Guide to the Orange County Ephemera Collection MS.R.089

Finding aid prepared by Anne Nguyen, 2010; Lynda Rodgers and Patricia Glowinski, 2012; Lauren Menges, 2015.
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Title: Orange County ephemera collection
Identifier/Call Number: MS.R.089
Contributing Institution: Special Collections and Archives, University of California, Irvine Libraries
Language of Material: English
Physical Description: 7.7 linear feet (6 record cartons, two document boxes, two half-width document boxes)
Date (inclusive): 1950-2013
Abstract: This collection consists of various ephemera about Orange County, California from various donors. Subjects and materials include flyers, brochures, and programs concerning Orange County political and election issues and cultural events; political campaign materials for the 1978 state and local elections; a postcard book and color print plus envelope depicting San Juan Capistrano; and materials on the cities of Anaheim, Costa Mesa, Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, Crystal Cove State Park, and Orange County water issues.


This collection is arranged in 4 series:
  • Series 1. Centennial Bibliography of Orange County, California, 2.0 linear feet
  • Series 2. Cities of Orange County, California, 2.0 linear feet
  • Series 3. Subject Files, 3.2 linear feet
  • Series 4. Newsletters, 0.5 linear feet


The collection is open for research.

Collection Scope and Content Summary

This collection consists of various ephemera about Orange County, California from various donors. Subjects and materials include flyers, brochures, and programs concerning Orange County political and election issues and cultural events; political campaign materials for the 1978 state and local elections; a postcard book and color print plus envelope depicting San Juan Capistrano; and materials on the cities of Anaheim, Costa Mesa, Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, Crystal Cove State Park, and Orange County water issues. A 2013 addition to the collection includes brochures, programs, fliers, pamphlets, newspapers, and other ephemera documenting civic and cultural events in the city of Irvine and greater Orange County. Materials collected from the 2013 Orange County Pride Festival and Orange International Street Fair are also represented.

Processing History

Original collection-level finding aid by Anne Nguyen. Further processing and description by Lynda Rodgers and Patricia Glowinski, 2012; and Lauren Menges, 2015.

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Orange County ephemera collection. MS-R089. Special Collections and Archives, The UC Irvine Libraries, Irvine, California. Date accessed.
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Subjects and Indexing Terms

Ephemera -- California -- Orange County -- 20th century.
Ephemera -- California -- Orange County -- 21st century.
Newsletters -- California -- Orange County -- 20th century.
Orange County (Calif.) -- Archives
Orange County (Calif.) -- Social life and customs.


Centennial Bibliography of Orange County, California (CBOC) Series 1.

Physical Description: (two record cartons)

Scope and Content Summary

This series consists of pamphlets, brochures, newsletters, and other publications that were compiled as part of the Centennial Bibliography of Orange County, California (CBOC) project by Roger B. Berry and Sylvester E. Klinicke, and published in 1989. The material in the series documents this social, political, and economic history of Orange County, California dating from before the incorporation of Orange County in 1889 through 1989, the County's centennial.


The materials in this series are arranged in two boxes. Box 1 (begin CBOC #4254) and Box 2 (begin CBOC #105).

CBOC 105 - Pleasants - History - Prospectus undated


CBOC 482


CBOC 554


CBOC 562


CBOC 570


CBOC 577


CBOC 578


CBOC 585 - Anaheim: a German community of frontier California, by Hallock Floy Raup, American-German Review


