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Banning Family Collection of Photographs, Part II: Finding Aid
photCL 451  
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Loose Photographs


Santa Catalina Island


Cabinet Cards

Box 1, Item 1-4

Views of Avalon showing tents, undated

Box 1, Item 5

"Avalon, 1896. Pavilion lodge under construction (no top). Salina-lagoon in left foreground. Cupola on Glenmore Hotel helpful to date photo. Taken near Holly Hill House looking West," 1896

Box 1, Item 6

Bay with steamer Hermosa, sailboats, Sugar Loaf, undated

Box 1, Item 7-11

Hermosa, undated

Box 1, Item 12

Hotel Metropole. Menu on verso, undated


[Also, 35 mm slide.]
Box 1, Item 13

Hotel Metropole, undated


[Sign on lower level: Metropole Cafe. Billiards. Barber shop.]
Box 1, Item 14

Metropole, with rowboats in foreground, undated

Box 1, Item 15

Pavilion under construction, undated

Box 1, Item 16

Little Harbor, undated

Box 1, Item 17

Catalina Harbor, undated

Box 1, Item 18

Cottonwood Beach, undated

Box 1, Item 19

Isthmus Cove, undated

Box 1, Item 20

Government quarters at Isthmus, undated

Box 1, Item 21-21 var.

Camp at Middle Ranch, c. 1890-1895

Box 1, Item 22-23

Reservoir, undated

Box 1, Item 24

Mount Black Jack, undated

Box 1, Item 25

"Frog Rock, with arch, and bald eagle/osprey nest," undated

Box 1, Item 26

Echo Lake, undated

Box 1, Item 27

Fisherman, undated

Box 1, Item 28-29

Water views, undated

Box 1, Item 30

Large bush (?), undated

Box 1, Item 31

Wild goat, in pen, undated

Box 1, Item 32

Double exposure (carriage, structure), undated

Box 1, Item 33

Katharine Stewart Banning, Mrs. Halstead, Susan Patton, undated

Box 1, Item 34

Sophie Lacy, Tillie Lyman, Dick Lacy, undated

Box 1, Item 35

Dan McFarland, Mrs. Jaro von Schmidt, Ella Hurd (Griffith), Mrs. J. J. Mellus, 2 unidentified people, Count Jaro von Schmidt, Mrs. David McFarland, undated



Box 1, Item 36

Mexican sheepdrivers at brigada, undated

Box 1, Item 37

Vicente Lugo and a yellowtail, undated

Box 1, Item 38

Government headquarters at Isthmus, undated

Box 1, Item 39

Partial view of Isthmus Harbor, undated

Box 1, Item 40

Seal Rock, off Isthmus Harbor, undated

Box 1, Item 41

Camp at Swain's Valley, undated

Box 1, Item 42

Residence of Joseph Brent Banning, Timms Landing, undated

Box 1, Item 43

Sugar Loaf, Timms Landing, undated

Box 1, Item 44

Fish camp, Eagle's Nest Rock, Timms Landing, undated

Box 1, Item 45

Fish camp, Timms Landing, undated

Box 1, Item 46

S.S. Linda at Timms Landing, undated

Box 1, Item 47

Jim Johnson's Cove, undated

Box 1, Item 48

Yacht Ida at Jim Johnson's Cove, undated

Box 1, Item 49

Wilmington: Avenue, looking from house, undated

Box 1, Item 50

Wilmington: Barns, undated

Box 1, Item 51

Wilmington: Man plowing, undated

Box 1, Item 52

Wilmington: Machine shop, undated

Box 1, Item 53

Wilmington: Reservoir, undated

Box 2, Item 54-61

Wilmington: Bull's eye views of ships off Catalina, undated


Mounted snapshots

Box 2, Item 62

Outdoor dining. Catalina?, undated

Box 2, Item 63

"Avalon. 25+ western gulls. Proof of shingle-cobble beach, not sandy," undated

Box 2, Item 64

Avalon with Sugar Loaf, undated

Box 2, Item 65

Avalon. Nita Patton?, undated

Box 2, Item 66

Avalon, with Hotel Metropole in background, undated

Box 2, Item 67

Revenue Cutter by Sugar Loaf, ca. 1892

Box 2, Item 68-74

Mary Alicia Sweeney Banning, 1896-1897

Box 2, Item 75-76

Joseph Brent Banning, Jr., with rifle, undated

Box 2, Item 77-79

Katharine Mary Banning, undated

Box 2, Item 80

Two little girls, undated

Box 2, Item 81

Picnic (Catalina?), undated

Box 2, Item 82

Katharine Mary Banning, Anne Patton, Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Holder, undated

Box 2, Item 83

Nita Patton, undated

Box 2, Item 84

John Cline, Avalon, September 13, 1896

Box 2, Item 85

Goats, undated

Box 2, Item 86

Skins drying?, undated

Box 2, Item 87

Tents (Catalina?), undated

Box 2, Item 88

Cookstoves, barbecue (Catalina?), undated

Box 2, Item 89

"Avalon, First trip on first stage road", undated

Box 2, Item 90-91

Horse-drawn carriage, undated

Box 2, Item 92

Group posed on rocks, undated

Box 2, Item 93

Mother and child, undated

Box 2, Item 93.1

Descanso House, 1902


[Mounted group photo. People identified on verso.]

Snapshots of "La Crescenta," Banning bungalow at Avalon, Catalina Island

Box 2, Item 94-116

"La Crescenta," undated


[94 and 106 on postcards. 95 and 98: Mary Alicia Sweeney Banning. 100: May Alice Banning. 102: Joseph Brent Banning, Jr. 110: Mary Alicia Sweeney Banning.]

Copy prints of Avalon scenes, by Reyes, 1886-1892

Box 2, Item 117-135

Avalon scenes, 1886-1892


[122: explanatory notes on verso. 135: "When the ship arrived midsummer." Negative on file for 132.]
Box 3, Item 136

Avalon from the South. J. B. Banning's "Descanso House" in foreground, ca. 1898


[C. C. Pierce Collection. Negative on file.]
Box 3, Item 137

Notes: Place where we dreamed of having a college some day; place where workmen who knew JBB placed bench in his memory, undated

Box 3, Item 138

Photo shows many trees, tent houses, undated

Box 3, Item 139-142

Views of Avalon, undated


[subseries pasted on single sheet.]
Box 3, Item 143-144

Charlie Lim Ying and aides in Metropole kitchen, undated


[Charlie Lim Young worked for Banning family in Wilmington, then became chef at Hotel Metropole.]
Box 3, Item 145-149

Avalon Bay, undated

Box 3, Item 150

Avalon Bay. Ballast Point in middle upper left, undated

Physical Description: [Reproduced as postcard]
Box 3, Item 151

Avalon, with bathhouse, Sugar Loaf, undated

Physical Description: [Reproduced as postcard]
Box 3, Item 152

St. Catherine Hotel, 1918

Physical Description: [Reproduced as postcard]
Box 3, Item 153-154

Waterfront, showing Avalon Oil Co., undated

Box 3, Item 155

Crowded waterfront. Buildings include Bay View, Grand View, Camera Obscura. "Mrs. Holder and José and new boat built here, no one knows by whom or for what purpose," undated

Box 3, Item 156

C[harles] F[rederick] Holder with prize catch, undated

Box 3, Item 157-158

Very small photos of fishermen and catch, undated

Box 3, Item 159

Pier, with pelican and seagulls. Also, JBB[?] with camera, undated

Box 3, Item 160-161

Feeding pelicans, undated

Box 3, Item 162

Child pretending to ride large beached fish, undated

Physical Description: [Cyanotype]
Box 3, Item 163

Catalina boatmen in front of camera obscura, undated

Box 3, Item 164-165

Picnic. Fourth of July?, undated


[JBB photo.]
Box 3, Item 166

Dirt road, undated

Box 3, Item 167

Avalon Canyon, undated

Box 3, Item 168

Avalon burning, 1915

Box 3, Item 169

Avalon with smoke rising. Fire?, undated

Box 3, Item 170

Avalon: double exposure, undated


[For oversize view of Avalon, see 1153.]

"Early Catalina," Miscellaneous Snapshots

Box 3, Item 171

Joseph Brent Banning in automobile, undated

Box 3, Item 172

Early automobile, undated

Box 3, Item 173

Joseph Brent Banning by Banning and Company's office, undated

Box 3, Item 174

Downtown buildings (1 sign for kelp curios), undated

Box 3, Item 175

Children posed by "Ye Roost," undated

Box 3, Item 176

"Frank," undated

Box 3, Item 177

"Chetaco," undated

Box 3, Item 178

Captain Allen Hancock, undated

Box 3, Item 179

Captain Hancock and Peter Reyes, undated

Box 3, Item 180

Captain Holbrook, undated

Box 3, Item 181

Holbrook, Joseph Brent Banning, and Frank, undated

Box 3, Item 182

Holbrook and Banning, undated

Box 3, Item 183

Judge Whitney, undated

Box 3, Item 184

Bartender on verandah, undated

Box 3, Item 185-202

Katharine Mary Banning, 1917

Box 3, Item 203-209

Beach scenes, undated

Box 3, Item 210

Fisherman with rod and reel, undated

Box 3, Item 211-218

Family boating scenes, undated


"Avalon Collage. Life in Avalon"

Box 3, Item 219-231

Snapshots of family and friends, undated


[231: Note on photo: "Taken 15 minutes before boat left wharf" (family group on steps). Pasted on verso: part of MS letter.]
Box 3, Item 232-234

