: Office of Price Administration. Miscellaneous correspondence 1938-1985 (dates broken)

Box 3, Folder 7

Correspondence re social work: Los Angeles Girls' Council, State Relief Comm. Correspondence re govt. and political appointments. Correspondence re State Board of Education. Miscellaneous correspondence 1936-1985 (dates broken)

Box 4, Folder 1

Correspondence, teletype sheets, telegraphs re California Relief Commission, State Relief Commission, and State Emergency Relief Agency, Self-Help Cooperative Service. Application form for relief (blank). Travel voucher. Originally in folder entitled "Official Correspondence 1935

Box 4, Folder 2

Correspondence re State Emergency Relief Association, Self-Help Cooperative Service. Articles re subject of self-help cooperatives 1936

Box 4, Folder 3

Political correspondence; materials, correspondence re social activities; Filippa Pollia materials: correspondence booklets, directors' roster 1937-1965 (dates broken)

Box 4, Folder 8

Margaret Workman children correspondence; Margaret Workman correspondence to husband Thomas; newspaper clippings (photocopies) of Margaret Workman activites 1927, 1935

box 4, folder 9

Personal, social work, political correspondence Hollywood Studio Club Committee Meeting minutes; biographical information sheet for Margaret Workman 1935-1974 (dates broken)

box 4, folder 10

Correspondence re Committee to Defend America by Aiding the Allies. Correspondence re 1940 Democratic National Convention and Convention planks and election of national committeewoman. Correspondence re Culbert Olson gubernatorial campaign and administration. Social work correspondence Newspaper clippings (photocopies) 1939-1972 (dates broken)

box 8, folder 1

Correspondence, minutes, newsletter, reports re California Citizen's (sic) Committee, White House Conference on Children 1940-1942

box 8, folder 2

Correspondence re social, community, and government work: Child Welfare League, Federal Emergency Relief Administration, Los Angeles Girl's Council, Los Angeles Community Welfare Federation, Los Angeles Council of Social Agencies, American Council of Institute of Pacific Relations, Hollywood Studio Club, War Manpower Commission, Catholic Big Sisters, Catholic Welfare Bureau 1931-1947 (dates broken)

box 8, folder 5

Telegrams re 1938 Culbert Olson gubernatorial campaign. Correspondence, photograph, telegram re 1940 Democratic National Convention 1938, 1940

box 18, folder 2

Correspondence re Hollywood Studio Club, National Catholic Welfare Conference, Los Angeles Community Welfare Federation, Catholic Welfare Board, State Relief Commission, Historical Society of Southern California. List of directors for Los Angeles Girls' Council 1931-1965 (dates broken)

box 18, folder 4

Miscellaneous political correspondence. Correspondence with Culbert Olson re gubernatorial appointments. Los Angeles Girls' Council correspondence and pamphlets. Correspondence re local and national social welfare work. National Peace Conference bulletins. Correspondence re campaign against Proposition 1 (1 of 2) 1935, 1937-1939

box 18, folder 5

Los Angeles Girls' Council meeting programs and pamphlets. Social Service Auxiliary pamphlets. Religious tracts. Unidentified photograph (2 of 2) 1932-1939 (dates broken)

box 18, folder 6

Correspondence re personal matters, political and social work; radio program transcript, League of Women Voters 1938-1944

box 18, folder 7

Correspondence re Fair Rent Committee, California Conference of Social Work. Political correspondence: Democratic Party, Governor Culbert Olson, and 1940 Democratic National Convention. Digest of the minutes of the Child Welfare Committee, Los Angeles Council of Social Agencies 1938-1943 (dates broken)

box 20, folder 1-3

Letters and cards of condolence to Margaret Workman re death of husband Thomas 1972

box 6ov, folder 8

California State Emergency Relief Administration organizational chart. Originally with material in Box 20, Folder 8, Series 2, Subseries B 1935

box 6ov, folder 9

Los Angeles Municipal League Bulletin , vol. 11, no. 8. Originally with material in Box 20, Folder 18, Series 2, Subseries A undated

box 12ov, folder 1

Organizational chart for State Works Progress Administration. 1935


Series 2. Subseries B Subject Files 1935-1997

Physical Description: 40 folders, 6 oversize folders

Scope and Content Note

In this subseries are found Margaret Workman's subject files related to her professional and personal activities, including her work with the California State Relief Commission in the Depression, the state Democratic Party,and social agencies.
box 4, folder 4

Social Service Auxiliary history 1965(?)

