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Title: Charles Hill papers
Date (inclusive): 1898-2006
Collection Number: 89004
Contributing Institution: Hoover Institution Archives
Language of Material: English
Physical Description: 157 manuscript boxes, 6 oversize boxes, 9 card file boxes, 1 cubic foot box, 2 envelopes (70.9 linear feet)
Abstract: Collection includes correspondence, speeches and writings, dispatches, memoranda, reports, notes, printed matter, memorabilia, and photographs relating to international relations and diplomacy, American foreign policy during the presidential administration of Ronald Reagan, and the Chinese Cultural Revolution. Also contains speeches and writings of Secretary of State George Shultz. Digital copies of select records also available at 
Physical location: Hoover Institution Archives
Creator: Hill, Charles, 1936-


Boxes 39-51 closed. The remainder of the collection is open for research. Digital copies of select records also available at 
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Materials were acquired by the Hoover Institution Archives between 1989 and 2011.


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Biographical Note

1936, April 28 Born, Bridgeton, New Jersey
1957 A.B., Brown University
1960 J.D., University of Pennsylvania
1961 M.A., University of Pennsylvania
1963 Vice Consul, Zurich
1964 Chinese Language Officer, Taichung, Taiwan
1966-1969 Political Officer, Hong Kong
1970 Fellow, East Asia Center, Harvard University
1971 Author, The Cultural Revolution in the Provinces
1971-1973 Mission Coordinator, American Embassy, Saigon, Vietnam
1974 Policy Planning Staff, Department of State
1978 Deputy Director, Israel Desk, Department of State
1979 Political Counselor, American Embassy, Tel Aviv, Israel
1981 Director, Israel and Arab-Israeli Affairs, Department of State
1982 Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, Middle East
1983 Executive Secretary, Department of State
1984-1989 Executive Assistant to the Secretary of State
1989-1992 Diplomat-in-Residence, Stanford University
1989- Senior Research Fellow, Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace
1992- Diplomat-in-Residence and Lecturer in International Studies and Directed Studies, Yale University
1992-1996 Special Advisor to Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali, United Nations

Scope and Content of Collection

Collection includes correspondence, speeches and writings, dispatches, memoranda, reports, notes, printed matter, memorabilia, and photographs relating to international relations and diplomacy, American foreign policy during the presidential administration of Ronald Reagan, and the Chinese Cultural Revolution. Also contains speeches and writings of Secretary of State George Shultz.


The collection is organized into series: Biographical File, Correspondence, Speeches and Writings, Subject File, Oversize File, Card File, Stanford Years File, Increments, and Declassified government records.

Alternate Forms Available

Digital copies of select records also available at 

Subjects and Indexing Terms

China--History--Cultural Revolution, 1966-1976.
Diplomats--United States.
International relations.
Reagan, Ronald.
Shultz, George Pratt, 1920-.
United States--Foreign relations--1981-1989.
United States. Dept. of State.

Box: 1

Biographical File, 1978-1988.

Scope and Contents note

Career records and biographical data related to Charles Hill's government service, arranged alphabetically by physical form

Biographical sketches


Career, personal files




Telephone numbers

Box: 2

Correspondence, 1978-1987.

Scope and Contents note

Arranged alphabetically by name of correspondent

General, 1978-1987


Abrams, Elliott, 1986


Bunker, Ellsworth, 1979


Castle, Peter, ca. 1986


Edelman, Eric, 1987


Haig, Alexander, 1984


Kissinger, Henry, 1985-1986

Box: 3

LaFeber, Walter, 1983-1986


Levy, Arnold, 1982-1987


Lord, Winston, 1987


Nixon, Richard, 1985


Quinn, Kenneth, 1981-1982


Rafael, Gideon, 1981-1987


Reagan, Ronald, 1982


Roberts, Sam, 1986-1987


Seitz, R. H. G., 1984


Shultz, George, 1985


Sofaer, Abraham, 1986


Speeches and Writings, 1968-1986.

Scope and Contents note

Notes, drafts, research materials arranged alphabetically by physical form

Handwritten notes, including notes on China, 1968-1970;

Scope and Contents note


Research materials


Subject File, 1942-1989.

Scope and Contents note

Memoranda, correspondence, charts, maps, outlines, dispatches, reports, press summaries, printed matter, arranged alphabetically by subject. Includes notes and speeches by Charles Hill

ABM/SDI (Anti-Ballistic Missiles/Strategic Defense Initiative). Printed matter, 1988


Abrams, Elliott. Correspondence, interview, printed matter, 1987-1988


Adams family. Memorandum and chronology of Adams family, beginning with President John Adams (1735-1826), 1985


Afghanistan. Printed matter, 1988


Africa. Printed matter, 1988


African Americans.

General note

See Black Americans

Anthropology. "Stakes in Anthropology" by Ernest Gellner, American Scholar , undated


Anti-communism. "Liberal Anti-Communism Revisited" from We Must March My Darlingsby Diana Trilling, 1977


Arafat, Yasser. Correspondence, memorandum, United Nations draft resolution, printed matter, 1988


Arendt, Hannah. "Thinking," New Yorker, November, 1977


Aristotle. "On the Early History of the Aristotelian Corpus" by Carnes Lord, American Journal of Philology, 1986

Box: 4

Arms control. Correspondence, memorandum, printed matter, 1987-1989


Arms race. Charts, 1982-1987; printed matter, undated


Aron, Raymond. "Raymond Aron" by Edward Shils, American Scholar, undated


Atomic power. Excerpt from Atomic Questby Arthur Holly Compton, "Landing in the New World," 1956; map of the University of Chicago, undated


Australia. "Political Ideology in Australia: The Distinctiveness of a Benthamite Society" by Hugh Collins, Daedalus, Winter 1985


Bach, Johann S. "When God Shared J.S. Bach" by William F. Buckley, Jr., 1985


Baker, James, III. Biographical printed matter, 1989


Bakhtin, Mikhail. "Readying Bakhtin" by Denis Donoghue, Raritan, undated


Basketball. Printed matter, 1988


Bechtel. Editorial on "Friends in High Places" by Laton McCartney, 1988


Bellow, Saul. Interviews, 1984


Black Americans. "Black Americans and International Affairs," speech by Maureen Bunyan, February 4, 1986


Bloom, Allan. Reviews, 1987


Books. Book lists, bookstores


Bork, Robert. Correspondence (George Shultz to Robert Dole), 1987


Bunker, Ellsworth. Correspondence, obituaries, printed matter, 1984-1987


Bureaucracy. "Bureaucracy Baiting" by Stephen Miller, American Scholar, undated


Bush, George, and the Bush Administration. Speeches, printed matter, 1988


Capitalism. "Is There a Moral Basis for Capitalism?" by Paul Johnson, undated


Carr, J. L. Book review, undated


Carter, Jimmy. Remarks at Ecumenical Prayer Service, Lincoln Memorial, undated




Central America.

Scope and Contents note

Outlines, notes, memoranda, printed matter, 1985-1988; including memorandum to Robert McFarlane, January 18, 1985, on Decision to Withdraw from the International Court of Justice Case, with background material attached

Chambers, Whittaker. Sidney Hook letter to the editor of New Criterion, relating to Witness, September 1988


Change. "Pace of Change" presented before the American Statistical Association, December 27, 1970



Scope and Contents note

Printed matter on the Chevening estate in Kent, England

Child abuse. Book review of Children at Risk: My Fight Against Child Abuse, by Senator Paula Hawkins, undated


Chile. Article from New York Times, October 4, 1988

Box: 5





Printed matter in Chinese and English, notes

Box: 6

Charts, maps


Poster of Mao Tse-tung


Printed matter

Box: 7

Cultural Revolution








Telegrams, January-June 1967

Box: 8

British Charge, Peking. Dispatches, reports

General note

See also Declassified government records

1966 December





Box: 9





Lu Hsun, Reports on

Box: 10

Red Guards


United Action Committee


Foreign relations


Soviet Union






Politics and government


Government and Communist Party officials, 1968


Peking Consular officials, 1950

Box: 11

Christian-Islamic confrontation. "Christian-Islamic Confrontation in the West: The Thirteenth-Century Dream of Conversion" by Robert I. Burns, American Historical Review, December 1971


Churchill, Winston. Book review of Finest Hourby Martin Gilbert, New Republic, December 5, 1983


Classics. Review of Greek Experienceby C. M. Bowra in The Times, June 8-14, 1985


Clifford, Clark. Correspondence, 1986; speeches, 1976-1984


Cold War




"American Conception of National Security and the Beginnings of the Cold War, 1945-48" by Melvyn P. Leffler, AHR Forum, undated


"Beyond the Cold War" by Charles Krauthammer, New Republic, December 19, 1988


"Economic Security and the Origins of the Cold War: Bretton Woods, the Marshall Plan, and Rearmament, 1944-50" by Robert A. Pollard, Diplomatic History


Committee of Concerned Asian Scholars. Newsletter, September, November 1970


Communism - Europe. Printed matter, 1988


Compassion. "Compassion" by Clifford Orwin, American Scholar, undated


Congo. Correspondence, report, 1962


Council on Foreign Relations. Printed matter, 1985


Covert operations. Printed matter, 1988


Crane, Stephen. Book review, July 1988


Crew racing. Printed matter, 1985


Cuba. Notes, reports, printed matter, 1962, 1982


Cultural policy. Notes, correspondence (Alistair Cooke to George Shultz), February 25, 1985


Darwin, Charles


"Darwinian Revolution and Literary Form" by A. Dwight Fuller


"Darwin's Vision in On the Origin of Speciesby Walter F. Cannon, undated


Debt - Third World. Printed matter, 1989




Speech by Colin L. Powell, 1988 Air Force Association Convention, September 19, 1988


"Deterrence: The Problem-Not the Solution" by Michael McGwire, 1986


"What Ever Happened to the Nixon Doctrine?" by Samuel T. Cohen, Policy Review, Fall 1983


Deficit. Memorandum, "When to Worry About the Deficit" by John H. Makin, AEI Economist, November 6, 1984




"Can the Democracies Survive?" by Jean-Francois Revel, Commentary, June 1984


"I Speak for Democracy" by Elizabeth Ellen Evans, Voice of Firestone (radio and television), 1954


"Tocqueville Revisited: Are Good Democracies Bad Players in the Game of Nations?" by Josef Joffe, Washington Quarterly, Winter 1988


"Tocqueville's Challenge" by David Clinton, Washington Quarterly, Winter 1988




"Diplomacy in an Election Year and Beyond," speech by Max Kampelman, Georgetown University School of Foreign Service, October 7, 1988


"Diplomacy Is All in a Day's Work" by Barbara Gamarekian, New York Times, March 5, 1987


"Diplomacy of Small Countries" by Adamantios Th. Vassilakis, Bohemian Club Library Notes, Spring 1988


"Future of the World: Diplomatic Challenge and Change in the Coming Century," book outline, memorandum, February 22, 1989


Introduction, Foundations of American Diplomacy, 1775-1872by Robert H. Ferrell, undated


"Lessons in Diplomacy" by Martin F. Herz, Foreign Service Journal, October 1982


"Notes on the Management of Multilateral Diplomacy" by Otho E. Eskin, 1977


"Our Faltering Diplomacy" by Smith Simpson, Foreign Service Journal, September 1983

Box: 12

"Potemkin Palace" by Daniel Patrick Moynihan, National Interest, Winter 1986


"Public Diplomacy: Challenge and Response," Washington Quarterly, October 30, 1985


"Summits of Yore: Promises and a Deal or Two" by Robert Wernick, undated


Miscellaneous printed matter, 1986, 1988


Dolan, Anthony R. Resume


Eastern Europe. "Czechoslovakia 1938-Israel 1980" by Steven Plaut, Commentary, August 1980; printed matter, 1988


Eban, Abba. "Central Question," Tikkun, undated




"Economics and the National Security" by Murray Weidenbaum, Washington Quarterly, Autumn 1988


"Economics as a System of Belief," undated


"On Schelling, Hirschman, and Sen: Revising the Conception of the Self" by Michael McPherson, Partisan Review, 1982


"Quest for a Durable Global Monetary System," undated


Editing. "Behind the Blue Pencil" by Jacques Barzun, undated




"The Business of Education," book review, American Scholar, undated


"Design for a New Academy" by Frederick Turner, Harper's, undated


"Education as Recollection, Encounter and Ascent" by David J. Levy, World and I, undated


"Louis Hartz's Teaching," by Paul Roazen, Virginia Quarterly Review, undated


"Watching the Pendulum in Education" by Vermont Royster, American Scholar, undated


Emerson, Ralph W. "Emerson and the Essay" by William H. Gass, Yale Review, undated


Espionage. Printed matter, 1986-1987


Europe. "Economic Sluggishness of Western Europe" by Arthur Burns, 1984; printed matter, 1984-1988


Executives. Note, printed matter, undated


Farrell, James T. "Echoes of Lonigan, 50 Years After" by Samuel G. Freedman, undated


Foote, Shelby. "Shelby Foote's Iliad" by Helen White and Redding S. Sugg, Jr., Georgia Review, undated


Foreign policy. "Reading by Cuisinart" by Henry Allen, undated


Foreign service. Correspondence, speeches by Ronald I. Spiers, 1985-1988; reports, printed matter, 1977-1988


France - Diplomacy. Correspondence, report, 1984


Franklin, Benjamin. "Dr. Franklin: Friend of the Indians" by Julian P. Boyd, Journal of the Franklin Institute, October 1942


Friedman, Milton and Rose. "Tide in the Affairs of Men," undated


Gaddis, John. "Containment and the Logic of Strategy," National Interest, Winter 1987-1988


Gelb, Leslie. Copy of George Shultz letter to Dante Fascell on press leaks, March 25, 1985


Geneva Accords. Text, April 1988


Germany. Treaties, etc. - Soviet Union, 1939 August 31. "The Nazi-Soviet Pact: Missing Page in Soviet Historiography" by Vladimir Petrov, 1968


Gibson, Andrew E. Resume


Global interdependence. "Twilight of Autarchy" by Lincoln P. Bloomfield, Harvard Magazine, undated


Golding, William. "'Stranger From Within' into 'Lord of the Flies'," Times Literary Supplement, September 1986


Gorbachev, Mikhail. "Djilas on Gorbachov," Milovan Djilas and George Urban in conversation, 1988; printed matter, 1987-1988


Great Britain


General. Printed matter, 1981-1985


Foreign relations – Soviet Union. "Watching the 'Steamroller': British Observers and the Russian Army Before 1914" by K. Nielson, undated

Box: 13

Harvard E. Asian Research Center. Directories, 1969, 1970


Harvard Negotiation Project. Memorandum, report, 1987


Hayes, Woody. "A Tribute to Woody Hayes," remarks by Richard Nixon, March 1987


Helms, Jesse. Printed matter, 1988




"Narrative Surface and Authorial Voice in Herodotus' Histories" by Carolyn Dewald, Arethusa, 1987


"Persians, Greeks and Empire" by David Konstan, Arethusa, 1987


Herzog, Chaim. Speech at the conferment of an honorary degree, Georgetown University, November 22, 1983


Hill, Martha. "Innovations of Martha Hill," Dance View, New York Times, March 1982


