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Murray Reed Benedict papers BANC MSS 2009/109
BANC MSS 2009/109  
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Subject/ Reference Files Series 1 1918-1977

Physical Description: Cartons 1-7; Carton 8, folders 1-9; Box 1, folders 1-2; Oversize Folder 2


Arranged alphabetically.
cartons 1-2, folder 1-47

Agricultural Economics 1930-1960

Scope and Contents

Includes final and mid-term examination questions; classes taught at Harvard and Berkeley by Benedict (lectures, outlines, student records); classes taught by Benedict at Berkeley (class notes, examinations, review questions and reference material); and proposals for curriculum changes.
carton 3, folder 1-8

Agricultural Economics, continued 1960-1971, undated

carton 3, folder 9-28

Berkeley, California 1947-1977

Scope and Contents

Includes city planning (handwritten notes regarding the Berkeley Parks Committee, master plan transportation study, annual report); city planning, an aquatic park, and The Hillside Better Berkeley Association (city council minutes, master plan refuse disposal contract, annual reports, handwritten notes regarding the Berkeley Parks Committee, master plan transportation study, annual report, and memoranda).
carton 3, folder 29

Berkeley Master Plan 1962-1965

Scope and Contents

Includes proposals and modifications to the original plan, memoranda to the City Council and the City Planning Commission, Industrial Land Market Study, newsletters, and reports.
carton 4, folder 1-2

Budget Committee 1951

Scope and Contents

University of California's projected budget; includes lists of faculty and proposed salaries, memoranda on policy for appointments and promotion, reports on salary adjustment, and abrogation of tenure.
carton 4, folder 3-4

Bureau of the Census 1950-1963

Scope and Contents

Influence of book, On the Accuracy of Economic Observation, and an article, "Qui Numerare Incipit Errare Incipit", both by Oskar Morgenstern, on methods of gathering statistics by the bureau; notes, reports, documents, memoranda, minutes, questionnaires, and newspaper clippings.
carton 4, folder 5-10

California Farm Debt Adjustment Committee 1934-1935

Scope and Contents

Agricultural credit statistics; includes notes, minutes, first and second annual reports by chairmen of the committee, correspondence, and membership lists.
carton 4, folder 11

Census Advisory Committee 1940-1942

Scope and Contents

Includes analysis, recommendations, and minutes.
carton 4, folder 12

Census Bureau 1960-1961

Scope and Contents

Committee projects, memoranda, minutes, tabular summary of programs, budget, reports.
carton 4, folder 13

Census Planning Board 1934

Scope and Contents

Memoranda between the Central Statistical Board and the Committee on Government Statistics; includes list of titles and speakers of radio talks for the program March of Progress.
carton 4, folder 14

Conservation 1939

Scope and Contents

Observations on American and British land legislation in relation to the problem of conservation; includes a statement by Benedict before the Subcommittee of the United States Senate Committee on Education and Labor.
carton 4, folder 15-16

Council of Applied Economics 1937-1938

carton 4, folder 17

Education Policy Committee 1959

Scope and Contents

Differentiation of function of junior colleges, state colleges, and universities; includes memoranda, notes, and reports.
carton 4, folder 18-20

European-American Symposium on Agriculture Trade 1963

carton 4, folder 21-25

Farm Bureau Federation of South Dakota 1920-1932

Scope and Contents

Interstate freight rates for agricultural products, creating potato and grain exchanges; includes correspondence, reports, testimony before the Interstate Commerce Commission, pamphlets, and reprints.
carton 5, folder 1-2

Farm Bureau Federation of South Dakota, continued 1920-1932

carton 5, folder 3

Financial Records 1918

carton 5, folder 4

Fleischman's Yeast Conference 1954

carton 5, folder 5

Food Policy Committee 1943

Scope and Contents

Benefits and controversial aspects of the Lend-Lease Policy; includes memoranda and minutes.
carton 5, folder 6

Foreign Trade Statistics 1960-1961

carton 5, folder 7

Harvard University: notes, final exams. 1931-1936

carton 5, folder 8

Housing 1939

Scope and Contents

Includes scrapbook pages, publications.
carton 5, folder 9

Huenemann Seminar 1961

carton 5, folder 10

International Food Problems 1934-1938

Scope and Contents

Organizing a conference of the Agricultural Teacher's Association to discuss the European Common Market and California, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, United Nations debate on food surpluses; includes reports and papers by Benedict.
carton 5, folder 11

Is Parity Juggling the Most Effective Way of Meeting the Farm Problem 1940-1943

Scope and Contents

Includes correspondence, and papers by Benedict.
carton 5, folder 12-13

Mid-Century Conference 1953

Scope and Contents

Possible speakers for Resources for the Future, Inc.; includes lists of speakers and attendance sheet.
carton 5, folder 14

