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California Business Ephemera Collection
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St. Germain Restaurant (San Francisco) 1910-1922


St. Gothard Inn (St. Helena) 1911


St .Helena Bottling and Cold Storage Co. Incorporated (St. Helena) 1918


St. Helena Nurseries, M.F. Inman (St. Helena) circa 1885


St. Helena Public Cemetery Association (St. Helena) circa 1911


St. Helena Sanitarium circa 1940


St. James Hotel, Tyler Beach, Proprietor (San Jose) 1891


Saks Fifth Avenue (San Francisco) 1952-1981, undated


Salambo Copper Mining Co. (San Francisco) undated


Salome's Beauty Parlor (Modesto) undated


Salbach, Carl (Nursery, Berkeley) 1931-1950


Salem Flouring Mills undated


Salomon Bros. Hutzler (Stock brokers, San Francisco) 1951


Salomon, T. (Grocer, San Francisco) 1888-1890


Salt Lake and Los Angeles Railroad Company (San Francisco) 1889


Salter, John W. (Druggist and apothecary, San Francisco) 1883


Salzman, J. (Furrier, San Francisco) undated


Samarkand Hotel (Santa Barbara) undated


Sambo's Restaurants, Inc. 1978


Sampson's (Stationery, Grass Valley) undated


Samson Manufacturing Co. (Corsets, San Francisco) circa 1900


Samson, R. (Stock broker, San Francisco) 1904


Samuel Bros. Co. (Wine and liquor dealers, San Francisco) 1898


Samuel Carson Co. (Publishers, wholesale booksellers and stationers, San Francisco) 1887-1891


Samuel Hewlett Co. (Dealer in hay, Oakland, San Francisco, Stockton) 1893


Samuel Hill Co. (San Francisco) undated


Samuel Lewis Co. (Cigar manufacturers, San Francisco) circa 1890


Samuel More Co. (Liquor dealers, San Francisco) 1884


Samuel Weitz Co. (Importers of wools, embroidery materials..., San Francisco) circa 1880


Samuel's (Fine wines and liquors, San Francisco) 1940s


Samuels, D., The Lace House (San Francisco) 1882-1897


Samuels, J. and J. Jacobi (Importer of dry goods, San Francisco) undated


Samuels, S. (Dealer in second-hand goods, San Francisco) undated


San Andreas Casket Co. (San Andreas) 1903


San Diego and Arizona Railway (San Diego) 1920-1921


San Diego and Gila, Southern Pacific and Atlantic Railroad Company (San Diego) circa 1885


San Diego Federal (San Diego) 1974-1981


San Diego Gas Electric Company (San Diego) 1941-1972


San Diego Southern Railway Company (San Diego) 1911


San Carlos Hotel (Los Angeles) undated


San Curo Medical Co. (Los Angeles) undated


San Franciscan Hotel (San Francisco) circa 1980, undated


San Francisco Accumulating Fund Association circa 1854


San Francisco Art Gallery 1937-1938, undated


San Francisco Assaying and Refining Works 1869-1875


San Francisco Bank (San Francisco, Oakland) 1949-1951, undated


San Francisco Bay Toll-Bridge Company 1929


San Francisco Boiler Works, F.I. Curry Prop'r. circa 1870-1872


San Francisco Boot and Shoe Dealers 1865


San Francisco Brass Works 1883


San Francisco Breweries Ltd., Proprietors of the John Wieland Brewery 1891


San Francisco Bridge Company 1888


San Francisco Bridge Securities Corporation 1933-1934


San Francisco Call Bulletin 1899, 1955, undated


San Francisco Camerawork 1982-1985


San Francisco Candle Co. 1872


San Francisco Chimney Sweeping Topping Co. 1911


San Francisco Clearing House 1906-1924


San Francisco Community Playhouse undated


San Francisco Contracting Co. 1888


San Francisco Co-operative Land and Building Association circa 1870-1871


San Francisco Cracker Company undated


San Francisco Chronicle 1970-1996, undated


San Francisco Custom Dry Cleaners, Inc. 1983


San Francisco Dairy Co. 1922-1923, undated


San Francisco Directory Service 1948


San Francisco Examiner Stampeders' Club 1941


San Francisco Exposition Tour Company 1911


San Francisco Federal Hotel undated


San Francisco Federal Savings and Loan Association 1955-1985


San Francisco Fuse Manufacturing Co. circa 1890


San Francisco Gas Electric Co., San Francisco Gas Company circa 1852-1918, undated


San Francisco Gas Light Co. 1888-1893, 1961


San Francisco Glass Works undated


San Francisco Hilton circa 1962-1964


San Francisco Homeopathic Polyclinic circa 1890


San Francisco Homestead Union 1862-1864


San Francisco Land and Title Company, Inc. 1911


San Francisco Laundry, Loran Miner 1867, undated


San Francisco Lumber Company 1887-1890


San Francisco Manufacturing Co. (Wood workers) circa 1875


San Francisco, Napa and Calistoga Railway 1917-1930


San Francisco National Bank 1964-1969, undated


San Francisco and North Pacific Railway Company circa 1870-1897, undated


San Francisco Novelty and Plating Works circa 1895


San Francisco Oakland Helicopter Airlines Inc. 1964-1966


San Francisco-Oakland Terminal Railways 1913-1924


San Francisco Pacific Glass Works 1884


San Francisco Paper Collar Co. 1874


San Francisco Peninsula Inc. circa 1940


San Francisco Pioneer Woolen Factory 1867-1870


San Francisco Portland Steamship Co. circa 1916


San Francisco Real Estate Board undated


San Francisco Rental and Realty Co. 1940s


San Francisco Retail Coal Dealers Association undated


San Francisco Retailers' Council 1938


San Francisco-Sacramento Railroad (San Francisco) 1927-1928


San Francisco Salvage Shop undated


San Francisco and San Joaquin Valley Railroad (San Francisco) 1893, 1952, undated


San Francisco San Mateo Railway (San Francisco) 1892


San Francisco Savings and Loan Society 1918-1924


San Francisco Savings Union circa 1900-1908


San Francisco Ship Building Company 1918


San Francisco Stock Brewery 1883


San Francisco Stock Exchange 1948


San Francisco Telegraph Supply Co. circa 1880


San Francisco Toboggan Co. 1897


San Francisco Tool Company 1894


San Francisco Travel Service undated


San Francisco, Vallejo Napa Valley Electric Railroad Co. (San Francisco) 1907


San Francisco Victoriana 1973-1974


San Francisco Stock Exchange 1889, 1929-1948, 1978


San Joaquin Land Water Co. (Los Angeles) circa 1915


San Jose Fruit Packing Co. 1888


San Jose Laundry Association undated


San Jose Race Track 1891


San Jose Watch Company 1979


San Jose Water Company 1889


San Jose Water Works 1947-1951


San Jose Woolen Mills (San Francisco) circa 1870-1881


San Juan Pacific Railway Company (San Francisco) 1908


San Leandro State Bank 1911


San Pedro, Los Angeles Salt Lake Railroad (Los Angeles) 1901-1913, undated


Sanborn, Vail Co. (Artist's materials, picture frames..., Los Angeles, San Francisco) 1883-1899, undated

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Sander Hare (Hardware, Fort Bragg) undated


Sanders Co. (Practical coppersmiths, San Francisco) 1879


Sanderson Co. (Assay office, San Francisco) 1866


Sanderson Horn (Cigar manufacturers, San Francisco) circa 1885


Sandona, Matteo (Artist, San Francisco) 1914


Sands, D. (Confectioner, Sacramento) undated


Sanford, E.P. (Apothecary, Oakland) circa 1880


Sang Chong Lung Co., Canton Bazaar (Importers of oriental art goods, San Francisco) undated


Sanitarium Food Co. (Sanitarium) 1907


Sanitarium Baths (Hot and cold salt water baths, San Francisco) 1882


Santa Ana Valley Irrigation Company (Santa Ana) 1883


Santa Barbara National Bank (Santa Barbara) undated


Santa Barbara Nursery undated


Santa Barbara Opera House 1891-1893


Santa Barbara Street Railway Co. 1893


Santa Clara Coal Company (San Francisco) 1863


Santa Clara Valley Mill Lumber Company (San Jose) 1873


Santa Cruz Mountain Vineyard 1982


Santa Fe Building and Loan Association (San Bernardino) 1893


Santa Fe Industries, Inc. (Bus and rail transportation, Los Angeles, San Francisco) 1939, undated


Santa Fe Railroad (Los Angeles) circa 1939-1957, undated


Santa Lucia Inn (Salinas) 1933


Santa Monica Land Co. (Los Angeles) circa 1912


Santa Rosa City Railroad (Santa Rosa) undated


Santa Rosalia Mining Co. (San Francisco) 1897


Santa's Village (Sky Forest) undated


Santino Winery (Plymouth) circa 1979


Saratoga Hall (San Francisco) 1905


Sather Church (Bankers, San Francisco) 1858


Sather Banking Company, Sather Co. (San Francisco) 1886-1890


Sather Gate Book Shop (Berkeley) 1968


Sato, N. (Aquatic pets, San Francisco) undated


Saucelito Dairy, J. Marshall Co., Proprietors (San Francisco) 1870


Saucelito Water and Steam Tug Co. (San Francisco) 1857


Saulmann's German Bakery Confectionery, Saulmann Lauenstein (San Francisco) 1862


Savage Mining Company (San Francisco) 1864-1871


Savery Brothers (Manufacturers of lamps, lanterns and metal products, San Francisco) undated


Savings and Exchange Bank of California (San Francisco) circa 1858


Savings and Loan Journal (Pasadena) 1965


Savings and Loan Society (San Francisco) circa 1900


Savings Bank of Humboldt County (Eureka) undated


Savings Union Bank and Trust Company (San Francisco) 1912-1914, undated


Savings Union Bank of San Francisco 1911, undated


Savoy Billiard Parlors Inc. (San Francisco) undated


Savoy Lunch (San Francisco) 1944


Savoy Theatre (San Francisco) 1911-1921, undated


Saxon Copper Mining Company (Copperopolis) 1863


Saxtorph, A.L. (San Francisco) 1888


Sbarboro Co., Pioneer Grocers (San Francisco) undated


Schaefer, Charles G. (Dealer in paints, oils..., San Francisco) 1888


Schaertzer, J.A., Agent, Schroth Westerfeld's German Bakery (San Francisco) 1869


Schafer Co. (Fine clothiers, San Francisco) circa 1880


Schaffner Watson (Clothing, San Leandro) circa 1960


Schaw, Ingram, Batcher Co. (Manufacturers of steel sheet and iron pipe, Sacramento) 1894


Schellhaas, H. (Furniture, carpets and crockery, Oakland) 1881


Schenck, W.T.Y. (Fire hose agent, San Francisco) 1885


Schleiden, W. (Custom house broker, San Francisco) undated


Schlueter Volberg (Practical upholsterers and dealers in carpets..., San Francisco) 1872, undated