History and historians


"A Historian as Museum Curator" by Alfred Young, Perspectives, October 1988


"Some Characteristics of Historians in Democratic Times," undated


"Some Models Used by Intellectual Historians" by Roland N. Stromberg, undated


"Why Study History?" by Paul Gagnon, Atlantic Monthly, November 1988


Hong Kong. List of correspondents, media services, and regional magazines, April 15, 1969


Hook, Sidney


"Case of Alger Hiss," American Chronicle, undated


"Lillian Hellman's Scoundrel Time," Authors and Critics, undated


"A Philosophical Perspective," undated


"Sidney Hook, Embattled Philosopher" by Nathan Glick, Encounter, June 1985


Hostages. Printed matter, 1988


Human rights. Correspondence, testimony, report, printed matter, 1983-1988


Human studies. Printed matter, 1986




"An Indian Dynasty: Story of the Nehru-Gandhi Family" by T. Ali, New Republic, May 27, 1985


"Rising Regional Powers," Center for the Study of Foreign Affairs Bulletin, November 1988


Indians. "Indian Affairs in Pennsylvania, 1736-1762," undated


Indochina. "Department of Disinformation: The Lessons of Indochina," Policy Review, Spring 1985

Box: 14

Industrial Workers of the World (I.W.W.). Printed matter, 1984


Information age. Correspondence, speech, printed matter, 1987-1988


Institute of Pacific Relations. "The Institute of Pacific Relations and the Origins of Asian and Pacific Studies" by Paul Hooper, Pacific Affairs, Spring 1988


Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces (I.N.F.). "START: A Good Agreement for the US" by Paul Nitze; printed matter, 1988


International law


"Challenging Covert War: The Politics of the Political Question Doctrine" by David Cole, Harvard International Law Journal, Winter 1985


"Classics of International Law," part of a book by Samuel von Pufendorf, undated


"How to Rescue International Law" by Gidon Gottlieb, Commentary, October 1984


"International Law and International Lies" by I. Kristol, Wall Street Journal, June 21, 1985


"International Law, the Reagan Doctrine, and World Peace: Going Back to the Future" by Robert F. Turner, Washington Quarterly, Autumn 1988


International relations




"Crisis Decision Making: The Banality of Theory" by Adam M. Garfinkle, Orbis, Spring 1986


"First World War and the International Power System" by Paul M. Kennedy, International Security, Summer 1984


"Foreign Affairs: A Budget Pariah" by David Newsom, Christian Science Monitor, November 8, 1987


"From Illusions to Norms in International Relations" by Kenneth W. Thompson, Society, November/December 1987


"Ideology in International Politics," Jerusalem Journal of International Relations, March 1987


"Influence of Geopolitics on the East-West Struggle" by Michael Howard, Parameters, September 1988


"Jet Planes, Television, and Foreign Policy" by George W. Ball, SAIS Review, Winter 1981


"Leashing the Dogs of War" by David S. Broder, n.d


"Multipolarity in World Politics" by Norman A. Graebner, Virginia Quarterly Review, Summer 1988


"Neorealism and Neoliberalism" by Joseph S. Nye, Jr., World Politics, January 1988


"'Operational Code'" by Alexander L. George, International Studies Quarterly, June 1960


"Strategy, Diplomacy, and the Cold War: The United States, Turkey, and N.A.T.O., 1945-52" by Melvyn P. Leffler, undated


"Stung by the Reagan Doctrine?" Washington Times, April 13, 1988


"Three Concepts of Internationalism" by Fred Halliday, lecture given at the London School of Economics, 1987


Iran-Contra Affair, 1985-1990


"Boland Specter" by Paul Greenberg, May 27, 1987


"Committee That Couldn't Shoot Straight" by Steven Waldman, Washington Monthly, September 1988


"Journal in Turmoil" by Sidney Blumenthal, Washington Post, February 16, 1987


Islam. "Islam and the Revolt of the Petite Bourgeoisie" by Michael M. J. Fischer, undated


Israel. Correspondence, report, speech, printed matter, 1977-1988.

Scope and Contents note

Including Joe Sisco's "Aide-memoire"
Box: 15

Japan. "Japan After American Hegemony" by Ezra F. Vogel for the U.S. State Department, January 1986, draft; printed matter, 1988


Judaism. Outline on Judaism; printed matter, undated


Kennan, George


"George Kennan vs. Mr. 'X'" by Paul Seabury, New Republic, December 16, 1981


"Strange Case of George F. Kennan: From Containment to Isolationism" by Edward N. Luttwak, Commentary, November 1977


"Learning to Live Without a Soviet Threat." Interview, original in New Perspectives Quarterly, undated


"Two Views of the Soviet Problem" by George Kennan, New Yorker, undated


Keynes, John Maynard. "General Keynes" by John Kenneth Galbraith, New York Review of Books, undated


Kissinger, Henry


Memorandum, James P. Timbie to Secretary of State George Shultz, June 14, 1988


"America and the World: Principle and Pragmatism," Time, December 27, 1976


"Challenge of a 'European Home'," undated


"International Economics and World Order," First Annual Mocatta Lecture, September 24, 1984


"International Trade: It's Time to Change the Rules," October 22, 1984


"Issues Before the Atlantic Alliance," The Future of NATO and Global Security Conference, Georgetown University, January 13, 1984


"A Memo to the Next President," Newsweek, September 19, 1988


"Observations on U.S.-Soviet Relations," Heritage Foundation, January 14, 1988


"START: A Dangerous Rush for Agreement," Los Angeles Times, 1988


"Diplomacy of Henry Kissinger" by Theodore Draper, Dissent, Spring 1980


"Interface Between Beliefs and Behavior: Henry Kissinger's Operational Code and the Vietnam War" by Stephen G. Walker, Journal of Conflict Resolution, March 1977


"Kissinger Reconsidered" by Norman Podhoretz, Commentary, June 1982


"Vermeer, Aristotle, Nero, Seneca, Kissinger" by Andre de Staercke, undated


LaFeber, Walter


"Decline of the Postwar Relationship: The United States and Japan During the Vietnam War, 1960-1975," undated


"Inevitable Revolutions," Atlantic Monthly, June 1982


"Last War, Next War and New Revisionists," 1981


"Third Cold War," Charles Edmondson Historical Lecture, Baylor University, January 14/15, 1980


"Under the Volcano." Review of Inevitable Revolutions by Bernard Aronson, New Republic, February 6, 1984


Language. Memorandum, printed matter, 1982-1987


Latin America


"Challenge of Ideology in Latin America" by Richard M. Morse, AEI Foreign Policy and Defense Review, undated


"Future of Latin America: Any Cause for Optimism?" AEI Foreign Policy and Defense Review, undated


"Intervention in Latin America: Cuba Si, Yanqui No'?" speech by Elliott Abrams, April 18, 1986


Leaking (press leaks). Copies of memoranda, 1986; printed matter; talking points for George Shultz.

General note

See also Gelb, Leslie

Libya. Printed matter, January 1989


Literature and literary criticism


"Canonical and Non-Canonical: A Critique of the Current Debate" by John Guillory, undated


"From Imitation to Rhetoric: The Chicago Critics, Wayne C. Booth, and Tom Jones" by John Ross Baker, Novel, Spring 1973


"Liars and Truth-Tellers, Fancy and Plain" by Peter Stitt, Georgia Review, undated


"Literature and Technology" by Cleanth Brooks, undated


"Poaching Off the Disciplines" by Bruce Robbins, Raritan, undated


"Shooting the Literary Rapids" by Pat Rogers, Times Literary Supplement, November 15, 1985


"Who Killed Criticism?" by Gerald Graff, American Scholar, undated


"A Will to Cultural Power: Deconstructing the de Man Scandal" by Mark Edmundson, Harper's, July 1988

Box: 16

Logan Act. Text, notes, memorandum, ca. 1988


MacArthur, Douglas. Printed matter, May 1966


Marine Security Guard Program. Correspondence, historical background note, 1986


Marxism. "Dialectical Immaterialism" by Frederick Crews, American Scholar, undated; "Marxism vs. the Jews," Commentary, April 1984


Middle East. Statements by George Shultz, 1988; notes, memoranda, map, press reports, printed matter, 1975-1988


Miller, Perry


"Mind of Perry Miller" by Ann Douglas, New Republic, February 3, 1982


"Perry Miller" by Kenneth S. Lynn, American Scholar, undated




Mondale, Walter


Knesset address, July 2, 1978


Text of speech accepting the Presidential nomination, New York Times, July 20, 1984


Moral philosophy. Printed matter, 1983

Box: 17

National Security Archive. "Archival Pursuit" by William Triplett, City Paper, February 6, 1987


National Security Council (NSC). Staff and Iran-Contra




"Center Holds, I and II" by Jonathan Rieder, New Republic, September 12 and 19, 1988


"Theories of Nationalism and Historical Explanation" by Arthur N. Waldron, World Politics, undated


"What Is Nationalism and Why Should We Study It?" by Ernst B. Haas, International Organization, Summer 1986


Neoconservatism. Printed matter, 1986


"New Federalist." Correspondence, memoranda, notes, drafts, printed matter, and typescript (also entitled elsewhere "Democracy and Foreign Policy"), 1951-1988


New York. Printed matter, undated


Nitze, Paul. Toast to Paul Nitze on his 80th birthday, 1987


Nixon, Richard


"Lessons of the Alger Hiss Case," New York Times, January 8, 1986


"In Praise of Richard Nixon" by Paul Johnson, Commentary, October 1988


"Mr. Nixon's Chimerical Detente" by Seymour Weiss, Wall Street Journal, June 4, 1984


"Nixon, Watergate, and American Foreign Policy" by Stephen W. Stathis, Presidential Studies Quarterly, undated


"Richard Nixon, Prophet: He's Wrong" by Andrew Sullivan, New Republic, August 29, 1988


North, Oliver. Memorandum from Abraham D. Sofaer, November 15, 1988; printed matter, 1988


North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Reports, 1962

General note

See also Declassified government records

Norway - History. Printed matter, undated


Nuclear weapons. Printed matter, 1984-1989


Oberdorfer, Don. Chronology for proposed book; articles from Washington Post, 1983-1988


Oil. "Anglo-American Oil Agreement and the Wartime Search for Foreign Oil Policy" by Michael B. Stoff, Business History Review, Spring 1981

Box: 18

Pacific Rim. "Myth or Reality of the Pacific Century" by Christopher Coker, Washington Quarterly, Summer 1988


Pacifism. Printed matter, 1988


Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). Memorandum, December 20, 1988


Panama. Press conference by George Shultz, Michael Armacost, and Elliott Abrams, May 25, 1988; summary of General Manuel Noriega's views on psychological warfare; printed matter, 1988


People's Temple, Georgetown, Guyana. "Performance of the Department of State and the American Embassy in Georgetown, Guyana in the People's Temple Case," 1979


Philippines. Correspondence; chronology of Philippines history, 1983-1988; printed matter, 1988-1989




"Coming Out Into the Corridor: Postmodern Fantasies of Pluralism" by Carl Rapp, Georgia Review, undated


"Dropping the Object" by Anthony Quinton, Partisan Review, undated


"Ernst Bloch: Philosopher of 'Hope'" by J. P. Stern, undated


"George Santayana and the Consolations of Philosophy" by Joseph Epstein, New Criterion, June 1987


"Hermes, Clio, Themis: Historical Interpretation and Legal Hermeneutics" by Donald Kelley, undated


"Looking After Virtue" by Roger Kimball, New Criterion, September 1988


"Never Speculate, Never Explain: The State of Contemporary Philosophy" by Kenneth R. Seskin, American Scholar, undated


"New Directions in Modern Thought" by Daniel Bell and others, Partisan Review, undated


"Posties" by Richard Rorty, London Review of Books, September 3, 1987


"Recovery of Practical Philosophy" by Stephen Toulmin, American Scholar, undated




"A Lecture on Plato's Apology" by James Redfield, Journal of General Education, undated


"Translating Plato: Some Reflections on Rhetoric" by John Bremer, World and I, July 1987


Poetry. Printed matter, 1973-1988


Politics and government


"Dateline Washington: The Rules of the Games" by Stanley J. Heginbotham, Foreign Policy, undated


"A Dream of Change," Times Literary Supplement, January 13-19, 1989


"Fundamental Concepts of A Study of History: Withdrawal and Return - The Examples of Muhammed and Machiavelli," undated


"Making of Modern Times," Harper's, undated


"'New Science of Politics' and the Old Art of Governing" by Daniel Patrick Moynihan, the Britannia Lecture, Smithsonian Institution, September 1986


"Politics and the Devil" by Leszek Kolakowski, Men and Ideas, undated


"President and the Secretary of State" by Theodore C. Sorensen, Foreign Affairs, undated


"Rediscovering Complexity" by Benjamin DeMott, Atlantic Monthly, September 1988


"Republican Revisionism Revisited" by Isaac Kramnick, 1979-80


"Rethinking Liberalism: The Politics of Post Industrialism," a course syllabus, undated


"Toward a New Fusionism?" by Paul Gottfried, Policy Review, Fall 1987


Polygraph tests. Memorandum, parliamentary question and answer, December 14, 1988


Population. "Staying Alive: Some Home Truths About Population" by W. Petersen, American Scholar, undated


Pound, Ezra. Printed matter, 1985




"Executive Presidency: Federal Management for the 1990's," a Report by an Academy Panel for the 1988-89 Presidential Transition, September 1988


Presentation to the Office of Management and Budget Staff by Paul H. O'Neill, September 6, 1988


"A Republic of Souls: Puritanism and the American Presidency" by Richard Sennett, Harper's, undated


"Sources of Presidential Power: John Adams and the Challenge to Executive Primacy" by Jean S. Holder, Political Science Quarterly, 1986


"Tales From the Top: Inside the White House with Eight Former Presidential Aides," Washington Monthly, April 1987


"War Powers of the President: How Flexible? How Limited?" by Robert F. Turner, remarks at the Perspectives on Public Policy Conference, Brookings Institution, December 2, 1984


"Without Portfolio" by Bernard Gwertzman, undated


Presidents – United States - Election






Press leaks.

General note

See Gelb, Leslie, and Leaking

Private property. Note, outline, undated


Protocol. Memorandum from Selwa Roosevelt, reviewing her tenure as Chief of Protocol, December 16, 1988




"Analytic Triangle" by David James Fisher, Partisan Review, undated


"Reflections" by Janet Malcolm, New Yorker, April 20, 1987

Box: 19

Quinn, Kenneth. Letter to Alan Romberg from Mary McGrory, 1978; commencement address, May 20, 1984


Quotations. Miscellaneous quotations


Racism. "A 'New Racism' on Campus?" by Thomas Short, Commentary, August 1988


Reagan, Ronald and the Reagan Presidency. Printed matter, 1982-1989; handwritten note on a note from Mikhail Gorbachev, February 4, 1987


Refugees. Memorandum on refugees from the Soviet Union, November 3, 1988


Religion. Printed matter, 1986-1988


Rinpoche (Chogyam Trungpa).