Horses and riders, undated


[232: "My love, 'Cabrillo,' a jumper."]
Box 3, Item 235

Horse-drawn carriage, undated

Box 3, Item 236-240

Goats, undated

Box 3, Item 241

"Chicken John" with hogs, undated

Box 3, Item 242

Avalon Bay, undated


Miscellaneous Avalon scenes

Box 3, Item 243

Joseph Brent Banning by his automobile, undated

Box 3, Item 244-245

Family members on pier, undated

Box 3, Item 246

Katharine Stewart Banning looking down on bay, undated

Box 3, Item 247

Divers and swimmers, undated

Box 3, Item 248

Pak Snyder and William Young cooking outdoors, undated

Box 3, Item 249

Two outdoor cooks, undated

Box 3, Item 250

Tents, undated

Box 3, Item 251-253

Unidentified family members, undated

Box 3, Item 254

Mary Alicia Banning, unidentified woman, 3 children, undated

Box 3, Item 255

Residence, undated

Box 3, Item 256

Steamboat Pacific, undated

Box 3, Item 257

"Mexican Joe" Presciado, undated

Box 3, Item 258-266

"Pride's Landing," Avalon home of Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Ayer, Sr., undated


[Note on original envelope reads: "Including Patton, Merrill, Mrs. F. Ayer, Sr."]
Box 3, Item 267-268

Entrance to J. B. Banning residence (?), undated

Box 3, Item 269

"First drive. Catalina Country Club Links," undated

Box 3, Item 270

View from golf course links, undated

Box 3, Item 271

Golfers, including Cosby, Southern California amateur champion golfer, undated

Box 3, Item 272

Cosby putting, undated

Box 3, Item 273

East Avalon Terrace. Island Railway and golf links in distance, undated

Physical Description: [Photogravure.]
Box 3, Item 273.1

Sentinel Rock and Ocean Drive, undated

Physical Description: [Photogravure.]
Box 3, Item 273.2

"Silver Strand, now connected with Avalon by Ocean Drive,", undated

Physical Description: [Photogravure.]
Box 3, Item 274

Hunters with birds, undated

Box 3, Item 275

Waterfront, undated

Box 3, Item 276

Sailboats, undated

Box 3, Item 276.1

Pebbly Beach Road, undated


The Isthmus


[For oversize view of J. B. Banning, Jr. in auto, "development planning for Isthmus," see 1154. For oversize photo and collage made by J. B. Banning to illustrate Phineas Banning's ideas for Isthmus, see 1155. Detailed description on verso. For oversize view of Isthmus Harbor, see 1156.]
Box 3, Item 277

Panorama, undated


[Note by William Banning: "These 100s of trees no longer occur at Isthmus. Catalina Harbor in background."]


[P. V. Reyes, 1941.]
Box 3, Item 278

Isthmus Cove, looking toward the mainland, undated


[Notes on verso by JBB, Jr.]
Box 3, Item 279-305

"Our home on the Isthmus. Built by JBB, Sr.," undated


[279: Home under construction. 294: JBB, Sr. 295: JBB, Sr. and Katharine Stewart Banning. 296: Katharine Stewart Banning. 297: JBB, Jr., and Katharine Mary Banning. 298: Ann ("Nanny") Wilson Banning. 298.1-298.2: Portraits of Ann Wilson Banning (not at Catalina). 298.3: Unidentified woman. 299-305.1: Family scenes.]
Box 3, Item 306-308

House on Isthmus?, August 27, 1899, undated


[307: "Little living room."]
Box 3, Item 309-310

"Malva rosa Lavatera with horses," undated

Box 3, Item 311

Joseph Brent Banning with his automobile, undated

Box 3, Item 312

JBB and Mrs. Goodall in the auto, undated

Box 3, Item 313

JBB in auto, by stack of lumber, undated

Box 3, Item 314-315

Automobile in perilous position, undated

Box 3, Item 316-317

Beach scene, undated

Box 3, Item 318-321

Aboard sailboat, undated

Box 3, Item 322

Water skiing, undated

Box 3, Item 323-337

Aquaplaning, undated

Box 3, Item 338-343

Various boats, undated


[341-342: Salvador. 343: Steamship.]
Box 3, Item 344-345

Flocks of sheep, undated

Box 3, Item 346-348

Sheep shearing, undated

Box 3, Item 349

Rocky beach, undated

Box 3, Item 350-351

Picnickers on rocky beach, undated

Box 3, Item 351.1

Beach. Isthmus?, undated

Box 3, Item 351.2

Rocky landscape and stream. Isthmus?, undated

Box 3, Item 352

Man sitting on rock. Isthmus?, undated

Box 3, Item 353-353 var.

Isthmus?, undated

Box 3, Item 354

Old government barracks, undated


[Photo by Putnam.]

Other Locations on Catalina

Box 3, Item 355

Middle Ranch, 1897


[C. C. Pierce Collection.]
Box 3, Item 356

Descanso Canyon and home of J. B. Banning, Jr., undated


[Note: "Cactus on hillside. Cobble-shingle beach, not sand.]
Box 3, Item 357-359

"Catalina Harbor, with Ballast Point; also orchard, vineyard," undated

Box 3, Item 360

Catalina Harbor. Ballast Point, sheep and fence, undated

Box 3, Item 361

Little Harbor. "Bought by Banning Brothers," undated

Box 3, Item 362-377

Snapshots of family and friends at Little Harbor, undated

Box 3, Item 378

Fisherman's Cove, undated

Box 3, Item 379-388.1

Unidentified locations, undated


[387: "All the family at Empalme (?), Christmas 1910." 387.1: House with cupola. 387.2: Color print of seascape, with sailboat, motorboats. 388: Color print showing houses, hillside. 388.1: Two women and child on rocky beach.]


Box 3, Item 389-392

Long explanatory note on verso by JBB, Jr., concerning Hermosa 1 and 2, ca. 1890, undated


[391: Photo by Swenson. 392: C. C. Pierce Collection.]
Box 3, Item 393

S.S. Cabrillo leaving San Pedro for Catalina, undated


[C. C. Pierce Collection.]
Box 3, Item 394

Cabrillo en route to Avalon, undated

Physical Description: [Photogravure.]
Box 3, Item 395-396

Campañero, undated

Physical Description: [395: postcard.]
Box 3, Item 397

S.S. San Diego with picnic party. Howland's Bay, September 13, 1898


[35mm slide on file.]
Box 3, Item 398-399

Pasqualito, the Graves boat, undated


[Small photos of man on yardarm.]
Box 3, Item 400

J. C. Elliott, undated

Box 3, Item 401

Unidentified steamship, undated

Box 3, Item 401.1

Unidentified steamship with "M" on smokestack, undated


Coaches, wagons

Box 3, Item 402-405.5

Horse-drawn vehicles, undated

Box 3, Item 406

Carriage, with driver, passenger, undated


Picture postcards

Box 3, Item 407

Shoreline, Avalon Bay in foreground, undated

Box 3, Item 408

Avalon Bay, from Chimes Tower, undated

Box 3, Item 409

Casino, undated


Photogravures by Hervé Friend (with exception of 410)

Box 3, Item 410

Avalon, undated

Box 3, Item 411-412

Sugar Loaf, with steamer, undated

Box 3, Item 413-414

Seal Rock, undated

Box 3, Item 415

South Side, undated

Box 3, Item 416

Rock Spring, undated




[Note: See also stereographs 49-53 and oversize photos 1157-1158 (Banning House grounds).]
Box 3, Item 417-418

Banning House, undated

Box 3, Item 419

Banning House, with Lucy and Mary Banning on verandah, undated

Box 3, Item 420

Indian workmen hired by Phineas Banning to dig canal from slough to railroad tracks, undated

Box 3, Item 420.1

Copy print of workmen photo, with explanatory note on verso, undated

Box 3, Item 421

William Banning (?) driving carriage, undated


[Copy print of photo in HEH collection.]
Box 3, Item 422

Stage (Wilmington?), undated


Conejo Ranch, Ventura County




[Cyanotypes by Joseph Brent Banning.]
Box 4, Item 423

Katharine Stewart Banning and Mr. Halstead, 1888

Box 4, Item 424

Mr. Halstead, 1888

Box 4, Item 425-428

Landscape with cows, 1888

Box 4, Item 429-434

Landscapes, 1888

Box 4, Item 435-440

Family members and views, 1888


Cabinet cards

Box 4, Item 441

Ranch house, ca. 1890

Box 4, Item 442

Barn, ca. 1890

Box 4, Item 443-444

Ranch buildings, ca. 1890

Box 4, Item 445

Interior. Family and friends enjoying meal, ca. 1890

Box 4, Item 446

"JBB and the rest of us," ca. 1890

Box 4, Item 447

Horses in stream; onlookers, ca. 1890

Box 4, Item 448

William Lacy and Pinto, ca. 1890

Box 4, Item 449

"Playing bandit," ca. 1890

Box 4, Item 450

Landscape, with rocks, stream, ca. 1890

Box 4, Item 451

Dam, ca. 1890

Box 4, Item 452

Dam (?), ca. 1890

Box 4, Item 453

Waterfall, ca. 1890

Box 4, Item 454

Landscape, ca. 1890


Kodak Bull's eye views

Box 4, Item 455-458

Hancock Banning's dog, Jet, holding rifle, undated

Box 4, Item 459

Jet at ship's wheel, undated

Box 4, Item 460

Jet holding horse, undated

Box 4, Item 461

Jet on horseback, undated

Box 4, Item 462-466

Hancock Banning and Jack Griffith, undated

Box 4, Item 467-470

Unidentified women, undated

Box 5, Item 471-473

Unidentified women, undated

Box 5, Item 474

"Joe and his mother," undated


[Joseph Brent Banning, Jr., and Katharine Stewart Banning.]
Box 5, Item 475

Ranch building. Shed?, undated

Box 5, Item 476-484

Ranch views, with horses, undated

Box 5, Item 485

Stage, undated

Box 5, Item 486

"Driving home" (Carriage), undated

Box 5, Item 487

"Sunk in the mud" (Carriage), undated

Box 5, Item 488-489

Landscape, with cows, undated

Box 5, Item 490-497

Landscapes, undated


[496 and 497 depict dam construction?]
Box 5, Item 497.1

Chefs for outdoor meal, undated


Copy prints, with notations

Box 5, Item 498

Capt. William Banning driving coach, en route Los Angeles to Conejo, undated

Box 5, Item 499

Group of women, including Lucy and Mary Banning, undated

Box 5, Item 500

Capt. William Banning in group including Lucy and Mary Banning, undated

Box 5, Item 501

Group on haystack, undated

Box 5, Item 502

"Our morning's drive." People on horseback and in thoroughbrace wagon, undated

Box 5, Item 503

Group, including Capt. William Banning, Will Lacy, Lucy and Mary Banning, undated

Box 5, Item 504

Group, including Mary Banning, Will Lacy, undated

Box 5, Item 505

"At Encino 12 M." Coach en route to or from Conejo, undated


"Camp at Pomona"

Box 5, Item 506-512

Camp at Pomona, undated


Banning Family Members and their homes

Box 6, Item 512.1

John Banning House, Dover, Delaware. Built 1776. Explanatory notes, 1888


[Negative on file.]
Box 6, Item 512.1 var.

