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Inventory of Photographs of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition \ Photographed by Cardinell-Vincent Co. [graphic], 1913-1915
BANC PIC 1905.11405-.11543--PIC  
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.11405 California Welcomes the World Seal


.11406-.11407 Exposition grounds, artist's conception


.11408-.11409 Fraternal building, preliminary sketch


.11410 Horticultural palace, artist's conception


.11411-.11412 Court of Four Seasons, Half-dome. Artist's sketches.


.11413 Arch of the Rising Sun, artist's conception


.11414 Palace of Fine Arts, artist's conception


.11415-.11416 East Court, artist's conception


.11417 "Horticultural Building" according to legend, but not identified as such. Artist's conception.


.11418 Court of Four Seasons, detail, artist's sketch


.11419 Exposition auditorium, Civic Center, artist's conception


.11420 Palace of Horticulture, artist's conception


.11421 Peristyle, sketch


.11422 Civic Center and San Francisco, bird's eye view, artist's conception


.11423-.11427 Exposition Auditorium, plans


.11429-.11430 Exposition Auditorium, under construction


.11431-.11435 Construction scenes--Ghiradelli Building, Palace of Education, Palace of Varied Industries


.11436 Mullgardt's Tower, Court of Abundance


.11437-.11441 Festival Hall


.11442-.11445 Palace of Horticulture


.11457-.11461 Tower of Jewels


.11462-.11464 Court of the Universe, Triumphal Arch of the Orient


.11465 Hall of Congresses, Office of Dept. of Livestock


.11466-.11467 Zone scenes


.11468 Danish Pavillion


.11469 Oregon State Building


.11470 Machinery Palace


.11471 Tower of Jewels


.11472 Mullgardt's Tower and Court of Abundance


.11474 Press Building


.11475 Pennsylvania State Building


.11476 Palace of Varied Industries, West face, from south


.11477 Tower of Jewels


.11478 Inside Inn (Hotel)


.11479 Exposition Auditorium


.11480 California Garden of Horticulture


.11481 Horticultural Display


.11482-.11483 Court of Four Seasons, sectional view


.11484 Court of Four Seasons, view towards entrance


.11485 Palace of Varied Industries


.11486-.11487 Auditorium interior, unidentified


.11488 Machinery Building, entrance detail


.11489 Palace of Fine Arts, Sculpture detail


.11490 Sculpture--The Adventurous Bowman, by McNeil


.11491 Court of the Universe Archway, The Nations of the Occident


.11492 Sculpture--The Nations of the Occident


.11493 Court of the Universe Archway, The Nations of the Orient


.11494 Sculpture--The Nations of the Orient


.11495 Sculpture--Fountain of Energy, by Calder


.11496 Sculpture--the Rising Sun, by Weinmann


.11497 Sculpture--Descending Night, by Weinmann


.11498-.11500 Sculpture--The Adventurous Bowman, by McNeil


.11501 Sculpture--Descending Night, by Weinmann


.11502 Sculpture--Fountain of Earth, Court of Abundance


.11503 Sculpture--Wild Flower, by Edward Page


.11504-.11505 Sculpture--The End of the Trail, by James E. Fraser


.11506 Sculpture--Beauty and the Beast, by Edgar Walter


.11507 Sculpture--The Genius of Creation, by Daniel Chester French


.11508-.11509 Sculpture--Fountain of Earth, Court of Abundance


.11512 Liberty Bell


.11515 Waterfront scene, to north, showing Alcatraz Island, Army Docks, and sailboat race in progress


.11516 North Court of the Court of the Universe with the Column of Progress


.11517 Court of Four Seasons, showing the Fountain of Ceres


.11518 Sculpture--The Pioneer Mother, by Charles Grafly


.11519 Japanese Garden


.11520 Bryan, William Jennings--addressing crowd on Independence Day


.11521 New York Building Dedication (?)


.11523 Publicity billboard urging Californians to boost Fair


.11524-.11525 Murals--Industrial Fire, by Frank Brangwyn


.11526 Murals--The Hunters, by Frank Brangwyn


.11527 Murals--The Windmill, by Frank Brangwyn


.11528 Murals--Dancing the Grapes, by Frank Brangwyn


.11529 Murals--The Fruit Pickers, by Frank Brangwyn


.11530 Orchid Display, Palace of Horticulture


.11531 Denver and Rio Grande and Missouri Pacific Railroad Exhibit


.11532 American-Buddhist Exhibit


.11533-.11534 Edison Exhibit


.11535 The Zone


.11536 Hawaii site dedication, with Secretary of State Knox


.11537-.11539 Kentucky site dedication


.11540-.11543 Troop Review at Presidio honoring Knox, Secretary of State