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Inventory of the Russian pictorial collection
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Envelope A

126 prints and postcards of the Romanov family, Imperial Russian nobility, military officers, and statesmen.

Envelope B

62 prints and postcards depicting Russian churches, icons, and other religious subjects.

Envelope C

63 prints and postcards depicting various scenes in Russia, Russian art, etc.

Envelope D

11 prints depicting the Russian Orthodox Church in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, with members of the clergy and parish.

Envelope mE

8 prints depicting Tsar Nicholas II, Grand Dukes Mikhail Aleksandrovich and Sergei Aleksandrovich, Russian Imperial military officers, and a water color portrait of Napolean.

Envelope m*F

2 prints of the 2nd Artillery Brigade, Feb 3, 1914, and Commanders of the Artillery Household Corps, 1900.

Envelope G

100 postcards depicting works of art, museum pieces, paintings, buildings, cities and scenes of daily life in Tsarist Russia.

Envelope H

87 postcards depicting works of art, museum pieces, paintings, buildings, cities and scenes of daily life in Tsarist Russia.

Envelope mI

57 prints, distributed by the Soviet Government, 1950, depicting social conditions in the Soviet Union.

Envelope mJ

1 print of officers of the Eesti Soomusrongide Diviisi Juhtkord (Estonian Armored Trains Division) taken during the Russian Revolution.

Envelope mK

1 print of members of the Russian socialist organization Svobodnoge Slovo, taken at a banquet in honor of Leo E. Deutsch, New York City, 1915.

Album fL

1 album containing 50 prints depicting scenes in rural Russia, ca. 1900, and miscellaneous prints, postcards and magazine illustrations.

Box 1

Glass slides of scenes in Tsarist Russia, including places of exile in Siberia, as well as of activities of the Cheka in Kiev during the civil war.

Envelope M

2 postcards of the Ural Mountains and 1 postcard of Serdobol (Sortavala, Finland).

Envelope mN

1 print of a painting by F. Alexeev depicting a view of the Winter Palace and the Peter and Paul Fortress in St Petersburg. Original in the Tretiakov State Gallery, Moscow.

Envelope O

1 print of a painting depicting a Russian Imperial officer of the 11th Hussar Regiment in 1839.

Envelope mP

2 prints of Lt. General Chichagoff

Envelope Q

1 print of Ivan Goremykin

Envelope R

1 print of N.I. Grigorovich

Envelope S

1 print of Aleksandr I. Guchkov

Envelope T

1 print of Vladimir N. Kokovtsov

Envelope U

1 print of Alexander Krivoshein

Envelope V

2 prints of pavel N. Miliukov

Envelope W

2 prints of Mikhail V. Rodzianko

Scope and Contents note

(1 is a dupilicate of the other).
Envelope X

1 print of Sergei V. Rukhlov

Envelope Y

2 prints of Sergei D. Sazanov

Scope and Contents note

(1 a duplicate of the other)
Envelope Z

1 print of Andrei I. Singarev

Envelope AA

2 prints of Petr A. Stolypin

Envelope AB

1 print of Vladimir Sukhomlinov

Envelope mAC

1 print of General Alexander A. Gairngrass, Chief of the Railway Guards of the Chinese Eastern Railway, 1901.

Envelope AD

1 print depicting a group of Russian chemists at the Mendeleev Congress in St. Petersburg, 1911.

Envelope AE

1 print of Viacheslav Plehve

Envelope AF

1 print of Serge Witte

Envelope AG

2 prints of Gregori Rasputin

Portrait of Grigory Rasputin
Postcard depicting Grigory Rasputin in his circle of admirers

Scope and Contents note

(1 is autographed)
Envelope AH

1 print of Princess Irina Aleksandrovna with Prince Felix F. Yusupov

Envelope AI

2 prints of Alexandra Fydorovna, Empress of Russia

Scope and Contents note

(1 is a duplicate of the other).
Envelope AJ

1 print of Nicholas II, Emperor of Russia, 1868-1918.

Envelope mAK

1 print of Nicholas II, and Grand Dukle Heritier

Envelope AL

4 prints (and negatives) depicting Imperial Russian and Imperial Japanese officers during negotiations for settling new boundaries on Sakhalin island; 1 print (and negative) of the Russian Embassy staff in Tokyo. P. Voskevich appears in 2 prints.

Envelope AM

1 print of a poster depicting activities in the Russian Revolution of 1905.

Envelope AN

1 print depicting the Duma in session, ca. 1915-1916.

Envelope AO

83 prints, issued by the Russian Provisional Government, depicting scenes of the Russian revolution and beginning of the civil war, 1917.