National Broadcasting Company 1940-1942

Scope and Contents

The formation of red and blue networks, future plans, public service programming; includes NBC newsletters, press releases, brochures, correspondence (Benedict was a member of the NBC Listeners Advisory Board).
carton 5, folder 15-35

National Planning Association 1943-1956

Scope and Contents

International agricultural policy, a study on The Soviet Challenge in Education and Research, papers and meetings; meetings, agricultural policies, a national dairy policy, and Benedict's book Farm Policies of the United States 1790-1950; meetings to discuss farm price supports, post-war re-conversion plans, agricultural goals, monetary and fiscal policy.
carton 6, folder 1-13

National Planning Association, continued 1956-1969

oversize-unit B, folder 2

National Planning Association, continued 1943-1946

carton 6, folder 17

Nature Conservancy undated

Scope and Contents

The Save San Francisco Bay project; includes press releases and pamphlets.
carton 6, folder 18-20

Office of Lend-Lease Administration 1943-1949

Scope and Contents

Includes organizational charts, and records of telephone and personal calls, and material relating to foreign economic administration
box 1, folder 1

Office of Lend-Lease Administration, continued 1943-1949

carton 6, folder 21

Rockefeller Foundation 1939

Scope and Contents

Grant to Benedict to study the application of European farming methods to American agriculture; includes introductions of Benedict from the foundation and colleagues, expenses, itinerary, list of persons interviewed, and the report to the foundation "A Study of European Experience in Providing Security and Improved Conditions for Tenant Farmers and Farm Laborers", typed carbon.
carton 6, folder 22-24

Rockefeller Grant to Political Science 1957-1961

Scope and Contents

Includes copies of the grant, project summaries, minutes, Chancellor Kerr's instructions.
carton 6, folder 25

Sabbatical report 1956

Scope and Contents

Application for a grant from the University of California to study changing relationships of United States agriculture to food resources and needs; includes expenses, itinerary, proposed plan of study, and report on the sabbatical topic.
carton 6, folder 26-29

Salzburg Seminar: participation in seminars, Agricultural Processing and Marketing Assignments, and American Farm Policies and Labor Legislation. 1955-1956

carton 6, folder 30-31

Save San Francisco Bay Association 1961-1967

Scope and Contents

Includes correspondence to members, brochures, pamphlets, and newspaper clippings.
carton 7, folder 1-9

Save San Francisco Bay Association, continued 1961-1972

carton 7, folder 10

Scotland's agricultural industry 1939

Scope and Contents

Includes charts, pamphlet, and handwritten and typed notes.
carton 7, folder 11

Social Science Research Conference 1932

Scope and Contents

Includes memoranda, notes, reports, minutes, program.
carton 7, folder 12

Taylor's Faculty Seminars 1950-1961

Scope and Contents

Training foreign students in principles and practices of community development in their own countries; includes memoranda, papers, and reports
carton 7, folder 13

Trip to Europe 1939

carton 7, folder 14-19

Twentieth Century Fund 1952-1955

Scope and Contents

A study of farm policy, and agricultural marketing service; includes minutes, and notes for a report on parity; a study of farm policy, and agricultural marketing service; includes minutes, and notes for a report on parity.
carton 7, folder 20

University of Arizona 1965

Scope and Contents

Talk by Benedict, "Some Thoughts on Desirable Lines and Emphasis in Agricultural Economics at the University of Arizona"; includes notes and charts.
carton 7, folder 21-24

University of California 1959

Scope and Contents

Agricultural labor conference held on campus; includes notes by Benedict accounts of meetings, proposals and papers by other participants; university expansion, Staff Appointments Committee recommendations, applications from foreign students to the graduate school grants in aid, and the Institute of International Education; campus regulations, policy statements, reports, memoranda, minutes of the Academic Senate, preliminary draft of an academic plan.
carton 8, folder 1-8

University of California, continued 1959-1970

carton 8, folder 9

University of California, Berkeley Retirement Plan 1934-1972


Correspondence Files Series 2 1910-1980

Physical Description: Carton 8, folders 10-25; Cartons 9-21; Carton 22, folders 1-10; Box 1, folders 3-9

Professional Subseries 1 1921-1977

Physical Description: Carton 8, folders 10-25; Cartons 9-19; Carton 20, folders 1-24; Box 1, folders 3-9


Arranged alphabetically.
carton 8, folder 10-11

Wartime Food Program 1943-1950

carton 8, folder 12-13

Agricultural Economics 1933-1935

Scope and Contents

The Merced Irrigation District, and leave of absence from the University of California to accept appointment to the Committee on Government Statistics.
carton 8, folder 14

Agricultural Labor 1941

Scope and Contents

Post-war labor absorption policies, methods of wage determination, farm tenancy, and a possible memorial to Dr. Alsberg
carton 8, folder 15