Photo of John Banning House, undated

Box 6, Item 512.2

Old Lockerman house? Located near Banning house in Dover, undated


[Negative on file.]
Box 6, Item 513

Rebecca Sanford Banning, undated


William Banning ("Captain," eldest son of Phineas and Rebecca)

Box 6, Item 514-515

Childhood photos, undated

Box 6, Item 516

Studio portrait, undated

Box 6, Item 517

With Major Clark Burnham, ca. 1927

Box 6, Item 518

With New York financiers, on Banning steam yacht, bound for Catalina. Newspaper clipping on verso, undated

Box 6, Item 519

With Will Rogers, undated

Box 6, Item 520

In front of coach with sign "Overland Stage Coach Club", undated

Box 6, Item 521

Portrait, undated

Box 6, Item 522

With Eugene Biscailuz, undated

Box 6, Item 523

With Mary (Banning) Norris, undated

Box 6, Item 524-524.2

With Katharine Stewart Banning(?), 1938

Box 6, Item 525

Portrait, 1939

Box 6, Item 526

Portrait, 1940

Box 6, Item 527

Portrait, 1942

Box 6, Item 528

Portrait, 1942


[Logo on back: L.A. Riding Academy.]
Box 6, Item 529

William Banning Ranch: Walnut Ranch, ca. 1930s-1940s

Box 6, Item 530

William Banning residence, 31st St. and Hoover, Los Angeles, undated


[Many notes on verso about house. See also oversize photo 1159, dining room at 31st and Hoover.]
Box 6, Item 531

Barn, 1st and Hoover, with horses looking out of stalls, undated

Box 6, Item 532

Barn at William Banning house, ca. 1922

Box 6, Item 533

"Captain Banning's elegant six-in-hand," undated


[Copy print.]

Joseph Brent Banning (2nd son of Phineas and Rebecca Banning)


[See also oversize 1160 (J. B. Banning, wife, and grown children); 1161 (collage made by Katharine Stewart Banning of Banning family children); 1164 (group photo of J. B. Banning and others on mule back).]
Box 6, Item 534-540

Childhood photos, undated


[537 signed by Godfrey. 538 in Scotland. 540 in Ireland.]
Box 6, Item 540.1

Tintype, undated

Box 6, Item 541-544

Formal portraits, undated

Box 6, Item 545

J. B. Banning with group outside unidentified building, undated

Box 6, Item 545.1

J. B. Banning (?) in uniform, undated

Box 6, Item 546

Aboard ship, undated

Box 6, Item 547

In auto, undated


[Negative on file.]
Box 6, Item 548-549

Standing in yard, undated

Box 6, Item 550-552

With Katharine Stewart Banning, undated

Box 6, Item 553-554

With Katharine Mary Banning Graves, undated

Box 6, Item 555

With family group on tram, undated

Box 6, Item 556

Aboard ship, with family, undated

Box 6, Item 557

Outside train with 2 grandsons, undated

Box 6, Item 557.1

J. B. Banning (?) aiming camera, undated


Katharine Stewart Banning (wife of Joseph Brent Banning)

Box 6, Item 558-563

Cabinet cards, 1884, 1888, ca. 1889, undated


[561: note on verso. 562: "Had met him." 563: "With Joe, Jr."]
Box 6, Item 564-564 var.

Childhood photo, undated

Physical Description: [Glass plate negative on file.]
Box 6, Item 565

KSB and JBB, Jr. (baby): 4 poses, undated

Box 6, Item 566-566.2

"Sent me by my son Joe," June 22, 1920

Box 6, Item 567-570

Snapshots, 1917

Box 6, Item 571-573

Portrait, undated

Box 6, Item 574

Portrait, 1931


[Long note on verso referring to Katharine Alice Banning.]
Box 6, Item 575-577

Portraits, 1935

Box 6, Item 578

Portrait, 1938

Box 6, Item 579-581

Portrait, 1940

Box 6, Item 582-584

Portrait, undated


[584: with Susan Wills, Nita Patton (on postcard).]
Box 6, Item 584.1

Katharine Stewart Banning?, undated

Box 6, Item 585

KSB(?), ca.1880(?)


[Large format.]
Box 6, Item 586

With JBB, Jr. and Katharine Mary, 1893


[Explanatory note on verso.]
Box 6, Item 587

With grandchildren, Jane and Francis Graves, and with "comfort bags" designed by KSB in World War I and redesigned World War II. Later sold as "chic" tote bags by Bullock's Wilshire, ca. 1925

Box 6, Item 588

Studio portrait, 1935


Joseph Brent Banning home, 945 Westlake Avenue, Los Angeles

Box 7, Item 589-593

Exterior views, undated


[593: Katharine Mary Banning and Joseph Brent Banning, Jr., as children standing outside house, with nursemaid.]
Box 7, Item 594-595

Living room, undated

Box 7, Item 596

Hall from living room, undated

Box 7, Item 597

Interior view, undated

Physical Description: [Copy print.]

Joseph Brent Banning, Jr. (elder son of Joseph Brent Banning and Katharine Stewart Banning)


[See also oversize 1162 (as young boy) and 1163 (older man).]
Box 7, Item 598

As child, carrying goat, undated

Box 7, Item 599

As child, in sailor suit, undated

Box 7, Item 600

Eight years old, with first gun, undated

Box 7, Item 601

About 12 years old, wearing Norfolk jacket and knickers, undated

Box 7, Item 602

Formal portrait, undated

Box 7, Item 603

In outdoor landscape. Catalina?, undated

Box 7, Item 604

With sister, Katharine Mary, undated

Box 7, Item 605-624

Small snapshots in various settings, undated


[615-619: With automobile. 622-624: Aboard ship.]
Box 7, Item 625

Working at desk, undated

Box 7, Item 626

Seated in bedroom, undated

Box 7, Item 627

Three different poses (camera on tripod at rear of bedroom), undated

Box 7, Item 628

Aboard S. S. Cabrillo, en route to Santa Catalina, undated

Box 7, Item 629

With rod and reel and gaffed fish, undated

Box 7, Item 630

Making speech in World War I, undated

Box 7, Item 631-632

San Francisco room, ca. 1920

Box 7, Item 633

Aboard ship, playing guitar, undated

Box 7, Item 634

With fishing rod, undated

Physical Description: [Color print.]
Box 7, Item 634.1

Banning home, 432 McCadden Place, undated


[See also oversize photos 1173-1174.]

Alice Mira (Morse) Banning, wife of JBB, Jr.

Box 7, Item 635-637

Portraits, undated


Katharine Mary (Banning) Graves. 2nd child of Joseph Brent Banning, Jr. and Katharine Stewart Banning

Box 8, Item 638

Infant, undated


[Photo by Schumacher.]
Box 8, Item 639-640

Young child, undated


[Photos by Schumacher.]
Box 8, Item 641-644

Youngster, undated


[642: At Catalina.]
Box 8, Item 645-646

Formal portraits, 1913, undated

Box 8, Item 647

Head and shoulders portrait, undated

Box 8, Item 648

Wedding picture, undated

Box 8, Item 648.1-648.2

As young child, with Nita Patton, undated

Box 8, Item 649

Swimming with dog (Fritz), undated

Box 8, Item 650-651

With Francis Porter Graves, Jr., undated

Box 8, Item 652-687.1

Various poses, 1936, 1940, undated


[672: With William Phineas Banning). 677: With Alice H. Graves (Mrs. Jackson A. Graves). 678: With Alice Graves and Francis Porter Graves, Jr. 687.1: With Francis Porter Graves, Jr. (Damaged).]