Scope and Contents note

Notes, printed matter

Said, Edward W. "Secular Criticism," Raritan, 1983; "Conspiracy of Praise," Nation, October 19, 1985


School busing. Flyer from Bridgeton, New Jersey, undated


Secretary of State Library.

General note

See United States.

Scope and Contents note

Department of State/List of holdings
Box: 20

Shultz, George P.


Biographical information


Clippings, including printed matter on the Shultz/Weinberger debate, and "Ethics and American Power," ed. by E. Lefever, May 1985






Address to the United Nations, undated


"Democracy and Foreign Policy," undated


"U.S. Foreign Policy: Realism and Progress," U.N. General Assembly, September 30, 1982


"Human Rights and the Moral Dimension of U.S. Foreign Policy," January 27, 1984


Remarks, Wellington, New Zealand, July 16, 1984


"Power and Diplomacy," Veterans of Foreign Wars, August 20, 1984


Remarks, Yeshiva Univ., November 16, 1984


Remarks, National Prayer Breakfast, January 31, 1985


"Meaning of Vietnam," Department of State, April 25, 1985


Address at Yad Vashem, Israel, May 10, 1985


Remarks, Canberra, Australia, July 1985


Remarks, PEN International Conference, January 10, 1986


"Terrorism and the Summit Partners," statement, May 5, 1986

Scope and Contents note


"Protectionism and Foreign Policy: America in the Third Wave of Expansion," Economic Club of New York, June 10, 1986


Remarks, Northwestern Univ., June 14, 1986


Remarks, Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations, June 25, 1986

Scope and Contents note


"Reykjavik: Where Do We Go From Here?" National Press Club, October 17, 1986


Remarks, U.S. Senate Youth, February 5, 1987


Toast to Prime Minister of Italy, Giovanni Goria, December 17, 1987


Remarks, Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, February 28, 1988


"U.S. Policy in the Middle East," Department of State, June 1988


"Knowledge and Power," June 15, 1988


Remarks, National Foreign Policy Conference for Educators, June 24, 1988


Remarks, Committee on Foreign Relations breakfast, July 21, 1988


"Administration's Approach to Middle East Peacemaking," Washington Institute for Near East Policy, September 16, 1988


"Ecology of International Change," October 25, 1988

Scope and Contents note

(unused draft)

Remarks, Institute for the Study of Diplomacy reception, November 16, 1988


Interview, Worldnet, November 30, 1988


Statement about James Baker, III, 1989



Box: 21

Sisco, Joe. Aide-memoire on Israel, undated


Smith, Henry Nash. "American Studies of Henry Nash Smith," by Richard Bridgman, American Scholar, undated


Social science. "Blurred Genres: The Refiguration of Social Thought" by Clifford Geertz, American Scholar, undated


Socrates. Book introduction, undated; bibliography


Sofaer, Abraham




Speeches and writings


"International Law and the Use of Force," National Interest, Fall 1988


"Law and Terrorism," Columbia University School of Law, April 5, 1986


Sontag, Susan. Reviews, undated


Southern Africa. Printed matter, including "Sanctions '86: How the State Department Prevailed" by Constantine C. Menges, National Interest, Fall 1988


Soviet Union – Foreign relations – Great Britain.


Speech writing and speeches. Notes, 1988; printed matter, 1982-1985


Stanford University




Institute of International Studies (IIS)


Steiner, George. New Republic, November 19, 1984


Stern, Isaac. Tribute to George Shultz (remarks in honor of Roger Stevens), Kennedy Center, December 3, 1988


Stolar, Abe. "Bitter Pilgrimage of Abe Stolar" by David Remnick, Washington Post, May 10, 1988


Strauss, Leo. Printed matter, including "Legacy of Leo Strauss" by D. D'Souza, Policy Review, Spring 1987


Student dissent. "Our Towns: The Yale Strike and the Causes of the 60's" by Michael Norman, New York Times, November 1, 1984


Syria. "A U.S. 'Syrian Strategy'," October 12, 1983

Box: 22

Tau, Malineo. "Goodbye, Mrs. Tau, You Made a Difference" by Sanford J. Ungar, Washington Post, July 28, 1985


Terrorism. Printed matter, 1984-1986


Thatcher, Margaret. Quotations, review of books about Mrs. Thatcher, New Republic, November 7, 1988


Thoreau, Henry D. Review of books about Thoreau, Times Literary Supplement, October 6, 1978


Thucydides. "Democracy and Distrust: A Lesson from Thucydides" by Clifford Orwin, American Scholar, undated


Totalitarianism. Printed matter, 1986


Trade policy. Letter from George Shultz to Ronald Reagan, May 4, 1988, with enclosure of "Trade Powers Act," Wall Street Journal, May 4, 1988


Turkey. Correspondence; printed matter, 1970-1987; "Turkey, Great Britain, and Sinai" by W.White, 1973


Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (U.S.S.R.). Memorandum, "Soviet Union and the Problem of Conflict Resolution" by Vladimir A. Lefebvre, 1984; printed matter, 1965-1988; maps


United Nations. Notes, draft, reports, 1962

General note

See also Declassified government records

United States


Economic conditions. Memoranda, printed matter, 1988


Foreign economic policy. Printed matter, 1972-1984


Foreign relations


General, 1978-1988




Printed matter

Box: 23

Catholic Church. Printed matter, ca. 1984


Cuba. Printed matter, 1987


Europe. Printed matter, 1983


Japan. Printed matter, 1985-1987


Middle East. Printed matter (article on Harold Saunders), ca. 1975


Soviet Union. Reports, 1985-1988; printed matter, 1984-1988



General note

See Catholic Church

History. Printed matter, 1988


United States. Congress. Printed matter, 1988


United States. Department of State.



General note

See also Oversize File



List of holdings of the Secretary of State Library and note by Charles Hill, undated





Box: 24

Personnel information


Printed matter, including GIST, "Samizdat" (parody of Department of State newsletter), catalogs about the Diplomatic Reception Rooms, and miscellaneous clippings, 1969-1989


Reports, including "Organizational History of the Department of State Since 1960," 1984


United States. Embassy (Soviet Union). Printed matter, 1988


United States. Library of Congress. Remarks by James H. Billington, Librarian of Congress, National Press Club, January 1989; printed matter, undated


University of Chicago. Printed matter, 1985-1987.


Vessey, John W., Jr. Remarks at National Prayer Breakfast, February 3, 1983

Box: 25

Vietnam. Outline for book; copy of letter from Le Duan, undated; printed matter, 1973-1988






"Causes of Wars" by Michael Howard, Wilson Quarterly, Summer 1984


"Constraints on America's Conduct of Small Wars," International Security, Fall 1984


"Defining Military Character" by Philip Lewis, Karl Kuhnert, and Robert Maginnis, Parameters, Summer 1987


"Deterrence or National Interest?" by David E. Kaiser, Forum, Spring 1986


"Eternal Clausewitz" by Martin van Creveld, Clausewitz and Modern Strategy, undated


"Illusion of Limited War: Chancellor Bethmann Hollweg's Calculated Risk, July 1914" by Konrad H. Jarausch, undated


"Just War and Matters of Statecraft" by James Finn, Washington Quarterly, Summer 1988


"Space and Time in On War" by Harold W. Nelson, Clausewitz and Modern Strategy, undated


"Uses and Abuses of Clausewitz" by Eric Alterman, Parameters, Summer 1987


War Powers Resolution. Memoranda, 1984, 1988; testimony of Abraham Sofaer, 1988; printed matter, undated


Western civilization. Printed matter, undated


Wilder, Thornton. "Remembering Thornton Wilder" by Elder Olson, American Scholar, undated


Wills, Garry. Review of Inventing America, 1978


Wilson, Woodrow


"Submarine and American Intervention" by Charles Seymour, undated


"Submarine Thesis Challenged" by H.E. Barnes, undated


"Woodrow Wilson and the Russian Revolution" by Betty Miller Unterberger, undated


"Woodrow Wilson's Neurological Illness" by Edwin A. Weinstein, Journal of American History, September 1970


Wolfson, Harry A. "On the Sleuth of Slobodka and the Cortez of Kabbalah" by Judah Goldin, review of Wolfson of Harvardby Leo W. Schwarz in American Scholar, undated


World War, 1914-1918.

Scope and Contents note

Notes, undated

Wriston, Walter. Speech at the International Monetary Conference, June 4, 1984


Writing. Printed matter, 1986-1988

Box: 26

Oversize File, undated.

General note

See also oversize materials in the Stanford Years File (Box 39)

Scope and Contents note

Certificate of appreciation, Chinese army cap, memorabilia, maps, notebooks of pins, organizational charts.



Mao Tse-tung pins.

Scope and Contents note

Two notebooks

Chinese Army cap


Organization charts, Department of State, 1984, 1990


Certificate of appreciation from Ronald Reagan for participation in Toronto Summit, June 19-21, 1988

Box: 27-29

Card File, undated.

Scope and Contents note

Includes holograph and typewritten notes on the Cultural Revolution in China, 1967-1968
Box: 31

Stanford Years File, 1989-1992.

Scope and Contents note

Correspondence, speeches and writings (mostly by others but also by Charles Hill), course notes, subject files related to Charles Hill's work as Diplomat-in-Residence at Stanford University and as Senior Research Fellow at the Hoover Institution, as well as at the United Nations, arranged alphabetically by physical form. The subject file also includes writings by Charles Hill. Includes some earlier material

Biographical file




Articles, clippings, 1987-1992




Charles Hill Papers.

Scope and Contents note

Deposit agreement with the Hoover Institution

George Shultz Papers in the Federal Records Center, San Bruno, California. Regulations for access


Honorary doctorate - Glassboro State, May 19, 1989




Career file






Course material, talks, seminars


Performance record, April 1986 - April 1987


Reference letter from Nicholas Platt, November 1989






Diplomat-in-Residence. Briefing book


Foreign service


Research and writing. Plans, charts, outlines, correspondence




General - Tax information


Department of State


Senior Research Fellow, Hoover Institution

Box: 32




Box: 33



Travel and moving, 1988-1989




General, 1987-1990


Baker, James, III (Charles Hill's letter of resignation), 1989


Baldwin, George and Harriet, 1989


Barker, Richard, 1990


Barkley, Richard, 1990


Barnett, Robert, 1989


Bavly, Dan, 1988-1989


Bender, Boni, 1989


Bergold, Harry, 1987


Boeker, Paul (Institute of the Americas), 1989


Bolton, Peter, 1988


Brinker, William, 1991


Camp, John McKay, 1987 (?)


Carnochan, Bliss and Gitta, 1989-1990


Castle, Peter and Ellen, 1977


Cates, Arthur, 1984


Creagan, David, 1989-1990


Crocker, Chester, 1989


Dam, Kenneth, 1988

Box: 34

Ditz, John, 1990


Drachkovitch, Milorad, 1990


Edelman, Eric, 1989


Farrell, Tom, 1987


Feldman, Shai, 1988


Fincher, John, 1987-1988


Fisher, Max, 1988


Freelen, Bob, 1990


Gaston, Elizabeth, 1989-1990


Griswold, Charles L., Jr., 1989-1990


Grossman, Danny, 1990


Gubitz, Myron, 1990


Henriksen, Thomas, 1989-1990


Henry, Rodney, 1990


Hill, Emily, 1988


James, Herman D., 1989


Johnson, Lionel, 1989


Karnow, Stanley, 1989


Kennedy-Minott, Rodney, 1990


Kirby, William, 1990


Kurtzer, Dan, 1990


LaFeber, Walter, 1985-1989


Levy, Arnold, 1988-1989


Mathews, Jay, 1989


Mayor, Maya, 1989


McFarlane, Robert, 1986


Mergen, Bernard, 1988-1990


Middlebrook, Diane, 1989


Mnookin, Robert, 1990


Morton, Elaine, 1989


Nader, George, 1990


National Interest, 1990


Nee, Victor, 1990


Perkins, Edward, 1989


Peterson, Agnes, 1990


Randle, Wilma, 1989-1990


Rydzkowski, Janusz, 1990


Seitz, R. G. H., 1988


Sheldon, Walter, 1990


Shultz, George, 1989


Sicherman, Harvey, 1988-1990


Sofaer, Abraham, 1989-1990


Stanford University Press, 1990


Sullivan, Brendan, 1988


Thompson, William M., Jr., 1989


Vest, George, 1988-1989


Vogel, Ezra, 1989


Waldron, Arthur, 1990


Walsh, Lawrence E., 1990


Williams, William Appleman, 1985


Williamson, Larry, 1989


Wong, Marcia, 1988-1989

Box: 35

Speeches and writings




Letter to the editor, Nation, January 1976, in reply to Alexander Woodside


Memoranda and marginalia by Charles Hill on Robert McFarlane, September 30, 1983


Draft outline on foreign policy, February 13, 1985


Outline by George Shultz to Ronald Reagan on the Iran-Contra Affair, July 28, 1987




"Statecraft," handwritten draft, February


Cornell University Lectures, Clark Fellow, April 19-20


Stanford World Institute: A Prospectus, May


Introduction of Al Vecchione, May 30


James Baker proposal for a "Pan-Pacific Alliance," June 28


"How to Better Govern in the Face of Difficult Situations," History Book Club, July


"Memoir" by George Shultz, July


Television taping outline on Lewis and Clark, July


"Statecraft" with handwritten notes by Henry Kissinger, July 20


"Five+ Year Diplomatic Effort to Restore Stability in the Middle East," handwritten outline, August 14


"Statecraft" outline, September 12


Notes by Charles Hill on U.S. policy and the Middle East peace process, Washington Institute for Near East Policy, Wye Plantation, September 15-17


"Jerusalem," October


"Reflections on Drug Policy," October 11


"On Governance," October 11


Letter to the editor, Newsweek, November 3


Cambridge University, draft, November 4




"Hoover Institution in the 1990s: The International Dimension," January 5


Poem for George Shultz on not being Secretary of State any longer, January 19


"Dealing With the Next Danger of War," with Edward Teller, January 29


"Imperative of Realism in the Middle East," February 14


"Sovereignty and Nationalism in the Information Age," Glassboro State College, February 15


Letter to the editor, Stanford Daily, February 26


"Neglected Dimension of the Middle East Conflict," March 2


"United States and Europe," March 21

Box: 36

"Man Thinking," American Studies International, April


"Lithuanian Pivot," April


"Ignoring Lithuania's Cries," San Jose Mercury News, April 15


Conference on the Transformation of Europe, Options Paper, April 19


Polish Foreign Service Program with Hoover/Stanford, draft, May 1


"Summit Fatigue," May 8


"Bush-Gorbachev Summit May Be Last Of Its Kind," San Francisco Chronicle, May 15


Roh Tae Woo-Gorbachev meeting, May 31


Presentation of poster to Mikhail Gorbachev, Stanford University, June 5


"Confirmation" (Senate confirmation for appointed positions), June 5


Coro Foundation. Information, June 6


"How the State Department Works," June 6


"Diplomacy Versus Terrorism," June 11


Notes by Charles Hill, Washington Institute on Middle East Policy, June 29


Printed matter and Charles Hill's memo to Lawrence Eagleburger on Cambodia, July


"Clusters," to John Raisian, July 10


Middle East, August 17


"Science, Technology, and Post Modernity," September 1


"American Republican Movement - Enlightenment or Deconstruction," September 2


U.S.-China Relations, September 6


Notes on Philip Habib, September 6


"Gulf Crisis: War or Peace in the Middle East," September 14-16


Middle East, October 1


"Soviet Union," October 8


"Constructive Reflections on the Budget Debacle," October 15


"Iraq and Kuwait: The U.S. Involvement," Institute for Historical Study Round Table, October 17.