Shmidt, Fred J. (Real estate and business broker, San Francisco) undated


Schmidt, Oscario (Sewing machines, San Francisco) 1881


Schmidt, Theodore A. (Lithographer and engraver, San Francisco) circa 1880


Schmiedell Co. (Distributor of soil products, San Francisco) undated


Schmiedell, Henry (Importer and dealer in dry goods, San Francisco) 1859


Schmitt, B.L. (Commission stock broker, San Francisco) 1872


Schmitt, Edward A. (General insurance agent, San Francisco) undated


Schmitt, George (Dealer in groceries, provisions..., Petaluma) 1868


Schmolz, William, Mathematical Instrument Maker (San Francisco) 1859-1876


Scholle Brothers (Manufacturers and importers of clothing, dry goods..., San Francisco) 1857-1865


Schoenholz Bros. Co. (Sewing supplies, San Francisco) circa 1880


Schottler, J.F. (Business broker, San Francisco) circa 1885


Schrader, Edward (Boat for hire, San Francisco) 1888


Schrader Iron Works, Inc. (San Francisco) 1965


Schreiber, C. (Dealer in furniture and bedding, San Francisco) 1861


Schreiber's (Chocolates, bon-bons and novelties, San Francisco) 1880s


Schroder, Albrecht Co. (Confectioners, Sacramento) circa 1864


Schroder, Arnold Co. (Manufacturers and dealers in furniture and bedding, San Francisco) 1869


Schroeder, R.G. (Grocer, San Francisco) undated


Schroeder's Cafe (San Francisco) 1947-1955, 1983, undated


Schubre, G.A. (Oranges, Marysville) 1854


Schulken, B., Mrs. (Dealer in hay grain and coal, San Francisco) 1891-1894


Schulz Fischer (Silversmiths, San Francisco) 1881


Schuneman, W.C. (Watchmaker and jeweler, St. Helena) circa 1885


Schussler Bros. (Manufacturers and importers of picture frames, mirrors..., San Francisco) 1897, undated


Schwab Rehm (Marysville) 1854


Schwabacher Co. (San Francisco) 1953-1955


Schwabacher-Frey Company (San Francisco) 1953


Schwamm, Anthony (Notary public, Los Angeles) circa 1890


Schwarz Gottlieb, Inc. (Dealers in mirrors and glass, San Francisco) 1907


Schwartz, Harford Co. (Dealers in lumber, San Luis Obispo) circa 1870


Schwartz, M. (Dealer in men's and boy's clothing, San Francisco) circa 1885


Schweittzer, Sach Co. (Importers and wholesale dealers in fancy goods..., San Francisco) 1867-1870


Scofield Tevis (Importers, shipping and commission merchants, San Francisco) 1881-1883


Scofield's Employment Agency (San Francisco) 1953


Scotchler Gibbs (Importers and commission merchants, San Francisco) circa 1870


Scott Bros. (Distillers and manufacturers of wines and brandies, Oakland) circa 1883-1885


Scott, Charles B. (Staple and fancy grocer, San Francisco) 1907


Scott Church (Druggists, Livermore) circa 1885


Scott, M.A. (Druggist, Livermore) circa 1885


Scott-Peterson Chemical Co. (San Francisco) undated


Scott, Tom (Plumber, San Francisco) 1881


Scott Van Arsdale Lumber Co. (San Francisco, Stockton) undated


Scottish Chief Company (San Francisco) circa 1860


Scotty's Castle (Hotel, Death Valley) undated


Screen Writers' Guild (Los Angeles) 1954


Sea Beach Hotel (Santa Cruz) 1899-1911, undated


Sea Cliff Dahlia Gardens (San Francisco) undated


Seaboard Finance Company (Los Angeles) 1946


Seabury Wilson (Dealers in mechanics' tools, San Francisco) undated


Sealy, Charles (Cooperage, San Francisco) 1872


Searby, W.M. (Chemist, San Francisco) circa 1870


Sears, Henry (Attorney, San Francisco) circa 1885


Sears, Roebuck Co. (San Francisco) 1952


Sebastiani Vineyards (Sonoma) undated


Second Street Market, William Carroll (San Francisco) 1869


Security-First National Bank of Los Angeles 1943


Security Pacific National Bank (Los Angeles, San Francisco) 1968-1969


Security Savings Bank and Trust Company (Los Angeles) 1890


Security Savings and Loan Association (Oakland) undated


Security Savings and Loan Association (San Francisco) undated


See's Candies (Los Angeles, San Francisco) undated


Segregated Rock Island Mining Company (San Francisco) 1874


Sehabiague Bros., French Model Bakery (San Francisco) 1899


Selby Smelting and Lead Company, Thomas H. Selby Co. (Importers of metals, San Francisco) 1859-1902


Selby, Rodgers Co. (Real estate, San Francisco) 1905, undated


Self Service Laundry (San Francisco) 1940s


Selig, I. (Men's furnishing goods, San Francisco) 1866


Selleck, Silas (Photographic artist, San Francisco) circa 1890


Sells Brothers Circus circa 1895


Senator (Ship, San Francisco) 1865


Senram, F. (Boots and shoes, Oakland) circa 1880-1885


Sequoia Hotel (Fresno) circa 1915


Serbin's (Uniform and costume manufacturing company, San Francisco) 1940s


Service Cigar Store (San Francisco) undated


Seth Thomas Clock Co. (San Francisco) 1887


Sevening, Henry (Wholesale and retail dealer in groceries, provisions..., Columbia) 1862-1866


Seventh Avenue Riding School (San Francisco) 1920


Seymour Elliot (Lumber, San Francisco) 1905


Shadows of Telegraph Hill (Restaurant, San Francisco) circa 1936-1950


Shainwald, Buckbee Co. (Real estate, San Francisco) 1902


Shand, David C. (Manufacturers' agent, San Francisco) 1888


Shanghai Bazaar (Chinese and Japanese fancy goods, San Francisco) undated


Sharpe, Louis (Dry goods, San Francisco) 1858


Sharples Corporation of California (San Francisco) 1940s


Shasta Water Company (San Francisco) undated


Shaw Callisch (Druggists, San Jose) circa 1885


Shaw, E.W. (Wholesale and retail dealer in groceries and general merchandise, Columbia) 1862


Shaw Gold Mine (El Dorado) 1888


Shaw, Henry B. (Druggist, San Francisco) 1870


Shaw, I.G. (Dentist, Sacramento) 1901


Shawl, D. (Sewing machine agent, San Francisco) circa 1880


Shaw's Pharmacy (San Francisco) circa 1890


Shea, Bocqueraz Co. (Importers and jobbers in wines and liquors, San Francisco) 1884


Sheba Silver Mining Company (San Francisco) 1878


Sheldon, Mark (Wholesale dealer in sewing machines and supplies, San Francisco) circa 1880


Sheldon Townsite and Realty Company 1910


Shell Oil Company 1940-1957, undated


Shells and Curio Store (San Francisco) 1915


Sheraton at Fisherman's Wharf (San Francisco) 1976


Sheridan Bell (Florists, San Francisco) circa 1952


Sherlock Bones (Pet finder) undated


Sherman, Clay Co. (Fresno) undated


Sherman, Clay Co., Sherman Hyde (San Francisco) 1876-1922, 1963-1982, undated

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Sherman Co. (Forwarding, storage and commission merchants, Stockton) 1861


Sherman Co. (Soap) undated


Sherman T. Blake Company (Dog food agent, San Francisco) circa 1930


Sherman Theatre (San Francisco) 1916-1917


Sherwood Sherwood (Importers and exporters, Los Angeles, San Francisco) 1887-1912


Shibata, M. (Importer and dealer in Japanese fancy goods, San Francisco) undated


Shiels' Opera House (San Francisco) 1873


Shinn Gardens undated


Shipowners Merchants Towboat Co., Ltd., Shipowners' Merchants Tug Boat Co. (San Francisco) circa 1883, 1959


Shipstads Johnson, Ice Follies (San Francisco) 1939-1957

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Shirek Co. (Importers of carpets, oil cloths..., San Francisco) 1884-1888


Shirek's (Clothing, Jackson) 1917


Shourds Bro. (Importers and dealers in grain sacks, sheetings..., San Francisco) 1863


Shourds, G.W. (Designer and wood engraver, San Francisco) circa 1871


Shreve Co., George C. Shreve Co. (Jewelers and silversmiths, San Francisco) 1899-1989

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Shreve, Treat Eacret (Jewelers and silversmiths, San Francisco) circa 1920-1929


Shroder, J.H. (Dealer in groceries, San Francisco) circa 1870


Shui Tai Co. (San Francisco) 1916, undated


Shulze, G.A. (Oranges, Marysville) 1854


Shulze Wilker (Confectioners, Marysville) 1856


Sickels, N.D. (Brick maker, San Francisco) undated


Sickler, Caleb M. (Dealer in stoves, San Francisco) 1866-1870


Sideman, Lachman Co. (Manufacturers of fine cigars, San Francisco) 1899


Siebe Shoe Company (Manufacturers of ladies shoes, San Francisco) circa 1885


Siegfried Brandenstein (Importers of teas, San Francisco) 1883-1888


Sierra Flume Lumber Co. 1956


Sierra Iron Company (San Francisco) 1871


Sierra Madre Gold and Silver Mining Company (San Francisco) circa 1860


Sierra Madre Water Co. 1886


Sierra Nevada House III (Coloma) undated


Sierra Pacific Company (Investments, San Francisco) 1913


Sierra Railway Company of California (Jamestown, San Francisco) 1871-circa 1880, 1971, undated


Sierra Repertory Theatre (Sonora) 1982


Signal Gasoline (baseball cards) undated


Silver King Mining Co. (San Francisco) 1887-1888


Simmons Meyers, Riggers (San Francisco) 1888


Simmon's Select Dancing Academy (Oakland) 1884


Simon Bohm (Importers and jobbers of foreign and domestic dry goods, San Francisco) 1857-1859


Simon Brothers (Grocers, San Francisco) 1950


Simon Cohn Co., S. Cohn Co. (General merchandise, Folsom) 1884-1904


Simon, Dinkelspiel Co. (Importers and jobbers of foreign, domestic, fancy and staple dry goods, San Francisco) 1861-1865


Simon, L. (Wholesale dealer in foreign and domestic dry goods, San Francisco) 1857-1858


Simon Millinery Company (San Francisco) circa 1915


Simonds Saw Company (San Francisco) circa 1890


Simons Brick Company (Montebello) 1982


Simons Bro. Co. (Manufacturing jewelers, San Francisco) undated


Simpson Fisher (Sail makers, San Francisco) 1971


Simpson Gray (Dealers in lumber, Stockton) 1880-1881


Simpson, John (Blacksmith, Tehama) 1866


Simpson Lumber Co. (San Francisco) 1888


Simpson, R.W., San Francisco Brush and Broom Factory (San Francisco) 1888


Sims, John R. (Manufacturer of fire-proof doors and shutters, San Francisco) 1861


Sinaloa Cantina (San Francisco) 1953-1955


Sinclair Moody (Wholesale and retail coal dealers, San Francisco) 1862


Sing Chong Company Inc. (Importers, San Francisco) undated


Sing Fat Co., Inc. (Chinese and Japanese fancy goods, San Francisco) 1913, undated


