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California Business Ephemera Collection
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Hartvig, J.H. William (Landscape, portrait, decorative painters, Sonora) undated


Hartwell Co. (Importers and dealers in iron and steel, Marysville) 1854-1855


Harvard (Ship, San Francisco) 1914


Harvey, L.G. (Insurance agent, San Francisco) circa 1893


Haskell Co., Haskell's Tea Store (Teas and groceries, San Francisco) 1870


Hastings, Hastings Clothing Co., Heuston, Hastings Co. (San Francisco) 1865-1902, 1950, undated


Hat Bazaar, P. Fernandez (San Francisco) circa 1885


Hatch Weston (Wood workers, San Francisco) 1888


Havens, Wickham (Realtor, Oakland) undated


Haviland Co. (Dealers in hardware, Marysville) 1857


Hawaiian Construction Company (San Francisco) 1892


Hawaiian Gardens (Theatre restaurant, San Jose) undated


Hawkins, C.A. (Realtor, San Francisco) undated


Hawkins, J.P. (Contractor for night work, San Francisco) 1870


Hawkins, W.E. (General merchandise, Ager) 1901


Hawley Brothers' Hardware Co., Marcus C. Hawley Co., Hawley Co. (San Francisco) 1859-1889


Haycock's Steak House (San Leandro) circa 1955


Hayden Zanders (Hair dressers, San Francisco) undated


Hayes Valley Drug Store, J. Cantor, G.A. Yeaton (San Francisco) 1870, undated


Haynes Lawton (Importers of earthenware, china..., San Francisco) 1868


Hayward Realty Company (Hayward) circa 1952


Hayward Savings Loan Association undated


Haywood Winery (Sonoma) undated


Head, James R. (Dealer in dry goods, Fiddletown) 1881


Headquarters, The (Wholesale and retail liquors, Oakland) circa 1885


Heald-Menerey Co., Inc. (Publishers, Los Angeles, San Francisco) circa 1926


Heald Colleges of California, Heald's Business College (San Francisco) circa 1870-1892, 1982


Heald's Engineering Automobile School, Heald Technical School (San Francisco) circa 1920-1925


Health Foundation of California (Los Angeles) undated


Healy-Tibbitts Construction Co. (San Francisco) 1912, circa 1960


Hearne, J.C. (M.D., San Diego) 1894


Heasty, Charles (Laborer, San Francisco) 1888


Heath Ceramics, Inc. (Sausalito) undated


Heathfield, Bogel Co. (Wholesale druggists, San Francisco) 1869-1870


Heaton-Hobson Associated Law Offices Incorporated (San Francisco) undated


Hebern Electric Code (Oakland) 1912


Hecht Bros. Co. (Importers of boots and shoes, San Francisco) 1863, undated


Heckathorn and Company Ltd. (Richmond) undated


Heidelberg Inn (Restaurant, San Francisco) 1909-1915


Heiken, E. (Boat hire, San Francisco) 1888


Heiman Bros., Heiman Clothing Co. (Clothiers, San Francisco) 1880-1881, undated


Heitz Wine Cellar (St. Helena) 1967


Helbing, Greenebaum Co., Helbing, August (Importer and dealer in crockery, glass..., San Francisco) 1862-1864


Held Brothers (Importers of millinery goods, San Francisco) 1868


Helen Mar (Bark, San Francisco) 1868


Heller, Powers Ehrman (Lawyers, San Francisco) undated


Hellman Brothers Co. (Liquor dealers, San Francisco) 1884


Helmken Lackeman, Helmken, J.T. (Importers and dealers in hardware and building materials, San Francisco) 1872-1882


Helnicks Restaurant (Oakland) 1949


Helvetia Swiss Fire Insurance Co., Harry W. Syz Agent (San Francisco) undated


Hempstead, W.C.F. (M.D.) circa 1885


Henderson and Tapscott (Realtors, Oakland) undated


Henry Cowell Lime Cement Co. (San Francisco) 1895-1900


Henry Doyle Co. (Commission merchants, San Francisco) 1887


Henry F. Gullixson Co. (Importers and dealers in carpets, San Francisco) 1880, undated


Henry Lehrke Sons (Wholesale and retail grocers, San Francisco) undated


Henry, W. Warner (Wholesale dealer in groceries, San Francisco) undated


Henshaw, Bulkey Co. (Machine agents, San Francisco) 1885-circa 1902, undated


Hensley-Smith Co. (Real estate, San Francisco) 1908


Hentrich, L. (Meat packer, San Francisco) 1883


Herb's Troc (Restaurant and nightclub, Vallejo) undated


Herbert Nyland (Coopers, San Francisco) 1880


Herald Realty Company 1910


Herbert, M., Mrs. (Dressmaker, Pleasanton) circa 1885


Herbert's Bachelor Grill and Hotel (San Francisco) 1929


Hercules Powder Co. (Hercules) 1977


Herman A. Zischke Organization (Employee trusts and pensions, San Francisco) 1948


Herman Safe Co. (San Francisco) undated


Hermosillo Internacional Company of San Francisco (Lottery) 1915


Hermann Hertz Co. (Dealer in meats and vegetables, San Francisco) 1869


Herringhi, M. (Jewelers, San Francisco) 1857


Herrmann Co. (Importer of brewing supplies, San Francisco) 1884


Herzog Electric and Engineering Company (San Francisco) undated


Hess, Charles (Optician, San Francisco) 1864


Heverin, M. (Agent for granite, monuments and headstones, San Francisco) circa 1883


Heverin's Pioneer Steam Marble Works (Monuments and headstones, San Francisco) undated


Hewson Steam Motor Co., R. Hewson Co. (Gas machine agent, San Francisco) 1871-1897


Hexcel (Honeycomb and fiber material, San Francisco) 1978-1979


Heynemann Co. (Importers and jobbers of dry goods, San Francisco) 1862-1870, 1905


Hibbard Associates (Personnel agency, San Francisco) 1951


Hibbard Sommer (Books and stationery, Chico) undated


Hibernia Bank (San Francisco) 1874-1923, 1979-1984, undated


Hibernian Home Builders (Los Angeles) 1913


Hickinbotham, J.T. (Importer and dealer in wagon and carriage wood work, Stockton) 1877


Hickman, E. (Importer of dry goods, Stockton) undated


Hickox Spear, Bankers (San Francisco) circa 1870


Hick'ry Pit (Restaurant, Mill Valley, San Francisco) 1951, undated


Hick's Engineering Co. (San Francisco) 1940s


Higgins, E. (Wood dealer, San Francisco) 1866


Higham, E. (Sewing machines, Oakland) 1881


Highlands Inn (Monterey County) 1967


Hildburgh Bros. (Wholesale and retail grocers, Petaluma) 1874


Hildebrandt, William C. (Dealer in wines and liquors, San Francisco) circa 1870, undated


Hildebrandt, Posner Co. (Liquor dealers, San Francisco) circa 1915


Hill Co. (Real estate, Mill Valley) 1978


Hill, Joseph F. (Manufacturer of buggies and wagons, Sacramento) circa 1880


Hill Kilgour, Hill, Horace (Stock brokers, San Francisco) 1874


Hill, Samuel (Sewing machines, San Francisco) circa 1880, undated


Hill, Willoughby, Johnson (Importers and dealers in wines and liquors, San Francisco) 1856


Hiller Helicopters (Palo Alto) 1951


Hills Bros. Coffee (San Francisco) 1899-1913, 1941-1981


Hill's Mimeograph Headquarters (San Francisco) 1898


Hills, S.M. (Carpenter and builder, San Francisco) 1888


Hilsz, A.W. (Carpenter, San Francisco) undated


Himmelmann, A. (Street contractor, San Francisco) 1867-1869


Hinckley, C.D. (Manufacturer of bed springs, San Francisco) 1873


Hinckley, S.A. (Theater) undated


Hing Lee Co. (Santa Barbara) 1913


Hink's of Berkeley (Department store) 1972


Hinz Plagemann, Yolo Mills (Manufacturers of flour, meals..., San Francisco) 1886-1890


Hipolito Screen and Sash Company (Los Angeles) undated


Hippodrome Theatre (San Francisco) circa 1916-1917


Hippodrome (Theater, Los Angeles) circa 1915


Hirsch Kaiser (Photo supplies, San Francisco) 1909, undated


Hirshberg, S. (Men's furnishings, Oakland) undated


Hisey, J. (Saddlery, Marysville) 1857


Hi-Tide Fish Grotto (San Francisco) 1946


Hixon, William M. (Importers and jobbers in carpets and oil cloths, San Francisco) 1864


Hjul's Coffee and Lunch House (San Francisco) circa 1920


Hobart, Dubar Co. (Importers and dealers in boots and shoes, San Francisco) 1866


Hobbs, Wall Co., Hobbs, Gilmore Co. (Box manufacturers, San Francisco) 1858-1891


Hobe, George J. (Tobacconist, San Francisco) undated


Hoberg's Resort (Lake County) 1956


Hodge-Falk Corporation, Catalina Sport Hats (San Francisco) 1923-1925


Hodge, Michael (Teamster and expressman, San Francisco) 1888


Hodghead, Beverly L. (Attorney, San Francisco) circa 1895


Hodgson Stork (Automobile mechanics, San Francisco) undated


Hof-Brau Cafe (San Francisco) 1915, undated


Hogan, Howard H. (Agent for starch, San Francisco) undated


Hoger, E., Washington Market Grocery (Dealer in groceries, wines and liquors, San Francisco) 1862


Ho He Yung Me undated


Holden Drug Co. (Stockton) undated


Holetz Nosek (Ladies tailors, San Francisco) undated


Holiday Inn, Golden Gateway (San Francisco) 1970s


Holiday Inn Riviera (Palm Springs) 1967


Holiday Inn, Union Square (San Francisco) 1980s


Holladay, S.W. E.B. (Attorneys, San Francisco) circa 1877


Holladay Brenham, Agts. (Wholesale dealers in salt, San Francisco) 1870


Holland, Edward (Tailor, San Francisco) circa 1880


Holland Furnace Company (Oakland) undated


Hollywood Bowl (Hollywood) 1941-1964


Holmes, A. (Real estate agent, San Francisco) circa 1860


Holmes Book Company (Oakland) 1950-1951, 1983


Holmes Co. (Dealers in stoves, sheet iron..., Marysville) 1856


Holt, O.C. (Builder, San Francisco) 1908


Holt Manufacturing Company Incorporated (Caterpillar) (Agricultural implements, Stockton) 1902-1915, 1983


Holzkamp, C. (Grocer, San Francisco) 1910


Homakers Upjohn (Elder and child care workers, San Francisco) undated


Homans, H.S., General Agent Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York (San Francisco) 1865-1875


Home Mutual Deposit Loan Company (San Francisco) undated


Home Mutual Insurance Co. (San Francisco, Oakland) circa 1885


Home Mutual Savings and Loan Association (San Francisco) 1950


Home Savings Bank (Oakland) 1892


Home Upholstering Company (San Francisco) 1954


Home Yardage (Fabrics, Oakland) undated


Homestake Mining Company (San Francisco) 1963-1966


Homestead Loan Association of Berkeley 1909-1910


Honest Gold and Silver Mining Company (Mokelumne Hill) 1864


Hong Chung Co. (Retail liquor dealer, Washington) 1901


Honolulu Oil Corporation (San Francisco) 1927


Hooker Co. (Carriages and wagons, San Francisco) undated


Hooker Lent (Real estate brokers, San Francisco) 1899


Hop Kee Co. (Importers and dealers in Chinese goods and provisions, San Francisco) 1867


Hop Vine Co. (Bottlers supplies, San Francisco) undated


Hopkins, John R. (Insurance agent, Oakland) circa 1885


Hopkins, Leah (Artists' manager, San Francisco) undated


Hopkins Oil Company (San Francisco) 1901


Horace Davis Co. (Dealers in domestic flour, San Francisco) 1864


Horn, J.H. (Meat dealer, San Francisco) undated


Horse Breeders (Alameda County) circa 1880


Horseheads, N. Van Duzen's Saloon 1851


Horstmann, John (Manufacturer and importer of borax and bi-carb soda, San Francisco) 1887, undated


Hortenstine Stover (Druggists, Pleasanton) circa 1885


Horton Kennedy, Livermore Lumber Yard (Livermore) 1885


Horton House (San Diego) 1887


Hosmer, H.B. (Photo supplies, San Francisco) undated


Hotel Alexander (San Francisco) undated


Hosmer, Snyder Co. (Importers and wholesale dealers in wines and liquors, San Francisco) 1857


Hotel and Cafe de Paris (Los Angeles) 1917


Hotel Barbara Worth (El Centro) circa 1920


Hotel Barton (Willows)


Hotel Bellevue (San Francisco) 1917, undated


Hotel Benbow (Benbow) undated


Hotel California (Oakland) undated


Hotel Californian (San Francisco) 1944


Hotel Clark (San Francisco) undated


Hotel Court (San Francisco) 1922


Hotel Dalt (San Francisco) undated


Hotel De Espana (San Francisco) 1958


Hotel De L'Univers (San Francisco) 1852


Hotel Del Monte (Monterey) 1888-1936, 1986


Hotel del Sol (San Francisco) undated


Hotel El Paso de Robles (Paso Robles) 1898


Hotel Franklin (San Francisco) 1940s


Hotel Fresno (Fresno) circa 1915


Hotel Herald (San Francisco) circa 1930


Hotel Irwin (San Francisco) undated


Hotel Jeffery (Coulterville) 1903, 1949


Hotel Kensington (San Francisco) undated


Hotel Kern (San Francisco) circa 1920


Hotel Lakehurst (Oakland) circa 1948


Hotel Lankershim (Los Angeles) circa 1920


Hotel Ledger (Mokelumne Hill) 1959, undated


Hotel Leighton (Los Angeles) undated


Hotel Leland (San Francisco) circa 1985


Hotel Lyndon (Los Gatos) 1929, undated


Hotel Manx (San Francisco) 1923


Hotel Merced (Merced) circa 1922


Hotel Montgomery (San Jose) circa 1920


Hotel Navarre (San Francisco) undated


Hotel Normandie (San Francisco) 1912


Hotel Oakland (Oakland) circa 1920-1925


Hotel Paisley (San Francisco) undated


Hotel Placerville (Placerville) undated


Hotel Plaza (San Francisco) 1925, undated


Hotel Pleasanton (San Francisco) circa 1890


Hotel Potter (Santa Barbara) 1910


Hotel Rafael (San Rafael) 1890-1906


Hotel Raffles (Placerville) 1930


Hotel Ritz (San Francisco) circa 1915


Hotel Roosevelt (San Francisco) circa 1910


Hotel Rosslyn (Los Angeles) 1902


Hotel Sacramento Liquors (Sacramento) circa 1955


Hotel Saint George (Santa Cruz) undated


Hotel St. James (San Francisco) undated


Hotel Saint Nicholas (San Francisco) undated


Hotel Sainte Claire (San Jose) 1929


Hotel San Carlos (Monterey) circa 1937


Hotel Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz) circa 1925


Hotel Savoy (San Francisco) circa 1890-1895


Hotel Senate (San Francisco) undated


Hotel Shasta (San Francisco) 1922


Hotel Shattuck (Berkeley) circa 1912, 1952


Hotel Somerton (San Francisco) 1922, undated


Hotel Stanford (San Francisco) 1930


Hotel Statford (San Francisco) 1910


Hotel Stewart (San Francisco) 1909-1927, undated


Hotel Sutter (San Francisco) 1912-circa 1925


Hotel Terminal (San Francisco) circa 1915


Hotel Turin Restaurant (San Francisco) undated


Hotel Turpin (San Francisco) circa 1920


Hotel Vendome (San Jose) 1891-1912


Hotel Van Nuys (Los Angeles) circa 1920-1922


Hotel Victoria (San Francisco) undated


Hotel Von Dorn (San Francisco) 1908


Hotel Whitcomb (San Francisco) 1922-1947


Hotel Washington and Willard (San Francisco) circa 1918


Hotel Wiltshire (San Francisco) 1920s


House of Charm (Beauty school, Sacramento, San Francisco) 1951


House of Ming, Inc. (Importers, San Francisco) 1955


House That Jack Built (Restaurant, San Francisco) 1955, undated


Household Furnishing Co. (San Francisco) 1876


Howard Automobile Company (Buick service, San Francisco) 1931


Howard Company (Wall board, Oakland) undated


Howard, Goewey Co. (Importers and jobbers of wines and liquors, San Francisco) 1863-1864


Howard Smith (Nurserymen and florists, Los Angeles) 1917


Howard Street Skating Rink (San Francisco) circa 1870


Howe Scale Company (San Francisco) 1874-circa 1906


Howes, John (Wholesale dealer and jobber in produce, San Francisco) undated


Howland Chadwick (Photographic supplies, Los Angeles) 1895


Hoxsie, Earl L. (Ford dealership, Folsom) 1955


Hoy, Sung Co. (Seafood and produce, Sacramento) 1917


Hoyt's Pantages Theatre (Long Beach) 1922-1924


Hub, The, Charles Keilus Co. (Clothiers, San Francisco) circa 1890


Hubash, Larsen Wilson (Jewelers, San Francisco) circa 1890


Hubbard, E.H., Mrs. (Hair dresser, San Francisco) circa 1880


Huchez Quaile (Importers and jobbers in dry goods, San Francisco) 1863


Hudson Bros. (Clothing dealers, San Francisco) 1870


Hueter Bros. and Co. (Manufacturers of varnishes, San Francisco) 1884


Hufschmidt, F. (Importer and dealer in furniture, San Francisco) 1888


Hugh Barclay (Brig, San Francisco) 1867


Hughes, D.P. (Music teacher, Berkeley) 1901-1903


Hughes Taylor (Philatelic brokers, San Francisco) 1951


Hulburd, H.G. (Placerville) undated


Hull Hotels (Hollywood) circa 1957


Hull, O.H. (Sewing machine agent, Stockton) circa 1880


Hulse, Bradford Co. (Upholstery goods, San Francisco) 1889


Humboldt Savings Bank, Humboldt Savings and Loan Society (San Francisco) 1870-1927, 1983