CBOC 596


CBOC 604


CBOC 695


CBOC 700


CBOC 716


CBOC 808


CBOC 816


CBOC 826


CBOC 856


CBOC 859


CBOC 892


CBOC 905


CBOC 1107


CBOC 1202


CBOC 1308


CBOC 1387


CBOC 1430


CBOC 1431


CBOC 1432


CBOC 1433


CBOC 1435


CBOC 1436


CBOC 1444


CBOC 1445


CBOC 1447


CBOC 1451


CBOC 1453


CBOC 1455


CBOC 1467


CBOC 1468


CBOC 1506


CBOC 1508


CBOC 1539


CBOC 1544


CBOC 1546


CBOC 1549


CBOC 1552


CBOC 1560


CBOC 1561


CBOC 1564


CBOC 1571


CBOC 1572


CBOC 1574


CBOC 1575


CBOC 1578


CBOC 1586


CBOC 1587


CBOC 1590


CBOC 1593


CBOC 1597


CBOC 1605


CBOC 1606


CBOC 1642


CBOC 1733


CBOC 1744


CBOC 1750


CBOC 1758


CBOC 1769


CBOC 1772


CBOC 1773


CBOC 1776


CBOC 1786 - Autonetics Skywriter, Special Issue: Laguna Niguel


CBOC 1828


CBOC 1836


CBOC 2009


CBOC 2015


CBOC 2023


CBOC 2057


CBOC 2065


CBOC 2101


CBOC 2136


CBOC 2138


CBOC 2296


CBOC 2300


CBOC 2419


CBOC 2656


CBOC 2657


CBOC 2659


CBOC 2673


CBOC 2679 - Selected Articles: Mission San Juan Capistrano, by Magalousis and Martin


CBOC 2734


CBOC 2871: Santa Ana Register


CBOC 2876


CBOC 2945, CBOC 2954, CBOC 2956


CBOC 2979 - Seal Beach, Leisure World


CBOC 2986, CBOC 2987, CBOC 2989, CBOC 2992, CBOC 2993, CBOC 2994 - Seal Beach


CBOC 2999 - History of Stanton, 1966


CBOC 3004 - Stanton


CBOC 3047 - Tustin Elementary School District, Tustin News


CBOC 3094 - Westminster, Edna M. Richards


CBOC 3108 - Westminster Gazette, Sep. 8, 1932


CBOC 3112 - Westminster


CBOC 3115 - Westminster Herald


CBOC 3187


CBOC 3215


CBOC 3336-3338 - Martin Brower


CBOC 3343


CBOC 3379


CBOC 3515 - Dandick's Travel Tips: Orange County


CBOC 3591


CBOC 3728


CBOC 3775


CBOC 3850 - Los Angeles Times: Home Magazine, April 6, 1952


CBOC 3856 - Los Angeles Times: Orange County Edition


CBOC 3876-3878 - D.W. McDannald


CBOC 3926


CBOC 4002 - Official Orange County Centennial Business Magazine


CBOC 4027 - Orange County Almanac + Buyers Guide, 1963


CBOC 4036 - Orange County Bar Association Bulletin, vol. 25, no. 12, Dec. 1983


CBOC 4037 - Orange County Bar Association


CBOC 4140 - Orange County Medical Association


CBOC 4147 - Orange County New Magazine of Life, Business, & Industry


CBOC 4426


CBOC 4498


CBOC 4514


CBOC 4628


CBOC 4254-4255 - Old Spanish and Mexican Ranchos of Orange County, by W. W. Robinson, 1950-1961


CBOC 4301 - Petroleum in California: a concise and reliable history of the oil industry of the state, by Lionel V. Redpath, 1900


CBOC 4398 - Santa Ana Daily & Weekly Blade World Fair Edition, 1893


CBOC 4581 - Tombstone Inscriptions, by Mrs. Marian Peer; Mrs. Fred Shaw; Mrs. Dennis Dunivent, Orange County California Genealogical Society 1969


CBOC 4408 - Santa Ana Tin Mining Company Directorate


CBOC 4631 - Valencia Production Cost Analysis Orange County 1939 including a Fourteen Year Summary 1926 - 1939, compiled by The Agricultural Extension Service 1926-1939


CBOC 4640 - Orange County Red Cross Centennial Edition, The Volunteer, 1981


CBOC 4747 - Mainlining Jesus: The New Trip, by Robert Lynn Adams & Robert Jon Fox, Society 1972


CBOC 4748 - The Impact of the Gann Initiative Upon Land Use in Orange County, by Frederick Ajarian, Critique


CBOC 4749 - Affordable Housing is Possible, by The Builders Consortium, Western City, 1983


CBOC 4756 - The Riviera in our own backyard, by Richard Alleman, Vogue, 1977


CBOC 4757 - Sunset Beach Oil Field, by D. R. Allen and G. C. Hazenbush, 1957


CBOC 4758 - OC's Part in WWII, by J.B. Allen, Orange Coast 1986


CBOC 4759 - The Orange County Bug, by Stewart Alsop, Newsweek, 1969


CBOC 4760 - Victorian Homes: Preserving the Architectural Jewels of Early Orange County, by Joan de Alvarez, Orange Coast 1986


CBOC 4761 - Music Music Music Orchestras Are Taking Up All Over Orange County, by Mary Andrek, Orange Coast, 1983


