Inventory of the Gordon Tullock papers

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Title: Gordon Tullock papers
Date (inclusive): 1927-2009
Collection Number: 82072
Contributing Institution: Hoover Institution Archives
Language of Material: English
Physical Description: 406 manuscript boxes, 1 sound tape reel, 4 sound cassettes (169.3 linear feet)
Abstract: Writings, correspondence, studies, reports, financial records, and printed matter relating to public choice, decision-making theory, political and economic theory, and legal procedure.
Physical Location: Hoover Institution Archives
Creator: Tullock, Gordon


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Acquisition Information

Acquired by the Hoover Institution Archives in 1982, with several increments received between 1990 and 2012.


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Biographical Note

1922 Born, Rockford, Illinois
1947 J.D., University of Chicago
1947-1956 Worked in China, Hong Kong, and Korea for the United States Foreign Service
1949-1951 Chinese language studies at Yale University
1951-1952 Chinese language studies at Cornell University
1958 Started post-doctoral work at the University of Virginia
1959-1962 Assistant and associate professor, University of South Carolina
1962-1967 Associate professor, Thomas Jefferson Center for Political Economy, University of Virginia
1962 Author, with James M. Buchanan, The Calculus of Consent: Logical Foundations of Constitutional Democracy
1965 Author, The Politics of Bureaucracy
1966 Founded <title render="italic">Public Choice</title> journal
  Author, <title render="italic">The Organization of Inquiry</title>
1967-1968 Professor of economics and political science, Rice University
1968-1983 Professor, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
1968- Editorial director, Center for the Study of Public Choice
1970 Author, Private Wants, Public Means
1971 Author, The Logic of the Law
1974 Author, The Social Dilemma
1976 Author, The Vote Motive
1980 Author, Trials on Trial: The Pure Theory of Legal Procedure
1983-1987 Holbert R. Harris university professor, George Mason University
1987 Author, Autocracy
1987-1999 Karl Eller professor of economics and political science, University of Arizona
1993 Author, Rent Seeking
1994 Author, The Economics of Non-Human Societies
1998 Author, On Voting: A Public Choice Approach
1999-2008 Professor of law and economics, George Mason University
2008 Retired to Tucson, Arizona
2014 November 3 Died, Des Moines, Iowa

Scope and Content of Collection

The papers document the career of Gordon Tullock, an economist known for his work on the theories of public choice and rent seeking. The collection includes writings, correspondence, studies, reports, printed matter, photographs, and sound recordings related to public choice, decision-making theory, political and economic theory, and legal procedure. The materials are divided into three groups based on date of acquisition by the Hoover Institution Archives. Although the collection has not been arranged, the index to major groups can serve as a guide to the collection.
The Biographical File includes family correspondence, photographs, awards, and resumes.
Tullock corresponded with many well-known economists and political figures, including Yale Brozen, Karl Brunner, William F. Buckley, Jr., Ronald Coase, Milton Friedman, Gottfried Haberler, F. A. Harper, F. A. von Hayek, Ludwig von Mises, Karl R. Popper, Murray Rothbard, George Stigler, and Kenneth S. Templeton. Correspondence includes Tullock's letters to and from economists and other scholars.
Tullock was a professor at several universities, including the University of Virginia, George Mason University, the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, and the University of Arizona. The collection includes correspondence and course materials from each of these universities, as well as a general Teaching File.
In addition to his work as an educator, Tullock was a prolific writer. Speeches and Writings contain drafts, research files, correspondence, notes, and printed copies related to Tullock's many books and articles. Further drafts of speeches, as well as meeting materials of the Mont Pelerin Society, can be found in the Conference and Travel File.
With James Buchanan, Tullock founded the economics journal Public Choice in 1966, when it was originally named Papers in Non-Market Economics. Tullock was the editor of Public Choice for many years. The Public Choice File includes papers submitted to the journal, subscriptions, orders, correspondence, meeting agendas, and sales information.
The collection also contains Writings by Others in the form of drafts and printed matter. In addition to a rough proof of Religion and Science by Bertrand Russell, the collection includes writings by Duncan Black, Yale Brozen, James M. Buchanan, James S. Coleman, Otto Davis, Milton Friedman, John Harsanyi, Thomas Ireland, Richard B. McKenzie, Fritz Machlup, Donald Mackinnon, Warren Nutter, Mancur Olson, Edgar Olson, and Vincent Ostrom.

Index to Major Groups

76,89,199,230,326,377,386,396, 400
Biographical File Includes correspondence, photographs, awards, and resumes.
3-8,141,143,145-146, 163,171-173,181,193, 199,211-212,214-217, 230,244, 276-277,282-286, 289-301, 308-309, 341, 366, 406-407
Public Choice File Includes papers submitted to the journal, subscriptions, orders, correspondence, meeting agendas, and sales information.
Correspondence Includes incoming and outgoing correspondence with economists and others.
2,3-5,18-39,46-54,66-75,81,85, 127-135,153, 180-182,196-197, 201,214,236,256-261,269,384-385,396-397
Writings by Others Includes drafts and printed matter.
2,9,17,40-45,61-65,77-80,90-91,96-99,100-111, 113,136-140, 142-144, 147-151,155-162,165-170,174-175,181-192,200-203, 213-214,218-222,226-229,233-249,251-254,262,267-273,287, 302-311,313-321, 335-336,342-343,345-354,356-363, 367-383, 387-396,399-407
Speeches and Writings Includes drafts, correspondence, book reviews, research files, comments and critiques, and printed copies.
55-60,82-83,90,152,193-196,225, 230,255,288, 310,321-322,325, 332
Conference and Travel File Includes materials from Mont Pelerin Society meetings and speeches by Tullock. Includes correspondence and travel arrangements.
82,99,112,174,191,255,327-334, 337-341,343-345, 398
Teaching File Includes exam prompts and lecture notes and materials from the University of Arizona and the University of Virginia, as well as other schools.
Photographs Includes slides of scenic views and images of buildings and people.

Subjects and Indexing Terms

Decision making.
Justice, Administration of.
Political science.
Social choice.


Gordon Tullock papers inventory, 1927-2009