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Banning Family Collection of Photographs, Part I: Finding Aid
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Box List



Box 1

Photographs 1-142

Box 2

Photographs 143-243

Box 3


Box 4


Box 5

Photographs 416-537

Box 6

Photographs 538-640

Box 7

Photographs 641-717


Scrapbook and oversize item

Box 8

Scrapbook and oversize item


Glass plate negatives

Box 9

Glass plate negatives, 216-232

Box 10

Glass plate negatives, 233-252

Box 11

Glass plate negatives, 671-717


Subject List


Banning Family

Box 1, Item 1

Phineas Banning, undated


[Photo by Bradley and Rulofson.]
Box 3, Item 274

"Captain" William Banning, 1868


[Photo by Silas Selleck, San Francisco.]
Physical Description: [Carte-de-visite.]
Box 1, Item 2

Bradley Sanatorium Benefit, ca. 1904


["Captain" William Banning, Hancock Banning and others in costume.]
Box 2, Item 148-159

"Captain" William Banning, ca. 1920s, undated


[Photos by Taber; Phelps, San Pedro; Stagg; Boye; Keystone.]


[Portraits; with stagecoaches.]


[Number 159 removed for conservation.]
Physical Description: [148: carte-de-visite.]
Box 4, Item 364-370

La Fiesta de Los Angeles, 1895


[Featuring "Captain" Banning's six-in-hand.]


[Photos by C.B. Waite; Schumacher.]
Box 4, Item 387-409

"Captain" Banning's carriages, ca. 1900, ca. 1902, ca. 1906, ca. 1920, 1927, ca. 1930, ca. 1940, undated


[Includes views of Banning's six-in-hand on camping trips in Yosemite; images of Banning's various stagecoaches; Banning and Will Rogers on Banning's stagecoach at the Los Angeles County Fair; Banning and Tony Machado on a stagecoach on the Diamond Bar Ranch in Walnut, California; Banning and members of the Overland Stage Coach Club.]


[Includes clipping from Los Angeles Times about Banning and his stagecoach and letter from G.H. Banning about copies of a photograph of Banning's stagecoach.]


[Photos by Keystone; Huddleston.]


[Number 391 removed for conservation.]
Box 4, Item 410

"Captain" Banning, ca. 1940

Box 7, Item 654

"Captain" Banning and P.K. Wrigley, ca. 1935

Box 3, Item 275-286

Hancock Banning, Sr., 1868, ca. 1900, 1910, 1916-1920, 1922, undated


[Photos by Schumacher; Marceau, San Francisco.]


[Includes photographs of Banning in Bartlett Springs; the Bartlett Springs Hotel; Bohemian Grove gathering.]
Box 1, Item 3-4

Banning family members, ca. 1910s

Box 1, Item 17-27

Banning family members, April 28, 1926


[Group portraits on steps of Banning residence, Wilmington, and on stagecoach.]
Box 1, Item 113-121

Banning family members, 1893, 1895, undated


[Joseph Brent Banning, Jr. and Katharine Mary Banning; Joseph Brent Banning, Sr., Joseph Brent Banning, Jr., and William Phineas Banning; Hancock Banning, Jr.; Mrs. Anne (Hancock) Banning; Hancock Banning, Sr.]


[Photos by Schumacher.]
Box 2, Item 163-175

Banning family members, 1888-1890, undated


[William Lowber Banning; Katharine Stewart Banning; Mrs. William Lowber Banning; Lucy and Mary Banning.]


[Number 173 annotated on reverse by Phineas Banning.]


[Includes views of Conejo Ranch, Ventural County.]


[Photos by C. A. Zimmerman, St. Paul; Louis Thors, San Francisco; Golsh]
Physical Description: [Number 165: cyanotype.]
Box 2, Item 182-192

Banning family members and friends, 1892-1893, 1899, undated


[Joseph Brent Banning, Jr.; Nita Patton; Kathryn Banning Graves; Alice Morse Banning; Mrs. William Phineas Banning; Isabelle Lockwood; Lockwood family; "Blithewood," Asheville, North Carolina--home of Isabelle Lockwood.]