"Statecraft for the Future," November 2


"Middle East: The Post Cold War Order Begins," program, November 6


"Tales of the United Nations," November 9




"Why the U.S. Policy in the Gulf Is Right," January 23


"An Arms Control Initiative for the Middle East," February 26


"Let's Get Our Middle East Act Together," March 29


Notes, Conference on Central Europe, May 9


Statement on Rajiv Gandhi's assassination, May 21


"Mongolia and Latvia," May 22


Report on the Middle East, Hoover Overseers, July 27


"Experts Discuss Chances for an Uprising," San Francisco Chronicle, August 20


"Action International," August 25


"A Contrapuntal Civilization," Stanford Convocation, September 27


Letter to the editor on Vietnam, SHAFR Newsletter, September


Notes on the Middle East, November 19

Box: 37

Subject file


Adams, John Quincy.

Scope and Contents note

Printed matter

Anderson, Martin. Letter from John Carlson, 1990, regarding presentation at Hoover Institution


Bacon, Francis. "Chief Guides for the Study of Bacon's Speeches"


Barden, Alison M. Correspondence, campaign materials


Bozeman, Adda.

Scope and Contents note

Correspondence with Anne van Camp, Hoover Institution; autobiographical sketch

Bunka-viewing by Meredith Palmer


Cambodia. Charles Hill notes


Catholic Church


General, including New York Timesarticle on Our Lady of Fatima, May 14, 1991


Capitalism. "Centesimus Annus," Papal encyclical, May 2, 1991;

Scope and Contents note

printed matter

Catholic Universities - Apostolic Constitution.

Scope and Contents note

Printed matter

Liberation theology. Papal Instructions, 1984, 1986, 1990


Chamberlain, George Agnew (writer, friend of Amelia Earhart).

Scope and Contents note

Printed matter

Chogyam Trungpa.

General note

See Rinpoche

Cyprus. Map and travel advisory


Dean, John - Memo from George Vest to Charles Hill


Egyptian stories. Chronology


El Salvador. Letter from Ward Beecher to George Shultz on the release of Beecher's daughter from detention in El Salvador, December 1, 1989


Freud, Sigmund. Quote in letter to Wilhelm Fliess on bisexuality, August 1, 1899


Germany and German unification. Bibliography


Herzog, Chaim. Introduction and guest list


Hook, Sidney.

General note

See Hoover Institution

Hoover Institution


Hook, Sidney. Suggestions for position formerly held by Sidney Hook


Hoover Fund for Institution Building in Central Europe, May 2, 1990


Hoover Press


Young Diplomats Program


Institute of International Studies, Stanford University


Institute of Nautical Archaeology.

Scope and Contents note

Printed matter



Charles Hill notes


Synopsis of talk by Lt. Cols. Sullivan and Townson, "Military Options in the Persian Gulf," November 1, 1990




Paper on U.S. objectives, February 1991


Speeches by William Stanton, January 9 and March 1991


Proceedings of Washington Institute, September 14-16, 1990; research memo, October 1990


Printed matter, 1982, 1990-1991


Israel-Lebanon. Agreement on withdrawal of troops from Lebanon, May 17, 1983

Box: 38

James, Henry. Quote from Hawthorneon what American life lacked when compared with the European, 1879


Jasper Ridge. "History of Jasper Ridge"


Jordan. Charles Hill's draft of a letter to King Hussein, May 1989


Kuwait. Materials from the Free Kuwait Action Committee, 1991


Liberation theology.

General note

See Catholic Church

Love and Marriage. Colloquium given by Susan Treggiari, July 18, 1990


MacNeil/Lehrer Newshour. Letter to George Shultz from Linda Winslow regarding the Statecraft Project, May 1990


Agreement. May 17, 1983

General note

See Israel-Lebanon Agreement

McCarran-Walter Act.

Scope and Contents note

Printed matter

Middle East. Written interview with Rachel Sneh on the cease-fire agreement between Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), July 1981




National Defense University Press. Bibliography


Nixon, Richard. Activities in 1985


Psomas, Andreas - Papers


Rain forests. "Political and Economic Causes for the Destruction of Tropical Rain Forests and Some Suggested Solutions" by Bonnie Gorsic, December 8, 1989


Shultz, George




Brundtland, Gro Harlem, 1989


Kennedy, Donald, 1989


Remarks by Max Kampelman honoring George Shultz before the Anti-Defamation League, June 14, 1989


Speeches and writings


"U.S. Foreign Policy: Realism and Progress"


"National Policies and Global Prosperity," April 11, 1985


"Public Service in America," January 9, 1989


Remarks, January 19, 1989


Sports. Poetry


Stanford University


Center for International Security and Arms Control. Arms control course, March 1990


Donald Kennedy memo to George Shultz, "Global Stanford," June 1989


Medical Center, October 1990


Students for East European Democracy (S.E.E.D.)


"Taba Project," Myron Gubitz


Ugaritic literature. Outline


United States. Department of State




Performance evaluations


Phone numbers


Reply to letter of inquiry


Foreign policy. "A New U.S. Strategic Concept" by Paul Nitze


Foreign Service. Printed matter, October 1989



General note

See Catholic Church

Vietnam. Department of State Library booklist


World Affairs Report. Letter from Ronald Hilton, May 1989

Box: 39-51

Closed Materials

Box: 52

Increment received in 1992

Scope and Contents note

Biographical files, career files, correspondence, speeches and writings (including Statecraft project and projects with George Shultz), subject file, Department of State file, Stanford Years files, Political Officer in Hong Kong file, United Nations file, and audio-visual files, listed as increments were received

Biographical file




Hill, Martha


Media appearances






Career file

Box: 52-53

Correspondence, 1989-1992



Box: 54

Abrams, Elliott, 1990


American Express, 1989-1990


Armacost, Michael, 1989


Barnes, Harry, Jr., 1989-1992


Bell, Muriel, 1989-1990


Boeker, Paul, 1989


Brinker, William, 1991


Brookins, Carol, 1989


Crocker, Chester, 1992


Doherty, William, 1991-1992


Eagleburger, Lawrence, 1989-1992


Glassboro State College, 1989-1992


Griswold, Charles, 1989-1990


Hill, Emily, 1992


Hill, Katie, undated


Institute for International Studies, Stanford University, 1990-1991


International Center for Development Policy, 1990


Kagan, Robert, 1991-1992


LaFeber, Walter, 1989-1990


Nader, George, 1989-1992

Box: 55

Speeches and writings


"An Agenda for Peace," United Nations


Arms Control Initiative


"Arms Control, the Middle East and the Next International System"


"Beyond Containment: The M Factor"


"Can the Middle East Keep Up?"


Remarks, Chatham House, London


"Diplomacy of the Arab-Israeli Conflict: The 'Peace Process', 1967-1991"


"Diplomacy and Terrorism"


"Foreign Policy Making in the Reagan Administration"


Interview on the Gulf War, 1991.

Scope and Contents note

Radio, KZSU

Interview with George Shultz and tribute to Philip Habib's memory


Remarks on Honduras


Outline on Statecraft and Diplomacy project, Hoover Institution


"Hotel and the Mosque: The Middle East in the World Economy"


"How Should We Think About Foreign Policy?"


"Imperative of Realism in the Middle East"


"Let's Get Our Middle East Act Together"


"Middle East 'Peace Process'...a Story of Contending Concepts"




"Neglected Dimension of the Middle East Conflict"



Box: 56

"New Departures for the Nation-State"


"On Governance"


"On Language Learning"


"A Pocket History of the 'Peace Process' in the Middle East"


"Reflections on Drug Policy"


"Restatement of American Democracy"


Remarks, Stanford World Institute


"Summit Fatigue"


"Tales of the United Nations"


"Twelve Months of the Middle East"


United Nations. Remarks of Boutros Boutros-Ghali, Royal Institute of International Affairs




"What Qualities Enabled the Romans to Become Masters of the Mediterranean World?"


"White Whales and Dead White Males"

Box: 57

Statecraft project






Book proposal


Logic chain


Project proposal




Research materials


Table of contents


Edited draft of book

Box: 58

Book draft




Chapter 1 - Statecraft


Chapter 2 - Civilization


Chapter 3 - Diplomacy


Chapter 4 - The Next New Age


Chapter 5 - The Proving Ground of Ideas - Democracy


Chapter 6 - War


Chapter 7 - Future War


Chapter 8 - The New Wealth of Nations


Chapter 9 - The Planet


Chapter 10 - The Public Eye


Chapter 11 - Sovereignty and Nations


Chapter 12 - Withdrawal and Return

Box: 59

Miscellaneous drafts


Television series


Interview with Jim Lehrer of the MacNeil/Lehrer Newshour,and George Shultz, 1989


Possible format for television series

Box: 60

Television series outlines and plans


A Statecraft for the Future - draft and typed copy


Projects with George Shultz


Secretary of State Library (3 computer disks)


Turmoil and Triumph: My Years as Secretary of State, 1993




Parts I-IV




Drafts/research materials

Box: 61

Draft A


Andropov, Yuri


Berezhkov, Andrei




Boland amendments




Can Ronald Reagan Be Explained?


Central America (back-up)


Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Contras






Cold War Is Over


Coming of Age in the Nuclear Age


Continuing Search for Peace in the Middle East


Daniloff, Nicholas


Day After


Eastern Europe


Great Britain


Gromyko, Andrei

Box: 62



Interlock: the Shultz Initiative




Iraq and Iran




Last of the Superpower Summits






Middle East Peace Process


Miscellany, including some reader comments

Box: 63

Noriega, Manuel


Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO)










Reagan, Nancy


Reagan Doctrine


Reflections, including folder labeled "Material not used yet, (in May 19, 1992 draft)"


Representation: A Lesson From My Time With President Nixon



Box: 64

Sea Change


Central America




Middle East




Southern Africa


Soviet Union



Box: 65

Things Fall Apart


Tiresome, Troublesome, and Trivial




Turning Points


World Turmoil


Wounded White House: Iran-Contra


Draft B




Afghanistan: The End of the Brezhnev Doctrine




Can Ronald Reagan Be Explained?


Central America


CIA and the Contras: New Concerns, 1986




End of Colonialism in Africa


Fall of Marcos


Interlock: The Shultz Initiative, 1988


Iran-Contra: Picking Up the Pieces, 1987


Iraq and Iran: Playing the Balance, 1984-1989


Korea, 1985-1988

Box: 66

Last of the Superpower Summits: Making the Most of It, 1988


Leaks and Lie Detectors


Letting the Foreign Service Serve: A Success in Chile, 1985-1990


Middle East Peace Process, Winter 1982-1983


Middle East Peace Process, September 1, 1982 through 1985




My Early Life


Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) Meets the Conditions, 1988


Pocket History of the "Peace Process"




Polecat: After the Revelation




Reagan and Noriega




Representation: A Lesson From My Time With President Nixon

Box: 67

Rudder: Fadlallah and the Hostages, 1986-1988




Shultz-Gates Meeting After Gates Became Acting Director of Central Intelligence, 1987


Signs of a Sea Change: Central America - Weaving a New Web


Signs of a Sea Change: Middle East Peace Process


Signs of a Sea Change: Reflagging 1987


Soviet Union, October 1, 1984-April 1, 1985


Soviet Union, April 1, 1985-November 30, 1985


Soviet Union, Winter 1985-1986, arms to Iran, lie detector controversy, and PEN


Soviet Union, 1986


Soviet Union After Reykjavik, 1986-1987


Soviet Union 1987


Soviet Union, 1987: The Cold War Is Over


Things Fall Apart, 1988


Tiresome, Troublesome, and Trivial: A Washington Interlude with Jim Wright and Henry Kissinger on Central America, 1987


U.S./Soviet Union, 1987


Wounded White House 1987: The Iran-Contra Controversy


Draft for Seoul Peace Prize acceptance speech, 1992

Box: 68

Subject file


Campbell, Tom








Central America.

Scope and Contents note

Manuscript, author unknown
Box: 69

Central America.

Scope and Contents note


Clinton, Bill.

Scope and Contents note

Correspondence, printed matter

Economic conditions.

Scope and Contents note

Printed matter

Gandhi, Rajiv.

Scope and Contents note

Memoranda, correspondence

Government documents as personal property.

Scope and Contents note

Correspondence, manuscript, printed matter

Greek Studies – Herodotus.

Scope and Contents note

Printed matter

Hoover Institution.

General note

See Taiwan

Iran-Contra Affair



Scope and Contents note

Notes, printed matter

Independent Counsel.

Scope and Contents note


"Israeli Politics and Foreign Policy" by Samuel J. Roberts.

Scope and Contents note


Kuwait. "Free Kuwait" pin and stickers

Box: 70




Scope and Contents note

Printed matter

Sofaer, Abraham.

Scope and Contents note

Resume, memorandum, speech

Stanford 1989.

Scope and Contents note

Correspondence, printed matter

Stanford Continuing Studies Program.

Scope and Contents note

Correspondence, syllabus, printed matter

Taiwan and the Hoover Institution.

Scope and Contents note

Correspondence, notes, printed matter, reports

United Nations.

Scope and Contents note

Remarks, reports, printed matter

United States. List of books in the Secretary of State's Library.

Scope and Contents note

Includes a computer disk


Scope and Contents note

Outline by Charles Hill
Box: 73

Department of State file, 1968-1982


Speeches and writings, primarily drafts of writings for Henry Kissinger

Box: 75



July 1978-May 12, 1981

Box: 76

May 14, 1981-August 7, 1982

Box: 74

Subject file


Bruce, David K. E. White House statement on his death


Bunker, Ellsworth. Remarks, October 16, 1974



Scope and Contents note

Typescript, reading list, printed matter

Davies, John Paton.

Scope and Contents note

Printed matter

Foreign service.

Scope and Contents note

Correspondence, memoranda, notes, printed matter


Scope and Contents note

Printed matter

Kim Yun Tek.

Scope and Contents note


Kissinger, Henry.

Scope and Contents note

Program, printed matter




Scope and Contents note

Printed matter

Speech making.

Scope and Contents note

Printed matter

Television news.

Scope and Contents note

Printed matter


Scope and Contents note

Printed matter
Box: 76

Stanford Years file. Speeches and writings by Charles Hill


Notebooks, January 13, 1989 - July 15, 1992

Box: 77

Diaries, 1989-1991

Box: 79

Drafts for Turmoil and Triumph

Box: 84

Political Officer in Hong Kong file, 1966-1969.

