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Finding Aid to the Hubert Howe Bancroft : Records of the Library and Publishing Companies, 1864-1910, 1864-1910
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Series 1: Publications of A. L. Bancroft Co. And the History Company. 1871-1896.

Physical Description: Cartons 1-16; Boxes 1-5; Oversize Boxes 1-22; v.1-16, 34; Oversize Folder 1 A


>Arranged chronologically by date of manuscript or publication, then by numerically by volume where appropriate, and then hierarchically. Each volume may include, in this order: chapter drafts; related research and bibliographic notes; production materials; and correspondence. Research and bibliographic notes are arranged by topic either alphabetically (as under Pacific Coast Guidebook) or following chapter seq


Divided into fourteen sub-series, listed by title. Research from two J. S. Hittel works, Bancroft's Pacific Coast Guidebook and Commerce and Industries of the Pacific Coast, both published by A. L. Bancroft Co. in 1882, contain industry statistics, factory locations and owners, production methods, sales, and wages. Questionnaire booklets also include names, dates of immigration, family history, and land acquisition information.
The History of the Pacific States of North America was published in thirty-nine volumes including the final volume Literary Industries, Bancroft's autobiography. These have been further divided into 18 sub-subseries, listed by title of each set or volume. Roman numerals are used to identify volumes and chapters following Bancroft's original numbering system: unnumbered or unpublished chapter drafts, and those that changed number and/or title between draft and final publication are noted. Materials associated with the production of individual volumes in the subseries are found with each volume, while those that apply to the set as a whole, such as engravings, illustrations, proof pages, hand-drawn maps, production notes, and reviews are grouped together at the end. Correspondence includes incoming and outgoing letters from H. H. Bancroft and his employees relating to various book projects, along with inter-staff memos addressing publication and distribution matters. Published reviews are bound in scrapbooks or assembled in clippings files found at the end of each title or set. "Paper bag" files refer to samples of the flat brown paper bags which H. H. Bancroft systematically used as a method of organizing and storing his research notes.
Highlights of Bancroft's 39-volume "Works" include a manuscript copybook of Native Races with a dedication page to Henry Lebbus Oak that never appeared in print. History of California contains correspondence to and from Bancroft from pioneers in response to his inquiries about their early settlement histories. The History of British Columbia includes unpublished chapters on the Canadian Pacific railroad scheme under the Mackenzie administration. Ivan Petroff was sent to Alaska to copy the Sitka archives of the Russian-American Co., and his findings and correspondence are found with the History of Alaska. Included with California Pastoral is a group of correspondence between H. H. Bancroft, the Vallejo family (including General M. G. Vallejo), and General Henry Cerruti, Bancroft's employee and liaison to the family. These letters document in part the scheme by which Bancroft copied or acquired Vallejo's wealth of historical manuscripts . Popular Tribunals includes chapter drafts (some unpublished) dealing with the Hounds and the Vigilance Committees in San Francisco, and law and order issues in other early California towns. Two scrapbooks of reviews and memorabilia of their father's writings and family history are inscribed to H. H. Bancroft's sons, Philip and Griffing.

H. H. Bancroft, Pacific Encyclopedia. (unpublished) 1871-1872

volume 1

Bancroft's Pacific Encyclopedia of History, Biography, Science Commerce, Politics, and General Information (notebook)

carton 1, folder 1



J. F. Bowman, Bancroft's Handbook of Travel for the Pacific States. 1882

Additional Note

(unpublished manuscript)
oversize-box 1, folder 1

Drafts, Publisher's and Editor's Prefaces


Chapter drafts, numbered chapters


Ch. I, The Physical Geography of the Pacific Coast


Ch. II, Historical Sketch of Discovery and Settlement


Ch. III, Physical Geography of California

oversize-box 1, folder 2

Ch. IV, Production and Resources of California


Ch. V, The Voyage from New York to San Francisco


Ch. VI, Aspinwall and Crossing the Isthmus

oversize-box 1, folder 3

Ch. VII, The Voyage from New York to San Francisco via Panama


Ch. VIII, The Voyage from Panama to San Francisco


Ch. IX, San Francisco and Environs

oversize-box 1, folder 4

Ch. X, Visit to the Interiors and North of California


Ch. XI, Routes from Marysville with Schedule


Ch. XII, Routes from Sacramento with Schedule


Ch. XIII, Routes from Stockton with Schedule


Chapter drafts, unnumbered chapters

oversize-box 1, folder 5

The Overland Route


Table of Distances from St. Joseph, Mo. to Placerville, Calif.


Table of Distances by Ocean from San Francisco


Trip from Sacramento through the Southern Mines to Stockton

oversize-box 1, folder 6

To Los Angeles by Way of San Jose, Returning Up the Coast


Alameda, Amador, and Buena Vista counties

oversize-box 1, folder 7

Butte, Calavaras, Colusa, and Contra Costa counties

oversize-box 1, folder 8

The Mount Diablo Coal Mines, Del Norte, Fresno, and


Humboldt counties

oversize-box 2, folder 1

Klamath, Lake, Los Angeles, Marin, and Mariposa counties

oversize-box 2, folder 2

Mariposa County, The Yosemite Valley, Mendocino, Merced, Monterey, and Napa counties

oversize-box 2, folder 3

Nevada and Placer counties

oversize-box 2, folder 4

San Bernadino, San Diego, San Francisco, San Joaquin, San Luis Obispo, and San Mateo counties

oversize-box 2, folder 5

Santa Barbara, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Shasta, Sierra, and Siskiyou counties

oversize-box 2, folder 6

Solano, Sonoma, and Stanislaus counties

oversize-box 2, folder 7

Sutter, Trinity, Tulare, Tuolumne, and Yolo counties, Routes and Distances from Marysville


H. H. Bancroft, California's Biography. 1882

oversize-box 2, folder 8

Signature, pp. 1-34, and promotional literature Published in Contemporary Biography of California's Representative Men, compiled by Alanzo Phelps


J. S. Hittell, Bancroft's Pacific Coast Guidebook. 1882


Research notes

carton 1, folder 2


carton 1, folder 3

Bathing establishments

carton 1, folder 4

Cemeteries (San Francisco)

carton 1, folder 5

Cliff House and Golden Gate Park

carton 1, folder 6

Climate (1879-1882)

carton 1, folder 7

Clubs (San Francisco)

carton 1, folder 8

Drives (country roads)

carton 1, folder 9

Education (College of the Pacific and Cogswell Institute)

carton 1, folder 10-11

Hot springs and resorts (advertisements and clippings. 1877-1881)

carton 1, folder 12

Hotels (San Francisco)

carton 1, folder 13

Libraries (San Francisco)

carton 1, folder 14

Public buildings (San Francisco)

carton 1, folder 15

Seattle steamship lines

carton 1, folder 16

Theaters (San Francisco)

carton 1, folder 17



J. S. Hittell, Commerce and Industries of the Pacific Coast. 1882


Unpublished chapter drafts and notes written by J. S. Hittell

carton 1, folder 18

Constitutional law

carton 1, folder 19

Relation to the union

carton 1, folder 20

Land titles

carton 1, folder 21

General legislation

carton 1, folder 22

General administration

carton 1, folder 23


carton 1, folder 24


carton 1, folder 25

Cities and Towns

carton 1, folder 26

Intellectual condition

carton 1, folder 27


carton 1, folder 28


carton 1, folder 29

Wood industries

carton 1, folder 30

Manufactures in general


Production notes

carton 1, folder 31

Samples of information gathering materials

carton 1, folder 32

Publishers instructions to agents

carton 1, folder 33

Agents field notes to publishers

carton 1, folder 34

Lists of individuals and companies to be interviewed

carton 1, folder 35

Bibliography of industrial subjects



carton 1, folder 36

J. S. Hittell to H. H. Bancroft

carton 1, folder 37

Information requests to California counties re manufacturing

carton 1, folder 38

Information requests returned to A. L. Bancroft from California counties

carton 1, folder 39

A. L. Bancroft to Governor's of Mexican State (in Spanish)

carton 1, folder 40

Harlow P. Bancroft to J. S. Hittell re Mexican research

carton 1, folder 41

San Francisco Chamber of Commerce to J. S. Hittell

carton 1, folder 42

To J. S. Hittell and Henry L. Oak (miscellaneous)

carton 1, folder 43

Guide to organization of divisions of research notes

(from table of contents)