[Photos by Essery, St. Paul; Ingersoll, St. Paul; Lindsey's, Asheville.]
Box 2, Item 233-236

Banning family at Conejo Ranch, Ventura County, ca. 1890s

Physical Description: [Copy prints from glass plate negatives.]
Box 7, Item 641-649

Banning family members and friends on Catalina, ca. 1900, 1902, ca. 1910, undated

Box 7, Item 650-653

Banning employees, Catalina, undated

Box 7, Item 700-717

Banning and Patton family members, undated


[Most images taken on Catalina.]
Box 2, Item 160-162

Miscellaneous family images, 1887, undated


[Interior of "The Barn," William Banning's house at 31st and Hoover, Los Angeles; playacting a hold-up; the Barn, Wilmington.]


[Photos by Golsh.]

Banning residences (Wilmington, Compton Ranch, Catalina)


[See also section on Santa Catalina Island for views of Banning residences there.]
Box 1, Item 14-16

Banning residence, Wilmington, undated


[Views of the house and grounds.]
Box 2, Item 193-225

Banning residence, Wilmington, ca. 1880, 1887-1888, 1905, 1912, 1927, undated

Physical Description: [Numbers 193-213: Copy prints from original photographs. Numbers 216-225: copy prints from glass plate negatives.]


[House and grounds; family members in and around grounds and gardens.]


[No numbers 214, 215.]
Box 7, Item 671-687

Banning residence, Wilmington, undated

Physical Description: [Copy prints from glass plate negatives.]
Box 4, Item 411-415

Halfway House, Compton Ranch, ca. 1920


Views of Wilmington and San Pedro

Box 1, Item 5

Motorcade [on Canal Avenue?], Wilmington, ca. 1920s


[Santa Catalina Island Company warehouse in background.]


[Photo by Keystone Photo Service.]
Box 1, Item 8

Wharf [at Wilmington? Catalina?], undated

Box 1, Item 9-13

Views of Wilmington, 1911-1912

Box 2, Item 226-232

Views of Wilmington and San Pedro, ca. 1877, ca. 1880, ca. 1885, undated


[Chinese laundry; Mr. Valentine, employee of Phineas Banning, on porch of unidentifed office; Canal Street wharf; San Pedro harbor.]
Box 3, Item 280-316.1

Views of Wilmington, ca. 1865, 1875-1877, ca. 1905, ca. 1910, 1912, 1924, ca. 1930, 1944, undated


[Banning industrial properties in Wilmington (quartermaster's barn, Freis and A Streets); Wilmington terminal of Los Angeles and San Pedro Railroad; stores and machine shops; Canal Street; Main Street; portrait of George Joseph Smart, Banning Company accountant; first battleship through Panama Canal docked at foot of Avalon Boulevard; Episcopal Church; Mormon Island.]


[Photos by Godfrey; Joseph Brent Banning.]
Box 3, Item 317-345

Views of San Pedro, 1850, ca. 1872-1878, 1895, 1899-1905, 1908, undated


[Harbor; Timm's Landing; Deadman's Island and first breakwater; Los Angeles and San Pedro Railroad locomotives and tug boat; Southern Pacific Railroad depot; breakwater construction.]


[Photos by Godfrey; Joseph Brent Banning.]

Santa Catalina Island


[See also section on Banning family residences for additional Banning homes.]
Box 1, Item 28-112

Views of Santa Catalina Island, 1886, 1892, 1902, 1915, 1918, undated


[Includes landscapes; Indian mortar holes; mountain incline railway; views of Avalon and the harbor; Hotel Metropole; yachts; Hotel St. Catherine; steamships; 1915 fire; Banning home, El Descanso; Little Harbor; Johnson's Landing; S.S. Avalon; Joseph Brent Banning memorial; the barracks at the Isthmus; the Isthmus, with photographs of potential development sites there; construction of infrastructure at the Isthmus; Camp Eagle Nest; Middle Ranch.]