Scope and Contents note

Newsbriefs from the Japanese press in Peking (Beijing), China



October 17, 20, October 30


November 9-10


December 12-13, December 15-16, December 19, 24, December 26-29




January 5-20


February 3, 8, February 16-24, February 27-28


March 1, March 6-7, March 11-13, March 15-18, March 22, March 25-28, March 30


April 1-2, April 4-7, April 9-27, April 29-30


May 1, May 5-10, May 14-21, May 23, May 25-26, May 29


June 1-2, June 7-8, June 10-13, June 16, 23


July 3, 29


August 4, August 7-8, August 11, 16, August 28, 30


September 1-3, September 5

Box: 71

United Nations file, 1992-1996


Article in Orbis, Summer 1993, entitled "An Agenda for Peace"


Letter to editor, New York Review of Books, July 1993


Printed matter


Speeches and writings (mostly notes)

Box: 72

U.N. and non-U.N. materials, including correspondence, notes, printed matter

Box: 78

Audio-visual file




Panel on Political Culture in the Soviet Union


Charles Hill on KZSU, "Why the U.S. Policy in the Gulf Is Right," January 23, 1991


National Press Club, with Boutros Boutros-Ghali


Institute for Historical Study talk, October 17, 1990


Charles Hill speaking on "Statecraft," August 8, 1989


Max Kampelman, speech at Glassboro State College, New Jersey, February 24, 1992




Institute for International Studies (IIS), Advisory Council meeting, January 24-25, 1991

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(7 tapes)

Charles Hill on Viewer Call-in Program, C-Span, January 29, 1991

Box: 85

Stanford Years file


Subject file




"Horn of Africa: A History of Conflict" by Ryan Fortson


Article on Sudan


Article on Sudan from an Encyclopedia


Excerpt from book on Abyssinia


Article on Ethiopia, "A New Chance for a Fractured Land"


Excerpt from Ethiopia Under Mussoliniby Alberto Sbacchi


"Nation Building in Black Africa," The World and I, March 1992


Ad for The Horn of Africa: From War to Peaceby Paul Henze


Charles Hill notes


"War on the Nile: Winston Churchill and the Reconquest of the Sudan," Political Science Reviewer, undated


"Sudan's Turabi Predicts a Region-Wide Islamic 'Quake'," Mideast Mirror, January 9, 1992


Printed matter


Agricultural policy. Correspondence from Carol Brookins, World Perspectives, Inc., 1990


Alliances. Excerpt from Origins of Alliancesby Stephen Walt




Charles Hill notes


Articles from PS: Political Science & Politics, December 1991


Printed matter




Excerpt from Jorge Luis Borges, Selected Poems, 1923-1967


"Argentina: Living With Cruelty" by V.S. Naipaul, New York Review of Books, January 30, 1992


Printed matter


Arms control


Excerpt from anti-ballistic missile treaty


"What the ABM Treaty Means," Time, March 23, 1987


"Peace and National Security," speech by President Ronald Reagan, March 23, 1983


Asian nations


Charles Hill notes


Printed matter


Ballistic missiles


"Third World Ballistic Missiles," Scientific American, August 1990


Memo and reports from the Stanford Center for International Security and Arms Control, June 1990


Central Intelligence Agency. Charles Hill notes




"Titan Stirs," Economist, November 28, 1992


Charles Hill notes


Speech by Boutros Boutros-Ghali, December 14, 1994


"Old Man's New China" by P. Link, New York Review of Books, June 9, 1994


Chapter from Ideas Across Culturesby Paul Cohen and Merle Goldman


Printed matter



Scope and Contents note

Printed matter

Clausewitz, Carl von. Paper by Peter Paret




"From Authoritarianism to Democracy via Socioeconomic Development" (draft) by Robert Dahl, June 1994


Charles Hill notes


"Modes of Transition and Types of Democracy in Latin America, Southern & Eastern Europe" (draft) by T. Karl and P. Schmitter


Printed matter


"Social Requisites of Democracy Revisited" by Seymour Martin Lipset, address to the American Sociological Association, 1993

Box: 86

"Prospect Before Us: A World Rich, Democratic and (Perhaps) Peaceful" by H. S. Rowen, June 7, 1993


"'We Hold These Truths': Strategies of Control in the Literature of the Founders" by Robert Ferguson


"Origins of American Constitutionalism" by Donald Lutz


"Democratization and International Security" by Francis Fukuyama


"Role of Electoral Politics in American Foreign Policy Formulation" by William Widenor


Printed matter


Charles Hill notes


"John Dewey on Democracy: The Task Before Us" by Richard Bernstein




Notes and printed matter on George Kennan


"Golden Sunshine" by John Dewey, Virginia Quarterly Review, undated


"New Diplomacy: A Changing Process" by Elmer Plischke, Virginia Quarterly Review, Summer 1973


"Foreign Policy-Makers: Weakest Link?" by Charles Maechling, Jr., Virginia Quarterly Review, Winter 1976


"Tragedy of American Diplomacy: Twenty-Five Years Later" by Bradford Perkins


Letter to George Shultz from Sidney Drell, June 7, 1994


Printed matter


Diplomats in Residence, Hoover Institution


Diversity. Outline "A Contrapuntal Civilization," September 26, 1991




"Modern Adam Smith," Economist, July 14, 1990


"From Geopolitics to Geo-Economics" by Edward Luttwak, National Interest, Summer 1990


"Two Paths to Prosperity" (Taiwan and South Korea), Economist, July 14, 1990


"What Everyone 'Knows' About Reaganomics" by Paul Roberts, Commentary, February 1991


"Law & Economics" by Theodore Roth, University of Chicago Magazine, August 1991


"New Wealth of Nations," Chapter 8 of Statecraft manuscript


Printed matter




"A New Money for Europe" by Graeme Littler and Jeffrey Tucker, World and I, November 1990


"European Revolution," Economist, November 9, 1991


"Excerpts from the Charter of Paris for a New Europe as Signed Yesterday," New York Times, November 21, 1990


"European Community," Economist, July 7, 1990


Fang Lizhi. "Diplomatic Asylum and Fang Lizhi" by Alfred Rubin, Diplomacy and Statecraft, 1990


Foreign relations


"Something Old, Something New: John Lewis Gaddis's 'New Conceptual Approaches'" by Thomas McCormick, Diplomatic History, undated


"Foreign Affairs as Domestic Affairs" by Akira Iriye, review of American Style of Foreign Policy: Cultural Politics and Foreign Affairsby Robert Dahl, Reviews in American History, March 1984


"'Culture' of the Arab-Israeli Relationship: An International Conflict in Its Psychological and Symbolic Dimensions," proposal by Stanford professors, 1990


"An Historic Challenge to Rethink How Nations Relate" by Harold Saunders, chapter from Psychodynamics of International Relationships


Notes from talk on "Barriers to the Negotiated Resolution of Conflict"


"United States and the Defense of the Western Hemisphere, 1915-1940," Historical Scholarship in the United Statesby W. Holt, 1967


Course outlines for political science classes, Stanford University, 1990


"United States in the World Political Economy, 1776-1860," Associative American Development, 1776-1860


"Hare in the Moon," Indian fable


Selected letters from Letters of the Lewis and Clark Expedition


Printed matter


"American Negotiators" by James Hutson


Yassir Arafat statement in Geneva, December 14, 1988


George Shultz statement, December 15, 1988


"Glassboro: Johnson Summit" by W. W. Rostow


"American Ambassador," Peace and the Rest of the World


Secret Instructions to the Chinese Army, April 25, 1961


Peking's View of the Ambassadorial Talks, 1968-69


Text of U.S.-Chinese Communique, New York Times, February 28, 1972


"Rating Presidents and Diplomats in Chief," by Elmer Plischke, Presidential Studies Quarterly


"Signals and Noise: The Intelligence Picture" by Roberta Wohlstetter, Pearl Harbor: Warning and Decision


"Intelligence and Foreign Policy: A Review Essay" by Robert Jervis, International Security, Winter 1986-87

Box: 87



"When Gush Comes to Shove" by Moshe Halbertal, New Republic, March 23, 1992


"Musawi's Game" by Martin Kramer, New Republic, March 23, 1992


"World On Fire with Faith" by Rosemary Ruether, New York Times Book Review, January 26, 1992


Printed matter


Gorbachev, Mikhail.

Scope and Contents note

Printed matter



"Scowl of Minerva" by Stephen Holmes, review of End of History and the Last Manby Francis Fukuyama, New Republic, March 23, 1992


"Professor Hegel Goes to Washington" by Alan Ryan, review of End of History and the Last Man by Francis Fukuyama, New York Review of Books, March 26, 1992


"Collected Essays" by Raymond Aron, excerpt


International negotiation.

Scope and Contents note

Case studies

Informatics dispute - U.S.-Brazil


Iraq-Kuwait War.

General note

See Persian Gulf War, 1991



Letter of assurance to Israel, September 16, 1991


Letter of assurance to the Palestinians, October 18, 1991


History and religion.

Scope and Contents note

Charles Hill notes and excerpt from the Bible


Scope and Contents note

Printed matter

Middle East


Printed matter


Hoover Institution, including memoranda and Charles Hill notes


War to peace, including printed matter, Charles Hill notes and manuscript


Peace process


Speech by Charles Hill


Drafts by Charles Hill


Peace negotiations (Sol Linowitz)


Military power.

Scope and Contents note

Paper by Peter Paret

Moscow coup, August 19-21, 1991


Charles Hill notes


"Meaning of the Failed Coup," remarks to Bechtel partners by George Shultz, August 22, 1991


Draft treaty on the Union of Sovereign States, July 1991


Copy of letter to Eduard Shevardnadze from George Shultz, August 19, 1991


Correspondence with Tom Campbell's office, August 1991


Printed matter




Excerpts, Myth of the Nation and the Vision of Revolutionby J. L. Talmon


"With All Her Faults, She's My Country Still," Economist, December 22, 1990


"Origins of Israeli Political Culture" by Myron Aronoff


"Be Nice to the Germans," New York Times, 1990


"Obstinate or Obsolete?" by Stanley Hoffmann


"Past and Future of Nationalism in China" by Joseph Levenson


"National Crowd Symbols," chapter from Crowds and Powerby Elias Canetti


"Historical Basis for National Autonomy," Structure of Nations and Empiresby Reinhold Niebuhr


"Ethno-Centrifugal Force" by William Safire, New York Times, June 25, 1990


"Now It's the Ukraine's Turn" by Adrian Karatnycky, Wall Street Journal, July 17, 1990


"Problem of Confederate Nationalism," Creation of Confederate Nationalismby Drew Faust


"Representing China" paper by Arthur Waldron, June 1990


"Nation-States and Multinational States," Nationalism by Peter Alter


"Internationalism versus Cosmopolitanism," Ideas in Conflictby Edward Burns


Printed matter


New World Order


Charles Hill notes


"'New World Order' Revisited," draft by Gidon Gottlieb, March 1, 1992


"Toward the Post-Cold War World" by John Gaddis, Foreign Affairs, undated


"Future World Disorder" by Daniel Bell, Winding Passage, 1980


Printed matter

Box: 88

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)


"NATO Summit and Beyond," report of the Center for Strategic & International Studies, 1994


Printed matter


Persian Gulf War, 1991


Charles Hill notes


"Letter from Washington," New Yorker, February 4, 1991


Outline on Persian Gulf by Harold Saunders




"Perspective" by William Walker III, Diplomatic History, Spring 1988


"Drug Control and the Issue of Culture in American Foreign Relations" by William Walker III, Diplomatic History, undated


"Building, Dwelling, Thinking," Poetry, Language, Thought, undated


"Curse of Legalism" by C. Krauthammer, New Republic, November 6, 1989


"Beyond the Study of War" by Quincy Wright, World Order Theorists, undated


"Geopolitical Perspectives," Geopolitical Foundations of a World Dividedby Saul Cohen, 1973


"Evolution of Geopolitics," Geopolitics in Principle and Practice, by R. Fifield and G. Etzel Pearcy, 1944


Printed matter


Political risk


Henry Kissinger on trip to China, November 28, 1989


Charles Hill notes


"Case of the China Diary" by Alan Webber, Harvard Business Review, November-December 1989


Printed matter


Charles Hill notes


"Country Risk: Social and Cultural Aspects"


Two pages from Herodotus, The History


Correspondence, George Shultz to Roger Smith


"Using and Understanding the Analysis," Harvard Business Review, July-August, 1984


"Futures That Have Already Happened" by Peter Drucker, Economist, October 21, 1989


"Assessing Political Risk and National Controls," Risk Forecasting


"M-Factor in American History" by G. Pierson, American Quarterly, undated


"Ideology and National Comparative Advantage," outline


"Ideology and Country Analysis" by George Lodge, Ideology and National Competitiveness, 1986


Introduction to book by George Matthews


"Overview of Political Risk Assessment," Political Risk Assessment


Information for talk by Charles Hill to a Stanford University class entitled "Management of International Business"


"Postindustrial Context" by Fred Block, Postindustrial Possibilities, 1990


Public eye


"In Defense of Public Diplomacy" by Carnes Lord, Commentary, April 1984


"Is Democratic Theory for Export?" by Jacques Barzun, Ethics and International Affairs, 1987


"Iran-Contra Scandal and the 'Secret du Roi'" by Jonathan Dull, SHAFR Newsletter


James Madison, Public Opinion, December 19, 1791, Popular Basis of Political Authority


Printed matter




Charles Hill notes


Printed matter


Religious ethics.

Scope and Contents note

Printed matter


Scope and Contents note

Table on Comparative Perspectives

"Science, Technology and the Western Miracle" by Nathan Rosenberg and L. E. Birdzell, Jr., Scientific American, November 1990


"Scientists vs. Captains of Erudition" by Thorstein Veblen


Security and cooperation in Europe.

Scope and Contents note

Printed matter

Security decision-making


Domestic context


Topic 1 – Course introduction and overview


Topic 2 – American Constitutional System


Topic 3 – Separated Institutions Sharing Powers: The War Powers Resolution


Topic 4 – World of Washington, D.C.

Box: 89

Topic 5 – The Presidency


Topic 17 – Intelligence


Topic 18 – Intelligence




"Beyond National Government" by Walter Lippmann, Early Writings, 1917


Column from New Yorker, December 26, 1988


"Who Cares About Rwanda?" by Lindsey Hilsum, Independent, May 29, 1994


"Declarations of Dependence?" by Peter Rodman, National Review, June 13, 1994


Sovereignty proposal, Institute of International Studies, 1992


"Sovereignty: An Institutional Perspective" by Stephen Krasner, Comparative Political Studies, April 1988


"Sovereignty and Interdependence: Britain's Place in the World" by Geoffrey Howe, International Affairs, 1990


Printed matter


Soviet Union


"To the Stalin Mausoleum" by Z, Daedalus, Winter 1990


Charles Hill notes


Outlines regarding the Soviet economy


Spain/Latin America


"New Spain and the New Latin America" by Howard Wiarda, World and I, December 1991


"Exploring Our Forgotten Century: Between Columbus and Jamestown" by Joseph Judge, National Geographic, March 1988


Article on Spain, Encyclopedia Britannica




Charles Hill notes


"Effectiveness of Reagan's 'Star Wars' Address" by Robert Rowland and Rodger Payne, Political Communication and Persuasion, 1987


Ronald Reagan's address to the nation on "Defense and National Security," March 23, 1983


Printed matter


Stanford University


Motto "Die Luft der Freiheit weht"


"Curricular Politics" by Sidney Hook, Partisan Review, undated


Printed matter on Stanford's Western Civilization/Great Book debate, 1991


Printed matter on the University and the World


Prospectus on the Stanford World Institute


Talking points for Stanford Trustees' Retreat, August 17, 1990

Box: 90



Charles Hill notes


"A Statecraft for the Future," draft, November 2, 1990


Printed matter


States. "Central Perspectives on the Modern State" by David Held, Idea of the Modern State, ed. by Gregor McLennan and others, 1984


Summit meetings


Charles Hill notes


Draft, Chapter 10


"Summit Fatigue" by Charles Hill, May 8, 1990


"Eisenhower's Reluctant Summit – Inside Geneva July 1955" by Francis Loewenheim, May 24, 1990


"Emotion and High Politics: Personal Relations at the Summit in Late Nineteenth-Century Britain and Germany" by Judith Hughes, 1983


Printed matter


Terrorism (opera).