Research notes: Division I

carton 1, folder 44

Customs and conditions of the Chinese in San Francisco

carton 1, folder 45

Land for settlers, U.S. treasury statistics, state libraries

carton 1, folder 46

Society and enterprise of Californians and San Franciscans

carton 1, folder 47

The labor supply, trade unions wage scales


Research notes: Division II

carton 1, folder 48


carton 1, folder 49

Railroads, earnings of railroads and employees

carton 1, folder 50


carton 1, folder 51

Express companies (Wells Fargo)

carton 1, folder 52

Telegraph, telephone

carton 1, folder 53

Commerce and shipping

carton 1, folder 54

Merchandising (importers and exporters)


Research notes: Division III

carton 1, folder 55

Horticulture (wine grapes and fruit)

carton 1, folder 56

Domestic fruit, dairy and poultry

carton 1, folder 57


carton 1, folder 58



Research notes: Division IV

carton 1, folder 59-61

Mining (gold, minerals, ores, thermal)


Research notes: Division V

carton 1, folder 62

Pisciculture and fish propagation

carton 1, folder 63

Furs and game

carton 1, folder 64

Cod fisheries

carton 1, folder 65


carton 1, folder 66-67

Marine fisheries and canneries


Research notes : Division VI

carton 1, folder 68

Engineering (harbor and river improvements)


Research notes: Division VII

carton 1, folder 69-75

Textile manufacturing (wool, cotton, silk, jute, etc.)

carton 2, folder 1-6

Leather manufacturing (tanneries, shoes, glue, saddler, etc.)

carton 2, folder 7


carton 2, folder 8

Marble and granite

carton 2, folder 9

Bricks, plaster, lime, pottery

carton 2, folder 10

Concrete, artificial stone, pavement

carton 2, folder 11-16

Provisions (meat packing, sugar, flour, coffee, breweries, etc.)

carton 2, folder 17-24

Wood (lumber mills, furniture, wagons, ships, instruments, etc.)

carton 2, folder 25-31

Iron (smelters, foundries, rolling mills, tool manufactures, etc.)

carton 2, folder 32

Brass and bell foundries, coppersmiths

carton 2, folder 33

Plumbing and gas fittings

carton 2, folder 34

Roofing and hardware

carton 2, folder 35

Japanning, galvanizing, tinware

carton 2, folder 36

Mathematical instruments, lenses

carton 2, folder 37

Gold, nickel, silver plating

carton 2, folder 38

Watches, clocks, jewelry, lapidaries

carton 2, folder 39-45

Miscellaneous manufactures (tobacco, firearms, matches, explosives, brooms, paper, printers, type foundries, ink, paint, etc.)

carton 2, folder 46

Soap, perfume

carton 2, folder 47

Oil refining (whale, coconut, castor, linseed, etc.)

carton 2, folder 48-49

Miscellaneous manufactures (candles, oakum, hair works, etc.)

carton 2, folder 50


carton 2, folder 51

Bath houses

carton 2, folder 52

Hotels (California, Oregon, Washington, Utah, British Columbia)

carton 2, folder 53



Publication notes

carton 2, folder 54-56

Galleys, proofs, printed pages

carton v. 2

Unbound copy tied in signatures [very fragile]

carton 2, folder 57

"Paper bag" files


Completed research forms (booklets)

box 1, folder 1-3

Commerce (banking, merchandising, shipping)

box 1, folder 4-6

Agriculture (distilleries, feed mills, canneries)

box 1, folder 7-9

Fisheries (cod, salmon, canneries)

box 1, folder 10

Engineering (coal, gas works, steam power)

box 1, folder 11-17

Manufactures, textiles

box 1, folder 18-21

Manufactures, leather

box 1, folder 22

Manufactures, glue factories

box 2, folder 1-5

Manufactures, earthworks (stone, brick, lime, marble, granite, etc.)

box 2, folder 6-19


box 3, folder 1-14

Manufactures, wood

box 3, folder 15-19

Manufactures (printers, foundries, bookbinders, paper mills, etc.)

box 4, folder 1-7

Manufactures, iron (foundries, machine shops, pipes, etc.)

box 4, folder 8-10

Manufactures, other metals (brass, copper, tin, etc.)

box 4, folder 11-21

Miscellaneous manufactures

box 4, folder 22


box 4, folder 23



H. H. Bancroft, History of the Pacific States of North America. v. I-XXXIX 1882-1890


v. I-V: Native Races


v. I, Chapter drafts

carton 2, folder 58-59

Ch. I, Ethnological Introduction


Ch. II, Hyperboreans

carton 2, folder 60

Henry L. Oak, Literature of the Pacific States- -Aboriginal Writing


v. I, Bibliographic notes

carton 2, folder 61-63

Ch. II, Hyperboreans (parts 1-3)

carton 3, folder 1-3

Ch. II, Hyperboreans (parts 4-6)

carton 3, folder 4

v. II, Illustrations, Aztec picture writing

volume 3

Scrapbook of engraved illustrations of Mesoamerican ruins

carton 3, folder 5

Research plans and production notes

carton 3, folder 6

Proofs (title and dedication pages)

carton 3, folder 7

Galley, v. III, Ch. II, Quiche Creation Myth


v. VI-VIII: History of Central America


v. VI, Chapter drafts [unpublished, with English and Spanish versions]

carton 3, folder 8-13



Central American Geography and Progress. 1801-1887


Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala. 1837-1887


v. VI, Chapter drafts

carton 3, folder 14

Ch. I, Introduction

carton 3, folder 15

Ch. V, Factions and Foraging in Darien, 1511-1513

oversize-box 3, folder 1-2

Ch. VI, The Government of Andalucia and Castilla del Oro

carton 3, folder 16

(portion entitled, Characters of the Early Chroniclers for Veracity)

carton 3, folder 17

Ch. VI, Discovery of the Pacific Ocean (published as v. VI, Ch. IX)

carton 3, folder 18

Ch. VII, Pedrarias Davila Assumes the Government of Darien, 1514-1515

(published as v. VI, Ch. X)

carton 3, folder 19

Ch. VIII, Darien Expeditions under Pedrarias, 1515-1517 (published as v. VI, Ch. XI)

carton 3, folder 20-21

Ch. XII, The Fate of Vasco Nunez de Balboa, 1516-17

carton 3, folder 22

Ch. XIII, Discovery and Pacification of Costa Rica and Nicaragua, 1518-1523

(portions published in v. VI, Ch. XIII, XIV)


v. VII, Chapter drafts

oversize-box 3, folder 3-4

Ch. I, Pizarro and Peru, 1524-1544

carton 3, folder 23

Ch. X, Discords of the Spaniards, Pacification of Honduras, 1523-1541

(portions published in v. VII, Ch. IX)

carton 3, folder 24

Ch. XI, First Attempt to Pacify the Province of Nuevo Cartago, or Costa Rica

(retitled, Expedition of Diego Gutierrez to Costa Rica)

carton 3, folder 25

Ch. XIII, Discovery of Peru

(portion used in v. VI,Ch. I)

carton 3, folder 26

Ch. XIV, Conquest of Peru, 1528-1532

(portions used in v. VI, Ch. I)

carton 3, folder 27

Ch. XV, Pacification of Peru, 1532-1542

(portions used in v. VI, Ch. I)

carton 3, folder 28

Ch. XVI, Revolt of Hernando and Pedro de Contreras in Nicaragua and invasion of Panama, 1550

(published as v. VII, Ch. XVI)

carton 3, folder 29

Unnumbered chapter, End of Contreras Government in Nicaragua, 1541-1550

(portions used in v. VII, Ch. X)

carton 3, folder 30

Unnumbered chapter, Government of Francisco de Castaneda and Rodrigo de Contreras in Nicaragua, 1531-1540