Humboldt Wharf (San Francisco) 1878


Humphrey, P.H., M.D., Agent for Knickerbocker Life Insurance Co. (San Francisco) undated


Humphreys, William P. (Surveyor, San Francisco) 1869-1876


Hungry i (San Francisco) 1955, undated


Hunt Brothers Company (Canned fruits, San Francisco) circa 1915


Hunter, James (Gauger, San Francisco) 1872


Huntington, Hopkins Company (Hardware, iron and steel, San Francisco) 1882-1892, undated


Huntington Hotel (Pasadena) 1933


Huntington Park (San Bruno) 1923


Hunt's Dining Rooms circa 1865


Hurricane Mining Co. (San Francisco) 1877


Hurtzig Schultze (Chemists, San Francisco) circa 1880


Huskinson's Drug Store (Roseville) undated


Hussey, A.C. (Carpenter and builder, San Francisco) 1880-1885


Hussey, W.W. (Dealer in gas fixtures and brackets, Stockton) 1881


Hussey, Bond Hale (Brokers, San Francisco) 1852-1853


Hutchings' California Magazine (San Francisco) 1859


Hyatt on Union Square (San Francisco) 1973


Hyde, Charles (Dealer in wood, coal, coke..., San Francisco) 1882


Hyde, W.I. (Druggist, Oakland) undated


Hydes' Land Bureau (Fresno) 1897-1899


Hyman, Jake (Dry goods, Folsom) 1887-1911


Hy-Po Co. (Oakland) undated




i.e. (Newsletter, Berkeley) 1975


I. Magnin Co. (Palo Alto) undated


I. Magnin Co. (San Francisco) 1912, 1954-1983

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I.M. Wentworth Co., Pioneer Boot and Shoe Manufacturers (San Francisco) 1870


I.S. Van Winkle Co. (Importers of iron, steel, coal and blacksmith's supplies, San Francisco) 1889-1895


Ice Pond (Ice skating venue) 1916


Ichi Ban (Japanese goods, San Francisco) 1882-1886


Il Fornaio (Bakery and cafe) undated


Illinois-Pacific Glass Co. (San Francisco) 1906


Illustrated Daily Herald (Newspaper, San Francisco) 1926


Imhoff, George (Hardware, Folsom) 1900-1914


Imperial Fire Insurance Co. (San Francisco) circa 1870


Imperial Grill (San Francisco) 1923


Imperial, London, Northern, Queen Insurance Cos. (San Francisco) circa 1880-1886


Imperial Palace (Restaurant, San Francisco) undated


Imperial Pump Co. (San Francisco) circa 1900


Imperial Theatre (San Francisco) 1915-1922


Imperial Wild Boar Co. (Carmel) 1965


Impress, The (Journal, San Francisco) circa 1894


Independence Bar 1855


Independent Bankers Association 1939-1942


Independent Petroleum Association of America 1954


Independent Sewing Machine Dealers Association (San Francisco) 1940s


Indestructible Floor and Tiling Co. (San Francisco) undated


Indiana Auction Company (San Francisco) 1895


Indianapolis Furniture Company, The (San Francisco) 1885


Industrial Indemnity Company (San Francisco) 1948-1960


Ingenious Humanitarian (Pub, San Francisco) 1972


Ingerson Glaser Co. (Art and leaded glass, San Francisco) undated


Inglenook Vineyard Co. (Rutherford) undated


Ingleside Poultry Yards and Hatchery circa 1909


Ingleside Terraces Homes Association (San Francisco) 1941-1943


Inside Inn (San Francisco) 1914-1915


Instant Sales Company (Hose coupling, Berkeley) undated


Interiors Beautiful, Division of Lawrence Title Co. (Redwood City) undated


Inter-Oceanic Steam Yachting Co. (San Francisco) circa 1880


International Filmarte Theatre (San Francisco) circa 1920


International Hotel (San Francisco) circa 1880-1885, 1977-1979


International Hotel (Sacramento) undated


International Market Place (San Francisco) 1966


International Water Elevating Co. (San Francisco) 1880


Interurban Electric Railway Company (Bay Area) undated


Ioki Nursery (San Leandro) undated


Iowa Mining Company (San Francisco) 1875


Irene Studio (Ballroom dancing, San Francisco) 1940s


Iron Horse (Saloon, San Francisco) undated


Irvine Company (Tustin) 1968, undated


Irving Hall (Theatre, San Francisco) 1892


Irving House (San Francisco) 1851


Irving Neustadt, Hess Irving (Shirts and underwear, San Francisco) undated


Italian Swiss Colony (San Francisco) 1900-1929, 1960-1975


Issac Glazier Co., Old Corner Cigar Store (Marysville) 1854-1856


Isaacs, William B. (Commission merchant, San Francisco) 1887


Isthmian Canal Souvenir Co. (San Francisco) undated


Italian Vineyard Company (Cooking wines, Los Angeles) 1931


Ivory House, J.G.H. Meyer (San Francisco) 1882


Izzy Gomez (Tavern, San Francisco) 1959, undated




J.A. Beyer (Clothing, Oakland) undated


J.A. Donovan Co. (Painters and whiteners, San Francisco) 1875


J.A. Drinkhouse (Tobacconist, San Francisco) 1871-1907


J.A. Eaton Co., General Agents for North American Insurance Co. (San Francisco) 1868


J.A. Folger Co., Marden Folger (Coffee, tea and spices, San Francisco) 1884-1928, undated


J. Alexander Co. (Importers, clothing, boots, shoes..., San Francisco) 1867-1868


J.A. Munro Co. (Furniture store, Alameda, Oakland) undated


J.A. Munro Co. (Auctioneers, Oakland, San Francisco) 1913-1919


J. Barth Co. (Stockbrokers, San Francisco) 1950-1965, undated


J. Baumgarten Co., A. Baumgarten Co. (Woolens, tailors' trimmings, San Francisco) undated


J.B. Bocarde Co. (Truckmen, San Francisco) 1888


J. Bellmer Company (Dealers in groceries, liquors, tobacco..., San Francisco) 1870


J.B. Goux Co. (Dyers and scourers, San Francisco) 1863


J.B. Holmes Co. (Hay and grain dealers, San Francisco) 1864


J.B. Pilkington (Nurseryman, Milbrae) 1927


J. Bragdon (Steamer, San Francisco) circa 1853


J.C. Bauer Co. (Dealer in hops, corks, brewers supplies, San Francisco) 1890


J. Cerf Co. (Importer and dealer in crockery, glass ware..., San Francisco) 1867-1870


J.C. Irvine Co. (Designers and engravers, San Francisco) 1896, undated


J.C. Johnson Co. (Importers and manufacturers of saddles, bridles..., San Francisco) 1856-1894


J. C. Levy Co. (Wholesale dealers in dry goods and clothing, Marysville) 1854-1856


J.C. Meussdorffer Sons, K. Meussdorffer, M. Meussdorffer (Importers and manufacturers of hats, caps..., Marysville, San Francisco) 1857-1886, undated


J.C. Miller Co. (Furniture, Marysville) 1854


J. Cowman (Cement, San Francisco) circa 1868


J.C. Penney's (Oakland) 1958-1959


J.C. Warner Sons (Contractors and builders, San Francisco) 1914


J.D. Hicks Co. (Los Angeles) circa 1870


J.D. Slater Co. (Manufacturer of broom and mop holder, San Francisco) undated


J.E. Mitchell Co. (Carpet cleaners, San Francisco) 1869


J.E. Morehouse (Dealers in fruits, groceries and produce, Berkeley) 1894


J. Everding (Starch manufacturers and commission merchants, San Francisco) circa 1870-1888


J. F. Kesseler (Marble manufacturers, San Francisco) 1880


J.F. Thompson Repair Co. (Oakland) undated


J.G. MacDonald's Tea and Cracker Store (San Francisco) undated


J.G. Sullivan Co. (Wine growers and dealers, Oakland) circa 1885


J. Gundlach Co. (California wines and brandies, San Francisco) 1889


J.G. Wickersham Co. (Bankers, Petaluma) circa 1860


J.H. Curley Co. (Tailors, San Francisco) 1872-1886


J.H. MacDonald Co. (Real estate, Oakland) circa 1885


J.H. Mott Co., Storage Warehouse (San Francisco) undated


J. Hawes Co. (Forwarders and commission merchants, San Francisco) 1856


J. Henry Harris (Demolition contractor, Berkeley) circa 1950


J. Hopley Co. (Wholesale and retail dealers in furniture and bedding, Marysville) 1855-1856


J.H. Wright Co. (Dealer in hardware, Marysville) 1855


J. Ivancovich Co. (Importers and dealers in fruit, San Francisco) 1883-1890


J. Jacobs Co. (Jewelry and novelties, San Francisco) undated


J.J. Dowling Co. (Concrete contractors, San Francisco) 1900


J.J. Haviside Son (Ship riggers, San Francisco) 1902


J.J. Jewelcraft (Los Angeles) undated


J.J. Mack Co. (Wholesale druggists, San Francisco) 1885-1888


JJ's Natural Haircutting (Balboa and San Francisco) 1970s


J.J. O'Brien Co. (Importers of dry goods, San Francisco) circa 1880


J.J. Pfister Knitting Co. (Bathing suits, sweaters and bicycle suits, San Francisco) 1896-1897, undated


J.J. Smith with Frederick Metz, Occidental Market (Dealers in poultry game, San Francisco) circa 1885


J. Kahn Co. (Importers and jobbers of cigars and tobacco, San Francisco) 1897


J.L. Ash Company (Wall paper and paints, San Francisco) undated


J.L. Stuart Manufacturing Co. (Displays, San Francisco) 1954


J L Television Service (Oakland) undated


J.M. Eckfeldt Co. (Manufacturers of wire goods, San Francisco) 1871


J.M. Litchfield Co. (Merchant tailors, San Francisco) circa 1880


J.M. Long Co., Inc. (San Francisco) 1940s


J. Morton Co. (San Francisco) 1888


J. Murphy and Co. (Carpenters and builders, San Francisco) 1900-1902


J.N. Sresovich Co. (Commission merchants, San Francisco) undated


J. Pache Co. (Commission and forwarding merchants, Stockton) 1867


J.P. Brown Co. (Bankers, Camptonville) undated


J.P. Lorden Mill Co. (San Francisco) undated


J.P. O'Toole Co. (Importers of dry goods, Oakland) circa 1880


J.R. Gates Co. (Wholesale druggists, San Francisco) 1879


J.R. Smith Co. (Merchant tailors, San Francisco) 1885-1886


J.S. Guerin and Co. (San Francisco) 1940s


J. Seligman Co. (Bankers, importers, San Francisco) 1859-1870


J. Scheff Bros. (San Francisco) undated


J. Shoenbar Co. (Wholesale dealers in liquors and wines, San Francisco) undated


J. Spaulding Co., Pioneer Steam Carpet Beating Machines (San Francisco) 1866-circa 1910


J.S. Kennedy Co. (Flour dealers, San Francisco) 1854


J.S. Root Co. (General merchandise, Nelson Point) 1853-1855


J. Stern Co., Inc. (Grain and beans, San Francisco) undated


J.S. Wall Co. (Wholesale dealers in groceries and provisions, San Francisco) 1873


J. Tomb Co. (Grain, Grass Valley) 1866


J.W. Davidson Co., The White House (Importers of dry goods, San Francisco) 1869-1883


J.W. Girvin Co. (Jobbers in belting, packing and hose, San Francisco) 1888


J.W. Leavitt Co. (Motor cars, San Francisco) undated


J.W. Rule Co. (Apothecaries, San Francisco) 1870


J.W. Shaeffer Co. (Manufacturers of cigars, San Francisco) 1884


J.W. Thompson Co. (Nelson Point) 1855-1857


J.W. Tucker Co. (Jewelers and silversmiths, San Francisco) 1868-1876


J.W. Wolf Co. (Commission merchants and dealers in produce, San Francisco) 1870


Jaccard, H.P. (Jeweler, Livermore) circa 1890


Jack Paul's Club (Bar, San Francisco) undated


Jack Tar Hotel (San Francisco) 1970s


Jack the Clipper (San Francisco) 1970s


Jacks, L.D. (Grower and dealer in hops, Santa Rosa) 1911


Jack's Rotisserie (San Francisco) 1929


Jack's Restaurant (San Francisco) undated


Jackson, John (Dealer in stoves, tinware..., Stockton) 1877


Jackson, S. (Flowers and plants, San Francisco) circa 1930


Jackson Sanitarium (Jackson) undated


Jacob Cohen Co. (Importers and jobbers, San Francisco) 1858


Jacob Underhill Co. (Importers and jobbers of hardware, San Francisco) 1870-1871


Jacobi Short (Manufacturers of lemon squeezer, San Francisco) circa 1881


Jacoby, H. (Teas, Wilmington) circa 1881


Jacoby, Roberts Co. (Commission merchants, San Francisco) 1869


Jacuzzi Bros. Inc. (Hydromassage) 1956


Jade Palace (San Francisco) undated


Jaeger (Sweaters, San Francisco) 1922


Jahn Foster, Theatrical Costumers (San Francisco) undated


Jail, The (Restaurant, San Francisco) undated


James A. Clayton Co. (Real estate, insurance, notary, San Jose) circa 1930


James B. Roberts Co. (Importers and wholesale dealers in boots and shoes, Marysville) 1856


James de Fremery Co. (San Francisco) 1887-1899


James Duffy Co. (Carpets, wallpaper and window shades, San Francisco) 1887-1888


James Edwards Son (Contractors and builders, San Francisco) 1880


James E. Gordon Co. (Wholesale hardware, San Francisco) circa 1880


James E. Wainwright Co. (Real estate and stock auctioneers, San Francisco) 1860-1861


James, George W., Rev. (Memory system teacher, Oleander) circa 1885


James Hartley Co., Clay St. Wool Depot (San Francisco) 1870


James H . Barry Co., The (Printers, lithographers, San Francisco) 1979-1982


James H. Latham Co. (San Francisco) 1873


James King of William Banking House (San Francisco) circa 1850


James Lick Baths, The (San Francisco) circa 1923, 1978


James L. Perkins Company (Roof waterproofing, San Francisco) undated


James Moriarty's Furniture House circa 1885


James Motors (Nash dealership, San Francisco) circa 1948


James Vantine Co. (Produce commission merchants, San Francisco) 1865


James W. Collins (Belmont dairy, San Francisco) 1888


Jamieson Products Co. (Photographic products, Redondo Beach) 1936


Japan Air Lines (Los Angeles, San Francisco) 1954


Japan Trade Center (San Francisco) 1969


Japanese Bazaar (Japanese and Chinese curios, San Francisco) circa 1872


Japanese Bazaar and Bamboo Works, K. Tomeye, Proprietor (San Francisco) undated


Jason Springer Co., Springer Knowland (Manufacturers and dealers in doors, windows..., San Francisco) 1868-1888


Jay Briggs (Menswear, San Francisco) 1958


Jeffersonian Gold Mining Company (Sierra County) 1886


Jenkel-Davidson Optical Company 1954-1956


Jennie Clark (Steamer, San Francisco) 1856


Jennings Brewster (Clothing manufacturers, San Francisco) 1860


Jennings Oil Company (San Francisco) 1866


Jenny Lind Theatre (San Francisco) 1852


Jensen Iffland, Jensen Riley (Bakery, Yreka) 1879


Jersey Farm (San Francisco) 1883-1886


Jesse Moore Hunt Co. (Whiskey, San Francisco) 1917


Jewel Theatre (San Francisco) 1918


Joan Ltd. (Clothing importers adn designers, San Francisco) undated


Joe Poheim, Inc., Joe Poheim, The Tailor (San Francisco) 1898-1910


John Arnold Co. (Ice, Grass Valley) 1868


John A. Roebling's Sons Co. (Manufacturers of wire rope, San Francisco) 1887-1896, circa 1945-1961


John B. Luchsinger Son (Furniture manufacturers, San Francisco) 1879


John Bollman Co. (Maunfacturers of cigarettes and tabacco, San Francisco) 1914


John C. Marino Co., Inc. (Liquor merchant, San Francisco) circa 1935


John D. Arthur Sons (Importers and dealers in farm implements and machines, San Francisco) 1868, undated


John Daniel Co. (Marble and granite monuments and mantels, San Francisco) undated


John F. Myers Co. (Stoves, San Francisco) circa 1880


John G. Nelson, Carpet Warehouse (San Francisco) circa 1870


John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company (Los Angeles) undated


John Hall Son (Importers and dealers in doors, windows..., San Francisco) 1867


John H. Bosworth Co. (Grocer, San Francisco) 1860


John J. Joiner Co. (Metallic sign manufacturers, San Francisco) 1869


John Kentfield Co. (Vessel towage, Humboldt Bay) circa 1870


John L. Kelly and Associates (Public accountants, San Leandro) 1956


John M. Klein's Electrical Works (San Francisco) 1897


John Russell Company (Memorial cards, Los Angeles) undated


John Saulnier Co. (Importers of French brandies, gin..., San Francisco) 1883-1888