Scope and Contents note

Printed matter



Article on international trade, Encyclopedia Britannica, 1979


Chapter from International Trade and the Tokyo Round Negotiation by Gilbert Winham


Chapter from Rise of the Trading Stateby Richard Rosecrance


Part of a chapter entitled "Trading World"


Part of a chapter entitled "Force or Trade"


Chapter entitled "Toward the Future"


"From Geopolitics to Geo-Economics" by Edward Luttwak, National Interest, Summer 1990


Printed matter



Scope and Contents note

Charles Hill notes

United States


Department of State. "Why Everyone Hates the State Department" by Elliott Abrams


Economic policy.

Scope and Contents note

Printed matter

History. Chapter from Cycles of American Historyby Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., 1986

Box: 91



Art of war – Force and diplomacy (material to be used for an essay)


Cold War




Justice and war



Scope and Contents note

Printed matter
Box: 30

Biographical information


Correspondence, 1989-1993


Speeches and writings. Miscellaneous, 1988-1993

Box: 80

Subject file


China (material collected primarily when Charles Hill was Political Officer in Hong Kong, 1966-1969)


General – Printed matter in Chinese and English, including an atlas and maps




American advisers/missionaries




Chang I-su


Chen I


Ch'en Tsai-tao


Ch'i Yen-ming


Chiang Ch'ing


Chiang Hua


Chou En-lai


Chu Te

Box: 81

Communist Party


Leaders' speeches and public appearances, 1966


Leadership and purges


Ninth Congress, 1969


Counter-revolution trials, 1967


Cultural Revolution





Box: 82


Box: 83



Diplomatic Corps, 1966


Economic conditions


Foreign relations











Box: 92

Foreign trade


Fu Ch'ung-pi


Government – Coup plans, February 1966


Government councils, 1949-1962


Ho Lung


Inner Mongolia


January revolution notes


Ko Ching-shih


Kuai Ta-fu




Li Ta


Lin Li-ming


Lin Piao


Liu Shao-ch'i


Liu Shao-ch'i/Wang Kuang-mei


Lo Jui-ching


Mao Tse-tung


Interview with Edgar Snow




Military policy


Mu Hsin


Nuclear weapons


Peng Chen


Peng Te-huai

Box: 93

People's Liberation Army (PLA)


Permanent revolution


Population, 1967-1968


Public health




Red Guards


Revolutionary Committees, 1967-1968


Science conference, July 1966

Box: 94-95

Sino-Soviet border

Box: 96

Socialist Education Movement


Sun Yat-sen


T'an Chen-lin


Teng Hsiao-ping






Tseng Hsi-sheng


Unequal treaties


Wang En-mao


Wang Li


Wu Teh


Yang Chen-wu


Yang Yung


Yao Ke


Yao Teng-shan


Yeh Chien-ying


List of names of public appearances by Chinese leaders, August 18 - October 18, 1966 (scroll)

Box: 97-98

Card files

Box: 99

East Asia






Hong Kong


Institute of Nautical Archaeology


James, Henry


Middle East – Riverbed project






Reagan Administration – Geneva Summit meeting between President Ronald Reagan and General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev, November 1985


Soviet Union – Foreign relations - Asia

Box: 100

Stanford University – Institute for International Studies (IIS)



Box: 101

Strategic Defense Initiative/Anti-Ballistic Missiles (SDI/ABM)


Taiwan – Foreign relations


United Nations studies, Yale University


United States - Foreign relations – China/Hong Kong/Taiwan

Box: 102

Audio-visual file


Videotape and transcript of Charles Hill appearance on the television show Uncommon Knowledge, October 17, 1998


Phonotape of Charles Hill remarks, Commonwealth Club of California, San Francisco, July 8, 1994


Two photographs of fighting in Vietnam, 1972


Wall poster in Chinese, 1968

Box: 103

Two microfilms, 1966-1967

Box: 104

Subject file – United Nations.

General note

See also Boxes 114-115

Scope and Contents note

Manuscript of UNvanquished: The United States versus the United Nations, 1999, by Boutros Boutros-Ghali.
Box: 105

Biographical file – Memberships (Yale University. Grand Order of the Golden Bulldog)


Correspondence - Sorley, Lewis, 1999


Speeches and writings


"Clinton's Conduct of Foreign Policy: A Dangerous Legacy" Handwritten draft


"High Altitude, Stealth and Cruise Missile Warfare," outline, July 13, 1996


Letter to the editor regarding the review by Jeffrey Record of A Better Warby Lewis Sorley, New York Times Book Review, July 4, 1999


Notes for a memorandum written in 1962, after the Cuban Missile Crisis, arguing in favor of a test ban treaty, which the United States government then pursued and signed with the U.S.S.R. in 1963.

Scope and Contents note

This memo was written during Hill's first assignment in the State Department

"U.S. and U.N.: Time to Stop the Scapegoating and Start Cooperating to Stop Ethnic Strife"


"U.S. China Policy at Present," handwritten notes, typescript, July 26


"Warren Christopher's In the Stream of History," review essay, Political Science Quarterly, Summer


Subject file


Bunker, Ellsworth. Copy of material from the John F. Kennedy Library related to Bunker's mediation on Yemen, 1963


Jovin, Suzanne.

Scope and Contents note

Printed matter about her murder at Yale University, December 4, 1998

Middle East - Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process, "Riverbed"


Shultz, George. Draft of article by Walter LaFeber, "Technology and U.S. Foreign Policy" wherein George Shultz, William Seward, and Elihu Root are cited as the three Secretaries of State who were in office during times of technological advances and how they reacted; correspondence with Charles Hill, July


United Nations.

Scope and Contents note

Copy of correspondence and printed matter
Box: 106

Increment received in 2002


Biographical file


Biographical sketches


Board membership - Maxtor Corporation






Honorary degree - Glassboro State College


Legal cases


Stanford trip – Bombay to Cairo


U.S. Department of State


Yale University


Correspondence, 1963-2002


General, 1988-2001

Box: 107



Aime, Jean-Claude, 1993-2000


Berry, Ryan, 1999-2001


Boutros-Ghali, Boutros, 1992-2001


Conquest, Robert, 1999


Dam, Kenneth, 2001


Doherty, William, 1998-2001


Dorfman, Toni, 2000


Epstein, Jason, 1998


Ewing, Elizabeth, 1993-2000


Gottlieb, Gidon, 1998-2001


Greensboro College, 1998-1999


Henriksen, Thomas, 1993-1999


Hill, Katie, 1984-2000


Hill, M. C., 1984-1994


Hill, Martha, 1963-undated

Box: 108

Hsieh, Wayne, 2000-2001


Kennedy, Paul, 1993-2002


Kristol, William, 1996


Lafeber, Walter, 1993-1999


Lombardo, Caroline, 1997-2000


Lyman, Richard, 1998


Nadaner, Jeffrey, 1997-2001


Park, C.S., 1998-2001


Raisian, John, 1993-1998


Reed, Joseph Verner, 1997-2001


Safire, William, 1993-1998


Shultz, George, 1988-2002


Sicherman, Harvey, 1989-2001


Skinner, Kiron, 1994-2000


Smith, Gaddis, 1993-1998


Smith, George, 1997-2001


Thompson, Norma, undated-2001


Van Lieu, Emily, 1998-2000


Wood, Allen, undated

Box: 109

Speeches and writings




Activity report


Books on Vietnam


Course for Polish/Hungarian diplomats


Drafts for


Boutros Boutros-Ghali.

General note

See also Boxes 104 and 114-115

George Shultz


Norma Thompson


Editing, including biography of Ellsworth Bunker


Letters to the editor




Panel on The Age of Terror


Review of In the Stream of Historyby Warren Christopher


Talking points, notes - Riverbed negotiation






"Elements for an Intermediate Agreement in Jerusalem"


"From 'Rogues' to Rivals"


"Ship of State"


"Sovereignty and Security"




"U.S. and the U.N."


"Woman: The Core Text"




"Indochina Story"




"Man Thinking"




"Notes for a New Foreign Policy"




"Twin Peaks as Whitewater"




"Civilization and Its Malcontents"



Box: 110





"NATO Strategy for a New Generation"




"Instilling Ethics" – Introduction


"On Clinton"


"Ten Recommendments"




"Herodotus on War"


"Wye II Has Opened the Door to Peace in the Middle East"




"Europeanization of America"


"Future of the United Nations"




"Creating Collateral Advantage: The Positive Side of the War on Terrorism"


"Middle East"


"Religion: Why Is It Good for America when It Causes Conflict Elsewhere?"


"Should America Continue to Promote Democracy Abroad?"


"Skill Set"


"Vietnam: Go Tell the Spartans"


"War and National Character"




"Crisis in the Middle East: Making the Most of the Moment"




"Hercules New Labors"




Subject file


Afghanistan – U.S.-U.S.S.R. agreement




Bush Administration foreign policy


Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty


Dole, Robert – Presidential Campaign, 1996

Box: 112

Eban, Abba


Festival of Arts


Hoover Institution


Hoover/Stanford ideas


Islamic challenge in the Middle East


Kissinger, Henry


Liberal education


Middle East



Box: 113

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)


Reagan, Ronald


Shultz, George


Solzhenitsyn, Aleksandr


United Nations




Agenda for Development (draft)


Chart – Aid to thought


Yale University




Berkeley College


Continuing Council (Carnegie)


Directed Studies lecture


Grand Strategy Conference


International Studies


Mace and Chain

Box: 111

Notebook on the Middle East (in original order)


European Ambassadors – Non-NATO, March 17, 1979


Map of the Strait of Tiran


Map of Israel and adjacent occupied territories, February 15, 1969


Map of Israeli settlements in the West Bank, World Zionist Organization, "The Hope by 1983"


Arab-Israeli/outstanding issues, February 23, 1979


Map of Jordan Valley water diversion projects


Israel – Department of State Background Notes, April 1979


"Key Dates in Mideast Peace Quest"


Excerpt of U.S. government communication on the Middle East


Middle East checklist


USINFO from Washington to Tel Aviv, September 20, 1979.

Scope and Contents note

Interview with Secretary of State Cyrus Vance to be published in Maariv

"Costs of War in the Middle East," draft, April 20, 1979


Article from Ha'aretzon Israel's isolation, June 15, 1979


Excerpt of paper on U.N. Security Council Resolution 242


Text of Egypt's New Peace Plan, July 5, 1978


Text of U. N. Resolution 242 on Principles for a Middle East Settlement, November 22, 1967


Statement by Jimmy Carter, March 13, 1979


Texts of the letters accompanying Camp David Agreements, September 1978


Text of Camp David Agreements, September 17, 1978


"Vienna Document," July 10, 1978


Anwar as-Sadat's Salzburg Document, July 14, 1978


Moshe Dayan briefing, July 25, 1978


List of Middle East negotiating positions, (AIPAC), August 1978


Opposition to the Camp David Agreements (illegible in places)


Camp David, "What Israel Has Conceded," September 1978


Map of Jewish settlements in Gaza Strip and Sinai


United Nations Emergency Force (under Sinai II), holograph by Charles Hill, August 5, 1978


Map of UNIFIL deployment as of January 1979


United States assistance to Israel, November 1, 1977; April 1978; November 1978


U.S. arms aid for Israel, May 25, 1978


Chart of the location of Palestinians


"Palestinian Guerrillas"


Middle East population, 1978; Palestinian refugees


"Texts of Israeli Plans for West Bank and Sinai," Washington Post, December 29, 1977




2 maps of Israeli settlements, West Bank


6 maps of Israel


Israel-Jordan Jerusalem administration


Syria administrative divisions


Jordan administrative divisions


Golan Heights, Syria


United Arab Republic


Camp David




Israeli occupied West Bank


Israel – Fighter aircraft bases


Middle East


Western Turkey


Southwestern Saudi Arabia


Kuwait, parts of Iraq, Iran


United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar




Yemen, South Yemen


Tel Aviv




Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia, Iran


Indian Ocean


Areas of control, Beirut, Lebanon, August 1978




Text of United Nations Security Council Resolution 242, November 22, 1967


Newspaper article "Menachem Begin: The Person, the Policy," 1978


Chart on Foreign Military Sales Financing Program, 1955-1977, with notes by Charles Hill


Chart on Foreign Military Sales Financing Program, Israel, 1955-1978


Chart on Commercial Exports (FY 1960-1977)


Chart on Foreign Military Sales Deliveries (FY 1950-1977)


Chart on Foreign Military Sales Agreements (FY 1950-1977)


Report on the Middle East Peace Process, October 15, 1981

Box: 114-115

Subject file – United Nations.