CBOC 4762 - Who We Are, And How We Got What We Have, by Byron de Arakal, Orange Coast, 1984


CBOC 4767 - Southeast of Los Angeles An auto tour of Irvine Ranch, Sunset, 1962


CBOC 4771 - Predicting Local Concern About Growth: The Roots of Citizen Discontent, by Mark Baldassare, University of California Irvine


CBOC 4772 - The Suburban Movement to Limit Growth: Reasons for Support in Orange County, by Mark Baldassare, Policy Studies Review 1985


CBOC 4776 - Are Mandatory Inclusionary Housing Programs Passe?, The Orange County Experience, by Michael Banzhaf, Western State University law Review


CBOC 4777 - Indians of Southern California, by Lowell John Bean


CBOC 4780 - America's Kinkiest County, Joseph N. Bell, Look 1969


CBOC 4781 - The Suburban Daily: New Power in Publishing, by Joseph N. Bell, SR, 1967


CBOC 4788 - Paper Fights: When the Times and the Register Battle It Out, Orange County Readers Are the Winners, by Jay Berman, Orange Coast 1988


CBOC 4792 - A Star in the Canyons--The Story of Madame Modjeska, Orange Coast, 1988


CBOC 4794 - They Call the Wind, Santa Ana, by Joe Blackstock 1981


CBOC 4795 - inadequate Airport Capacity: A Developing Transportation Crisis in the Greater Los Angeles Region, by Warren R. Bland & Ronald Yachnin, California Geographical Society 1987


CBOC 4796 - The Corner Bank, by Beth Blenz, Orange Coast, 1982


CBOC 4831 - Robin Hood Subsidies: A Dubious New Fad, by Gurney Breckenfeld, Fortune, 1983


CBOC 4836 - The Growth of Orange, by Martin Brower, California Business, 1987


CBOC 4838 - A Strong and Diverse Economy, by Martin Brower, Orange County International Special Report; The Executive


CBOC 4846 - Coasting Through California's Past, by Grace Claire


CBOC 4848 - Prohibition in Southern California, by Clarke/The Lake and Harbor of La Ballona, by Sheridan/County Division in Southern California, by Clarke/Early California Journalism, by Gordon, Overland Monthly


CBOC 4852 - Orange County's Compass for the Future: The Direction Funding Commission, by Gerry B. Commons


CBOC 4855 - Tomato Springs: The Identification of a Jasper Trade and Production Center in Southern California, by Marie G. Cottrell, American Antiquity, 1985


CBOC 4861 - Orange County, USA, by Andi Davis, The Executive


CBOC 4864 - Where Modjeska Lived, by John Desha Davis, Desert, 1965


CBOC 4865 - Memories, Centaurians Recall Orange County's Early Days, julie Bowden Davis, Orange Coast, 1988


CBOC 4868 - Polish Settlers, by Daniel T. Derezynski


CBOC 4869 - Indochinese Settlement Patterns in Orange County, by Jacqueline Desbarats and Linda Holland, Amerasia Journal 1984


CBOC 4873 - The Many Faces of Orange County, It's Not Just White Bread Anymore, by Michael Dixon and Valerie Smith, Orange Coast, 1984


CBOC 4874 - Trains, OC's Railroad Past, by Steve Donaldson, Orange Coast, 1986


CBOC 4877 - Ostrich Farming, American Style, by Robin Doughty, Agricultural History


CBOC 4881 - The Real Estate Boom of 1887 in Southern California, by Glenn S. Dumke, Pacific Historical Review


CBOC 4882 - 90 Years in Newsprint, by John "Sky" Dunlap, Orange County Industrial News, 1959


CBOC 4884 - Early Days in Public Health Nursing, by Idabel Durgan, R.N., Public Health Nursing, 1947


CBOC 4886 - Barter for Charter, by Cathy Eilts, Orange Coast, 1983


CBOC 4887 - It May Come Down to a Choice Between Food or Shelter for OC Residents, by Cathy Eilts, Orange Coast 1983


CBOC 4908 - Dairying in Cities Designed to Keep People Out, by Gordon J. Fielding, The Professional Geographer 1962


CBOC 4909 - The Los Angeles Milkshed: A Study of the Political Factor in Agriculture, by Gordon J. Fielding, The Geographical Review, 1964


CBOC 4912 - Owning irvine, Calif. Isn't What It Used to Be, By Julie Flynn, Business Week, 1987


