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Title: Reuel Olson Papers on the Colorado River Compact, Water ResourcesCollection
Creator: Olson, Reuel
Dates: 1919-1967
Quantity: 4 feet (4 boxes)
Repository: Libraries of the Claremont Colleges. Special Collections, Honnold/Mudd Library.
800 N. Dartmouth Ave.
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Libraries of the Claremont Colleges
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Abstract: This collection of papers consist of manuscript and research materials for Reuel Olson's book the Colorado River Compact.
Collection Number: h19xx.24
Languages: Languages represented in the collection: English
Physical location: Special Collections. Honnold/Mudd Library.

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Biography of the Boulder Water Company

The Colorado River Compact is a 1922 agreement among seven U.S. states in the basin of the Colorado River in the American Southwest governing the allocation of the river's water among the parties of the interstate compact. The agreement was signed at a meeting at Bishop's Lodge, near Santa Fe, New Mexico by representatives of the seven states.

Scope and Contents of the Collection

This collection of papers consist of manuscript and research materials for Reuel Olson's book the Colorado River Compact.


Series 1 Colorado River Compact
Series 2 Publications

Index Terms

This record series is indexed under the following controlled access subject terms
Olson, Reuel Leslie.
Colorado River Association
Colorado River Aqueduct (Calif.)
Colorado River Compact
Colorado River Commission. Colorado River Compact--Congresses.
Water supply
Western Americana -- 1900 - 1999
Los Angeles


Series 1  Colorado River Compact, 1919-1967


Arrangement alphabetically by subject.
Box 1, folder 1

Economics, Undated


See folder 33
Box 1, folder 2

All American Canal Hearings, 1919

Box 1, folder 3

Analysis of Compact, Undated

Box 1, folder 4

Appendices, Undated

Box 1, folder 5

Appropriation right, abandonment of, Undated

Box 1, folder 6

Arizona situation, Undated

Box 1, folder 7

Articles [of compact], Undated

Box 1, folder 8

Articles and papers written, Hocking [professor], personal file, Undated

Box 1, folder 9

Bases of division, possible, Undated

Box 1, folder 10

Articles (extra copies), Undated

Box 1, folder 11

Assessed valuation and population '67, Irrigated Ares XXV (Related to water), 1967