(incomplete) (portions used in v. VII, Ch. X)


v. VIII, Chapter drafts

carton 3, folder 31-43

Ch. I- XIII, as published

carton 3, folder 44-47

Unidentified chapter fragments

oversize-box 3, folder 5

Ch. XXXVIII, Mines and Mining


v. IX, Chapter drafts

oversize-box 3, folder 6-13

Ch. I-VIII, as published

carton 3, folder 48


carton 3, folder 49

Alphabetical subject index (bound volume)

carton 3, folder 50

List of authorities (Guatemala and Salvador, 1541-1550)

carton 3, folder 51


carton 4, folder 1

Research correspondence

carton 4, folder 2-3

Production notes and correspondence

carton 4, folder 4

Galley proof, v. VIII, Ch. XIII, Republic of Guatemala

carton 4, folder 5

Page proofs, title and content

volume 4

Copybook, v. VI, Ch. I-VI, The Conquest of Central America (with dedication to Henry Oak)

volume 5

Copybook, v. VI, Ch. VII-XI, The Conquest of Central America

carton 9

Bound mock-up, v. VI, 1501-1530

carton 4, folder 6

Maps, Central America. undated


v. IX-XIV: History of Mexico


v. IX, Chapter drafts

oversize-box 4, folder 1-3

Ch. IX-X, as published, Ch. XI (incomplete)

carton 4, folder 7-16

Ch. XXX-XXXIV, as published


v. XI, Chapter drafts

oversize-box 4, folder 4-7

Ch. XII, XIV, and unidentified chapter

carton 4, folder 17-18

Research correspondence and production notes, advertisement

volume 6

Copybook, v. IX, Ch I-XI, The Conquest of Mexico

volume 7

Copybook, v. X, Ch. I (two versions), Mexico Under the Viceroys, The Colonial Policy of Spain [unpublished]


v. XV-XVI: North Mexican States and Texas


v. XV, Chapter drafts

carton 4, folder 19-22

Ch. III-VI, The Jesuit Occupation of Lower California, 1703-1767

(published as v. XV, Ch. XV-XVII)

carton 4, folder 23-24

Ch. VII-VIII, The Franciscan Occupation of Lower California, 1767-1772

(published as v. XV, Ch. XVII, XXV)

carton 4, folder 25-30

Ch. IX-X, XII-XV, The Dominican Occupation of Lower California, 1768-1846

(published as Ch. XXV-XXVI, XXIX)


v. XVI, Chapter drafts

carton 4, folder 31

Ch. XVII, The War with the United States, 1847-1848

(published as v. XVI, Ch. XXIX)

carton 4, folder 32

Ch. XVIII, The Military Colony, 1849-1854

(published as v. XVI, Ch. XXX)

carton 4, folder 33

Ch. XIX, Walker's Invasion, 1853-1854

(published as v. XVI, Ch. XXVI)

carton 4, folder 34

Ch. XXI, Lower California. 1866-1871

carton 4, folder 35

Ch. XXII, Resources, Industries, Statistics

(published as v. XVI, Ch. XXXII)

carton 4, folder 36

v. XV-XVI, unidentified chapter fragments

carton 9

Bound mockup, v. XV


v. XVII: History of Arizona and New Mexico


Chapter drafts

carton 4, folder 37-38

Ch. VII, Onate's Conquest of New Mexico, 1595-1599

(published as v. XVII, Ch. VI)

carton 4, folder 39

Ch. X, Reconquest by Don Diego de Vargas, 1692- 1700


v. XVIII-XXIV: History of California


v. XXIII, Chapter drafts

oversize-box 4, folder 8-15


oversize-box 5, folder 1

Important Observers, Aug.-Dec.1848

[unpublished chapter]

oversize-box 5, folder 2

Incomplete chapters

oversize-box 5, folder 3

Incomplete chapter on the Chinese question


oversize-box 5, folder 4-5

Research correspondence, California pioneers

oversize-box 5, folder 6

Reference list of California pioneers

oversize-box 5, folder 7

Production notes

oversize-box 5, folder 8

v. XXVII, galley proofs (Edward F. Spence, Moses l. Wicks, Henry Mayo Newhall)

oversize-box 5, folder 9

"Paper bag" files


Bound mockups

carton 9


carton 10


carton 11

v. XX, XXI

carton 12


carton 13



v. XXV: History of Nevada, Colorado, and Wyoming


Chapter drafts

oversize-box 5, folder 10-12



v. XXVI: History of Utah


Chapter drafts

oversize-box 5, folder 13-15

Ch. I-III, 1540-1846 1835

oversize-box 6, folder 1-6


oversize-box 6, folder 7

Utah and Mormon Justice

[unpublished chapter]

oversize-box 6, folder 8

Authorities quoted

oversize-box 6, folder 9

The Boys of New York Newspaper

"The Mountain Meadow Massacre".
Nov. 5, 1877

oversize-box 6, folder 10

Correspondence, F. D. Richards to H. H. Bancroft. 1884

oversize-box 6, folder 11-12

Production notes and page proof

(The Deseret alphabet)

carton 5, folder 1-2


oversize-box 20, folder 1

Review, poster

carton Ctns. 13-14

Bound mockups


v. XXVII-XXVIII: History of the Northwest Coast


v. XXVII, Chapter drafts

carton 5, folder 3

Ch. VII, The Nookta Controversy 1789-1790

[p. 156-163 only]


v. XXVIII, Chapter drafts

oversize-box 7, folder 1-3

Ch. I-III, Lewis and Clark Expedition. 1804-1806

carton 5, folder 4-6

Ch. VII, Founding of Fort Astoria. 1789-1812

carton 5, folder 7

Research notes

carton 5, folder 8

Galley proofs

carton 5, folder 9


carton 14

Bound mockup, v. XXVII


v. XXIX-XXX: History of Oregon

carton 5, folder 10-11

Ch. XX-XXI, untitled


carton 5, folder 12

Books quoted in Oregon

(bound volume)

carton 5, folder 13

Correspondence and production notes

carton 15

Bound mockup, v. XXX


v. XXXI, History of Washington, Idaho, and Montana

carton 5, folder 14

Biographical Index

carton 5, folder 15

Ch. VII, Galley proof (published pages 566-568)

carton 5, folder 16-18


carton 15

Bound mockup


v. XXXII, History of British Columbia


Chapter drafts

oversize-box 7, folder 4-10


oversize-box 8, folder 1-13


oversize-box 9, folder 1-9


oversize-box 9, folder 10

Ch. XXX, Geographical, Railway, and Geological Explorations.



Numbered unpublished chapters

oversize-box 10, folder 1

Ch. XXXI, Fort Simpson and the North Coast. 1850-1860

oversize-box 10, folder 2

Ch. XXXII, Queen Charlotte Islands, Fort Simpson, and North Coast Affairs. 1860-1880

oversize-box 10, folder 3

Ch. XXXIII, Progress of Settlement

oversize-box 10, folder 4

Ch. XXXIV, Union of the Colonies and Consolidated Government. 1864-1871

oversize-box 10, folder 5

Ch. XXXV, Confederation with Canada and Consequent Legislation. 1871-1880

oversize-box 10, folder 6

Ch. XXXVI, The Canadian Pacific Railway. 1858-1880

oversize-box 10, folder 7

Ch. XXXVII, Religion and Education. 1838-1877

oversize-box 10, folder 8

Ch. XXXIX, Society

oversize-box 10, folder 9

Ch. XXXXII, Agriculture, Commerce, and Manufactures. 1846-1878


Unnumbered and unpublished chapter drafts

oversize-box 11, folder 1

The Canadian Pacific Railroad Scheme

oversize-box 11, folder 2-3

The Island Railway and the Route-violation of the Terms and Separation

oversize-box 11, folder 4

Mackenzie's Administration and the Railway Engagement

oversize-box 11, folder 5

The Mackenzie or Liberal Party and Their Policy

oversize-box 11, folder 6

Production notes and memoranda

carton 5, folder 19

Correspondence, R.J. Graham to Mr. T. M. Copperwaite. Oct. 1886

volume 8

Copybook, Ch. 1, Summary of the Earliest Voyages


v. XXXIII, History of Alaska


Chapter drafts

carton 5, folder 20-30

Ch. I-II, XIX (incomplete), XX-XXVII

carton 6, folder 1-5


carton 6, folder 6

Chapter fragments

carton 6, folder 7

Chapter outlines



carton 6, folder 8

Ivan Petroff to History Co. relating to Alaska research


Research notes

carton 6, folder 9

U.S. Navy archives; John Rogers correspondence. 1854

carton 6, folder 10

Toschou Kalendar from St. Petersberger. 1811-1865

carton 6, folder 11

Russian-American Company archives; correspondence. 1816-1817

carton 6, folder 12

Copied from Sitka Archives, Russian-American Company. 1852-1857

carton 6, folder 13

Copied from Sitka Archives, v. I (1857) and v. II (1854)