[Photos by Swenson; Dewey; P.V. Reyes; Putnam and Valentine; Herve Friend; Putnam; Park and Company.]


[Numbers 36, 37 removed for conservation.]
Box 2, Item 237-243

The Isthmus, Santa Catalina Island, ca. 1890, undated

Physical Description: [Copy prints from glass plate negatives.]


[Photos by Joseph Brent Banning.]
Box 5, Item 416-423

Ships at Avalon, 1887-ca. 1904


[Photos by P.V. Reyes; Swenson.]
Box 5, Item 424-476

Views of Avalon, ca. 1885-1911


[Includes view of damage done by 1905 storm.]


[Photos by P.V. Reyes; Dewey, Los Angeles; E.M. Brickey.]
Box 5, Item 477-497

Avalon fire, November 1915

Box 5, Item 498-500

Arch Rock, undated

Box 5, Item 501-505

Sugar Loaf, undated

Box 5, Item 506-509

The Isthmus, ca. 1913, undated


[Photos by Swenson; Joseph Brent Banning; P.V. Reyes.]
Box 5, Item 510-516a

Roads and road building, 1900-1908

Box 5, Item 517-530

El Descanso [Hancock Banning family home, Catalina Island], 1896-ca. 1920


[Views of the house and grounds. Includes piece of stationery with "El Descanso/Avalon Santa Catalina Island" imprinted.]


[Photos by P.V. Reyes; Ironmonger.]
Box 5, Item 531-537.1

Hotel St. Catherine, ca. 1917


[Views of the hotel and blasting for the roadway.]
Box 6, Item 538-540

Golf links, ca. 1900


[Photos by Swenson.]
Box 6, Item 541

Camp Wilson, undated

Box 6, Item 544-547

Incline cable car, ca. 1902-1908


[Photos by P.V. Reyes.]


[Numbers 542, 543, 546 missing as of April 2007.]
Box 6, Item 549-554

Middle Ranch, ca. 1890s

Box 6, Item 555-564

Serpentine rock quarry, ca. 1900-1902


[Photos by Swenson.]
Box 6, Item 565-566

Serpentine stone, Cottonwood Canyon, 1907

Box 6, Item 567-572

Stage road views, ca. 1895-1896, 1899, undated


[Includes views of "Captain" Banning driving his stagecoach.]


[Photos by Detroit Photographic Company; Swenson; Ironmonger.]


[Number 575 removed for conservation.]
Box 6, Item 573-590

Santa Catalina Island Stage Company, ca. 1900-1905


[T.J. Green, proprietor and driver. Views of stagecoaches and the stage road.]


[Photos by Swenson; Detroit Photographic Company; C.B. Waite.]
Box 6, Item 591

First automobile on Catalina, ca. 1902

Box 6, Item 592

Seal Rock, undated

Box 6, Item 593-603

Ships and boats, 1884, 1887, 1889, ca. 1900, undated


[Photos by E.M. Brickey]
Box 6, Item 604-612.1

Glass bottom boats, ca. 1905


[No print for number 612.]
Box 6, Item 613-640

Various outings on Catalina, ca. 1916, 1919


[Unidentified individuals sailing, at picnics.]
Box 8, Item Scrapbook

Santa Catalina Island, 1978-1979, undated


[Scrapbook containing copy prints of views of Catalina originally published by M. Rieder, including views of Avalon and Avalon Bay, El Descanso (home of Hancock Banning); various beaches and landscape scenes. The scrapbook also contains George S. Pattons, Jr.'s calling card; memo to the heirs of Mary Banning Norris in regards to the sale of Banning family property in Wilmington and a note in regards to the memo by Hancock Banning; and a press release from the Historic Lexington [Virginia] Foundation about the opening of the Jackson House.]

