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Title: American Committee on United Europe records
Date (bulk): 1951-1957
Collection Number: XX209
Contributing Institution: Hoover Institution Library and Archives
Language of Material: French, German, English and Dutch
Physical Description: 8 manuscript boxes, 1 oversize folder (3.4 Linear Feet)
Abstract: Conference proceedings, newsletters, pamphlets, reports, clippings, and photographs relating to the European Federalists' Union, the European Movement, the European Youth Campaign, and affiliated organizations in promoting European political and economic unity.
Creator: American Committee on United Europe
Creator: Union européenne des fédéralistes
Creator: European Movement
Creator: European Youth Campaign
Physical Location: Hoover Institution Library & Archives


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Historical note

The immediate post-World War II era witnessed a widespread dissemination of unitary ideology throughout Europe. Many countries had a proliferation of Europeanist and European Federalist movements, writings, initiatives, projects, and forming coalitions of groups geared towards a supranational institutional model for solidarity. In particular, the American Committee on United Europe (ACUE), founded in 1948, was an American organization sought to promote European integration to ensure promotion of the Marshall Plan and counter Communist influence.
ACUE was organized as a non-governmental agency by Allen Welsh Dulles, then head of a committee reviewing the organization of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) on behalf of the National Security Council (NSC), and William J. Donovan, former head of the wartime Office of Strategic Services (OSS). The ACUE worked closely with US government officials, particularly the Economic Cooperation Administration (ECA) and the National Committee for a Free Europe, which was being funded by the Henry Ford and John D. Rockefeller foundations. One of the aims of ACUE was to covertly finance the European Movement, Le Mouvement Européen (ME), an influential federalist organization in the post-war years. The European Movement brought together a network of people and organizations to mobilize advocacy a democratic, federal & enlarged union.
Concurrent to political mobilization towards unification special attention was given to the youth. For example, in 1948 the Union Fédéraliste Inter-Universitaire (UFI) was created as a group to disseminate federalist matters into universities. By 1949 ACUE began discussions with the leaders of ME to support initiatives aimed at introducing European integration to young people. The European Youth Campaign, Campagne Europeenne de la Jeunese, was created . The campaign was initially geared towards the French and German youth and last one year but grew into a long term educational initiative. was created as an arm of the European Movement and wholly funded and controlled by the US State Department and ACUE.
Around the same time period that formed the Union of European Federalists (UEF), a supranational organization established by the federalist movements present throughout the European Community. The Dutch and German movements become detached from the UEF and founded in 1956, the European federalist Action (AEF), while the UEF becomes, in 1959, the supranational MFE.

Scope and Content of Collection

The American Committee on United Europe (ACUE) records contain conference proceedings, newsletters, pamphlets, reports, clippings, and photographs relating to the European Movement, the European Federalists' Union, the European Youth Campaign and affiliated organizations in promoting European political and economic unity.
The collection is arranged according to its original order.

Subjects and Indexing Terms

United States -- Foreign relations
European federation
Youth movements -- Europe


American Committee on United Europe (ACUE) File 1949-1956

Scope and Contents

Speeches, committee proceedings, poll reports, and the "Brussels Reports" relating to ACUE's adminstrative activities and interests in Europe.
box 1, folder 1

The American Committee on United Europe 1949-1956

box 1, folder 2

World Peace Foundation conference proceedings and French politics reports 1955-1956


European Movement File 1949-1959

Scope and Contents

Speeches, conference proceedings, programs, reports, and printed matter related to European Movement activites and affilated organizations, arranged by chronological order.
box 1, folder 3

European Parliamentary Union 1949, 1954

box 1, folder 4

Economic Conference of the European Movement, 1949 April 20-29

box 1, folder 5

Action committee circa 1950

box 1, folder 6

Pan Europa and printed matter 1950, 1952-1954, 1960


Conférence de Sociale de Rome 1950 July 4-7

box 1, folder 7

Pamphlets 1950 July 4-7

box 2, folder 1

Preparation reports, 1950

box 2, folder 2

Speech by Paul-Henri Spaark at the meeting of the Council of Europe at Strasbourg, France 1951 December 11

box 2, folder 3

European League for Economic Co-Operation (ELEC) 1951, 1957

box 2, folder 4

European Economic Conference in Westminister, England 1954 January 29-February 1

box 2, folder 5

Programs 1956-1957

box 2, folder 6

Confédération européenne de l'agriculture (CEA), 1956, 1959

box 2, folder 7

European Political Community Conference in Wiesbaden, Germany 1959 January


Also titled "Kongress für die Europäische Politische Gemeinschaft/Conference pour la Communaute Politique Européenne."
box 3, folder 1-2