John Sambuck Co. (Cleaning, San Francisco) 1888


John Taylor Co's (San Francisco) 1860-1896

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

John T. Cutting Co., Cutting Murray (Canned goods, groceries, San Francisco) circa 1882-1887


John W. Harris Co. (Dealer in harness, whips and carriage trimmings, Stockton) 1897


John W. Heisner Company Incorporated (Investments, San Francisco) undated


John Wieland Brewing Company (San Francisco) 1891-1910, undated


John W. Roberts Co. (Advertising cards, San Francisco) circa 1880


John Ziegenbein Co. (Produce and commission merchants, San Francisco) 1870


John's Grill and Oyster Parlor (San Francisco) circa 1910


John's Rendezvous (Restaurant, San Francisco) circa 1936


Johnson Burson, Fine Shoes (Santa Barbara) undated


Johnson, E.O. (Surveyor, San Francisco) 1888


Johnson, J. H. (Dealer in sewing machines, Napa) circa 1880


Johnson-Locke Mercantile Co. (Shipping and commission merchants, San Francisco) undated


Johnson Mohr (Grocers, San Francisco) 1870


Johnson Water Gardens (Hynes) 1929-1930


Johnson Wood Incorporated (Jewelers, San Francisco) 1950, undated


Johnstone, Arthur (M.D., Oakland) circa 1885


Joice, E.V. (Notary public, San Francisco) 1872


Jones' Bazaar (Variety store, Oakland) circa 1890


Jones Bendixen, S.L. Jones Co. (Auction and commission merchants, San Francisco) 1858-1861


Jones Co. (Wholesale grocers and importers, San Francisco) 1887-1896


Jones, Dixon Co. (San Francisco) 1861


Jones, Givens Co. (Barb wire fence agents, Sacramento) circa 1885


Jones, Herbert (Clothiers, Berkeley) 1911


Jones' Hotel (San Francisco) 1851


Jones, Mundy Co. (Importers and commission merchants, San Francisco) 1887


Jones, R. (Millinery, Oakland) undated


Jones Thompson (Dealers in hay, grain and feed, San Francisco) 1879


Jonniaux, Alfred (Portrait painter, San Francisco) 1946-1960


Joost Brothers (Importers and dealers in hardware and tools, San Francisco) 1893


Jordan Bit Rock and Paving Co. (San Francisco) 1896


Jordan Brann (Attorneys, San Francisco) circa 1915


Jordano's Markets (Santa Barbara) undated


Jose Theatre (San Francisco) 1913-1916


Joseph Brothers (Manufacturers of men's and boys' clothing, San Francisco) circa 1890


Joseph Fredericks Co. (Importers and dealers in carpets and linoleum, San Francisco) 1887-1897, undated


Joseph Herrscher Co. (Wholesale wine and liquor, San Francisco) undated


Joseph L. Davis Co. (Dealers in groceries, provisions..., Marysville) 1855-1856


Joseph McClain Co. (Groceries and provisions, Berkeley) 1895-1896


Joseph P. Day Inc. (Auctioneers and agents, San Francisco) undated


Joseph Personeni, Inc. (Italian imports, San Francisco) undated


Joseph Roberts Co., Silk House (San Francisco) circa 1870


Joseph Scheerer Co. (Carpenters and builders, San Francisco) 1884-1885


Joseph T. Terry Co. (Auctioneers, San Francisco) 1889


Joseph's Florists (San Francisco) undated


Joshua Hendy Iron Works, Hendy's Machine Works (San Francisco, Sunnyvale) 1878-circa 1885, 1978-1984


Joy's (INC.) (Manufacturers and dealers in medical supplies, San Francisco) undated


Judah Street Watch Repair (San Francisco) 1940s


Judson Manufacturing Co. (Bar iron, bolts, spikes..., San Francisco) 1896


Jules Restaurant (San Francisco) 1908


Julian, Charles H. (Plumber, San Diego) 1901-1903


Julius' Castle Restaurant (San Francisco) 1926-1935, 1979


Julius Pelton Co. (California wine merchants, San Francisco) 1876


Jurgensen's Grocery Company (Pasadena, San Francisco) 1969-1983


Just Desserts (San Francisco) 1983


Justh Hunter (Assay office, San Francisco) 1859


Justinian Caire Company, Caire, Justinian (Assayers' and chemists' materials, San Francisco) 1883-circa 1910




KCBS Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc. (San Francisco) 1952-1954


KQED (Television station, San Francisco) 1954-1981


KYA (Radio station, San Francisco) circa 1943


Kadosh (Bark, San Francisco) 1866


Kaelber, William (Masseur, San Francisco) 1894


Kahn Bros. (Tailors and fabrics, Oakland) circa 1890


Kahn, George H. (Optician and photo supplies, San Francisco) undated


Kahn, Sarah (French florist, San Francisco) 1883


Kahn Sons (Dry goods, fancy goods, millinery, Oakland) 1880s


Kahrs Becker (Groceries and provisions, San Francisco) 1872


Kaiser Aluminum Chemical Corporation (Oakland) 1954-1968

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Kaiser Builder (Magazine) undated


Kaiser Co. (Los Angeles, San Francisco) 1939


Kaiser Franz Joseph Hall (San Francisco) 1894


Kaiser-Frazer Corporation (Oakland) 1945


Kaiser Industries Corporation (Oakland) 1958-1969

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Kaiser Steel Corporation (Oakland) 1951-1958


Kalisky, Charles (Menswear and toiletries, San Francisco) undated


Kalliodont Manufacturing Co. (San Francisco) undated


Kalman's (Florist, San Francisco) 1940s


Kalua (Night club, San Francisco) 1935


Kanaka Quartz, Gold Siver Mining Co. (San Francisco) undated


Kane, Gerald (Collector, San Francisco) circa 1948


Kansas City House (Restaurant, Los Angeles) undated


Karl Krauss (San Francisco) 1940s


Kast's Fine Shoes (Oakland, San Francisco) circa 1880-1885


Kay's of California (San Francisco) 1940s


Keane Brothers, Keane, O'Connor Co. (Importers of foreign and domestic dry goods, San Francisco) 1870-1888


Keane and Kinnane's Glove Department (San Francisco) 1880s


Keane's Chimney Cap and Ventilator (San Francisco) circa 1892


Kearney Vineyard Syndicate (Kearney Park) 1900, 1940


Kearny Street Paint Store (San Francisco) 1867


Kearsarge Mill And Mining Co. (San Francisco) 1876


Keaton Tire and Rubber Co. (California) circa 1917


Keefe, D. (Produce commission merchant, San Francisco) 1887


Keefe, James W. (Horseshoer, blacksmith and wagon maker, San Francisco) 1892


Keene, C.C. (Manufacturer of accordians and flutinas, San Francisco) 1870


Kehoe, John (Metal roofer, San Francisco) 1872


Keil's California Floral Extracts, Market St. Pharmacy (San Francisco) circa 1800-1881


Kelleher Browne (Tailors, San Francisco) undated


Keller, M. (Native wines and brandies, San Francisco) 1867-1869


Kelley, George J. (Draughtsman, San Francisco) circa 1890


Kelly Brothers (Staple and fancy dry goods, San Francisco) circa 1880


Kelly, Frank S. (Druggist, San Francisco) 1880s


Kelly, Henderson Gilchrist (Importers and jobbers of wines and liquors, San Francisco) circa 1890


Kelly, M.T. (Groceries, Placerville) 1920


Kelly's Tavern (San Francisco) 1929


Kenitzer Barth Architects (San Francisco) undated


Kennedy, Lawton (Printer, Berkeley) 1977


Kennedy, P.J. (Dealer in groceries, wines and liquors, San Francisco) 1886-1888


Kenny, W.R. (Contractor and builder, San Francisco) 1881


Kent Manor (Carmel) 1952


Kenwood Vineyards undated


Keokuk Gold, Silver and Copper Mining Company (San Francisco) 1864


Kerby, Byrne Co. (Importers and dealers in dry goods, San Francisco) 1861-1868


Kern County Land Company (San Francisco) 1945-1963

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Kern Petroleum Company (Bakersfield) 1902


Kern River Land and Canal Company (San Francisco) 1875


Kerr, James A., Prof. (Music instructor, San Francisco) undated


Keva Mattress Manufacturing Co. (Oakland) circa 1950


Key System Transit Company (Oakland) 1915-1958


Key Route Inn (Oakland) 1908


Keyser, Paul (Commission merchant, San Francisco) 1887-1888


Keyston Bros. (Saddlery, San Francisco) 1889-1968

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Keystone Homestead Association (San Francisco) 1868


Keystone Wringer Co. (San Francisco) 1883


Keyzer, L.E.W., Mme (Hand made embroideries, San Francisco) 1881


KGO (Radio station, San Francisco) 1946


Kile, J.M. (Marine work, San Francisco) 1888


Kilgour, R. (Insurance agent, Sacramento) circa 1885


Killip Co. (Live stock auctioneers, San Francisco) 1873-1898


Kim Lung Co. (Importers of Chinese and Japanese goods, San Francisco) undated


Kimball Carriage and Car Manufacturing Company (San Francisco) 1870


Kimball's Jazz Club (San Francisco) 1984-1985


Kimball-Upson Co. (Sporting goods and auto supplies, Sacramento) 1904, undated


Kindler, A. (Plumber, San Diego) 1899-1902


King Coal (Harry G. Williams, Oakland) undated


King George Hotel (San Diego) circa 1925


King Liniment Medicine Co. (San Francisco) circa 1887


King Morse Canning Co. (San Francisco) 1884-1885


King's Dancing Academy (San Francisco) 1877


King's Hotel (Tahoe City) 1865


Kings (Restaurant, Hollywood) circa 1945


Kingsburg Cotton Oil Company (Kingsburg) 1952


Kingsley, George L. (Glove maker, Red Bluff) circa 1880


Kingston, Paul F. (Insurance, San Francisco) 1913


Kinney, L.A., Mrs. (Dress maker, San Francisco) undated


Kinney Medicine Co. (Los Angeles) undated


Kirch, E.J. (Druggist, San Francisco) undated


Kirk, Geary Co., H.C. Kirk Co. (Wholesale druggists, Sacramento) 1879-1902


Kirk, O.C. (Tinner and plumber, Oakland) 1881


Kirkwood Gold Mining Company (Jackson) 1900


Kirschner's Insurance Directory (San Francisco) 1956


Kisen Co. (Objects d'Art, San Francisco) 1915


Kissane, Henry (Hauling, San Francisco) 1888


Kistler, Johnstone Co. (Dealers in hardware, groceries..., Eagleville) 1888


Kit Carson's (Restaurant, San Francisco) 1936


Kittrell-Redden Co. (Insurance and real estate, Fresno) circa 1950


Klamath (Ferry, San Francisco) 1964


Klamath Hot Springs (Beswick) 1896


Klamath River County Estates (Palo Alto) undated


Klarenmeyer, S. (Underwear house, San Francisco) 1887-1889


Klauber Wangenheim Co. (Wholesale distributors, San Diego) 1959-1969


Klein Alexander Manufacturers (Gild moldings, San Francisco) 1881


Kleinert, A.G. (Manufacturer and dealer in furniture and carpets, San Francisco) 1900


Kline Co., Kline Forchheimer (Importers and jobbers of hats, caps..., San Francisco) 1857-1859


Klockars, Edwin, Tool Works (San Francisco) 1937


Knapp Grant (General commission merchants, San Francisco) 1869


Knapp's Good Food (Restaurant, Garberville) 1930, undated


Knickerbocker Orchestra, E.I. McCormack Director (San Francisco) circa 1926


Knight, E. (Milk dealer, San Francisco) 1863


Knight-Counihan Co. (School stationery, San Francisco) circa 1920


Knott's Berry Farm (Buena Park) 1947


Knowles, George B. (Lumber dealer, San Francisco) circa 1870


Knowles Swift (Dealers in wines and liquors, San Francisco) 1870


Knox Beans (Bankers, San Jose) 1866


Knox Seed Company (Stockton) 1923


Koch, Edward (Groceries, provisions..., San Francisco) circa 1870


Koch, John (Watchmaker and jeweler, San Francisco) circa 1900


Kockos Leasing (R. Diver, San Francisco) 1966


Koehler and Ritter (Jewelers, San Francisco) 1880


Koenig, A. (Shoes and boots, San Francisco) 1886


Koenigsberger, Falk Mayer (Manufacturers of cigars, San Francisco) 1884


Koerber, Frederick (Automobile financing, San Francisco) 1940s


Koffee Kup (Restaurant, San Francisco) circa 1925


Kohlberg, Strauss Frohman (Dry goods and linens, San Francisco) undated


Kohlberg Co. (Importers of fancy goods and trimmings, San Francisco) undated


Kohler Chase (Pianos and musical instruments, San Francisco) 1876-1903


Kohler, Frohling Bauck (Growers and dealers in native wines and brandy, San Francisco) 1858


Kollmyer, W.A. (Looking glass and picture frame maker, San Francisco) 1867


Kosminsky Bro. (Cigar and tobacco dealers, San Francisco) 1868


Kraftile (Niles) undated


Kragen Furniture Co. (San Francisco) undated


Kragen's (Clothing..., San Francisco) 1906


Krambach, L. (Importers and dealers in crockery, glassware..., San Francisco) 1857-1858


Kramer, Jacob (Landlord, San Francisco) 1863


Krasky, H.G. (Dealer in new and second hand furniture, San Francisco) 1895


Krausgrill, J. (Marine labor, San Francisco) 1888


Kreider, Frank L. (Stock broker, San Francisco) 1906


Kreuzberger, L. (Brick contractor, Sacramento) 1903


Kronick, Moskovitz, Tiedemann Girard (Legal services, Sacramento, San Francisco) 2000


KRON-TV (Television station, San Francisco) 1965-1982


KROY (Radio station, Sacramento) 1939


Kruse, F.W. (House and sign painter, San Francisco) 1908


Kruse, J.H. (Lumber, millwork and hardware, San Francisco) 1911


KSFO (San Francisco) undated


Kuhn, Henry (Gardener, San Francisco) undated


Kum Yee Hong (San Francisco) undated


Kump, Ernest J. (Architect, San Francisco) undated


Kuret Photographers (San Francisco) 1954


Kurlfinke, H.A. (Wholesale provision and dairy produce, San Francisco) 1899




L. A. Meyer (Importers and dealers in fancy goods, San Francisco) circa 1885


L.B. Benchley Company, Benchley Company (Importers and jobbers in hardware, San Francisco) 1857-1866


L. Bernstein Co. (Jewelers, San Francisco) undated


L.B. Hetty Electrical Works (San Francisco) 1898


L. Cassinelli Bro. (Wholesale and retail dealers in groceries, liquors and agricultural implements, Volcano) 1904-1905


L-D Allen Press (Kentfield) 1954


L. Dinkelspiel Co. (Dry goods, San Francisco) undated


L.D. McLean Co., Inc. (Grocers, San Francisco) undated


L.D. Stone Co. (Manufacturers and dealers in harness, saddles..., San Francisco) 1888


L.E. Waterman Company (Fountain pens, San Francisco) circa 1930


L. E. Wertheimer (Importers and dealers in cigars and tobacco, San Francisco) 1884


L. Friedlander Co. (Dry goods, San Francisco) 1851


L.F. Salbach Co. (Carriage and wagon factory, Stockton) 1896, undated


L.G. Sresovich Co., Sresovich, Gray Co. (Commission merchants and wholesale dealers in foreign and domestic fruits, San Francisco) 1885-1887


L. Kenneth Wilson Associates (Lands and minerals exploration, San Francisco) 1969


L. King Brother (Importers and jobbers in clothing, boots..., San Francisco) 1858


L. Liebmann Co. (Importers and dealers in fancy goods..., Oakland) undated


L. M. Alexander Co. (San Francisco) circa 1898


L. M. Sachs Co. (Importers and wholesale dealers in fancy dry goods..., San Francisco) 1857-1870


L. Miner Co. (Carpet beating machine, San Francisco) 1867-1869


L.O. Hudson Sons (Manufacturers and dealers in electrical merchandise, Stockton) 1890


L. Popper's Shirt Factory (San Francisco) circa 1885


L.R. Ellert Co. (Druggists, San Francisco) undated


L.R. Larzelere Co. (Produce and commission merchants, San Francisco) 1890


L.W. McGlauflin Co. (San Francisco) 1894


La Bodega (Restaurant, San Francisco) 1962


La Casa Alta (Restaurant, San Francisco) undated


La Grange Gold Dredging Company (La Grange) undated


La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club (La Jolla) 1943


La Ramada Old Adobe Spanish Restaurant (Glendale) 1912


La Strada (Restaurant, San Francisco) 1961-1966


Lace House (Fancy dry goods, Oakland) undated


Lachman Bros. (Furniture and carpets, San Francisco) 1913


Lackey, Hamilton, Blewett Associates Architects (San Francisco) 1966


Lacy L. Reed Co. (Automobile parts distributors, San Francisco) circa 1925


Laermans, Frank (Manufacturer of bedding, San Francisco) 1871


Lafayette Hotel (Lafayette) 1862


Lafayette Restaurant, M. Mondelet, Proprietor (San Francisco) 1852


Laflin Date Gardens (Thermal) undated


Laguna Federal Savings and Loan Association (Laguna Beach) 1971


Laib Signs (San Francisco) 1934


Lake Arrowhead Development Company 1961


Lake County Title and Abstract Company (Lakeport) undated


Lake Shore Land Company (Oakland) 1897


Lakeshore Auction Gallery (Oakland) undated


Lakeshore Resort (Lakeshore) undated


Lakeview Hotel (Lakeport) 1907


Lamanet, Al. (Musician, San Francisco) 1939


Lambert Greene (Axle grease, San Francisco) 1888-1890


Lambert Marketing Co. (Sacramento) undated


Lambert's Saloon (San Francisco) 1852


Lambro's (Restaurant, San Francisco) 1952


Lamont, G.E. (Manufacturer of glass for scientific purposes, San Francisco) undated