Agricultural Labor Conference 1939

carton 8, folder 16-17

Agricultural Marketing 1959-1960

Scope and Contents

Conferences, honorary dinners, and Benedict's book, Farm Surpluses and Foreign Markets
carton 8, folder 18

Agricultural Policy 1960

Scope and Contents

Death taxes and timber resource policy, United States surpluses
carton 8, folder 19

Agriculture Census 1944

Scope and Contents

Meetings of the National Advisory Committee to the Director of the Census and the National Planning Association to plan a 1945 agriculture census
carton 8, folder 20

Agriculture Extension Conferences 1941-1943

Scope and Contents

The need for post-war rural sociologists, and the Farm Debt Committee
carton 8, folder 21-22

Agriculture Policies 1943-1944

Scope and Contents

Post-war policies, requisitions of food and storage, appointment of Benedict as consultant to the Lend-Lease Administration; includes a paper by Benedict
carton 8, folder 23-24

Agriculture Programs 1942

Scope and Contents

Farm debt, and work of the staff of the Giannini Foundation related to the war effort
carton 8, folder 25

American Agricultural Economic Association 1950-1960

carton 8, folder 26-29

American Agriculture 1946-1947

Scope and Contents

Possible articles on government corporations, the Farm Credit Administration, and California agricultural problems
carton 8, folder 30-33

American Economic Association 1942-1953

Scope and Contents

Arrangements for a joint conference with the American Statistical Association to discuss agriculture as a commercial industry comparable to other branches of the economy, includes a summary of Benedict's paper; papers given by Benedict and others at American Economic Association conference
carton 8, folder 1-9

American Farm Economic Association 1931-1948

Scope and Contents

Program suggestions fro a proposed Washington meeting, subjects for articles for The Journal of Farm Economics, Lend-Lease food requirements, adjustments in the cotton industry, and tariff protection for farm products; proposals for conferences, studies on food marketing, soil conservation statistics, and defense and post-war agricultural programs for establishing food prices; annual meeting, discussion of the future of the general price level and its relationship to agriculture, notes on stabilizing price levels, and a proposal for an economics class at Berkeley.
carton 8, folder 10

American Home Economics Commission 1954

Scope and Contents

Drafts of a paper by Benedict, application for special leave of absence
carton 8, folder 11

American Oxford Encyclopedia 1962-1963

carton 8, folder 12-14

American Statistical Association 1937-1941, 1971-1977

carton 8, folder 15

Book Reviews and Speeches 1937

carton 8, folder 16

Book Reviews 1956-1957

carton 8, folder 17

California Economic Research Council 1932

carton 8, folder 18

California Farm Bureau 1950

carton 8, folder 19-25

California State Chambers of Commerce 1939-1940, 1954

Scope and Contents

Studies on rural housing for migrant labor, including minutes; agricultural surpluses
carton 9, folder 26-29

Census Advisory Board 1936-1938

Scope and Contents

USDA Schools of Philosophy for Agricultural Leaders, labor statistics, technology studies; address by Benedict; recommendations to the U.S. Department of Commerce for the 1940 census; minutes of the committee meetings
carton 10, folder 1-6

Census Advisory Board, continued 1939-1941

carton 10, folder 7-31

Census Bureau 1937-1961

Scope and Contents

Census Advisory Committee meetings, program plans, report of the Intensive Review Committee; priority topics, the number of monograph studies to publish, and fundraising for refugee aid; committee projects, minutes, tabular summary of programs, budget, reports; surveys of users and respondents; includes minutes, travel orders, formats of Census.
carton 11, folder 1-4

Census Bureau, continued 1962-1968

carton 11, folder 5

Challenge Article 1961

Scope and Contents

Possible changes in agricultural policy by the Kennedy administration, and the Committee to Study and Submit Recommendations on the Further Development of the Department of Geography.
carton 11, folder 6-11

Committee on the Census of Agriculture 1934-1936

Scope and Contents

Agricultural Adjustment Act, lobbying for the Buchanan bill; includes papers by Benedict, and committee reports
carton 11, folder 12-21

Committee on Government Statistics and Information Services 1933-1938

Scope and Contents

Advisory committee to the Secretary of Labor on statistics other than the Census of Agriculture, including abstracts, and reports; the California Economic Research Council Committee on Forestry Statistics, and Benedict's report "The Census of Agriculture", including memoranda, and outline of the report.
carton 11, folder 22

Committee on Government Statistics Other Than the Census of Agriculture 1934

carton 12, folder 1

Commonwealth Club 1958

Scope and Contents

Talks regarding irrigation, editing article for Challenge by Benedict, "Farm Surpluses-Liability or Defense Asset?", and a conference, Forest Credit in the United States-a Survey of Needs and Facilities
carton 12, folder 2

Commonwealth Club of California 1943-1944

Scope and Contents

Drafts of article by Benedict, "How Much Public Authority in Crop Control and Land-Use Programs?" delivered to the Commonwealth Club, invitations to speak
carton 12, folder 3-15