CBOC 4915 - As the Orange Ripens, by Barbara Foster, Orange Coast, 1983


CBOC 4919 - 88,000 Golden Acres Waiting for the Dust to Settle, by Seymour Freedgood, Fortune, 1963


CBOC 4920 - Chamber Music in Orange County, by Kenneth Friedenreich, 1988


CBOC 4923 - High Technology Location and Development: The Case of Orange County, California Management Review, 1985


CBOC 4925 - Orange County Bar Association Early History, by John G. Garrett, Orange County Bar Bulletin, 1983


CBOC 4934 - A Report on the Two Cultures, by Tom Goodhue, The New Republic, 1970


CBOC 4935 - Suburban Crime: Testing the Police Hypothesis, by Mark Gottdiener, Journal of Police Science and Administration, 1982


CBOC 4937 - South Coast Metro, by Janet E. Graebner, The Executive 1985


CBOC 4938 - Orange County: Will High Tech Open New Doors?, by Janet Graebner, California Business 1984


CBOC 4939 - Orange County's Penny Dilemma, by Janet Graebner, California Business, 1984


CBOC 4953 - A Home of Your Own: The Impossible Dream, by Pamela M. Hallan


CBOC 4971 - Orange County World Trade 1983, by Mike Hagan, Orange County World Trade


CBOC 4976 - Homes on the Range, by Tom Carroll, Time, 1967


CBOC 4977 - Planning Human Services: A Cooperative Effort Among Orange County Cities, by Glenn N. Hantz, Western City, 1976


CBOC 4985 - Saddleback, Robert Hyndman, The Executive, 1985


CBOC 4988 - Kraemer Oil Field, by W. L. Ingram, Division of Oil and Gas, 1960


CBOC 4989 - Richfield Oil Field, W. L. Ingram, Division of Oil and Gas, 1961


CBOC 4992 - The Irvine Case, Forbes, 1970


CBOC 4996 - Irvine Ranch: A California Microcosm, Pacific Business


CBOC 4998 - A Material Representation of A Sacred Tradition, by Charles N. Irwin, The Journal of California Anthropology,


CBOC 5006 - Orange County Dynamics in Action, by Rosemary James, The Executive, 1987


CBOC 5008 - Building on the Past, by Pete Johnson, Orange Coast, 1988


CBOC 5009 - Dead End: The Future Shock of Orange County's Roadways, by Pete Johnson, Orange Coast, 1987


CBOC 5010 - Grand Designs: The Future of Aesthetic Orange County, by Pete Johnson, Orange Coast, 1986


CBOC 5011 - The Hidden Minority, by Pete Johnson, Orange Coast, 1988


CBOC 5012 - Too Little, Too Late, by Pete Johnson, Orange Coast, 1988


CBOC 5014 - Orange County Airport: O'Hare with Indians, by Moira Johnston, New West, 1976


CBOC 5018 - The Orange County Machine Being Reduced to Pulp?, by Jeffrey Kaye and Susan Littwinn, New West, 1977


CBOC 5021 - Road to San Diego, by Bruce Kelly, Rail Classics


CBOC 5025 - Master Planning: A Growing Lifestyle, by Mary Brandt Kerr, The Executive, 1987


CBOC 5026 - Impact of Urbanization on Agriculture in Orange County, by William S. Kerr III, Yearbook 1972


CBOC 5027 - The Rest, by Janet Kinosian, Orange Coast, 1986


CBOC 5031 - Orange County Plan, by A. S. Koch, California Highways and Public Works, 1960


CBOC 5041 - King Me!, by Michael Leahy, Los Angeles, 1984


CBOC 5048 - Polish American Studies, by The Polish American Historical Association, 1974


CBOC 5050 - Helena Modjeska and the Francisco Torres Affair, Summer 1892, by Ellen K. Lee, 1969


CBOC 5052 - How Business is Reshaping America, by Christopher B. Leinberger and Charles Lockwood, The Atlantic Monthly 1986


CBOC 5055 - The District, by Christopher Lentz, Orange Coast, 1983


CBOC 5056 - Keepers of the Past, by Christopher Lentz, Orange Coast, 1983


CBOC 5059 - Orange County Freeways: Breaking the Bottleneck, by Arthur J. Lingle, The Executive, 1986


CBOC 5060 - The Outsider, by Susan Littwin, New West, 1980


CBOC 5061 - In the Los Angeles oil boom, derricks sprouted like trees, by Charles Lockwood