Lamott, A. (Importer and manufacturer of hats and caps, San Francisco) circa 1880


Lamping Co's Express circa 1860


Lamson, George F. (Auction and commission merchant, San Francisco) 1883


Land Investment Company (San Francisco) 1870


Landes, F.L. (Dealer in furniture, Salinas) circa 1880


Lando, H. (Custom made clothing, San Francisco) 1870


Landsberger Co. (Sparkling wines, San Francisco) 1871


Lane Connelly (Manufacturers and dealers in cigars, San Francisco) 1886


Lane Drug Store (San Francisco) 1940s


Lane, W.E. (Plumber, San Francisco) circa 1880-1892


Lane-Wells Company (Construction services, Los Angeles) 1951-1955


Lang, George (Wine grower and distiller, Calistoga, San Francisco) 1889


Lang, L. H. (Undertaker, Stockton) 1890


Lang Realty Co. (San Francisco) 1921


Langendorf United Bakeries, Inc. (San Francisco) 1946-1948


Langhorne-Thomas Motors (Packard dealership, Berkeley) circa 1929


Langley, Crowell Co. (San Francisco) 1865


Langley Michaels Co., Charles Langley Co. (Wholesale druggists, San Francisco) 1873-1928, undated


Langton's Pioneer Express (Downieville) undated


Lankershim Hotel (San Francisco) undated


Larco, N. (General merchandise, San Francisco) 1857


Lark (Steamer, San Francisco) 1864


Larkin, George B. (Teamster, San Francisco) 1888


Larkin Co. (Dealers in lamps, oils..., San Francisco) 1863


Larkins Co. (Manufacturers of carriages, San Francisco) 1882


Larrieu, Felix (French gardener and florist, San Francisco) 1902


Larroche, V. Husson, P. (Sheep, San Francisco) circa 1870


Larue Wharf and Lumber Co. (Brooklyn) 1878


Larzelere Beach (San Francisco) circa 1870


Las Dos Naciones Cigar Co. (San Francisco) undated


Las Potrancas Rancho (Guest ranch, Jolon) undated


Lash's Bitters Company (San Francisco) 1899


Lassale, Ernest A. (Music, San Francisco) undated


Lathrop Hay Company Incorporated (Hollister) 1902


Latson Strauss (Carpets and fine furniture, San Francisco) 1884


Lauck, Louis A. (Illustrative art and photography, San Francisco) 1954


Lauritzen Transportation Co. (San Francisco)


Lawless Stellar Compass Co. (San Francisco) 1902


Lawrence Bros. (Dealers in groceries and provisions, Oakland) undated


Lawrence B. Burke Company (Real estate, Los Angeles) 1911


Lawrence Houseworth (Opticians, San Francisco) undated


Lawrence Method of Measure Fitting (School, forms and patterns, San Francisco) undated


Lawrence Warehouse Company (San Francisco) undated


Laws, John (Commission merchant, San Francisco) 1888-1890


Lawson, A. (Cooperage, San Francisco) 1883


Lawson, E.H. (Dealer in bread, ice cream, stationery and tobacco, Folsom) 1917


Lawson, Levy, Williams and Stern (Investors, San Francisco) 1965


Lawton Britt, Lawton, J.J. (Plumbers, San Francisco) 1888-1889


Lawyers Title Company (San Francisco) circa 1906


Layne Bowler Corporation (Water pumps and screens, Los, Angeles) 1921


Layng, William G. (Live stock auctioneer, San Francisco) 1898-1903


Lazard Freres (Importers and jobbers of dry goods, San Francisco) 1863-1868


Lazare Klein Company (Dry goods, San Francisco) 1922


Lazio's (Restaurant, Eureka) circa 1955


Lazzari Fuel Co., Inc. (San Francisco) 1954


Le Gay Co. (Importers and manufacturers of hats and caps, San Francisco) 1867-1870


Le Louvre Laundry (San Francisco) 1951


Leach-Biltwell Motor Car Co. (Los Angeles) undated


Leach, Richard (Carpenter and builder, San Francisco) 1903


Leach, William (Carpenter and builder, San Francisco) 1910


Leavy Bro. (Tobacco, cigars and pipes, San Francisco) circa 1870


Lebenbaum Bros., Lebenbaum Goldberg (Importers of groceries, wines..., San Francisco) 1884-1886, undated


Lee, R.H. (M.D., San Francisco) undated


Leege Mills (Importers of Teas, coffee and spices, San Francisco) 1887


Legal, C.L. (Block and pump maker, San Francisco) 1888


Lehmann, C. (Dealer in delicacies and dairy produce, San Francisco) undated


Lehman's Ticket Agency (Los Angeles) undated


Leibold Co. (Army and navy surplus, camping equipment) undated


Leighton-Jellett Co., Inc. (Linen importers and cotton specialists, San Francisco) 1925


Leila Curtis Co. (Designing, drawing and engraving on wood, San Francisco) undated


Leland Studio (Dance lessons, San Francisco) undated


Lemle, David (San Francisco) undated


Lemon Mill and Mining Co. (San Francisco) 1872


Lemos, Leon (Tailor, San Francisco) undated


Lenfestey Brothers (Groceries, San Francisco) 1888, undated


Lengfeld Antique Gallery and Interior Design Studio (San Francisco) 1969


Lengfeld's Pharmacy Incorporated (San Francisco) 1902, undated


Lenkurt Electric Company (San Carlos) 1956


Lenore (Bark, San Francisco) 1861


Lentell Gatliff (Insurance agents, Eureka) 1890


Lenz Widney (Real estate, Los Angeles) undated


Leon R. Myers Co. (Importers and manufacturers of marble, San Francisco) 1868


Leonard Holt (Developers, San Francisco) circa 1915


Leonard, J.B. (Hardware, Folsom) 1913


Leonard, J.W. (Plumber, San Diego) 1903


Leonard R. Foss Studios (Lamps and shades, Oakland) undated


Leone's Restaurant (San Francisco) 1960


Leprechaun (Knit and gift shop, San Francisco) 1940s


Leslie Salt Co. (San Francisco) 1926-1951


Lester Rose Gardens (Monterey) 1933-1946


Les Vogel Chevrolet (San Francisco) undated


Leszynsky's Cloak Store (San Francisco) 1865-1870


Leveridge, Everett Co. (San Francisco) circa 1880


Levi Strauss Company (San Francisco) 1856-1893, 1939-1979

Physical Description: 3.0 folders

Levinger, Ike (Dealer in cigars, tobacco..., Tulare) undated


Levy, G. (Importer and dealer in dry goods, San Francisco) 1878


Levy, S. (Dealer in tonics, Livermore) undated


Levy Electric Company (San Francisco) 1910


Lewenthal, Robert (Auctioneer, San Francisco) 1973


Lewis Brothers (Cigar manufacturers, San Francisco) 1877, undated


Lewis Einstein Co. (Druggist, Fresno) undated


Lewis E. Spear Co. (Agents for majestic ranges, San Francisco) circa 1900


Lewis, H.M. (Importer of watches, jewelry..., San Francisco) 1870


Lewis Homestead Association (San Francisco) 1870


Lewis, M. (Importer and dealer in window and looking glass, San Francisco) 1888


Lewis Neville, Clay Street Bag Factory (San Francisco) 1866


Lewis Novelty Co. (San Francisco)


Lewis Osborne Book Publisher (Palo Alto) 1969


Lewis Woodward, Lick House Bar and Billiard Rooms (San Francisco) undated


Lew Serbin Co. Dance Art Company (Costumes, San Francisco) 1954


Lexigraph Co. (Games, San Francisco) 1940s


Liberty Bank (San Francisco) undated


Liberty Furniture Store (San Francisco) circa 1910


Liberty House and Rhodes (Department store, Oakland) 1973


Liberty Press (Los Angeles) undated


Liberty Property, Inc. (San Francisco) undated


Liberty Theatre (San Francisco) 1911-1918


Lichtenberger Ferguson Co. (Saddlery, Los Angeles) undated


Lick House (Hotel and restaurant, San Francisco) 1864-1889, 1979


Lick Laundry, William McCracken, Prop. (San Francisco) 1898


Liddle Kaeding (Guns, rifles and fishing tackle, San Francisco) 1882


Lido, The (Restaurant, San Francisco) 1927


Lievre, Fricke Co. (Importers and Manufacturers, San Francisco) 1895


Life Insurance Premium Investment Co. of California (San Francisco) undated


Lightbody, J.P. (Shirt manufacturer, San Francisco) circa 1886


Lighter Air Amalgamator and Concentrator Co. (San Francisco) 1907


Ligure Sausage Factory (Wholesale and retail, San Francisco) 1940s


Lilienthal Co. (Wine Spirit merchants, San Francisco) 1881-1887


Lilienthal, Hugo H. (Lecturer on horticultural and agricultural subjects, Oakland) undated


Lily White Restaurant (Los Angeles) undated


Linard, B.R. (Lithographer, San Francisco)


Lin, Lew (Chair repairs, San Francisco) 1925


Lincoln, O.J. (Hammock chair manufacturer, Santa Cruz) circa 1881


Lincoln Hospital Association (San Francisco) undated


Lincoln National Life Insurance Company (Oakland) 1957


Lincoln Park Pharmacy (San Francisco) 1947


Lincoln Savings and Loan Association (Los Angeles) 1965


Lincoln Co., Graham Lincoln (Temperance grocers, San Francisco) circa 1880


Lind, Alexander (General merchandise, San Francisco) 1908


Lindley Co. (Hardware, Marysville) 1854


Lindsay Light Company undated


Lindsley, Edward L. (Saddlers hardware representative, San Francisco) circa 1885


Linforth, Kellogg Co. (Importers and jobbers of hardware, San Francisco) 1870


Linforth, Rice Co. (Manufacturers' agents, San Francisco) 1879


Lionel Wachs Co. (Commercial real estate, Oakland) 1953


Lippman Bros. (Dry goods, San Francisco) circa 1880


Lisser, Louis (Piano teacher, San Francisco) 1897


Litchfield, W.D. (Butcher, San Francisco) 1869-1872


Little Chapel Florist (Berkeley) undated


Little Honduras Company 1898-1899


Little, John Goulding (Civil engineering, San Francisco) 1929


Little Knowles Lumber Co. (San Francisco) 1888-1889


Little, Sam (Commercial photography, Hollywood) 1941


Little River Inn (Little River) undated


Littlejohn, George H. (Plumber, San Francisco) 1907


Litton Industries, Inc. (Beverly Hills) 1968-1969


Liverpool London Globe Insurance Co. Ltd. (San Francisco) 1891-1913


Livingston Co. (Importers and dealers in wines and liquors, San Francisco) 1869-1890


Livingston Bros. (Dry goods, San Francisco) 1905-1984

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Lobero's Theater (Santa Barbara) 1888, undated


Local Loan Company (San Leandro) 1957


Locke Lavenson (Dealers in carpets, oil cloths..., Sacramento) 1868-1870


Locke Montague (Stoves, San Francisco) circa 1890


Lockheed Aircraft (Burbank) 1973


Lodi Post (Newspaper) undated


Loe's Travel Service (Manhattan Beach) 1974


Loewe Brothers (Importers and dealers in wines and liquors, San Francisco) circa 1870


Loew's Casino Theatre (San Francisco) 1921


Loew's Warfield Theatre (San Francisco) circa 1920-1924


Lofstad, Charles (Manufacturer and dealer in picture frames, San Francisco) circa 1880


Lofstad, John N. (Furrier, San Francisco) circa 1890


Loftus Bros. (Mnufacturers of the Loftus ore feeder, San Francisco) 1888


Logan, O.C. (Real estate and loan agent, Oakland) circa 1900


Lompico Co-operative Water Association (San Francisco) 1925


London San Francisco Bank Limited (San Francisco) 1871-1873


London Wine Bar (San Francisco) 1981


Londonborn Publications (San Francisco) undated


Long Branch Restaurant Saloon (Alameda) undated


Long Bros. (Nursery, Oakland) circa 1885


Long Island House (Todd's Valley) 1855


Lorentzen Company (Floor coverings, Oakland) 1950


Loring Theatre 1926


Los Angeles By-Products Co. undated


Los Angeles Fire Alarm Company (Los Angeles) 1906


Los Angeles Gas and Electric Corporation (Los Angeles) 1910-1928


Los Angeles Independence Railroad Company (Los Angeles) circa 1870


Los Angeles Music Festival (Los Angeles) 1961


Los Angeles Olive Growers Association (Los Angeles) 1915


Los Angeles-Pacific Co. (Electric street car lines, Los Angeles) undated


Los Angeles Realty Board Incorporated (Los Angeles) 1912


Los Angeles Sewer Pipe Association (Los Angeles) 1890


Los Angeles Steamship Co. (Los Angeles) 1923-1927


Los Angeles Telephone Co. (Los Angeles) 1962


Los Angeles Theatre (Los Angeles) 1896-1911, 1951


Los Angeles to Venice Company (Los Angeles) 1913


Los Molinos Land Co. (Los Molinos) circa 1950


Lotus Meat Co. (Lotus) 1954


Loucks McKendrick undated


Loud, Hosmer Co., Loud, Hosmer Tiltons (Wholesale dealers in wines and liquors, San Francisco) 1858-1859


Louis A. Lauck Company (Illustrative art and photography, San Francisco) undated


Louis Braverman Co. (Jewelers, San Francisco) 1882


Louis Gassner Inc. (Manufacturing furriers, San Francisco) 1912


Louis M. Martini (Vineyard, St. Helena) undated


Louis Saroni Co., Hirschfeld Saroni (Steam candy works, San Francisco) 1887-1898


Louis Weule Company (Nautical instruments, San Francisco) circa 1906


Louisiana Company, D.N. Schneider (Lottery, San Francisco, San Rafael) 1906


Loupe Haas (Wholesale dealers in groceries and provisions, San Francisco) 1869-1870


Louvre, The (Restaurant, San Francisco) 1899-1906


Love Black (Manufacturers and importers of men's furnishing goods, San Francisco) 1870


Low, J.C. (Eureka) 1854


Lowd Breen Real Estate Exchange (San Francisco) undated


Lowell Pharmacy (San Francisco) undated


Lowney, Thomas F. (Carriage maker, San Francisco) undated


Lowry, Breeze Co., Lowry Wightman (Produce and commission merchants, San Francisco) 1874, undated


Loyalty Group-Insurance (San Francisco) 1940s


Lubbock, O. (Horse for hire, San Francisco) 1888


Lucas, A.J. (Wholesale and retail dealers in furniture and bedding, Marysville) 1856


Lucas Detective Agency (San Francisco) 1890


Lucas, Turner Co. (Bankers, San Francisco) 1854


Lucky Stores, Inc. (Blair Holdings Corporation) 1947, 1951


Lucky Tours (San Francisco) undated


Ludgate, Surface Co. (Livery, exchange and boarding stable, Ione) 1877


Ludlow, F.G. (Druggist, Napa) circa 1880


Ludorff, A. (Dry goods, San Francisco) circa 1880


Ludwig's (Dance lessons, Oakland, San Francisco) undated


Luhrs Peters (San Francisco) undated


Lukens, E. (Blacksmith and carriage maker, Santa Cruz) 1890


Lun On and Co. (Dealers in Chinese merchandise, San Francisco) undated


Lin Sing Co. (Wholesale and retail dealers in China provisions, San Francisco) 1891


Lun Yuen Co. (San Francisco) undated


Luna's Mexican Restaurant (San Francisco) 1915


Lunch Counter (San Mateo) circa 1925


Lundborg, John A.W. (Dentist, San Francisco) undated


Lunt's Dancing Academy (San Francisco) 1869-1888


Lurie Theatre (San Francisco) 1927-1928


Lurie Theatre (Oakland) 1924


Lurline Baths (San Francisco) 1901


Lurline Gymnasium (San Francisco) circa 1919


Lutgen, Charles F. (Accountant, San Francisco) undated


Luther Burbank Company, Burbank's Experiment Farms (Santa Rosa) 1911-1923


Lyle Tuttle Tattooing (San Francisco) undated


Lynch, David (Stock yards, San Francisco) undated


Lynde Hough (Sheep dip, San Francisco) undated


Lyon Cannon (Wholesale grocers and commission merchants, San Francisco) circa 1870


Lyric Casino, Madame Pauline Foubert (San Francisco) undated


Lyric Cleaners Tailors (San Francisco) 1940s


Lytle Buick Company (San Francisco) circa 1950




M.A. Gunst Co. (Tobacco and cigars, San Francisco) circa 1904-1907, undated


M. Blaskower Co. (Importers of Havana cigars, San Francisco) 1899


MBT Associates (San Francisco)