Morskoi Sbornik (Russian maritime periodical)

carton 6, folder 14


carton 6, folder 15

Clippings (miscellaneous) 1868-1869

carton 6, folder 16


carton 6, card-file-box 36

Index to v. XXXIII

carton 16

Bound mockup


v. XXXIV: California Pastoral


Research notes

oversize-box 11, folder 7

Report of combs worn by Mrs. M. G. Vallejo, Henry Cerruti. 1874



oversize-box 11, folder 8

Platon Vallejo to H. H. Bancroft. 1875


Platon Vallejo to M. G. Vallejo (father). 1875

oversize-box 11, folder 9

M. G. Vallejo to H. H. Bancroft. 1874-1880

oversize-box 11, folder 9

M. G. Vallejo to Mr. Savage

oversize-box 11, folder 9

Letter from Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo to Thomas Savage. October 16, 1878 BANC MSS B-C 7

Physical Description: 1 letter

Scope and Content Note

Letter describes the life of Father Quijas, and the location where San Francisco de Asisi Mission (Mission Delores) was originally founded.
oversize-box 11, folder 9

Hand drawn map from Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo that shows the location where San Francisco de Asisi Mission (Mission Delores) was originally founded. 1878 BANC MSS B-C 7

Physical Description: 1 map
oversize-box 11, folder 10

M. G. Vallejo to Henry Cerruti. 1874


Miscellaneous to Henry Cerruti


Henry Cerruti to H. H. Bancroft. 1874

oversize-box 11, folder 11

Henry Cerruti to Henry L. Oak. 1874

oversize-box 11, folder 12

Dr. George McKinstry to H. H. Bancroft. 1871


Vallejo family member (incomplete and unsigned) to H. H. Bancroft. 1875


Ula Vallejo to H. H. Bancroft. 1878

oversize-box 11, folder 13

Miscellaneous research correspondence


v. XXXV: California Inter Pocula

volume 9

Copybook, Ch. I (2 versions)


Chapter drafts

oversize-box 11, folder 14-16


oversize-box 12, folder 1

Ch. IV


Unnumbered and unpublished chapter drafts

oversize-box 12, folder 2-3

Chinese in America

oversize-box 12, folder 4

Asia in America

oversize-box 12, folder 5

Chapter fragments

oversize-box 12, folder 6

California newspapers and ephemera. 1871-1874


Plumas National, v. 6, no. 9 Nov. 25 1871


San Rafael Herald, v. 1, no. 2 Aug. 6 1874


The Evening Post. June 26, 1886 Nov. 8, 1886


San Diego Union. Nov. 14, 1886


Centennial of Father Junipero Serra (notice)



oversize-box 12, folder 7

A. L. Bancroft to H. H. Bancroft. 1874


Orson Pratt to H. H. Bancroft. 1880


G. H. Leonard, MD to H. H. Bancroft. 1885

oversize-box 12, folder 8

"Paper bag" files


v. XXXVI-XXXVII: Popular Tribunals


v. XXXVI, Chapter drafts

oversize-box 13, folder 1

Ch. I, Vigilance Committees and Mobocracy

(portions published as the Preface and Table of Contents)

oversize-box 13, folder 2

Ch. II, The San Francisco Vigilance Committee and the Law and Order Party

(portions published in Introduction)

oversize-box 13, folder 3

Ch. III, Law and Government

(published as Ch. II, Popular Tribunals and Popular Government)

oversize-box 13, folder 4

Ch. IV, The Right of Revolution

(published as part of Ch. II, Popular Tribunals and Popular Government)

oversize-box 13, folder 5

Ch. V, Signs Significant of Storms

(published as Ch. IV, Significations of Storm)

oversize-box 13, folder 6

Ch. VI, The Hounds Association

(published as Ch. V)

oversize-box 13, folder 7

Ch. VII, The San Francisco Society of Regulators

(published as Ch. VI)

oversize-box 13, folder 8

Ch. VIII, The Advent of Law

(published as Ch. VII)

oversize-box 13, folder 9

Ch. IX, Characteristics of Crime in California

(published as Ch. VIII)

oversize-box 13, folder 10

Ch. X, Law and Disorder

(published as Ch. IX)

oversize-box 13, folder 11

Ch. XI, The Burdue-Stuart Affair

(published as Ch. XII)

oversize-box 13, folder 12

Ch. XII, Organization of the Vigilance Committee of 1851

(published as Ch. XIII, Organization of the San Francisco Vigilance Committee of

oversize-box 13, folder 13

Ch. XIII, Behind the Scenes

(published as Ch. XIV)

oversize-box 13, folder 14

Ch. XIV, The Executive Committee of 1851

(published as Ch. XVI, The San Francisco Executive Committee of

oversize-box 13, folder 15

Ch. XV, John Jenkins, Nolens Volens

oversize-box 13, folder 16

Ch. XVI, Vigilance Becomes a Power.

(published as Ch. XVII)

oversize-box 13, folder 17

Ch. XVII, Enter James Stuart.

(published as Ch. XVIII)

oversize-box 13, folder 18

Ch. XVIII, Exit James Stuart.

(published as Ch. XIX)

oversize-box 13, folder 19

Ch. XIX, A Busy Month.

(published as Ch. XX)

oversize-box 14, folder 1

Ch. XX, Opposition to Vigilance Administration.

(published as Ch. XXI)

oversize-box 14, folder 2

Ch. XXI, Whittaker and McKenzie.

(published as Ch. 22)

oversize-box 14, folder 3

Ch. XXII, The Circumventors Circumvented.

(published as Ch. XXXIII)

oversize-box 14, folder 4

Ch. XXIII, Minor Rascalities.

(published as Ch. XXIV)

oversize-box 14, folder 5

Ch. XXIV, The Inquisitors in Council.

(published as Ch. XXV)

oversize-box 14, folder 6

Ch. XXV, Close of the First Crusade.

(published as Ch. XXVI)

oversize-box 14, folder 7

Ch. XXVI, Before the World.

(published as Ch. XVII)

oversize-box 14, folder 8

Ch. XXVII, Country Committees of Vigilance.

(published as Ch. XXIX)

oversize-box 14, folder 9

Ch. XVIII, Sacramento Vigilance Committee.

(portions used in Ch. XXIX, Country Committees of Vigilance)

oversize-box 14, folder 10

Ch. XXIX, Stockton and Marysville.

(portions used in Ch. XXIX)

oversize-box 14, folder 11

Ch. XXX, Hangtown and Vicinity.

(portions used in Ch. XXIX)

oversize-box 14, folder 12

Ch. XXXI, Sonora and Columbia Vigilance.

(portions used in Ch. XXIX)

oversize-box 14, folder 13

Ch. XXXII, Infelicities at Angel's, Murphy's, Mokulmne Hill, and in Calavaras, Tuolumne, Stanislaus, and Mariposa.

(portions used in Ch. XXX, Infelicities and Alleviations)

oversize-box 14, folder 14

Ch. XXXIII, Vigilance in Northern California.


oversize-box 14, folder 15

Ch. XXXIV, About the Bay.


oversize-box 14, folder 16

Ch. XXXV, Los Angeles Vigilance Committee.

(portions used in Ch. XXIX)

oversize-box 14, folder 17

Ch. XXXVI, Vigilance in Southern California.

(portions used in Ch. XXIX)


v. XXXVII, Chapter drafts

oversize-box 15, folder 1

Ch. I, The Beginning of the End.


oversize-box 15, folder 2

Ch. II, Ballot Box Stuffing.

(published as Ch. I)

oversize-box 15, folder 3

Ch. III, Assassination.

(published as Ch. II)

oversize-box 15, folder 4

Ch. IV, The Prince of Villains.

(published as Ch. III)

oversize-box 15, folder 5

Ch. V, The Loosing-of Latent Law.

(published as Ch. IV)

oversize-box 15, folder 6

Ch. VI, Genesis of the Grand Tribunal.

(published as Ch. V)

oversize-box 15, folder 7

Ch. VII, Completion of the Organization.

(published as Ch. VI)

oversize-box 15, folder 8

Ch. VIII, The Executive Committee of 1856.