Singer Manufacturing Company (San Francisco, San Jose) 1880-1915


Sinsheimer Bros. (San Luis Obispo) 1895


Sir Francis Drake (Hotel, San Francisco) 1928-1974, undated


Sisenvine, Mose (Dry goods, Folsom) undated


Siskiyou Iron Works (Yreka) 1878


Sisson, Wallace Co. (San Francisco) circa 1870


Skinker, John (Agent for mining, blasting and sporting powder, San Francisco) 1876-1887


Skipper Kent's (Restaurant, San Francisco) 1950


Slaven, H.B. (Chemist, San Francisco) circa 1880


Slocum, Lot D., Excelsior Boarding Stables (San Francisco) 1876


Sloss Securities Company (San Francisco) 1914


Small Property Owners of California, Incorporated (San Francisco) 1940s


Smith, A.J. (Plumber and manufacturer of the Hudson Pump, San Francisco) 1868


Smith Berson (Importers and dealers in carpets oil cloths..., San Francisco) 1868


Smith Bros. (Photography supplies, Oakland) circa 1914


Smith, Clarence M., General Agent for Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company (San Francisco) 1902


Smith, C.W. (Coppersmith and plumber, San Francisco) 1872


Smith Dugan (Dealers in hay and grain, San Francisco) 1886


Smith, E.F. (Eye glasses, Oakland) 1880s


Smith, H.R. (Hair dresser, San Francisco) 1871


Smith, James G. (Photographer,Vallejo) undated


Smith, James Jerome (Grindstone agent, Stockton) circa 1880


Smith, J.C. (Dealer in lumber, San Francisco) 1888


Smith, J.H. (General merchandise, Folsom) 1880


Smith, J.J. (Dealer in poultry and game, San Francisco) circa 1870


Smith, Lucy Co. (Soap manufacturers, San Francisco) 1882


Smith, McDaniel Co. (Wholesale dealers in groceries and provisions, San Francisco) 1860


Smith Sullivan (Dealers in wines and liquors, San Francisco) circa 1870


Smith's Cash Store (General merchandise, San Francisco) 1893-1918


Smith's Pioneer Lumber Yard (Sacramento) 1853


Smithson Ward (Importers, San Francisco) undated


Smoot, J.K. (Druggist and chemist, San Francisco) 1871


Snell, E.L. (Lime agent, San Francisco) circa 1890


Snookie Sales (San Francisco) 1940s


Snow Co. (Art dealers, San Francisco) 1884


Snow May's Gallery (San Francisco) undated


Snow Roos Art Gallery (San Francisco) circa 1870


Snyder, A.C. (Dry goods, Santa Cruz) 1888


Snyder Reed (Wholesale dealers in wines and liquors, San Francisco) 1862


Sol Kahn Co. (Manufacturers and importers of cigars, San Francisco) 1903


Solar Aircraft Company (San Diego) 1944


Solomon, S. (Butcher, San Francisco) 1894


Sommer Kaufmann (Shoes, San Francisco) 1944-1959


Son Brothers Co., Son Briggs (Importers and dealers in cutlery, smokers articles..., San Francisco) 1867-1887


Sonntag Co. (Champagne dealer, San Francisco) circa 1858


Sonoma Cheese Factory (Sonoma) undated


Sonoma and Marin Mutual Beneficial Association (Petaluma) 1868-1871


Sonoma Mission Inn (Boyes Springs) 1934-circa 1940


Sonora (Steamship, San Francisco) 1861


Sonora Foundry Co. (Sonora) 1864


Sophie's (Restaurant and bar, Oakland) undated


Sorensen's House of Wax (Monterey) undated


Sornin, A. (Watchmaker and jeweler, San Francisco) 1871


Sorosis Fruit Ranch (Santa Clara) undated


Sotoyome House (Healdsburg) 1897


Soule, E. (Manufacturer of cars, wagons, carriages..., San Francisco) circa 1880


Soundview Pulp Company (San Francisco) 1947-1951


Sourdough Jack's Country Kitchen (San Francisco) 1962


South Burton, International Horse Market (San Francisco) 1893


South Coast Improvement Co. (Los Angeles) 1913


South Hawley Gold and Silver Mining Co. (San Francisco) 1863


South Pacific Coast Railroad Company (San Francisco) 1887, undated


South Park Livery Stable, Poultney Smith (San Francisco) 1866-1888


South Park Malt House (San Francisco) undated


South Point Warehouse (San Francisco) 1878


South San Francisco Dock Company 1867


Southern California Acclimatizing Association (Santa Barbara) 1908-1914


Southern California Advertising Agencies Association (Los Angeles) 1950


Southern California Edison Company (Los Angeles) 1925-1982

Physical Description: 3.0 folders

Southern California Gas Company (Los Angeles) 1951-1955


Southern California Mountain Water Company (San Diego) 1912


Southern California Power Company (Redlands) 1897


Southern California Savings Bank (Los Angeles) undated


Southern California Water Company (Los Angeles) 1948


Southern Hotel (Bakersfield) 1920s


Southern Kitchen (Restaurant, San Francisco) 1925


Southern Pacific Company


Annual reports 1924, 1951-1966

Physical Description: 1.0 folder

Bonds 1945-1946

Physical Description: 1.0 folder

Business cards 1909, undated

Physical Description: 1.0 folder

Circulars 1941-1960

Physical Description: 1.0 folder

Freight 1879-1892, circa 1950-1955

Physical Description: 1.0 folder

Golden Gate Ferries, Ltd. 1922-1958

Physical Description: 1.0 folder

Historical outline 1931

Physical Description: 1.0 folder

Histories, bibliography 1945-1971

Physical Description: 1.0 folder

Invitations, special events 1911-1967

Physical Description: 1.0 folder

Menus 1893-1889, 1941-1948

Physical Description: 1.0 folder

Miscellaneous 1957-1974, undated

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Newsclippings 1906-1921, 1979

Physical Description: 1.0 folder

Press releases 1959-1971

Physical Description: 1.0 folder

Reports 1965

Physical Description: 1.0 folder

Souvenir publications 1908-1969

Physical Description: 1.0 folder

Tickets 1878-1955, undated

Physical Description: 1.0 folder

Time tables 1876-1962

Physical Description: 3.0 folders

Tourist brochures 1872-1967

Physical Description: 3.0 folders

Train lines 1936-1987, undated

Physical Description: 1.0 folder

Southern Pacific Rooms, R.J. Techau (Restaurant, San Francisco) circa 1880


Southern Pacific Transfer Co. (Los Angeles) circa 1890


Southland Harbor Cruises, Inc. (San Pedro) circa 1960


Southwest Airways 1958


Southwest Forest Industries 1969


Southwest Gas Corporation (Los Angeles) 1969-1973


Southwest Land Company of Los Angeles 1913


Southwest Turquoise Company (Los Angeles) circa 1903


Spagnoli, D.B. (Druggist, Jackson) 1891


Spanish Village (Burlesque shows, San Francisco) 1953


Spaulding, N.W. (Saw-smithing and repairing, San Francisco) 1861-1895


Spee-Dee (Cleaners and tailors, San Leandro) 1950


Sperry Co. (Millers and commission merchants, San Francisco, Stockton) circa 1870-1882


Sperry Flour Company (John T. Cutting Company, Marysville, San Francisco) 1894-1912, undated


Spice Islands Company (South San Francisco) 1950, undated


Spitzer, L.A. (Assessor, San Jose) circa 1889


Spokes Things (Bicycle rentals, San Francisco) undated


Spreckles Market (San Francisco) 1924


Spreckels Rottisserie, A. Wolff, Proprietor (San Francisco) undated


Spring Dale Water Co. (San Francisco) 1888


Spring Valley Mining and Irrigating Company (San Francisco) 1876


Spring Valley Water Company (San Francisco) 1888-1951

Physical Description: 3.0 folders

Springfield Tunnel and Development Co. 1906, undated


Springfield Fire and Marine Insurance Company (San Francisco) 1906


Spruance, Stanley Co. (Importers and jobbers in whiskies, wines..., San Francisco) 1887


Sroufe McCrum (Importers of liquors, San Francisco) 1884-1887


Stacey's (Books, San Francisco) 1951


Stadtmuller Co. (General merchandise, San Francisco) 1875-1878


Stadtner Lighting and Supply Co. (San Francisco) 1940s


Stage Door Theatre (San Francisco) 1946-1958


Stagg's Old Corral (Restaurant and bar, Mountain View) undated


Stallman, Charles (Machinery and supplies, San Francisco) circa 1885-1889


Standard Biscuit Company (San Francisco) circa 1890, 1905


Standard Iron and Wire Works, J.T. McCormick, Proprietor (San Francisco) circa 1885


Standard Oil Company of California 1884-1985

Physical Description: 2.0 boxes

Standard Soap Company (Berkeley, San Francisco) 1888


Standard Tea Company (San Francisco) circa 1880


Standard Theatre (San Francisco) 1881-1887


Stanford Products (Electric clocks, San Francisco) circa 1930


Stange Hinks (Importers of dry goods, San Francisco) circa 1880


Stanislas Strozynski Co. (Importers of human hair and Parisian novelties, San Francisco) 1901


Stanley Johnson, Investigates (Detective, Oakland) undated


Stanly Vineyards (Napa) undated


Staples Pfeiffer (Gas and oil burning equipment, San Francisco) 1910-1937


Star Crescent Boat Co. (Harbor excursions, San Diego) undated


Star Grocery (Berkeley) 1950


Star Insurance Company of America (San Francisco) undated


Star Shoe Store (San Francisco) circa 1885


Star Soap Works (Los Angeles) circa 1880


Star of The West Gold and Silver Mining Co. (Blue Mountain) 1864


Starbird Silver Mining Company (San Francisco) 1869


Starland Theatre (Los Angeles) 1918


State Land Bureau of California (San Francisco) 1887


State Mutual Life Assurance Company of America (San Francisco) undated


State Savings Bank (Oakland) 1907


State Theatre (Sacramento) 1925


States Restaurant (San Francisco) 1922-1936, undated


States Steamship Company 1976


Station J (Nightclub, San Francisco) 1961, undated


Statler Hotels (Los Angeles) 1955


Stauffer Chemical Company (San Francisco) 1952-1967


Stauffer System Slenderizing Salon (Berkeley, San Leandro) undated


Stearn's Candy Kitchen (San Francisco) 1894


Stearns Elliot (Attorneys, San Francisco) undated


Steele Co. (Manufacturers and importers of trunks, valises..., San Francisco) 1864


Steele Jacobson (Manufacturers of trunks, valises..., San Francisco) 1887


Steen, E.T. (Dealer in new and second-hand engines, boilers..., San Francisco) circa 1870


Steenberg, Louie (Posters, cartoons, showcards, San Francisco) undated


Steere Colby (Dealers in groceries, provisions..., Oakland) 1882


Stein, C.W. (Dealer in carriage trimmings, San Francisco) 1881


Stein, Simon Co. (Importers of woolens, silks..., San Francisco) 1880-1889


Steinhart Bros. Co., Steinhart Bros. (Importers and jobbers of foreign and domestic dry goods, San Francisco) 1864-1866


Steinhart Koch (Stockton) circa 1885


Stendahl Metropolitan Gallery (Los Angeles) circa 1920


Stephens Co. (Wholesale and retail dealers in oysters, clams crabs and shrimp, San Francisco) undated