M.C. Mogensen Co., Inc. (Los Angeles, San Francisco) 1923


M. Ehrman Co. (Importers and wholesale grocers, San Francisco) 1899, undated


M. Esberg Co. (Shirt manufacturers, San Francisco) 1867


M. Fleishman Co. (Tobacco and cigars, Stockton) 1876


M. Friedman (Furniture, San Francisco) 1909


M. Greenberg's Sons, Eagle Brass Foundry (Fire hydrants and brass goods, San Francisco) circa 1870, 1937-1955


MG West Company (Office furniture, Oakland, San Francisco) circa 1955


M. Heller Brothers (Importers and jobbers in fancy and staple dry goods, San Francisco) 1857-1870


M. Hellman Co.'s (Clothiers, San Francisco) undated


M. Meussdorffer, Fine Hats, (Oakland, San Francisco) 1880s


M. Meyerfeld Co. (Cigar manufacturers, San Francisco) undated


M. Monette Co. (Bazaar and carnival supplies, San Francisco) 1954


M.J. Brandenstein Co. (MJB) (Tea importers, San Francisco) 1899, 1906, 1953


M.J. Flavin Co. (Importers of clothing, San Francisco) 1888


M.J. Keller Company (Tailors and shirt makers, Oakland) 1896-1899


M.J. Laymance Co. (Real estate, Oakland) 1890


M.J. Messersmith


M.J. Stanley Co., New York Basket and Rattan Works (San Francisco) circa 1880


M. Lachman Co. (Importers and dealers in carpets, oil cloths..., San Francisco) 1881


M. Levy Bro. (Stockton) undated


M. Pickthall Co. (Manufacturers and dealers in valves, San Francisco) undated


M. Rodgers Office Furniture Equipment (San Francisco) 1951


M.S. Pires Water Company (Centerville) 1909


MacDonald Truck and Tractor Company circa 1920


MacDonough Theatre (Oakland) 1894-1918


Machine Knife Grinding (San Francisco) undated


Machinery and Electrical Co. (Los Angeles) undated


Mack Co. (Wholesale druggists, San Francisco) 1895


Mack, M.F. (Dealer and manufacturer of boots and shoes) circa 1885


Mack, Simon (Stock broker, San Francisco) 1904


Macondray Co. (Shipping and commission merchants, San Francisco) 1852-1870, 1949


Macy's (San Francisco) 1947-1977

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Maddux Air Lines (San Francisco) 1928-1930


Mademoiselle (Women's clothing, Berkeley) undated


Madison and Burke (Real estate and insurance brokers, San Francisco) 1906, 1958-1970, undated


Madonna, The (Residence hotel, San Francisco) undated


Maffei, Frank (Window washing and general house work, San Francisco) undated


Magazine Brush Manufacturing Company (Oakland) circa 1885


Magee Moore (Importers of shoe manufacturers' goods, San Francisco) 1870


Maggart's New England Home Bakery (San Francisco) undated


Magic Theatre (San Francisco) 1982-1983


Magma Power Company (Los Angeles) 1966


Magnavox 1987


Magnolia Hotel (Calistoga) circa 1885


Magnus Hotel (McKittrick) undated


Maguire's Drug Store (Kennett) undated


Mailliard Schmiedell (San Francisco) 1947


Mailliard Ranch (Yorkville) 1946


Main Street and Agricultural Park R.R. Co. (Los Angeles) 1895


Main Winchester (Manufacturers and importers of harness, saddles..., San Francisco) 1860-1903


Maine Machine Works (Los Angeles) undated


Maison de Beaute Valaze (Ida Martin, Beauty salon, San Francisco) undated


Maison Mendessolle Inc. (Womens clothing and custom tailoring, San Francisco) 1920


Maitland Playhouse (San Francisco) 1919-1921


Majestic Dancing Academy (San Francisco) undated


Majestic, The (Hotel, San Francisco) 1987


Majestic Theatre (San Francisco) 1906


Major Jack's Head-Quarters, John Stratman, Proprietor (Imported wines, liquors..., San Francisco) circa 1885


Makay Printing Service (San Francisco) 1940s


Makey's (San Francisco) undated


Malatesta, N. (Real estate and loan office, San Francisco) circa 1870


Mallory, M., Mrs. (Corsets, San Francisco) circa 1890


Maloney, T.P., Capitol Meat Market (Redwood City) 1909


Malt Syrup Supply Co. (San Francisco) 1919


Mammoth Grove Hotel (Big Trees) 1872-1890


Man Chong Co. (Importers and dealers in Chinese merchandise, San Francisco) 1891


Manchester Creamery (San Francisco) undated


Mandarin Art Co. (Chinese importers, San Francisco) 1940s


Mandarin Theatre (San Francisco) undated


Mandarin Cafe (Restaurant, San Francisco) undated


Manhattan Food Co. (San Francisco) 1895


Mann Wilson, Firemen's Insurance Co. Agents (San Francisco) 1889


Manning School of Music (San Francisco)


Mansbach, E. (Importer of fancy goods and trimmings, San Francisco) 1880-1882


Mansfield Gold Mining Company (San Francisco) 1876


Mansion, The (Hotel, San Francisco) 1977


Manx Hotel (San Francisco) 1985


Manzanita Hotel (Michigan Bluff) 1866


Marengo Water Company (Los Angeles) 1886


Marceau The Fotographer (San Francisco) 1892, undated


Marchant Calculating Machine Company (Oakland) undated


Marconi Italian Restaurant(San Francisco) undated


Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company of America 1904, undated


Mare Island Ferry Co. (Vallejo) 1983


Margaret Burnham's Cottage Candies (Berkeley, Oakland, San Francisco) undated


Marin French Cheese Co. (Petaluma) 1986


Marin Land Company (San Francisco) 1958


Marin Solar Village Corporation (San Anselmo) 1980


Marin Town and Country Club (Fairfax) undated


Marina Housewares Hardware (San Francisco) 1940s


Marines' Memorial Theatre (San Francisco) 1952-1953


Mark Hopkins Hotel (San Francisco) 1926-1966

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Markbrand of California (Lawn sprinklers, San Francisco) 1963


Markee Beauty Salon (San Francisco) 1940s


Market Street Railway Company (San Francisco) 1878-1944


Market St. Restaurant and Chop House (Oakland) undated


Market Street Securities Company, The (San Francisco) 1909


Marks, Edmund (Real estate and insurance, San Francisco) 1889


Marks Weintraub (Importers and dealers in grain bags and gunnies, San Francisco) 1867-1870


Marsden, J.W. (Builder and contractor, San Francisco) 1913


Marsh, N.F. (Drayage, San Francisco) 1877


Marshall Robbins (Importers and manufacturers of furniture, Columbia) 1862


Marshall Mining Company (Angels Camp) 1892


Marshall Square Building (San Francisco) circa 1925


Marshall Steel Co. (Dry cleaners and dyers, Berkeley) undated


Marshall, Teggart Co., Marshall, Teggart Brorsen (General commission merchants, San Francisco) 1888-1908


Martel, James L. (Real estate broker, San Francisco) undated


Martha Washington Candies Company (San Francisco) circa 1939


Martin Co., Empire Livery Boarding Stable (Yreka) 1877


Martin, Feusier Co., Martin, Feusier Steffani (Commission merchants, San Francisco) 1870-1883


Martin, J.L. (Horseshoeing, Stockton) 1894


Martin, Lillien J. (PH.D., consulting psychologist, San Francisco) undated


Marwedel Otto (Dealers in hardware, San Francisco) 1862


Marx, Henri (Wool merchant, San Francisco) 1902


Mary Emma (Steamer, San Francisco) 1869


Maryland Hotel (San Francisco) 1930, undated


Marysville Crockery Store, Flint Monsell (Marysville) 1855-1857


Marysville Foundry, Benham Booth (Marysville) 1854-1857


Mason Taylor (Manufacturers of boots and shoes, San Francisco) circa 1870


Mason Opera House (Los Angeles) 1903


Masonic Cemetery Association (San Francisco) 1868, 1922-1936


Masonic Savings and Loan Bank (San Francisco) 1889


Massachusetts bonding and Insurance Company (San Francisco) 1953


Mathew Smith Co. (Wholesale European importers, San Francisco) undated


Mathewson Bradford (Attorneys, San Francisco) 1898


Mathisen, J.B., Howard, George H. (Architects, San Francisco) 1893


Matson Lines (San Francisco) 1906-1969

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Matteucci Vannucci (Wholesale and retail grocers, San Francisco) 1892


Matthews, E. (Tinner, San Francisco) undated


Matthews, Wickliffe (Attorney, San Francisco) circa 1885


Matthias Gray Co., Gray's Music Store (Pianos, San Francisco) circa 1872-1885, undated


Maude, A.G. (Bakersfield) undated


Maurice Dore Co. (Real estate auctioneers, San Francisco) undated


Mauzy, S.H. (Boot and shoe store, Petaluma) 1880s


Maxwell-Briscoe Pacific Co. (Automobiles, San Francisco) circa 1910


Maxwell Galleries Ltd. (San Francisco) 1950-1978

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Maxwell Hardware Co. (Oakland) undated


Maxwell's Plum Restaurant (San Francisco) 1981


May Company (Department stores, Los Angeles) 1964


Mayacamas Vineyards (Napa) 1956-1958


Mayer Hirshfeld (Merchant tailors, San Francisco) 1875


Mayers Lyon (Dealers in window, picture and looking glass, San Francisco) 1869


Maye's Oyster House (San Francisco) 1967, undated


Mayflower Hotel (Los Angeles) circa 1948


Mayhew, G.H. (Wholesale cutlery, Oakland) 1896


Mayris Chaney (Hat shop, San Francisco) 1940s


Mayrisch Bros. Co. (Importers and dealers in cigars, San Francisco) undated


Mazeppa Gold Mining Company (San Francisco, Tuolumne County) undated


McAfee Baldwin, McAffee, Baldwin Hammond (Real estate agents, San Francisco) 1890-1892, undated


McAfee Brothers (Agents, San Francisco) 1893


McAlister Buick, Inc. (San Francisco) undated


McAlister, T. (Practical upholsterer, San Francisco) 1868


McAllister, R. (Carpenter and builder, San Francisco) 1891


McAuliff, H.B. (Sign painter, San Diego) 1903


McBrearty McCormick (Funeral directors, San Francisco) 1917


McCabe, J.H. (Theatrical agent, San Francisco) undated


McCarthy Company (Real estate, Los Angeles) undated


McCleery, J.F.B. (Billiards instuctor, San Francisco) undated


McCloud River Railroad Company (McCloud) 1929


McCool Armstrong (Manufacturers and wholesale dealers in picture frames and moldings, Oakland) undated


McCormack Haag Photo Service (San Mateo) undated


McCormick, J. (Mover, San Francisco) 1888


McCormick Co. (Publishers, San Francisco) 1914


McCormick Steamship Co. (Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco) 1923-1924


McCubbin, Thomas (Marysville) 1854


McCue Carriage Factory (San Francisco) 1888, undated


McCulley, John (Labor, San Francisco) 1888


McCutchen, Olney, Mannon Green (San Francisco) undated


McDermott, A. (Druggist, Oroville) circa 1885


McDonald, P.A. (Wholesale and retail dealers in coal, San Francisco) 1899-1902


McDonnell Douglas Corporation, Douglas Aircraft Company, Inc. (Santa Monica) 1958-1971


McDonnell Nursery (Oakland) 1939, undated


McGilvray Stone Company (San Francisco) 1910-1921


McGivney, James (Plumber, Oakland) circa 1885


McGlew Ore Concentrator Co. (San Francisco) 1893


McGlynn Menton (Real estate and auctioneers, San Francisco) 1902


McGregor, Joseph (Chronometer and watch maker, San Francisco) circa 1870


McHenry, M.S., Mrs. (Art needlework, Oakland) undated


McHugh Sheerin (Contractors, San Francisco) 1897-1901


McKay Co. (Wholesale lumber, San Francisco) 1901


McKecham, A. (Marysville) 1854


McKenna Brother (San Francisco) 1870


McKenty, H. (Grocer, Columbia) 1858


McKenzie Carlsen (Brokers, San Francisco) 1903


McKesson Robbins (Drug and liquor wholesalers, San Francisco) 1950s


McLaughlin, W.H. (Druggist, San Francisco) circa 1880


McLaughlin Ryland (Banking house, San Jose) 1871


Mclean, Goldberg, Bowen (Grocers, San Francisco) circa 1950


McLellan, A.C., Mrs. (Dressmaker) circa 1885


McLennan, A. (Stone work, Raymond, San Francisco) 1894


McMannon Currer (Insurance agents, Los Angeles) undated


McMartin, W.H.R. (Attorney, San Francisco) undated


McMillan, Donald (Manufacturer and dealer in syrups, cordials..., San Francisco) 1883


McNab Smith (Draymen, San Francisco) 1898


McNally Hawkins (Importers of gas fixtures, San Francisco) circa 1871


McNear Brother (Commission merchants, Petaluma, San Francisco) circa 1864-1870


McNear, George P. (Grain and feed, Petaluma) circa 1885


McNear, G. W. (Flour mills, San Francisco) 1899


McNutt Hospital, W.F. McNutt, Dr. (Private hospital and sanatarium, San Francisco) 1902


McPherson Co. (Liniment manufacturers, San Francisco) undated


McQuinn, John (Dealer in fruit, Marysville) 1857


McRuer Merrill (Commission merchants and auctioneers, San Francisco) 1857-1858


McSherry, Hugh (Grading contractor, San Francisco) 1868


Mead Runyon (Commission merchants, San Francisco) 1885


Meader, Lolor Co. (Shipping agents, San Francisco) 1949


Meadow Valley Mining Company (San Francisco) 1871-1873


Meads Bell (Real estate, Oakland) 1903


Meares, J.L. (M.D., Assistant health officer, San Francisco) circa 1870s


Mearns, George George S. (Searchers of records, notary public..., San Francisco) 1894


Mears George (Wholesale dealers in flour and grain, Marysville) 1856


Mebius Drescher Co. (Wholesale dealers in tobacco, cigars and liquors, Sacramento) circa 1900


Mechanics' Building and Loan Association (San Francisco) 1909


Mechanics Savings Bank (San Francisco) circa 1905


Medical Center Pharmacy (San Francisco) 1940s


Meehan, M. Q. (Dealer in hardware, Placerville) undated


Meese Gottfried Company (Engineers and manufacturers, Los Angeles, San Francisco) 1908-1914


Meherin, Thomas (Seedsman and nurseryman, San Francisco) 1896


Meininger, L. (Notary and commissioner, San Francisco) circa 1895


Melody Lane (Bar, San Francisco) 1940


Melody Marks and Associates (Fashion advisors, San Francisco) 1970s


Melvin, E.W. (Agent for Empire Wringer Co., Sacramento) 1880s


Mendocino Chocolate Company (Mendocino) undated


Mendocino Hotel Garden Cottages (Mendocino) undated


Mendocino Lumber Company (San Francisco) 1888


Mengel, John (Retail dealer in American beef, veal..., San Francisco) 1876


Mengel, Philipp (Manufacturer of furniture and bedding, Stockton) 1881


Menlo Pharmacy, M.E. Selzer (Menlo Park) 1910


Men's Home, The (Hotel, San Francisco) undated


Mercantile Acceptance Corporation of California circa 1935


Mercantile Trust Company of California (San Francisco) 1923, undated


Mercantile Trust Company of San Francisco (San Francisco) 1900


Merced Dredging Company (La Grange) undated


Merchant Shippers Association, Inc. (Los Angeles, Oakland, San Francisco) 1939


Merchants' Exchange Association (San Francisco) 1867-1888


Merchants Forwarding Line (Forwarding and commission merchants, Marysville) 1865


Merchants Exchange Hall undated


Merchants National Bank of San Francisco (San Francisco) 1918


Merchants Union Advertising Association Incorporated (San Francisco) undated


Merralls Mill Company (Quartz mills, San Francisco) 1895-1896


Merrell, S.S., Dr. (Berkeley) circa 1885


Merrill Lynch Realty (San Francisco) undated


The Merrills Charcoal Broiler (Restaurant, Petaluma) undated


Merry, Faull Co. (Provision packers, San Francisco) circa 1880-1884


Mersereau Son (Manufacturers of carriages and carts, San Francisco) circa 1880


Merten Manufacturing Co. (Coffees, teas..., San Francisco) 1899


Merten-Moffitt circa 1890


Mesa Improvement Co. (Los Angeles) 1912


Methodist Publishing House (San Francisco) 1951


Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures (Culver City) 1944


Metropolitan Improvement Company (San Francisco) 1904


Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (San Francisco) 1906-1954


Metropolitan Manufacturing Co. (Household specialties, Oakland, San Francisco) undated