(published as Ch. VII)

oversize-box 15, folder 9

Ch. IX, The Governor, the General, the President of Vigilance

oversize-box 15, folder 10

Ch. X, Attack upon the Jail and Seizure of Prisoners

oversize-box 15, folder 11

Ch. XI, Outward Manifestations.

(published as Further Outward Manifestations)

oversize-box 15, folder 12-17


(as published)

oversize-box 16, folder 1-13


(as published)

oversize-box 16, folder 14

Ch. XXXI, Disbandment.

(published as Final Adjournment)

oversize-box 16, folder 15-18


(as published)

oversize-box 16, folder 19

Crusade Against Foreigners.

(reduced and utilized in California Inter Pocula)

oversize-box 16, folder 20

Galley proof, Index


v.XXXVIII: Essays and Miscellany


Chapter drafts

oversize-box 16, folder 21

Ch. XXVI, Battre le fer sur L'enclume

carton 7, folder 1-2

Galley proofs


v. XXXIX: Literary Industries


Chapter drafts

oversize-box 17, folder 1

Ch. I, The Field

oversize-box 17, folder 2

Ch. II, Springs and Little Brooks.

(published as Ch. III)

oversize-box 17, folder 3

Ch. III, The Country Boy Becomes a Bookseller.

(published as Ch. IV)

oversize-box 17, folder 4

Ch. IV, Hail California! Esto Perpetua!.

(published as Ch. V)

oversize-box 17, folder 5

Ch. V, House of Bancroft and Company.

(published as Ch. VI)

oversize-box 17, folder 6

Ch. VI, From Bibliopolist to Bibliomaniac.

(published as Ch. VII, From Bibliopolist to Bibliophile)

oversize-box 17, folder 7

Ch. VII, The Library and the Pacific States Literature - Aboriginal.


oversize-box 17, folder 8

Ch. VIII, The Library and the Pacific States Literature - Sixteenth Century Productions.


oversize-box 17, folder 9

Ch. IX, The Library and the Pacific States Literature - Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Literature.


oversize-box 17, folder 10

Ch. X, The Library and the Pacific States Literature - Nineteenth Century Publications.


oversize-box 17, folder 11

Ch. XI, The Library and the Pacific States Literature - Maps


oversize-box 17, folder 12

Ch. XII, The Library and the Pacific States Literature - Manuscripts.


oversize-box 17, folder 13

Ch. XIII-XIV, The Library and the Pacific States Literature - Material for the History of California.


oversize-box 18, folder 1

Ch. XV, Desperate Attempts at Great Things.

(published as Ch. IX)

oversize-box 18, folder 2

Ch. XVI, A Literary Workshop.

(published as Ch. X)

oversize-box 18, folder 3

Ch. XVII, Henry Lebbeus Oak.

(portions used in Ch. XI, Some of my Assistants)

oversize-box 18, folder 4

Ch. XVIII, Others of my Collaborators.

(portions used in Ch. XI)

oversize-box 18, folder 5

Ch. XIX, The Enterprise Takes Form.

(portions used in Ch XI-XII

oversize-box 18, folder 6

Ch. XX, The Native Races of the Pacific States.

(portions used in Ch XII, My First Book)

oversize-box 18, folder 7

Ch. XXI, Library Detail

oversize-box 18, folder 8

Ch. XXII, Historic Explorations Northward

oversize-box 18, folder 9

Ch. XXII, Tours of the Alta California Missions - from San Francisco to San Diego, San Luis Rey, San Juan Capistrano and Los Angeles.


oversize-box 18, folder 10

Ch. XXIII, Further Library Detail

oversize-box 18, folder 11

Ch. XXIII, Tours of the Alta California Missions - from Los Angeles to San Fernando, San Buenaventura, Santa Barbara, Santa Inez, San Luis Obispo, to San Francisco.


oversize-box 18, folder 12

Ch. XXIV, The Bringing Forth.

(published as Ch. XIII, The Perils of Publishing)

oversize-box 18, folder 13

Ch. XXV, A Literary Pilgrim.

(published as Ch. XIV)

oversize-box 18, folder 14

Ch. XXVII, The Two Generals.

(published as Ch. XV)

oversize-box 18, folder 15

Ch. XXVIII, Italian Strategy.

(published as Ch. XVI)

oversize-box 19, folder 1

Ch. XXIX, Alvarado and Castro.

(published as Ch. XVII)

oversize-box 19, folder 2

Ch. XXX, Close of the Cerruti-Castro Campaign.

(published as Ch. XVIII)

oversize-box 19, folder 3

Ch. XXXI, The Ingathering of Facts and Experiences.

(published as Ch. XXV, Further Gatherings)

oversize-box 19, folder 4

Ch. XXXII, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara Archives.

(published as Ch. XXI, Historic Researches in the South)

oversize-box 19, folder 5

Ch. XXXIV, Committees of Vigilance and Popular Tribunals

oversize-box 19, folder 6

Ch. XXXV, History Writing.

(published as Ch. XXIV, My Method of Writing History)

oversize-box 19, folder 7

Ch. XXXVI, My Method of Writing History.

(published as Ch. XXIV)

oversize-box 19, folder 8

Ch. XXXVII, Body and Mind.

(published as Ch. XXVII)

oversize-box 19, folder 9



V(published as Ch. XIX)


Unpublished chapter drafts and notes

oversize-box 19, folder 10


oversize-box 19, folder 11

Native Races Criticism

oversize-box 19, folder 12

Journalism, book collecting and the library

oversize-box 19, folder 13



E. F. Murray to H. H. Bancroft. 1878


California State Library to H. H. Bancroft. 1879

oversize-folder 1 A


carton 16

Bound mock-up


v. I-XXXIX History of the Pacific States of North America


Maps--Original drawings

oversize-box 20, folder 2


carton 7, folder 3

Alaska and British Columbia

carton 7, folder 4


oversize-box 20, folder 3


carton 7, folder 5

Central America

carton 7, folder 6

Early explorers

carton 7, folder 7


oversize-box 20, folder 4


oversize-box 20, folder 5

Northwest Coast

carton 7, folder 8

Northwest Coast

oversize-box 20, folder 6

Railroads and overland routes

carton 7, folder 9-10

Routes west-Missouri Territory, Utah, Montana, Idaho, Colorado, Southwest

carton 7, folder 11

San Francisco Bay Area

carton 7, folder 12

Western Pacific States

oversize-box 20, folder 7

Western Pacific States


Maps and Illustrations--proofs

oversize-box 20, folder 8

Alaska- Plan of the Port of Okhotsk

carton 7, folder 13-14


carton 7, folder 15

Central America

carton 7, folder 16-17

Early map makers, voyages and colonial settlements

carton 7, folder 18-20


carton 7, folder 21

Missouri, western Indian territories, reservations, forts, battle sites

carton 7, folder 22-25

Northwest coast and Alaska

carton 7, folder 26-28

Northwest Territories, Indian Reservations, Mountain passes, Colorado, Utah, Montana, Idaho

carton 7, folder 29

San Francisco Bay Area

carton 7, folder 30-31




oversize-box 20, folder 9

Alaska, Hyperborean Group

carton 7, folder 32-36

Native Races, v. 1


Central American group


Mexican group


Columbian group


California group


New Mexican group

carton 7, folder 37

Native Races v. II, The Civilized Nations


Official government seals--originals

carton 7, folder 38-39

U. S. states and territories

carton 7, folder 40

Colony of British Columbia, Royal Danish Consulate (Chicago)

carton 7, folder 41

Official government seals--impressions (states and territories)



carton 7, folder 42-43

U. S. state and territory seals

carton 7, folder 44

British Columbia seals

carton 7, folder 45

Oregon "Beaver Money".

(5 & 10-dollar gold pieces minted in

carton 7, folder 46

Mexican and Central American state seals

carton 7, folder 47

Mexican Coat-of-Arms

carton 7, folder 48

Panama and Nicaragua Coat-of-Arms (original illustrations)

carton 7, folder 49

Committee of Vigilance seal, illustrations from Popular Tribunals, v. XXXVI-XXXVII

carton 7, folder 50-51

Correspondence, concerning official seals (in English and Spanish)


Production notes

carton 7, folder 52-53

Lists of placements of maps and illustrations into works in progress

carton 7, folder 54

List of illustrations and maps inserted in English and Spanish editions

carton 7, folder 55

Publishers notes concerning map reproductions

carton 7, folder 56

Production notes for unidentified works

carton 7, folder 57

Inter-staff communications, memoranda.