Francis Porter Graves (husband of Katharine Mary Banning)

Box 8, Item 688-689

Portraits, undated


[688.1: with John Schumacher. 689: with Katharine Mary and baby.]
Box 8, Item 689.1-689.2

Site of Graves' home, Madre Avenue, Alhambra, before house built, undated


William Phineas Banning (3rd child of Joseph Brent Banning and Katharine Stewart Banning)

Box 8, Item 690-692

Baby pictures, undated

Box 8, Item 693-707

As young child, undated


[694 with grandmother, Mary Alicia (Lowber) Banning.]
Box 8, Item 708-715

At 18, 1917

Box 8, Item 716-717

With golf clubs, undated

Box 8, Item 718

Debonair pose outside residence (?) with Japanese lanterns and sign "Mother's Choice," undated

Box 8, Item 719

At Catalina with Katharine Mary Banning, undated

Box 8, Item 720

In uniform, undated

Box 8, Item 721

With [Ruth Ellen Patton] and picnic basket, undated

Box 8, Item 722

Debonair pose: leaning on cane, undated

Box 8, Item 723

Sailing, undated

Box 8, Item 724

With Joseph Brent Banning and Katharine Mary (Banning) Graves, undated

Box 8, Item 725

Outside Catalina cottage, undated

Box 8, Item 726

Reading a book, undated

Box 8, Item 727

On beach with wife and young son, undated

Box 8, Item 728

Seated at ease, with book, undated

Box 8, Item 728.1

William Phineas Banning (?) in bathing suit, undated

Box 8, Item 729

As young child, with shovel, undated

Box 8, Item 730

Studio portrait, 1913

Box 8, Item 731

Studio portrait by J. Edwin Williams, 1913

Box 8, Item 732-733

In sailor uniform, undated

Box 8, Item 734-735

Portraits, undated


Hancock Banning (3rd son of Phineas and Rebecca Banning)

Box 9, Item 736

As young boy, with William Banning, undated

Box 9, Item 737

Copy print, 1894

Box 9, Item 738-739

Portraits, 1894


[Photos by Schumacher.]

Anne Ophelia Banning (wife of Hancock Banning)

Box 9, Item 740

In Red Cross uniform, undated

Box 9, Item 741

Formal portrait, undated

Physical Description: [Copy print.]
Box 9, Item 741.1

Portrait, undated

Physical Description: [Negative only.]

Hancock Banning, Jr. (1st son of Hancock and Anne Ophelia Banning)

Box 9, Item 742

Four months old, June 1892


[Photo by Schumacher.]
Box 9, Item 743

Twenty-one months old, November 1893


[Photo by Schumacher.]
Box 9, Item 744

Baby picture (in dress). Hancock, Jr. (?), undated

Box 9, Item 745

Portrait, 1895


[Photo by Schumacher.]
Box 9, Item 746

Portrait, Christmas 1896


[Photo by Schumacher.]

Eleanor Anne (Banning) Macfarland (2nd child of Hancock and Anne Ophelia Banning)


[See also oversize 1166 for Anne McFarland Brown.]
Box 9, Item 747

As child, undated

Box 9, Item 748

Portrait, ca. 1915

Physical Description: [Copy print.]
Box 9, Item 749-750

Portraits, undated


[By Metzine?]
Box 9, Item 751

Portrait, undated


[Photo by Dorothy Wilding, London.]

George Hugh Banning (3rd child of Hancock and Anne Ophelia Banning)

Box 9, Item 752-754

Baby photos, 1895-1896


[Photos by Schumacher.]

Mary Hollister (Banning) Norris (1st daughter of Phineas and Mary Hollister Banning)

Box 9, Item 755-755 var.

Portrait, undated

Box 9, Item 756

As matron, undated

Physical Description: [Copy print.]
Box 9, Item 757

As matron, with William Banning, undated


Lucy Tichenor Banning (2nd daughter of Phineas and Mary Hollister Banning)

Box 9, Item 758

Portait, undated


[Photo by Steckel and Lamson.]
Box 9, Item 759

Portrait, undated


[Includes copy print.]
Box 9, Item 760

Portrait, undated


[Photo by Mojonier.]
Box 9, Item 760.1

With Mabel Young (as childen), undated

Physical Description: [Tintype.]

William Lowber Banning (oldest brother of Phineas Banning)

Box 10, Item 761

Baby picture, 1814

Box 10, Item 762

Oval portrait, undated

Box 10, Item 763

Mounted portrait, undated


Mary Alicia (Sweeney) Banning (wife of William Lowber Banning)

Box 10, Item 764-767

Portraits, 1843


[764: on verso description of dress, information that she lived in Philadelphia, then St. Paul.]
Box 10, Item 768-778

Snapshots, undated


[769-772, 774-776 with daughter May.]
Box 10, Item 779-784

Mounted snapshots, Summer 1889


[With grandchildren.]
Box 10, Item 784.1-784.11

Grandchildren, undated


[Mounted snapshots, except for 784.10. Images reversed on 784.4 and 784.5. 784.11 glass plate negative only.]

William Lowber Banning, Jr. 1st child of William Lowber Banning and Mary Alicia Banning

Box 10, Item 785-786

Mounted photos, Summer 1899


Ellen Barrows Banning, 2nd child of William Lowber Banning and Mary Alicia Banning


[See: Ayer Family File, 912-914]

May Alice Banning, 4th child of William Lowber Banning and Mary Alicia Banning


[See also 775-778, 781-783.]
Box 10, Item 787

As child, undated

Physical Description: [Cabinet card.]
Box 10, Item 788

Portrait, undated


[Photo by Theodore Marceau, San Francisco.]
Box 10, Item 789

In riding costume, at Wilmington, on visit to California, 1887


[Photo by A. C. Golsh, Los Angeles.]
Box 10, Item 790

As older woman, undated


[Photo by Palmquist and Jurgens, St. Paul, Minnesota.]
Box 10, Item 791

Strip of 14 small photos, undated


Frederick Donlevy Banning, 5th child of William Lowber Banning and Mary Alicia Banning

Box 10, Item 792-793

As member of a gymnastic team, undated

Box 10, Item 794

Portrait, undated

Box 10, Item 794.1

With Jay Stewart, undated


[Both boys holding rifles. 2 halves of stereo.]
Box 10, Item 795

Frederick Donlevy Banning, Jr. (age 4 ½) in Highland costume, and Jane Banning (2 ½) in lady's costume, undated


Katharine Stewart Banning, 6th child of William Lowber Banning and Mary Alicia Banning


[See 558-588.]

William Lowber Banning family members

Box 10, Item 769-800

Family members, St. Paul, 1899

Box 10, Item 800.1

"Father's Aunt Mary Lowber," undated

Box 10, Item 800.2

Two children. St. Paul photo, undated

Box 10, Item 800.3

Mrs. William Lowber Banning, undated

Physical Description: [Negative only.]

William Lowber Banning homes

Box 10, Item 801

993 Lincoln Avenue, St. Paul, Minnesota, undated

Box 10, Item 802-802.1

75 Wilkin Street, St. Paul, Minnesota, 1899


[802.1 (on verso of 802): Mary Alicia Lowber and grandchildren.]
Box 10, Item 803

Nursery, undated

Box 10, Item 804

"Ready for his bath?" (Tin tub), 1894

Box 10, Item 805

Drawing room, undated

Box 10, Item 806

Exterior (mounted photo), undated

Box 10, Item 807-808

Snapshots, undated

Box 10, Item 809

Mounted photo, undated

Box 10, Item 810

Damaged photo, undated


Children of Francis Porter Graves and Katharine Mary (Banning) Graves


Francis Porter Graves, Jr., 1st child

Box 11, Item 811

Baby picture (with Evangeline Victoria Banning), undated

Box 11, Item 812

In group of 10 Culver cadets, who went directly into Army, June 7, 1942

Box 11, Item 813

In Army uniform, 1949


Jane Banning (Graves) Otten, 2nd child

Box 11, Item 814-816

Baby pictures (snapshots), undated

Box 11, Item 817

Young child, with brothers, Selwyn Jackson Graves and Francis Porter Graves, Jr., undated

Box 11, Item 818

As child, undated

Box 11, Item 819

Portrait, 1941


[Photo by Bachrach.]
Box 11, Item 820

Wedding picture, with Henry Otten, May 1954


Selwyn Jackson Graves, 3rd child

Box 11, Item 821-847

Snapshots, 1938, undated


[821-845: Baby pictures; 846: on horseback; 841: at Graves home.]
Box 11, Item 848

Portrait in military uniform, undated

Box 11, Item 849

Portrait in Culver School uniform, undated


Grandchildren of Francis Porter Graves and Katharine Mary Graves

Box 11, Item 850

Jane Wendel Graves, 11 years old, 1969

Box 11, Item 851

Thomas Jackson Graves, 9 years old, 1969

Box 11, Item 852

Peter Wells Graves, undated

Box 11, Item 853-857

Francis Porter Graves III, July 26, 1969, undated


[854-855: in cowboy outfit. 856: 5 years old.]
Box 11, Item 858

Julia B. Graves, high school graduation, 1979

Box 11, Item 859

Katharine McMillan Otten, January 1966

Box 11, Item 860

Anita Banning Otten, January 1966

Box 11, Item 861

Elise Marie Otten, January 1966

Box 11, Item 862

Katharine, Anita, and Elise Marie Otten, undated


Alice H. Graves (Mrs. Jackson A. Graves)

Box 11, Item 863

In Alhambra house, ca. 1940

Box 11, Item 864

With Francis Porter Graves, Jr., undated


Evangeline Victoria (Banning) Harding, daughter of William Phineas Banning

Box 11, Item 865

Baby picture, undated

Box 11, Item 866-874

Snapshots, undated

Box 11, Item 875

Silhouette. (Evangeline Victoria?), undated

Box 11, Item 876-877

Snapshots pasted on notebook paper, undated

Box 11, Item 878-884

Portraits, 1940-1941, undated


[882-884 by Bachrach.]
Box 11, Item 885-888

Wedding pictures, undated

Box 11, Item 889-890

Christening liberty ship Phineas Banning, undated

Box 11, Item 891-892

Family members at ship christening (most identified), undated


Robert Brent Harding, son of Robert Sewick Harding and Evangeline Victoria (Banning) Harding

Box 11, Item 893-898

Baby pictures, undated


William Phineas Banning, Jr., son of William Phineas Banning and Evangeline Victoria (Grier) Banning

Box 11, Item 899-901

Baby pictures, undated

Box 11, Item 902-905

In Culver Military School uniform (Illinois), undated


Hancock Banning III, son of Hancock Banning, Jr. and Florence Lewers (Johnston) Banning

Box 11, Item 906

Portrait, undated


[Photo by R. Kourken.]