General note

See also Box 104

Scope and Contents note

Drafts of chapters from UNvanquished: The United States versus the United Nations, 1999, by Boutros Boutros-Ghali.
Box: 116

Increment received in 2003


Biographical file


Biographical sketches


Calling cards


Career files




Gates family genealogy


Inventory of 30 Institute Place




Poetry of Katie Hill, age 5


Printed matter

Box: 117



General, 1958-2001


Barker, Richard, 1959-1960


Brown, William A., 1981


Bunker, Ellsworth, 1971


Chadwick, Beatty, 1960-1962


Cumberland County, New Jersey, 1961-1962


Doherty, William P., Jr., 1960


Evans, Joseph, 1960


Hatcher, John, 1961


Hill, Emily, undated


Hill family, primarily Charlie and Martha to and from Charlie's parents, Morton and Alvenia Hill, undated-1973

Box: 118

Hill family, 1976-1982


Hoover Institution, 1993-1999


Kissinger, Henry, 1976

Scope and Contents note


Nixon, Richard, 1985

Scope and Contents note


Reagan, Ronald, 1982

Scope and Contents note


Shultz, George P., 1982-1999


State of New Jersey, 1961-1962


University of Pennsylvania, 1960-1962


Brown University file, 1953-1957


College papers


Printed matter

Box: 119

University of Pennsylvania file, 1958-1961


Class notes, including notes of Martha Hill

Box: 120

College papers

Box: 121



Printed matter


Foreign Service – Department of State file, 1961-1989




Biographical file






Printed matter


Office files


Speeches and writings


Zurich, 1963

Box: 122

Taiwan, 1964-1965


Hong Kong, 1966-1969




Information on the February coup




Notebook of Charles Hill


Office file


Printed matter


Chinese studies


Background notes






Printed matter


T'ai-Chi Ch'uan

Box: 123

Harvard, Research Fellow in East Asian Studies file, 1970




Class lists




Printed matter


University assignments




East Asian Studies class notes


Chinese language


Chinese literature


Chinese painting


Economic development in China and Japan


Republican China


Social structure of China and Japan


U.S. and East Asia

Box: 124

Vietnam file, 1971-1973


Biographical file


Career records




Scrapbook (incomplete) and scrapbook pages


Office file








Printed matter




Background information


"Boundary Concepts and Practices in Southeast Asia"


"Cease-fire," Time, 1973 February 5


"Diplomatic and Consular List" 1972


"Documents Relating to the War Power of Congress...," 1970 July


"Escalating in a Quagmire" by Daniel Ellsberg, 1970

Box: 125

"Guide to Living in Saigon"


"Gulf of Tonkin, 1964 Incidents," 1968


"Hanoi and South Vietnam's 'Liberation Front'"


"How Could Vietnam Happen?" by James C. Thompson, Jr., 1968


"Impact of the War in Southeast Asia on the U.S. Economy," 1970


"Legislation on the Indochina War," 1971


"My Visit to the Liberated Zones of South Vietnam" by Wilfred Burchett, 1966


"Perspective on Asia: The New U.S. Doctrine and Southeast Asia," 1969


"President Ho-Chi-Minh," 1966


"Realites vietnamiennes," 1966


"Restoring Peace in Viet-nam," 1973


"Review of the Vietnam Conflict and Its Impact on U.S. Military Commitments Abroad," 1968


"Saigon Streets" by Doan Bich, 1967


"South Vietnam: Background Data," 1973


"South Vietnam: Provincial Maps," 1971

Scope and Contents note

(2 copies)

"Tactical Aerodrome Directory: South Vietnam," 1971

Box: 126

"Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia: January 1972," 1972


"Thong Bao" Special "Tet" Edition, 1972


"United States Involvement in Southeast Asia," 1970


"U.S. Assistance Programs in Vietnam," 1972


U.S. Government Agencies Vietnam Telephone Directory, 1971


"U.S. Heroin Problem and Southeast Asia," 1973


"VC-NVA Employment of Mines & Booby Traps," 1970


"Vietnam: December 1969," 1970


"Vietnam: May 1972," 1972


Vietnam Archive: Holdings as of April 1, 1998


Vietnam Post Reports, 1967, 1971


Vietnamese Basic Course, Volume 1




"Lessons from China" Kiangsi, 1934


"A Strategy for Counter-Subversion," Vietnam, 1966


Speeches by Ambassador Ellsworth Bunker


Subject file


An Loc battle, 1972 April-July




Vietnamese communication

Box: 127

Policy Planning Staff file, 1974-1979


Biographical file








Speeches and writings


"Middle East Peace Process"


Speech drafts for Henry Kissinger


Fortunemagazine dinner, 1975 November 25


"America and the World," TimeMagazine's series of Bicentennial Essays, 1975 December 9


Office file


Course on diplomacy






Organization chart


Printed matter




Speech writing file


Subject file


Agency for International Communication (proposed)


Bunker, Ellsworth


Ford, Gerald


Hatch Act [1939]


Kissinger, Henry

Box: 128

Secretary of State Office file


Biographical file


Career file




Executive Secretary plaque (photocopy)






Correspondence – Elsie Haley


Map of Department of State offices


Secretary George P. Shultz file












Secretary's Library file

Box: 129

Subject file


Alfalfa Club






Diplomatic Reception Rooms








Travel file


Asia, 1984


Iceland, 1987


Israel, 1987


Soviet Union for Konstantin Chernenko's funeral, 1985


Soviet Union, 1987


Switzerland, 1985

Box: 130

Hoover Institution/United Nations/Yale University file, 1992-Present


Biographical file








Speeches and writings

















Box: 131

Notebooks, 1990 March – 1998 October

Box: 132

Letter to the editor, New York Review of Books, 1997


"NATO Strategy for a New Generation," Hoover Newsletter, 1997


"A Millennium Year Peace for the Middle East?" 1999


"Why Should We Care About East Timor? The Large Scale Significance of a Small-Scale Crisis," 1999


Subject file


Habib, Phil




Shultz, George



Box: 133

Audio-visual file




20 family prints, including prints of Christopher Van Lieu with Emily Van Lieu, Charles Hill, Norma Thompson, 2 prints of Katie Hill, 1 print of Laura Van Lieu

Scope and Contents note


1 print of refugees in Manchuria, 1960s?

Scope and Contents note


2 prints of Charles Sanders Pierce house

Scope and Contents note


2 copies of print of book jacket for Letter from Grosvenor Square by John Gilbert Winant

Scope and Contents note


1 print of Larry Klayman and Bob Barr

Scope and Contents note


6 prints of Martha Mitchell Hill, 1 print of Charles Hill and others, 1 print of Morton Hill (Charles' father)

Scope and Contents note


10 family prints with Charles and Martha Hill, Morton and Alvenia Hill, and others, 1963

Scope and Contents note


19 prints, Taiwan, 1964

Scope and Contents note


1 print of Charles Hill and graduating class, Basic Foreign Service Officers' Course Class, 1962

Scope and Contents note


3 prints of departure of Charles and Martha Hill from San Francisco to Taiwan; 23 prints, Taiwan, 1965

Scope and Contents note


35 prints of Saigon, Bangkok, Vientiane, 1966-1969

Scope and Contents note


10 prints, Vietnam: 1 of Charles Hill, Ellsworth Bunker, and others; 3 of Ellsworth Bunker and others; 1 of Charles Hill and others; 1 of Ellsworth Bunker and others, 1967; 2 of outdoor scenes; 1 of Jane Fonda in Hanoi, 1972; 1 of unidentified woman, Anti-Aircraft Watch Post, North Vietnam, 1972

Scope and Contents note


2 prints of Charles Hill, Henry Kissinger, and others, Policy Planning Staff, ca. 1975

Scope and Contents note


1 print of Charles Hill and others at costume party in Israel, 1979

Scope and Contents note


Department of State: 1 print of battleship, 1981; 1 print of Charles Hill, George Shultz, Andrei Gromyko, and others, 1985; 1 print of Charles Hill, Ronald Reagan, and others on airplane; 1 print of Charles Hill, George Shultz, and unidentified person in Shultz's office; 1 print of Charles Hill shaking hands with Yitzhak Shamir, with George Shultz and two others also in print; photocopy of print of Charles Hill and Ronald Reagan; 14 prints of China trip, 1987

Scope and Contents note


8 family prints, 1965-1972

Scope and Contents note


1 Shultz family Christmas card, 1992

Scope and Contents note


5 miscellaneous prints

Scope and Contents note


1 print of Charles Hill, approximately age 4

Scope and Contents note

Box: 134





Atlantic Ocean




Beijing streets


Beijing Temple of Heaven


Beijing tourist map


Cambridge, Massachusetts


China in maps


China - Mainland


China – Standard Atlas of the Republic of China


China, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, Australia, Tibet

Scope and Contents note

(folder with 25 maps)



Iolani Palace, Honolulu, Hawaii


Kowloon Peninsula







Scope and Contents note

(2 maps)



Reykjavik, Iceland

Scope and Contents note

(2 maps)

Saigon and vicinity


South Vietnam


Switzerland, Austria, and Northern Italy






Tokyo and Yokohama



Scope and Contents note

(2 maps)



Vietnam III Military Region


Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand



Box: 135

Oversize memorabilia




China railroads


China Sea


Taichung, Taiwan


Vietnam – Operational Navigation Chart

Scope and Contents note

(2 maps)

Vietnam – Tactical Pilotage Chart


Vietnam – U.S. Air Force Pilotage Chart


Program from the 204th Commencement, University of Pennsylvania, 1960 June 15


China Pictorial, 1983


Certificate of appreciation, Venice Economic Summit, Rome, The Vatican, West Berlin, and Bonn, June 3-12, 1987, from Ronald Reagan


Certificate of appreciation, Helsinki Moscow Summit, and London, 1988 May 25-June 3, from Ronald Reagan


Certificate of appreciation, NATO Summit, Brussels, 1988 March 1-3, from Ronald Reagan


Certificate of appreciation, Indonesia/ASEAN Conference and the Tokyo Economic Summit, 1986 April 25-May 7, from Ronald Reagan


Certificate of appreciation, Quebec City, Canada, 1985 March 17-18, from Ronald Reagan


Certificate of appreciation, Ottawa, Canada, 1987 April 5-6, from Ronald Reagan


Certificate of appreciation, Reykjavik, Iceland, from Ronald Reagan


Certificate of appreciation, Lebanon Working Group, 1982 June 6-September 3, from George P. Shultz


Certificate of appreciation, Bonn Economic Summit, Spain, the European Parliament, and Portugal, 1985 April 30-May 10, from Ronald Reagan


Flight certificate certifying that Charles Hill flew on Air Force One as a guest of Ronald Reagan, 1985 April 30


2 certificates of survival, 1980 May 18 and 1981 May 10


Poster for a roundtable discussion with Charles Hill as a participant, [2002] October 14


Scrapbook, 1955-1957


Print of U.S. Mission Council, Saigon, Vietnam, 1973 January


Superior Honor Award (framed) to Charles Hill for serving as Executive Secretary of the U.S. Mission in Vietnam from April 1972 to February 1973, 1973 May

Box: 136



Map indicating Charles Hill's and Arthur Cates' location and phone number in Saigon


Certificate, The Medal for Civilian Service in Vietnam, signed by Ellsworth Bunker, 1972 February 17


12 reproductions of scenes in Portugal


Booklet from the State Jewish Museum in Prague


Calling cards, Charles Hill, Counselor for Political Affairs, Israel


Passport, 1978-1983


Invitations, 1985-1986


Medal of Pope Paul II from the Vatican, 1984


Identity tags, 1985


Parking permit, 1988


Department of State 10-year pin


Christmas greeting with 1952 rabbit pin


"Back Bunker" pin


List of code names, Vietnam


Thank you plaque of appreciation, Geneva Summit, 1985, signed by Ronald Reagan


Brochures from the Embassy of the United States of America in Mexico; U.S. Embassy, Canberra; Aqaba; Palace Museum, Beijing


Booklet about the SS Constitution, 1961


Notice of talk by Charles Hill, "The Middle East: Grand Strategy's Greatest Challenge"


International Security Studies, Yale University, 2002 October 9


Copy of address to the United Nations General Assembly, signed by George Shultz, 1987


Certificate, Executive Secretariat Hall of Fame for Extraordinary Service Rendered by Charles Hill, 1987 February 11


Folder from Secretary of State George Shultz's Visit to Berlin, 1985 December 14-15


Briefcase from visit to Reykjavik, 1987 June 11-12


Unidentified brown leather folder

Box: 137

Increment received in 2005


Biographical file




Appointment calendars, 1960-1977; telephone number lists, 1980's


Biographical sketches




Material collected by Charles Hill


Molly Worthen biography – two sections



Box: 138

Drawings by Martha Hill




Obituary, written by Charles Hill




Clippings on New Jersey birthplace of Charles Hill


Hill family cottage


Newspapers collected by Hill family

Box: 139



High school graduation program


Brown University clippings


University of Pennsylvania Law School printed matter


Harvard University East Asian Studies directory


Career files


Foreign Service records

Box: 140

Baylor University offer of position




Stanford Travel/Study program

Box: 141














































Box: 142



Dole, Robert, to George Shultz, 1991


Thompson, Norma, to the Editor, 1991




Drafts by Charles Hill


Barker, R.C., 1958


Barnes, Harry G., Jr., 1991


Campbell, Tom, 1991


Cozza, Carm, 1996


Drachkovitch, Milorad, 1991


Gandhi, Gopalkrishna, 1991


Glover, Gordon, 1959


Graze, Debi, 1989-1990


Hill, C. Morton and Alvenia, 1964-1991


Hill, Emily, 1985-2004


Hill, Katie, 1990-1993


Hill, Martha, 1990-1992


Hoover Institution, 1991


Hull, Cordell, 1991


Invest-in-America Council, 1991


Jewish organizations and groups, 1991


Kney-Tal, Harry, 1991


LaFeber, Walter, 1990-1991


Metzger, Tom, 1995


Palmer, Meridith, 1989-1991


Reed, Joseph Verner, 1996-2004


Reedy, Clyde, 2003-2004


Rothstein, Nicole, 1991


Seitz, Raymond G.H., 1991


Shultz, George, 1991-2004

Box: 143

Smith, George L., Jr., 1991


Sofaer, Abraham, 1991


Stanford University invitations, etc., 1991


Thompson, Norma, 1989-1992


United States Institute of Peace, 1991


Vogel, Ezra, 1991


Wisner, Frank, 1991


Speeches and writings


List of notebook dates, 1978-1989









Box: 144

July 22, September 22-23; October 8, 16, 1997; September 16, October 27, November 4, 7, 1998; October 1, 1999; January 20, 2000


April 10 - July 17, 1998


July 18 – December 10, 1998


December 8, 1998 – February 4, 1999


February 5 – April 4, 1999


April 5 – June 30, 1999


July 1 – October 31, 1999

Box: 145

November 1, 1999 – March 23, 2000


March 23 – June 24, 2000


June 3-9; June 25-July 2; July 13- September 20, 2000


September 21, 2000 – January 31, 2001


February 1 – June 30; August 1-12, 2001


August 13 – December 31, 2001


January 1 – April 24, 2002


April 24 – June 30; August 1 – September 18, 2002

Box: 146

July 3-31, 2002


August 29-30; September 19 – December 31, 2002


January 1 – April 28, 2003


April 28 – August 13, 2003


August 14, 2003 – January 22, 2004


January 23 – May 31, 2004


June 1 – August 16, 2004

Box: 147

Draft for George Shultz, "The Arab-Israeli Conflict," undated


"A Fact-Based Initiative," undated


Notes on "How I Learned About Vietnam" by Henry Kissinger, undated


Notes on National Portrait Gallery, undated


Paper on the "Marriage Ceremony" for American Civilization class, Brown University, undated


Draft on the Puritans, undated


Miscellaneous notes and printed matter


Notes from English 42, Brown University, undated


Brunonian, published by Alpha Delta Phi, Brown University, Spring 1956


Notes, University of London, 1956


Notes, Office of Voluntary Defender, Philadelphia, 1958


Letter to The Nation, January 17, 1976


Miscellaneous notes, printed matter, ca. 1987


"Man Thinking," American Studies International, April 1990


"Tales of the U.N.," November 9, 1990


Draft on William Stanton, May 13, 1991


"Questions on Korea," June 12, 1991


"Black Athena," August 25, 1991


Draft on China-Taiwan, September 17, 1991


Outline for Stanford Five Minutes, September 25, 1991


Notes on Elliott Abrams, November 14, 1991

Box: 148

Hoover Institution India Project, 1992


Letter to New York Review of Books, July 15, 1993


"Changing Political Moment," November 14, 1994


"United States vs. United Nations," January 13, 1997


Notes for talk at the University of Chicago, January 13, 1997


Notes on "Asia in the Global Security System" Harvard, April 11, 1997


Notes on lectures, conferences, Yale University, August 30, 1997 – April 30, 1999