Conferences 1934-1957

Scope and Contents

Regarding invitations to economic conferences, proposals for land tenancy laws, papers for discussion, notes for a guideline for the cattle industry, plans for meetings, programs, policies of census committees, farm boards, economic councils, address by Benedict, National Planning Association and Twentieth Century Fund meetings, publications.
carton 12, folder 16-17

Department of Agriculture 1933, 1943

Scope and Contents

Charts, planning for conferences, memoranda, discussions of "the farm problem", comments about drafts of letters and articles.
carton 12, folder 18

Economics Association, Miscellaneous 1931-1936

carton 12, folder 19-31

Farm Credit Administration 1932-1947

Scope and Contents

The American Farm Economic Association conference discussion of means of strengthening the Farm Credit Administration, California agricultural problems, and foreign relations and American agriculture, strengthening the federal farm credit system, and references by Benedict to the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration Regional Interviewing Panel for Personnel Selection, analyses and reports, agricultural credit research project, proposed legislation for farm mortgage relief, addresses by Benedict, staffing, policies, the National Planning Association, the forest credit system, group discussion topics, and field instructions of the resettlement administration, papers by Benedict and minutes of the California Farm Debt Adjustment Commission.
carton 13, folder 1-7

Farm Credit Administration, continued 1947-1954

carton 13, folder 8-13

Farm Debt Adjustment [California Farm Debt Adjustment Committee] 1934-1937

Scope and Contents

Agricultural credit statistics; includes notes, minutes, first and second annual reports by chairmen of the committee, correspondence, and membership lists.
carton 13, folder 14-17

Farm Foundation 1950-1953

Scope and Contents

Conferences on agricultural policy, forest credit, travel arrangements for members attending the International Conference of Agriculture at Stresa; includes notes by Benedict, minutes, and memoranda of the University of California Committee on Prizes.
carton 13, folder 18

Farm Housing 1948

Scope and Contents

Migrant labor in California, conferences on the economic outlook.
carton 13, folder 19

Farm Relief 1932

Scope and Contents

Farm credit programs, and problems in wool sorting.
carton 13, folder 20-21

Farm Tenure 1945-1946

Scope and Contents

Committee V of the California Statewide Agricultural Committee, the California State Chambers of Commerce, Farm Foundation conference; includes the report of Committee V, "The Responsibility of Government in Tenure Improvement.
carton 13, folder 22-23

Food and Agriculture Organization 1961

Scope and Contents

Formation of the organization; includes a report, "Development Through Food"
box 1, folder 2

Food and Agriculture Organization, continued 1961

carton 13, folder 24

Ford Foundation 1956

Scope and Contents

Grant to Benedict to consider the problem of foreign outlets for United States products; includes interim report, "Study of Methods and Objectives in Liquidating Excess Stocks of United States Products", typed carbon
carton 13, folder 25-26

Foreign Economic Administration 1943-1944

Scope and Contents

Food Policy Committee recommendations for incentives for farmers, commodity allocations, and stock-piling.
carton 14, folder 1-2

Foreign Economic Administration, continued 1943-1944

carton 14, folder 3-5

Forest Economics 1946-1947

Scope and Contents

Washington meeting of the Forest Committee, and Benedict's report on the forest credit system.
carton 14, folder 6-12

Giannini Foundation 1926-1937

Scope and Contents

Proposals for farm mortgage relief, South Dakota wool problems, projects to describe agricultural market exchanges, land use and marketing; includes a confidential draft of General Recommendations for the Improvement and Information Services of the Federal Government.
carton 14, folder 13

Governmental Research Committee 1934

Scope and Contents

Reclamation and irrigation; includes minutes, reports, and a report by Benedict
carton 14, folder 14-15

Great Plains Agricultural Program 1961-1962

Scope and Contents

High Plains wheat production; includes papers by Benedict
carton 14, folder 16

Institute of Public Relations 1942

Scope and Contents

Appointment of Benedict to position in Institute, conference agenda, article, "A Study of European Experience in Stabilizing Tenant Farmers and Working Conditions of Farm Laborers".
carton 14, folder 17

Institute of Social Sciences 1941-1942

Scope and Contents

Post-war absorption of labor in California; includes a draft of a paper by Benedict.
carton 14, folder 18-25

Intensive Review Committee 1953-1955

Scope and Contents

Meeting minutes, agenda, Resolution on Census of Agriculture, memoranda, reports.
carton 14, folder 26

Interdenominational Conference 1945

Scope and Contents

Rural life and the church; includes address by Benedict.
carton 14, folder 27-29

International Agricultural Economics 1946-1947

Scope and Contents

Plans for the first International Conference of Agriculture, supplies and treatment of Sequoia Semper Virens, Census Committee meetings, and the Research and Marketing Act of 1946; includes speeches by Benedict and script for ABC's radio broadcast of Benedict's "Farms Are Getting Bigger and Fewer"
carton 15, folder 1-2