Stephens Hickok (Bicycles, Los Angeles) 1888


Stephens Packard (Books, stationery and school supplies, San Diego) circa 1890


Sterling Furniture Co. (San Francisco) 1888-1929


Sterling Pump Works, Inc. (Stockton) 1924-1927


Stern, Henry (Real estate, insurance and auctioneer, San Francisco) 1910


Stevens, C.W. (Suspenders, San Francisco) undated


Stevens, F.S. (Wholesale and retail druggist, Auburn) 1899-1900


Stevens, J.J. (Insurance agent, Livermore and Pleasanton) 1880


Stevenson, A.M. (San Francisco) 1886


Stevenson, J.D. (San Francisco) 1872


Stewart Co. (Grocers, Marysville) 1856


Stewart, E.C. (School supplies, Stockton) circa 1890


Stewart's Feed Mill (Sacramento) 1954


Stiavelli, Henry (Watchmaker, San Francisco) undated


Stich the Hatter (Sacramento) undated


Stiegler Bros. (Tailors, San Francisco) undated


Stocks and bonds (Exchange listings) 1925


Stockton Daily Independent (San Francisco, Stockton) 1890, undated


Stockton Furniture Manufactory (Stockton) 1880-1881


Stockton Gas Company (Stockton) 1867


Stockton Gas and Electric Co. (Stockton) 1897


Stockton Lumber Company (Stockton) undated


Stockton Milling Co. (Flour mills, Stockton) 1894-1898


Stockton Patent Oil Burner Equipment Company (Stockton) circa 1902


Stockton Pharmacy, J.H. Kerrick, Proprietor (Stockton) circa 1885


Stockton Savings and Loan Bank 1953


Stockton Savings and Loan Society (Stockton) 1869


Stockton, The (Hotel, Stockton) 1913


Stockton Theatre (Stockton) 1852


Stockton Transfer Co., Incorporated (Stockton) 1908


Stockton Transportation Company (Stockton) 1879


Stockton Trunk Factory, William Joseph, Proprietor (Stockton) undated


Stockwell's Theatre (San Francisco) 1892-1894, undated


Stoddard, W.M. (Sewing machine agent, San Francisco) 1870


Stoer Warehouse Co. (Hay, grain and coal, Emeryville) circa 1906


Stolz Bros. (Importers and dealers in dry goods, San Francisco) 1876


Stoneman House, J.J. Cook, Proprietor (Yosemite) undated


Storm Co., Storm Dwyer (Dealers in wood and coal, San Francisco) 1868-1872


Strand Theatre (Los Angeles) 1924-1925


Strand Theatre (Los Gatos) 1918, undated


Strand Theatre (San Francisco) 1917


Strasburg Clock (Attraction, San Francisco) 1878


Stratford Bar, Jeff B. Hall (San Francisco) undated


Straub Manufacturing Co. (Stamp mill, Oakland) undated


Strauss, Greenberg Sachs, Inc. (Importers of apparel, San Francisco) 1907-1908


Straw Hat Theatre (Lafayette) 1949


Straza Industries (Aerospace, electronics, El Cajon) 1967


Street Costello (Collection agency, Oakland) undated


Street Railroads (San Francisco) 1860-1906, undated

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Strohm, John, Gold Foam Beer (Jackson) circa 1914


Stuart, D. (Boots and shoes, Oakland) circa 1880


Stuart Elder (Wholesale commission dealers in dairy produce, San Francisco) circa 1870


Stuart, James F. (Attorney, San Francisco) circa 1875


Studebaker Bros. Company of California (Carriages, automobiles..., San Francisco) circa 1883-1906, 1952


Stulz Bros. (Importers, wholesale and retail grocers, San Francisco) circa 1895


Stuparich Manufacturing Co. (Dress pattern makers, San Francisco) circa 1895


Styles, George (San Francisco) 1870


Stynamaite Company (Windshield cleaner, San Francisco) 1940s


Succor Mill and Mining Company (San Francisco) 1871


Sudden Christenson (San Francisco) 1910-1915


Suisun City Warehouses and Wharf, Jackson McComb, Proprietors (Suisun) 1859-1860


Sullivan Cashman (Impoters and jobbers of wines and liquors, San Francisco) 1860-1861


Sullivan Kelly Company (Manufacturers, importers and dealers in paints, oils..., Sacramento, San Francisco) 1871-1898


Sully's (Resort, Monte Rio) circa 1910


Summit Aircraft Co. (San Francisco) 1928


Summit Workshops, Inc. undated


Sun, The (Newspaper, Sacramento) 1885


Sun, The (Newspaper, San Bernardino) 1981, undated


SunKist Growers, Inc. (Los Angeles) 1946-1987, undated

Physical Description: 3.0 folders

Sun Kwong Chong Co. (Importers and dealers in Chinese merchandise, San Francisco) 1891


Sun-Maid Raisin Growers (Fresno) undated


Sun Sing Theatre (San Francisco) undated


Sun Tent and Awning Co. 1915


Sunny Vale Homestead Association (San Francisco) 1869


Sunset Bazaar (Eyeglasses, camera supplies..., San Francisco) 1905, undated


Sunset Confectionery and Lunchette (San Francisco) 1923


Sunset Dye Works (Palo Alto) 1910


Sunset Photo Engraving Co. (San Francisco) undated


Sunset Scavenger Company (San Francisco) 1952-1954, 1983


Sunset Seed Plant Company (San Francisco) 1897


Sunset Telephone and Telegraph Co. (San Francisco) 1898, undated


Super-Cold Corporation (Los Angeles) 1948


Super Mold Corporation of California (Lodi) 1944-1954


Surf Club (Banquet hall, San Francisco) 1954


Surf Theatre (San Francisco) 1978


Suspended Transit Systems, Inc. (San Francisco) circa 1930


Sutcliffe, H. (Manufacturer of coal grate, Oakland) 1888


Sutliff (Importer of tobacco and cigars, San Francisco) circa 1880


Sutro Baths Cosmetics of San Francisco (San Francisco) undated


Sutro Co., Bankers and Brokers (San Francisco) 1892-1899, 1948-1954


Sutro Railroad Co. (San Francisco) 1874


Sutro Tunnel Company 1870


Sutter Furniture Manufacturing Company (San Francisco) 1982


Sutter Home Winery, Inc. (St. Helena) circa 1972


Sutter Street Railroad Company (San Francisco) 1872, undated


Sutter Theater (San Francisco) 1952


Sutton Beebe (Shipping and commission merchants, San Francisco) circa 1880


Sutton Pendergast (Commission merchants, San Francisco) circa 1870


Swain, R.A. (San Francisco) 1860


Swain Brown (Bakers and confectioners, San Francisco) 1863


Swain's Bakery (San Francisco) 1876-1877


Swain's Dining Parlors and Bakery (San Francisco) circa 1900


Swan Oyster Depot (San Francisco) 1966


Swan, The Painter (San Francisco) 1882


Swanton House (Pescadero) circa 1890


Swift Lumber and Improvement Co. (San Francisco) 1891-1893


Swinerton Incorporated(Construction, San Francisco) undated


Swiss Village (Restaurant, San Francisco) 1962


Switzer, S.W. (Real estate and collection agency, San Diego) circa 1885


Syd Chaplin Aircraft Corporation (Los Angeles) circa 1920


Sylmar Packing Corporation (Los Angeles) circa 1930


Syndicate Bank (Emeryville) circa 1905


Synon, Augusta, Mrs. (Milliner, North San Juan) undated




T.A. Stombs Co. (Stoves, Marysville) 1853


T.C. Sanborn Co. (Stock brokers, San Francisco) circa 1865


T.C. White, Raisina Vineyard (Fresno) circa 1880


T D Theatre undated


T.H. Hatch Co. (Dairy commission merchants, San Francisco) 1869


T.J. Bass Co. (Artists' materials, San Francisco) circa 1876-1880


T.J. French Co. (Grocers, San Francisco) circa 1880


T.J. Topper Company (Hotel and restaurant equipment and supplies, San Francisco) 1927


T.M. Antisell Co. (Piano, organs, sheet music, San Francisco) undated


T.M. Searey Company (Furniture agents, San Francisco) 1912


T.W. Jackson Co. (Agents for caustic soda and potash, San Francisco) 1890-1898


Taaffe, G. O'Hara (Commission merchant, insurance agent, San Francisco) 1869-1870


Taaffe, McCahill Co. (Importers and jobbers of fancy and staple dry goods, San Francisco) 1858-1861


Taber, Harker Co. (Wholesale grocers and importers, San Francisco) circa 1880


Taber Photographic Co., I.W. Taber Co., Yosemite Art Gallery (San Francisco) 1876-circa 1880


Tacoma Brewing Co. (San Francisco) 1925, undated


Tadich Grill (San Francisco) 1922, 1983-1999


Tahoe Tavern (Lake Tahoe) 1911-1930


Tai Chong Co. (Importers, San Francisco) undated


Tait's, John Tait's Coffee Shop, Tait's Cafe, Tait's at the Beach (Los Angeles, Oakland, San Francisco) 1905-1928


Taix French Restaurant (Los Angeles) undated


Talk of the Town (Nightclub, San Francisco) 1961


Tallac House, M. Lawrence Co. (Lake Tahoe) 1890-1900, 1957


Tam O'Shanter Inn (Los Angeles) 1992


Tamalpais Hotel and Cottages (San Rafael) 1888


Tamalpais Land and Dairy Company (Marin County) undated


Tanforan Race Track (San Mateo) 1931


Tao Yuan Restaurant (San Francisco) undated


Tarantino's (Restaurant, San Francisco) circa 1946-1949


Tasiner Costume House (San Francisco) undated


Tassajara Springs (Monterey County) 1900, circa 1965


Tatum and Bowen (Manufacturers agents, San Francisco) 1902


Taussig Co. (Importers and jobbers of wines and liquors, San Francisco) 1879-circa 1880


Tavern of Tamalpais (Marin County) 1901


Tay-Holbrook Inc., George H. Tay Co.(Manufacturers, San Francisco) 1888, 1948


Taylor, F.A. (Newspaper seller, San Jose) 1880


Taylor, F.B., F.B. Taylor Co. (Commission merchant, oils, San Francisco) 1871-1886