Robert Johnston Banning, son of Hancock Banning, Jr. and Florence Lewers (Johnston) Banning


[See oversize 1166 for Robert and Hancock Banning, Jr.]
Box 11, Item 907

Portrait, undated


[Photo by R. Kourken.]

Donald Macfarland, son of John Cobb Macfarland and Eleanor Anne (Banning) Macfarland

Box 11, Item 908

Donald Macfarland, 1933


Marion Fitzhugh Macfarland, son of John Cobb Macfarland and Anne (Banning) Macfarland

Box 11, Item 909

Marion Fitzhugh Macfarland, 1933


[908 and 909 pasted on greeting card.]

Ayer Family


Frederick Ayer


[See also oversize portraits 1167, 1168.]
Box 11, Item 910

Portrait, undated

Physical Description: [Carte-de-visite.]


[Photo by Stebbings, Paris.]
Box 11, Item 911

Photo standing by auto, undated


Ellen Barrows (Banning) Ayer, 2nd child of William Lowber Banning and Mary Alicia Banning; wife of Frederick Ayer

Box 11, Item 912-914

Ellen (Banning) Ayer, undated


Frederick Ayer, Jr., 1st child of Frederick and Ellen Ayer

Box 11, Item 915-916

Frederick Ayer, Jr., undated


Beatrice Banning Ayer, 2nd child of Frederick and Ellen Ayer

Box 11, Item 917

Beatrice Banning Ayer, undated


Katharine (Ayer) Merrill, 3rd child of Frederick and Ellen Ayer

Box 11, Item 918

At Lake Vineyard, undated

Box 11, Item 919

Pastel-colored portrait, undated

Box 11, Item 920

Portrait, undated


Keith Merrill, Sr., husband of Katharine (Ayer) Merrill

Box 11, Item 921

Keith Merrill, undated


Keith Merrill, Jr., son of Keith and Katharine Merrill

Box 11, Item 923

Portrait, 1920

Box 11, Item 924

Portrait, 1923


Houses of Frederick Ayer, Sr.

Box 11, Item 925-929

"Avalon," residence at Pride's Crossing, Massachusetts, undated

Box 11, Item 930

Dining room of residence at 249 Pawtucket Street, Lowell, Massachusetts, undated

Box 11, Item 931

Exterior of Lowell, Massachusetts, house, undated


Horn/Russell Family

Box 12, Item 932

Henry John Horn, undated

Box 12, Item 933

Alexander Horn, and wife (St. Paul Branch). Alec Horn, "favorite cousin of Katharine Stewart Banning," undated

Box 12, Item 934-937.9

Margaret Horn Russell (daughter of Alexander Horn), undated

Box 12, Item 938-943

Edgar Dickson Russell, Jr., undated

Box 12, Item 944

Margaret Russell in goat cart, undated

Box 12, Item 945

Margaret and Marcia Russell, undated

Box 12, Item 945.1

Mahdie Hall Russell, 1928

Box 12, Item 946

Russell family, undated

Box 12, Item 946.1-946.3

Family's dog, undated


Unidentified Men

Box 12, Item 947-948

Portraits, undated


[Photos by Schoene, San Francisco. Inscribed on verso to Capt. W. Banning and Judge Banning, compliments S. I. Andrew, Ship Ben D....]
Box 12, Item 949-953

Portraits, undated


[Photos by Schumacher.]
Box 12, Item 958

Unidentified man, undated


[In envelope for Ayer family.]
Box 12, Item 959-960.3

Unidentified men, undated

Box 12, Item 961-968.3

Group photos, undated


[961-963: Banning Family members. 968: in envelope for Ayer family. 968.3: William Phineas Banning in foreground?]

Unidentified Children


[See also oversize 1169-1170.]
Box 12, Item 969-982

Unidentified children, undated


Unidentified Women

Box 12, Item 982.1

Woman in old-fashioned bonnet, undated

Box 12, Item 982.2

Two women sitting on front steps (Catalina?), undated

Box 12, Item 982.3

Young women in wicker chair, undated

Box 12, Item 982.4

Young graduate with diploma, undated

Box 12, Item 982.5

Young woman holding bouquet, undated


Banning Family Employees

Box 12, Item 983

Mrs. Derby of Alameda, California, housekeeper for P. Banning, 1870s, undated

Box 12, Item 984

Mrs. Derby, Winter 1889


[Photo by Schumacher.]
Box 12, Item 985

K. Matsumoto at writing desk. In charge of houses at 740 West Adams, undated

Box 12, Item 986

"Norton," Katharine Stewart Banning's driver, and "Ken," William Banning's cook at Walnut, undated


Miscellaneous Portraits

Box 13, Item 987

Ed Mellus, undated

Box 13, Item 988

Captain Donald Jorgensen, undated


[Photo by Schumacher.]
Box 13, Item 989

William R. Rowland, undated


[Photo by Stanton and Burdick.]
Box 13, Item 990

E. J. Malony, undated


[Photo by Morse, San Francisco.]
Box 13, Item 991

William [M. Name undecipherable], undated


[Photo by Payne, Stanton and Co. Elite Gallery.]
Box 13, Item 992-992 var.

Jim Cline (?), undated

Box 13, Item 993

"Mr. Talman of San Pedro" (from Andrew Young photo collection), undated

Box 13, Item 994

W. Rensdall and wife, undated

Box 13, Item 995

Mahani Lockwood Moore's wedding in India, 1924

Box 13, Item 996

Mrs. Presiado, wife of "Mexican Joe," undated

Box 13, Item 997

"Charline at Fairmont," undated

Box 13, Item 998

Abby Howell (child), 1950

Box 13, Item 999

Margaret Burnap, "dear friend of Alice and Joe Banning," undated

Box 13, Item 1000

Robert Seamans, 1942

Box 13, Item 1001

General John Waters and sons, John and Pat, undated

Box 13, Item 1002

David and Caleb, Jr., Loring, undated

Box 13, Item 1003

"Clumsy" (dog), undated


Banning Family Trips

Box 13, Item 1004-1013

Camping trips, undated



Box 13, Item 1013.1

Casa Grande, undated

Physical Description: [Cyanotype.]


Box 13, Item 1013.2-1013.7

Landscapes, 1916

Box 13, Item 1013.8-1013.10

Mirror Lake, 1916

Box 13, Item 1013.11

On mule back, 1916


[See also oversize 1164.]
Box 13, Item 1013.12

"Sunrise" (with coach and horses by lake), 1916


European trips


[Photos taken by Joseph Brent Banning on his first trip to Europe. Most locales unidentified.]
Box 13, Item 1014-1068 var.

Small snapshots, 1904


[1014-1026: Netherlands (?). 1027: Venice. 1062: Pier with building sign: Heinz. Another building with sign. 1068: Family group. 1068 var: enlargement, with members of group identified on verso.]
Box 13, Item 1069

Unidentified locale, 1904

Box 13, Item 1070

Dog cart, 1904

Box 13, Item 1071

Ferry (lock?), 1904

Box 13, Item 1072-1089

Unidentified, 1904

Box 13, Item 1090

Waterloo, Belgium, 1904

Box 13, Item 1091

Fontainbleau Forest, France, 1904

Box 13, Item 1092-1096

Killarney, Ireland, 1904


[1093-1095: Gypsies (?). 1096: Landscape.]
Box 13, Item 1097

Muckross Abbey, 1904

Box 13, Item 1098

St. Patrick's cottage, 1904

Box 13, Item 1099

Crinen Castle: sword dance (Scotland?), 1904

Box 13, Item 1100

Yochleven Castle (Scotland?), 1904

Box 13, Item 1101-1102

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland, 1904

Box 13, Item 1103-1105

Stirling Castle, Scotland, 1904

Box 13, Item 1106

Statue of Robert Bruce, Stirling Castle, 1904

Box 13, Item 1107-1109

York, 1904


[1108: Gateway. 1109: The Golden Fleece, oldest inn in York.]
Box 13, Item 1110

Swan Inn (York?), 1904

Box 13, Item 1111-1112

Chester, 1904


[1112: Eton Hall, home of Duke of Westminster. Grounds (with deer?).]
Box 13, Item 1113-1114

Melrose Abbey, 1904

Box 13, Item 1115

Guard at Windsor Castle, 1904

Box 13, Item 1116

Thomas Gray's tomb, Stoke Poges, 1904

Box 13, Item 1117

Inner Hebrides. "Our trip to Staffa and Iona," 1904

Box 13, Item 1118

Katharine Stewart Banning, 1904

Box 13, Item 1118.1

Picture of S. S. Baltic. Note: "Our first trip abroad," undated


Patton Family


George Smith Patton, Sr. (1861-1927)

Box 13, Item 1119

Portrait, undated


[Photo by Schumacher.]
Box 13, Item 1120

At Lake Vineyard, undated


[See also oversize 1173, Lake Vineyard living room.]