Friends of the Banning Family

Box 1, Item 122-137

Vail family members, 1889, 1891, undated


[Walter Vail; Mrs. Walter Vail; Russell Vail; Walter Vail, Jr.; William Banning Vail; Mary Vail; Mahlon Vail; Margaret Vail.]


[Photos by Westervelt; Schumacher; H. Buehman, Tucson.]
Box 1, Item 138-142

Patton family members, undated


[Beatrice Ayer Patton; George S. Patton, Jr.; George S. Patton, III.]


[Photos by Lothrop and Cunningham, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.]
Box 3, Item 244-252

Patton family, ca. 1898, 1900, 1901, undated


[Family groups at Lake Vineyard, Patton family estate in San Marino, California; Banning and Patton families on Catalina.]
Physical Description: [Copy prints from glass plate negatives.]
Box 7, Item 660-669

Patton and Ayers families, undated


[George S. Patton, Sr.; Beatrice Banning Ayer Patton; Frederick Ayer; George S. Patton, Jr.; cadet barracks, Virginia Military Institute; Nita Patton; Mrs. Ayers (?).]


[Photos by Hemenway; Steckel.]
Box 7, Item 688-699

Patton family at Lake Vineyard, San Marino, California, 1897, undated

Physical Description: [Copy prints from glass plate negatives.]
Box 2, Item 147

Lake Vineyard [Patton Family estate, San Marino, California] interior, undated

Box 3, Item 253-271

Lake Vineyard [Patton family estate, San Marino, California] and Patton family, ca. 1888, ca. 1894, 1900, ca. 1920, undated


[Photos by L.J. Mitchell.]


[Includes portraits of Susan Glassell Patton (Mrs. William Demoyne Wills) and William Demoyne Wills.]


[No numbers 269, 272-273.]
Box 7, Item 655-658

Lake Vineyard [Patton family estate, San Marino, California], San Marino, undated


[Views of the grounds and haying.]


[No number 659.]
Box 7, Item 670

Howard Huntington and family, ca. 1910


Miscellaneous Individuals

Box 1, Item 6

Unidentified group of men standing by Banning stagecoach and automobile, ca. 1920s


[Photo by Keystone Photo Service.]
Box 1, Item 7

Miss Christine Mueller christening the Catalina steamer Avalon in the shipyard of her father William Mueller, shipbuilder to William Banning, undated

Box 2, Item 143-146.1

Miscellaneous portraits, 1886, 1896, undated


[Dora Jane Flood; William G. Halstead; Sacramento Relief Committee; unidentified baby.]


[Photo by Marceau, San Francisco.]


[Number 146.1 rehoused in Box 8.]
Box 4, Item 373-386.

Miscellaneous people, ca. 1892, 1909, ca. 1915, undated


[Includes photograph of the Mount Lowe incline railway cable car with Thaddeus Lowe, George S. Patton Sr., and George S. Patton, Jr.; George Lathrop; Sidney Wailes; Adelaide Brown; Mrs. Randolph Huntington Miner; Robert Ingraham; Fritz Demuler (?); N.W. Bell; Hobart Glassell Brown; Bill McCay.]


Box 2, Item 176-181

Ships and boats, undated


[The Companero, William Banning's yacht; sinking ships; steamship New York; sailing ships in Boston harbor; ship being built.]


[Photos by Scott; William B. Holmes, New York; G.O. Ayer, Boston.]
Physical Description: [Number 181: stereograph.]
Box 4, Item 346-350

Views of Long Beach, ca. 1880, 1887, ca. 1925, undated


[Long Beach Hotel; Wilmington-Long Beach Rapid Transit railroad car; Long Beach harbor.]


[Photos by Joseph Brent Banning.]
Box 4, Item 351-363

Ships, 1884, ca. 1890, ca. 1900, undated


[Photos by J.H. Easton; Joseph Brent Banning.]
Box 4, Item 371

Unidentified train in unidentified location, undated

Box 4, Item 372

Teams unloading wheat at the Southern Pacific Milling Company warehouse, Paso Robles, October 24, 1895