Taylor, Frederick A. (Labor, San Francisco) 1888


Taylor Halbett (Dealers in wines and liquors, San Francisco) 1870


Taylor Instrument Companies (Los Angeles, San Francisco) 1951


Taylor, John B. (Dealer in produce, San Francisco) 1859


Taylor, T.J. (Clothing, Marysville) 1854


Teale Parker (Furniture, upholstery, carpets, Benicia) circa 1885


Techattucup Silver and Gold Mining Co. (San Francisco) 1874


Techau Tavern (Restaurant, San Francisco) 1899-1917


Teevan Company (Exterior contractors, San Francisco) 1980s


Tehama Trunk Manufactory, James Longshore (San Francisco) 1864


Telegraph Hill Tavern (San Francisco) undated


Telegraph Mining Company (San Francisco) 1876


Telenews (Oakland, San Francisco) 1946


Telephone Fish Co. (San Francisco) 1899


Telesis Corporation(Natural family planning, San Francisco) 1970s


Tempesti, E., Marble Worker (San Francisco) 1893


Temple Bar (San Francisco) undated


Temple Grill (San Francisco) 1943-1944


Temple Tours (San Francisco) 1922


Tenneco Inc. 1968-1981


Tennent, Thomas (Surveying and navigation instruments, San Francisco) 1856-1860


Tennis Tours (Oakland) 1951


Terminal Hotel (San Francisco) 1874


Terry Vineyard Co. (Clayton) 1898


Terry, William N. (Saw filer, San Francisco) 1888


Tetlow, Henry, Tetlow's Extracts circa 1880


Thackrey Robertson (Gallery, San Francisco) 1987, undated


Thatcher's Flowers (San Francisco) 1940s


That's Amore Pizzeria (San Francisco) 1956


Thebo and Starr (Engineers and constructors, Fresno, San Francisco) 1919


Theilan, H. (Saddle and harness maker, Purissima) 1870


Theler Blanc (Importers and breeders of poultry, pidgeons, rabbits..., San Francisco) circa 1890


Thermal Power Company (San Francisco) 1965-1967


Thermalito Colony Company (Oroville) 1891


Thomas A. Cox Co. (Seed merchants, San Francisco) 1888


Thomas Cook Son (General passenger agents, San Francisco) circa 1890, 1933, undated


Thomas' Cosmopolitan Printing and Publishing House (San Francisco) 1883-1886


Thomas Day Co. (Artistic gas fixtures and grates, San Francisco) 1885, undated


Thomas Denigan, Son Co. (Hides, wool and pelts, San Francisco) 1890-1900


Thomas E. Wilson Co. (Sporting and athletic goods, San Francisco) undated


Thomas Houseworth Co. (Photography, optical goods, San Francisco) 1867-1872


Thomas James Stanton Co. (Real estate and mining agents, San Francisco) circa 1890


Thomas J. L. Smiley Co., Smiley Brothers Co. (Auctioneers and commission merchants, San Francisco) 1857-1861


Thomas J. Poulterer Co. (Auctioneers, San Francisco) 1858


Thomas, J.W., Agent for Lamson Cash Carriers (San Francisco) undated


Thomas Studios (Advertising illustrators, San Francisco) undated


Thomas Twing (Real estate agents, San Francisco) circa 1890


Thomas Utley Associates (Antiques and art restoration, San Francisco) undated


Thompkins Company (Insurance brokers, San Francisco) undated


Thompson Beard (Napa) circa 1885


Thompson Manufacturing Company (Lawn sprinklers, Los Angeles) 1925


Thompson, Marie Louise (Ceramic studio, San Francisco) circa 1915


Thompson, N.S. (Druggist, San Francisco) circa 1885


Thompson, Robert N. (Oculist-optician, San Francisco) circa 1890


Thompson's Soscol Orchard (Napa County) undated


Thomson Letter Shop (Oakland) undated


Thomson, S.E. (Carpenter and builder, San Francisco) 1903


Thorsted Floral Co. (Oakland) undated


Thurnauer Zinn (Importers of fancy baskets, San Francisco) 1866-1868


Thurber, L. (Milk dealer, San Francisco) 1858


Ti Hang Lung Co. (Importers and dealers in silk handkerchiefs, dry goods..., San Francisco) 1891


Tiburon Champagne Dinner Cruise Company undated


Tiburon National Bank 1966


Tick Tock Toluca (North Hollywood) undated


Ticor (Financial services, Los Angeles) 1978-1979


Tide Water Associated Oil Company (San Francisco) undated


Tides, The (Bookstore, Carmel) 1973


Tiedemann, C.W. (Stenographer, San Francisco) circa 1886


Tilden Hotel (San Francisco) 1927, undated


Tillman, F. (Importer and dealer in iron safes and money chests, San Francisco) 1858


Tillmann Bendel, Wholesale Grocers (San Francisco) 1883-1899


Timber Engineering Company of California (Los Angeles, San Francisco) circa 1936


Times Mirror Company (Los Angeles) 1966


Tin Yut Herb Co. (San Francisco) 1940s


Tirpak, David J. (Murphy beds, San Francisco) 1966


Titicaca Silver Mining Company (San Francisco) 1869


Title Insurance Guaranty Company (San Francisco) circa 1946


Title Insurance and Trust Company (Los Angeles) 1954-1959


Tivoli Cafe, Bakery and Ice Cream Parlors (San Francisco) circa 1880-1916, undated


Tivoli Opera House (San Francisco) 1905, undated


Tloh Food Shop (Neilsen Brothers, proprietors, San Francisco) undated


Tobelmann, F. (Street contractor, San Francisco) 1878


Tobin, E.M. (Importer and dealer in pianos and organs, San Francisco) circa 1870


Tobin, Davisson Co. (Importers of Yankee notions, white goods..., San Francisco) 1881


Todd Co. (Stockton) 1851


Toklas, Hahn Brown (Manufacturers of clothing, San Francisco) 1870


Toklas, Wise Co. (San Francisco) 1868


Tokyo Sukiyaki (Restaurant, San Francisco) undated


Tomkinson's Livery Stable, James Tomkinson (San Francisco) 1882


Tong Sung Company (Commission and wholesale fish and produce, Sacramento) 1918


Tony's Grill (San Francisco) 1944


Toohey, C. (Tea and commission broker, San Francisco) 1876


Topsy's Roost (San Francisco) circa 1975, undated


Torigino, G. (Genitor [janitor], San Francisco) undated


Tour Eiffel Hotel and Restaurant (San Francisco) 1922


Touring League of America (Los Angeles) 1927


Tourist Association of Central California (San Francisco) 1915-circa 1930


Tourists Free Information Bureau (San Francisco) undated


Tower Travel Bureau (San Francisco) 1957, undated


Towers Company (Photographers, San Francisco) undated


Towle Bros. (Dealers in lumber, Dutch Flat) 1870


Towle Lynch (Pattern and model makers, San Francisco) 1896


Townsend Reaves Saloon (Oleta) circa 1870


Townsend, W.S. (Manufacturer of glace fruits and candies, San Francisco) 1890s


Townsend's (Restaurants, San Francisco) 1956


Townsend's California Glace Fruits (San Francisco) circa 1880


Townsend's Factory (San Francisco) 1906


Townsend's Liquor Store, Bar and Cafe (San Francisco) undated


Toyo Kisen Kaisha (Oriental Steamship Company) (San Francisco) 1919-1922


Trad'r Sam (Bar, San Francisco) 1951


Trader Vic's (Restaurant, Emeryville, Oakland, San Francisco) 1951-1966, undated


Tranquillon Gold, Silver and Copper Mining Company (San Francisco) 1864


Transamerica Corporation (San Francisco) 1930-1986

Physical Description: 3.0 folders

Transea Forwarding Co. (Los Angeles, San Francisco) 1940s


Transfinancial Corporation (San Francisco) 1967


Transmission and Clutch Co. (San Francisco) 1940s


Travel Mart (San Francisco) 1940s


Travelers Insurance Company of Hartford, Conn., John E. Finnegan and W.W. Hackell Agents (San Francisco) circa 1900


Treadwell Co. (Importers and dealers in hardware, iron and steel, Marysville) 1854-1857


Treadwell Co. (Importers and dealers in agricultural implements..., San Francisco) 1865-1870


Trees of Mystery (Requa) undated


Trefethen Vineyards (Napa) undated


Tremont House, Charles Ayers, Proprietor (Redwood City) 1891


Treubenbach Co. (San Francisco) 1888


Triest Friedlander (Importers and dealers in hats and caps, San Francisco) 1873


Trinity Place (Bar, San Francisco)


Truckee Lumber Co. (Manufacturers of packing boxes, San Francisco) 1885


True Blue Cafeteria (Berkeley) 1957


True Recordings Co. (Dictation machines, Oakland) circa 1945-1950


Truett Bradbury (Commission merchants, San Francisco) 1870


Truitt's Opera House, R.K. Truitt, Proprietor (Healdsburg) 1900


Truman, Hooker Co. (Agricultural implements, hardware..., San Francisco) 1888


Truman, Isham Co. (Imports and dealers in farming equipment and carriages, San Francisco) 1870s


Truman S. Clark Son (Manufacturers of mattresses and iron bedsteads, San Francisco) 1887, undated


Trumbull Beebe (Growers, importers and dealers in seeds and trees, San Francisco) 1888


Tubbs Hotel (Oakland) 1874


Tucker Son Chevrolet Co. (Folsom) 1954


Tufts, A.C. (Druggist, Sacramento) 1887


Tug Relief (Harbor and sea towage, San Francisco) 1888


Tully Durkin (Wholesale dealers in produce, San Francisco) 1865


Tum Suden, Otto (Attorney, San Francisco) undated


Tuolumne County Bank (Sonora) undated


Tuolumne County Water Company (Columbia) 1859


Turkish Rug Company (San Francisco) circa 1898


Turnabout Theatre (San Francisco) 1956


Turnbull Smith (San Francisco) 1870


Turner Co. (Champagne cider, San Francisco) undated


Turner Harvey (Wood, coal and posts, San Francisco) 1875


Turner, M.J., Mrs. (Millinery, San Francisco) 1898


Turner, Selden Co. (Importers and wholesale dealers in foreign and domestic liquors, San Francisco) 1857


Turrill Miller (Commercial and industrial photographers, San Francisco) circa 1900, 2005


Tuthill, Cox Co. (Patent medicines, San Francisco) 1884


Tuttle Bros. (Horse breeders, Rocklin) 1900


Twelfth Street Theatre 1926


Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation 1949-1951


Twentieth Street Market, Young McLachlan, props. (San Francisco) undated


Twin Cities Transit (Marysville, Yuba City) 1942


Twin Dragon (Bar, San Francisco) undated


Tyler, A.M., Sole Manufacturer of Prof. Tyler's Lightning Cleansing Compound (San Francisco) circa 1881


Typewritorium Co. (Typewriter sales, repairs and rentals, San Francisco) 1954


Tyson, George H. (Insurance agent, San Francisco) 1920




U.C. Express Storage Co. (Berkeley, Oakland) undated


UHL Bros. (Wallpaper and paint supplies, Los Angeles, Oakland, San Francisco) undated


U.S. Garage undated


U.S. Grant Hotel (San Diego) 1910


U.S. Leasing Real Estate Investors (San Francisco) 1976


U.S. Shipping Commissioner's Office (San Francisco) 1872


Uhlfelder, Cahn Co., Uhlfelder Cahn (Importers and jobbers of dry goods, San Francisco) 1858-1869


Ukiah Stables, W.H. Miller, Prop. (Ukiah) circa 1910


Uncle Harris' (Watches, diamonds, jewelry, San Francisco) circa 1880


Uncle Ike's (Watches, diamonds, jewelery, Sacramento) 1890


Uncle John's Pancake House (Los Angeles, San Francisco, Santa Barbara) 1957


Uncle Sam's Auction House Co. (Oakland) undated


Uncle Tom's Cabin (Restaurant) 1927


Underwood, Jack J. (Berkeley sales representative for Brown and Bigelow)) undated