International Agricultural Economics, continued 1947

carton 15, folder 3-7

International Conferences of Agricultural Economics 1925-1949

Scope and Contents

American Farm Economic Association, Resources; relationship of economic associations, policies, mutual goals, travel arrangements, work visas for foreign students, proposal for a world map of agriculture and cooperative credit, paper by Benedict, plans to locate the annual meeting in Minnesota in 1952, possible topics, and participants, council meetings, comments on the Stresa Conference, possible financing for travel expenses of foreign members, economics of food and population, minutes of council meetings.
carton 15, folder 8

International Food Problems 1934-1938

Scope and Contents

Organizing a conference of the Agricultural Teacher's Association to discuss the European Common Market and California, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, United Nations debate on food surpluses; includes reports and papers by Benedict
carton 15, folder 9

International Journal of Agrarian Affairs 1942-1943

carton 15, folder 10

International Labor Organization 1939-1940

carton 15, folder 11

Izaak Walton League 1955

carton 15, folder 12-13

Joint Economic Committee 1952, 1957

carton 15, folder 14

Land Grant Association 1944

carton 15, folder 15

Milk Industry Foundation 1952-1954

carton 15, folder 16-20

Miscellaneous Conferences and Papers 1949-1951

carton 15, folder 21

Mid-Century Conference 1953

carton 15, folder 22

National Association of State Chambers of Commerce 1950

Scope and Contents

Conferences to discuss the economic outlook, and world trade; includes notes for talks by Benedict.
carton 15, folder 23-33

National Planning Association 1942-1947

Scope and Contents

Wartime agricultural policies, possible post-war problems, and wartime assignments, includes papers by Benedict, post-war employment, allocation of contracts, regional population control, the Berkeley Manpower Committee, meetings of the committee, old-age insurance for farmers, the Agricultural Research and Marketing Act of 1946, the National Employment Service project on production, income policy for America's agricultural industry, analyses of The Fiscal and Monetary Policy by Rumi and Sonne, The Agriculture Committee, the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration's personnel and state of readiness, international agricultural policy, a study on The Soviet Challenge in Education and Research, papers and meetings, marginal lands and wheat growing, Great Plains Agricultural Council, a national dairy policy, and Benedict's book Farm Policies of the United States 1790-1950, Stresa Conference, taxing farmer cooperatives, price supports, considering a plan for social security for farm people, sugar tariffs, policy statements
carton 16, folder 1-14

National Planning Association 1947-1977

carton 16, folder 15

National Wool Marketing Campaign 1959

carton 16, folder 16

Norris Program 1945

Scope and Contents

Comments on articles including "The Future of Government in the Farm Mortgage Field" by John D. Black
carton 16, folder 17

Oakland Foreign Trade and Harbor Club 1947

carton 16, folder 18-21

Office of Price Administration 1942-1943

Scope and Contents

Field rent instructions-basic organization and internal procedures, rent-controlled property; includes tabulated rental data by region, forms for leaves of absence from the University of California, scripts of radio interviews by Benedict, and article by Benedict
box 1, folder 3-9

Office of Price Administration, continued 1942-1943

carton 16, folder 22

Oregon Conference 1958

Scope and Contents

Resources for the Future, Inc. grant to conduct a conference on the relationship between taxation and conservation of privately owned timber
carton 16, folder 23-29

Pan-American Trade Committee 1938-1941

Scope and Contents

Formation of the committee, tax status, budget, proxies, goals of the Mexican Chapter, California funding problem, paper by Benedict, exchange of students, effect of the war on Pan-American trade, migrant labor housing in the United States, formation of the committee, tax status, budget, proxies
carton 17, folder 1

Price Control of Agricultural Committee 1941

carton 17, folder 2

Program of Occupational Studies 1938

Scope and Contents

California agricultural employment and a project Agricultural Labor-United States Employment Service Job Analysis
carton 17, folder 3-7

Resources for the Future, Inc. 1956-1963

Scope and Contents

Forest credit and insurance program, price stabilization, Great Plains problems, training agricultural business management, meetings to discuss the forest credit project; includes notes and drafts of committee reports
carton 17, folder 8

Rural Resettlement Administration Program 1935

Scope and Contents

California Agriculture opportunities, and personal insurance policies and claims
carton 17, folder 9