Aide-memoir on International Security Studies at Yale, August 10, 1997


Failure of post-Cold War policies; printed matter, February 14, 1998


Prospectus for book on Vietnam, 1999


Draft on "Accountability" with George Shultz, 1999


Research materials on accountability, 5 folders, 1999


Notes, printed matter on scandals, 1999


Review essay on In the Stream of History by Warren Christopher, Political Science Quarterly, Summer 1999


Notes on East Timor, September 13, 1999


Letter to the Wall Street Journal, December 23, 1999

Box: 149

Notes on H.M.S. Brokendoor, ca. 2000


"Follow the Flag," Hoover Digest, 2000


"Future of the U.N.," September 7, 2000


"Power is Power Perceived," September 15, 2000


"Wen Ho-Lee," September 18, 2000


Notes and printed matter, 2001


"Humanitarian Intervention," February 12, 2001


"Europeanization of America," Hoover Digest, Spring 2001


"Grand Strategy Project," April 5-8, 2001


Notes, June 13, 2001


Lectures draft, June 22, 2001


Notes, December 21, 2001


Notes on "Papers of U.N. Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali," 2002


"Ralph Bunche," January 2002


"Teaching Grand Strategy," February 15, 2002


"Strength and Diplomacy," Financial Times, April 11, 2002


"How to Get an Accountable Palestinian State," June 5, 2002


"Iraq: After Victory, What?," memo to Condoleezza Rice from George Shultz, Harry Rowen, Charles Hill, July 29, 2002


Notes, printed matter on the economy, August 6, 2002


"Iraq: Act Now," September 2, 2002


"Iraq: the U.N.'s Moment," September 9, 2002


"Middle East: Grand Strategy's Major Challenge," October 9, 2002


"Conversations on Iraq: the Case for Military Intervention," October 21, 2002


Interview on the war in Iraq, AllLearn Program, October 30, 2002


"Vietnam," November 13, 2002


Law School debate, December 11, 2002


"Milton's Paradise Lostas Grand Strategy," December 24, 2002


Notes, printed matter, 2003


Niebuhr Forum on Religion and Public Life, 2003


"The Question Now Is: Who Lost Europe?," February 17, 2003


"Love and War," February 26, 2003


"Operation Iraqi Freedom," Hartford Courant, March 2003


"Teach-In," Yale University, March 26, 2003


Charles Hill quote, Khilafah Magazine, May 2003


"Kissinger as Memoirist," May 29, 2003

Box: 150

Talking points for George Shultz, June, 2003


Comments on Newt Gingrich's approach to State Department and Foreign Service, June 27, 2003


Message to Elliott Abrams, July 4, 2003


"A World of Opportunity and a World of Danger" draft for George Shultz, July 10, 2003


"Grand Strategy Extravaganza," July 23, 2003


"Which Is Greatest: Philosophy, History, Political Theory, or Literature?" July 23, 2003


"Journey with Maps," July 28, 2003


"Lessons of History," Canadian Journal of International Affairs, July 29, 2003


"Distant Lands, Shared History," Wall Street Journal, July 31, 2003


Notes on lunch with Henry Kissinger, August 16, 2003


Book draft on terrorism, with George Shultz, August 21, 2003


"Islamist War on the International System," Israel Journal, Fall 2003


"Remembering and Defending the International States System," International Journal, Autumn 2003


"Unreasonable Doubt," December 29, 2003


Notes, printed matter, 2004


Discussion on "The Bush Administration Preemption Doctrine and the Future of World Order" with remarks by Charles Hill, 2004


Introduction notes, Nick Platt, January 19, 2004


"Song of Gu-sta-vra-nis"(Gus Ranis) April 18, 2004


Talking points for George Shultz, May 9, 2004


Veterans Awareness Day, May 28, 2004


Interview, July 12 2004


"ICJ 'Advisory Opinion' on the Israeli 'Wall'," July 15, 2004


Notes on meeting with Henry Kissinger, George Shultz,Henry Rowan, Charles Hill, July 22, 2004


"Commissionism," Wall Street Journal, July 23, 2004

Box: 151

"9/11 Commission's Misguided Recommendations on Intelligence," San Diego Union, August 1, 2004


"U.S. Search for Grand Strategy." Orbis, Fall 2004


Tiffany Lecture, Wheaton College, October 6, 2004


"U.N.: Trying Again to 'Get Serious'," Wall Street Journal, December 7, 2004


Reader's report on Churchill, Zionism and the Worldby Michael Makovsky, January 10, 2005


"Two Cultures," July 11, 2005


Subject file






Atlantic partnership


Boutros Boutros-Ghali


British Petroleum


Bryce, James



Box: 152

Coll, Albert


Golder, Frank


Gonzalez, Elian


Gorbachev, Mikhail


Grateful Dead




Holmes, Winifred


Hong Kong




Iraq Constitution


Jovin, Suzanne


Kissinger, Henry


Kleinfeld, Joshua

Box: 153

Lincoln, Abraham




National Security Strategy


Pacific Security Strategy


Picasso, Pablo and Walt Whitman


Reagan, Ronald


Shultz, George


Straus-Hupe, Robert


United Nations




Phone list


Annual report, 1994


Annual report, 1995

Box: 154



Boutros Boutros-Ghali – Secretary General


"Agenda for Peace"


Trip to Washington, D.C.




Early warning




Global development


Hebron massacre


Human rights








Najibullah, Mohammed






Press club






Waldheim, Kurt



Box: 155

Vietnam (Notes and research material for course taught by Charles Hill at Stanford University, 1991-92. Hill's folder labels have been retained.)


American anarchism


Anti-war movement






Cold War






Dien Bien Phu


Dragon ladies




Geneva Conference


Green Berets




Imperialism of Japan


"JFK" movie




Lawrence of Arabia


Malraux, Andre






Ngo Dien Diem


"Quiet American"


Rousseau, Jean-Jacques


Shaplen, Robert



Box: 156



Terry and the Pirates


Tom Dooley


Tonkin Gulf


Ugly American


Vietnam (Notes and research material for course not taught at Stanford due to departure of Charles Hill for Yale. Hill's folder labels have been retained.)


Introduction to course


Lecture I


Lecture II


Lecture III


Lecture IV

Box: 157

Lecture V


Lecture VI


Lecture VII


Lecture VIII


Lecture IX


Lecture X




Book prospectus


Research material






Domino theory


"Embassy Saigon"






Miscellaneous notes and printed matter

Box: 158







Sartre, Jean-Paul


"Tragedy of American Diplomacy"


U.S. Army


Vietnam today, 1991


Yale University, including material on Grand Strategy



Box: 159

Memorabilia – Intercom box from United Nations Secretary-General's office

Box: 160

Phonotapes - "Meaning of Iraq for World Order," March 24, 2003

Box: 161

Photographs, memorabilia


13 negatives of London, 1956


8 photographs of Norma Thompson


1 photograph of Charles Hill, Debi Graze; 3 photographs of Debi Graze


1 photograph of Boutros Boutros-Ghali


1 photograph of Ellsworth Bunker and other members of the U.S. Mission Council, Vietnam, March 1972


1 photograph of Charles Hill, Phil Habib and others


1 photograph of George W. Bush sent to Norma Thompson


13 photographs of Laura and Christopher Vanlieu, children of Emily Hill, 2002


1 photograph of Emily, Christopher, Laura Vanlieu with Charles Hill and Norma Thompson, June 2004


1 photograph of Emily, Neil, Christopher and Laura Vanlieu, June 2004


3 photographs of Emily, Christopher and Laura Vanlieu in the Father's Day 5K race, June 2004


1 photograph of Charles Hill and others


13 photographs of Charles Hill


2 photographs of Charles Hill, George Shultz and others


2 photographs of Charles Hill, George Shultz, Phil Habib and others


5 photographs of Charles Hill and others


1 photo of Charles Hill, George Shultz, Kiron Skinner; 1 photograph of Charles Hill, Kiron Skinner, and Juanita Nissley at Oakland A's vs. Seattle Mariners baseball game, August 1991


1 photograph of C. Morton Hill (father of Charles)


9 photographs of Brown University crew


2 photographs of Charles Hill and others, Brown University


17 unidentified photographs, Brown University


9 photographs of "Little Prospect," estate of Anthony Nicholas Brady Garvan, Ambler, PA, where Charles Hill worked 1961-1962


1 photograph of Spiro Agnew; 1 photograph of Henry Kissinger, Ngo Dien Diem, Ellsworth Bunker; 3 photographs of Ellsworth Bunker and others; 1 unidentified photograph – captioned photographs taken in Vietnam, ca. 1971


U.S. Department of State certificate and pin to Charles Hill for 30 years of government service, February 1992


U.S. Department of State notebook with Secretary of State George Shultz's name inscribed on the cover


U.S. Department of State notebook

Box: 162

Videotapes - "Can There Be Peace in the Middle East?" Charles Hill and Abraham Sofaer, Uncommon Knowledge, August 10, 1996

Box: 163

Increment received in 2007


Biographical file – biographical information on Charles Hill's career


Speeches and writings




Inventory notes – Secretary of State's Library


Childhood poems by Charles Hill


"Love and War," unpublished manuscript






"Longfellow's Dante," "Dante," May 3


"On Language Learning," September 19


drafts for Boutros-Boutros Ghali 1995-1996,


"Agenda for Democratization" 1997




"Vietnam," March


"History and Politics," 1999 Fall




"The Past, Present and Future of Elian Gonzalez"


"A Republic of Taxes?" January


"An American Grand Strategy for Russia and China," January


"Negotiations Lite," April


"Edward Gibbon and the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire," 2000 Fall


"Herodotus," September 11




Final Lecture, Directed Studies, April 16


Press release for the book "The Age of Terror: America and the World after September 11," Charles Hill co-author, September 15




"The Aenid"


"Clinton's Legacy: A Lost Decade in Foreign Policy"


"Hercules's New Labors"


"Literature: The Term in Modern Perspective"


"War and the National Character"


"The Myth and Reality of Arab Terrorism," March 5


"The Short Story," 2002 Spring


"The New Bush Approach and What to Make of It," April


"An Open Letter to the President," April 3


"Terrorism and the Arab-Islamic World," May


"This Clouded World Has a Silver Lining," July


"Rowing in Other Times, Other Rivers," August 5


"The Middle East: Grand Strategy's Major Challenge," October

Box: 164



"Milton's Paradise Lostas Grand Strategy," January 7


"History of the World in Six Buildings," February 3


"Who Lost Europe?" February 15


"Teach-In," Yale University, March 26


"A War to Save the World Order," March 30


"Should New International Entities Be Created?" April


"Kissinger as Memoirist," draft, May


Lakeside talk, draft for George Shultz, July


"The Lessons of History," Canadian Journal of International Affairs, July


"A World of Opportunity and a World of Danger" speech for George Shultz, July 10


"Journey With Maps: U.S. Task in Liberia," July 31




"Religion: Why It Is Good for America When It Causes Conflict Elsewhere"


"What Is Going On? And Where Do We Go From Here?"


"Which Is Greatest: Philosophy, History, Political Theory, or Literature?" January 29


"American Empire in Literature, Architecture, and Diplomacy," course description, March


"The Role of Religion in the Modern World," March


"Dostoevsky's Demons," April


"Panel: The Bush Administration Preemption Doctrine and the Future of World Order," American Society of International Law, April 3


"Searching for Grand Strategy," May


"Veterans Awareness Day," May 28


"Hiawatha," June


"Horace, Machiavelli, and Shakespeare: Roman Virtues in Anthony and Cleopatra," June


"What Qualities Enabled the Romans to Become Masters of the Mediterranean World as Demonstrated in the First Pages of Caesar's Gallic War," June


"Shanghai," themes and readings, June 8


"The Diplomatic Education of Henry Adams," July


"Gulliver on Governance," July


"Changing Power Centers: The Evolutions of American Alliances and Friendships," interview for Eisenhower Security Conference, July 12

Box: 165

"Epics of Grand Strategy," August




Preface, Introduction, I. The Human Condition


II. On the Importance of Untenable Theories


III. Elements of Statecraft


IV. Getting and Keeping


V. Translatio Imperii


VI. "In the Beginning All the World Was America"


VII. Statecraft


VIII. Language Lessons


IX. A Sense of Intelligence


X. Why Are There Wars?


XI. Strategies on the Grand Scale


XII. The Pope and the Polis

Box: 166

"Keflavik, Ramstein, Clark, Aviano...," August 24


"Metahistory," course description, September 20


"Saddam's Grand Strategy," October


Talking points on North Korea, Iran, Russia, The Power Shift in the East, The Task of Building a Better World Order, Europe, Israel and the Palestinians, Turkey, November


"How to Save the U.N. (If We Really Have to)," December 7


"Revolution," outline and reading list, December 10




Cultural Literacy Test


"Aide-Memoir," January


"Edmund Burke," January


"Pope and the Polis," draft, April


"Thirtieth Anniversary of the Fall of Saigon," April


"Marx," April 1


"Sigma Phi Epsilon," April 9


Reader's report on Knowing the Enemy: Jihadist Ideology and the War on Terrorby Mary Habeck, May


"The Rogues Are Losing," October


The Arab Islamic World and the War on Terror, October 6


"The New Testament," November 7


"Writing's Place in Statecraft," November 16


"International Ideas and Institutions," course description and book list, November 29




Reader's report on The Future of the Bush Doctrine, proposal by Stanley A. Renshon


Comments on book proposal, Why Biography Matters – Johnson and Boswell: Their Importance Today, Claude Rawson, editor, February


"Architecture of Power," Spring


Review, "MacArthur in the Mideast?" Yale Alumni Magazine, March/April


"Splendid Encounters," March


Review, "Complicity with Evil: The United Nations in the Age of Modern Genocide" by Adam LeBor, March 27


On Caspar Weinberger, March 29


"The U.S. Role in the World," outline, April


Remarks on John Gaddis, Courtyard Dedication, Davenport College, Yale University, April 6


"Literature of Statecraft," course outline, June 23

Box: 167-169

Increments received 2008-2010


Declassified government records 1962-1986

Scope and Contents note

Formerly security-classified records of the British and U.S. governments, released in full or in part. Includes some records determined by the government to be unclassified. Arranged chronologically by date of release by Hoover, thereunder by country of origin, thereunder by date of creation

2010 October release of U.S. government records 1966

Scope and Contents note

Primarily reports on developments in China by an unknown creator; the first page of most reports is absent. Available as PDF files.
Box/Folder: 170 : 1-15

2010 December release of British government records 1966-1968

Scope and Contents note

Primarily photocopies, with some originals, of communications from the Office of the British Chargé d'Affaires, Peking (Beijing).
Box/Folder: 170 : 16-17

2010 December release of U.S. government records 1962 1986

Scope and Contents note

Primarily concerns NATO and the United Nations (1962) and negotiations with Australia (1986).
Box/Folder: 171 : 1-5

2011 January release of British government records 1967-1968

Scope and Contents note

Original and photocopies of communications from the Office of the British Chargé d'Affaires, Peking (Beijing).

2017 release of U.S. government records 1967-1987

Box 172-173

Increment received in 2013