Session of the Petrograd Soviet of Workers and Soldiers Deputies in the Tauride Palace, 1917
Street demonstration in Petrograd, 1917.
Presidium of the First All-Russian Congress of Soviets of Workers' and Soldiers' Deputies, 1917.
Alexander Kerensky, 1917.
Demonstration in Petrograd on July 18, 1917.
1917. Days of the Revolution. Barricade on the Liteyny Prospekt., 1917.
Alexander Kerensky, 1917.

Envelope AP

32 prints depicting various scenes and events of the Russian Revolution, 1917.

Members of the First Provisional Government, 1917.
Demonstration in Isaakievsky Square, Petrograd, 1917.

Envelope AQ

9 prints relating to Vladimir Ipatieff: 6 prints depicting him (one with his wife), 1 print of his mother Anna, 1 print of the model of his bomb, and 1 print of his brother's house at Ekaterinburg where Tsar Nicholas II and his family were murdered. Dates 1870-1939.

Envelope AR

1 print of a group shot of the Maritime Regional People's Assembly (Provisional People's Assembly of the Far East).

Envelope AT

1 print depicting prominent representatives of various Allied commissions to Siberia, ca. 1918-1920.

Envelope M*AU

1 print of the International Military Police in Siberia, ca. 1919.

Album fAV

1 album containing 32 prints taken by Henry T. Conserva, who served on board the USAT Mount Vernon, which evacuated Czech soldiers from Siberia, 1919.

Envelope AW

9 prints depicting the atrocities committed by the Chrezvychainaia Komissiia po Bor'be s Kontry-Revoliutsiei I Sabotazhem against the White Russian forces in Kiev, ca. 1920.

Envelope AX

4 prints of the Wrangel Russian (White) Army forces concentrated on the peninsula of Gallipoli, ca. 1921.

Envelope AY

5 prints of Russian-Germans in Russia during the famine of 1922-1923.

Envelope AZ

1 print of N.I. Podvoiskii and Tibor Szamuely, 1919 May

Envelope BA

11 prints of Lev Trotskii and his wife in Mexico.

Envelope BB

2 negatives of posters from the 1930's

Envelope BC

21 prints depicting the construction of the Dnieprostroi water power plant and its opening on October 10, 1932.

Envelope BD

17 prints of the Kramatorsk Machine Tool Factory, in Kramatorsk.

Envelope BE

1 print of depicting members of the Politbureau

Envelope BF

2 prints of Viacheslav M. Molotov, 1945

Envelope BG

2 prints of Grigorii Fedorovich Fedorov (1891- ), Soviet Government official.

Envelope mBH

35 prints of the ten-day festival of Turkmenian literature and art in Moscow, October 14-23, 1955.

Scope and Contents note

Includes opera, dramatic performances, and concerts of musical and dance ensembles.
Envelope mBI

44 prints of men and women receiving the Order of Lenin, the Stalin Prize, and the Hero of Socialist Labor Award.

Envelope BJ

42 prints of the theater in Moscow, 1956, including prints of plays.

Envelope BK

24 prints of Palaces of Culture and People's Universities in the Soviet Union, 1962.

Envelope BL

28 prints of geologists looking for oil and other minerals throughout the Soviet Union.

Envelope mBM

21 prints of political leaders going through industrial plants, including prints of Nikita Khrushchev.

Envelope BN

28 prints of cultural events such as ballet, operas, art exhibits, dramatic performances, and sporting events.

Envelope m*BO

22 prints depicting the life and work of the Dombas miners, 1950.

Envelope BP-BQ, mBR

98 prints depicting conditions in post-war Russia, intended to glorify the various achievements of Stalin and the Soviet system in general, in the fields of medicine, agriculture, industry, etc.., ca. 1945-1950.

Scope and Contents note

Printed slogans included.
Envelope BS

16 prints of scenes in Latvian S.S.R., 1950, including prints of J. Peive, President of the Latvian Academy of Sciences; Vilis Lacis, author; Andrejs Upits, author; and Anna Sakse, author.

Envelope BT

3 prints of the Russian opera singers M. Reisen, A. Pirogov, E. Gribova, and N.V. Salina.

Envelope BU

20 prints of the meeting marking the 30th anniversary of the death of American naturalist Luther Burbank, held on April 11, 1956, at the USSR society for cultural Relations with Foreign Countries.

Scope and Contents note

Includes a print of Richard H. Davis, 2nd secretary at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow (10 prints are duplicates of the others).
Album fBV

1 scrapbook entitled Twice Hero of the Soviet Union, containing 30 prints depicting 13 men decorated for their heroism during World War II, and describing their merits 20 prints depicting Soviet life before and after World War II.