box 4, folder 5

State Relief Commission: meeting minutes and agendas, correspondence, memoranda, reports and statistics, administrative bulletins. State Emergency Relief Administration bulletins. Originally in folder entitled "Mrs. Thomas E. Workman 8-22-35" 1935

box 4, folder 6

Mines Field lease controversy and Los Angeles County Relief Administration: legal opinion, correspondence, reports, newspaper clipping, proposal for airport renovation. Originally in envelope addressed to Mrs. Walter Van Dyke 1935

box 4, folder 7

Works Progress Administration handbook; State Emergency Relief Administration proposed plan for self-help cooperatives; State Relief Commission meeting minutes; correspondence re social work; Children's Hospital and St. Vincent's Maternity Home brochures 1935

box 5, folder 1

Correspondence, newspaper clippings, materials re Committee to Defend America by Aiding the Allies; First Century Families speech; Municipal League correspondence; social and community work correspondence and statistical sheets. Originally in folder labelled "A" 1940-1963 (dates broken)

box 5, folder 2

Meeting minutes, schedules, organizational chart re Los Angeles Area War Chest. Meeting Minutes, reports, plans, correspondence, memoranda re Hollywood Studio Club, Citizen Public Welfare League, Council of Social Agencies, League of Women Voters. Originally in folder labelled "B" 1940-1945

box 5, folder 3

Correspondence, brochures, minutes, newspaper clippings re social work, political and civic activities, and foreign relations. Bulletin of Council of Social Agencies of Los Angeles. Newsletter of Community Welfare Federation. Originally in folder labelled "B 2" 1936-1959 (dates broken)

box 5, folder 4

Plans, minutes, correspondence, agenda re California Citizens Committee and White House conference on children. Speech, radio address re labor conditions. Paper by Mary Stanton on Los Angeles Children's Bureau. Originally in folder labelled "C" 1940-1941, 1959

box 5, folder 5

California State Relief Administration and Commission materials, including meeting of minutes of Commission. Committee on Migratory Workers and Transients minutes. Calif. Conference of Social Workers correspondence and minutes. Originally in folder labelled "C 2" 1936-1945 (dates broken)

box 5, folder 6

Correspondence re Office of Price Administration; correspondence, meeting report re Works Progress Administration; memoranda, National Conference of Christians and Jews; correspondence, applications re National Youth Administration. Originally in folder labelled "D" 1936-1955 (dates broken)

box 5, folder 7

National, state and County Democratic Party correspondence and materials, especially Helen Gahagan Douglas and Women's Division of Dem. National Committee. Other political and social work correspondence; political speeches. Originally in folder labelled "E" 1937-1941

box 5, folder 8

Proposed planks for 1940 Democratic Party platform. Roster, plank proposals, reports, correspondence of Democratic Women's Advisory Platform Committee (1940). Correspondence, telegrams re 1938 California state races. California State Democratic Party correspondence Originally in folder labelled "E 2" 1938-1941

box 5, folder 9

Welfare Federation meeting program; correspondence and informational sheets re conference on California youth; standards for institutional care of children; meeting minutes re Executive Comm. Of Council of Social Agencies of Los Angeles; annual report, Council of Social Agencies, Los Angeles; by-laws of Southern Cal. Region of National Conference of Christians and Jews 1933-1951 (dates broken)

box 6, folder 1

Minutes of State Relief Commission meetings. Correspondence re same 1935

box 6, folder 2

Minutes of State Relief Commission meetings. Correspondence re same. Program plan for state self-help cooperatives 1935

box 6, folder 3

Annual report. Council of Social Agencies of Los Angeles 1935

box 6, folder 4

Minutes and correspondence re State Relief Commission meetings. Copies of federal and state bills and regulations, and county ordinances re relief. Correspondence, reports, telegrams re state self-help cooperatives 1937

box 6, folder 5

Minutes and correspondence re State Relief Commission meetings 1935

box 6, folder 6

Subcommittee report on State Relief Commission Dept. of Self-Help Cooperatives. Subcommittee, of Self-Help Cooperatives, agenda, minutes. Correspondence and memoranda re self-help cooperatives. Originally in folder labelled "Cooperative--Sub-committee" 1935

box 6, folder 7

Correspondence re White House Conference on youth. Originally in folder entitled "Torrance, California" 1950

box 6, folder 8

Correspondence telegrams re Manchester Boddy/Helen Gahagan Douglas Democratic senatorial primary election. Radio address by Senator Sheridan Downey re election 1950

box 6, folder 9

Brochures, essays, correspondence re Roman Catholicism and social work. Originally in folder labelled "G" 1938-1968 (dates broken)

box 6, folder 10

First Century Families programs; miscellaneous invitations. Originally in folder labelled "J" 1949-1997 (dates broken)