Underwood Photo Archives Ltd. (San Francisco) 1982


Underwriters' Report (Insurance weekly, San Francisco) 1912, undated


Union Bank (Los Angeles) 1964-1965


Union Bank Trust Co. of Los Angeles 1933


Union Blind Ladder Co., Inc. (Oakland) undated


Union Central Life Insurance Company (Walter W. McGuire, San Francisco) circa 1955


Union-Consolidated Oil and Transportation Co. (San Francisco) 1899


Union Fish Company (San Francisco) 1894, undated


Union Flour Mills circa 1890


Union Furniture Co. (Wholesale and retail, San Francisco) circa 1885


Union Gas Engine Company (San Francisco) 1893-1902


Union Hall (San Francisco) 1869


Union Hotel (Georgetown) 1862-1865


Union Hotel (Occidental) 1957


Union Ice Company (San Francisco) 1888


Union Insurance Co. (San Francisco) undated


Union Iron Works (San Francisco) 1866-1917

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Union Laundry Co., Inc. (Oakland) undated


Union Lumber Company (Marysville) 1870


Union Lumber Company (San Francisco) 1967


Union National Gold Bank of Oakland California 1870


Union Oil Company of California 1936-1959, undated

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Union Pacific Railroad Company 1898-1962, undated


Union Pacific Salt Company (San Francisco) 1869


Union Pulp Paper Company (San Francisco) 1899


Union Restaurant (San Francisco) 1864


Union Sugar Company (San Francisco) 1947-1955


Union Square Garage (San Francisco) circa 1949-1950, undated


Union Theatre (San Francisco) circa 1855


Unique Theatre (Santa Cruz) 1923


United Airlines 1953-1985, undated


United Anaheim Wine Growers' Association (San Francisco) circa 1871


United Asbestos Manufacturing Company of California (San Francisco) 1883


United Auto Supply Co. (Los Angeles, Oakland, Sacramento, San Francisco) 1917


United California Bank 1961-1975


United Crafts and Arts, Orlof N. Orlow, Founder (San Francisco) 1906


United Fruit Company liner, Talamanca 1931


United Grocers, Ltd. (Richmond) 1981


United Helicopters, Inc. (Palo Alto) 1948


United Nations Realty Insurance Co. (J.C. Klunis, San Francisco) 1940s


United Nations Theatre (San Francisco) 1945


United Railroads of San Francisco 1908-1914, undated


United States Borax Chemical Corporation, Pacific Coast Borax Company (Los Angeles) 1914, 1963


United States Farm Land Co. (San Francisco) 1912


United States Hotel (San Francisco) undated


United States Laundry (San Francisco) undated


United States Panorama Company, Benjamin Jefferson (San Francisco) circa 1903


United States Restaurant (San Francisco) 1889-1890


United Studios, Inc. (Designers, decorators, importers..., San Francisco) 1908


United Typewriter and Supplies Company (San Francisco) 1895


United Workingmen's Boot Shoe Manufacturing Co. (San Francisco) 1883


Universal Pictures Co., Inc. undated


Universal Scenario Corporation, Inc. (Los Angeles) 1918


University Drug Co. (San Jose) undated


University Extension Homestead Association (San Francisco) 1870


Upham, W.S. (House, carriage and automobile painting, San Francisco) 1899-1908


Upper Fillmore Merchants Association Incorporated (San Francisco) 1957


Upper Grant Avenue Merchants (San Francisco) 1955


Uptown Clothiers (Tuxedo rentals, San Francisco) 1940s


Urban Antiques (San Francisco) undated


Urban Realty Improvement Co. (San Francisco) circa 1912


Utah Silver Mining Company (San Francisco) 1870


Utter, John N. (Grain, hay, wool..., Maine Prairie) 1866




V.C. Howe Co. (Chimney and furnace services, San Francisco) 1912-1914


V.R. Smith Olive Co. (Lindsay) undated


V. Schmidt Co. (Druggists, San Francisco) circa 1885


Vale, Charles (General blacksmith jobbing, San Francisco) circa 1880


Valencia Park Associates, Ltd. (Valencia) 1982


Valencia Theater (San Francisco) 1909-1918


Valhalla (Restaurant, Sausalito) undated


Vallejo, I.L. (Agent for Sunbeam washers, Solano County) undated


Valley Fruit Growers Association (Fresno) undated


Valley School Supply Co. (El Centro) undated


Valley Springs Hotel, D.E. Berry, Proprietor (Valley Springs) 1894


Van De Mark, F.L. (San Francisco) 1887


Van Derhoof. D.R. (Real estate broker, Brea) undated


Van Etta Motors (Auto dealership, San Francisco) 1952


Van Ness Theatre (San Francisco) 1907-1910, undated

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Van Tassel, Toy Co. (Insurance agents, San Francisco) 1880


Van Vleck, Aaron (Auctioneer and commission merchant, San Francisco) 1857-1861


Van Voorhies-Phinney Co. (Sacramento) undated


Van Winkle Duncan (Importers of iron, steel, coal..., Sacramento) 1863


Vandervoort Scott, General Merchants (Sunol) circa 1885


Vanessi's Restaurant (San Francisco) 1955


Varian Associates (Palo Alto) 1962


Varney, Thomas (Assayer and amalgamator, San Francisco) circa 1880


Varney, Thomas H.B. (Bicycles and blacksmith's supplies, San Francisco) circa 1880


Varney's Sales Room (Clothing, San Francisco) circa 1870


Vassault, F. (San Francisco) undated


Vegetarian Pure Food Cafe (San Francisco) 1903


Veirs, W.B. (Dealer in dry and fancy goods..., Santa Rosa) circa 1885


Velodrome Company of San Francisco, Inc. (San Francisco) 1919


Veloz and Yolanda Dance Studios (San Francisco) undated


Venetian Art Studios (Antique and art restoration, San Francisco) undated


Veneto Restaurant (San Francisco) undated


Venus Theatre (San Francisco) 1915-1916


Vermont Marble Company (San Francisco) 1912


Vernetti's Town House (Emeryville) undated


Verplanck McMullin (Jobbers and general dealers in groceries and provisions, San Francisco) 1861


Vesuvio Cafe (San Francisco) 1959


Vetair Lines (San Francisco) 1940s


Vetter, Alfred (Japanner and bird cages, San Francisco) 1868


Vice, Thomas (Boat builder, San Francisco) 1888


Vichy Springs, J.A. Redemeyer, Proprietor (Ukiah) circa 1890


Vickery, Atkins Torrey (Gallery, San Francisco) circa 1915, undated


Vic's Cleaners (H.V. LeCouteur, San Francisco) 1940s


Victor Equipment Company (San Francisco) 1961-1970


Victoria Theatre (San Francisco) 1915-1917, 1985


Victor's Parisien Restaurant (San Francisco) 1949


Victory Seal Products Co. (Auto and cleaning products, San Francisco) 1940s


Victory Supply Co. (San Francisco) undated


Victory Theatre (San Francisco) 1907


Vienna Model Bakery and Cafe, Roemer Bro's. (San Francisco) 1882


Vienna Prater (San Francisco) 1894


Viggo Anderson Company (San Francisco) 1940s


Vignier, A. (Importer and general commission merchant, San Francisco) 1883-1886


Vignolo-Giacomino Co. (Importers, Los Angeles) 1912


Vigor of Life (Laboratory, Sacramento) undated


Viking Liquors (San Francisco) 1972


Villa Basque (Restaurant, Stockton) 1971


Villa Florence (Hotel, San Francisco) undated


Villa Fontenay (Resort, Glenwood) circa 1890


Villa Hotel (San Mateo) undated


Village (Banquet hall, San Francisco) 1965


Vin et Fromage (Restaurant, Albany) undated


Vine Hill Tavern (Santa Cruz county) undated


Vinnell Steel (Irwindale) undated


Virginia Hotel (Sparr Parks) circa 1860


Visalia Stock Saddle Co. (Palm Springs, Sacramento, San Francisco, Santa Barbara) 1906-1947

Physical Description: 3.0 folders

Vista Del Mar Tract, Amar Dreifus Agents and Owners (San Pedro) undated


Voizin, Ris Webster (Auctioneers and commission merchants, San Francisco) 1861-1862


Volkman, C.M. (Seed and commission merchant, San Francisco) 1888


Von Schmidt, J. H. (Civil engineer, mechanical draughtsman..., San Francisco) undated


Von Schoen's School of Navigation and Marine Engineering (San Francisco) circa 1899


Von Swiss, Madam (Astrologist and fortune teller, Oakland) circa 1885


Voorsanger, A.W. (Publisher, San Francisco) undated


Vulcan Iron Works Company (San Francisco) 1857-1870




W.A. Boole Son (Ship builders and engineers, San Francisco) 1906


W. Cohen, Hirsch Co. (San Francisco) 1894


W.C. Price Co. (Produce commission merchants, San Francisco) 1888


W.C. Talbot Co. (Importers and dealers in lumber, San Francisco) 1857


W.C. Watson Co., Bankers (Napa) circa 1880


W.E. Barnard Co. (Real estate auctioneers, Oakland) 1878


W.F. Harris Co. (Grocers, San Francisco) circa 1880


W.F. Kelsey's City Depot (Trees and shrubs, San Francisco) undated


W.F. Pitts Seed Nursery Company (San Francisco) 1916, undated


W.G. Stafford Co. (Coal, coke and pig iron, San Francisco) 1898-1912


W.H. Carpenter Son (Veterinary surgeons, San Francisco) 1898


W.H. Picard Co. (Plumbing and heating, Oakland) 1952


W.H. Young Company (Molasses, feed stuffs and tank cars, San Francisco) undated


W. I. Steinhart (Importers and jobbers of clothing, furnishing goods..., San Francisco) 1863-1866


W. J. Sloane Co. (Carpets, furniture and upholstery goods, San Francisco) 1880-1948, undated


W.J.T. Palmer Co. (Manufacturers of office and school furniture, San Francisco) circa 1868


W.K. Vanderslice Co. (Silversmiths and jewelers, San Francisco) circa 1880-1888


W.L. Moon Sons Co. (North San Juan) undated


W.M. Dorn Co. (Druggists, San Leandro) circa 1885


W.M. MacMillan Co. (Real estate agents, San Francisco) undated


W. Monahan Co., City Mart Photographic Gallery (San Francisco) undated


W.M. Watson Co. (Wine growers and dealers in wines and brandies, Oakland) circa 1885


W.P. Fuller Co., Whittier, Fuller Co. (Manufacturers of paints, oils and window glass, San Francisco) 1871-1924


W.S. Cox Tire (San Francisco) 1925


W.S. Phelps Co. (Ship and steamboat blacksmiths, San Francisco) 1888


W.S. Ray Mfg. Co. (Furnace makers, San Francisco) circa 1900-1924


W.T. Ellis Company (Forwarding and commission merchants, Marysville) 1865, 1904


W.T. Garratt Co. (Brass and bell foundry, San Francisco) 1876-1888


W.W. Montague Co. (Importers or metals, stoves..., Los Angeles, San Francisco) 1882-1909