Metropolitan Match and Commercial Co. (San Francisco) 1888


Metropolitan Theater (Sacramento) 1871


Metropolitan Theatre (San Francisco) 1862-1869


Metropolitan Theatre (Motion picture, San Francisco) 1924


Metz Co., The Paris Glove House (San Francisco) circa 1890


Mexican Central Railway (San Francisco) undated


Mexican Banana Plantation Co. (San Francisco) undated


Meyer, Daniel (Stock brocker, San Francisco) 1898, undated


Meyer, John (Dealer in wood, coal..., San Francisco) 1888


Meyer Jonasson (Importers and manufacturers of cloaks, San Francisco) 1864


Michalitschke Brothers Co. (Tobacco, San Francisco) circa 1880


Michel, N.E. (Piano books, Rivera) undated


Michels, Friedlander Co. (Importers of fancy goods, San Francisco) circa 1870


Middlemas Boole (Shipwrights, San Francisco) 1869


Middleton, John (Coal dealer, San Francisco) circa 1880


Midpines Lodge (Midpines) circa 1930


Midway Plaisance Cafe and Vaudeville Theatre (San Francisco) 1899


Mid-Winter Carriage Line Company (San Francisco) 1894


Mighall Mowwe (Carpenters and builders, Woodside and Redwood City) undated


Milco, G.N. (Produce importer, Stockton) 1876


Milens Jewelers (Oakland) 1950


Miles O'Brien (Contractors, San Francisco) 1866


Miles, S.C., Mrs. (Dressmaker, San Francisco) undated


Milk Farm (Dixon) undated


Mill Valley Cyclery, Inc. undated


Millbrae Highlands (Millbrae) 1930


Miller Drug Co. (Burlingame) undated


Miller Flag Display (San Francisco) 1940s


Miller Hall (Hay and grain, San Francisco) 1870


Miller, Jacob (Furniture dealer, Folsom) 1884


Miller, J. F. (Labor, San Francisco) 1888


Miller Lux Incorporated (Livestock, farms..., San Francisco) circa 1925-1939


Miller, Martin N. (Military and civilian outfitter, San Francisco) undated


Miller, Sievers Co. (Nursery and seed store, San Francisco) 1876


Miller, W. (Mover, San Francisco) 1888


Miller, W.H. (Dealer in wood and coal, San Francisco) 1893


Millie (Steamer, San Francisco) 1888


Milligan's (Restaurant, San Francisco) 1933


Milliken, C.S., Southern California Iris Gardens (Pasadena) 1931-1932


Mills, James Kemble (Wallpapers, San Francisco) 1952


Mills, J.B. (General agent for Cyclone wire fence company, Stockton) undated


Milo Harding Company (Duplicating services, San Francisco) 1952-1955


Milton Bradley Co. (Kindergarten materials and games, San Francisco) undated


Milton J. Wershow Company (Auctioneers, Los Angeles) circa 1950


Mimi's Cafe (San Francisco) 1934


Mine House (Amador City) 1964


Miner's Bank (San Francisco) 1849


Miners Foundry (Mining machinery, Nevada City) 1908, 1992


Miners' Union Hall (Bodie) 1912


Mines d'Or de Quartz Mountain (Quartz Mountain) 1888


Mining and Scientific Press (San Francisco) 1896


Mint Candy Store, C. D. Everett (San Francisco) 1870


Miradero Sanitarium (Santa Barbara) circa 1910


Miramonte Colony Association (San Francisco) circa 1887


Mirasole's Academy (San Francisco) circa 1870


Misses White (Dance instruction, San Francisco)


Mission Athletic Club (San Francisco) 1909


Mission Awning and Tent Factory (San Francisco) 1890


Mission Biscuit Company (San Francisco) 1950-1955


Mission Home Loan Association (San Francisco) 1890


Mission Inn (Monterey) undated


Mission Inn, Glenwood Inn (Riverside) 1902-1951


Mission Iron Works (San Francisco) circa 1900


Mission Lumber Co. (San Francisco) 1893


Mission Playhouse (San Gabriel) 1913-1923


Mission Savings Bank (San Francisco) 1911-1914


Mission Skating Pavilion (San Francisco) 1885


Mitsubishi Co. (San Francisco) undated


Mitsui Gallery (San Francisco) 1982


Miyako Hotel (San Francisco) 1967


Mme. Manon Shop (Vanita DeVoir, Gowns and lingerie, San Francisco) 1940s


Moars Cafeteria (San Francisco) circa 1955


Mobile Oil Company undated


Mockler, C.F. (Victrola distributor, San Rafael) undated


Model Music Store (Violins, banjos, guitars..., San Francisco) circa 1885


Modena, Joe (Merchant tailor, San Francisco) undated


Mo Dorman Co. (Office furniture, San Francisco) 1951


Moise-Klinkner (Typewriters, San Francisco) 1901


Moller, Gustav (Carpenter and cabinet maker, San Francisco) undated


Moller Mautz (Importers of dry goods, San Francisco) 1880s


Monarch Finer Foods (Los Angeles, San Francisco) 1935


Monolith Portland Cement Company (Los Angeles) 1948


Monroe Potter, Temple of Art (San Francisco) undated


Montara Realty Development Co., Inc. (San Francisco) 1907


Montclair (Restaurant, San Francisco) undated


Monterey, Fresno Eastern Railway Company (San Francisco) circa 1906


Monterey Grill (French restaurant, Monterey) undated


Monterey Jazz Festival (Monterey) 1964-1965


Monterey and Pacific Grove Railway Company 1907


Monterey Packing Co. (Monterey) circa 1920


Monterey Realty Co. (San Francisco) 1948


Montezuma Hill Gold and Silver Mining Co. (San Francisco) 1863


Montgomery Gallery (San Francisco) circa 1986


Montgomery's Hotel (San Francisco) undated


Montgomery Parking (San Francisco) undated


Montgomery Street (San Francisco) 1978


Montgomery Street Coffee Lunch House, H.H. Hjul, Proprietor (San Francisco) 1893-1896


Monticello Steamship Co. (San Francisco, Vallejo) 1907-1926


Moore, B. (General merchandise, San Francisco) 1857-1859


Moore Business Forms, Inc. (Emeryville, Los Angeles) circa 1943


Moore Co. (San Francisco) undated


Moore Dry Dock Co. (Oakland) 1918


Moore, J.W. (Saddlery, Marysville) 1856


Moore, Miner Co. (San Francisco) 1867


Moore Motor Supply Co. (San Francisco) undated


Moore Scott Iron Works (Oakland) 1916


Moore, W.H. (Brass and bell founder, San Francisco) 1860


Moores, C.W. (Real estate and insurance, San Francisco) undated


Moore's Flat Blue Gravel Mining Company (San Francisco) 1876


Moores Flat and Eureka Express (Moores Flat) 1902


Moore's Opera House (San Francisco) circa 1880


Mordecai, C. (Manufacturer and dealer in boots and shoes, Petaluma) 1880s


Moreland Motor Truck Co. (Alhambra) undated


Morgan Music Studio (San Francisco) 1966


Morgan's Boot, Shoe and Slipper House (San Francisco) 1882


Morosco's Grand Opera House (San Francisco) 1887-1900


Morosco Theatre (Los Angeles) 1917-1927


Morris, A. (Dealer in groceries, demijohns..., San Francisco) 1876


Morris Kennedy (Dealers in fine arts, San Francisco) circa 1880


Morris, O.R. (Millwright and constructing engineer, Stockton) undated


Morris Plan of California (San Francisco) 1945-1956


Morris, Robert (Wholesale furs, San Francisco) 1913


Morris, S. (Salesman, San Francisco) undated


Morris, Schwab Co. (Importers and dealers in mouldings, frames..., San Francisco) circa 1871


Morris Snow Seed Co. (Los Angeles) 1912


Morrison, E.G. (Mineralogist, San Francisco) circa 1925


Morrison, Foerster, Holloway, Shuman Clark (San Francisco) 1956


Morrison, John C., Jr. (Liquor dealer, San Francisco) circa 1870-1871


Morrison-Knudsen Company, Inc. 1969


Morrow, L. (Dealer in stoves, hardware..., Sawyer's Bar) 1877-1878


Morse, G.D. (Photographer, San Francisco) circa 1885


Morse, Harry N. (Detective agency, Oakland) 1878


Morse's Palace of Art (San Francisco) circa 1885


Mosgrove, S. (Realtor, San Francisco) undated


Moss, Ralph (Fancy staple dry goods, San Francisco) 1861


Mother Lode Mines Consolidated (of Eldorado County) (San Francisco) undated


Motion Picture Association of America, Inc. (Hollywood) 1946


Motor Transit Co. (Los Angeles) 1923


Moulton, W.J.L. (San Francisco) 1874


Mount Hamilton Vineyard, John L. Koster, Prop. (San Francisco) undated


Mount Lowe Railway (Los Angeles County) 1918


Mount Tamalpais Mill Valley Railway (Mill Valley, San Francisco) 1897-1908


Mount View Hotel (Calistoga) undated


Mount Wilson Hotel (Pasadena) undated


Mountain Trips West undated


Mountain View Cemetery (Oakland) 1932


Moving Picture Theaters (San Francisco) 1980


Mow Lee Sing Kee Co. (San Francisco) 1940s


Mrs. H. Jacobs Co. (Clothing manufacturers, San Francisco) undated


Mrs. Jarley's Wax Works (Vallejo) undated


Mrs. M. H. Ober Co. (Dress reform corsets, San Francisco) circa 1880


Mrs. Patterson Electro-Magnetic Complexion and Vapor Baths (San Francisco) circa 1885


Mrs. Stites Miller's Boarding House (San Francisco) circa 1860


Mugan Lavin, Mugan Moran (Produce and commission merchants, San Francisco) 1870-1872


Mukilteo Lumber Co. (San Francisco) 1908


Muller, Adolph (Furrier, San Francisco) 1867


Munsell, James, Jr. (Insurance agent, San Francisco) 1870-1884


Murphy, Adam H., Continental Coffee and Spice Mills (San Francisco) circa 1880


Murphy, Grant Co. (Importers of staple and fancy dry goods, San Francisco) 1861-1913


Murray-Hill (Furniture and carpet cleaners, San Francisco) 1940s


Murray Ready (Employment agency, Los Angeles, Oakland, San Francisco) 1904-1908


Murray Brothers, Machine Works (San Francisco) 1888


Music Box (Dinner club, San Francisco) 1934-1936


Musical Hall (San Francisco) 1854-1867


Mutual Savings Bank of San Francisco undated


Myers Bros. (San Francisco) 1858


Myers Grass Valley Mortuary (Grass Valley) undated


Myrtledale Hot Springs (Calistoga) circa 1925




N.D. Sickels Co. (Real estate, San Francisco) circa 1880


N. Gray Co., Nathaniel Gray (Funeral directors, San Francisco) 1862-1875, 1956-1971, undated


N.H. Lang Co. (Real estate and mortgage loans, San Francisco) 1898


N.K. Fairbank Company (Cottolene cooking fat, San Francisco) 1880s


N. Ohlandt Co. (Fertilizers, San Francisco) circa 1900


N.P. Cole Co. (Furniture and bedding, San Francisco) 1870-1881


N.P. Garassino Co. (Dealers in vegetables, San Francisco) circa 1890


N. Van Bergen Co. (Manufacturers of bitters and tonics, San Francisco) circa 1913


Naber, Alfs Brune (Importers and wholesale liquor merchants, San Francisco) circa 1880


Nagel, C.A. (Contractor, San Diego) 1898


Namanny, C. (Dealer in wood, coal and grain, Lorin) 1899


Nance, William (Pumps, Grass Valley) 1894, undated


Napa Soda Springs (Napa County) 1968


Napa Sonoma Wine Co. (Sonoma) 1949-1950


Napa Valley Railroad (Vallejo) circa 1870


Napa Valley Wine Company (San Francisco) 1888


Narsai's Market (Berkeley) 1978


Nash Fogg (Importers and dealers in boots, shoes..., Stockton) 1861


Nash, J. (General merchant, San Diego) circa 1870


Nash, Joseph (Real estate and loans, San Francisco) circa 1890-1900


Nason, Duren Co. (Commission merchants, San Francisco) 1855


Natalie Shop (San Francisco) undated


Nathan Bentz Company (Asian art, San Francisco) circa 1918, undated


Nathan, Dohrmann Co., B. Nathan Co. (Importers and dealers in crockery, china..., San Francisco) 1883-1902, 1950, undated


National (Theatre, Madera) 1926


National Academy for Dancing (San Francisco) undated


National Association of Credit Men (San Francisco) 1950


National Association of Life Underwriters (San Francisco) 1932


National Association of Restoration Specialists (Murpheys) 1973


National Automobile Club (San Francisco) 1949, undated


National Bank of Bakersfield undated


National Bank of California at Los Angeles 1890


National Bank of the Pacific at San Francisco 1906


National Brewing Company (San Francisco) 1885-circa 1910


National Broadcasting Company (San Francisco) 1942


National Carloading Corporation (Oakland) undated


National Envelope Corporation (San Francisco) 1954


National Fish Co. of Sacramento (Sacramento) 1905


National Flight System (San Francisco) undated


National Guard Hall (San Francisco) 1876


National Hotel and Coffee Shop (Nevada City) 1948-1953, undated


National Ice Cream Company (San Francisco, Oakland) undated


National Iron Works (San Francisco) undated


National Laundry (San Francisco) 1902


National Liberty Insurance Company (San Francisco) undated


National Life Insurance Company 1942


National Mortgage Company of California 1923


National Nitrosoil Company (San Francisco) undated


National Restaurant (San Francisco) 1940s


National Securities Corporation of California (San Francisco) 1928


National Steel and Shipbuilding Company ( SS Cherry Valley Launching) 1974


Natoma Development Company 1900


Natoma Water and Mining Company 1904, undated


Natomas Company (Sacramento) 1935-1964


Natomas Company (San Francisco) 1963-1968


Naval Union (Vallejo) 1901


Navlet, Charles C. (Seeds, bulbs, plants, San Jose) 1893


Neil Buckley Ltd. (Men's clothing, San Francisco) undated


Neiman-Marcus (Department store, San Francisco) 1979-1983


Neller Schirmer Co. (Wine and liquor dealers, San Francisco) 1919


Nelly Gaffney, Inc. (Gowns and wraps, San Francisco) undated


Nelson Petersen (Importers, wholesale grocers, San Francisco) 1885


Neptune Gardens (Restaurant, Alameda) undated


Neustadter Bros. (Importers of fancy goods, hosiery..., San Francisco) 1858-1887


Nevada (Steamer) undated


Nevada Bank of San Francisco (San Francisco) 1896-1897, 1966


Nevada-California-Oregon Railway 1926


Nevada County Bank (Grass Valley) 1921


Nevada County Miners' Association (Nevada County) circa 1890


Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad (Grass Valley, Nevada City) 1879, undated


Nevada County Traction Company (San Francisco) circa 1900


Nevada Ice Company (San Francisco) circa 1870


Nevada Metallurgical Works (San Francisco) 1889-1891


Nevada Mountain Lake Ice Co. (San Francisco) circa 1870


Nevada Theatre (Nevada City) 1993


Neville Co. (Bags, tents and awnings, San Francisco) 1882-1901


Nevins, F.C., Mrs., Strictly Hand-Work Laundry (Santa Barbara) 1921


New 16th Street Theatre (San Francisco) 1917


New Book Store (San Francisco) 1901


New Depot Pharmacy (James H. Winter, San Francisco) 1940s


New Fillmore Hotel (San Francisco) 1930-1933


New Forest House (Forest Hill) 1858


New Home Sewing Machine Co. (San Francisco) circa 1885


New Idria Mining and Chemical Company (Idria) 1954


New Lick Fruit Market, E. Parenti Co., Proprietors (San Francisco) 1900


New Light Laundry Cleaning (San Francisco) undated


New Market Theatre (San Francisco) undated


New Meat Company (San Francisco) 1940s


New Mission Theatre (San Francisco) 1916-1917


New Parisian Dyeing and Cleaning Co., Inc. (J. Allec, San Francisco) undated


New Saloon 513 1/2 K St., August Schroeder, Prop. (Sacramento) undated


New Shanghai Cafe (San Francisco) undated


New Sutter Street Market, A.S. Honel (San Francisco) undated


New Tientsin Cafe (Chinese and American restaurant, Sacramento) undated


New Tivoli Restaurant (San Francisco) 1957


New York Exchange Hotel (San Jose) 1880


New York Hotel (Stockton) 1853


New York Life Insurance Co. (San Francisco) 1906


New York Tea Co. (San Francisco) undated


New World (Steamer) 1854


New World Sun (San Francisco) 1905


Newbegin's Book Shop (San Francisco) undated


Newbery, F.T. (Civil engineer and surveyor, San Francisco) undated


Newcastle Building and Loan Association (Newcastle) 1889-1919


Newcastle Development Association (Newcastle) 1903


Newell Bro. (Soap dealers, San Francisco) 1884


Newhall Brooks (Auction and commission merchants, San Francisco) 1866


Newhall's Sons Co. (Auctioneers and commission merchants, San Francisco) circa 1870


Newland Pumyea's Livery Stable (Oakland) circa 1880


Newman, A., Metropolitan Market (Dealer in beef, pork..., San Francisco) 1870


Newman, David (Boatman, San Francisco) 1888


Newman, Magnin Co. (Ladies wear, San Francisco) 1915


Newman Levinson (Importers and dealers in fabrics, yarns..., San Francisco) circa 1880


Newman's Richelieu Cafe (San Francisco) 1899-1900


Newmark, A. (Plumber, San Francisco) 1898


Newton Brothers Co. (Importers of teas and fine groceries, San Francisco) 1880s


Ney, N. (Dressmakers' supplies, San Francisco) circa 1895


Niantic (Whaler, San Francisco) 1978-1984, undated


Nichols, C.M. (Druggist and apothecary, Gilroy) undated


Nichols, Carl E. (Plumber, San Diego) 1901


Nichols, H. C., Mrs. (Instructions in Florentine modeling...) circa 1885


Nicholson's Flavoring Extracts (San Francisco) circa 1885


Nick West Studio (Los Gatos) 1947


Nicoll The Tailor (San Francisco) circa 1880-1882


Nicolson Pavement Co. (San Francisco) 1868


Niehaus Bros. Co. a Corporation, West Berkeley Planing Mills (Berkeley) 1895


Nihilist, The (Periodical, San Francisco) 1885


Nippon Dry Goods Company (San Francisco) undated


Nippon Hotel (San Francisco) undated


Nippon Interior (San Francisco) undated


Nippon Yusen Kaisha (San Francisco) 1941


Noah's Ark (Restaurant, San Mateo) 1925


Noble Gallagher, Noble, Gallagher Best (Dealers in paints, oils, glass..., San Francisco) 1864-1869


Noe Valley Cinema(San Francisco) undated


Noe Valley Psychotherapy Associates(San Francisco) undated


Noir Gallery (San Francisco) undated


Noisat, Pierre (Importer and dealer in wines and liquors, Oakland) circa 1885


Nolan Brothers (Fine shoes, San Francisco) circa 1880-1883


Nolan Co. (Fine shoes, Oakland) circa 1900


Nolan, M.D. (Importer and dealer in boots and shoes, San Francisco) 1883-circa 1885