Ruth Wilson Patton (1861-1928)

Box 13, Item 1121

At Lake Vineyard, undated

Box 13, Item 1122

Lake Vineyard dining room?, undated


George Smith Patton, Jr. (1885-1945)


[See also 1183-1186 for Oversized Portraits.]
Box 13, Item 1123

With Beatrice Ayer (both in costume), undated

Box 13, Item 1124

Lt. Patton, Katharine Banning Graves, and Joseph Brent Banning, Sr., undated

Box 13, Item 1125

Lt. and Mrs. George Smith Patton, Jr., undated

Box 13, Item 1126

George S. Patton, Jr., undated

Box 13, Item 1127

Capt. And Mrs. George S. Patton and baby Margaret, undated

Box 13, Item 1128

Aboard ship, undated

Box 13, Item 1129

George S. Patton, Jr., 1942

Box 13, Item 1130

In Europe, standing guard, undated

Box 13, Item 1131

With Churchill (Signal Corps photo), undated

Box 13, Item 1132

With French general (?), undated

Box 13, Item 1133

With decorated G.I. and Lord Mountbatten (?), undated

Box 13, Item 1133.1

Invitation to reception for General Patton, 1945


Beatrice Banning (Ayer) Patton (wife of George S. Patton, Jr.; granddaughter of William Lowber Banning)

Box 13, Item 1134

Portrait, 1887

Box 13, Item 1135

Age 3, undated

Box 13, Item 1136

With her daughter, Beatrice Patton Waters, 1887

Box 13, Item 1137

"Dear little Beatrice Ayer Patton Waters," undated

Box 13, Item 1138

Beatrice Patton Waters and Ruth Ellen Patton, undated

Box 13, Item 1139

Susan Patton Wills, undated


[Photo by Schumacher.]

Anne (Nita) Wilson Patton (daughter of George S. Patton, Sr.)

Box 13, Item 1140-1145

Portraits, undated


Snapshots of Patton family members

Box 13, Item 1146

George Smith Patton and George Smith Patton, undated

Box 13, Item 1147

George Smith Patton, George Smith Patton, Jr., Ruth Wilson Patton, Joseph Brent Banning, Sr., Katharine Stuart Banning, Beatrice Ayer, undated

Box 13, Item 1148

George Smith Patton, Sr., George Smith Patton, III, undated

Box 13, Item 1149

Ruth Ellen Patton, Beatrice Ayer Patton, Ruth Wilson Patton, undated

Box 13, Item 1150

Beatrice and Ruth Ellen Patton on horseback, undated

Box 13, Item 1151

Three children, undated

Box 13, Item 1152

Unidentified mother and child, undated


Oversize Photographs

Box 14

Oversize Photographs 1153-1186

Box 14, Item 1153

Avalon, ca. 1897

Box 14, Item 1154

Joseph Brent Banning, Jr. in auto. Development planning for Isthmus, undated

Box 14, Item 1155

Photo and collage made by Joseph Brent Banning to illustrate Phineas Banning's ideas for development of Isthmus. Detailed description on verso, undated

Box 14, Item 1156

Photo of Isthmus Harbor, undated

Box 14, Item 1157-1158

Grounds of Banning House, Wilmington, undated

Box 14, Item 1159

Dining room of William Banning House (31st and Hoover), "where Joe and I lived for the 1st seven years of our married life," undated

Box 14, Item 1160

Joseph Brent Banning, Katharine Stewart Banning, Katharine Mary Banning, William Phineas Banning, Joseph Brent Banning, Jr., undated

Box 14, Item 1161

Collage made by Katharine Stewart Banning with photos of Banning family children, undated

Box 14, Item 1162

Joseph Brent Banning, Jr. (with knickers and boater), undated

Box 14, Item 1163

Joseph Bent Banning, Jr., 1920


[Portrait by F. Bauer, San Francisco.]
Box 14, Item 1164

Group photo of Joseph Brent Banning and others on muleback, undated

Box 14, Item 1165-1166

Katherine Mary Banning, undated

Box 14, Item 1167

Anne McFarland Brown wearing tartan skirt and sporran, undated

Box 14, Item 1168

Robert Johnson Banning and Hancock Banning III as young boys, undated


[Photo by Charles Roberts.]
Box 14, Item 1169

Portrait of Frederick Ayer, Sr., undated

Box 14, Item 1170

"Three Frederick Ayers," undated

Box 14, Item 1171

Unidentified child, undated

Box 14, Item 1172

Two unidentified children [Selwyn Jackson Graves?], undated

Box 14, Item 1173

432 North McCadden Place when first built. Home of J. B. Banning, Jr. (Paul Williams architect), 1929

Box 14, Item 1174

Pencil sketch of 432 North McCadden Place, undated


Box 14, Item 1175

Living room of old adobe, Lake Vineyard, 1888

Box 14, Item 1176

Side view of William Lowber Banning house, 75 Wilkin Street, St. Paul, Minnesota. Built 1855, 1899


[Photo annotated on verso.]
Box 14, Item 1177

Front parlor of W. L. Banning house, undated

Box 14, Item 1178

Dining room of W. L. Banning house, undated

Box 14, Item 1179

Parlor ("historic corner") of W. L. Banning house, undated

Box 14, Item 1180

Front hall, W. L. Banning house, undated

Box 14, Item 1181

Front bedroom, W. L. Banning house, undated

Box 14, Item 1182

Picnic, at time of early construction of Lake Superior and Mississippi Railroad, undated

Box 14, Item 1183

General George Smith Patton, Jr., with combat ribbons, undated

Box 14, Item 1184

Painting of General Patton with pistol and sword, undated

Box 14, Item 1185

General Patton with medals, undated

Box 14, Item 1186

Head and shoulders photo of General Patton, undated



Box 15


Box 15, Item 1187

Photocopy of 1896 menu, Hotel Metropole, Avalon, 1896

Box 15, Item 1188

Sheet of stationery for Overland Stage Coach Club, undated

Box 15, Item 1189

Report card for William Phineas Banning, undated

Box 15, Item 1190

Note from "Hank" to J. B. Banning, Jr., March 3, 1941

Box 15, Item 1191-1192

Postcards: wreck of S. S. Santa Rosa, near Point Arguelles, July 7, 1911

Box 15, Item 1193

Postcard of Mission San Luis Rey, undated

Box 15, Item 1194

Postcard of Napoli and Vesuvius, undated

Box 15, Item 1195

Newspaper clipping with picture of stage coach driven by Herman W. Hellman between Los Angeles and San Francisco, ca. 1960s

Box 15, Item 1196

Newspaper clipping with picture of Concord stage, 76 years old, undated

Box 15, Item 1197

Newspaper clipping with Poems, "The Petrified Fern" and "Afton Water," undated

Box 15, Item 1198

Newspaper clipping, with picture of Captain William Banning's home, 31st and Hoover, undated

Box 15, Item 1199

Constitution and by-laws of International Rope Haulers' Association, undated

Box 15, Item 1200

Howden and Howden booklet with houses that company had built (includes 425-432 North McCadden), undated

Box 15, Item 1201

Sales brochure for 75 Wilkin Street, St. Paul, Minnesota, undated

Box 15, Item 1202

New York Sunday News, with picture of General Patton, June 10, 1945

Box 15, Item 1203

The Capitol, with picture of Captain William Banning's six-in-hand, April 27, 1895

Box 15, Item 1204

Westways, with photos of "unknown Catalina", April 1963


Photograph Albums

Box 16

Photograph albums, volumes 1-2

Box 16, Volume 1

Catalina, undated

Physical Description: [109 pages.]
Box 16, Volume 2

Catalina, 1895-1897


[1a: Isthmus road. 1b: Little Harbor, September 9, 1895. 2: Little Harbor, September 1895. 5: Summer, 1896. 6: Picnic, Mesa, Summer 1896 (Joe, Willie, Hancock). 9a: Susie. 17: The ranch. 22a: Revenue cutter, March 10, 1897. 23a: Captured deer. 23b: Avalon, February 1897 (pack animals, grocery in background). 23c: Cows. 24-25: Avalon. 26: Mrs. Wilson's, 1897 (living room). 28a: Work team, arrived March 18. 28b: Picnic, March 1897. 29a: Work team. 29c: Wagon team with hay. 30a: Seaside. 30b: Picnic on beach. 32a: Gertrude, Madelaine, and Alex King (children), July 1897. 40: Gold of Ophir Rose, Pasadena. 42a,b: Buttonshell Beach, June 1897. 45b: "Feb. 16. Today carpenters began. We have been in Cal 2 years today." 46: Moonlight at Avalon. (Commercial image) Note: "Sep 16, 1897. Anne's water party on Paloma." 48: Catalina Harbor (commercial image). 50b: Lily pond, Lake Vineyard. 51b: Ira B. Ganken (?). 52: [Yucaipa] Dairy, SE of Redlands. 53: Middle Ranch (commercial image). Note: "Original shack. Mijo Freeman." 54a,b: Old Swain and the goats (from Mrs. Holder). 59: Hermosa (commercial image). 60-61: Avalon from the South (commercial images). 62: Metropole (G and M photo). 63: Coaching party. 64: Summit of stage line (commercial image). 65: Seal Rocks (commercial image). 66: "One day's catch" (commercial image).]
Box 17

Photograph albums, volumes 3-4

Box 17, Volume  3

Catalina, 1896-1897


[Also includes San Gabriel Mission and Mount Lowe.]