box 6, folder 11

Las Madrinas charity ball programs, financial sheets, correspondence, membership lists, newspaper clippings. Originally in folder labelled "M" 1937-1981. (dates broken)

box 7, folder 1

Correspondence, newspaper clipping re national and state Democratic Party matters, eg, cabinet appointments. Correspondence and photographs re National Conference of Christians and Jews. Correspondence re National Youth Administration. Originally in folder labelled "R" 1941-1949 (dates broken)

box 7, folder 2

Programs for educational, political, and charitable functions. Miscellaneous pamphlets, speeches. Originally in folder labelled "S" 1913-1959 (dates broken)

box 7, folder 3

Obituaries of family friends. Originally in folder labelled "obits" 1958-1978 (dates broken)

box 7, folder 4

Newspaper clippings re social charitable activities of Margaret Workman. Correspondence re community activities. Historical essay and budget re Hollywood Studio Club. Originally in folder labelled "MKW Activities" 1936(?)-1958 (dates broken)

box 7, folder 5

State Relief Commission organizational charts, administrative papers, correspondence, minutes, agenda re meetings of same. County relief organization officials. State Emergency Relief Administration materials: budget; circular letters and bulletins; newsletter. Originally in folder entitled "3-9-35 Workman, Mrs. Thomas E" 1935

box 7, folder 6

Minutes of State Relief Commission meetings. Resolution of SRC. Mines Airport Lease controversy report. Conference papers on relief 1935-1936

box 7, folder 7

Minutes of State Relief Commission meetings. State Relief Administration report on transients. Statements of resignation from State Relief Commission heads. State relief allocation statistics. Correspondence, telegrams re State Relief Commission and Subcommittee on Self-Help cooperatives 1935-1937

box 7, folder 8

Correspondence re work of the National Committee Against Nazi Persecution and Extermination of the Jews. Originally in folder labelled "W." 1944

box 7, folder 9

Correspondence re state politics, Democratic Party, especially Women's Division of California Democratic Party. Fact sheet on Women's Division of California Democratic Party. Originally in folder labelled "I" 1937-1941 (dates broken)

box 8, folder 3

Chronology, progress report, funding report re California Citizen's Committee, White House Conference on Children. Correspondence re National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis. Personal notes. Newspaper clipping. Notice for talk re post-war employment 1941-1944 (dates broken)

box 8, folder 4

Campaign flyers, brochures, pamphlets, stickers for 1940 Roosevelt/Wallace presidential campaign. Precinct organization handbook 1940

box 10, folder 1

Funeral book for Margaret K. Workman 1987

box 18, folder 1

Correspondence, telegrams, newspaper clippings re State Relief Commission. State Relief Commission meeting minutes; League of Women Voters flyer. Dinner program for Los Angeles Council of Social Agencies. Relief plan for Los Angeles 1934-1936

box 18, folder 3

Correspondence, meeting programs, flyer, newspaper clippings re United Nations and UNESCO; personal correspondence; American Council on Race Relations publications 1944-1948

box 20, folder 8

Flyers re politics; program for Social Service Auxiliary fete; membership list of Las Madrinas; invitation list for session on California migratory workers 1931-1939 (dates broken)

box 20, folder 9

Organizational chart re Catholic Welfare Bureau of Los Angeles and San Diego; auditor's report re accounting practices of Catholic Welfare Bureau; Catholic Welfare Bureau brochures and business card; miscellaneous business cards 1933

box 6ov, folder 1

Sample ballot; election amendment booklet 1940

box 6ov, folder 5

Sample Democratic primary election ballot. Originally with materials in Series 2, Box 4, Folder 10. Fragile 1940

box 6ov, folder 6

Program for "Conference on Inter-American Relations." "Partners for Peace" brochure, prepared by Citizens for Victory 1944

box 6ov, folder 7

Community Chest allotment statistics. Originally with material in Box 18, Folder 6 of Series 2 undated

box 6ov, folder 10

Letter from Mary J. Workman to Margaret Workman re declaration of Partners for Peace; "Citizens for Victory, Partners for Peace" brochure 1943

box 6ov, folder 11

Record of board membership, Hearing Center of Los Angeles 1962(?)