W. Young Company (Chinese art goods, San Francisco) undated


Wachs, A.N. (Dealer in dry goods, Oakland) circa 1880


Wachs Bros. (Real estate, Oakland) 1926


Wades Opera House (San Francisco) 1876


Wakefield Rattan Co. (Manufacturers of rattan furniture, San Francisco) 1897


Wakelee's Pharmacies, H.P. Wakelee Co. (San Francisco) 1866, 1902-1916


Waldorf Billiard Parlors (San Francisco) undated


Walford, William (San Francisco) 1888


Walker, Frank H. (Importer of stoves and ranges, San Francisco) 1909-1913


Walker Keagle (Hatters, tailors..., Stockton) 1894


Walker Wade (Manufacturers and importers of saddles, harness, leather..., San Francisco) 1887


Walker, Wilson Co. (Wholesale and retail dealers in dry goods, Marysville) 1856


Wall Townsend (Painting and wallpaper hanging, Oakland) circa 1907


Wallach Stained Glass (Berkeley) 1983


Waller Bros. (Contractors and builders, San Mateo) undated


Walnut Creek Mining Milling Company 1917-1920


Walnut Grove Stock Farm (Horse breeders) 1901


Walsh, M.F. (Cookware, San Francisco) 1890


Walston, Hoffman Goodwin (Investment securities) 1950, undated


Walt Disney Productions (Burbank) 1940-1977


Walt Whitman Bookshop (San Francisco) 1985


Walter J. Mann Co. (San Francisco) undated


Walter Landor and Associates (Industrial design, San Francisco) 1964


Walter T. Varney (Aeroplanes, San Francisco) 1925


Walters, J. Mrs. (Art goods, San Francisco) circa 1917


Walton Grandeman (Wholesale produce dealers, San Francisco) 1899


Walton, N.C. (Roofing products, San Francisco) 1885


Wangenheim, Sternheim Co. (Importers and jobbers in crockery, glassware..., San Francisco) 1864-1889


Ward, George W. (Gents' furnishing goods, San Francisco) 1870


Ward House, Russel Myers, Proprietors (San Francisco) 1849


Ward's Health Food Store (San Francisco) 1940s


Ward, Heathcote Co., Wm. Ward Co. (Importers of ale, porter and foreign liquors, San Francisco) 1884-1885


Ware Freidenrich (Law firm, Palo Alto) undated


Ware, William Henry (General merchandise broker, San Francisco) undated


Warfield Theatre (San Francisco) 1982


Warm Springs Hotel 1860s


Warner, Alexander, Jr. (Dentist, San Francisco) 1875


Washburn Co. (Auction and commission merchants, San Francisco) 1858


Washburn Moen Mfg. Co. (Wire rope and cable, San Francisco) 1894, undated


Washburn, Tom (Dog breeder, San Francisco) undated


Washington, B.F. (San Francisco) 1874


Washington Hotel (San Francisco) 1916-1933


Washington Manufacturing Co., Adelsdorfer Brandenstein, Proprietors (Coffee, teas, spices..., San Francisco) 1899


Washington Publishing Co. (Los Angeles) circa 1950


Washington Shaving Parlor and Laundry Office (San Francisco) undated


Washington Square Theatre (San Francisco) 1909-1918


Washington Theatre (San Francisco) 1865, 1918


Washington Tunnel Company (Aurora) 1863


Washoe Exchange, B.F. Jellison (Wines and liquors, San Francisco) 1870


Wason, Archibald (Plain and decorative sign and house painters, San Francisco) 1864


Wasserman, Kaufman Co. (Importers of silk, Sacramento) undated


Waterman, Kohlberg Co. (Commission merchants, San Francisco) 1857


Waters Co. (Coal dealers, San Francisco) 1870


Waters Company (Commercial photographers, San Francisco) undated


Waters, Newhoff Co., General Printers (San Francisco) circa 1869


Waterhouse Lester (San Francisco) 1870-1899


Watson Brooks (Duplicating shop, San Francisco) 1956


Watson, George Allen (Elocutionist, Oakland) 1885


Watson Co. (Agent for hair restorer, San Francisco) 1882


Watts, S.T. (Druggist, Marysville) 1854-1857


Watts, W.L. (Chemist and assayer, Los Angeles) undated


Wave-Power Air Compressing Co. (San Francisco) 1895


Weaver, P.L. (Commission merchant, San Francisco) 1870


Weaver's Yosemite Inn undated


Webb, A.C. (Wholesale and retail dealer in hardware and house furnishing goods, San Francisco) 1868


Webber Aicher Machine Works (San Francisco) 1902-1906


Weber, Charles, Heublein, L. (Saddlery, Folsom) 1882-1883


Weber, Henry (Hauling, San Francisco) 1888


Webster, J.N. (Postage stamps, San Francisco) 1864


Weed Kingwell, California Brass Works (San Francisco) 1883


Weekly Examiner (Newspaper, San Francisco) 1887-1904


Weeks-Howe-Emerson (Ship chandlers and sporting goods, San Francisco) 1910-1915, 1955-1966, undated


Weeks Robinson (Agricultural machinery, Sebastopol) undated


Wegener, F.O. (Notary public, San Francisco) undated


Weil Levy (Importers of fancy goods, stationery..., San Francisco) 1864-1868


Weinstein Co., Inc. (Department stores, Hayward, San Francisco, Sunnyvale) 1964


Weinstock, Lubin Co. (Department store, Sacramento) 1906, undated


Weir Irwin (Manufacturers of cabinet furniture, San Francisco) 1863


Weir, J.B. (Importer and dealer in butter, San Francisco) 1853


Welcome Coffee Time (Restaurant, San Francisco) 1944


Wellington Cafe, Miss A. Williams, Proprietor (San Francisco) undated


Wellington Mining and Smelting Company (San Francisco) 1872


Wellman, Peck Co. (San Francisco) 1864-1954

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Wells Fargo Co. (San Francisco) 1858-2000, undated


Wendel Western, Inc. (Lighting, Los Angeles) 1950


Wendell, J.F. (Transcriber, San Francisco) 1888


Wente Bros. (Fine wines, Livermore) undated


Wenzell, William T., Pioneer Apothecary (San Francisco) 1870-circa 1880, undated


Wesson, J.W. (Lumber dealer, San Francisco) 1876


West, R.B. (Optician and jeweler, San Francisco) circa 1880


West Coast Electric Battery Company (San Francisco) undated


West Coast Re-Weaving Co. (San Francisco) 1943


West Coast Wire and Iron Works (San Francisco) 1907-1912


West End Homestead Association (San Francisco) 1864


West Portal Theatre (San Francisco) 1931


Westerfeld, W., German Bakery and Confectionery (San Francisco) 1892


Western Air Express (Los Angeles, Oakland, San Francisco) circa 1929-1930


Western Airlines (San Francisco) 1941-1960, undated


Western Aluminum undated


Western Amusement Supply Co. (Motion picture supplies, San Francisco) 1908


Western Asbestos Co. undated


Western Audograph, Inc. (San Francisco) circa 1945-1950


Western Auto Supply Company (Los Angeles) 1927


Western Bancorporation (Los Angeles) 1964-1971


Western Banker and Financier (Publication, San Francisco) 1916


Western Building and Investment Company (Los Angeles, Oakdale) 1913


Western Department Stores, Kahn's (Oakland) 1949-1955


Western Electric Company (San Francisco) 1926, undated


Western Electro-Mechanical Co., Inc. (Oakland) circa 1918


Western Employers Service undated


Western Fertilizer Co. (San Francisco) undated


Western Fire Marine Insurance Co. of California (San Francisco) circa 1880, undated


Western Harvester Company (Stockton) 1927


Western Hotel (Sacramento) 1903, undated


Western Loose Leaf Co. (San Francisco) circa 1950


Western Manufacturing Co., Sto-Rex Craft Department (Craft supplies, San Francisco) undated


Western Market, C.L. Storck, Butcher (San Francisco) circa 1870


Western Pacific Railroad (San Francisco) 1910-1970

Physical Description: 4.0 folders

Western Perfumery Co. (San Francisco) circa 1882


Western Pipe and Steel Co. (South San Francisco) 1983


Western Railroader (San Mateo) 1956-1966


Western Sales Company (Machine tools, San Francisco) undated


Western States Atomic Vaults, Inc. (San Francisco) 1954


Western Sugar Refinery (San Francisco) 1929, undated


Western Tel. Sound Labs. (San Francisco) 1949


Western Union Telegraph Company circa 1910, undated


Westgate-California Corporation (San Diego) 1967


Westgate Press (Publishers, San Francisco) 1929-1930


Westminster Hotel (Los Angeles) circa 1915


West's California Digest (Law books) undated


Westview Heights Tract, Charles O. Middleton, General Agent undated


Westwood Cafeteria (Los Angeles) 1925


Wetherbee Cook (Importers of foreign and domestic lumber, San Francisco) 1861


Wetherby Kayser, Fine Shoes (Pasadena) circa 1885


Wharfside (Commercial development, San Francisco) 1968


Wheat, M.C.T. (Wine merchant, San Francisco) 1875


Wheaton Luhrs (Wholesale provisions, San Francisco) 1888


Wheelan Co., Alta Mills (Flour, meal, hominy..., San Francisco) 1866


Wheeler, Blaine, Dr. and Edwards, William, Dr. (Chiropractors, Berkeley) undated


Wheeler, J.H. (Wines and brandies, St. Helena) circa 1890


Wheeler, Reynolds Stauffer (Chemicals, San Francisco) undated


Wheeler Wilson Mfg. Co. (Sewing machines, San Francisco) circa 1888-1900, undated


Wheelock Co. (Stock, grain and provisions brokers, San Francisco) 1897


Whitaker Bloomer (House and sign painters, San Francisco) 1867


White, Channing (Patent medicine, San Francisco) circa 1885


White Company (Automobiles, San Francisco) 1910


White Dog Springs Co. (Branscomb) undated


White, Hermann and Steinau (Architects, San Francisco) undated


White Hewlett (Wholesale dealers and jobbers in grain and produce, San Francisco) 1883


White House, The (Department store, San Francisco) 1870-1964, undated

Physical Description: 3.0 folders

White, John (Remedy, San Francisco) undated


White Kohlman (Commission merchants, San Francisco) 1885


White Log Taverns undated


White, Rogers Co. (San Francisco) 1899


White, S.A. (Dealer in coal, San Francisco) 1870


White Sun Guest Ranch (Palm Springs) 1956


White Theatre undated


White Theatre (Fresno) 1924


White Wing (Dealers and workers in tin, copper, zinc..., Columbia) 1850


White's Laundry (San Francisco) circa 1900


White's Stables, William M. White (San Francisco) 1864


Whiteside Hall (Georgetown) 1872


Whithead Hoag Co. (Manufacturers of advertising novelties, Los Angeles) circa 1905


Whitilaw, Thomas P.H. (San Francisco) 1888


Whiting Co.'s Express (Quincy) 1865


Whitman and Barnes Manufacturing Co. (Agricultural machinery, hardware and tools, San Francisco) 1893