Box 1, folder 12

Bibliography, Colorado River Compact, Undated

Box 1, folder 13

Bonright Essay, Undated

Box 1, folder 14

Boulder Dam Association, Undated

Box 1, folder 15

Break of 1903-1906, Undated

Box 1, folder 16

Bils, Congress of U.S. (both Houses), Undated

Box 1, folder 17

Canada, Undated

Box 1, folder 18

Carpenter, Undated

Box 1, folder 19

Certainty, element of, will be added to Compact, Undated

Box 1, folder 20

Chandler, Undated

Box 1, folder 21

Charter to Arizona, Undated

Box 1, folder 22

Chicago, Undated

Box 1, folder 23

Clark, W. G., Undated

Box 1, folder 24

Colorado River Aqueduct for Los Angeles, city of, Undated

Box 1, folder 25

Colorado Project -- letters, Undated

Box 1, folder 26

Colorado River Aqueduct Association, Undated

Box 1, folder 27

Columbia Interstate Treaty Commission, Undated

Box 1, folder 28

Conservancy Laws, Undated

Box 1, folder 29

Compact idea, Undated

Box 1, folder 30

Compacts (other examples), Undated

Box 1, folder 31

Constitutional questions, summary of, Undated

Box 1, folder 32

Delaware Compact, Undated

Box 1, folder 33

Economics, Undated

Box 1, folder 34

Election returns, Undated

Box 1, folder 35

Eminent Domain of Federal Government, Undated

Box 1, folder 36

Engineering, diversity of views, Undated

Box 1, folder 37

Extra (taken from Constitution material), Undated

Box 2, folder 38

Federal Power Commission, Undated

Box 2, folder 39

Federal Power Reserve, Undated

Box 2, folder 40

Funds, Undated

Box 2, folder 41

Foreward, Colorado River Compact, Undated

Box 2, folder 42

Girard, James B., Undated

Box 2, folder 43

Grinshaw's Brief, Undated

Box 2, folder 44

High Line Canal, Undated

Box 2, folder 45

Humor, Undated

Box 2, folder 46

History, Undated

Box 2, folder 47

Home trip, Undated

Box 2, folder 48

Hunt, Governor George W. P., Undated

Box 2, folder 49

Hunt's veto of supplementary conference, Undated

Box 2, folder 50

Imperial district, organization of, Undated

Box 2, folder 51

International, Undated

Box 2, folder 52

Letters re publication of Colorado River Compact thesis, Undated

Box 2, folder 53

Los Angeles Board of Public Service Commissioners, Undated

Box 2, folder 54

Maine, Undated

Box 2, folder 55

Maps and Illustrations, Undated

Box 2, folder 56

Maps, Undated

Box 2, folder 57

Mirror of politics, Undated

Box 2, folder 58

Muscle Shoals, Undated

Box 2, folder 59

New Material, Colorado River Compact, (i.e., subsequent thesis), Undated

Box 2, folder 60

New Stuff, Colorado River Compact, Undated

Box 2, folder 61

Manuscript notes, Colorado River Compact, Undated

Box 2, folder 62

Old Colorado River notes, Undated

Box 2, folder 63

Transmountain diversion, Undated

Box 2, folder 64

Outline, Colorado River Compact, Undated

Box 2, folder 65

Period of time, Undated

Box 2, folder 66

Personnel, who's who, Undated

Box 2, folder 67

Parkway Commission, Undated

Box 2, folder 68

Photographs, Undated

Box 2, folder 69

Physcial features, Undated

Box 2, folder 70

Plans, Undated

Box 2, folder 71

Political issues, Mexican question, Undated

Box 2, folder 72

Pollution of water, Colorado River, Undated

Box 2, folder 73

Procedure, Undated

Box 2, folder 74

Projects, Undated

Box 2, folder 75

Psychological, Undated

Box 2, folder 76

Publication, Colorado River Compact, Undated

Box 3, folder 77

Reclamation record, Undated

Box 3, folder 78

Regulation, Undated

Box 3, folder 79

Relative rapidity of development, Undated

Box 3, folder 80

Reserve, surplus, Undated

Box 3, folder 81

Rio Grande, Undated

Box 3, folder 82

San Gabriel Canyon Project, Undated

Box 3, folder 83

Senate Committee, new bill, Undated

Box 3, folder 84

Reclamation, Undated

Box 3, folder 85

Senate Hearings, 1925

Box 3, folder 86

Turley Project 220, Undated

Box 3, folder 87

Washington, Undated

Box 3, folder 88

Uniform laws : the next step in trade development, Undated

Box 3, folder 89

Yuma's interest, Undated

Box 3, folder 90

Work's plan, Undated

Box 3, folder 91

Withold permits until ratified, Undated

Box 3, folder 92

Social ethics features (extra), Undated

Box 3, folder 93

Six-State Compact, Undated

Box 3, folder 94

Silt, Undated

Box 3, folder 95

Stipulation in license of Federal Power Company, effect of, Undated

Box 3, folder 96

Suggestions (Regional Commission) etc., Undated

Box 3, folder 97

Super power, Undated

Box 3, folder 98

Supplementary agreement, Undated

Box 3, folder 99

Three purposes, Undated

Box 3, folder 100

Swing-Johnson Bill, new, Undated

Box 3, folder 101

Swing-Johnson Bill, those in favor, Undated

Box 3, folder 102

Transmountain diversion, Undated

Box 4, folder 103

Colorado River Compact Notes, Undated

Box 4, folder 104-107

Newspaper Clippings, Undated

Box 4, folder 108

Articles by Olson, Undated

Box 4, folder 109

Government Documents, Undated