Nolan, P.F., P.F. Nolan Sons (Manufacturer and dealer in boots and shoes, San Francisco) 1871-1873, circa 1880


Nonpareil Bar (San Francisco) circa 1915


Norcross, D. (Manufacturer and importer in fringe, cord, tassel..., San Francisco) 1862


Nordman Bros. Company (Wholesale jewelers, San Francisco) undated


Nordstrom (Department store, San Francisco) 1988


Nordstrom's Paint Seal-Tuff Co. (Oakland) undated


Noreiga Furniture Co. (San Francisco) 1953


Norman, W.A. (Contractor in artificial stone, retaining walls, Oakland) undated


Normand, L.E., The Baldwin House Tailor (San Francisco) circa 1885


North American Aviation, Inc. (Los Angeles) 1950-1959


North American Company (Stocks) 1928


North American Investment Corporation (San Francisco) 1927-1935


North American Mercantile Co. (San Francisco) 1927


North American Rockwell Corporation (El Segundo) 1969


North American Title Insurance Company (Oakland) 1954


North Beach and Mission Railroad Co. (San Francisco) 1874


North Beach Bazaar (San Francisco) 1894


North Carson Silver Mining Company (San Francisco) 1876


North Face (Berkeley) undated


North German Fire Insurance. Co., Walter Speyer, General Agent (San Francisco) 1902


North German Lloyd Steamship Co., Robert Capelle General Agent (San Francisco) 1907


North Pacific Coast Railroad (San Francisco) 1886-1889


North Pacific Steamship Co. (San Francisco) 1915, undated


North Point Gallery (San Francisco) 1995


North Shore Railroad Company (San Francisco) 1903-1905


North Shore Railroad (San Rafael) 1907


North Star Tea Co. (San Francisco) circa 1895


Northern California Hotel Association 1917


Northern Electric Railway (Sacramento) 1908-1912


Northern Navigation Co.'s Lines (San Francisco) circa 1909


Northern Light Gold Silver Mining Co. (San Francisco) 1878


Northgate Radio (Berkeley) undated


Northrop Corporation 1969


Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company 1955


Northwestern National Insurance Co. of Milwaukee, Wis. (San Francisco) 1891, undated


Northwestern Pacific Railroad Company (San Francisco) 1908-1965, undated


Norton, J.B., The Grocer (Pacific Grove) circa 1895


Norton, L.A., Norton Cochran (Attorney, Healdsburg) circa 1878-1882


Norton, Teller Roden (Butter, cheese, lard..., San Francisco) 1902


Novagem Jewel Co. (San Francisco) undated


Novelty Theatre (San Francisco) 1907-1908


Nu Tone (Silas M. Despain, automobile cleaner and polish, San Francisco) 1940s


Nuestra Senora De Guadalupe Silver Mining Co. circa 1878


Nugget Club-Grill (San Francisco) 1942


Nunes, Luiz Antonio (Clothing and furnishing goods, San Francisco) 1895


Nunzio's Parking (Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco) 1969


Nut Tree (Restaurant, Vacaville) 1970




O.A. Hale Co. (San Jose) 1881


O.F. Von Rhein Co. (Real estate agents and auctioneers, San Francisco) 1887


O.K. Minstrels (Nortonville) 1870


O. Lawton Co. (San Francisco) circa 1895


O. Newman Company (Designers of hand painted art, Los Angeles) circa 1930


O.W. Nordwell Co. (Drapers and tailors, San Francisco) 1886-1897


Oak Knoll Lodge (Big Bear Lake) undated


Oakes Hotel (Hayward) circa 1878


Oakland, Antioch Eastern Railway (Oakland, San Francisco) 1914-1916


Oakland Bank of Commerce (Oakland) 1948


Oakland Bank of Savings (Oakland) 1917


Oakland, Brooklyn Fruitvale Railroad Co. (Oakland) 1871


Oakland Carriage Manufactory (Oakland) 1878


Oakland Clothing House, J. Letter Prop. (Oakland) circa 1895


Oakland Commercial Club (Oakland) 1913


Oakland Cream Depot and Sweet Briar Dairy, J. R. Mott Co. (Oakland) circa 1880


Oakland Electrical Works (Oakland) circa 1885


Oakland Garage Co. (Charles Enyart) 1909


Oakland Gas Light Company (Oakland) circa 1870


Oakland Health Food Store (Oakland) 1950


Oakland Home Insurance Co. (Sacramento) undated


Oakland Pioneer Soda Water Co. (Oakland) 1899


Oakland Railroad Co. (Oakland) 1901


Oakland Theatre (Oakland) circa 1888-1890


Oakland Title Insurance and Guaranty Company (Oakland) 1942, undated


Oakland Traction Company (Oakland) 1901-1906


Oakland Transit Consolidated (Oakland) 1904


Oakley Jackson (Manufacturers and dealers in cider, vinegar..., San Francisco) 1860


Oakley's Mills, Samuel E. Oakley (San Francisco) circa 1870


Oakville Vineyards 1974, undated


Oasis Saloon (Mokelumne Hill) circa 1900


Oberon (Family concert hall, San Francisco) 1899-1905


Obrero Hotel (San Francisco) undated


O'Brien Company Inc., Percy H. O'Brien Attorney at Law (San Francisco) 1902


O' Brien Goodwin (Contractors for street work and sewering, San Francisco) 1889


O'Brien, Thomas M. (Notary public, San Francisco) undated


Occidental Foundry, Steiger Kerr (San Francisco) 1876-1888


Occidental Hotel (Los Angeles) circa 1915


Occidental Hotel (San Francisco) 1865-1890, 1950, undated


Occidental Hotel (Santa Rosa) 1920


Occidental Laundry, James Laidley, Proprietor (San Francisco) 1867


Occidental Life Insurance Company of California (Los Angeles) 1949


Occidental Petroleum Corporation (Los Angeles) 1967-1969


Occidental Transfer Co. (San Francisco) circa 1880


Ocean Beach Pavilion (San Francisco) 1905


Ocean House, M.E. Marshall, Proprietor (Santa Monica) circa 1885


Ocean Shore Railroad Company (San Francisco) 1908-1911, 1935, 1971


Ocean Shore Sales Agency (San Francisco) undated


Ocean Terrace (Resort, liquors,cigars..., San Francisco) circa 1891


Ocean View Theatre (San Francisco) 1914-1917


Oceanic Steamship Co., J.D. Spreckels Bros. Co., General Agents (San Francisco) 1890-1922


O'Connor, James J. (Contractor, San Francisco) 1891


O'Connor, M.E. (Court reporter, San Francisco) 1888


O'Connor, Moffatt Company (Department store, San Francisco) 1886-1945, undated


Odd Fellows' Savings Bank (San Francisco) 1866


Odeon Cafe (San Francisco) circa 1900


Oesting Baxter (Druggists, San Francisco) undated


Off Broadway (San Francisco) undated


Office Appliances Co. of California (San Francisco) undated


Official Amusement Guide (San Francisco) 1922


Ogilvie's Modern Cake Shop (Oakland) circa 1950


Ohio House (Placerville) undated


Ohio Illinois Quartz Mining Company (Nevada City) circa 1850


Ohio Mining Company (San Francisco) 1863


Ohm, Edward F. (Jeweler, San Francisco) 1867


Oil Land Consultants Co. (Oakland)


O'Keefe Co., Inc. (Wholesale dealers, San Francisco) undated


Okell, Donnell Co., General Agents, Employers' Liability Assurance Corporation Limited (San Francisco) undated


Olcovich Bros. (Importers and wholesale dealers in tea, San Francisco) 1881


Old California Exchange, Billy Jellings (Saloon, San Francisco) undated


Old Franklin Hotel (San Francisco) circa 1870


Old Japan (Japanese art and curios, San Francisco) undated


Old Macdonald's Farm (Restaurant, Lake Tahoe) undated


Old Pacific Fruit Market, A. Guilianelli (San Francisco) circa 1890


Old Poodle Dog Restaurant (San Francisco) 1898-1951, 1980


Old Ship (Tavern, San Francisco) 1994


Old Uncle Gaylord's (Ice cream, San Francisco) undated


Old Waldorf (Nightclub, San Francisco) 1974


Oliver, B.P. (Real estate agent and auctioneer, San Francisco) 1900


Oliver, D.J., Oliver Buckley (Importer and dealer in paints, oils..., San Francisco) 1858-1866


Oliver's French Bakery, New Model French Bakery (San Francisco) 1908-1912


Olney, Chickering Thomas (Attorneys, San Francisco) 1886


Olney Middleton, Olney Co. (Auctioneers, San Francisco) 1874-1876


Olson Mahony (Ship owners and agents, San Francisco) 1909-1915


Olympia (Music hall, San Francisco) 1897-1899


Olympian Club Elite Roller Skating Rink (San Francisco) circa 1900


Olympic Salt Water Company (San Francisco) 1892


Omar Khayyam's (Restaurant, Fresno, San Francisco) 1940-1957


O'Malley, Thomas J. (Boatman, San Francisco) 1888


Ondine (Restaurant, Sausalito) 1958-1961, undated


One Jackson Place (San Francisco) undated


O' Neill Podesta (Livery and feed stables, Jackson) 1904


Onsott, I.H. (Auction and commission house, San Francisco) circa 1880


Onstad's Smorgasbord (San Leandro) 1952


Ophir, The (Saloon, San Francisco) 1890


Ophir Silver Mining Company (San Francisco) 1875


Oppenheimer the Trunk Man (Trunks, suit cases, leather goods, San Francisco) 1915


Oregon and California Rail Road Company (San Francisco) 1870


Oregon Improvement Co. 1888


Oregon Railway Navigation Co. (San Francisco) circa 1880-1881


Oregon Stage Company (Marysville, Sacramento) 1866-1867


Oriental Grill (Sacramento) 1916


Oriental Hotel (Manhattan Beach) 1881


Oriental Hotel (San Francisco) circa 1850


Original California Cafe (San Francisco) 1933


Original California Tea Co. (San Francisco) circa 1885


Original Eastern Outfitting Co. (Furniture, carpets..., San Francisco) 1911


Original Gobey's Grill and Oyster Parlor (San Francisco) 1917


Original Hidden Treasure Mining Company (San Francisco) circa 1880


Original Little Beneficencia Publica Co. (San Francisco) 1898


Original Nacional Company of San Francisco (Lottery, San Francisco) 1914-1915


Orinda Willows (Restaurant, Orinda) 1954


Ormes, Waters, Tornroth, Inc. (Advertising, San Francisco) 1940s


Orpheum Theatre (San Francisco) 1895-1929

Physical Description: 8.0 folders

Orr Atkins (Gents' furnishing goods, San Francisco) 1870


Orthodox Word (Platina) 1968-1975


Osborn Alexander (Bicycles, San Francisco) 1887


Osgood Stetson (Dealers in stoves, tinware..., San Francisco) 1871, undated


Oso House (Bear Valley) circa 1926


Ostrander Knox (Attorneys, Merced) circa 1885


Ott, A.L. (Manufacturing jeweler, San Francisco) undated


Oullanhan, D.J. (Freighter and forwarder, Stockton) 1858


Overland Freight Transfer Co. (Warehousing, forwarding and general teaming, San Francisco) 1888


Overland Lumber Co. (Oakland) circa 1900


Overland Mail Co. (Sacramento, San Francisco) circa 1860


Overland Packing Co. (Manufacturers of hermetically sealed goods, San Francisco) 1885-1888


Overland Stage Line 1863


Overman Wheel Company (Victor Bicycles, Los Angeles, San Francisco) undated


Owen, Charles E. (Dealer in pianos, organs, sheet music..., Stockton) 1852


Owens, Jonn B. (Granite ironware, San Francisco) 1884


Owl Cigar Co. (San Francisco) 1899-circa 1915


Owl Drug Co. (San Francisco) 1920, undated


Owners Transportation Company (Incorporated) (Motor Trucking, San Francisco) circa 1918


Oyster Loaf (Restaurant, San Francisco) 1912, 1962




P.A. Lamping Co. (Banking house, Downieville) circa 1860


P. Berwin Bros. (Importers and jobbers of hats and caps, San Francisco) 1861-1867


P.C. Rossi Co. (Manufacturers of vermouth, San Francisco) 1888


P. Douglas Co. (Importers of crockery and china, San Francisco) circa 1870


P.G. Childs Co. (Wholesale dealer in grain, San Francisco) 1853


P.J. McGovern Co. (Wholesale and retail dealers in dairy produce, San Francisco) circa 1880


P. Rieger Co. (Flavoring extracts, San Francisco) circa 1880


Pablo Poultry Yards (San Diego) 1887, undated


Pabst Cafe (Oakland) 1910


Pabst Cafe (Restaurant and oyster house, San Francisco) circa 1895


Pacific (Steamship, San Francisco) 1852-1871


Pacific Air Lines (San Francisco) 1964-1966


Pacific American Decorative Co. (Art glass gallery, San Francisco) circa 1890


Pacific Audit System Co. (San Francisco) undated


Pacific Automotive Service, Inc. (Los Angeles, Oakland, San Francisco) circa 1920


Pacific Bank (San Francisco) 1881-1893


Pacific Bell Telephone Co. (San Francisco) 1887-1888, 1984


Pacific Blue Network (Broadcast advertising network, Hollywood, San Francisco) 1945


Pacific Box Factory, Myers Racouillat (San Francisco) 1883-1884


Pacific Business College (San Francisco) 1865-1875


Pacific Car Equipment Co. (Oakland) undated


Pacific Carriage Company, Oliver Hinkley, Superintendent (San Francisco) 1886


Pacific Cement Aggregates, Inc., Pacific Coast Aggregates, Inc. (San Francisco) 1957-1966


Pacific Chemical Works, Falkenau Hanks (San Francisco) 1868


Pacific Cleaning and Dyeing Works, J. Pacheteau, Prop. (San Francisco) circa 1880


Pacific Coal Yard (San Francisco) 1867


Pacific Coal Wood Yard (San Francisco) circa 1880


Pacific Coast Aggregates, Inc. 1956


Pacific Coast Airlines (Goleta) 1985


Pacific Coast Casualty Company (San Francisco) 1912


Pacific Coast Co. (Coal, San Francisco) undated


Pacific Coast Finance Company 1920


Pacific Coast Fire and Waterproof Paint Co. (San Francisco) undated


Pacific Coast Gas Association (San Francisco) 1906-1907


Pacific Coast Land Investment Co. (San Francisco) 1876


Pacific Coast Loan Association of San Francisco 1898


Pacific Coast Meat Jobbers Association, Inc. (San Francisco) 1970


Pacific Coast Patent Agency (Incorporated) (Stockton) 1909


Pacific Coast Rattan Co. (Oakland) 1914, undated


Pacific Coast Roof Paint Co. (San Francisco) undated


Pacific Coast Savings Society (San Francisco) 1895, undated


Pacific Coast Shredded Wheat Co. (Oakland) undated


Pacific Coast Steamship Co. (San Francisco) 1885-1915


Pacific Coast Stock Exchange (Los Angeles, San Francisco) 1957-1958


Pacific Coast Syrup Co. (San Francisco) 1880s


Pacific Coast Theatrical Exchange (Incorporated) (San Francisco) undated


Pacific Coast Trunk Store (San Francisco) circa 1880


Pacific Coast U.S. Mail and Express Co. 1904


Pacific Company (Assayer, San Francisco) 1849


Pacific Congress Springs (Saratoga) 1902


Pacific Dairy, A. Davidson Proprietor (San Francisco) circa 1870


Pacific Educational and School Supply Agency (San Francisco) 1893, undated


Pacific Electric Railway Co. (Los Angeles) 1911-1915, 1947


Pacific Electrical Works, R.A. Fisk (Maunfacturer and dealer in telegraph instruments, Sacramento) 1878-1879


Pacific Employers Insurance Company (Los Angeles) 1954


Pacific Exchange (Ships' crews meal and board, San Francisco) 1869


Pacific Express Co. (San Francisco) circa 1850, 1931


Pacific Far East Line, Inc. (San Francisco) undated


Pacific Feather Cleaning Co. (Napa) circa 1896


Pacific Furniture Manufacturing Company (San Francisco) circa 1870


Pacific Garden 1858


Pacific Gas and Electric Company (San Francisco) 1909-1982

Physical Description: 2.0 boxes

Pacific Gas Improvement Co. (San Francisco) 1889


Pacific Gear and Tool Works Inc. (San Francisco) undated


Pacific Gold, Silver Galena Mining Company (San Francisco) 1864


Pacific Greyhound Lines (San Francisco) 1930-1958


Pacific Grove Bathhouse, J.L. Birks S.A. Ely, Prop. (Pacific Grove) 1895


Pacific Guano Co. Incorporated 1858


Pacific Guano Fertilizer Co. (San Francisco) 1908


Pacific Hardware Steel Co. (San Francisco) 1902-1910


Pacific Home Builders (Los Angeles) circa 1913


Pacific Hospital (San Francisco) circa 1900


Pacific Improvement Co. (Pacific Grove) 1917


Pacific Improvement Company (San Francisco) 1893


Pacific Identification Co. (San Francisco) circa 1890


Pacific Indemnity Company (Los Angeles) 1927-1951


Pacific Insurance Company (San Francisco) 1871-1872


Pacific Intermountain Express Co. (Oakland, San Francisco) 1947-1950, undated


Pacific Iron Works (San Francisco) circa 1883


Pacific Jewelry Co. (San Francisco) undated


Pacific Kennel Review (San Francisco) circa 1900


Pacific Lighting Corporation (San Francisco) 1937-1981

Physical Description: 4.0 folders

Pacific Lumber Mill Company (Oakland Point) circa 1870


Pacific Lumber Company (San Francisco) 1967-1974


Pacific Mail Steamship Co. (San Francisco) 1857, 1913-1923, undated


Pacific Marble Granite Works (San Francisco) circa 1919


Pacific Metal Works (San Francisco) undated


Pacific Music Company (Band and orchestra instruments, phonographs, and radios) undated