[1: Vincenti Moriciche (fisherman), Avalon, February 1897. 2: Echo Lake picnic, March 16, 1897. 3: Avalon from the Owl's Nest, March 20, 1897. 4-5: "Mother" (Mary Alicia Banning), December 1896. 6: Wagon with team, December 1896. 7: Horse-drawn carriage, November 1896. 9: Catalina beach, December 1896. 10-11: The two harbors. "We spent Christmas at Little Harbor. Mother collected bright stones and baubles to put on shelf with candles. Had good Chinese man who sprinkled the large room in most surprising fashion." 12-13: Continuation of notes on pp. 10-11. Gives Christmas menu, 1897. 16: Old Barracks. Chinese sprinkled flour. 17: Isthmus, December 1896. Mary Belle Elliott, my sister May. 19: "Don Juan," John Schumacher, December 1896. 21: Sister May (May Alice Banning) on her Pinto. 26: Mother [Mary Alicia Banning], Mary Russell, December 1896. 27: On hillside, toward Cottonwood. 29: Mother, Little Harbor. 30: Mother, Mary Russell, Pinto, December 1896. 31: 1st grade out of Little Harbor, 1897. 32: Captain with Christmas dinner (on pack horse), Christmas 1896. 33: Two Harbors, December 27, 1896. 34-35: Mother, December 29, 1896. 35: Mr. and Mrs. Harvey from Delaware. 39: Cousin Leida (Harvey) and husband from Delaware. 40: Cousin Leida, Jan 18, 1897, by Priest's House (San Gabriel Mission). 41: San Gabriel Mission. 42: Church door. 43: Old original staircase. 44: Cousin Leida. 45: Mount Lowe cable car, January 19, 1897. 46: Harveys and sister May. 47: Harveys. 48: Harvey and May on Mount Lowe, January 19, 1897 (in cable car). Inside back cover: Flyer on Santa Catalina Island.]
Box 17, Volume 4

Catalina, Summer 1899


[1-46: Mostly family snapshots. 31-32: Kitchen help. 34: Professional band at Avalon (Swenson photo). 35: Snapshots of young musicians at ease. 36: Residence. 40: Fourth of July celebration? 44a, b: C[harles] F[rancis] Holder? 46: Landscape (Photo by Fiske).]
Box 18

Photograph albums, volumes 5-7

Box 18, Volume 5

Catalina, 1908

Physical Description: [125 photos, some pasted over others.]


[On cover: "Happy Days. JBB, Jr."]
Box 18, Volume 6

West End, Catalina, ca. 1910-1913


[1: Our house at Isthmus. Built and designed by Joseph Brent Banning, 1910. 3-4: Transfer of island (copied from memo of JBB). 5a, b: Transfers (5a-5e in separate envelope in album). 5c: Photo of Avalon harbor (damaged). 5d: Price list, Shatto lots, October 1887. On verso: note about steamer Ferndale. 5e: Holder photo: tuna fishing. 7: Ad for Metropole. Handwritten note at top: "Hello there my gem of rarest purity. JBB." 13, 13a: Manuscript notes on site, house plans. 14: Building of our house on the Isthmus (manuscript note). 15: Annoyances and changes (manuscript note). 17: List of builders (manuscript note). 18: List of carpenters (manuscript note). 19: Letter from C. A. Summer, September 24, 1889. Metropole to be closed because of fire. 21: List of guests, July and August 1910. 23: House dimensions. 33: List of house guests, Summer 1911. 35: List of luncheon and dinner guests, and menu. 36: Auction bridge party. 37: Sunday dinner guests and photo of pergola outside dining room. 38: Photo of guests with melons. 39: Clipping, June 26, 1911. Record run in Packard roadster, Isthmus to Avalon. 43: Photo: JBB, Jr. and Mary Katharine. 45: List of party guests, maids, 1912. 46: List of guests. 47: Lines from Tempest. 49, 51: Biographical notes on Bannings, Los Angeles Times, July 6, 1912. 52-53: Clipping on pentathlon. 53b: Photo of Katharine Mary Banning. 55a: "Our beautiful happy home, Brent Knoll, October 1910." 61b: Photo of auto. 63: JBB, Jr. (?). 68: Program for "Love Conquers All," by Compograph Co. of San Luis O'Dago (several Bannings in cast). 70-71: Clipping, Historical sketch of Avalon Congregational Church. 83-89: Manuscript notes: List of West End guests, summer 1913; guests in cottages; list of birds; household affairs; list of flowers; machines (autos); Avalon incorporation; books read. 91: Clippings: Avalon soon to be voted city ( Examiner, May 18, 1913); Hermosa rescues disabled ship ( Los Angeles Times, May 18, 1913). 91a: Wharf rights (note in separate envelope). 92: Clipping ( Los Angeles Times, May 19, 1913): Avalon stirred up over incorporation. 93: Photogravure of St. Catherine's window in refectory, Dryburgh Abbey. 99a: Photo of stables. 104: Two stagecoaches (Reyes photo). 109-113: Manuscript notes on last evening, summer 1916. 121a: JBB, Jr. 122b: Banning and Patton villas. 122c: Rear yard, Mrs. JBB's residence. 123a: Patton residence, Avalon. 128: Two women in wicker Bath chair. 131: Our home at Descanso. 131a: Avalon harbor. 136a: Old barracks. 138: Steamer San Juan flying P*B pennant. 139a: Our house at 945 Westlake Avenue. 142: Theatre Guild flyer. 143: "Our dream" (label which was pasted on album spine. Label enclosed in envelope).]
Box 18, Volume 7

Catalina fire, 1915

Physical Description: [43 pages in album. Photos on every other page. Some pages empty.]
Box 19

Photograph albums, volumes 8-10

Box 19, Volume 8

Cruise on La Paloma, 1901


[1: Clipping on La Paloma pasted on endpaper. 1a: Note by Nancy Call on La Paloma. 2: Photo of La Paloma. 3-28: Typed manuscript, illustrated with photocopied photos.]
Box 19, Volume 9

Cruises, 1908-1913


[Poem on inside front cover, dedicated to Captain William Banning. 1: El Descanso. 2-3: Isthmus cruise, Summer 1908. 4-7: Santa Barbara trip, Summer 1910. 8-13: At the Isthmus, Summer 1912. 14-21: San Diego trip, Summer 1912. 22-39: Campograph Co. presents "Love Conquers." 40-41: Along the coast, Summer 1912. 42-43: Drive to Compton, June 1913 (stages). 44-51: Picnics, Summer 1913. 52-57: San Pedro trip, July 1913. 58-59: El Descanso, Summer 1913. 60-63: Aquaplane riding, Summer 1913. 64-69: Catalina Harbor trip, August 1913. 70-81: DVC cruise, Cherry Valley, Summer 1913. 82-95: San Diego trip, Summer 1913. 96-99: Whale hunt, August 1913. 100-101: Seascape. 102: Woman on horseback (photo in separate envelope).]
Box 19, Volume 10

Cruises on the San Juan, undated


[Mostly unidentified; many pages empty.]


[1: Sugar loaf (Reyes photo). 59a,b: 4 young women posing (separate envelope). 60a,b: Katharine Mary Banning (separate envelope). 95b: Stage. 97-101: Children.]
Box 20

Photograph albums, volumes 11-13

Box 20, Volume 11

"Happy Days at Conejo. JBB photographer, developer, and finisher!", undated

Physical Description: [Mostly cyanotypes.]


[1: (Inside front cover) Jay Stewart and Fred Banning. 2: Rancho Conejo. 3: "Beautiful country!". 4: KSB learning to ride. 5: Beautiful country! And happy days. 6: Baby Joe and his mother. 7: Landscape. 8: When the cows come home. 9: Captain, Annie, Hancock, KSB. 10: Vermejo Rancho. 11: Cows coming home. A beautiful sight! 12: Mary Crohan (nurse) and JBB, Jr. 13: Cows. 14: Katharine Stewart Banning? 15: Landscape. 16: Cattle at sundown. 17: Landscape. 18: Mr. Halstead and Joe, Jr. at Vermejo Ranch. 19-20: Landscape. 21: KSB and baby. 22: KSB on horseback (same as 4, but darker). 23: 8 Kodak bull's eyes. Mr. Willard Halstead, Joe, Jr., landscape. 24: Cows-cows-cows-Beauties. 25-27: Hancock, dog Jet, "Captain's mud wagon" (bullseyes). 28: Mud wagon, mired. 29: By the water (dam?). 30a: Catalina picnic. 30b: Conejo cattle. 31: Unidentified women. 32a: Aunt Ruth Patton. 33: JBB and son. 34: Sugarloaf in background. 35a: Cattle. 35b: Catalina, July 4. 36: Homework paper of Nancy B, September 35, 1934. 100% (in separate envelope in album).]
Box 20, Volume 12

San Pedro, ca. 1903-1905


[1-30: Unidentified people; camping scenes; beach scenes. 31: JBB, Jr. 32: Tug Warrior. 35: Tug Falcon of San Pedro, ca. 1905. 36: Yacht Cricket. 37: Dredge San Pedro. ca. 1903. 44: Stage. 46: Outer harbor breakwater. 47: Point Fermin lighthouse. 49: KSB, JBB, and baby (photos in separate envelope in album).]
Box 20, Volume 13

Camping trip, Los Angeles to San Francisco, 1954, undated


[Corot print, "Wood Gatherers," pasted on outside front cover. 26-29: Circus parade. 48a: Clipping: people at Los Angeles Christmas party, 1954. 48b: Corot print. 48a,b in separate envelope in album.]
Box 21

Photograph album, volume 14

Box 21, Volume 14

Prints and negatives, 1914, undated


[Originally filed in Negative Album. Every print has a negative unless noted.]