[removed from Memoranda book, v. 10]

volume 10

Memoranda book

carton 7, folder 58

Research correspondence to H. H. Bancroft & History Co. 1868-1895


Research materials

carton 7, folder 59-63

Authorities quoted or consulted


Central America and Mexico


Mexico and California


Utah, Alaska, Oregon


Northwest Coast


British Columbia and Utah

volume 16

California history sources. undated

carton 8, folder 1

Speeches: the Chinese Question, School Dedication, Temperance.

(Wm. Lovitt), Pacific Coast Historical Exhibition.

carton 8, folder 2-4



American history





carton 8, folder 5

Galleys, unidentified pages



carton 8, folder 6

Native Races, v. I-V. 1874

carton 8, folder 7

Literary Industries [review by George Frederick Parsons, incomplete 1891]

oversize-box 22, folder 1

Cartoon illustration from The Wasp. undated

carton 8, folder 8-9

The Works of H. H. Bancroft.

(in Spanish and English)

volume 11

Scrapbook of reviews and History Co. memorabilia (Griffing Bancroft)

volume 12

Scrapbook of reviews and History Co. memorabilia (Philip Bancroft)

volume 13

Scrapbook [very fragile]

volume 34

Scrapbook, newspaper reviews in English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian


H. H. Bancroft, the Life of Porfirio Diaz. 1885


v. I, Chapter drafts

carton 8, folder 10

Ch. I, Oajaca, Old and New

carton 8, folder 11

Ch. II, Parentage and Birth of Porfirio

carton 8, folder 12

Ch. III, The Diaz Family

carton 8, folder 13

Ch. IV, Antecedents and Environments

carton 8, folder 14

Ch. V, Early Life and Education

carton 8, folder 15

Ch. VI, Benito Pablo Juarez

carton 8, folder 16

Ch. VII, Porfirio Enters Public Life

carton 8, folder 17

Ch. VIII, Society, Composition, and Classification

carton 8, folder 18-19

Ch.IX-X, Society Past and Present


v. II, Chapter drafts

carton 8, folder 20

Ch. XXI, Death of Juarez. 1867-1872

carton 8, folder 21

Ch. LII, The Fall of Diaz.


carton 8, folder 22

Chapter fragments, unidentified

carton 8, folder 23-26

Research notes

carton 8, folder 27-30

v. I, Corrected proofs, pages 1-357

carton 8, folder 31-32

Pages 30-103, 274-323 (in Spanish)


H. H. Bancroft, Popular History of the Mexican People. 1887

carton 8, folder 33

Chapter draft: Ch. LIX, The Future of Mexico.


carton 8, folder 34-41

Research notes

carton 8, folder 42

Newspaper article, H. H. Bancroft, "The Mexico of Today", San Francisco Chronicle. March 22, 1884

carton 16, folder 0

Bound mock-up


H. H. Bancroft, History of the Life of John Deane. 1889

oversize-box 21, folder 1

Corrected galley proofs


H. H. Bancroft, Chronicles of the Builders. 1891-1892


v. IV, Chapter drafts

box 5, folder 1

Ch. I, Mines and Mining--general review

box 5, folder 2

Ch. III, Mines and Mining--Central America and Mexico

box 5, folder 3

Ch. IV, Mines and Mining--California

box 5, folder 4

Ch. V, Mines and Mining--Oregon and Washington

box 5, folder 5

Ch. VI, Mines and Mining--Idaho and Montana

box 5, folder 6

Ch. VII, Mines and Mining--British Columbia and Alaska

box 5, folder 7

Ch. VIII, Mines and Mining--Nevada

box 5, folder 8

Ch. XI, Mines and Mining--Utah and Wyoming

box 5, folder 9

Ch. XIII, Mines and Mining--Colorado

box 5, folder 10

Ch. XVI, Mines and Mining--New Mexico, Arizona and Texas


v. V, Chapter drafts

box 5, folder 11

Ch. VIII, Railways--Observation Tours and Discussion

box 5, folder 12

Ch. IX, Railways--Explorations and Surveys


v. VI, Chapter drafts

box 5, folder 13

Ch. III, Railways--Measures Before Congress

box 5, folder 14

Ch. IV, Railways--Development in California

box 5, folder 15

Ch. VI, Railways--The Central Pacific Co.

box 5, folder 16

Ch. VII, Railways--Union Pacific and Other Lines

box 5, folder 17

Ch. VIII, Railways--In the South

box 5, folder 18

Ch.IX, Railways--The Southern Pacific, Atlantic & Pacific, and Other Lines

box 5, folder 19

Ch. X, Railways--Nevada and Utah

box 5, folder 20

Ch. XI, Railways--Wyoming and Colorado

box 5, folder 21

Ch. XII, Railways--New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas

box 5, folder 22

Ch. XIV, Railways--Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Montana

box 5, folder 23

Ch. XV, Railways--British Columbia and Alaska

box 5, folder 24

Research correspondence--Dictation from the Hale Brothers. 1888

box 5, folder 25

Print reviews

volume 14

Scrapbook of reviews


v. I, Galleys

oversize-box 21, folder 2

Ch. II, Centralization of Power- Life of Frederick Billings

oversize-box 21, folder 3

Ch. III, Dominating influences in America- Frederick Billings.

(press sheets)

oversize-box 21, folder 4

Ch. IV, The Power of Religion

oversize-box 21, folder 5

Ch. VI, Advent and Agency of Law- Life of Stephen J. Field


v. II, Galleys

oversize-box 21, folder 6

Ch. X, Life of George Hyde

oversize-box 21, folder 7

Ch. XII, Life of Charles Maclay

oversize-box 21, folder 8

Ch. XXII, Life of Solomon Hirsch


v. III, Galleys

oversize-box 21, folder 9

Ch. V, Life of Daniel Freeman

oversize-box 21, folder 10

Ch. VII, Life of Joseph Spencer Cone

oversize-box 21, folder 11

Ch. XIV, Life of James B. Lankershim

oversize-box 21, folder 12

Ch. XV, Life of James Adams

oversize-box 21, folder 13

Ch. XXI, Life of Richard B. Knapp.

(author's proof)


v. IV, Galleys

oversize-box 21, folder 14

Ch. IX, Life of James G. Fair

oversize-box 21, folder 15

Ch. XI, Mines and Mining--Utah and Wyoming


v. V, Galleys

oversize-box 21, folder 16

Ch. II, Life of Collis Huntington

oversize-box 21, folder 17

Ch. VII, Lives of the Vanderbilts

oversize-box 21, folder 18

Ch. V, Life of George H. Sisson.

(foundry proof)

oversize-box 21, folder 19

Ch. X, Railways--Nevada and Utah

oversize-box 21, folder 20

Ch. XVII, Life of Josiah Failing

oversize-box 21, folder 21

Ch. XXIV, Life of Joseph P. Hale

oversize-box 21, folder 22

Ch. XXV, Life of George H. Bonebreak

oversize-box 21, folder 23

Ch. XXVIII, Life of Orville D. Baldwin

oversize-box 21, folder 24

Ch. XXIX, Life of Chauncey Hatch Phillips


v. VII, Galleys

oversize-box 21, folder 25

Ch. VII, Life of Bernard Goldsmith.