Series 2. Subseries C Certificates, Account Books 1925-1940

Physical Description: 1 folder, 5 oversize folders
box 9, folder 13

Account book for family budget: Thomas E. Workman 1925

box 2ov, folder 1

Account books: Thomas Workman 1931-1934

box 10ov, folder 2

Margaret K. Workman certificate of appointment to State Relief Commission 1935

box 10ov, folder 4

Margaret K. Workman certificate of appointment to California State Board of Education, with accompanying letter 1939

box 10ov, folder 5

Margaret K. Workman certificate of election as delegate to Democratic National Convention 1940

box 10ov, folder 6

Plenary indulgence for family of Thomas E. Workman 1933


Series 2. Subseries D Photographs undated

Physical Description: 3 folders, 1 oversize folder
box 24, folder 1

State Advisory Committee reception for Eleanor Roosevelt at home of Helen Gahagan Douglas. Margaret K. Workman in audience. Letter re picture 1941

box 24, folder 3

Culbert Olson. Inscribed to "Thomas and Margaret Workman." Fragile ca. 1938

box 24, folder 4

James A. Farley. Inscribed to "Margaret Workman" undated

box 12ov, folder 4

Thomas J. Workman and Stanford classmates. Fragile undated


Series 3 William H. and Maria E. Workman 1881-1989

Physical Description: 38 folders, 31 oversize folders, 5 flat files

Scope and Content Note

Materials in this series include photographs, legal documents, telegrams, wills, tax documents, resolutions, scrolls, correspondence, deeds, and tract maps. The inclusive dates are 1881-1989, but the majority of the holdings date from the late nineteenth century into the first part of the twentieth century. Although scant, any materials for the children of William H. (1839-1918) and Maria Workman (1847-1933), including those for Mary Julia and Thomas E. Workman, originating with the holdings of this series have been retained in it. The material on Maria E. Workman concerns mostly the probate and challenge to Maria's will made by her daughter Charlotte Masson (Box 8, Folders 6, 8, 10). As such it also involves Maria's children, but especially Thomas and Mary Julia Workman. There is abundant correspondence by William H. Workman, most of which is found in Box 9, Folders 3, 4. The correspondence is mostly carbon copies, but with some originals, and has been arranged (by an unknown person) in chronological order, by year. Most of this correspondence concerns family matters, although it does touch on local politics and events, eg, William H. Workman?s observations on the first North American transcontinental airplane flight (Box 9, Folder 3; letter dated 7 November 1911), and the city elections of 1909 (Box 9, Folder 3; letter dated 13 December 1909). Little information on William H. Workman's mayoral administration exist in this collection, but Box 4, Folders 8-10 contain transcripts of his investigation, as mayor, into civic vice and corruption. The developer of Boyle Heights, William Workman played a critical role in the development of Los Angeles, and a number of tract maps and title deeds from his developments survive in this series. These documents provide a possible source for understanding settlement patterns in Los Angeles. Folders 4 and 5 of Box 20 contain address lists recording prominent Los Angeles families that could prove useful in tracing their history. The photographs in this series, found in Subseries A, touch on civic and community activities, such as the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce junket to Salt Lake City in 1905 (Box 12ov, Folder 8).
box 2, folder 19

Postcard from E.A. Workman to Mrs. William H. Workman (Maria E.) undated

box 8, folder 6

Correspondence, notes, legal documents, financial estimates re probate of will of Maria E. Workman 1931

box 8, folder 7

Letter of recommendation from William Workman, Jr., for Charles Masson, brother-in-law; Los Angeles Dept. of Water and Power resolution honoring Maria Workman; in memoriampiece re M. Workman; list of properties given by William H. Workman to children 1911-1967 (dates broken)

box 8, folder 8

Correspondence and receipts re payment of claims against estate of Maria E. Workman. Originally in folder labelled "estate--bills." 1934

box 8, folder 9

Statement by Andrew Boyle on his participation in Texas War of Independence; William H. Workman letter congratulating Charles Masson on engagement to Charlotte Workman; biographies of William H. Workman; wills of William H. and Maria Workman; copy of contract of indenture between Maria Workman and Mary Julia Workman 1911-1944 (dates broken)

box 8, folder 10

Tax returns, property lists, assets, property map, receipts, correspondence re estate of Maria E. Workman. Originally in folder labelled "estate--current" 1934-1935

box 8, folder 11

Audit and examination of records of William H. Workman estate; review of distributions of William H. Workman estate to Marie E. Workman 1920-1921, 1925

box 9, folder 1

Legal documents and assets re estate settlement of William H. Workman. Estate papers of Elijah Workman. Deeds of sale among Workman family members. Originally in folder labelled "W.H. Workman, Sr., Estate, Statements" 1898-1922

box 9, folder 2

Legal documents re Workman family property, including Hollenbeck Park. Legal opinion re depositing of city funds 1905-1972 (dates broken)

box 9, folder 3

William H. Workman telegrams, outgoing correspondence to family members. Originally in binder labelled "WILIAM H. WORKMAN Carbon copies of letters to his family 1909-1912" 1909-1912