Album fBW

ca. 150 prints relating to the Soviet military.

Album fBX

ca. 300 prints mounted on 27 sheets, depicting life in the Soviet Union during World War II.

Album fBY

75 prints depicting Soviet life before and after World War II.

Album fBZ

120 prints depicting Soviet life before and after World War II

Box 31

1 scrapbook entitled Stalingrad, containing 40 prints

Scope and Contents note

Formerly located in album fCA.
Album fCA

45 prints relating to Soviet arts

Box 32

1 scrapbook entitled The Restoration of Soviet Cities, 1945 containing 50 prints

Scope and Contents note

Formerley located in Box 32.
Map case

22 prints mounted on 3 cardboard matting boards relating mainly to Soviet industry and agriculture

Scope and Contents note

Formerly located in album fCA.
Envelope m*CB

1 print of a painting by Serov of a meeting of the State Council (Gosudarstvennyi Sovet) presided by the Emperor Nicholas II.

Envelope mCC

1 print depicting the building where the 6th congress of the Third International was held, Moscow, July 1928.

Envelope CD

3 prints depicting Leonid Brezhnev, Konstantin Chernenko and Iurii Andropov

Envelope CE

7 prints, n.d., depicting Czech children at school in the Czech colony of Alexcandovka.

Slide boxes 3-7, Envelope 1-2, containing slide box 3-5, 6-7

91 slides depicting title pages of books in the Russian Art Collection at the Hoover Institution Library.

Envelope CF

10 prints and postcards depicting the pretender to the throne Vladimir Kirilovich and his family, taken in the 1950's, and Romanov coat of arms.

Box 8

146 posters, 1969-1987, depicting Lenin and the Revolution; 62 posters, 1967-1969, depicting political, economic, and social conditions in the Soviet Union since the Revolution.

Envelope CG-CL

141 prints depicting scenes of daily life in the Soviet Union during World War II, as well as military operations and parades, buildings, public works, and political figures, including Joseph Stalin and Vyacheslav M. Molotov.

Envelope CM

5 prints depicting American Red Cross ambulances and buses in Vladivostok, Siberia, ca. 1919.

Envelope CN

9 prints of churches and other buildings in Moscow, Ostankino, and Nizhnii Novgorod, 1889.

Envelope CT

40 prints of street scenes in Moscow during the August coup, 1991.

Envelope CU

5 prints of bodies of victims of demonstrations in Baku, January 1990.

Envelope mCV

11 prints of scenes of demonstrations in Baku, January 1990.

Box 2

58 glass plate negatives and 1 film negative of individuals, groups, events, and buildings in Russia, February-October 1917.

Envelope CW

4 prints of atrocities against Armenians, April-May 1991.

Envelope DM

4 prints of the opening of former Estonian President Konstantin pats' grave. 1989, and examination of his skull, 1990.

Envelope DN

2 prints of Leonid and Anna Andreev, ca. 1908.

Envelope DO

1 print of V.I. Lenin, August 1923.

Envelope DP

3 prints of scenes at Red Square, Moscow, and 2 prints of political placards in Kiev, on May Day 1993.

Envelope DQ

23 prints of socialists and political leaders of the Soviet Union, 1918-1923.

Envelope fDR-DS

7 albums of prints of operations of the Russian Imperial Kirasir Household Troops Regiment and of its veterans in emigration, 1904-1974.

Envelope DT

10 prints of Soviet exploration activities in outer space, 1984-1990.

Envelope DU

6 prints of Soviet leaders, including Anatolii Lunacharskii, Karl Radek, Leon Trotsky, Joseph Stalin, Sergei Kirov, Nikita Khrushchev, Nikolai Podgornyi, Leonid Brezhnev, and Aleksei Kosygin, 1919-1965.

Envelope DV

131 postcards of buildings and miscellaneous scenes in Moscow and elsewhere in the Soviet Union, and of reproductions of Russian paintings, n.d.

Box 9

Oversize prints of Soviet cosmonauts and scenes related to Soviet space exploration.

Box 10-22

Prints of scenes of Soviet industrial production and other economic activities, 1930-1940

Box 23-25

Prints of scenes of Soviet industrial production and other economic activities, 1930-1940.

Box 26

Prints, and some negatives, of scenes of Soviet Industrial production and other economic activities, and of Soviet armed forces, 1930-1940.

Box 27

prints of prominent Soviet political, military and other leaders, 1930-1940.

Box 28

Oversize caricatures of Mikhail Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin, 1991.

Box 29

Prints of Joseph Stalin.