CBOC 5084 - Parks Between the Tides, by Wesley Marx


CBOC 5085 - Tremor in Orange County, by Martin Mayer, Barrons, 1978


CBOC 5089 - Orange County: A Place in the Sun, by Cathy de Mayo, Horizon, 1987


CBOC 5093 - West Coyote Oil Field, by M.G. Mefferd and S. Cordova, Division of Oil and Gas,


CBOC 5098 - A model for land developers, Business Week, 1976


CBOC 5102 - Orange County and the SP, by Al Monte, Railway Quarterly, 1982


CBOC 5104 - OC's Cloak and Dagger Past, by Tom Moon, Orange Coast 1985


CBOC 5105 - Great Digs, by Michael Moore, Orange Coast, 1986


CBOC 5106 - More Than a suburb, less than a city, Business Week, 1977


CBOC 5114 - The Richfield Oil Field, by E.H. Musser, California State Mining Bureau


CBOC 5116 - The Spread of an Artificial Landscape Over Southern California, by Howard J. Nelson, University of California, Los Angeles


CBOC 5117 - Remnants of the Ranchos in the Urban Pattern of the Los Angeles Area, by Howard Nelson, Cornelius Loesser, Eugene McMillan, Richard Reeves, Frank Scott, Paul Zierer, University of California Los Angeles


CBOC 5120 - Self-Made Women, Part I & II, by Tamara Nunn, Orange Coast 1983


CBOC 5124 - The Friday Fiascos, by Maureen O'Haren, orange Coast, 1986


CBOC 5125 - Necessities of Life, by Maureen O'Haren, Orange Coast, 1986


CBOC 5127 - Notes and Documents Toward a Synthesis of the Political and Social History of the American West, by Spencer C. Olin, Jr., 1986


CBOC 5128 - All in the Family, by Steve Olney, California, 1983


CBOC 5129 - Notes on Historical Juaneno Villages and Geographical Features, by Steven O'Neil and Nancy Evans, Journal of California and Great Basin Anthropology, 1980


CBOC 5142 - The War Against Growth Heats Up, by Brian O'Reilly, Fortune, 1988


CBOC 5143 - Organize Program for Orange County Builders, Home Builders Institute, 1955


CBOC 5148 - Orange County Calif., Survey and History Projects, by C. E. Parker, First American Title insurance and Trust Company,


CBOC 5150 - The Supervisors, by Perry A. Patrick, Orange Coast, 1984


CBOC 5153 - Saigon USA, by John Peterson, Orange Coast, 1988


CBOC 5156 - The Great Debate, by Larry Peterson, Orange Coast, 1984


CBOC 5160 - Paradise Lost, by Larry Peterson, Orange Coast, 1984


CBOC 5164 - Staking A Claim, by Elizabeth Pike, Orange Coast, 1988


CBOC 5165 - Water Law Reform in California, by Donald j. Pisani, Agricultural History


CBOC 5169 - Black in Orange County, by Danny Pollock, Orange Coast, 1987


CBOC 5170 - For Spacious Skies, by Danny Pollock, Orange Coast, 1986


CBOC 5176 - Orange County During the Depressed Thirties: A Study in Twentieth Century California Local History, by Robert L. Pritchard, Southern California Quarterly, 1968


CBOC 5182 - Orange County Means Business, by Dick Reddy, Industrial Development, 1963


CBOC 5183 - ...and the Rich Get Richer, by Sean Patrick Reilly, Orange Coast, 1983


CBOC 5184 - The Barriozation of Nineteenth Century Mexican Californians: From Landowners to Laborers, by Antonio Rios Bustamante,


CBOC 5190 - The Lynching of Francisco Torres, by Jean F. Rios,


CBOC 5206 - Surfline Success, by Jeffrey T. Schultz, Trains, 1988


CBOC 5208 - High Technology Industry and Territorial Development: The Rise of the Orange County Complex 1955 - 1984, Urban Geography, 1986


CBOC 5210 - The History of the Irvines - Orange County's Most Powerful Family, by Marjorie Scott, 1988


CBOC 5224 - An American Celebration, by Thomas M. Self, The Executive OC, 1981


CBOC 5225 - The Challenge of International Trade, by Thomas M. Self, The Executive,


CBOC 5226 - OC 100 Celebrate the Spirit 1889 - 1989, by Steve Sencabaugh, Orange Coast, 1988