box 9, folder 4

William H. Workman telegrams, outgoing correspondence to family members. Elizabeth Workman, Mary Julia Workman, Gertrude Workman, William H. Workman, Jr. correspondence to parents. Originally in binder labelled "WILIAM H. WORKMAN Carbon copies of letters to his family 1913-1918." Some letters originals 1913-1918

box 9, folder 5

Correspondence re estate settlement of William H. Workman, Maria Elizabeth Workman. Originally in binder labelled "William H. Workman The Settlement of the Estate" 1924-1926, 1933-1934

box 9, folder 6

Business, political, community, personal correspondence, financial records, speeches of William H. Workman. Invitation to Panama-California Exposition. Pioneer reminiscences of Susan Parrish. Los Angeles County Pioneers' correspondence, resolutions, membership lists. Originally in binder labelled "WILLIAM H. WORKMAN Personal and Business correspondence ..." 1898-1918

box 9, folder 7

Title abstracts for property development 1881

box 9, folder 8

Transcripts of Mayor William H. Workman's investigation of municipal corruption 1888

box 9, folder 9

Transcripts of Mayor William H. Workman's investigation of municipal corruption 1888

box 9, folder 10

Transcripts of Mayor William H. Workman's investigation of municipal corruption 1888

box 9, folder 11

Two copies of letter from Bishop George Montgomery to William H. Workman 1897

box 9, folder 12

Newspaper clippings re William H. Workman 1989

box 10, folder 2

Los Angeles City Council in memoriam resolution re death of William H. Workman 1918

box 11, folder 1

Register with title abstracts for Boyle Heights and record of tax and mortgage payments 1892

box 11, folder 2

Register with title abstracts for Boyle Heights and record of tax and mortgage payments 1894

box 11, folder 3

Register with title abstracts for Boyle Heights and record of tax and mortgage payments 1894

box 11, folder 4

Register with title abstracts for Boyle Heights and record of tax, mortgage payments. See tract map (1893?) in flat file 1894

box 17, folder 6

Congratulatory letters, telegrams, guest lists re Golden Anniversary of William H. and Maria E. Workman. Originally in binder labelled "WILLIAM H. WORKMAN--MARIA E. WORKMAN Their Golden Wedding Anniversary" 1917

box 17, folder 7

Letters, telegrams of condolence re deaths of William H. Workman, Maria E. Workman. Originally in binder labelled "WILLIAM H. WORKMAN--MARIA E. WORKMAN Letters received in Memoriam ..." 1917, 1933

box 19, folder 1-7

Letters and cards to Maria E. Workman re invitation to reception for daughter-in-law, Mrs. Thomas E. (Margaret) Workman 1925

box 20, folder 4

Names and addresses of pioneer families who settled in Los Angeles before 1882 undated

box 20, folder 5

Names and addresses of persons extending condolences to William H. Workman family on his death 1918

box 20, folder 6

Invitation list for Gertrude Workman's tea; list of names addresses undated

box 20, folder 7

Name and address book (of Maria E. Workman?) 1910

box 20, folder 12

Program for, and clipping re, banquet given by William H. Workman for "Pioneers of Los Angeles County"; in memoriam piece for Maria E. Workman 1905

box 20, folder 17

Ribbons for Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce junket to Salt Lake City 1905

box 23, folder 1

Plenary indulgence for family of William H. Workman. Fragile 1907

box 7ov, folder 1

Tract map: "Los Angeles Homstead [sic] Tract ..." Fragile undated

box 7ov, folder 2-5

Advertising flyer, with tract map, for Boyle Heights property. Annotated. Copies 3-5 fragile undated

box 7ov, folder 6

Tract map of Boyle Heights, with notes re lot improvements and ownership; Maria E. Workman estate tax return. Originally with materials in Box 8, Folder 10 1934

box 8ov, folder 1

Tract maps re site of Workman proposal for high school; list of high school sites in Los Angeles undated

box 8ov, folder 2

Boyle Heights tract map, with annotations re property undated

box 8ov, folder 3-4

Boyle Heights tract map undated

box 8ov, folder 5

Boyle Heights tract map, with annotations re property undated

box 8ov, folder 6

Contour map for Workman property in Boyle Heights undated

box 8ov, folder 7

Boyle Heights tract maps. List of property taxes for properties undated

box 8ov, folder 8

Tract maps for unknown area undated

box 8ov, folder 9

Fremont Heights tract maps 1908

box 8ov, folder 10

Boyle Heights tract map. Certificate of title for Boyle Heights property 1881

box 9ov, folder 1-14

14 tract maps of Boyle Heights undated

box 10ov, folder 1

First communion certificate, Elizabeth Workman, daughter of William H. and Maria E. Workman. Fragile 1885

box 10ov, folder 3

Topographic map. Fragile 1906

box 10ov, folder 9

Original pen and ink drawings for Boyle Workman's The City that Grew 1936(?)

box 11ov, folder 1

Tract maps for Boyle Heights 1883, 1884

box 12ov, folder 10

Tract maps for Boyle Heights 1887

box 13ov, folder 1

Document, copied, confirming property rights of Esteban Lapes (sic). Spurious? 1843(?)