European Political Community Conference in Wiesbaden, Germany 1959 January

box 3, folder 3

American Committee on United Europe and coal and steel community information, printed matter undated

drawer L02

American Committee on United Europe and coal and steel community information, printed matter (continued)

box 3, folder 4

"La Fédération" and the French federalist movement, 1952, 1953, 1957


European Youth Campaign File 1951-1958

Scope and Contents

Includes reports, newsletters, adminstrative records, speeches, and printed matter of the European Youth Campaign and association with ME.
box 3, folder 5

Comission reports circa 1951

box 3, folder 6

Drafts of Conference speeches 1951

box 3, folder 7

Steering Committee and resolution proposals, Strasbourg, Germany 1951 June 28

box 3, folder 8

Press mentions on campaigns, 1952, 1954, 1956

box 4, folder 1

Jeunesse d'Europe, 1952

box 4, folder 2

"News of the European Youth Campaign," reports 1953-1955

box 4, folder 3

Reports, 1953

box 4, folder 4

"World Peace Round Up," radio interview between Louis dailey and Luciano Sibille, 1953

box 4, folder 5

European News Letter, review of the European Youth Campaign 1953-1954

box 4, folder 6

"Voice of Europe," newsletters 1953

box 4, folder 7

European Youth Conference on Problems of Central and Eastern Europe 1953 June 5-7

box 4, folder 8

"European Youth Days," 1953 October 9-10


Includes reports, newsclippings, and photographs.
box 5, folder 1

Maastricht report, 1954 July 20- August 1


In collaboration with Des Jeunes du Mouvement des Federalistes Europeens and CEJ
box 5, folder 2-4

Activity reports, 1954 November - 1955 August

box 5, folder 5

"Activités en France et Italie en faveur de la communauté européenne de défens," 1954

box 5, folder 6

European Youth Campaign newsletters 1954-1955

box 5, folder 7

Fact sheets, 1955

box 5, folder 8

Youth campaign training manual, 1955 July 10-20

box 6, folder 1

"Commentary," 1956-1958

box 6, folder 2

Pamphlets circa 1950

box 6, folder 3

Booklets circa 1950


Union Européenne des Fédéralistes (UEF) File, 1949-1959

Scope and Contents

Includes committee reports, conference proceedings, newsclippings, and ephemera related to UEF activites. Of particular note, by 1956, Dutch and German movements detached from the UEF and the European Federalist Action (AEF) was formed, while the UEF became, in 1959, the supranational MFE; some materials reflect the change in name and division.
box 6, folder 4

Resolutions and reports 1949-1950


Includes the Schuman Plan and outlined organizational agreeance to the proposal.
box 6, folder 5

Jeunesses Europeennes Federalistes (JEF), 1950-1951

box 6, folder 6

Central Committee reports and Fall Congress 1949-1952

box 6, folder 7

Administrative reports 1951-1954

box 7, folder 1

Campaign memoranda, resolutions and appeals 1951-1955

box 7, folder 2

Press mentions 1952

box 7, folder 3

Federal Union, annual reports, and newsletters, 1949-1955


The United Kingdom branch of the World Movement for World Federal Government and the UEF.
box 7, folder 4

Centre International de Formation Européenne and UEF reports 1955-1958

box 7, folder 5

Centre d'Action Europeenne Federaliste (AEF) 1957-1959

box 7, folder 6

Congress of European People, treaty drafts, 1959

box 7, folder 7

Conference ephemera 1959


Union Fédéraliste Inter-Universitaire (UFI) File 1949-1954

Scope and Contents

Reports and conference printed matter relating to the orgnizational activities and philosophies.
box 8, folder 1

Reports, motions, statues 1949-1954

box 8, folder 2

"Le Courier de L'Europe," 1950 August 18-30

box 8, folder 3

Third Annual Congress at Saverne, France 1951 September 7-12

box 8, folder 4

International University, memorandum 1953

box 8, folder 5

J. Forment de Launay's "Fondation Europeenne de la Culture" dossier, 1959, 1964

box 8, folder 6

Human Rights Sub-Commission undated


Mouvement Socialiste pour les états-Unis d'Europe (MSEUE) File 1953-1958

Scope and Contents

Reports, conference proceedings, and pamphlets.
box 8, folder 7

"Sixième Congrès du M.S.E.U," in Liège 1953 May

box 8, folder 8

"Nouvelles du M.S.," 1954

box 8, folder 9

Mouvement Gauche circa 1950

box 8, folder 10

Notes for "common steps" report 1955 October

box 8, folder 11

Pamphlets 1956

box 8, folder 12

"Seminar über die Politische Einigung Europas," 1958 January