CBOC 5227 - Silicon Valley South, by Jill Shannon, Orange Coast, 1986


CBOC 5231 - A Decade of Orange County, by Cynthia Simone, Orange Coast, 1984


CBOC 5240 - How Orange County Got Its Name, by Jim Sleeper, Orange Coast, 1984


CBOC 5249 - The Backstage Trials of Orange County Community Theatre, by Polly Sloan, Orange Coast, 1984


CBOC 5258 - Apocalypse Now, by Michael S, Smith, New West, 1979


CBOC 5262 - The Santa Ana Wind, by Terry E. Stephenson, California Folklore Quarterly,


CBOC 5276 - Inclusionary Zoning: A Workable Option for Affordable Housing?, by Barbara Taylor, Urban Land, 1981


CBOC 5284 - Orange Riviera, by Frank Trippett, Time, 1986


CBOC 5285 - The Music Industry in Orange County, by Keith Tuber, Orange Coast, 1983


CBOC 5287 - Orange County's Legal (and Non-Legal) Lore, by Gerald F. Uelmen, Los Angeles lawyer, 1983


CBOC 5288 - US Arts: Strategies for the 80's, by Kathryn Milam, Horizon, 1987


CBOC 5289 - Color the California Revolution orange, by O.W. van Petten, West, 1967


CBOC 5290 - Black Gold Suburbs, by Fred W. Viehe, Journal of Urban History, 1981


CBOC 5293 - Lord of the Land, by Diane Wagner, California Business, 1987


CBOC 5295 - A Suggested Chronology for Southern California Archaeology, by William J. Wallace, Southwestern Journal of Anthropology


CBOC 5296 - War for 80,000 Acres, by JOhn Quirt, Time 1976


CBOC 5297 - The Social History of A Singular Fruit, by T.H. Watkins,


CBOC 5304 - Black Ghost of the Silverado, by Edward F. Wehlage, California Geology, 1984


CBOC 5312 - A Farewell to the Orange Groves, by Marv Wolfe, New West, 1980


CBOC 5316 - East Coyote Oil Field, by R. A. Ybarra, Division of Oil and Gas, 1960


CBOC 5319 - The Double Life of Orange County, by Sheldon Zalaznick, Fortune, 1968


Cities of Orange County, California Series 2.


The materials in this series are arranged in two boxes. Box 3 (begin Anaheim) and Box 4 (being Laguna Beach).

Anaheim (3 folders)




Buena Park


Costa Mesa (4 folders)


Costa Mesa - South Coast Repertory




Dana Point (2 folders)


Dana Point - Walker, Doris




Garden Grove (3 folders)


Huntington Beach (6 folders)


Irvine (5 folders)


Irvine Coast Concept Plan


Irvine - Environmental Services: Historical Structures


Irvine Ranch


Irvine (UCI)


Laguna Beach (4 folders)


Laguna Beach - Bette Davis House


Laguna Beach - Smithcliffs


Laguna Hills


Laguna Niguel (Folders 1-2)


Mission Viejo


Newport Beach (7 folders)




San Clemente


San Juan Capistrano (3 folders)


Santa Ana (4 folders)


Santa Ana - Goddard, Francelia S. Old Carnegie Years in Santa Ana.


Santa Ana - Santa Ana College


Seal Beach




Tustin (2 folders)


Villa Park


Yorba Linda (2 folders)


Subject files Series 3.


The materials in this series are arranged in five boxes. An additional oversize folder is located in FB 16, folder 3. Box 5 (begin Agricultural Crop Report), Bow 7 (begin Oil Drilling and Production Regulations), Box 8 (begin OC Pride Festival), Box 9 (begin Ristow, Walter W.), and Box 10 (begin Smith, Joan (Irvine)).

Agricultural Crop Report


Ames, H.G.


Anaheim Gazette Indexes


Bank of America


Browning, C.R.