[1: Commencement parade from Yale Field. 2: Another part of field. 3: Another part of field and parade. 4-5: "Class babies," starting game. 6-7: Reunionists in bleachers. 8: Serpentine after Yale victory, 1914. 9-13: [Nothing in album pockets]. 14: RMS Caronia. 15: A. E. Horn, RMS Lusitania. 16: Katharine Mary Banning. 17-18: Old Soldiers' Home, Warwick. 19-20: Street scene, Chester. 21: Chapel, Duke of [Westminster's] estate. 22: Duke Of Westminister's palace. 23: Deer on Duke of Westminister's estate. 24-25: Kenilworth Castle. 26: Warwick Castle. 27: [No print or neg]. 28: Anne Hathaway's cottage. 29: [No print or neg]. 30-30.1: Kitchen, Christ Church College. (30.1 poor print). 31-32: Christ Church College chapel and dorms. 33: All Souls College dorm. 34: Addison's Walk. 35: Mill at end of Addison's Walk. 36: London Tower and Tower Bridge. 37: St. Paul's Cathedral and London traffic. 38: Parliament and London Bridge (2 double-decker buses with advertising signs). 39: Inn where Falstaff met thieves (King Henry IV). 40: Gates of Canterbury. Negative only; no print. 41: Old Chequers Inn, Canterbury. 42: Canterbury. No print. 43: Bishop of Canterbury's Palace. 44: Canterbury spires. 45: Canterbury street scene. 46: Margate Beach. 47: Saxon gate. 48: Saxon church. 49: English landscape. 50: "Sop-o-zon and family." Negative only; no print (family by sign: Use Sop-o-zon). 51: "Use Sop-o-zon" (sign). 52: Gates of Battle Abbey. 53: Battle Abbey. 54-54.1: Battle Abbey Tea Room. 55: Brighton Harbor. 56-56.1: Dover Harbor. 57: Family at Lemington. 58: Yarmouth, Isle of Wight. 59: Barge crossing from Yarmouth to Lymington. 59.1-59.2: Barge disembarking at Lymington. 60: Winchester Cathedral. Negative only; no print. 61: Interior of Winchester Cathedral. 62: Gravestone (1761) in Winchester cemetery. 63: Plymouth Quay. 64: Pilgrim tablet and memorial. 65: Crab Hotel, Birdport. 66: Mont St. Michel. 67: Bridge. 68: A change to 2 Fords, Newton Abbot. 69: Cottington Forge. 70: Newquay. 71: Postoffice, Tintagel. 72: King Arthur's Castle, Tintagel. 73: Main street, Clovelly. 74-75: Waterfront, Clovelly. 76: Quay, Clovelly. 77-92: Battleships at Portsmouth. 93: English yacht.]
Box 22

Photograph albums, volumes 15-16

Box 22, Volume 15

[Small Portrait Album; front cover missing], undated


[1: Phineas Banning. 2: William Banning (as child). 3: Joseph Brent Banning (as child). 4-5: Hancock Banning (as child). 6: Unidentified woman. 7: Phineas Banning. 8: William Banning (young). 9-10: Joseph Brent Banning (young). 11: Hancock (as child). 12: May Alice Banning (as child; daughter of William Lowber Banning). 13: William L. Banning (Civil War). 14: Joseph Brent Banning (as child). 15: Katharine Stewart Banning (as child). 16: William L. Banning, Jr. 17: Ellen Barrows Banning. 18: Katharine Stewart Banning. 19: Mary Hollister Banning (Mrs. Phineas) and boy. 20: Hancock Banning (baby). 21: Joseph Brent Banning (child; "long trousers, but copper toed boots"). 22: [No photo]. 23: Ellen Barrows Banning and friend. 24-25: Frederick Donlevy Banning (child). 26: Katharine Stewart Banning (child). 27: Joseph Brent Banning. "Acting." 28: [No photo]. 29: Joseph Brent Banning (child). 30-37: [No photos]. 38: William Lowber Banning (Civil War). 39: [No photo]. 40-41: Frederick D. Banning (child). 42: William Lowber Banning III. 43: Beatrice and Evangeline Banning ("Daughters of William L. Banning III"). 44-45: Frederick D. Banning (child). 46: O[wen?] Evans. "My mother's guardian." [Added in child's hand: "and lover-Quaker"]. 47: Unidentified women. 48: Dog. 49: "'Brother Willie.' Drowned in Mississippi River, Civil War, trying to swim across!!" [William L. Banning, Jr.]. 50: Southworth (child).]
Box 22, Volume 16

Small Portrait Album, undated


[1: Hannah Bailey. 2: May A. Banning. 3: Emperor Napoleon. 4-6: No photos. 7: Mrs. Alex Ramsey. 8-9: Unidentified men. 10: Unidentified woman. 11: Rev. E. D. Neil. 12: Aunt Helen Sweeney. 13: Uncle Robert Sweeney. 14: Tom Bailey. 15: Unidentified man. "Preacher." (2¢ stamp on verso). 16: No photo. 17: Ursula Stewart. 18: Jacob Stewart. 19: Unidentified child (historic figure?). 20: woman. 21: couple. 22-24: No photos. 25: Joseph Brent Banning. 26: Unidentified baby. 27: No photo. 28: Katharine Mary Banning Graves and Selwyn Jackson Graves. 29-33: Selwyn? 34-49: No photos. 50: Calling card: William Lowber Banning and Mary Alicia Banning.]
Box 23

Photograph albums, volumes 17-18

Box 23, Volume 17

Portrait Album, 1879, 1882, 1887-1889, 1891, 1897


[1: Phineas Banning (Photo by Bradley and Rulofson, San Francisco). 2: William Banning, Wilmington, February 1882. (Photo labeled: Elite Gallery, Payne, Stanton and Co., Temple Block). 3: Joseph Brent Banning and Alexander, Pasadena, 1887 ("Our nephews"). 4-5: Joseph Brent Banning. 6-8: Katharine Stewart Banning as baby. 9: Katharine Stewart Banning, St. Paul, August 1887. 10: Hancock Banning (Schumacher photo). 11: Hancock Banning, Jr. (Instantaneous Photographs, San Francisco). 12: "Lucy" (Lucy Tichenor Banning). 13: William Lowber Banning. 14: Mary Alicia Banning (?). 15: Family group, including Mary Alicia Banning, May Alice Banning, Ellen Barrows Banning. 16: Ellen Barrows Banning Ayer (?). 17: Beatrice Banning Ayer (infant). 18: May Alice Banning (21 months). 19-20: May Alice Banning, 1888. 21: May Alice Banning, Avalon, 1897 (Schumacher photo). 22: Charles Banning Ayer. 23: Sophie Lacy, 1889 (Schumacher photo). 24: Annie L. Ruggles, Marblehead 1891. 25: Friend Purdy (Schumacher photo). 26: Lawrence L. Minor, "Your centennial friend," 1879. 27: "Bruce." 28: Lucy Banning. 29: Unidentified woman. 30: Ellen Barrows Banning.]


[Cabinet cards removed from album.]
Box 23, Volume 18

Portrait Album, 1891, undated


[Photographs removed.]


[1: Joseph Brent Banning and JBB, Jr. (tintype). 2-3: Katharine Stewart Banning. "Taken while visiting my beloved sister Ellie, May '91." 4: Hancock Banning (Jarvis photo). 5-6: William Banning (?) (Schumacher photo). 7: Mary [Hollister Banning] and Lucy [Tichenor Banning] (Schumacher photo). 8: May Alice Banning (Schumacher photo). 9: Banning children, photographed at Lowell, May 1891. 10: General Anderson, builder of Northern Pacific Railroad, "great friend of Father's." 12: Unidentified child.]
Box 24

Photograph albums, volumes 19-20

Box 24, Volume 19

[Loose photos from envelope marked "Removed from photo album"], 1883-1884, 1888-1889, 1896, undated


[1: G. S. Patton (Schumacher photo). 2: Unidentified. 3: Mary Alicia Banning? 4: D. S. Goodell, Jr., ship "Brown Brothers." (Taber photo). 5: John Gibbier (?), Baltimore, 1883. 6: Jaro (?) von Schmidt (Schumacher photo). 7: Thomas J. Mackey. 8: J. H. Stewart, July '89 (Minnesota photo). 9: Catharine Gilfillan, June 1888 (Minnesota photo). 10: "Daughter May" (Minnesota photo). 11: Unidentified young man in fireman's uniform (Minnesota photo). 12: Unidentified baby (Minnesota photo). 13: Unidentified couple. 14: Unidentified mother and child (Minnesota photo). 15: Unidentified woman. (Montreal photo). 16: Unidentified man on snowshoes (Montreal photo). 17: Person being tossed in air (Montreal photo). 18: Family with toboggan (Montreal photo). 19: Crowd with skis, snowshoes (Montreal photo). 20: Group on Mont Blanc, September 1, 1884 (signed M.A.B.). 21: Unidentified bride. 22: Unidentified woman. (Schumacher photo). 23: Unidentified woman (Payne, Stanton and Co., Elite Gallery). 24: Unidentified man (William Banning?) (photo by Taber). 25: Unidentified man (Imperial, San Francisco). 26: Unidentified woman. 27: Louis XVII. 28: Tzar and La Tzarine, 1896. 29: Thorwaldsen.]
Box 24, Volume 20

Small snapshot album, undated

Box 25

Photograph Albums: volumes 22-23

Box 25, Volume 21

Empty 3-ring binder, undated


[Pasted on cover: Headline (Last Rites for Capt. Banning) and photo (Front Street, San Pedro). Note by Katharine Stewart Banning: "My Wilmington!! Just as it was when I first knew it. 1887-1888."]
Box 25, Volume 22

Empty folder, undated


[Pasted on cover: Photo of J. B. Banning house, 945 Westlake Avenue. Note by Katharine Stewart Banning: "Katharine, Jr., Patrina, Joe, Jr. Our little daughter was born here." (See also 594. Note on inside cover: "Notes on historical photos;" (however no photos included).]
Box 25, Volume 23

Scrapbook, undated


[Pasted on cover: "J B B. home at the Isthmus planned by him." Reyes photo. (Most pages in book are empty.) 1: Banning coat of arms. 2: Family riding mules. (Same photo as oversize 1164). 3: Wild goats on Catalina (Reyes photo). 6: Captain Banning driving coach. 27: Captain Banning, coach, and six horses. 43: Dried branch. Several pages have clippings with ads for Catalina, Metropole, and steamer connections. Pencil notes gives monthly rates for ads (pages 4, 5, 13, 17, 21, 25, 29, 33, 37, 41).]


Access Information

Advance arrangements to view negatives must be made with the Curator of Photographs.
Box 26

Glass plate negatives

Box 27

Film negatives