Whitney, A.P. (Dealer in groceries, provisions..., Petaluma) 1869


Whitney, D.C. (Produce commission merchant, San Francisco) 1855


Whitney, H.B., Mrs. (Men's furnishing and clothing, San Francisco) undated


Whitney Manufacturing Co. (San Francisco) 1940s


Whittier-Coburn Company (Paint manufacturers, San Francisco) undated


Whyte De Rome, Globe Brass and Bell Foundry (San Francisco) 1889


Wickes, Ethel M. Florence L. (Artists, San Francisco) circa 1915


Wieland Bros. (Importers and wholesale provision dealers, San Francisco) 1887


Wightman Hardie (Importers and dealers in foreign and domestic dry goods, San Francisco) 1863


Wigmore, John (Furniture manufacturer, hardwood lumber dealer, San Francisco) 1862-1883


Wigwam Theatre (San Francisco) 1885-1917, undated


Wilbert, Fred V. (Tool manufacturer, San Francisco) circa 1937


Wilcox, E.J. (Dealer in boots and shoes, San Jose) circa 1885


Wilcox, Felter Co. (Wholesale liquor dealers, Sacramento) 1871


Wild Flower Stock Farm (Horse breeders, Wild Flower) 1895


Wiley B. Allen Co. (Console music cabinets, Fresno, Los Angeles, Oakland, Sacramento, San Diego, San Jose) 1923, undated


Wilhelm Elbe, Apothecary (San Francisco) 1870


Wilkes Theatre (San Francisco) 1925-1927, undated


Wilkes-Alcazar Theatre (San Francisco) 1922-1924


Wilkie, Andrew, Mechanics' Mill (Manufacturer of mouldings, brackets, windows..., San Francisco) 1883


Will E. Fisher Co. (Real estate agents, San Francisco) circa 1885


Will Finck (Cutlery, plated-ware, sporting and baseball goods, San Francisco) circa 1883


Willcox Gibbs Sewing Machine Co. (San Francisco) circa 1880


William A. Richardson's Deck House Restaurant and Saucelito Oyster Bar undated


William Cavalier Co. (Investment securities, Berkeley, Oakland, San Francisco, Los Angeles) undated


William D. McCann (Furniture, carpets, draperies, San Francisco) undated


William George Leviston (Attorneys, San Francisco) 1891


William H. Keith Co. (Importers of medicines and chemicals, San Francisco) 1860


William Hadlock Co., Market Street Water (San Francisco) 1861


William Haseltine Co., Pioneer Japanese and Chinese Bazaar (San Francisco) 1872


William H. Rouse Co. (General commission merchants, San Francisco) 1888


William J. Heney Co. (Manufacturers and importers of furniture and carpets, San Francisco) circa 1870-1880


William Lewis Co. (Cigar manufacturers, San Francisco) 1883


William Meyer Co. (Importers and dealers in clothing, San Francisco) 1866-1869


William Nagel Co. (Produce, San Francisco) 1863


William Porter Antiques (Banning, Truckee) 1949


William S. Snook Sons, G. W. Snook (Plumbers, San Francisco) 1877-1903


William T. Coleman (Wholesale chocolate, San Francisco) circa 1880


William Taylor Hotel (San Francisco) 1930


William Wheeler Winery (Healdsburg) circa 1981


Williams, A.E. (Mines and mining, San Francisco) undated


Williams, Belser Co. (Contractors, San Francisco) 1895-1896


Williams, Blanchard Co. (Shipping and commission merchants, San Francisco) 1870


Williams Burdick (Dry goods, Benicia) undated


Williams, Dimond Co. (Shipping, San Francisco) 1906, 1987


Williams, James B. (M.D., San Francisco) undated


Williams Woods (Contractors for stone sidewalks, San Francisco) 1896


Williams, W.S. (Attorney, Berkeley) 1898


Willows (Resort, San Francisco) 1860


Willson Bros. Paper Cleaning Co. (San Francisco) undated


Willys-Overland of California (San Francisco) 1917, circa 1942


Wilmerding Co., Wilmerding Kellogg (Importers and jobbers of wines and liquors, San Francisco) 1870-1884


Wilson, A.E. (Artist, Oakland) undated


Wilson Bro. (Manufacturers and dealers in doors, windows and blinds, San Francisco) 1868-1888, undated


Wilson Brothers Co. (Storage and moving, San Francisco) 1897


Wilson, C. (San Francisco) 1872


Wilson Kratzer Mortuaries (El Cerrito, Richmond, San Pablo) 1954


Wilson, S.H. (Window shade attachment, Oakland) circa 1880


Wilson Theatre (Fresno) 1926


Wilson, William (Clock, watch and chronometer maker, Oakland) undated


Wilson's Emporium (Hosiery, ribbons,..., San Francisco) circa 1880


Wilson's Exchange (Hotel and restaurant, San Francisco) 1853-1855


Wilson's Inn, Arno H. Wilson, Proprietor (Atlas) undated


Wilson's Modern Dance Studio (San Francisco) 1921


Wilzinski Bros. (Sonora, Visalia) undated


Windham Hill (Record company, Palo Alto) 1983


Windsor Hotel (San Francisco) undated


Windsor Press (San Francisco) 1935


Wing Fat Co., Chinese and Japanese Bazaar (San Francisco) undated


Wing Lay Yuen Night Time (San Francisco)


Wing, Stephen (Dealer in stoves, tin ware..., Columbia) 1861


Winter Brothers (Agents for canned salmon, San Francisco) undated


Winter, Clive S. (Designer, San Francisco) 1945-1946


Winter Garden (Ice rink, San Francisco) undated


Winterbrook Vineyards (Buena Vista, Ione) undated


Winterland (San Francisco) 1940, 1978


Winters Russell (Dealers in dry goods, notions..., Pomona) 1896


Winters Theatre (Daly City) 1917


Winters Theatre (Winters) 1917


Wise, E. (Commission produce merchant, San Francisco) 1870


Wise Goldfish (Dealers in dry and fancy goods..., Santa Rosa) 1867


Witkin Gallery, Inc. 1979


Witmer's Drug Store (Folsom) circa 1900


Witte Engine Works (San Francisco) 1923


Wo Hop Co. (San Francisco) undated


Wobbers, Inc. (Stationers, San Francisco) undated


Wold Book Shop (Oakland) undated


Wolf Bros. (San Francisco) 1867


Wolf, W. (Importer and manufacturer of cloaks and mantillas, San Francisco) 1865


Wollpert Schwerdt, Indianapolis Furniture Co. (San Francisco) 1884


Wollweber, Theodore (Druggist) 1881


Women's Beauty Center (San Francisco) 1940s


Wolters Fechheimer (Imorters and dealers in wines and liquors, San Francisco) circa 1880


Wonder, Hat, Flower and Feather Store (San Francisco) circa 1885


Woo Kah Kung Shaw Co. (San Francisco) undated


Wood-Crane Company (Mail order house, San Francisco) undated


Wood-Curtis Company Incorporated (Wholesale fruit and produce, Sacramento) 1918


Wood, Douglas B. (Grape juice, beer, cider, honey, and fruit, Ballena) undated


Wood, George (Attorney and notary public, Sierraville) circa 1885


Woodbury, George E. (Ore concentrating machines, San Francisco) circa 1900


Woodcock Hodge, Zenith Planing Mills (Manufacturers of mouldings, brackets..., Oakland) 1890


Woodhams, Maurice S. (Attorney, San Francisco) 1892


Woodin Little, Inc. (Pumps, San Francisco) circa 1880-1931

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Woodruff, W.H., Veterinary Dentist (San Francisco) circa 1890


Wood's Old Book Store (Oakland) undated


Woodward, G.P. (Subscription-Book Publisher, San Francisco) 1889


Woodward Taggart (Real estate agents and auctioneers, Oakland) 1878


Woodward's Pavilion (San Francisco) 1899


Woodward's What Cheer House (San Francisco) circa 1870


Woodworth, Schell Co. (San Francisco) undated


Wool Bureau, Inc. (Los Angeles) 1952


Wool Growers Inn (Stockton) 1969-1970


Woolman, John (Plumbing, tinning and gas fitting, San Diego) 1901


Woolsey Ralston (Real estate and insurance, Berkeley) 1922


Woolworth's 1954


Wooster Co. (Foundry and machine shop, Sonora) circa 1860


Workman Packing Company (San Francisco) undated


Wormser Brothers (San Francisco) 1860


Wormser Co. (Wholesale dealers in canned goods, San Francisco) 1888


Worth Coffee Shop and Dining Room (San Francisco) 1940s


Worthington, Henry R. (Condensing apparatus, San Francisco) 1899


Wright, Cedric (Studio, Berkeley) 1948


Wright Rushforth (Architects, San Francisco) 1916


Wurkeim Brothers (Importers, manufacturers and dealers in cloaks, cloths..., San Francisco) 1869


Wyatt, McGraw Co. (Sacramento) circa 1897


Wyatt, Pracht Co. (Agents for cleaning product, San Francisco) circa 1890


Wyatt's Antiquarian Book Store (San Francisco) undated


Wyckoff, Seamans Benedict (Typewriters, San Francisco) 1898


Wycoff Downard Advertising Incorporated (San Francisco) 1953


Wyman, J.F. (Saws, San Francisco) circa 1890


Wyttenbach, Emanuel (Artist, San Francisco) undated


Yager, Peter (Dealer in wines, liquors and cigars, Folsom) undated


Yale (Steamship) 1954


Yamato, Japanese Antiques and Art Curios (Los Angeles, San Francisco) undated


Yan Nin Tong, Chinese Drug Store (San Francisco) 1917-1918


Yancy Company (Screen doors, Sacramento) undated


Yawman and Erbe Mfg. Co. (Office furniture and supplies, Oakland, San Francisco) 1925


Ye Tea Cup Inne of San Francisco, Miss K.E. Moore (San Mateo) undated


Yellow Cab Company (San Francisco) 1929-1947, undated


Yellow Jacket Silver Mining Co. (San Francisco) 1879


Yick Man Lung Co. (San Francisco) undated


Yokehama Specie Bank, Ltd. (Faro Hodsumi, San Francisco) undated


Yolland's Santa Clara Art Store 1880-1890


York Co. (Investment securities, San Francisco) 1954-1956


York Mining Company (Little York) 1852


Yosemite Galleries (San Francisco) 1966


Yosemite Hotel (Stockton) 1890


Yosemite National Park Co. (Yosemite) undated


Yosemite Park and Curry Co. 1957


Yosemite Theater (Stockton) circa 1894


Yosemite Valley Railroad Company undated


Yost Theatre (Santa Ana) circa 1910


Young Company (Marine hardware and boat equipment, San Francisco) 1946


Youngclaus Hempel (Manufacturers of boots and shoes, San Francisco) 1872


Your Host (San Francisco)


Your Own United Retail Stores, Incorporated (Retail membership store, Oakland) 1955


Yuba City National Farm Loan Association 1930s


Yuba Manufacturing Company (Tractors, Marysville) undated


ZD (Vineyards, Napa) undated


Zadig Weill (Commission stock brockers, San Francisco) undated


Zammitt, Joseph (Surveyor, San Francisco) 1888


Zed Corporation (Fruit wafers, San Francisco) undated


Zellerbach Paper Company 1930-1957


Zussman, S., Dr. (San Francisco) 1898

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