California Dept. Human Resources Development


California Employee Development Plan


California State Chamber of Commerce - The Southland


California State College at Fullerton


Carbon Canyon Dam (Proposed)


Citizens for Sensible Growth and Traffic Control


Citizens' Research Foundation


Clifton, Janet S. - Ethnic Survey of Orange County High School Students


Coast Area Civic Directory, 1968-1969


County Sanitation Districts of Orange County


Crystal Cove State Park (3 folders)


Dance Ephemera - 1986 additions


Dr. Howe-Waffle House and Medical Museum


Duncan, Isadora - The Dance


Election Ephemera - 1978


Election Ephemera - 1999


Election Ephemera - 2000


Environmental Coalition of Orange County


Eu, March Fong - Identification of the Historical Records of County Government in California


Festival - An Olympic Celebration of the Arts


Fielding, Gordon


Fife, D.L. - Selected Bibliography for Urban Geography in the Upper Santa Ana River Valley Area


Foothill-South Toll Road


Friends of Harbors, Beaches, and Parks


Grijalva Family (Santa Ana, California)


Hinshaw, Andrew - Pressures for Urban Development


Interstate Electronics Corporation (Anaheim)


Irvine Company (2 folders)


Irvine Korean Cultural Festival


Jones, Victor


Knowlton, Charles S. - Post Offices of Orange County, Past and Present


Kerr, Laurance T. - The Butterflies of Orange County


Liebeck, Judy (Irvine)


Los Angeles Times


Lummis, Charles F.


Mexico Ephemera


Millar, Margaret


Miller Land Company


Modjeska Canyon Wilderness Park


Modjeska Historic Park


Modjeska Reference File


Newport Coast Drive


Newport Harbor Art Museum


Oil Drilling and Production Regulations


The Old Orchard Conservancy


Orange County 911 Plan


Orange County Archives


Orange County Auditor Budget Requests


Orange County Board of Supervisors


Orange County Chamber of Commerce (2 folders)


Orange County Coastal Transportation Committee


Orange County Employees Mutual Benefit Association


Orange County Flood Control District


Orange County - General (12 folders)


Orange County Great Park


Orange County Harbor District


Orange County Health and Welfare Agencies


Orange County Historical Commission


Orange County Honor Farm


Orange County International Raceway


Orange County Library


Orange County Performing Arts


Orange County Planning Commission


Orange County Planning Department (2 folders)


Orange County Pride Festival - August 10, 2013 (2 folders)


Orange County Registrar's Office


Orange County Schools - Vol. 1, No. 1, December 1945


Orange County Sheriff's Office


Orange County Street Naming Committee


Orange International Street Fair - 2013 (2 folders)


Penhall Family History


Political Ephemera


Puente-Chino Hills Wildlife Corridor


Raub, Jack. G. Corporation


Ristow, Walter W. - Article on Fire Insurance Maps


Ronald W. Caspers Regional Park


Rosener, Judy


Sanborn, William B. - Saddleback Valley Bibliography


Sanborn Maps


Security First National Bank


Silent River Film Festival - 2011


Sleeper, Jim - Publications


Smith, Joan (Irvine)


Southern California Acclimatizing Association


Stephenson, T.E. - Shadows


Stone & Youngberg


Study for the Need of a Museum System in Orange County, California


Theater Programs


Tule Lake Internment Camp


Upper Newport Bay


Urban Policy Research Institute




Women's Coalition of Orange County


Mission San Juan Capistrano - Postcard set - Exterior view, mounted, color, with envelope (In FB 16, folder 3)


Newsletters Series 4.


The materials in this series are arranged in Box 6.



Brea Newsletter


California Coast


Choc Talk


Cocteau Chronicle


Columns - A Newsletter of the Orange County Conservancy


Date Down - Security Title Insurance Co.


Downtown News (Fullerton)


Education First (Santa Ana)


Gadabout recommends in the Newport Harbor Guide


The Gazette - A Beach Cities Newspaper


Hillside Open Space Education Coalition


Home and Real Estate Directory


Irvine - Community Services


Irvine - Police Exchange


Irvine - Sports Journal


Moulton-Niguel Water District Newsletter


Natural History Foundation of Orange County


Newport Life


Newport-Mesa Unified School District - About Your Schools


Newport-Mesa Unified School District - Report to the People


Newport National Bank Economic Review


Neuport Magazine


Newport Oberservation West (N.O.W.)


Orange County Department of Education - Curriculum Newsletter


Orange County Council on Aging


A New Wrinkle


The Orange County Employee


Orange County Executive


Orange County Fair and Exposition Center


Orange County Home and Garden


Orange County Journal


Orange County Labor Market Bulletin


Orange County Weekend West




Quarterly Population - Orange County Board of Supervisors


Recorded Facts


Security Title Insurance Company Newsletter


Senior People's Press of Orange County


The Sycamore Leaf


Ten Type


The Tustinian