(authors proof)

oversize-box 21, folder 26

Ch. XX, Life of Marion Bovard


H. H. Bancroft, the Book of the Fair. 1894

carton 8, folder 43



H. H. Bancroft, the Book of Wealth. 1896

carton 8, folder 44


carton 8, folder 45


carton v. 15, folder 0



H. H. Bancroft, the New Pacific and Retrospection. 1900-1915

carton 8, folder 46


carton 8, folder 47


carton 8, folder 48

Galleys and illustrations

oversize-folder 1 A

Reviews and press clippings


H. H. Bancroft, Some Cities and San Francisco, and Resurgam. 1907

carton 8, folder 49

Press notices


Series 2: Bancroft Library (Pacific Library). 1864-1905

Physical Description: Cartons 17-24; Oversize Box 22; v. 17-27


Divided into five sub-series: Catalog Records, Acquisitions, Correspondence, Sale of the Bancroft Library, and Miscellany. Catalog Records are further divided into four sub-subseries by format: cards, lists and volumes, bibliographies, and manuscript dictations. The card sets, though incomplete, include subject, map, and manuscript indexes, papeles various, and a bibliographic index to the libraries holdings, while catalog lists and bibliographies contain additional holdings and source information. Manuscript dictation lists (arranged alphabetically by state) include the names of persons interviewed for oral histories.
Acquisitions contains records of books and collections Bancroft sought and acquired through dealers, catalogs, auctions, and newspaper subscriptions, and includes a small number of original purchase receipts. Correspondence includes requests for information from the public, book selling agencies, and staff memos.
Documents concerning the sale of the Bancroft Library include pre-sale promotional material ( Evolution of a Library), newspaper clippings, and correspondence, along with the analysis and valuation reports by Ruben Thwaites on the marketable value of the library, sold to the University of California in 1905. Miscellany from the library includes engravings of both the Market St. fifth floor and Valencia Street libraries, and their respective floor plans. Also of interest are library visitors tickets, invitations and calling cards, bookplates, covers, and other memorabilia. In addition, an 1885 volume, The Life and Deeds of General Grant is inscribed as a rescued memento from the fire that destroyed the Bancroft Building on Market Street in 1886.

Catalog Records


Catalog cards

carton 17, card-file-box 1-5

General index, A-S

carton 18, card-file-box 6

General index, S-Z

carton 18, card-file-box 7

General subject index, C-E

carton 18, card-file-box 8-10

Books, alpha by subject (to M)

carton 19, card-file-box 11

Index: Maps

carton 19, card-file-box 12-13

Index: Physical geography

carton 19, card-file-box 14

Fiction, S-V

carton 19, card-file-box 15

Index: Bibliographic, A-F

carton 20, card-file-box 16-18

Index: Bibliographic, F-Z

carton 20, card-file-box 19-20

Index: Mexico

carton 21, card-file-box 21

Index Mexico: by subject

carton 21, card-file-box 22

Index: History (alphabetical by location)

carton 21, card-file-box 23

Manuscripts and pamphlets

carton 21, card-file-box 24-25

Papeles Various

carton 22, card-file-box 26

Papeles Various

carton 22, card-file-box 27-28

Subject Index, AT-X

carton 22, card-file-box 29

Almanacs and directories

carton 22, card-file-box 30

Index: unidentified

carton 23, card-file-box 31-35

Index: unidentified


Catalog lists

carton 24, folder 1

Instructions: arrangement and content

carton 24, folder 2

Catalog index--subject headings

carton 24, folder 3

Books in Spanish

carton 24, folder 4

California Supreme Court briefs and U.S. House Executive Doc. sets

volume 17

List of U.S. government documents in possession of Bancroft Library (copybook). undated

carton 24, folder 5


carton 24, folder 6

Lettered sets--guide

carton 24, folder 7

List A-C, California private and public architecture, Mission architecture

carton 24, folder 8

List C, Linguistics

carton 24, folder 9

List D, Personal narratives and dictations

carton 24, folder 10

List E, Miscellany, original copies and scraps

carton 24, folder 11

Lista de coleccion Mugarrita

carton 24, folder 12

Maps, charts, and engravings

carton 24, folder 13

Mexican manuscripts

carton 24, folder 14


carton 24, folder 15

Numbered sets

carton 24, folder 16

Name and number lists

carton 24, folder 17

Rare books, octavo, quarto, and folio

volume 18

Author index to 1869

volume 19

Subject index with numbered references

volume 20

Bosquetti's Catalog of Bancroft Library. 1869

volume 21

Catalog of Books and Pamphlets in the Bancroft Library, by Henry L. Oak. 1879

volume 22

Untitled index

carton 24, folder 18

Unidentified lists



carton 24, folder 19

Documents from the California State Library

carton 24, folder 20

Documents from Santa Clara College

carton 24, folder 21

Books on Columbus

volume 24

Books reviewed, criticized, or quoted


Manuscript Dication Lists

carton 24, folder 22

British Columbia

carton 24, folder 23


carton 24, folder 24


carton 24, folder 25


carton 24, folder 26

New Mexico

carton 24, folder 27


carton 24, folder 28

Utah and Nevada

carton 24, folder 29

Washington Territories

carton 24, folder 30



Acquisitions. 1866-1897

carton 24, folder 31-32

Books sought. undated

volume 24

Old List of Books Wanted. undated

volume 25

Bosquetti's Catalog of Books Wanted. undated

volume 26

Books Wanted. undated

carton 24, folder 33

Records of the Alphonse Pinart Collection. 1883

carton 24, folder 34-36

Auction notices and catalogs. 1871-79

carton 24, folder 37

Collections offered for sale--notices and lists. 1870-95

carton 24, folder 38

Collections offered for sale--Correspondence. 1878-84

carton 24, folder 39

Book dealers catalogs. 1868-95

carton 24, folder 40

Publishers notices. undated


Purchase receipts

carton 24, folder 41

San Francisco Bookshops. 1884-85

carton 24, folder 42

Andrade'sche Auction. undated

carton 24, folder 43

Sullivan Bros. & Libbie, General Auctioneers. 1879

carton 24, folder 44

Gustave Bossange & Co., Paris. 1866

carton 24, folder 45

Miscellaneous. undated


Receipts, miscellaneous

carton 24, folder 46

List of second hand booksellers, San Francisco. undated

carton 24, folder 48

Daily Chronicle, San Francisco. 1884-87

carton 24, folder 50

The American Banker, The San Francisco Journal of Commerce. 1889

carton 24, folder 51

Mexican Republic Census Reports. 1897


Correspondence. 1864-1896



carton 24, folder 52

Requests for information. 1870-89

carton 24, folder 53

Book buying and selling agencies. 1864-96

carton 24, folder 54

Inquiries about the sale of the Bancroft Library. undated

carton 24, folder 55

Inter-library memos. undated

carton 24, folder 56

Miscellaneous. undated



carton 24, folder 57

To newspapers, concerning back issues. undated


Sale of the Bancroft Library. 1900-1905

carton 24, folder 58-59

Evolution of a Library, H.H. Bancroft, Promotional booklet, draft and notes. ca. 1900 undated

carton 24, folder 59

Plan, first floor, Valencia Street [The Bancroft Library, San Francisco] circa 1880 BANC MSS B-C 7

carton 24, folder 60

"Analysis and Valuation of the Bancroft Library". 1905

carton 24, folder 61

"Report submitted to the President and Regents of the University of California upon the condition and marketable value of the Bancroft Library", Ruben Thwaites. 1905

carton 24, folder 62

Newspaper clippings reporting on sale to the University of California. 1900 1905

oversize-box 22, folder 2

Report of intended sale of Bancroft Library, San Francisco Chronicle. Dec. 16, 1900


Report of Sale of Bancroft Library

New York Evening Post.
Dec. 9, 1905




Library Floor Plans

carton 24, folder 63

Market Street, fifth floor

carton 24, folder 63

Plan of the [Fifth] floor, Market Street, The Bancroft Library, [San Francisco]. BANC MSS B-C 7

Scope and Content Note

Bancroft Building, 721 Market Street, San Francisco.

Additional Note

This material was selectively digitized from a larger resource or collection.
carton 24, folder 64

Valencia Street, first floor

carton 24, folder 65

Valencia Street, second floor

carton 24, folder 65

Ground plan, second floor, Valencia Street [The Bancroft Library, San Francisco]. circa 1880 BANC MSS B-C 7

Additional Note

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oversize-box 22, folder 3

Engravings of Bancroft Libraries on Market Street and Valencia Street.

Scope and Content of Collection

The exterior of the Bancroft Building at 721 Market Street; the fifth floor library of the Bancroft Building at 721 Market Street; the second floor of the library on Valencia Street.
oversize-box 22, folder 3

The fifth floor library, [Bancroft Building] 721 Market Street, San Francisco. BANC MSS B-C 7

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This material was selectively digitized from a larger resource or collection.
oversize-box 22, folder 3

Bancroft Building, 721 Market Street, San Francisco. BANC MSS B-C 7

Scope and Content Note

Exterior view of building.