Pacific Mutual Life Insurance Company of California (Sacramento, San Francisco) 1868-1894, 1950-1968


Pacific National Bank of San Francisco 1928, 1962, undated


Pacific National Fire Insurance Company (San Francisco) 1939


Pacific Ocean House (Santa Cruz) 1869-1883


Pacific Oyster Company (San Francisco) circa 1870


Pacific Photo and Art Co. (San Francisco) undated


Pacific Pine Lumber Co. (San Francisco) 1888


Pacific Postal Telegraph-Cable Co. (San Francisco) 1895


Pacific Public Service Company (San Francisco) 1939-1945


Pacific Pump Wind Mill Co. (San Francisco) undated


Pacific Savings and Homestead Association (San Francisco) 1862-1864


Pacific Saw Manufacturing Co. (San Francisco) 1882


Pacific Sea Products, Inc. (San Francisco) undated


Pacific Shirt Co. (San Francisco) circa 1880


Pacific Sightseeing Co. (San Francisco) 1956-1925, undated


Pacific Southwest Airlines (San Francisco) 1956-1968


Pacific-Southwest Trust Savings Bank (Fresno) 1925


Pacific Spring and Mattress Co. (San Francisco) 1883


Pacific States Motors (San Francisco) circa 1925


Pacific States Savings and Loan Company (San Francisco) circa 1889-1930


Pacific States Telephone Companies (San Francisco) 1901, undated


Pacific Steamship Company (San Francisco) 1924-1932


Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company (San Francisco) 1899-1968, undated

Physical Description: 1.0 boxes

Pacific Telesis (San Francisco) 1984


Pacific Tile Brick Co. (San Francisco) circa 1889


Pacific Title Insurance Company (San Francisco) undated


Pacific Tool Supply Co. (San Francisco) circa 1889-1899


Pacific Tours Company (Los Angeles) undated


Pacific Toy and Device Manufacturing Company (San Francisco) circa 1900


Pacific Transfer Co. (San Francisco) 1900


Pacific Trucking and Manufacturing Co. (San Francisco) 1882


Pacific Underwriter, The (Insurance journal, San Francisco) 1912


Pacific Union Express Co. undated


Pacific Vinegar and Pickle Works (San Francisco) 1887-1888


Pacific Wireless Telegraph Co. 1906


Page, Bacon Co. (Banking House, Sacramento) 1851-1855


Page Brothers (Merchandise, grain and ship brokers, San Francisco) 1885


Page Cowell, Pioneer Lumber (San Francisco) circa 1870


Page and Falch's Bakery, Restaurant and Oyster House (San Francisco) 1894


Page Turnbull, Charles Hall Page Associates, Inc. (Architects, San Francisco) 1978-1998


Page Woven Wire Fence Co., M.S. Tarkington, State Agent (Tulare City) undated


Pages, J.F. (Seal and die maker, San Francisco) 1885


Pahl, Richard (Boot and shoe store, San Francisco) circa 1875


Painter, E. (Druggist, San Francisco) circa 1880


Painter's House (Shingle Springs) circa 1880


Painting and Decorating Contractors of America 1955


Pajaro Valley National Savings Bank (Watsonville) 1946


Palace Art (Photograph gallery, San Francisco) undated


Palace Hall Saloon (Livermore) circa 1880


Palace Hotel (San Francisco) circa 1875-1997

Physical Description: 2.0 boxes

Palace Theatre (San Francisco) 1914-1918


Palate Sign Co. (San Francisco) 1940s


Pallies, A. (Commission merchant, San Francisco) 1877


Palm, The (Saloon and cafe, San Francisco) undated


Palmer, Cook Co. (Banking House, San Francisco) circa 1870


Palmer Photoplay Corporation (Los Angeles) 1920, undated


Palmer Shop, Inc. (Hand-wrought metal, San Francisco) undated


Palmer's (Millinery, San Francisco) 1882


Palmer Union Oil Company (Santa Barbara) 1916-1918


Palo Alto and University Stables, Lund Paulsen, Proprietors (Palo Alto) circa 1885


Palo Alto Vineyard (Menlo Park) undated


Pan American World Airways 1935-1939, undated


Pan-Pacific Laboratories (Cleaning products, National City) undated


Panama Mail Steamship Company (San Francisco) 1928-1932


Panama-Pacific International Exposition Company (San Francisco) 1914


Panama Pacific Line (San Francisco) 1923-1928, undated


Pantages Theatre (San Francisco) 1913-1928


Paquette, Graham Co. (Importers and wholesale dealers in wines and liquors, San Francisco) circa 1880


Para-Cal Oil Corporation (Los Angeles) 1929


Paradise Evergreens (Los Angeles) undated


Paraffine Companies, Inc. (Linoleum, roofing, paint, San Francisco) 1948-1950


Paragon (Bar, San Francisco) 1940


Paragon, H. Probst, Prop. (San Francisco) undated


Paragon Oil Co. (San Francisco) 1906


Paragon, The (Women's wear, San Francisco) 1906


Paraiso, Inc. (Resort, Paraiso Springs) 1886-1906, 1976-1977


Paramount Pictures Inc. (Los Angeles) 1941-1945


Paramount Service (Wholesale auto parts, San Francisco) 1940s


Pardini, G. (Importer of cigars, Stockton) circa 1920


Paris Glove Store (San Francisco) circa 1880


Parish Co., Parish, Eastman Co. (Manufacturers of bar syrups..., San Francisco) 1884-1885


Parisian, The (Hair dressing parlor, Oakland) circa 1895


Parisian House, Mrs. S. Koplan, Prop. (Clothing, San Francisco) 1910


Park, Brother Co., Limited (San Francisco) 1899


Park Nursery, Pierre Lapuyade, Prop. (San Francisco) 1927


Park and Ocean Railroad (San Francisco) 1883


Parke Lacey Company (Hoisting and pumping machinery, San Francisco) 1899-circa 1900


Parke, Davis Co., Dr. W.H. Davis, Representative (San Francisco) 1907


Parker, Campbell Co. (General merchants, Etna) 1882-1884


Parker, F.H. (Real estate, insurance and loans, Los Angeles) undated


Parker Printing Co. (San Francisco) circa 1943


Parker Roche (Attorneys, San Francisco) 1873


Parker, Ralzemond (Druggist, Oroville) undated


Parker, Wattson Co. (Wholesale tobacconists, San Francisco) 1872


Parker Weatherstrip Co. (San Francisco) undated


Parkman, C.E. Mrs. C.E. Parkman (Cigars, candies..., San Diego) undated


Parkside Theater (San Francisco) undated


Parodi Floral Co. (San Francisco) 1925


Parrott Co. (Banking house, San Francisco) circa 1870, 1955


Partridge Photography (San Francisco) 1890


Party Service Bureau (San Francisco) 1947


Pasadena History Company (Pasadena) undated


Pasadena National Bank (Pasadena) undated


Pasadena Orange Growers' Association (Pasadena) 1918-1931


Pascal, Dubedat Co. (Importers of French brandies, wines..., San Francisco) 1885-1890


Pastene, A. (Commission merchant, San Francisco) 1888


Pastime Theatre (San Francisco) 1915


Pastori's Fairfax Villa (Hotel and restaurant, San Anselmo) circa 1908


Patrick Co., Richard Patrick Co. (Stationers, San Francisco, Weaverville) circa 1870, 1983


Patent Brick Company (San Francisco) 1888


Pattridge, R.K. (Dealer in lumber, San Francisco) 1887-1889


Paul Elder's Books, Gallery (San Francisco) circa 1950


Paul Lau Company (Chinese imports, San Francisco) undated


Paul M. Porter, Inc. (Frontier Ranch Candy, Oakland undated


Paul Masson Vineyards, Paul Masson Champagne Company (San Jose, Saratoga) 1904-1924, 1959-1975, undated


Paul P. Bernhardt Co. (Rubber stamps and stencils, San Francisco) 1897


Paul Revere Life Insurance Company (San Francisco) undated


Pauli, Janssen Co. (Wholesale grocers, San Francisco) 1857


Pavilion Auction House (San Francisco) 1894


Pavo Real (Cafe, San Francisco) 1924


Pay-Less Market (San Francisco) 1951


Payne, Theadore (Nursery, Los Angeles) 1919-1930

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Payne's Bolt Works (San Francisco) 1888-1889


Payot, Upham Company (Importers, booksellers, stationers..., San Francisco) 1899


Pearce, Henry D. (Manufacturer of gold pens, San Francisco) 1867


Pearson Laymance (Importers of fancy goods and trimmings, Oakland) circa 1885


Peart, E.C. (General merchandise, Colusa) 1880s


Peasant Gown Shop (San Francisco) undated


Pease, Edward R. (Lumber, Georgetown) 1875


Peck Dwyer (Wholesale and retail dealers in coal, San Francisco) 1867


Peck, George W., Cuyamaca Tin Shop (Plumber and manufacturing tinner, San Diego) 1899-1900


Peck-Judah Company, Inc. (Travel services, Los Angeles, San Francisco) 1911-1951


Peerless (Straight goods, Vallejo) undated


Peerless Automatic Gas Making Machine (San Francisco) 1980


Peerless Electric Rat Paste (Manufactured by J.L. Lawrence Co., San Francisco) 1940s


Pelicano, Rossi Co. (Florists, San Francisco) 1915


Pelton, S.C. (Grocer, Folsom) circa 1890


Pelton Water Wheel Company (San Francisco) 1889-1921

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Pence Gallery (Davis) 1981


Peninou, A. (French laundry, San Francisco) undated


Peninsula Farms Company (Pescadero) 1924


Peninsula, The (Hotel, San Mateo) 1911


Peninsular Railway Company (San Jose) 1910-1920


Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company 1953


Penniman, H.W.H. (Land and mine surveyor, San Andreas) 1898


Pensacola Mill Mining Company undated


People's Express (Oakland) undated


People's Grocer, William Fischer (San Jose) circa 1880


People's Home Savings Bank (San Francisco) circa 1890-1916


People's Insurance Company (San Francisco) 1868


People's Loan Office (San Francisco) undated


People's Savings Bank (Sacramento) 1908


Peoples Water Company (Oakland) 1906-1916


Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company of San Francisco 1965


Perfection Bread Company (Sacramento) undated


Pergola (Restaurant, Hayward) undated


Perham, J.P.M. (Importer of maple syrup, San Francisco) 1887


Perine, N.P. (Roofing materials, San Francisco) 1863


Perino's (Restaurant, Los Angeles) undated


Perkins Wilson (Fancy dry goods, San Francisco) circa 1885


Perma-Side Company (Aluminum siding manufacturers, Los Angeles) undated


Permanente Cement Company (Oakland) 1947-1955


Permanente Metals Corporation (Richmond) 1945-1948


Perry, B.F. (Plasterer and whitener, San Francisco) 1870


Perry, John, Jr. (Stock and bond broker, San Francisco) 1900


Petaluma National Bank (Petaluma) 1911, 1919


Petaluma and Santa Rosa Railway (Petaluma) 1910-1914


Petaluma Savings Bank (Petaluma) undated


Peter Thomson Co. (Wholesale and retail dealers in men's furnishing goods, San Francisco) 1866


Peters, J. H. (Photographer, San Francisco) circa 1891


Petland (Berkeley) undated


Petrified Forest Park (Calistoga) undated


Petry Brandt (Automobile repairing, San Francisco) 1926


Pettit, R.H. (Cigar manufacturer, Sacramento) 1876


Pettit Robbins (Dealers in grain and produce, San Francisco) 1859


Pfile, John F. (San Francisco) 1888


Phelps Bros. (Enameled letters, signs, San Francisco) undated


Phelps, Foster Co. (Carpet renovating and steam beating works, San Francisco) circa 1882


Philadelphia Brewery (San Francisco) 1885-1886, undated


Philadelphia Shoe Co. (San Francisco) 1902-1911


Philip B. Bekeart Company (San Francisco) 1949


Philip Hinkel's Elevator Works (San Francisco) undated


Philip Kennedy Co., Kennedy, Brennan Co. (Importers of foreign and domestic dry goods, San Francisco) 1886


Philip McGovern's Saloon (San Francisco) undated


Phillips, Brown Co. (Commission merchants, San Francisco) circa 1870


Phillips Petroleum Company (Los Angeles) 1966


Phillips Sharp (Dealers in hosiery, blankets..., San Francisco) 1858


Phillips Van Orden Company Incorporated (Printers, San Francisco) circa 1936


Phoenix Hotel (Michigan Bluff) 1865-1867


Phoenix Iron Works, Rix Firth, Proprietors (San Francisco) 1868-1888


Phoenix Mutual Life Insurance Co. of Hartford Conn. (San Francisco) circa 1906


Phoenix Oil Works, Hutchings Finlayson (San Francisco) 1870


Photo Album (Retail photo shop, Hollywood) 1975


Photoplay Magazine (Los Angeles) 1953-1955


Piazzoni's Atelier D' Art (San Francisco) undated


Pickens, Fulton Co. (Collection agents, San Francisco) 1885


Pickett Co. (Wholesale dealers in groceries, provisions..., San Francisco) 1858


Pickwick Hotel and Terminal (San Francisco) 1928


Pickwick Stages (San Francisco) circa 1920-1927


Piedras Land Water Company (Riverside) 1906


Pierce-Arrow Pacific Sales Co., Inc. (San Francisco) 1914


Pierce Co. (Bakers, San Francisco) 1855


Pierce, J. M., S.F. Storage Warehouse (San Francisco) 1886


Pierce-Rodolph Storage Co. (San Francisco) 1900-1905


Pierre's Chateau Club (Restaurant and nightclub, San Francisco) 1934


Pierre's Restaurant (San Francisco) circa 1920-1933


Pierson Lampman (Printers, San Francisco) 1867


Pierson, L.H. (San Francisco) 1888


Pig'n Whistle (Restaurant, San Francisco) 1948, undated


Pike's Opera House (San Francisco) 1880


Pillsbury, Edwin Sprague and Dunlap, David C. (Attorneys, San Francisco) 1951


Pillsbury, Madison Sutro (Attorneys, San Francisco) 1974


Pillsbury's Pictures, Inc. (Photos, cameras..., San Francisco) circa 1950


Pin Money Guild (Coffee bar, San Francisco) 1940s


Pinal Consolidated Mining Company (San Francisco) 1881


Pine Crest Studio (Gifts and home accessories, San Francisco) undated


Pine Grove Hotel, William T. Gillick, Proprietor (Pine Grove) 1902


Pine Hill Pantry (Restaurant, San Francisco) 1940s


Pinelli's Flowerland (San Francisco) undated


Piney Creek Gold, Silver Copper Mining Co. (San Francisco) undated


Pink Taxicab and Transportation Company (San Francisco) 1957


Pioneer Assaying Co. (San Francisco) 1905


Pioneer Automobile Co. (San Francisco) 1914


Pioneer Battery Electric Co. (San Francisco) 1940s


Pioneer Carpet House, Frank G. Edwards (San Francisco) circa 1900


Pioneer Drug Store, Benjamin L. Bear, Proprietor (Napa) circa 1880


Pioneer Furniture Warehouse (San Francisco) 1872


Pioneer Stage Co. (San Francisco) 1867


Piper, Aden, Goodall Co. (Bay excursions, San Francisco) undated


Place Pigalle (Parisian restaurant, San Francisco) 1953


Placerville Gold Quartz Mining Co. (Placerville) circa 1850


Plands (Restaurant, Oakland) 1955


Plant Bros. Corp. (General contractors, San Francisco) undated


Plant Rubber and Asbestos Works (San Francisco) circa 1920


Plantation and Le Pavillon (Restaurants, San Francisco) 1948


Plante, Remy (Gardener, San Francisco) undated


Plath Kitzmuller, Carriage Factory (San Francisco) circa 1880


Platt, H.G. (Attorney, San Francisco) undated


Platt Newton (San Francisco) 1872


Platt's Hall (Music hall, San Francisco) 1860-1885


Playa Vicente Rubber Plantation and Development Co. (San Francisco) circa 1905


Playboy Club (San Francisco) 1975


Players Club Theater (San Francisco) 1923, undated


Plaza Fruit Store (San Francisco) circa 1890


Plaza Theatre (San Francisco) 1922-1923, undated


Pleasant Valley Homestead Association (San Francisco) 1865


Pleasure Court (Hotel, Willits) undated


Plowman's Cracker Store (Oakland) undated


Podesta Baldocchi (Florists, San Francisco) 1956-1969


Podjarsky, L. (Tailor, San Francisco) undated


Podor Trading Co. (San Francisco) 1940s


Poheim, Joe (Tailor, San Francisco) 1880s


Poland's North Beach Theatre (San Francisco) 1912


Pollack Bros. (Importers of fancy goods..., San Francisco) 1854-1865


Polly's Shopping Service (San Francisco) 1952


Polynesian Room (Bar, Hotel Californian, San Francisco) undated


Pommer, A.J. (Sewing machine agent, Sacramento) circa 1885


Pop Ernest Abalone and Seafood Restaurant (Monterey) 1932