Map Case 5, flat file

Tract map for Boyle Heights undated

Map Case 5, flat file

Tract map for Boyle Heights. Made by Los Angeles Title and Abstract Company. Originally with register of title abstracts in Box 11, Folder 4 undated

Map Case 5, flat file

Los Angeles City Council in memoriam resolution re death of Maria E. Workman. Fragile 1933

Map Case 5, flat file

Advertising tract map for Workman Orchard, Boyle Heights circa 1888

Map Case 5, flat file

Tract map for Boyle Heights. Originally with register of title abstracts in Box 11, Folder 1 1893(?)


Series 3. Subseries A Photographs 1896-1940

Physical Description: 2 folder, 5 oversize folders, 1 flat file

Scope and Content Note

This subseries contains photographs of Workman family members and of the civic activities of William H. Workman.
box 24, folder 10

Workman and Temple families at La Puente Rancho 1940

box 24, folder 13

Boyle Workman undated

box 12ov, folder 5

Reunion banquet, Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce. William H. Workman at Table "G" 1916

box 12ov, folder 6

Francesca Alexander. Queen of the Fiesta de Los Angeles. Note: Godmother to Workman children 1896

box 12ov, folder 7

Los Angeles County Pioneers undated

box 12ov, folder 8

Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce junket to Salt Lake City. At Grand Canyon 1905

box 12ov, folder 9

William H. Workman's banquet for Pioneer's Society of Los Angeles County, in honor of the 50th anniversary of his arrival in Los Angeles 1905

Map Case 5, flat file

Group picture of gathering at Dominguez-Carson Ranch. William H. Workman in picture 1913


Series 4 David A. Workman Judicial Campaigns 1978-1984

Physical Description: 6 archival document boxes, 1 oversize folders

Scope and Content Note

This series chiefly concerns the campaigns of David A. Workman for Judge of the Municipal Court, Los Angeles Judicial District, Office No. 9 in 1980; and for Judge of the Superior Court, Los Angeles Judicial District, Office No. 1 in 1982. The holdings consist of campaign literature, photographs, newspaper clippings, correspondence, official campaign documents and statistics, and publications. Of special interest is the material on lawsuits concerning the conduct of local judicial campaigns. Box 12, Folder 4 contains materials regarding a lawsuit on the legality of county central party committees endorsing judicial candidates in non-partisan campaigns. In Box 13, Folders 3, 4 are materials on David Workman's suit regarding the use of titles in the occupation box of election ballots.
box 12, folder 1

Ballot, election statements; David A. Workman resumes 1980

box 12, folder 2

Campaign reporting: expenses and contributions statements, bank records, newspaper clippings 1980

box 12, folder 3

Endorsements of Workman campaign and acknowledgements re same: correspondence, pamphlets, memoranda, newspaper clippings 1980

box 12, folder 4

Lawsuit vs. Democratic County Central Committee. Brief, newspaper clippings, correspondence 1980

box 12, folder 5

Campaign press releases, photographs 1980

box 12, folder 6

1980 general campaign brochures, newsletter, newspapers 1980

box 13, folder 1

Primary and general election return vote tallies; sample ballot 1980

box 13, folder 2

Los Angeles County Bar Association, Fair Judicial Election Practices Committee. Correspondence re Los Angeles County Bar Association judicial evaluations. David Workman correspondence re Los Angeles County Bar Association, Fair Judicial Election Practices Committee 1980-1981

box 13, folder 3

Election litigation: legal briefs, press releases, election statements, correspondence re judical campaign lawsuits by David Workman (1 of 2) 1980

box 13, folder 4

Election litigation: legal briefs, newspaper clippings (2 of 2) 1980

box 13, folder 5

Newspaper and magazine articles re judicial election 1980

box 13, folder 6

Post-election congratulatory letters and David A. Workman's responses 1980

box 14, folder 1

Los Angeles County general election handbook 1980

box 14, folder 2

Correspondence and flyers re candidate meetings and forums 1980

box 14, folder 3

1980 election miscellany: election filing papers, correspondence, Workman induction speech, David A. Workman notes re candidates and elections (1 of 2) 1980

box 14, folder 4

1980 election miscellany: certificate of election, newspaper articles, congratulatory posters, correspondence with public relations groups, induction of judges of program, oath of office (2 of 2) 1980