Additional Note

This material was selectively digitized from a larger resource or collection.
carton 24, folder 66

Invitations and calling cards

carton 24, folder 67

Visitor ticket

carton 24, folder 68


carton 24, folder 69


carton 24, folder 70

End papers and leaves with bookplate

carton 24, folder 71

Book cover: Vida del V.P. Fr. Junipero Serra, Palou. 1787

carton 24, folder 72-73

Book covers

oversize-box 22, folder 4

Parchment Book covers

carton 24, folder 74

Book packing list for move to Valencia Street

volume 27

Life and Deeds of General U.S. Grant, 1885

(memento of the Bancroft fire.)
May 1886

carton 24, folder 75

Miscellaneous notes


Series 3: Business Records of A. L. Bancroft & Co. And the History Co.. 1869-1910.

Physical Description: Carton 25, folders 1-62; Oversize Box 22, v. 28-29


Divided into five sub-series: Publications, Sales Agents, Subscribers to Bancroft's "Works," Correspondence, and Miscellaneous.
Publications are further divided into four sub-subseries: Newsletters, which includes Bancroft's Christmas Messenger and Bancroft's Messenger; Catalogs and Advertisements; School Texts and Library Books; and Promotional Booklets for Historical Works of Hubert Howe Bancroft.
The traveling sales agents Bancroft employed to sell his "Works" documented their sales calls across the western states with lists of names, book orders, travel receipts, and dictations. Sample bindings, specimen pages, and a list of agents questions for dictations included here exemplify the marketing strategies used by Bancroft. Lists of subscribers, organized by agents' territories are recorded in the signed contracts of individual and multiple subscribers.
Correspondence includes incoming and outgoing letters to H. H. Bancroft, notably, a number of official documents allowing R. D. Faulkner, a Bancroft employee, to act on behalf of H. H. Bancroft concerning legal matters in Mexico. Miscellany contains clippings about Bancroft's history writing endeavors, a notice sent to clients following the 1906 earthquake and fire, and a souvenir from the Triennial Conclave of the Knights Templar held San Francisco in 1883. Also of interest is a letter written to H. H. Bancroft by Frances Fuller Victor, the only female researcher and writer to work for Bancroft, expressing concerns about her pending employment.

Publications. 1872-1891



carton 25, folder 1

"Bancroft's Christmas Messenger." 1877 1879 1880-81

carton 25, folder 2

"Bancroft's Messenger." 1877 April-1878 Aug.


Catalogs and Advertisements

carton 25, folder 3

"Monthly Bulletin", February. 1872 May

carton 25, folder 4

Catalog of legal blanks. rev. 1887


Quarterly book list. 1888 July


California publications. 1889


Bancroft's manual for election officers. 1890

carton 25, folder 5

Scientific and practical books. undated


French, Spanish, and German books. undated


Gift books for the holidays. 1872-1873


Publicadas en Espanol ciencias letras. 1891

carton 25, folder 6

Spanish American manual (draft). 1888

carton 25, folder 7

Piano and music (advertisement). undated

carton 25, folder 8

Maps and charts (advertisement). undated

carton 25, folder 9

Advertising received. undated

oversize-box 22, folder 5

"Allgemeiner Anzeiger", German publication on printing presses. undated


School Texts and Library Books

carton 25, folder 10

Solicitations for sales, textbook introduction and exchange bill report form. undated

carton 25, folder 11

School library and textbook adoption campaign notices. undated

carton 25, folder 12

Price lists. 1878-79

carton 25, folder 13

Teacher and school supplies. undated

carton 25, folder 14

Resume for Spanish Reader (draft). undated

carton 25, folder 15

Libro Primario (Edited copy of Spanish primer). undated

carton 25, folder 16

French vocabulary primer. undated

carton 25, folder 17

Map samples. undated


Promotional Booklets for Historical Works of Hubert Howe Bancroft

carton 25, folder 18

"Historical Biography." undated


"Progress and Destiny of Texas." undated

carton 25, folder 19

"Progress and Destiny of the Pacific States." undated

carton 25, folder 20

"Works of Hubert Howe Bancroft", by George Frederick Parsons. undated

carton 25, folder 21

"The Significance of Books" (Typescript copy). undated

carton 25, folder 22

Miscellaneous notices. 1875


Sales Agents. 1886-1890

carton 25, folder 23

Lists of names for sales calls. undated

carton 25, folder 24

Reports on sales calls. 1886-89

carton 25, folder 25

Orders for books. 1889-90

carton 25, folder 26

Application for an agency. undated

carton 25, folder 27

Travel receipts, Mexico (R. D. Faulkner) 1887

oversize-box 22, folder 5

Notarized document allowing R. D. Faul on behalf of the History Company in Mexico

carton 25, folder 28

Dictations taken by agent E. B. Palmer. undated



carton 25, folder 29

Agents list of questions for dictations

carton 25, folder 30-32



Specimen opinions for agents use


Sample pages for agents


Title pages for agents

carton 25, folder 33

Information for agents

carton 25, folder 34

Price lists for bindings

volume 28

Sample bindings

volume 29

"Literary Industries", sample

carton 25, folder 35

Stock System, Joseph L. Duque, Bancroft Co., sample copy in German, Spanish, and English 1888


Subscribers to Bancroft's "Works"

carton 25, folder 36


carton 25, folder 37

Washington Territory and Utah

carton 25, folder 38


carton 25, folder 39

Wyoming Territory

carton 25, folder 40


carton 25, folder 41


carton 25, folder 42


carton 25, folder 43-44


carton 25, folder 45

California, Wyoming Territory, Colorado, and Idaho

carton 25, folder 46

Signed contracts (by individuals)

oversize-box 22, folder 6

Signed contracts (multiple signatures)


Correspondence. 1869-1910


Incoming to H.H. Bancroft

carton 25, folder 47

Judge McGowan. 1889

carton 25, folder 48

Joseph Walden. 1869

carton 25, folder 49

Alex S. Taylor. 1872-73



carton 25, folder 50

Drafts (addressee unknown). undated

carton 25, folder 51

N. J. Stone. 1883-84 undated

carton 25, folder 52

H. Struve (re Ashley Bancroft) 1887

carton 25, folder 53

W. Newberry Boschetti, John N. Boschetti. 1869 undated

carton 25, folder 54-56

R. D. Faulkner (includes letters from Mexican officials) 1883-1910



carton 25, folder 57

A. L. Bancroft from H. Diaz Pena. 1870

carton 25, folder 58

Victor, Frances Fuller and business correspondence. undated

carton 25, folder 59

Bancroft-Whitney notice to clients relating San Francisco Fire. 1907

carton 25, folder 60

Newspaper clippings, Bancroft's history endeavors. undated

carton 25, folder 61

Triennial Conclave souvenir. 1883

carton 25, folder 62

"Resumes for book", handwriting samples of copyists. undated


Series 4: Financial Records. 1868-1898.

Physical Description: Carton 25, folders 63-77; v. 30-33


Several ledgers document the financial transactions of the A. L. Bancroft Co. for the years 1868 to 1876, plus one ledger that records the sales of music and pianos during 1892 and 1897. Payroll records and cash accounts of Bancroft's library employees and research assistants were kept in several volumes and on notepaper. Also includes estimates from building contractors, Terrill & Slaven, for 1880, and receipts for plumbing repairs and maintenance to the Valencia Street library.
volume 30

Index to Ledger 1868-71

volume 31

A. L. Bancroft, Booksellers and Stationers, Ledger H, v. 1. 1868-71

volume 32

A. L. Bancroft, Booksellers and Stationers, Ledger H, v. 2. 1872-76

volume 33

Supplement to Ledger H. 1872-76

carton 25, folder 63-68

A. L. Bancroft & Co. Music Ledger. 1892-97

carton 25, folder 69-70

Library employee time book. 1883-87

carton 25, folder 71

Library payroll reports. 1887-88

carton 25, folder 72

Employee cash accounts. 1884-86

carton 25, folder 73

Payroll, miscellaneous. 1868-86 undated

carton 25, folder 74

Estimate and statement from Terrill & Slaven, building contractors. ca. 1880

carton 25, folder 75

Receipts, La Grande Laundry. 1884-86

carton 25, folder 76

Receipts for plumbing repairs and maintenance. 1885-90

carton 25, folder 77

Receipts, miscellaneous. 1886-98