<title render="italic">San Francisco Chronicle</title> 1941

carton 18, folder 10-11

Social Science Research Council 1939

carton 17, folder 12-13

South Dakota 1929-1931

carton 17, folder 14

South Dakota State College 1929

carton 17, folder 15

Speeches 1937

carton 17, folder 16

Stresa Conference 1949

carton 17, folder 17-18

Subcommittee on Agricultural Labor Studies 1937

carton 17, folder 19

Tax Committee 1936

carton 17, folder 20

Tenant Farm Legislation 1938

carton 17, folder 21-31

Twentieth Century Fund 1950-1953

Scope and Contents

Additions and revisions by Benedict to chapters of the study on farm policy, report of the Committee on Agricultural Policy, a study of agricultural policies of the United States, and publication of Benedict's book, The Evolution of American Agriculture Policy; includes a tentative draft of the study, page and galley proofs of the book, book reviews, the utilization and development of land resources; includes programs, resolutions, and tentative drafts of studies on agricultural policy by Benedict
carton 18, folder 1-23

Twentieth Century Fund, continued 1953-1957

carton 18, folder 24

Twentieth Century Institute 1946

Scope and Contents

California Agricultural Production Advisory Committee, conference Food in International Relations, crop production, Benedict's review of Food for the World; includes annotated typescript of Benedict's radio broadcast on WGY, "Need for Old-Age Insurance for Farm People"
carton 18, folder 25-34

University of California 1946-1954

Scope and Contents

Master plan for higher education in California, buildings and campus development, regulations; includes memoranda, notes for proposals, reports, promotion committee, review of the Geography Department, agricultural labor studies, university expansion, Staff Appointments Committee recommendations, applications from foreign students to the graduate school grants in aid, the Institute of International Education, Brennan farm plan, research assistantships, leaves of absence to attend agricultural conferences in Washington and Europe, Twentieth Century Fund studies, establishment of a David Lubin Center; includes minutes of the Committee on Causes, and the Executive Council of the Institute of Social Sciences
carton 19, folder 1-6

University of California, continued 1954-1962

carton 19, folder 7-8

Wage Stabilization Board 1951

carton 19, folder 9-13

Western Farm Economics Association 1940-1968

Scope and Contents

13th annual meeting regarding adjustment problems in grain production and the livestock industry, 13th annual meeting to discuss a program for monetary reform, program and paper for Social Science Research's 10th annual meeting Present Stresses Between the United States and Japan, history committee, discussion of the economic and social environment that encouraged the formation of the association
carton 19, folder 14

Western Governmental Research Association 1941

Scope and Contents

Topics for a meeting regarding population increase and post-war repercussions; includes articles by Benedict
carton 19, folder 15

Wool Marketing 1929-1931

Scope and Contents

The certificate plan, the Federal Farm Board, and the price situation in the wool market; includes paper by Benedict
carton 19, folder 16

Zutschrift fur Die Gesamte Staatswisissenschaft 1949

carton 19, folder 17

Business miscellaneous 1943-1966

carton 19, folder 18-20

Selected letters, primarily concerning agriculture and economics 1921-1939

carton 19, folder 21

Concerning agriculture 1921-1959

carton 19, folder 22-23

Annual reports 1932-1964

carton 19, folder 24-27

Selected letters 1940-1946

carton 20, folder 1-9

Selected letters 1947-1956

carton 20, folder 10-17

Concerning Benedict's career and interests as an agricultural economist 1960-1976

carton 20, folder 18-23

Selected letters 1962 and after

carton 20, folder 24

Arizona University 1965


Personal Subseries 2 1910-1980

Physical Description: Carton 20, folders 25-35; Carton 21; Carton 22, folders 1-10
carton 20, folder 25

Bank of California 1942

carton 20, folder 26

Book Chapter 1942

carton 20, folder 27

Friends 1940-1941

carton 20, folder 28

John Cassels 1965-1977

carton 20, folder 29

Joseph G. Knapp 1966-1976

carton 20, folder 30-35

Miscellaneous 1910-1920

Scope and Contents

Between Benedict, colleagues and friends regarding formation of an Agricultural Finance Corporation of Couth Dakota, Benedict's graduate work, job appointments, job contracts for Benedict and Elizabeth Tucker, references, school records, a typed carbon of an address by Herbert Hoover before the South Dakota Board of Agriculture Cooperation Amongst Farmers, trip to Europe, visits, articles, move to Berkeley, death of Betty Benedict, Benedict's appointment to Harvard, introductions to European economists, maps, brochures, Christmas greetings from friends, regarding Assembly Bill 2622 in the California State Legislature.
carton 21

Miscellaneous, continued 1920-1959

carton 22, folder 1-6

Miscellaneous, continued 1953-1964

carton 22, folder 7

Letters written by Benedict 1939

carton 22, folder 8

Cards, letters, and some printed material 1933-1980

carton 22, folder 9

Benedict, H.E. (Harry) 1975-1977

carton 22, folder 10

Benedict, Martha undated


Notes and Addresses Series 3 1911-1960

Physical Description: Carton 22, folders 11-44
carton 22, folder 11

Agricultural Engineering 1912

carton 22, folder 12-13

Biology 1915, 1918

carton 22, folder 14

Botany 1915

carton 22, folder 15-16

Economic Theory 1930

carton 22, folder 17-35

Economics 1915-1932

carton 22, folder 36

Educational Psychology 1915

carton 22, folder 37

History 1929

carton 22, folder 38-39

Statistics 1929

carton 22, folder 40-41

Zoology 1915

carton 22, folder 42

Notes on classes taken by Elizabeth Benedict 1911

carton 22, folder 43

Addresses 1950-1959

carton 22, folder 44

Speeches: Concerning Agriculture, by Benedict 1932-1960


Manuscripts and Reports Series 4 1912-1965

Physical Description: Carton 23, folders 1-18


Arranged chronologically.
carton 23, folder 1

<title render="italic">The Object of Modern Civilization</title>, handwritten; <title render="italic">When Uncle Sam Goes Into Business</title> 1912; 1947