box 14, folder 5

Newspaper clippings, correspondence, legal briefs re election litigation 1980

box 14, folder 6

Legal briefs re election litigation 1980

box 15, folder 1

Newspaper campaign endorsements: correspondence, newspaper clippings 1982

box 15, folder 2

Correspondence, newspaper clippings re David A. Workman's rejection of gubernatorial elevation to Superior Court 1983

box 15, folder 3

Correspondence, newspaper clippings re Los Angeles County Bar Association judicial evaluations. Los Angeles County Bar Association directory membership 1982

box 15, folder 4

1982 election campaign miscellany: newspaper clippings, election guides, resolution of congratulations from Los Angeles County Municipal Court colleagues of David A. Workman 1982

box 15, folder 5

Articles and correspondence re newspaper endorsements 1982

box 15, folder 6

California State Fair Political Practices Commission report on slate mailings; newspaper clippings re same; election guides 1982

box 15, folder 7

1982 election campaign miscellany: newspaper clippings, election guides, candidates' flyers and brochures, campaign fundraising invitations 1982

box 15, folder 8

Los Angeles County general election handbook 1982

box 15, folder 9

Primary and general election return voting reports; newspaper clippings re same 1982

box 16, folder 1

Endorsements of Workman campaign and acknowledgements re same: correspondence, newspaper clippings, list of newspapers endorsing candidates 1982

box 16, folder 2

Notices for campaign meetings 1982

box 16, folder 3

Post-election congratulatory letters and David A. Workman's responses 1982

box 16, folder 4

Campaign contributions correspondence; campaign contributions filing reports 1982

box 16, folder 5

Election filing and nomination papers and lists 1982

box 16, folder 6

Campaign resumes and press releases 1982

box 16, folder 7

David A. Workman judicial swearing in ceremony: correspondence, programs, photographs, ceremony schedule 1983

box 16, folder 8

David A. Workman judicial campaign miscellany: oath of office, position statements, correspondence, newspaper clippings 1982

box 16, folder 9

Clippings re judicial campaign; election guides 1978, 1980

box 17, folder 1

Judicial campaign manual, correspondence, candidate pamphlets, notes re judicial campaign 1980

box 17, folder 2

Installation of judges transcript 1980

box 17, folder 3

Correspondence, legal briefs re Stanton vs. Panish lawsuit; newspaper clippings re deposition of Los Angeles Judge Mackey 1980

box 17, folder 4

1984 judicial election materials: California judicial election handbook, correspondence, voting tally sheets, election flyers, newspaper clippings 1984

box 17, folder 5

Los Angeles County Bar Association. Report of the Special Committee on Judicial Evaluation; photocopies of newspaper and magazine articles re judicial issues; paper on judicial campaign finances 1978


Series 5 Publications 1914-1999

Physical Description: 2 archival document boxes, 4 oversize boxes

Scope and Content Note

A number of loose publications comprise part of the Workman Papers: books, pamphlets, brochures, conference reports, and programs, which are often related to the civic, political, and charitable activities of Margaret and Mary Julia Workman. Of interest are Mary Julia Workman's piece on the Brownson House in the Catholic publication, The Queen's Work (Box 21, Folder 2), and an article from The Tidings, a publication of the Los Angeles archdiocese, on the work of the Brownson House (Box 6ov, Folder 6). Box 14ov contains a run of newspaper clippings and articles on the social activities and history of the Workman family. The newspaper material is from Los Angeles area newspapers as well as from out-of-the area newspapers.
box 21, folder 1

Christ Child Society of Pasadena membership booklets; corr. re Christ Child Society 1967-1987 (dates broken)

box 21, folder 2

The Queen's Work, 1, no. 7 (1914), with "Brownson House," by Mary Julia Workman, pp. 299-302 1914

box 21, folder 3

Offprint: Mary Stanton, "The Development of Institutional Care of Children in California from 1769 to 1925." Social Service Review , 25, no.3 (1951): 320-331. Signed by author 1951

box 21, folder 4

Pamphlets, flyer, registration card re Los Angeles Girls' Council conferences. Catholic Big Sisters pamphlet. Girl Reserves of YWCA pamphlet 1931-1936 (dates broken)

box 21, folder 5

Brochures on historic Los Angeles, by Harry Maidenberg. "The Romance of La Puente Rancho," by Leonore Rowland. Inscribed and annotated by author 1951

box 21, folder 6

Governor's conference on youth and welfare: report, summary. Address by Oscar M. Powell at Governor's conference on youth and welfare 1948

box 21, folder 7

Inaugural address of Governor Culbert Olson 1939

box 21, folder 8

Rosary vigil program, funeral mass liturgy, biography (booklet) re Cardinal Timothy Manning 1989

box 21, folder 9

The Western Woman, vol. 8, no. 10. Souvenir edition, California Federation Democratic Women's Study Clubs. 2 copies 1936

box 21, folder 10

Victory Ball souvenir program, with accompanying anti-Proposition No. 1 materials. Motion Picture Democratic Program 1938

box 21, folder 11

The Democratic Digest, vol. 12, no. 4; The Democratic Digest, vol. 17, nos. 6-7. 1935; 1940

box 21, folder 12

Official program, Chicago Democratic National Convention 1940

box 21, folder 13

Los Angeles County sheriff's fifth annual youth show program. Inscribed by Sheriff Eugene Biscailuz 1941

box 21, folder 14

Program for California education exhibit, Golden Gate International Exposition 1939

box 21, folder 15

Visitor's guide to Chicago (for Democratic National Convention) 1940

box 21, folder 16

Program, California Conference of Social Work, 27th Annual Meeting 1935

box 21, folder 17

Current History and Forum. July, 1940

box 21, folder 18

The Bulletin. Quarterly publication of the California Association for Social Welfare, vol. 22, no. 1; vol. 22, no. 4 1948

box 21, folder 19

Review of Activities of State Relief Administration of California (San Francisco) 1936

box 22, folder 1

Los Angeles Community Welfare Federation report: "McKinley Home for Boys" (2 copies) 1935

box 22, folder 2

Los Angeles Community Welfare Federation report: "Suggested Filing Equipment, Filing Systems, and Office Routines for the Los Angeles Social Service Exchange." Los Angeles Community Welfare Federation report: "Service Statistics and Comparative Costs in Children Institutions and Day Nurseries in Membership in the Los Angeles Community Welfare Federation" 1935

box 22, folder 3

Brochure on Los Angeles Community Chest, prepared by Los Angeles Community Welfare Federation. Los Angeles Community Chest appeal brochure, informational pamphlet 1931(?)

box 22, folder 4

Annual Report, Los Angeles Council of Social Agencies (1934); Annual Report, Los Angeles Council of Social Agencies (1938-1939) undated

box 22, folder 5

"Standards for Child-Caring Institutions." Los Angeles Council of Social Agencies 1937

box 22, folder 6

Los Angeles Council of Social Agencies reference brochure social services for handicapped children; Los Angeles Council of Social Agencies report on family welfare agencies 1934

box 22, folder 7

Santa Rita Clinic brochure; St. Vincent's Maternity Home hospital fundraising pamphlets; Children's Hospital Society annual report 1930

box 22, folder 8

The Catholic Charities Review, vol. 15, no. 5, "The Catholic Settlement Movement," at page 137, information on Brownson House; vol. 18, no.7; vol. 19, nos. 1, 2, 4, 6, 10 1931, 1931-1934

box 22, folder 9

"New Strength for America." Brochure prepared by the American Youth Commission of the American Council of Education undated

box 22, folder 10

Brochures and pamphlets re cancer; Jackson Day Banquet program; Bill of rights brochure; "Town Hall" newsletter re appearance of Helen Gahagan Douglass; brochure: "Can Unemployment Be Ended?," by Rt. Rev. Msgr. John A. Ryan 1938-1949 (dates broken)

box 3ov, folder 1

The Democratic Book. 1936 1936

box 4ov, folder 1

Migratory Labor in California.State Relief Administration of California. Division of Special Surveys and Studies. (s.l., 1936) 1936

box 5ov, folder 1

A Review Covering Work Relief Activities from April 1, 1934 to July 1, 1935. State of California Emergency Relief Administration 1935

box 6ov, folder 2

United Progressive News,vol. 1, nos. 10, 11. Fragile 1935

box 6ov, folder 3

Changing World. Fragile. May 1947

box 6ov, folder 4

Community Chest Reports. 1950-1951 1951(?)

box 6ov, folder 12

The Tidings, vol. 12, no. 27, with article on Brownson House. Fragile 1906

box 14ov, folder 1

Newspaper clippings: Mary Julia Workman, Brownson House, Maria E. Workman 1915-1967 (dates broken)

box 14ov, folder 2

Newspaper clippings: collected by Mary Julia Workman re social work, political issues, family 1898-1919 (dates broken)

box 14ov, folder 3

Newspaper clippings: collected by Margaret Workman re family activities and First Family functions. Originally with materials in Box 6, Folders 3, 12 1940-1959 (dates broken)

box 14ov, folder 4

Newspaper clippings: Workman family history, social activities 1933-1999 (dates broken)