carton 23, folder 2

Thesis by Benedict: "A Study of the Influence of Cash Crops upon the Farm Business" 1916

carton 23, folder 3-4

"A Survey and Analysis of Available Budget and Income Data for Urban groups Considered Especially from the Point of View of Comparability with Rural Data", by Martha Scott Epps (Benedict's wife). 1927

carton 23, folder 5

Dissertation by Benedict: <title render="italic">The Incidence of Transportation Charges on Agricultural Products, an Analysis of the Economic Relationships Involved When Rates Are Changed</title>; includes handwritten notes 1931

carton 23, folder 6

Dissertation by Benedict: <title render="doublequote">The Merced Irrigation District: An economic Survey of Farm Incomes, Expenses, and Tax-paying Abilities</title> 1933

carton 23, folder 7

Tolley, H.R. & O.V. Wells, <title render="italic">A Plan for the Coordination of State and Federal Activities in the Collection of Agricultural Statistics</title>, typed carbon, includes correspondence 1934

carton 23, folder 8

"Types of Research needed As a Basis for Land-use Planning" 1934

carton 23, folder 9

"Plans for Work of Bureau of Agricultural Economics Division of Agricultural Finance" 1935

carton 23, folder 10

<title render="italic">Report of the Subcommittee on Research in the Field of Agricultural Labor</title> 1937

carton 23, folder 11

Draft of a team report headed by Dr. John Black, <title render="italic">Scope and Method on Index Numbers</title>, sent to Benedict for criticism and inclusion of more of his work, annotated, typed carbon, correspondence included 1937

carton 23, folder 12

Agricultural Labor in the Pacific Coast States: A Bibliography and Suggestions for Research (by Pacific Coast Regional Committee of the Social Science Research Council) 1938

carton 23, folder 13

Production Adjustments in California Agriculture in 1945 (USDA and UC College of Agriculture) 1944

carton 23, folder 14

Prospective Agriculture Adjustments in California Under the Assumed conditions of High National Income During the Immediate Post-war Period (USDA and UC College of Agriculture) 1944

carton 23, folder 15

A Suggested Plan of Organization for a Forest Credit System for the United States (USDA Farm Credit Administration) 1946

carton 23, folder 16

Production Adjustments in California Agriculture in 1947 (USDA and UC College of Agriculture) 1946

carton 23, folder 17

"Talk- League of Women Voters on the World Food Program" 1965

carton 23, folder 18

Federal Agencies Furnishing Credit to Farmers by Benedict undated


Miscellaneous and Other Series 5 1905-1984

Physical Description: Carton 23, folders 19-33; Box 2; Oversize Folder 1
carton 23, folder 19-20

Notebooks 1913-1914

carton 23, folder 21

Notebooks 1956

carton 23, folder 22-23

Diary 1956

Scope and Contents

Benedict's trip to Europe; conversations with European colleagues regarding agricultural and economic observations and general impressions of the countries visited; includes a 1950 report by Benedict, "The Soviet Organization", handwritten.
carton 23, folder 24

Charts: Economics 1947-1951

carton 23, folder 25-27

Miscellaneous Papers circa 1940s-1960s

carton 23, folder 28

Newspaper clippings 1939-1965, undated


Biographical Information 1905-1984

Physical Description: Carton 23, folders 29-33; Box 2; Oversize Folder 1
carton 23, folder 29

Murray R. Benedict; includes awards and programs 1931-1973

carton 23, folder 30

Passport 1938, 1963, 1966

carton 23, folder 31

Personal Data 1941-1984

carton 23, folder 32-33

"Some Notes About Me-And a Few Others" by Benedict preliminary rough draft 1969

box 2

Scrap Book undated

oversize-unit A, folder 1

Diplomas and certificates 1905-1961


Publications Series 6 1918-1951

Physical Description: Carton 23, folders 34-49; Carton 24-25; Box 2


Arranged chronologically.
carton 23, folder 34

Farm Record Keeping and the Application of Business Principles to Farming by Benedict 1922

carton 23, folder 35

Efficient Marketing of Eggs and Poultry 1923

carton 23, folder 36

The Cooperative Marketing Journal 1927

carton 23, folder 37

The Significance of Transportation Rate Policies in the Marketing Problem 1931

carton 23, folder 38

Brochures Relating to Murray Reed Benedict 1931-1950

carton 23, folder 39

Freight Rates and South Dakota Farmer 1932

carton 23, folder 40

The Opportunity Cost Basis of the Substitution Method in Farm Management 1932

carton 23, folder 41

Journal of Farm Economics: Production Control in Agriculture and Industry 1932-1939

box 2

Preliminary Report: The Merced Irrigation District, An Economic Survey of Farm Incomes, Expenses, and Tax-Paying Abilities by Benedict 1933

carton 23, folder 42

Preliminary Report: The Merced Irrigation District, An Economy Survey of Farm Incomes, Expenses, and Tax-Paying Abilities, and Supplemental Report of Farm Incomes and Expenses, Years 1926-1928 1933

carton 23, folder 43

The Wheat Problem: Which Road Shall We Take? 1934

carton 23, folder 44

Agricultural Statistics Viewed in the Light of A Changing Program 1934

carton 23, folder 45

Transcript of Record: Supreme Court of the United States, Merced Irrigation District, The Reconstruction of Finance Corporation vs. Reed J. Bekins and Milo W. Bekins 1936

carton 23, folder 46

Journal of the American Statistical Association: The Counting of Farms in the U.S 1937

carton 23, folder 47

The Problem of Stabilizing the Migrant Farm Laborer of California by Benedict 1938

carton 23, folder 48

Bulletin of the Department of Agriculture 1938

carton 23, folder 49

Giannini Foundation Paper No. 83: Economic Aspects of Remedial Measures Designed to Meet the Problems of Displaced Farm Laborers 1939

carton 24, folder 1

In the United States Circuit Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit 1939

carton 24, folder 2

The British Program for Farm Labor 1940

carton 24, folder 3

Rural Sociology: Devoted to Scientific Study of Rural Life, Vol. 5 No. 2 1940

carton 24, folder 4

Agricultural Labor Research: Proceedings of the Conference on Research Relating to Labor in Agriculture 1940

carton 24, folder 5

Training of Personnel for the Rural Social Sciences by Benedict 1941

carton 24, folder 6

Agriculture as a Commercial Industry Comparable to Other Branches of the Economy by Benedict 1942

carton 24, folder 7

Need for a New Classification of Farms 1944

carton 24, folder 8

The Common Wealth: Official Journal of the Common Wealth Club of California, Vol. XXIII No. 49 and Vol. XX No. 29 1944, 1947

carton 24, folder 9

The Relation of Public to Private Lending Agencies (In Agriculture) and Regent Trends in Their Development 1945

carton 24, folder 10

University of California Press: How Much Tariff Protection for Farm Products? By Benedict 1945

carton 24, folder 11

A Retirement System for Farmers 1946

carton 24, folder 12

California Agriculture: The Economic and Social Structure of California Agriculture by Benedict 1946

carton 24, folder 13

A Suggested Plan of Organization for A Forest Credit System for the U.S. 1946

carton 24, folder 14

Review Questions and Examinations (Agricultural Economics 116) 1946-date 1946

carton 24, folder 15

Suggested Agricultural Policies for California 1947

carton 24, folder 16

Journal of Farm Economics: The Social Sciences in Experiment Station Research 1948

carton 24, folder 17

Farm Policy Forum 1948-1949

carton 24, folder 18

The Journal of Political Economy: Book Review 1949

carton 24, folder 19

Prospectus: Study of the Agricultural Policies of the U.S Government 1950

carton 24, folder 20

Food and Feed Reserves (Prepared for the NPA Agriculture Committee on National Policy) 1951

carton 24, folder 21

International Conference on Agricultural and Cooperative Credit 1952

carton 24, folder 22

Farm Products and the Foreign Market 1953

carton 24, folder 23

The Analysis Journal 1953

carton 24, folder 24

The American Economic Review 1954

carton 24, folder 25

Current Economic Comment 1958

carton 24, folder 26

Reviews by Benedict 1958

carton 24, folder 27

Better Basic Data for Agriculture: Some Possible Approaches 1958

carton 24, folder 28

Journal of Farm Economics: The Supply, Price, and Income Dilemma 1959

carton 24, folder 29

Farm Finance: Dangers and Opportunities in Wartime undated

carton 24

Information Folder: International Conference On Agricultural and Cooperative Credit 1952

carton 24

The Evolution of American Farm Policy Vol. I by Benedict 1930-1946

carton 24

The Evolution of American Farm Policy Vol. II by Benedict 1940-1951

carton 24

The Evolution of American Agricultural Policy Index undated

carton 25

Miscellaneous Papers 1918-1945

carton 25

The Economics of Farm Business by Theodore Brinkman

Scope and Content

Translated by M.R. Benedict and H. Stippler.